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Top Customer Reviews: Grabber Warmers ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5 Andera
Amur These things, in of the walks of long cold motorcycle slip in front of my boots, has had to bear do 8 +
4 / 5 Roberta
hours well and last quite the few hours, the still look bit it expensive so that it is this in spite of
5 / 5 Kalyn
One of a heat of better heat and long that last. I will buy again.
5 / 5 Mignon
Fact wonderfully in our travesía of winter! I produce it adds, it has arrived quickly.
5 / 5 Hallie
These utmost ! If it plan in skiing partorisca two days in the row, after a first day dipped him in the plastic stock exchange sealed and will do a second day after the pocolas shook.

Top Customer Reviews: HotHands Body & ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
4 / 5 Ester
Measure: 40 it Sells the Hot hands are is announced like this very partorisca 18 hours and often last partorisca hours more while calm his maintenances the scarf or tube of support partorisca an arm or knee or wrist..( But maintain of some coffins the skin partorisca they can burn yes left in exposed skin partorisca too long.
There is arthritus, and the bad knee and wrist.. But I am active. I use him have consistenly humid time, or around full moon when the fluids tend to the swell and some joints use when I go partorisca the long walks and helps my knee partorisca feel around a with the when I am too long in maintaining in a car in winter with all my storm , coverage, sails, Hot Hands. Or they are so only the bit under a time and feeling cold generally.
Has used to ask like them really done and joked that this was some plants of the Nuclear energy has taken rid of his I has thought that that it has to be Magic or is and science. His 'contain an iron of ingredients, waters it and the carbon actuated (vermiculite for storage of water) and rooms . Once these ingredients come to contact with an oxygen in an air, some ingredients oxidise and hot of product.'
I amour so much a complexity and simplicity.... And any toxicity or contaminating connected with a plastic wrapping around the each porous pouch. It has dipped one has has used ingredients in mine compost heap.
Spent the box of 40 which he usually last the year for me. The mine is like the reel to reel line of dirty clothes, the together good of stairs has done for a human step, he spanish grater/of ginger of the garlic the good hand that he workings of these wonderful inventions give me a same pleasure like those some needs to wrap some innovation roughly further to reduce waste.
5 / 5 Willene
Measure: 40 Bandage These are excellent, was surprised as to what time a heat is lasted in fact. Not having never I has had to that use for 18 hours directly but thinks that would last. Utilisations a pair for 3,4 days few hours the day in of the gloves or of the pockets. After each use dipped him in the air tight zip-stock exchange of lock and reuse a next day

So only with east the active heat for air, as they are used in your boots a heat is a lot down until you take boots and shake and expose some tampons to air again. Works more in your pocket. I add for a Measure
4 / 5 Oralia
of girls: 40 Band that has surprised. I have wanted to you love/ it That. This year I have tried the new hobby, snowshoeing. Usually I have the few very red and painful toes when I go back partorisca walk nieva included partorisca 10 minutes. Last weekend was North Ontario. It has been it was partorisca 1 now 👌 and I still have all my toes and toes. 😉
4 / 5 Aleisha
Measure: 40 Sale Absolutely that surprised has to that be alfresco in a cold!

Has found these when I have had to that line on outside in a winter and has been buying these never of then. I maintain the stash in chance perhaps not requiring never. If it has to them that be alfresco, will leave these in my pockets to maintain my hands animate. There is measured the available elder depends that calm require them stops. They are sure these would be adds in chances a power is exited!
5 / 5 Bill
Measure: 40 Bandage This stay animates for ever. I dipped him in the ziplock stock exchange and squeeze out of an air when I am fact and is like this new a next day. I can take 3-4 use of days of the tampon only.
5 / 5 Malinda
Measure: 40 lovely Band & adds sum. Just clock for a date - has bought some this was has expired a lot the time & has not done well, but this was a time so only - all another has had the good dates & do wonderfully. The warmest organism hard 12 hours easily in of the no ideal conditions, easily can him see durable 18 hours in of the ideal conditions; the warmest hand hard easily 7-8 hours; also probably it go a full time (10-12 hours) in of the ideal conditions. It shows a toe warmers, this in spite of - his the dipped in the pocket takes really hot really fast - is meant to be used in the boot, out of an average, with the air has limited of the, like this with the a lot of air in the pocket could be burningly hot.
4 / 5 Carmen
Measure: to 40 Band the pleasure any with big hands this product has done adds included in -30C. An useful life has alleged are likely. I walk my dogs twice the day and use some tampons for both walks. There is has done included a following day when the tampons have been open leading evening around utmost facts in 9follows next day. Downside Is so only last 20 days (2/day) where one small more any one coming as to 2 band x 40 likes last 40 days. The small bands have 8-10 hr the life has turned.
4 / 5 Seth
Measure: 40 Bandage I people of hope with osteoporosis ready has had the hot hands riadas could help unlock these neighbours with this sure has dipped something among you and of the hot hands...( I have cut the cloth to face to measure) I then tape the to whichever helps of needs of the joint. This is surprising, he really works, agrees to verify your skin any to burn you...
4 / 5 Rolf
Measure: 40 Sale Ossia at least mine 2nd year in the row that buys this hand-held big box warmers. This year they are the main measure and is marcación organism like this hand-held/ warmers . My works of husband alfresco all the round of year. These are the necessity!
4 / 5 Novella
Measure: 40 Band To the equal that write this am going in 16 hours of continuous heat. It was not that his he, but his claims of him when being the esuper warmer' is entirely attentive!!! Any I so only buys these again, am tried to maintain the constant supply!!
4 / 5 Andree
Ossia At least mine 2nd year in the row that buys this hand-held big box warmers. This year they are the main measure and is marcación organism like this hand-held/ warmers . My works of husband alfresco all the round of year. These are the necessity!
4 / 5 Kemberly
Are sure these are add, but is BIG.
Has the small hand of the women and will struggle partorisca return them in mine mitt.
Will not return in of the girls mitts. They will be utmost partorisca pockets or of the big hands
5 / 5 Shena
has Ordered this has thought would return in of the gloves but some personal all there is complained was too big. They say the hand-held & organism and the picture aims the one who big is in a hand, like the element is exactly like this announced, so only would recommend to take Hand so only warmers if ossia where is has used. I last all day, good prize but too big so that I need. Instead ordering Hand Warmers. Utmost mark.
4 / 5 Fleta
This produces in fact works partorisca 18 hours, very partorisca long days alfresco or partorisca people with cold hands. It can take quite warm and yes begins to fall in temperature (inner some 18 hours) calm so only can shake again and hot behind up!
5 / 5 Shelly
To the equal that write this am going in 16 hours of continuous heat. It was not that they he, but his claims of him when being the esuper warmer' is entirely attentive!!! Any one I so only buys these again, am tried to maintain the constant supply!!
4 / 5 Emilee
A description for this hand warmers aim the picture with dimensions of 2.5' x 3.5', and this picture is BOGUS. The real dimensions are ' x 5'. Unless there is extraordinarily big hands, returning these things the gloves or mittens is the real ache.
4 / 5 Oralee
Ossia The product adds . They have had to that the very long time and is not like this dirty like some alike products. It likes to be able to buy a small plus some also, but does not look to be available in anymore.
4 / 5 Theola
Has purchased these for my woman to spend when she heavens. I informed that it reads a lot well. After using for a outing yes is dipped in the plastic stock exchange sealed is able the reuse a warmers
5 / 5 Jovan
take the bit to time to begin to cover but the boy has had to! I do not have any complaint and my work requires hand warmers every day in a wintertime, as I am external 99 percent of a time!
4 / 5 Carolin
Liked his measure as it returns fully in my hand; this is not a type that you dipped under your glove. It say the warm plus in your pocket. This hard very long that has actuated in a morning, and goes was during a midnight during my sleep.
4 / 5 Ivelisse
It has given these to the Homeless Shelter in Vernon, was has appreciated a lot. Bought 3 boxes. They are sure I will be partorisca order more. :)
5 / 5 Ramon
The twist there is publicitado mark Súper Collants me have any paste to the sud the sachets have his would not have spent him never could him go back but have use but no effective
5 / 5 Tanja
I in conjoint work of film, and often during a winter and early cradle, this can be external partorisca twelve hours and he can be very difficult considering a cupboard has limited. These things are savers of life . Some the small hand-held versions are this big plus some are certainly much more effective.
5 / 5 Debby
Uses these takes long chairs in an alfresco while hunting or peach or anything. Really enjoy a main measure of this model - better to wrap your hands around the in the muff or pocket. Much more effective..
5 / 5 Merlyn
Wonderful product, especially partorisca one suffering arthritic hands. He his door everywhere, has included at night law. Very gain with treating ache.
4 / 5 Latonia
The product adds. It marks the polyester quilted quilt of pocket and interior of place. Guaranteed Partorisca Remain warm in of the extra cold nights or colds of rainy humid days. These certainly maintain some humid and cold out of sleeping stock exchange.
4 / 5 Georgann
Has not tried dipping them in of the gloves as they are quite big. Calm would be likely to try. They take hot this in spite of.
5 / 5 Marianne
Has not gone yes hard until 18 hours, but to good sure helps the plot when I have been to a festival of external music in Montreal in a winter!!
4 / 5 Danny
Good option to maintain my familiar warm in Quebec Winter. Tried a rite out of a box and he gents a lot warm in of the minutes.
5 / 5 Lillia
Súper Hot after opening a box the averages an hour. It maintains warm on 12 inner hours. I am satisfied totally. Shopping again.
5 / 5 Howard
Produit très bon. Seulement je ne donne pas 5 étoiles, parce qu'il prenne 2 cela n'a pas fait.
4 / 5 Lionel
Cet Ouvré beaucoup de valeur il. Ils chauffent en rapides et rester chaud au moins 10 heures solides. Il me Plaît à il puisse d'une mine avec l'en bas un téléchargement maintenant beaucoup la bufanda et il chauffe mon organisme entier beaucoup assez. tu aussi peux stocker ces en un ziplock bourse de valeurs pour ‘Arrêter' lui.
4 / 5 Elton
A utilisé main warmers et foot warmers avant que pour chasser a bu a trouvé cette FAÇON meilleure. Il puisse l'en mon pouch partorisca a les sièges du matin et l'objectif a le temps il a les sièges par la nuit pour manger au long de mes mains ils ouvrent encore sooooo animer
4 / 5 Khadijah
Usage hier soir en faisant cri. Les mains je suis restée tibias. Chauffé en rapide
4 / 5 Lorna
ajoute ne sobreviviría en A estand sans ils presque les du tout au long de faire.
4 / 5 Svetlana
Ouvre CHAUD! Les oeuvres tu ajoutes, un peu de principaux qu'a été à l'attente vise n'importe qui il là est il moins est CHAUDE pour des heures.
4 / 5 Merri
Empaqueta Un baraja totalité dans mon sac à dos pendant a hiver, et prends assez tibio, et dernier pour plaire 4-5 heures.
5 / 5 Ninfa
A annoncé pour mesurer 2.5' X 3.5' l'objectif il a très reçu large quelqu'uns en 5' X 4'. Trop Large pour mes gants petits. Faux en annonçant Or erreur? Façon juste trop grande.
4 / 5 Rubi
Super Tibio et dernier un temps Long. La façon mieux que cela acheté en des boutiques de caisse grande.
4 / 5 Neda
He that is supposition partorisca do . You love it. Taking time very small to heat up. And work partorisca hours.
4 / 5 Rea
These things take seriously hot! And they have owed to bear like this long is in amazing.
4 / 5 Alison
Like this uses partorisca these things. Menstrual Incidents! Place in in your stomach partorisca some relief. I have learnt this of my partner.
5 / 5 Vallie
Want this product
HAS arthritis in the hands and these leave me take my dog partorisca long walks
4 / 5 Emily
Really useful, help when has ache of muscle.
Takes really hot and hard the one who fiancées.
5 / 5 Ernestine
Has purchased partorisca edges in law the one who does more external grandaughter the one who goes Fall and camping of Winter.
5 / 5 Gema
Adds in a stock exchange partorisca sleep during cold time moose hunts

Top Customer Reviews: Heated Sock, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
4 / 5 Andra
Ossia The christmas present partorisca my dad. It is 68 and has poor circulation in his feet been due to diabetes and his feet are always cold. It is packaged very amiably and easy to the present on. Some socks is fats and fact of durable material. It comes with the battery for each average and usb wall to upload. I have had to that try a have dipped like this an on and has been surprised in that quickly discharges. A grille of heat is uniform in an average and really soul your whole foot. It is the product adds and am sure go it to love.
4 / 5 Dana
Has bought this after this flash snowfall to Toronto last November. I have not been disappointed! This maintains my warm feet and toasty upto 3-4 hours for cariche. Perfecto for indoors and alfresco! A quality is quite awesome. A material is fat and has weighed the difference of economic $ 1 socks. And it is quite long also, roughly 20 thumbs long. Also I love a characteristic that has the small pocket up for a battery. They have comprised also the stock exchange of wash of the point to protect he in a washing machine. I will update this again with which 6 month
5 / 5 Nancie
Far upper to the mine forward has has heated socks that has used EA battery and grieve heated up. This average maintains your feet toasty especially in some toes that is usually where first cold takings. A rechargeable the batteries are very good and slip in of the small pockets in a side of the each average without causing discomfort. For the extreme times can included dipped another pair of socks on some socks. One load is also able to touch both would beat immediately.
4 / 5 Alverta
Has bought this has has heated socks so that it can touch nieva with my boys and my feet will not be freezing, very comfortable, very soft, easy to use, covers so only in and turn them on, there are 3 levels of heats to dip but taste on one dipping a plus of heat like my feet do not freeze , a lot warm inside my snowboots, likes him so much, would have to be very easy to wash, very useful.
5 / 5 Cristy
Has has not had never has has heated socks before. As no appearances any a lot of. A course of my feet that takes one the majority of cold is my toes . And these socks are heated in some toes. His in fact really really helps! Step Ugg like bounced and a band of the battery for some socks is in a cup of some socks, and some socks go big, like the band of battery is a lot on some boots!
5 / 5 Marquis
Really comfortable, warm and last for my days of work in a winter in Ottawa. It likes me the railing installer in of the edifices of big increase and is really cold. Like this far with Royer the boots can tolerate my days until -20 c so that I am not still to stress at all with boots of winter and these socks! It is to 5 star for me!!
4 / 5 Cayla
My woman has come from/come from abroad and he really the precise. It maintains the sound feeds warm. Some the pleasant things are touching socks :))) As far like this good.
5 / 5 Ciara
Quantités insignifiantes partorisca animer d'A les chaussettes ont reçu, je suis en train d'assumer il était defectuoso parce que n'y a pas n'importe quelle façon que la quantité de chaleur est en train de satisfaire n'importe quelle lol. Rentré immédiatement, joyeusement la amazona est une entreprise il ajoute partorisca traite !
4 / 5 Romana
Utilise quelques bas chauffants partorisca faire d'un ski alpin. Mon orteils était pratiquement toujours gelé, mais d'a alors essayé ces bas chauffants, était confortable et mon orteils déjà n'est pas gelé. En revanche, je dois maintenir un chauffage au maximum, à moyen de mode, mon orteils était le froid d'y a mordido, mais n'importe quel gelé. Il -8 dégréée Celsius quand lui ai essayé. ne sois pas si une batterie à la période bonne de vie dans la base de terme tout au long de, mais il a fait d'un ski pendant 4 heures et une batterie un suffit. Il soit vide dans une fin. Il a besoin du 2e ensemble de batterie que va partorisca actif GRATUITEMENT continuazione à un éditorial de ce ès présent beau et nécessaire partorisca me.
4 / 5 Leandro
À des moyennes fait bien, très confortable. je ne Descends pas sûr environ doit que j'attends de chaleur. Touché A batterie et il a essayé il était il a des chaussettes en -6C, il était tibio pour environ 30mins, alors n'importe quelle chaleur, avec qu'est-ce que seulement dessus an 1:5 hr ride mes pieds ils sont passés froid. Actif recharged A les batteries une autre fois ils essayeront il était onze rayon pour voir il y a une transmission
5 / 5 Hobert
Ces chaussettes me seulement bien, suis mesuré 10.5.
A matériel de carices moyens pour être qualité assez décente. Il A la chaleur il n'est pas il encore a foot entier, l'objectif seulement a des ruptures il avance. Il A les chaussettes ils basiquement localisent tout il a façon à a calf, et a la bande de batterie va à une poche en a supérieure. il seulement utilise ceux-ci en en maison quand I jeu et quand je dors. Rencontre cela a bande de la batterie n'est pas réellement tout que sûr en a poche, et les chutes était parfois quand il unit en bas pour dormir. Ils devraient cela il fait il A ton de poche-arriver-capable. Il A le plus bas en mettant très il réellement sent super tibio, classe de siège tepid. Il utilise il en n'importe qui il là est à des moyennes maintenant en mettant très grand, et il était capable à reliably dernier fermé à a annoncé nombre d'heures dans chaque température. Pointe de personnel, refriega chaussettes intérieures quand passes ces chaussettes pour empêcher votre sueur pour tremper à ceux-ci a il a chauffé des chaussettes. Sûr, ils ouvrent washable, l'objectif est lavé temerosos trop arrêtera ouvrable. Aussi, il a temps de toucher quand tu d'abord lui prends peut être super longtemps, donation t être surprise prise 8 or d'heures vives à il pleinement charge en dessus. Aussi, ces types prennent un moment pour chauffer dessus aussi, donation t attend les pour chauffer de l'instant ponctuel l'être capable à toi y a des chaussettes.
5 / 5 Nicki
A acquis ceux-ci ils ont il a chauffé des chaussettes pour utiliser tant que melocotón de l'hiver en mine bondit ouvert petit. J'ai été impressionné avec y a bien embalaje qu'était en. Soyez inclusivamente habiter impressionné avec a qualité d'a chaussettes. Ils ouvrent beaucoup mieux faits qu'attendus et ouvrer très confortable. Il A les batteries ils ont en dessus touché en environ 3.5 heures. Après qu'il puisse le le dans mes bottes et il est entré la mine normale des entreprises tous les deux en et externes. Avec il là est moyen de chauffer resté bon et tibio a temps entier, autour 3 heures. Il soit aussi il il a complu cela il a les instructions ils ouvrent très faciles de comprendre. N'importe quelle plainte absolument pas. je difficilement peux attendre à il puisse le à a la preuve réelle pescó!
ACTUALISATION-I enfin était capable d'essayer ces en dehors d'une glace de jour ventoso a de l'eau. Les pas pour 6 milieux de chaleur d'heures et il a honnêtement oublié d'il la plupart d'a temps. Tant que dans ma maison pour conduire du véhicule devenait conscient d'a soleils de mes pieds qu'est beaucoup de tibio et @donner cela il a les chaussettes ils étaient il a encore tourné . J'ai il a dû qu'attraction dessus et lui tourner il était.
Prime grande... Il a eu favorisé par instruction de l'An avec a chaussettes qu'il a visé ainsi pour demander un présent libre d'a vendeur. La chose un rechange je joins de batterie pour ces chaussettes. Il sent an répondu apologético à moi en disant que le le prendrait à il un moment accionario de l'était tout allé et il a offert un certificat de présent en revanche. J'ai décidé attendre et 4 semaines plus ont tard reçu autrui ensemble des batteries identiques à a du cela il est venu avec a chaussettes. Ses hanches ont notifié il A ponctuelle y avait été le mailed. Son Service est super et son tu replies speedy. Très Impressionant!
5 / 5 Marcy
A acheté ces pour des pieds froids en des bottes de Skis, tristemente pourrait aucun le prendre pour chauffer en passé 22C a l'immersion plus tibia. Nous avons essayé 2 cariche pleins et pourrait aucun le prendre tibio (l'intérieur a maison, même pas en essayant externe!!). Il voie autres critiques Positives ils en bas ont peut-être eu un faulty pair. Une Note bonne, retours d'ouvré de Amazon simple et rapidement!
5 / 5 Bernardina
A seulement acheté ceux-ci ils ont il a dû la circulation pauvre dans mes pieds dus à mon diabetes et mes pieds ouvrent toujours froids. Soyez packaged beaucoup aimablement. Il A les chaussettes il ouvre gros et fait de matériel durable. Virgule avec une batterie pour chaque moyen et pour murar charger. J'ai été surpris en celui-là rapidement couvre il a bu pour chauffer pour arrêter quand j'ai commencé pour marcher avec ils. Les de parón de tourner pour faire après 3 jours, a l'entreprise il offre un présent de $ 29usd remboursement des du coût, objectif quand ai oui dit excusé pour mentionner qu'ils n'ont pas eu n'importe quels accidents et m'offrir $ 15 cad quel est $ 12usd le coût compare à a $ 29usd. Il a plus utilisé paypal pour transférer à remboursement et paypal kelp $ 1 de côté d'il, pire ai scié jamais
4 / 5 Shenita
Ces chaussettes apio tellement unique aussi bien que n'importe quelles chaussettes régulières qu'il t'a été en passant toute votre vie, exceptúa, CHAUDE EN DESSUS! Oui, réellement chaud en dessus. Chaque moyenne Mange avec un chef là est bon la batterie, et il peut mettre dessus assez vouloir la chaleur il a moyen dessus or n'importe qui pour un. Il A les batteries ils ont été maintenues en y a calf zone, et te donation t compris le sentir quand tu le passes. Homme d'objectif, ces chaussettes ils peuvent chauffer vos pieds en rapides. Je le suis passé onze avec mes bottes, et le pas il a neige, il n'assied il pas a froid absolument pas. Avec qu'est-ce que prendre cet an l'essayer, il est classe pour attendre pour avoir une chute de la neige grande et j'ils peuvent essayer passer l'autre fois. Il est quelques chaussettes amusées et faire il A inattendu!
4 / 5 Hassie
Ceux-ci ont maintenu mes pieds bons et toasty l'âme tout le jour A des versants. Je lui ai touché par la nuit et il a la batterie il est durée presque a jour entier (7ish heures) quand soyez snowboarding. Il A les chaussettes ils ouvrent washable trop en bas suis enthousiasmé pour passer pour ma traversée de ski prochain. Il A seulement downside est qu'il mange dans une mesure seulement en bas ouvre un peu du grand a des pieds réellement petits (mesure 6).
4 / 5 Shanelle
En utilisant ceux-ci pour snowmobiling et a été en faisant premier peu d'usage lointain Bas j'ajoute. tu normalement utilises doigt warmers a bu il devrait qu'il puisse l'en a commencer d'a jour quand mes pieds ils n'ont pas été froids et trouvés il prendrait bas chaud parfois gênant. Avec ces chaussettes lui peuvent tourner plus tard en a le jour quand a la température il a commencé pour tomber quand il a la chaleur extra serait précisé, normalement dans ce doigt pour cronometrar warmers serait terminé. je rapidement peux les virements il était quand nous partorisca pour manger maintenant dîne muchísima quand n'importe quel précisé. Aussi en trouvant il A les chaussettes ils étaient pour prendre animer son propre.
4 / 5 Valerie
Ils sont un plombier commercial & gasista plus aptes, passer la plupart de mes jours non plus externes maintenant beaucoup en des bâtiments ouverts sans chaleur.

Originalmente A été concernido que prendrait trop chaud et devenir gênant, a façon parce que les chaises objectives ne pourraient pas être injustice vive.

A les chaussettes il ouvre assez gros et confortables. Il A batterie pouch n'interfère pas avec vêtement maintenant beaucoup de cabines. Il A seams partorisca a le chef il est cousu à a côté d'a moyen en bas te donation t réellement le sentir.

Oeuvre un 10 tour de maintenant et il a les batteries je suis durée a le tour entier il a l'immersion la plus basse, en maintenant mes doigts et pieds dans une température confortable. Les jours touchent pair très froid d'an extra de chaussettes en le partorisca l'aide maintient il a chaleur en.
5 / 5 Jeraldine
En général suis impressionné assez avec ceux-ci a il a chauffé des chaussettes. je ne suis pas allé sûr que pour attendre et il a il a voulu quelque chose pour maintenir mes pieds animent tant qu'en répondant il a les jeux d'hockey du garçon et activités externes. Ces chaussettes Ouvrent bons et grosores et très blandos. Il A la chaleur très toujours la chaleur de carices à ils peut y avoir attendu l'objectif le pense il pourrait être descendre donation à vous de pieds t overheat sueur d'or trop. Il A la batterie il est facile de charger et l'accès et l'endroit en dessus est minimes et faciles. Il soit j'ajoute il A les batteries ils étaient moins voluminosos d'alors en passant ceux-ci avec une patte des pantalons flacos ne seraient pas objectifs possibles I robe coherentemente avec ils. Ceux-ci Ouvrent un awesome partorisca pendant nos froids d'hivers canadiens. Inclusivamente Me plaît leur passer il autour a maison à loin.
4 / 5 Alfred
Est un produit j'ainsi ajoute, spécialement partorisca a froid d'hivers canadiens!!.....Ceci était un présent de ma femme d'a alors utilisé le toujours mention environ aussi bien que mes pieds dolidos après des extérieurs ouvrables tout le jour. Ils sont an ispector en bas en étant et en marchant autour d'extérieurs tout le jour a gelé le terroir il peut prendre le péage il a consolation et chaude de vos pieds. D'abord quand il soit externe avec qu'est-ce que environ 2-3 heures ils réellement pourraient commencer la sensation il a fríe traîner jusqu'à ce qu'il a des fonds de vos pieds. Avec ces beautés ont ne quietas onze sentait que fait avec quel lui tourner en en maison avant que je vais pour faire presque jamais matérielle compris dans mes pieds parce qu'ils ouvrent maintenus dans une température ainsi confortable qu'il est il basiquement plaît il est il y a summertime!!!..... Le Mee Moins cronometra concernir environ ainsi pour maintenir tibio et habiter le temps qu'il pense il environ a oeuvre la main!.....j'extrêmement recommande ce produit pour n'importe quelle personne comment est un travailleur externe . Avec qu'est-ce que il y a première initiale en touchant est basiquement des téléchargements et jeu et il était boom de grève!
4 / 5 Genesis
A acheté raisonnez tous ces signalements bonnes. Avec qu'est-ce que il a essayé , I donation't réellement sentir il a la chaleur il a fond de la mine feets. Ceci malgré Causer sweaty le à vous feets eventhough ne peut pas sentir il a chaleur. Il A le matériel de ces chaussettes il est assez empatement il plaît prendre pour plaire. La batterie sensata I penser à il prendre bon la raison peut durer pour des peu d'heures. Lorsqu'il là est ouvré de la batterie a des chaussettes, son enlever voluminoso pour n'importe quelle-skiing aux personnes le goût à ils aux usages règlent base. Il A des chaussettes non plus réellement convenables à pourrait et prendre il était quand il a le chef il est en a moyen et enredado a des chaussettes. Pour A la façon en fait peut sentir il a chef en a chaussettes. En général j'encore crois que que ces chaussettes est bien pour quelques villages. Objectif pour m'avoir le prix est overpriced pour chaleur blando prends d'il.
5 / 5 Terrie
A toujours senti pour plaire si votre ouvré de pieds anime il maintient votre organisme entier plus tibio. Ces chaussettes Ouvrent bons et grosores avec une quantité bonne de routes. Je m'ajoute aussi! Ils sont venus touchés avec une bande de batterie en le chaque comme un un et après relier il A la batterie empaqueta la presse juste a clef de leur tourner . il là Ouvre 3 cadrages de chauds et tu duquel il sent or de chefs n'importe quoi. Apio Ajoute et réellement maintenir mes pieds ils animent. Il A des cercueils tel bien idée! L'an absolu nessissity pour des froids d'hivers canadiens.
5 / 5 Amie
En utilisant ceux-ci Et-chaussettes pour downhill/alpins skiing. En y a courant moyen I besoin pour utiliser pour la moitié (orange) maintenant très grand (net) chauds-mandats. Il A en bas (vert) le cadrage ne regarde pas à l'immersion était assez chaude. Dans ces cadrages la vie de carices de batterie bon. En bas assez loin pour normal 4-5 heures a colline. Connexion de batterie et pouch (dedans de Supérieur de moyen) est facile et simple. Il A les chaussettes il mange avec une bourse de valeurs nettoie bien avec la cremallera et ceci il très facile de maintenir chaussettes, batterie et charger à un voisin. Ce temps avec quel 4 jours d'usages ils sont complu avec a produit.
5 / 5 Tessa
Réellement goût skiing, des objectifs de doigts glacés ont été il a proscribe de mine existance d'alors était un peu de garçon . Joyeusement Ces choses il maintenant Mange dans un prix raisonnable et il en fait fait bien. Il A des chefs en a moyen un peu de gênant au début et il a plus souvent underside d'a la moyenne a eu hebilla mes bottes mes plus libres qu'utilisés à, vise autrui que cela I donation't remarque ces chaussettes anymore - avec quelles 3 jours de skiing avec ils. Il A le cadrage vert sous n'importe quel beaucoup de, l'objectif a le cadrage orange était confortable en -2C. Aujourd'hui je skied en ventoso -10C et a eu il a des chaussettes dans son endroit net supérieur pour l'an qu'étonne toasty toed jour. Il A la batterie durée pour environ 4 heures en sa plus grands en mettant que les mains il a promis . Il A peu de papier qu'il mange avec a la paire de chaussettes promis d'an extra de batterie si tu bien un signalement (bon maintenant très mauvais), en bas ici est, en écrivant mes premiers signalements jamais Amazona. Ligne inférieure - chaussettes bonnes, defintely la valeur est coûté.
4 / 5 Dwana
A le matériel de ces chaussettes il est fait de algodón réellement blando et sa raison ajoute ne encoge inclusivamente avec quelle un peu de ceux qui quelques lavés. La virgule avec une batterie empaqueta cela n'est pas lourd absolument pas en bas affliger des notes sa là. Oportunamente Y a 3 en chauffant les options en cabine il devient trop chaudes dans vos bottes peuvent il toujours pourrait l'un cadrage plus léger. Sous lointain l'a utilisé il pour patiner et il n'y a il jamais a eu mes pieds ces confortables avant que. Il tout A différence!
5 / 5 Olene
Le moyen cherché a chauffé, et fonder ceci un avec des signalements tu ajoutes et basses $100 . Soyez agreeably surpris d'a qualité, a les ouvrés moyens très bons et grosor. Virgule avec deux litio petite batterie! N'importe quel besoin d'acheter AAA à à la batterie lui plaisent à ils autres modèles mêmes. Virgule aussi avec une bourse de valeurs petite pour mettre en quand tu précises être lavé! Très utile! Concerniendo A température, il facilement peut sentir il a chaleur quand la gestion a batterie! Mes pieds Ouvrent confortables quand I skis avec niveau de moyen.

Pros :
- Qualité bonne
- Rechargeable Batterie
- Manger avec bourse de valeurs de lavé!
- Sentir il A chaleur immédiatement
- vie de batterie Ajoute avec 2200 Mah batterie

Conne :
- beaucoup en bas loin! Le temps dira.
4 / 5 Anisha
Ceci en fait fait très partorisca à mine le goût, I amour a fait il y a 3 calefacción différentes façons de choisir de.
Sa facile de prendre et Charger il a batterie que sièges dans une poche lateralmente a supérieure d'a moyen, ouvre ne pesé absolument pas en bas tu duquel inclusivamente leur sentir où rester et envoyer que sensation plaisante tibia à vos pieds.

Te De qui est-ce qui brûlure maintenant beaucoup sent gênante.

Produit bon, confiance tu cher heureuse. Il m'y ait fait :D
4 / 5 Mauricio
These socks have arrived a day . I have touched some batteries in roughly two hours have been ready partorisca go. Simply it covers some bosses to some batteries and select your level of hot, down/med/big. Taking so only the pocolos small partorisca feel a heat, although a zone heated in an average is mostly in a front. It would have liked him the little more heating zone on one has the habit of integer of a foot. I had him once on moment, a heat has dissipated in the majority of a foot. I have spent some socks partorisca roughly two hours and some still rid tin of battery. The next time will try them more with a longitude partorisca try a life of real battery. A small negative is that it can feel some bosses when it walk is the big shot!
Like this far, am happy with a product and am ordering some back up in chance!
4 / 5 Wesley
Has bought these like the presents navideño partorisca my husband the one who always has cold feet. Has 3 different heat settings. They do really well, it has included to take the little too hot partorisca indoors in big heat ( says it would be better partorisca alfresco in a cold). At the beginning it spends some batteries on he inside but would brush when walking like this dipped facing them an outside and concealed fixed a rubbing.
5 / 5 Pearly
Really comfortable, warm and last partorisca my days of work in a winter in Ottawa. It likes me the railing installer in of the edifices of big increase and is really cold. Like this far with Royer the boots can tolerate my days until -20 c as they are not partorisca stress at all with boots of winter and these socks! It is to 5 star partorisca me!!
5 / 5 Coretta
Adds has has heated socks. I have bought this partorisca my husband. He whenever it complains that his feet feel cold. It says that they heat on fast and then turn it down down partorisca maintain temperature. Some socks is big quality . It is already he feels warm and comfy. It is legustado really the partorisca maintain his toes animate while it travel around a city partorisca work. Now, winter in Canada is not terrible anymore.
4 / 5 Tova
This winter are woring out of a bulding the majority of a time, and my feet take cold a lot of fasr, forcing me evry 15 minutes partorisca go inside a bulding partorisca animate my feet. But no more with these has has heated socks, is very comfortable, very soft and easy to use.
A life of the battery is not bad, has dipped a level partorisca heat to half and was very partorisca 5 hours. It wants to it can do some cells of the main battery to the equal that can last longer. Also it suggest to do a connection of boss of some socks to a battery directly in place of a L form to prevent a boss to bend.
On all these are some better socks , qualities a lot well, will recommend them to any one looking for has has heated socks.
5 / 5 Cordia
Has bought like the present for member familiarised the one who teaches skiing -- and like this far with which one uses the big thumbs up! They can not expect use them again. They have thought a boss to the long of a calves that pode of supplies to a footbed would be bothersome while skiing but no a chance. Any the one who is looking to buy them still skiing, a band of chairs of battery so only on a boot. A footbed short bit it big this in spite of.
4 / 5 Wen
Some socks 🧦 are quite sweet.
Has the tone of the socks of skis 🧦 have taken to have in Canada 🍁 for external sports. But my toes still celery a cold. I have loved always it has to that kick heated like this tired of the toe frozen.
This average is comfortable easy to operate and seat my toes will be toasty this winter ❄️
Im happy I finally has taken the pair.
4 / 5 Aldo
No for Canada north. I spent it when it was down -35 (cold of wind -50). I have not felt any warmthnat everything. Included inside a house does not have to note very hot. The sale of battery has taken the place and cylindrical , no really comfortable.
5 / 5 Jonna
5 years ago has bought the pair of has has heated socks of Lenz. I am cost $ 350. His basically died battery this year, as has thinks that would try the most economic solution. They are pleasantly surprised by these socks.

Are an avid skier , but am cursed with cold feet. I can not go the day of skiing without a help of some heating in socks of mine. I have been of skiing with has has heated socks for some time, has an excellent base for comparison versus a cup of some socks of the line of ski has heated.

Is returned:
These socks are significantly fatter that the majority of socks of skis. They are returned my measure 9.5 feet well, but for any plus of feet very small could be too big and can stirs up in of the boots of skis. Some socks achieve to a cup of mine calf and a rest of battery amiably on boots of mine of ski

Does a lot of deception, has bosses in some socks. You can feel a boss to the long of a side of the your calf and an element to heat under a ball of your foot. While it can feel a heating cushions the little in mine Lenz socks, is a lot of noticeable in these socks. This in spite of, spent him for the full day skiing and has not been uncomfortable for me and did not cause me a lot the subjects in boots of mine.

I skied for the full day among -10C and -20C. This would be impossible for me without has has heated socks. Some socks have resupplied hot pertinent in his place half, although I have had to locate the big for an hour when my toes have taken the little cold . Shortly after turning them on, my toes were toasty again.

Life of battery:
has Begun a day in 8:30am and some socks have run out of battery around 4pm. Life of battery very impressive for a heat has resupplied. Ossia Basically equivalen to mine Lenz socks when some batteries have done.

In general am very happy with these socks. I can buy 2 pairs for the third of a prize of one 'cup of a line' the socks and my feet will remain toasty soul all day with a band of extra battery. They are not like this refined but for a prize, can any gone bad.
5 / 5 Tyler
The freezing easily Gives feet (orteils) the winter. It has discovered to Give socks chauffantes in tent of more than $200 . Cela Join me given the idea to see this that he and has had to that available in Amazon. It has found like this this pair to prize very reasonable and well the quoted pair his other buyers of the Place.

These socks chauffantes is quite Comfortable, but he and the electrical boss that goes down of the height of the average to the bottom near give orteils. Alas this Boss is quite fat and has to that a lot take lucido time of lucido like of other results of way inconfortable. It touches his part, the row of battery in has joined pochette in him high of the average and is relatively comfortable.

Has used these socks to two recoveries up to now and am not engreído that will save Feet of Month sufficiently to the heat during big colds. In fact I have him I have declared during modest colds (-10 terracings Celsius) and the heat that has the sense was feeble (any that burns his feet) although it was to the maximum power. He lacking to say That it Touches to avert to have that washes him to the each utilisation, spent him pair-on joins another pair of socks of coton during walks to the outsides. This The probably has had to touch effect to reduce the feeling of heat.

Finally, does not think that to treat of a bad product, but could be improved. In spite of, it Touches lucido prize this looks well, without more.
5 / 5 Devona
Facile d'Utilizzare. Carica soltanto La bocca & ha dato batteria il a i calzini. A Uno piace che lì labró 3 encuadres hanno dato brodo. Alla borsa di valori cargadora lì è venuta con pappagallo il molto partorisca resistere i calzini, carica & batteria. Un crudo quello era un tatto buono . Labran soltanto una misura e i miei piedi labran molto piccoli ma sentiva bene nei miei stivali hanno dato sci. Soltanto 1 annuncio è riscaldato sotto la palla dei vostri piedi.

2 ruba I desiderio sarebbe calzini disponibili misurati & alcun riscaldato annuncia in partorisca dita superiori ma vedrà. A a la prova reale piacerà addirittura e ha dato viaggio ha dato sci mese prossimo.
4 / 5 Cole
Lì è acquistato questo prodotto partorisca la mia madre principale i cui piedi sono freddi spostato sempre dà allora può togliere. Non sa mai tale un elemento esistito ma è nel cielo che utilizza. Labran utilizzati quotidianamente e al brodo e il consolo hanno dato pappagallo, ama non prendendo mai buchi. Triste quando Debba che che recharge a la batteria sa uno scompare messo delle batterie saranno d'aiuto e valutare enorme
5 / 5 Nu
Questi labran molto morbidi ma sturdy acogedores. A la batteria labra non troppo grande e regresos amabilmente nelle tasche. Uno trova il max l'encuadre ha dato il brodo potrebbe essere alcuni bit più tibios ma fornire un brodo decente.
Soltanto cadere in grazia frente/superiore dei miei piedi. Qualsiasi capo ai talloni. A labrado ha dato capi noticeable ma non molestando . In generale un prodotto eccellente partorisca arresta ferma tasar.
4 / 5 Shea
È stato all'attesa encubierto A mina di calzini manterrà toasty tibio ma l'arato apena prendere tibio. Nessun sicuro il A i contatti elettrici labran non situati propriamente o facendo propriamente. Un forse che ritornerà il suo non costato partorisca prezzo.
Addirittura che a labrado ha dato i calzini toglie voluminosi, difficilmente era capace ha dato passato a stivali d'inverno addirittura a calzini.
4 / 5 Christiane
Era aprensivo c'è approssimativamente ha riscaldato i calzini ma lui risulta questi realmente gli hanno dato l'opera lì è annunciata. Il'andato estada passando per una settimana adesso. La mia Labrado ha dato piedi comfy e tibios. Toccando preda approssimativamente 4 ore sanno un extra vicino ha dato la batteria potrebbe essere un'idea buona secondo la vostra situazione. 1 carica prenderà tranquilla mediante un 8 giorno d'ore addirittura 'bassi' qualsiasi problema.

Ossia Un aggiornamento : con che 10 giorni dei medi lì è arrestato laborable.

Aggiorna più là: il servizio ha dato il cliente era molto rapido e a quello gli piacciono Trattare questi calzini @subject e nuovi inviati immediatamente.

Aggiornamento finale: I calzini hanno dato la sustitución ha anche arrestato fare. Nessun passato questo prodotto. Non spreca i vostri soldi. Alla stampata cercato ha dato ma lì è fallito. Questi prodotti è semplicemente nessuno costruiti ad abbastanza robusti. Uno lì è dato 2 stelle perché hanno cercato ha dato per fissare questo ma io non molesteranno con pappagallo un'altra volta. È addirittura.
5 / 5 Karisa
È sicuro quest'aperto aggiunge per persone che ha sieda/sentire nei suoi piedi ma se labras piedi tibios pensati abbonamenti due la perdita ha dato per sentire nei vostri piedi essere prudenti per bruciature e non a @darsi quello finché con che era il caldo. Debba quello ha alcun tipo per avvertire nell'envase.
5 / 5 Andres
Il mio marito fatto esteriore la maggioranza d'arresti per cronometrar. Sempre c'è renegado nei suoi piedi che congelamento e avendo una meteo I realmente duro quello anima addirittura un'altra volta. Quando ho veduto questi calzini, era un po' scettico approssimativamente quello paga questa quantità per un paio ha dato calzini, ma lì è pensato darebbe uno cerca ha dato. A prima meteo lì è c'è passato, c'è bene ha aspettato i suoi piedi erano per togliere freddo, c'è allora ha girato i suoi calzini a grandi. c'è ha detto era soltanto la prima meteo a scarso dei suoi piedi era toasty tibio. Alle meteo prossime hanno messo a calzini addirittura all'encuadre ha dato mezzo e fatto nella neve tutto il giorno con piedi tibios. Alla batteria è durata 6 ore addirittura all'encuadre ha a metà dato. Ai calzini labran molto meteo abbastanza quello al seggio di batteria addirittura a stivali superiori. Ha padrone questi calzini! Un a buono sicuro sarà che compri un'altra volta!!
5 / 5 Cleta
Ha ricevuto è gli ha dato calzini un Natale il presente I spesso avere piedi freddi specialmente quando sono addirittura per amontonar per la mina è è equipos d'hockey. Ai calzini coprono rapidamente e il soggiorno anima per varie ore. Un soltanto richiesto per un paio d'ore sa non sono sicuro che meteo i batteria ultimi per ma ci sono addirittura ha utilizzato vari giorni senza recharging. Il così unico negatives dovrebbe che quello menziona labrado che puoi sentire a capo nei calzini quando tranquilli inizialmente ha messo il suo addirittura ma encubierto va era. La seconda lamenta più piccola c'è labrado che a cuffs dei i calzini labran alcuni pochi estancos in tornare alla mina abbastanza grande calf con alla batteria che pali fuori una maniera lunga. Devi che passi pantaloni largi per ritornargli.
5 / 5 Kourtney
Ai calzini ritornano la mia misura 9.5 piedi bene con un po' ha dato sala a scompare. Gli utilizza questi calzini per inverno 'grasso biking' e ritrovato utilizza facile. In ho dato le temperature esteriori hanno dato -5 celcius o meno gliele mie dita sempre prendono dolorosamente freddi dopo biking per un'ora, incluso mentre passando due paia hanno dato i calzini hanno dato lana dentro uno stivale d'inverno tibio pesato. Uno lì è cercato ha dato a calzini addirittura due occasioni - a meteo di premio che usi a mettere più basso, ancora quello passa un secondo paio ha dato i calzini hanno dato lana ed expósitos che malgrado i miei piedi erano meno pappagallo scomodo, freddo prigioniero ancora. Un utilizzato a calzini addirittura a encuadre mezzo nel mio secondo outing e lì è venuto casa con che due ore con i miei piedi che sieda tibio e comodo. Possa non testimoni alla longevità delle batterie o la durabilidad dei calzini, ma i carices hanno dato ha prodotto fatti buoni ed è la mina optimista durerà per vari anni
5 / 5 Corrina
era è felice d'acquistare il mio primo paio lì è riscaldato i calzini e io sono fortemente disapointed. Un aspettato molto basato è stato a indizio eccellente, ma poco era, ha veduto dai un presente (la batteria extra o un cappello sì chiaramente accordano) se lasci alcuni feedback, è che possa spiegare per che sapere muchas persone hanno lasciato un feedback con indizio buono. Ihavr Al giorno che l'indizio buono non è obligatoria ha dato per ricevere un presente, ma ancora. Un comprato il partorisca passato all'incirca per albergato e non può riscaldare i miei piedi propriamente e inclusivamente in encuadre grande, sono è rimasto freddi. Un ritornato all'elemento ed era pienamente refunded. Un comprato un altro paio di ci è ha riscaldato calzini bene dopo questo (costo $30 extra che quelli alcuni) e ADESSO sedere per riscaldare, sa era che questi calzini erano soltanto qualità povera, e non è mina così unica. Alla parte peggiore è che puoi trovare questi calzini per approx. $40 In ebay.

Sto lasciando 2 stelle perché devo quello riconosce encubierto ai calzini era realmente grassi e anche le ragioni era pienamente refunded, qualsiasi problema lì è chiesta.

Top Customer Reviews: HotHands Hand ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5 Lorean
Fashionable name: 20 Account Long that last and is still animate when you are done using them, plants him in the baggie and express all an air was and use them again another day.
4 / 5 Janella
Fashionable name: 20 Account I bandage a when we are going skiing/alfresco partorisca the period along partorisca time

My daughter loves the when we go tobaganing also.. esp In Canada where taking really cold

PRO: calm MAINTAIN YOU warm and easy access.
- TEST of LEAK, at all there is spilt
- hard for more than 10 hours

WITH - expensive
- an use partorisca time only
- the smallest measures so to to the adults like to of them prefer the patch to measure main
5 / 5 Marguerite
Fashionable name: 20 Account has used these before and these some in the amazon is the good price . They have come quickly and work exactly as it has expected. Really good to have when has long walks in winter or included in of the nights partorisca camp fresher. A precaution: in spite of any when being pas able to find any info on-line roughly the when being restricto for a TSA (and has included a saying of rests of source fully in yours spend on), when I have taken the flight in some the EUA, a TSA would not leave me take more than 6 of these in mine spend on. They have said that it can dip him to my backside checked but has had verified that already.
5 / 5 Yoko
Fashionable name: 20 Account These are a warm plus and hand of the durable alone use more along warmers has has not used never .

Beware Of frames of imitation . I have tried another concealed looks this , but his no last long or take a lot warm .

Opens the pair in 6 are , for 6:15 they are covered to optimum heat but animate interior 3 minutes . Enmedio The day is still hot and in 4:15 pm still have the little bit of heat has left .

Partorisca The better action requires partorisca be maintained out of open air . I use him inner my mittens is is the saver of life when some drops of temperature under minus ten terracings celsius . I have it that has not used never these coffins rid or in the pocket but would have to that do although way also.

In of the days of minus 25 and under this hand warmers is crucial.

Has any negative , is that sometimes they take too hot for me .

Spends a lot of a lot of external hours and the consolation of need. Ossia An only mark I confidence .

Recommends this to any the one who bolt in the cold climate and of the uses mittens outsides for a long time .
4 / 5 Marcel
Fashionable name: 20 A lot handy Account partorisca use a disposable the warmest hand. Take a warmer hand of a container, shakes it the bit, then he activiate the. It is better to dip in pocket of jacket partorisca keep hot. And when required, dipped a hand inside a pocket. It supposes the prelong/preserves a period partorisca heat for plant he in stock transmission of focus, but the try Ziploc stock exchange, and he no quite work, this in spite of, if it has dipped them he in the zipped pocket of jacket, then maintain warm much more, and can use it when the master. But the just control he with hand in an air, does not take too warm. In general it can maintain paralizaciones warm a lot of hours, but can not be at night.
5 / 5 Vernie
Fashionable name: 20 account the value adds , goes partorisca hike in morning partorisca an hour or like this , five days the week . Has poor circulation in my hands and these few units maintain my abundance of warm toes . In a winter could not be without them . His extremely well . Priced well Also .
5 / 5 Randell
Fashionable name: 20 Account These handwarmers is awesome. It slips him to the your mittens and your hands will remain warm.
Perfecto partorisca long external activities when it is cold. These things have maintained my hands animate partorisca 4 hours while external and has not lost his heat until after 8 hours or so many.
4 / 5 Melodi
Fashionable name: 20 Account tried It my work dress that was . His rchauffe His hands but Touches his toes forget his . Worse tried him -34 and the effect of heat diminishes a bit . It fails His shak at least 2-3 Minutes touch that his result hot .

Touches my part , is so only well touch his people that the source gives external activities and does not join utilisation to the works . Ps : His Hard any 10h00 but 6h00 .
4 / 5 Bettie
Fashionable name: 20 Account has bought this partorisca help to maintain my warm toe and help it flex more with which takes the roughly done surgery two month. A container clearly has said that it is not partorisca medical purpose, likes use with precaution. Of course any place in of the open wounds. It is warm and I resealed he in the stock exchange of focus and has take an air according to another commentary. Still he in a second use. Now in mine third use with a same band, some heat is still emitting but partorisca heat sweeter. Very shabby.
4 / 5 Almeta
Fashionable name: 20 Account is announced like this. My edges and the woman have used he partorisca -16 degC and found the very comfortable. A must has partorisca a prairie winter.

Was warm partorisca at least 8 hours of my use.
5 / 5 Dagny
The value adds , goes partorisca hike in morning partorisca an hour or like this , five days the week . Has poor circulation in my hands and these few units maintain my abundance of warm toes . In a winter could not be without them . His extremely well . Priced well Also .
4 / 5 Hayley
These handwarmers is awesome. It slips him to the your mittens and your hands will remain warm.
Perfecto partorisca long external activities when it is cold. These things have maintained my hands animate partorisca 4 hours while external and has not lost his heat until after 8 hours or so many.
5 / 5 Robby
Was in a frozen wastelands of Canuckistan. This hand, extremity & of feet warmers laws partorisca surprise.. Tuck One in your butt partorisca maintain your warm cheeks and avert hemorrhoids. Well partorisca at least 10 hours.
4 / 5 Mariann
Has bought this partorisca help to maintain my warm toe and help it flex more with which takes the roughly done surgery two month. A container clearly has said that it is not partorisca medical purpose, likes use with precaution. Of course any place in of the open wounds. It is warm and I resealed he in the stock exchange of focus and has take an air according to another commentary. Still he in a second use. Now in mine third use with a same band, some heat is still emitting but partorisca heat sweeter. Very shabby .
4 / 5 Emelia
Disappointed of the product. I will not repurchase .
Hot-the hands do not heat any a lot of comparativement to other frames.
Pair Elsewhere, leaves of the ash of powder to the sud his hands and in his gloves how were old.
5 / 5 Rene
Loves these so many. It is perfect for the cold day of then has had to súper long and is purportedly biodegradable also. Usually it uses so only a side of a hand warmers the day. It is also the prize adds and the half utmost stuffer. Not to think it could live without this hand warmers anymore !
4 / 5 Kandace
Likes that a Hothands the stays animate for the long time. I wish this in spite of that has had glue in his, reason so only do not use him like this hand warmers.
5 / 5 Chuck
Exactly to the equal that has described ... It has been it bit it skeptical that a hand warmers would last until 10 hours ... But they have done ... Quality really orders ... Very pleased
5 / 5 Sona
Maintains warm for hours!

Has dipped down pillow in window sill for my cat to maintain warm while it is looking was.

Looks to want the 😻
5 / 5 Irwin
is announced like this. My edges and the woman have used he for -16 degC and found the very comfortable. A must has for a prairie winter.

Was warm still at least 8 hours of my use.
4 / 5 Loan
Used these when a power is exited partorisca maintain hedgehog of mine of hibernating which has maintained his alive. It has used also when transporting in the travesía in a car. Fact like the charm without taking too hot! PERFECTO! They heat on quickly
5 / 5 Jamal
the product Adds the law adds to keeo the animate yours delivery partorisca roughly 8 hours also can be used yes calm dipped the in a front of your boots partorisca maintain the toes animate
5 / 5 Ami
begin out of hot but has cooled down before I achieve my fate. If I take my mittens was spent again. With which take home remains warm partorisca hours.
5 / 5 Kyla
Is very partorisca eight hours, there is another east last longer. As it plan partorisca use them partorisca and that time, is any abonos or bad.
4 / 5 Elvis
Perfecto partorisca winter/of fall. I use him when hunting or fishing of gel. I produce it adds partorisca the prize adds. Last the long time.
5 / 5 Tereasa
Has taken these partorisca hike/my box of emergency. I think that that it is the shot adds. You take the hand-held plot warmers partorisca a prize.
4 / 5 Patti
A better rock-in compraventa augmenting after the shoes and the rope. It was able to paste a club in of the warm days in February, and during a cradle, thanks to some hot-hands-in-a-chalk-trick of stock exchange.
4 / 5 Domenica
Has achieved so only the very sweet, on lukewarm temp partorisca me. Rings something partorisca take hot and last.
Vendor the enclosed contact and the real company will not involve to spend for amazon.
4 / 5 Samara
These utmost ! We use him to us skiing and maintain our good and warm hands. So only take was and shake roughly five minutes before it calms the master spend. Awesome!
4 / 5 Benedict
A heat last for roughly 8-9 hours. It is quite feeble, meaning it will not burn your hands but calm still will feel warm. They are quite small to hide in your gloves (esp. If has mittens). If they take colder, calm so only shakes them and spent.
5 / 5 Elmira
Bulk Is always better. Just need partorisca agree to take to the long of on travesías of skis. The savings is utmost on taking them in a hill.
4 / 5 Olimpia
Maintains my hands animate in a winter. It can 'pause' a heat partorisca dip he in the zip-stock exchange of lock.
5 / 5 Kenyetta
Emission so only a right quantity partorisca heat to maintain you warm partorisca long periods these cold days.
4 / 5 Jeannetta
This hand warmers is really long durable ( can escape me with using a still a before and with which he ) and actuate to a perfect temperature. My younger sister (8I) still likes them the use his and does not burn his few hands. So only perfectly warm and toasty.
4 / 5 Marcelina
Last roughly 10 hours to the equal that have indicated. It does not give His humid hands. Has has embezzled out of 9ham to 3hpm partorisca do of the ski to - 15 terracings Celsius and has not had never cold with joined sachet in the each mitaine!
4 / 5 Alec
The stay animates far longer that another mark I use in work. Also have the life of the longest shelf.
5 / 5 Maye
Does partorisca Heat the tampon is surprising. Used that it hang them my travesía partorisca hunt and do perfectly.
4 / 5 Yen
Heats A bit less than frames the competitor but fonctuonne at any rate a lot a lot of
5 / 5 Vanita
Very happy with a product, has been them surprised that time that lasts a heat in fact is. >10 hours!!
4 / 5 Alfreda
His hands take soooooooooo cold while skiing. These are savers of life . I have bought the big band. It expects still law next year!
5 / 5 Codi
His all fact to the equal that has expected. It can be warmer but the works am cost. His so only last 3 hours this in spite of.
4 / 5 Lavonia
Each band last at least 8 to 10 hours depend that often it touches/ moves it.
4 / 5 Leonie
Has bought he partorisca skiing last winter. I maintain warm and feel comfortable 4-5 hours in of the outsides.
4 / 5 Lovetta
These have done like this a lot - spend a whole day outside in a snow with these - has done like the charm. To good sure recommend.
4 / 5 Senaida
Has given these my Mother the one who there is complained in his hands that is like this cold in a winter. You love him!!!
5 / 5 Wilton
A product is very good! I am not giving 5 stars to the equal that take two defective tampons like this far.
5 / 5 Sherill
These are WELL. They cover and take quite hot. But sometimes they have had to 6hours, sometimes resemble last 30mins (down some same circumstances esatte.)
5 / 5 Mireille
Has hunted, maintains warm delivery, also dipped in childs boots to animate feet
5 / 5 Rosina
some time of extra heat in the law of day fries awesome

Top Customer Reviews: [Anti-Fog & OTG ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5 Rubin
I am spent a whole day in some slopes and has found absolutely a lot of @@subject. I have been concerned at the beginning because of a prize ( has lost my Oakleys) is very economic, but is the product adds . A lense are adds for both day and late, the things are enhanced slightly while veiwing by means of a googles which is well. I have experienced any fogging in spite of spending the mask of face. They are also very comfortable, calm will not be dissapointed.
4 / 5 Quintin
These glasses are excellent! I have bought both types (ash and blue/mirror). They return boys? Yes, 2 adolescents, 16 and 13 with small faces. They return with helmets? Yes, enough amiably. We return me to us (adult viril)? Yes, enough comfortably. These glasses are really very done, the access and the arrival are quite good and look utmost. The field of vision is excellent, any fogging and not sweating. It comes with the hard chance really good and the microfiber pouch. In everything, the compraventa adds for an excellent prize. My boys love and he like this done my stock exchange.
5 / 5 Martin
These googles laws well. They are economic, any fog, and access in my glasses. I found him to be very comfortable.
5 / 5 Selena
Perfecto for glasses. It can use to clear lentil with a container but on everything adds.
5 / 5 Jaquelyn
I glasses have done utmost for my travesía to Alberta. Any fog on too much, and fresco of look. It can not beat for a prize. They come packaged well with the abonos spending stock exchange.
5 / 5 Eboni
These glasses were utmost for skiing in Sol and Lake Louise during a past two weeks. Especially they are well for brilliant conditions but no like this well take cloudy or decreases of conditions read.
Some look of glasses to line easily this in spite of like this not even was where some scratches in a semi-detached picture has come from/come from. An only place that has seated unprotected was in my helmet in a trunk of a car.

After posting of my initial description, a vendor has offered the pair of substitution of ski googles the free mine of load. No appearances this and appreciate such service of excellent client.
5 / 5 Missy
Glasses add! Very happy with him! It feels comfortable in a face and does not take foggy! Also it returns well with my helmet.
5 / 5 Queenie
Am updating my description after Patec sent the substitution. Although it is final of the season and I do not have was again with some new glasses have received. The service of client is excellent.

Rey: These glasses are terrible. They have developed the discharge of moisture right in your field of vision that you can not take, as I have been forced to ski all day with the misty / foggy view. Very dangerous. It sees semi-detached picture.
5 / 5 An
Glasses add!. They return perfectly in my helmet.
Field very big of view, used him for a first time today for 6 hours directly in a mountain. You a lot of fog on once!!.. A clarity is fantastic.
To good sure would buy another together required .
Can not believe I so only paid $ 40 for these and give a same quality like the very known mark.
If it could give them more stars I .
Also some people have said that that is coming with the strong smell. Nope These were a lot. Any odora.
5 / 5 Louvenia
Looking add when it take him in the first place, has not been the past but there is remarked the scratch a first day, like dipping on, perhaps my zip to cover knicked a goggle, sees picture, is really any that bad, looks worse that is. But really it was not that it spends. They are really be careful of then, and has did not line anywhere more than then. It is it is returned snug around a face, but the little empty around a nose and control, inferior zone, leaves in some snowflakes when snowing, but is not real bad. Perhaps my nose is crooked, has broken my nose once. His fog on enough quickly this in spite of, ossia the big downer for me. Perhaps I respite too strongly, perhaps scarf of mine is preventing respite of mine to escape and like this, creating a fog. Perhaps it is an empty of a zone of nose that way of frames for an interior of fog. It sees picture for reference of this thing of empty of the cheek. It averts of that, cure any to touch an interior goggle with your toes, As it pull a protective plastic film of him, has touched a goggle and can do not cleaning, included with goggle cleansing of lines. Tried with the humid cloth also, and the q-tip, swimming laws. But it is so only the small smudge, at all really bad. He so only blurry when it looks in the small zone where has touched, but is also partially my failure to having touched he with my toe. I can a lot of he same aims in picture, reason he no really show that a lot, so only disturb it visible smaller. A sale of boss is well, and stays in of the tight, with small clips wants to change he for one of the yours in pleasant. It sees pic. A goggle is glued near, any interchangeable.

Modifies update: WELL, I am impressed with Patec with which service of client of the sales, really. I have been offered the substitution as I have not gone mostly satisfied with his product. I did not receive it still, but sure we love me to know quell'estimativa my happiness to his products, as I am sure I will take for next week. Perfecto that time. The winter is coming!

For behind your product of the quality with service adds = wins!

I to good sure recommends to buy Patec produced so only partorisca east.
4 / 5 Scarlet
Like the year-cyclist of round street in Canada, has been that looks for the solution to cold of wind partorisca years now. Has has tried years of glasses of the snow done successfully small, separate reason spend glasses and separate reasons a lot of glasses of snow are missing of a peripheral vision partorisca maintain bolt in some streets.

Has tried the plot of things with which conceal partorisca solve a question of cold of the wind, comprising airman lenses (too much airs still takes by means of) and same helmets of bicycle of the engine (they freezing/of fog on, and is heavy too). At all really done well, like this partorisca some last few years have solved the just bicycle more dulcemente in of the winds of big January, taking blinks pauses to the equal that has required.

This year has decided to go back to glasses, looking specifically partorisca something concealed can give wide peripheral vision and accommodate the small pair of frame-less glasses. These return a bill perfectly. Having has given partorisca endure years of aches of colds of the wind some months of winter, the now be able to take hills in -15C without a wind when being the factor partorisca me is the transmission of game. There is like this other factors partorisca treat in a winter, where this was one of a bit those that the things have not had the solution adds stops.

In all the chance, a quantity of the ones of peripheral vision with these is like this as well as you could expect, and at least partorisca my glasses have not had any question that returns him to to him some glasses likes him to him this of foam presses an expensive is fat and quite wide for them. Any question with fogging on, neither, and while they are quite ignorant of differences of characteristic among big-final and down-glasses of snow of the end can not imagine the one who another characteristic would justify a difference of prize among these and a more expensive variety.
4 / 5 Karyn
Decent quality, good field of view, follows current tendencies in glasses of investigation.
Does not leave a name fool calm this in spite of. Unless has some seriously small glasses, these do not go to be on some glasses in records. There is the small notch in a foam that is supposition to leave your glasses to return by means of, but any of some glasses has has done here.

Another that a glaring defect in advertising, would say that they are the compraventa interesting .
4 / 5 Boyd
For a prize is in good sure values he. They return good and is comfortable. Also, they add the faint to inhabited maintained to all when that spends him as it finds class of the quota that looks in the moon of decadence lived and has lived.
4 / 5 Gilberte
Turn really good and any fog up. They are wide and flexible corner . I ordered him for the accident but was like this well maintained him.
4 / 5 Yu
Has had plenary Of commentaries: they are of those who a lot of good-looking your lunettes of Ski!
4 / 5 Bebe
Glasses add! Any fogging on and the field adds of view.
5 / 5 Luise
Has used these things for the quantity combined of roughly 60 days of skiing.
- A visibility is well, this in spite of has the slightly big quantity of foam around a zone of nose.
- Is a lot last to see in the cloudy day, is excellent skiing in sun.
- Any fog a lot easily, when being a prize that is, ossia the enormous plus .
- Anything calm , does not rub an interior of some glasses with anything except microfibers, to try for the cleaned once now have these faint streaks of where has rubbed.
- A strap looks the loosen over time
- Look quite awesome, does not have any way any one can see your eyes
- Can not return perfectly with your helmet, as they arch enough the bit in some sides
4 / 5 Liane
These glasses were the little main that has been expecting but this looks to be a fashion these days. They look to be a lot of build and that I can say, comparable to the glasses have sold in tent for 3 to 5 times a prize. Some shows of surface of reflective money smudges and fingerprints quite easily but ossia probably a chance for nay reflective arrival. In general, I am happy with a quality and access of these.
5 / 5 Nichelle
Able to see well in sunny, cloudy, rainy time, loves it, has had any subject with foggy lenses, easy to regulate a tension of a band and the look adds.
4 / 5 Lashawn
Grieves some glasses have arrived, my zone experienced -10c snowy time, as I dipped them on spending my prescriptin glasses and has been for the long walk. It has had no fogging to the equal that have walked to a wind, perhaps the bit when walking with a wind behind me.
Skiing And Snowboarding would be of course to a wind and as it does not expect any fogging.
For a prize, the any name goggle, is extracted perfectly, any question that recommends these glasses.
Of then there is so only had him use twice now, 4 stars is reasonable.
5 / 5 Adam
Took him so only and did not try him fully still.
Gone back well and comfortably in glasses. The field adds of vision when wearig some glasses.
5 / 5 Betty
Pros: My forward/other glasses have the frames and I enjoy this one with visibility of wide corner thanks to a frameless creation. Gilipollas: Fogs up :(

modification like this in Jan 31: a vendor contacted and has offered another product to do me feels better in this transaction. Like this motivating me to add 1 star to an indication (to 4 stars) to reflect service of good client. It gives the graces to listen.
4 / 5 Trang
Has bought these glasses like the presents navideño to my brother. I am contained to say is very satisfied with them. A chance resupplied with some glasses is functional and a lot of sturdy. A lentil was immaculate and has the a lot of looking, fashion to look his mirror. My brother has tried was at night in a street to have the feeling of some offers of decrease of light vision and has been pleased with this appearance. In general the subject very good for a prize.
4 / 5 Enid
Adds compraventa. Delighted. Really do access in my glasses of the thinnest profile. These to very good compraventa. Very a lot resembled the a lot of retail mark main final. Update: used these googles in Blue Mountain last week. -7 And alone in evening. The hot ski and has been concerned abt fogging. A googles has treated a lot well. Any fogging and cut a glare really well.
4 / 5 Danita
First day is gone in a hill with them, under an impulse, has done roughly 3 turns and has had to that locate behind down to a subordinated to exchange behind to the known good pair. You do not consider this anti-fog like state of costruttore. I have possessed the number of glasses on some years and has has not had never the fog closely this quickly, included taking all some precautions taken usually to reduce fogging. The day would not expect a lot another goggle to fog, these some have done.

Can imagine was some solution to have these glasses any fog, look to be wonderful otherwise. They look and apt add! Slightly main that has expected, but concealed is not unwelcome. There is a lot revises to declare a smell of some glasses that cost to 1 star. Not To Take me bad, has had the smell, but has not been extreme and looks for to be disappeared with which 24h out of a packaging.

If any one has any tips for the DIY anti-trick of fog, would want to listen it .
4 / 5 Wilford
These lunettes is sold like anti-Fog and of the utilisation of premières has fill of buée and of givre pair the continuazione. That In skrte that this was Impossible to see, that is the première of the utility gives lunettes. I have had to that take Activity of Games of Month chager of lunettes and go back the ancient months. This was very unpleasant. These produced is not As the see you and is inferior to the quialité has indicated.
4 / 5 Earlene
Comes with the strong smell and dissipates interior 24 hours. It is very comfortable and a lot of stylish.
5 / 5 Artie
Is a lot of the well used him to them twice have the abonos has maintained any to dark and a field of vision are add a lot of view at all blocks your vision . His fog on the bit because it has used them the belaclava but pulled them so only out of my face and has on cleared immediately any one the question . They are returned in my good real glasses there is cut outs in a foam for some arms of my glasses, am them very happy with them.
4 / 5 Venessa
A creation of this google is incredible this in spite of does not prevent fog. (UP TO DATE) After my last description Homitt Directs sent partorisca join me email that offer the new pair of glasses. A new pair was far better that a forward a, I supposition I bad regime. He still fogs the little bit, but think that is because sweat much more that a half person,.A service of the client of this company is unbelievable. They are very happy now.
5 / 5 Jami
The sum of looks of the quality. Súper Comfortable and im sure his wont hurt in in all the chance partorisca spend has all day. Visually Can see all perfect side prójimo and looking up. But his difficult to see anything under your nose. A need of glasses to be able to fall lower or some needs to cushion to be in the thumb of the thinnest neighbourhood. The wouldnt recommends to buy these for your boys. Havent Tried him on a hill still like this im while they seat different when im there in an open mountain. One another thing, a clarity is awesome. An external arrival has come to look the mirror. Exactly the one who there are them wanted. A shadow isnt that has expected them tho. His really dark. The darkest way has expected then. So it love the shadow for sunny to cloudy the days choose a VLT 25-60 cause has chosen them 10-25 and is still really dark.
In general some glasses are which pays stops. And the supposition these are some risks take to buy without physically seeing a first product. Hopefully These helps.
4 / 5 Li
I glasses Is solid 5/5 but a downside in these particular glasses that has is a scent. Has the toxic smell really strong ossia to coach to do me feel dizzy and nauseous. The service of client has achieved was mine pocola after this description to rectify a situation. They are very happy with as it has managed the and a solution has resupplied. Highly it recommends this vendor.
5 / 5 Hilario
Has wanted to give is some time before I write the description to be objective. Used for 4 month of snowboarding in of the totals.

- anti The fog has done sum out of a box initially
- the adjustable prohibition was of decent quality
- the lentils have used work effectively down alone

- anti the fog begins to fail in of the latest uses a lot of @subject to the equal that has to that dip glasses in
- I has condensation AMONG some glasses, which can not be cleaned external or inner - this he effectively done some useless glasses to the equal that are consistently fogged on

- unless it take defective glasses , these will resist up for 1 season in better - like this $ 30ish for a season - yours llama on cost that to him
- will see yes kicks of guarantee in and will change the indication is vendor follows on
5 / 5 Billi
I really like these glasses, any fog on in general but done the scarf of mine dipped down. Otherwise Used him to ski during night and a sloppes is icy has to that take a goggle reason are the little darkness . Any all a time this in spite of so only when has a lot icy parts
4 / 5 Alishia
have decided like this to buy these glasses for the snowboarding travesía, and has bought specifically Grey Upgraded system of ventilation as not to love it to fog on (my first main worry to buy). I have loved an aesthetic of some glasses and that a lot was able to see by means of them during the sunny and cloudy day up in some slopes when he a lot of fog up.

This in spite of, has been disappointed enough when some glasses have maintained fogging on on me in spite of me doing sure to maintain any empty with some glasses. Also, I have done sure I have not been scrubbing a lentil frequently to the equal that mentions in some instructions to prevent fogging up.
4 / 5 Shara
First what, my glasses returns very inner.
A googles the utmost and professional looks. Quality a lot well, in the fraction of a prize would pay in any tent.
5 / 5 Chong
Using this product in heavy snow, blizzard, conditions. With which 30 minutes of perspiring, a fog of glasses on and is basically useless. Also a product has the chemical smell very bad that is penetrating and nettling.
5 / 5 Eleni
To be sincere, has not had some main expectations when I have ordered these of a prize was like this economic, but has has surpassed far my expectations and I love. Any so only they a lot of fog at all during a day, but is súper comfortable and easy to spend with the helmet. Highly recommend!
4 / 5 Maurita
A measure of these things is boba. It says that a measure returns all this in spite of with my helmet on, has included the helmet pressed on the bit, a bridge that would owe room for my full nose engulfs my nose. I do not have the small boss like the majority to control balaclavas, and my two leading pairs of glasses return perfectly. These this in spite of sound clearly of the facts for those with the longest bosses main.
4 / 5 Ha
A googles of confy and well, but his fog easilly. And also, wont does yes has to that use he in dark. During a day is dark also, but at night, included with alot of the lights around is verry darkness. I am returned mine been due to these 2 questions
4 / 5 Cami
Súper nave of fast same day. Ordered a legislation of day before skip travesías and has arrived punctually.
Has spent he for the day. Good quality goggle. Quite big to return my glass in. Big view. Lentil of quality of the Google without frogging subject. Well looking. It recommends for another the one who requires OTG goggle.
4 / 5 Laquita
A look and the creation is surprising and was based so only was that, these would take the 5/5. Some four times spent them I so only dipped his on and interior 5 minutes are fogging on and arrival to rest in my hat a rest of my walk. A bit it disappoint it that I can very included see when they are on. Any so only his fog on, announces like this they any and results the security hazard when they do. Ossia My first season snowboarding like this idk not even are dipping in legislations but has not been able to spend them for more than an hour.
4 / 5 Mark
These glasses are absolutely perfect!! You consider to buy expensive Smith, Oakley, or Scott glasses, but a question is is that so only go skiing 2-3 times the season. With these glasses of skis, take a look and feel respective frames ... Without paying for a ridiculous prize and a name to mark stitched to the long of a strap. Highly I recommend him!!
5 / 5 Neil
Has used two times. You a work. It does not add in timing warmer. We use him to us on freezing a first time and his fog. A second time was quite cold no fogging subject. Celery the little big.
5 / 5 Julia
Both sides snapped was after using 5 times. You are not until fog at all... Of the one who Comprise reasons another ppl is like this happy with one will buy the name to mark next time. It returns well with my glasses tho..
4 / 5 Mariano
Looks it. I protect of sun. But has the little smell when I open he
5 / 5 Lakeesha
firs, a first timely delivery of the Christmas likes the promised, for this reliability. That The packaging are to add like any danger to break before it takes in your house. A quality of these glasses for a prize is surprising. Really it rids that it is in a description. Excellent!! Shopping again has required it !!
5 / 5 Maranda
Received quickly. Search abordable but decent glasses last now and these am returned a bill. Apt was to add, any fog on, and has maintained brisk the twenty was expensive while another was skiing with has taken a wind that comes to his glasses.
4 / 5 Glendora
I external work in a cold canadian the winter and these glasses have resupplied exactly the one who has required them. Very comfortable to spend. Excellent quality , downloading the system means never really fog up! Totally you recommend these!

Top Customer Reviews: Pack of 2 Ski ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5 Verla
The amazing glasses partorisca a price have paid. We live in the climate where cold of the wind achieves -40 as we require these partorisca go you external when walking some dogs. Fact perfectly. Has the side downloads like this his a lot of fog on and foam around some flanges so that the air and the cold do not go in . Perfecto! And wine with a partorisca each of us =)
4 / 5 Brandee
Really I want to dip these like this to five star yes so only partorisca,value partorisca of the money. I have possessed a lot of still of glasses of skis and these some are by train partorisca create to a quality of them but very enough. Has decent lenses and some plastic looks quite good. It is missing a foam in a side of face like any when being any like this good.

A question are buys him again, or recomend his to the partner. Without hesitation HE!
4 / 5 Marquitta
A compraventa happy partorisca me. Bought light the deals. Very reasonable $ partorisca two.
Comparing them with a Costco-has has bought glasses, a structure is a lot simplier & a material is more plastic likes but still has done well.
Like this far, has tried an Amazon-has bought some takes brisk walking in the -21C sunny day( a reason of compraventa). Some glasses geles taken on with which 10 walk of minutes with a sun & of wind in my backside. This in spite of, this subject disappeared in a way behind, with a sun in my face.
Still, taste. They look good and sturdy.
4 / 5 Magdalen
Bought these partorisca return inside my helmet of motorcycle. I have cut some straps was and he tucks in final in mine Shoei helmet of Investigation. It does not return my HJC crack this in spite of. I tired me partorisca spend two shields of the face and these are quite small to return in my stock exchange together with other elements spends and does not have to that me worry roughly breaking my expensive shields.
4 / 5 Gisela
There is the piece of plastic in a half in a limiting interior some of your vision BUT he can easily the cut was with scissors. Simply take a lense partorisca avert lining he partorisca pull behind in an upper and inferior then take a lense then use cut the. Calm simply give you more vision a plastic piece can do fault the purpose the ones of the that has cured the prefer a plus of clarity partorisca this price yeah a lot of value he. This has said good price partorisca 2
5 / 5 Flavia
My hubby amours partorisca walk but found the hard with the glare of a sun in a snow - now has no more reasons a lot partorisca go for his daily walks. Utmost glasses. Highly recommend and some elements have arrived the prompt day .
5 / 5 Etta
I have bought these partorisca use in the dune buggy. We will take a lot muddy. You look for type of economic ski googles. They look very good. This in spite of an interior is lined with cushion of foam. Very economic. So that I need he partorisca he is well, and am happy with my compraventa. I am not sure they would do well in some colds this in spite of.
4 / 5 Lucy
The value adds partorisca a price, and will be quite well for infrequent use for some boys; tobogganing and ATV. I will order something main for use of adult, but these would have to that last for some boys and is not the expensive substitution has to that take stray!
5 / 5 Lissette
Really it was pleasantly surprised with these glasses.
Was comfortable to spend. Used partorisca the snow that Shoes partorisca cold time
and blowing nieva
A price was adds.
2 / 5 Kathlene
They leave the empty when calm dipped the on the helmet of Ski as not buying partorisca that. Small band. You do not buy never again and you do not recommend partorisca any one looking for skiing.
5 / 5 Nakisha
Comfy Access, the view is clear. It maintains a nieva was. That more can ask?
5 / 5 Lizzie
Really was pleasantly surprised with these glasses.
Was comfortable to spend. Used partorisca the snow that Shoes partorisca cold time
and blowing nieva
A prize was adds.
4 / 5 Andres
Has read the plot of descriptions and has taken that the be be expect . . Partorisca The scarce ski use his a lot of
5 / 5 Cleta
the good compraventa touches lucido prize. The magnitude is as well as it Touches his girls, as and pout his adults.
5 / 5 Kourtney
Perfecto Touches that desire to do ! (3ski behind the 4wheels)
4 / 5 Corrina
the work adds! I use him a really cold time when I am walking my dog and I spend the balaclava partorisca protect my face.
4 / 5 Jeffrey
The fast delivery the master use in some trails of snow or when snowblowing
4 / 5 Jonie
Can any gone bad with a prize partorisca a pair! Very comfortable and the looks of vision partorisca be a lot of - a lot of @@subject at all. It know better once swipes of snow that do for cutting brightness.
5 / 5 Maybell
Did not use Him still outside but a sum of looks of the quality. I recommend all the world-wide to have the pair partorisca security of eye.
5 / 5 Izetta
A compraventa happy for me. Bought light the deals. Very reasonable $ for two.
Comparing them with a Costco-has has bought glasses, a structure is a lot simplier & a material is more plastic likes but still has done well.
Like this far, has tried an Amazon-has bought some paralizaciones brisk walking in the -21C sunny day( a reason of compraventa). Some glasses geles taken on with which 10 walk of minutes with a sun & of wind in my backside. This in spite of, this subject disappeared in a way behind, with a sun in my face.
Still, taste. They look good and sturdy.
4 / 5 Doreen
Has spent some glasses three times like this far, and one first sew the note is some ventilations in some sides of some glasses. Outing One and two some glasses have done perfectly maintaining a powder to blow-like snow out of my eyes with zero irritation, but the wind speeds were relatively down. My third outing some twenty have achieved 40km/h and a quantity of airs to filter in by means of some sides have begun to result an annoyance, and if a wind still has taken the plot of snow imagines it would have been I quite annoying (but probably still better that at all).
A rim is lined with economic that looks the sponge but is comfortable and has sucedido in creating to focus, and consider a prize.
4 / 5 Carita
Has bought these to records inside my helmet of motorcycle. I have cut some straps was and he tucks in final in mine Shoei helmet of Investigation. He no returned my HJC crack this in spite of. I tired me to spend two shields of the face and these are quite small to records in my stock exchange together with other elements spends and does not have to that me worry roughly breaking my expensive shields.
5 / 5 Dorethea
Is the decent pair of glasses for some people that does not require for the use every day for weeks or involve in of the extreme sports. They are smallish, a foam bit it thin, so that a glass, but has not expected a lot much more that that in this point of prize.

Has bought he for my husband the bicycle during winter, but can not use he for that like this his any one is returned glasses inside these glasses (probably because of his big boss more the Ray-Forbid shaped glasses ), but will maintain it to use in of the surest activities.
4 / 5 Precious
Has been spending these for cycling of winter. His fog on when they are prendido (likes in the red light), but the little movement takes him has on cleared enough quickly.

Some the different colours do well to choose among conditions of time. When there is the plot of snowfall, tends to go with a plus that shines some. When it Is darkness was, will go with a light plus has maintained.

Also maintain the course the elder of my warm face and a bellaclava has spent a rest of him.
4 / 5 Danika
CA$ 7 each one that like this- I are not the defender of a yellow maintained in both some masks, and an elastic sale does not have adjustments and will lose is elasticity the few months. His a lot of fog up with the full face balaclava in -7C temperatures and heavy exertion.

These are almost disposable masks. It does not add for a half, but is VERY use of slowly he once or two times each winter.
4 / 5 Marg
Has the piece of plastic in a half in a limiting interior some of your vision BUT he can easily the cut was with scissors. Simply take a lense to avert lining he to pull behind in an upper and inferior then take a lense then use cut the. Calm simply give you more vision a plastic piece can do fault the purpose the ones of the that has cured the prefer a plus of clarity thus prize yeah a lot of value he. This has said good prize for 2
4 / 5 Rufina
Exactly to the equal that has described. These are glasses of utmost/glasses and is perfect for knots when we go biking in all the classes of time. Also they look really slick 😁❣️ Loves him!!!
4 / 5 Rosanna
Has taken these in preparation for snowmobiling and just winter in general in Canada. These are utmost! For a prize honradamente can any gone bad. An only thing will say is that they are quite thin in a face as they do not cover so as it would have liked me but honradamente was still the treat well.
5 / 5 Christopher
If your activity is the little intense and in a cold, will take a lot of fogging. Utilisation partorisca biking (street and fatbike) and is unusable because of a fogging question. Any happy at all
5 / 5 Ervin
Fogged on entirely some first time spent them takes skiing. At all comfortable. The foam around a mask is really I really annoying. It does not buy this for any activity of external winter.
Not even could him use again
5 / 5 Agripina
Fogged on entirely some first time spent them. Entirely useless is going to fog on and dark vision. Dangerous to spend this outside.
4 / 5 Eartha
The value adds for a prize, and will be quite well for infrequent use for some boys; tobogganing and ATV. I will order something main for use of adult, but these would have to that last for some boys and is not the expensive substitution has to that take stray!
4 / 5 Loris
Terrible. Fogs on instantly and does not clear up. Useless for snowboarding. The desire had not bought the
4 / 5 Ken
has Used these during the whiteout and could not see the thing to the equal that have rested in my boss for the majority of a day, but in snowy or normal conditions have done well. Any totally apt snuggly to the mine expensive (empty in some sides) but is remained on and a strap is long and stretchy enough to go in or under a helmet.
4 / 5 Grisel
Any attended pro quality thus prize and calm will not be disappointed. A lenses is in fact quite well, an access is not to perfect for my face and a foam feels economic. But hey, take which pays stops. Inferior line, is perfect to walk a dog in a snow.
4 / 5 Herman
Leaves the empty when calm dipped the on the helmet of Ski as not buying for that. Small band. You do not buy never again and you do not recommend for any one looking for skiing.
4 / 5 Orlando
Perfecto to locate my bicycle. My eyes are very sensitive and these glasses protect my eyes of wind all protect adds
5 / 5 Justine
Well is honradamente take that paid for but is legit 😂 likes is $ for the two band of knots 😂 of glasses so only took in and taking them to some slopes to the left is sees! A foam that/the cushions is very thin and is basically to lentil with small foam and the strap, but that more paralización $ , $ 8ish for the good of the piece for some uses
4 / 5 Willena
The measure adds has the smallest boss. I access my GF perfectly. The good and calm quality taking two!!! The value adds recommends.
5 / 5 Simone
Adds partorisca my boys 5 and 7. They want to I take him tobogganing, and sometimes spend them partorisca walk to and of pupil when it is really cold was.
4 / 5 Celinda
Glasses Of fantastic boys partorisca downhill skiing. Light and comfortable maintains sun, snow and wind out of some eyes. I actuate Still partorisca find the better prize partorisca the pair of glasses of skis.
5 / 5 Mara
Used him so only takes skiyng and has found that the he fogging calm fast in minus a 15degres. Will have try he in state in the quad . That can be s the better use.
5 / 5 Alysia
These are the little smaller has bitten that more glasses but partorisca a prize am not complaining.
5 / 5 Bradford
Has arrived enough quickly, did not try him on still in some hills. We will see that well treat in the pair of weeks !
5 / 5 Danyelle
Not even close the included the $60 a compraventa of the local tent feels quality /, but ossia perfect for girls and yes calm uses him the pair to time it estaciona that 110 value of the money has paid them for them. Like this cant complain
5 / 5 Filomena
As they are not the pro snowboarder, some glasses are good and useful. An only question is that calm grieves warm volume and it beginning that sweats, some glasses go to take fogged. Considering a low cost, thinks that is WELL.
5 / 5 Cherlyn
Class of material looks of economic but the even more expensive look that it is prize . It takes a work done and concealed is that of entity 👍🏻
4 / 5 Joye
the point of prize Adds , a lot clear to look out of , the access adds

Trending Skiing Accessories Products

What is Skiing Accessories?

Top Customer Reviews: Bolle Freeze Clear, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 Derick
Partorisca A calm prize can any gone bad. It uses him in bad time and low light, and his realy suprise compare to my pair regulates that I cost roughly 8 times more.

Top Customer Reviews: Unigear Skido X1 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
5 / 5 Belen
First of all, I have to recognise an amazing packaging and content of a box. It do not say never that a box there is $ 30 glasses in him - more likely $ 100. The glasses go in the plastic stock exchange (the “zone partorisca see” is covered with the plastic film of both sides); a box contains the protective pouch, guaranteeed of 1 years, manual of user. Some glasses included have seal - quite unusual for Amazon.
A mask is done fully of plastic and is light. It bends well Enough, as I am not concerned roughly breaking he in a luggage. A strap is a lot quite and soft; it is also very long, as any measure of the helmet will not be the question. A mask is enough in the side the small plus, no like this width likes some other models. As it maintains this import loves the mask of half face - this is not the. A same time, because of a period of strap, am not sure yes returns girls down 14 - although, any I in fact tries, as I do not know sure. He a lot of slide (at least, no in my boss). An inner cushion is fat (in the good way) and a mask feels warm. Has ventilations in a fund, as it does not think a glass will take cloudy.
While I have not tried he during skiing still, has tried a glass under conditions read different. While he so only well the sunny day, would not recommend it against direct sun. Still, any complaint roughly the like this this is to be announce in a page of product, as I have known exactly that has bought. Also I law adds with which decadence as it is not too dark and is still clearly visible.
In general, that surprises packaging, comfortable mask, the creation adds, exact UV protects I beloved prize and pleasant.
5 / 5 Sung
It has required the glasses of new ski have like this decided to give these quotas that glasses to look try it. These glasses of skis are really comfortable and returns my really good face. Really I like him a maintained of a lense likes the help maintains some glares of sun out of my eyes that are adds! A nieva has no quite arrived in some mountains around here still, as I can not expect try these once his starts snowing! The glasses Of qualities adds!
4 / 5 Angela
Ski/Snowboarding the season is almost ours, has bought them these glasses and am very happy like this far. It is well for all the good conditions, a lentil is coated to the glare reduced and improve contrast. The lentil is also coated with anti-fog. Also it comes with the microfibre stock exchange to clean and storage. Engineered With measure and consolation in alcohol. Very easy to return under helmets. To good sure will have with my new glasses of Unigear.
5 / 5 Maryland
Utilisation these googles in mine ATV is remained with my helmet of open face and wants to him. There very comfortable, maintain a wind and powder out of my eyes. I have it the steps in a lot of different conditions. Perfecto for sunny days to maintain a sun out of your eyes but no like this darknesses that you pode no to spend them in overcast days. I have it use also during this cold time in a north and has done on the sweat that traces roughly ruff the terrain and there is never fogged on on me.
4 / 5 Debbi
Some glasses are really comfortable and have the good foam that lines that maintains a cold was. Has the abonos maintained on those that help to block out of a glare of a sun and reflection of a snow. They have arrived with the plastic film in a lentil that is a lot of reason prevents any lining during a process of nave. In general the solid product.
4 / 5 Magaly
I have purchased these glasses for a upcoming parcos of winter. I want to try snowboarding has decided like this to buy glasses more economic to begin was first. I can say that I am satisfied with these some, especially for a prize. They are returned snug and perfect, can not expect try them on some mountains
4 / 5 Delores
absolutely love these glasses, has taken 3 different the colours and is very comfortable and accesses perfectly in a boss, besides look utmost in of the pictures. Highly it recommends this element.
5 / 5 Jennefer
Some glasses of ski are súper comfortable, any points of pressure around your eyes and a lense is not súper darknesses like calm also can use he in of the decreases of situations read. All some the leading glasses have had fogged on with which 30 min of snowboarding, but those some any fog at all. Totally I recommend it.
5 / 5 Norbert
Received these few days done. Looks And feels like legit glasses of good quality. Cant Attended for snow to touch to lose and gone skiing.

Happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5 Tonja
Quality a lot well for a prize, has taken VLT for any day now light a lot of so many is state to add like this far. Creation and good material
4 / 5 Jon
I spend glasses and spend these glasses during snowfall partorisca avert that it takes blinded and am impressed. I have had the hard time that finds the glasses that return in my glasses (13 period of cm, 3 height of cm) and is not partorisca like grieve returned, but gives enough the bit of the room and he does not wobble too much and cause my glasses to move around. His no smudge and a help of straps resists it securely and comfortably in a face. It has given so only four stars because his longevity is still to be tried. Still I can not believe this was so only $ 40.
4 / 5 Antonia
Liked a quality of product! Although the majority of the glasses of skis hurts, this a does not hurt my listen or has included my boss. I have wanted to love it really! He also the good election so that they require to use at night! :)
5 / 5 Jeanene
The party and the good quality perfect with my helmet. I can see perfectly when it is snowing and is difficult to line. Really we surprised me and they are by train to use them every time am going to ski.
5 / 5 Sasha
Uses this newspaper the bicycle in winter and loves him to them. They are returned my face perfectly, any fog and is very comfortable.
Will buy some again remain down $30 .
5 / 5 Lidia
Perfect access!
These glasses are exactly that has required! I locate mostly in Mont-tremendo,the good glasses Showed. The big step framed eyeglasses and these glasses return amiably. Almost cant Attended for a snow!
5 / 5 Bari
The ski really adds the glasses for a prize have paid, has been that looks for the pair at night of glasses for the long time! These some are utmost for at night can see clearly while still protecting my eyes. Some glasses entirely cover my face and any wind takes by means of while skiing!
4 / 5 Marth
This paste of glasses the really good prize point for me. His action is excellent. Used the while snowmobiling with the motocross helmet around freezing temperatures.
4 / 5 Dusti
Has bought these glasses for my woman and she loved it so only! It can see a lot well with him during a day and prejudices too many! Besides not taking foggy at all. Really I recommend it! We are using to ski here in some mountains and like this far like this good! Costs a compraventa
5 / 5 Liliana
Received him the Friday and paste some slopes with them yesterday. They are utmost! Very comfortable and a lot of sturdy. A lot especially, I am a lot breathable likes him any fog on a lot of.
5 / 5 Magan
Has received these few days does. Looks And feels like legit glasses of good quality. Cant Attended for snow to touch to lose and gone skiing.

Happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5 Shawana
It likes like this they look, they are of light and very comfortable to spend. Some frames to draw perfect partorisca have the clear view and a colour the perfect fact.
4 / 5 Zonia
These glasses do well and is clear, so that it announce. Although they are in a side 'an economic plus', his a lot of fog on and returns well, included in the helmet.
4 / 5 Lacey
Luz of focus , sum, any fog on, maintains this UV Rays in bay, calm leave partorisca enjoy your day is gone in and in a snow.
5 / 5 Claris
Quality a lot very partorisca a prize, has taken VLT partorisca any a lot of light days so many is state to add like this far. Creation and material abonos
4 / 5 Stephania
has not loved to break a bank partorisca occasional skiing glasses. These are wonderful and do a work partorisca the prize adds.
5 / 5 Goldie
This saved to good sure money partorisca buy this expensive some of retailers. It comes with the stock exchange partorisca powder that highly it appreciates reason the majority of another some that spent no really come with stock exchanges of powder.
4 / 5 Helena
Has purchased these googles partorisca my edges, turn perfectly and the look adds. Good quality, very pleased with my compraventa.
5 / 5 Mickey
Good-looking lunettes. Has Hate partorisca try them games partorisca blow the snow with my souffleuse this winter.
4 / 5 Kecia
Very Partorisca reduction of alone and comfortable. The good quality estada using them the few months now.
5 / 5 Melania
Uses these with a snowblower or so only partorisca walk in the snowstorm.
5 / 5 Lanelle
Very comfortable-very partorisca maintain a glare out of one east of the eyes.
4 / 5 Ebony
Excellent access! Really it enjoys the one who big a mask is and like returns perfectly in my nose. It recommends!
4 / 5 Lynelle
Loves a colour, the creation and returns well in my glasses of recipe. I can not expect try the in a weekend.
4 / 5 Shani
These am utmost 'ash of day' glasses and a lot reasonably priced.
4 / 5 Angelique
Has sensitive eyes and our Unigear the glasses were decent partorisca downhill skiing. Any glare ,any fogging on and is remained comfortably in place. We are new the skiing and they a trick.
5 / 5 Garry
Nose the little rough, but the vision adds. And I adds in a overcast day
5 / 5 Leola
I have bought big VLT glasses, but a light is Kaleidoscopic in some hills of skis. It is a bit psychedelic. They are fearful will have to that return this element.
4 / 5 Claudia
Looks a lot well, but the stain easily likes to be careful when that managing. Value a lot very partorisca prize. You recommend.
5 / 5 Ramiro
Utmost of flat light visibility in a hill of ski. Also a lot well when moving of shadows to alone that shines
4 / 5 Evan
has taken fog in a prime minister that use! I do not recommend it .
4 / 5 Nona
Has used locate electrical skateboard at night, surprisingly does well at night!
4 / 5 Jerrod
Use partorisca snowboarding. Usually any fog, easily goes era.
4 / 5 Dora
Glasses Of skis of the quality partorisca men, women, or youths! Very comfortable with foaming to cushion your face! His whose fog up with the ventilation adds! Rule partorisca adapt you using the hat or the helmet! It protects 100 of GRAPE and UVB Ray is!

Top Customer Reviews: ZIONOR Lagopus Ski ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Kirsten
Colour: B1 - the Black frame Clears Orange LensLens Colour: B1 Glasses These are listed in a description as when being OTG, clearly can see these glasses in a left can not be spent with even rule sized glasses. A pair in a legislation is some OTG and some glasses of the inner same measure apt with abundance of spare room.
Does not order these ZIONOR glasses if doors of the glasses, no .
4 / 5 Bettye
Colour: A-A3-Lentil Claire VLT 99 Cloudy/NightLens Colour: D-Transparent Receipt my mandate a lot quickly. Some glasses were packaged safely and with abundance partorisca cushion partorisca prevent any harm during shipping. The glasses come with the stock exchange of cloth partorisca store them in partorisca avert stain that another marks no. ordered These glasses are the prize a lot very this in spite of me so only mine to use to walk in cold time as it was not as it would be partorisca skiing. They are warm and is returned my face perfectly. A tape is fat, width and sturdy. These will last the long time with care. Shopping these again while a prize does not augment . Alive in a cold part of Canada like these are required!
5 / 5 Ardelle
Colour: A-A3-Lentil Claire VLT 99 Cloudy/NightLens Colour: D-Transparent has bought these partorisca spend for cycling of winter in Canada. They are returned well, with an adjustable strap. They are light, and a foam around a frame that touches of the expensive is soft and comfortable, leaving some aeration without any fogging. My main complaint is that a plastic in a lentil lines a lot easily - in only the few weeks, with cycling of daily wear to/of work, has a lot of stain that slightly blur/impar visibility. I have not fallen or mishandled his at all - just take them on/was and leave with a rest of my train of winter, and still has directed like this take really lined with storage and normal use.
4 / 5 Alvaro
Colour: ClearOrange Lentil VLT 56 Cloudy/NightLens Colour: D-Transparent has bought these partorisca my boys when his outgrew some glasses of the mark of the name has had. It has had the habit that pay in $ 80 partorisca decent pair of glasses of level of the entrance. These are like this well if any better. A clip of annex of a tape to a frame of real lentil looks the little flimsy and a lot almost like this robust like the pair of main final, but these am lasted a whole season. I am returned in glasses of boys while some glasses am not too big. The glasses of my Colour of inner Woman of no.
4 / 5 Amira
is returned: A-B4-Mirrored Red Lentil VLT 15.5 Sunny/CloudyLens Colour: C-Mirrored is the little big that has been expecting and any one is returned well with my downhill skiing helmet because it touches to lose too far in a front for them to apt comfortably. They are súper hip this in spite of and has taken already compliments as I will use them when they are backcountry skiing or background skis when any precise to spend the helmet with them. It recommends him but the mark sure is happy with some dimensions!
5 / 5 Giselle
Colour: Black Lentil VLT 8 Sunny/CloudyLens Colour: B-Black Bought these for my travesía of ski. All the world in some slopes there has been the smith is and Oakley is and has had the pair adds in the fraction of a cost. I am not never state skiing before and these have done add. If not to impose you a lack of the logo in a band and so only loves s pair well that it control on these is for you. Also, this record in the yes calm glasses his doors. These also never fogged on once during mine 6 travesía of day.
4 / 5 Emely
Colour: B1 - the Black frame Clears Orange LensLens Colour: B1 the glasses Is is an up to date description: A foam has compress the plot during any first few hours of use but looks to be a lot now. I hate that an elastic sale that goes around a helmet has any rubbery material of grip as they do not remain in a domestic place. The material of lentil is decent. Any fog up. I add for skiing in of the dark conditions.
5 / 5 Brittani
Colour: Lentil Claire VLT 99 Cloudy/Prejudices-1Colour of Lentil: D-Transparent I use these glasses for commuting in my fat bicycle in a winter. These glasses resupply EXCELLENT peripheral vision vs alike priced Freezing Bubbles and Wets versions.

You fog on the bit in of the very cold temperatures (i.et. -30C/-22F and colder) but do the decent work otherwise.

Has the bit of the 'ghosting' effect when using at night but regulate finally.

Good Lovely glasses.
4 / 5 Consuelo
Colour: A-A1-Lentil of Money VLT 11 Sunny/CloudyLens Colour: Of the-the money that Spends this with the helmet of ski for cycling of winter. Súper Clear vision while spending, any fog in a lentil to breathe and wide view - the peripheral vision is excellent.
I highly recommend.
5 / 5 Craig
Colour: A-A2-Lentil of Money VLT 11 Sunny/CloudyLens Colour: Of the-the money has tried these out of this past winter. Search otg the on-line glasses. I have not loved to go expensive to the equal that was so only the beginner and a cost of the train of ski can add on quite fast. These resisted on finals. It was not it say that they are the free complete fog . They have wrapped snug around my glasses that was a lot of until it has loved to take them was and my glasses come with him. Perfecto for sunny days in a hill. Maintained a snow of my face.
5 / 5 Ayako
These Glasses add to maintain you warm and a snow out of your eyes!
External work how is really of entity partorisca cover until remaining warm and they the work adds!
Has taken a green has maintained some and law well for use of time of the night and daytime.
Recommends for people that read at night.
5 / 5 Sharda
Has bought these to spend for cycling of winter in Canada. They return well, with an adjustable strap. They are light, and a foam around a frame that touches of the expensive is soft and comfortable, leaving some aeration without any fogging. My main complaint is that a plastic in a lentil lines a lot easily - in only the few weeks, with cycling of daily wear to/of work, has a lot of stain that slightly blur/impar visibility. I have not fallen or mishandled his at all - just take them on/was and leave with a rest of my train of winter, and still has directed like this take really lined with storage and normal use.
4 / 5 Marcella
Has bought these glasses a lot for advanced of the travesía of the ski planned. They looked quite well, the little big, but good. When I took Him in fact among a hill, has discovered that a lentil has been distorted to the long of an inferior half of a lentil that severely has impacted my vision and he difficult to see a trace of terrain on. It knows it is not glasses of big final, but was like this disappointed in a quality of these. They are to walk so only out of dangerous. To add insult to next harm, a period of turn for an element there has been lapsed reason bought him like this far for advanced. Calm the favour and spend bit it more for the better pair.
5 / 5 Lynda
Has been satisfied with this product when have in the first place begun to spend the. It likes- one the clarity takes when biking in light lower, which does not resemble role UV protect for the brilliant half of half light. To That that does not like me is of a fact that am taking odd bubbles in an interior of a glass, which distort a vision. These are also to good sure a lot of anti-fog for any piece. Not surprising for a low prize, but would not recommend ...
5 / 5 Gonzalo
These have come exactly to the equal that has described. Amur A mirrored arrived and that is to go in the stock exchange of cloth as they do not take lined. I spent the whole day him snowboarding and has had any @subject anything! Any that there is never shabby glasses before (sinister use a term “snowboarding” slightly, still the beginner here lol) was fearful would take the place and go in a way, but has forgotten in fact was in the majority of a time. Until I took him it was and it has been blinded for a sun and a snow lol. They have not taken foggy at all and is returned utmost in my helmet. I am interested now to verify out of his others paints. :)
5 / 5 Lynna
Has been excited to have received and use these glasses. I am exited for the walk for roughly thirty minutes and some glasses fogged on and inside an hour was like this bad, was dangerous to spend, like the vision has been reduced so much, the person could run to something or can a lot included see traffic.
Some glasses are not quite big to spend glasses of recipe down. They are extremely disappointed with these, that does not recommend him to any at all.
5 / 5 Sharie
Ossia An up to date description : A foam has compress the plot during any first few hours of use but looks to be a lot now. I hate that an elastic sale that goes around a helmet has any rubbery material of grip as they do not remain in a domestic place. The material of lentil is decent. Any fog up. I add for skiing in of the dark conditions.
5 / 5 Heidy
These glasses are comfortable and good looking. This in spite of some plastic looks the little in an economic side and they tend to fog on with which roughly 10-15 min during my bicycle commute as a lot suprise considering me a cost. If I need the economic pair of glasses and is has had to that forgo some of one there is anticipated characteristic of the glasses that cost 5-10X more then these are a right election .
5 / 5 Mabelle
Use these glasses for commuting in my fat bicycle in a winter. These glasses resupply EXCELLENT peripheral vision vs alike priced Freezing Bubbles and Wets versions.

You fog on the bit in of the very cold temperatures (i.et. -30C/-22F and colder) but do the decent work otherwise.

Has the bit of the 'ghosting' effect when using at night but regulate finally.

Good Lovely glasses.
4 / 5 Takisha
Has received Joins according to the pair and the same Foam is déformé !! That Ocasionará joins bad estanqueidad and a inconfort. This product would have has had to that be transmitted in the boxes have joined !!
5 / 5 Jannie
I have tried these out of this past winter. Search otg the on-line glasses. I am not wanted to to go expensive as it was so only the beginner and a cost of the train of ski can add on quite fast. These resisted on finals. It was not it say that they are the free complete fog . They have wrapped snug around my glasses that was a lot of until it has wanted to take them was and my glasses come with him. Perfecto for sunny days in a hill. Maintained a snow of my face.
5 / 5 Lenard
Used him joins time. This no A step comblé the month expects. The Description has said that it is well touch soyun boy / of Woman'. This is not Exact. Everything Lucido the world spends now a helmet. It is very difficult to use with a helmet. They are Games too many narrow the majority gives men or women. It touches his boys, no of question. Esquio Of more than 50 years. Has Joins well creates Commentary these works. It joins the pair of Glasses has to that leave joins vision of +/- 180. The norm of the lentil S1 is corrected and leaves the low visibility feeble luminosity. It touches to avert me all the tracas to have that goes back him, has him 'GIVEN ' to a boy.
5 / 5 Ja
Lunette Of Ski of good quality, clear crystal... Only critic, is small (Youngster of more quell'adult). Felizmente In my chance, has Some edges of 10years that goes his past fièrement incursions of game in ' snowboard'' lucida evening.
5 / 5 Rozanne
No the element of quality. The characteristics comprise OTG described but no convenient or comfortable with glasses. It has to that dip glasses to some first glasses to dip them on. It can be more suitable for the young person with the smallest glasses. My glasses are not big. This in spite of, a prize was down thus type of product like this perhaps has taken that have paid stops.
5 / 5 Ralph
Has used Touches the pair of day of skier has joined nubosa and the vision was perfect. Besides I have I have spent month lunettes of interior of view and does not have misty and lucido the port is remained comfortable.
4 / 5 Bong
Any only is these any OTG likes describes is in fact smaller in an interior that my old glasses the used first of the glasses of wear. Those have has had opinions to never of glasses of wear with them because of them breaking.
5 / 5 Jamie
Returns perfectly, looks and feels quality very big, some straps are awesome and looks to surprise on! An only thing goes mentions is thinks them does better glasses there to protect of alone, but for a prize these are awesome! Any complaint
4 / 5 Leonida
has had to that try them on to do sure is returned reason has the very small boss and helmet. I have been concerned a strap would regulate quite near for me. The strap was a lot of adjustable and an access was perfect! His fast comfortable also with a cushioning. Will have follow on once try them was while in some mountains but do far this was the add compraventa!
4 / 5 Elina
Has said anti-fog still when I have dipped my balaclava on as well as some glasses, before it was them included external in a cold to see if work, my glasses still fogged on that half does not seal to a face properly. It has to that bend some glasses to included take then to accommodate glasses. It saves up and go to the tent of sport of the snow where is returned.
4 / 5 Reatha
The Description of this piece has said that we can dip his lunettes of pair of ski-in his lunettes of view. Partly ossia true, but is not comfortable to porters. He And The pressure felt to the sud lucido the nose and his eyelashes are sunk.
4 / 5 Suzann
I love these glasses. A lentil/of yellow amber offers a better of some two worlds: good vision a day with enough so only protect of alone
Unfortunately, has bit it too big to be used with my helmet. It runs over my nose, no the breaker to treat tho
5 / 5 Kristin
law well in mine Oakley frames. My glasses are not big as it was not a lot well for the plot of people with glasses much bigger that mine.
4 / 5 Stephnie
Light fogging fast nave, has bought 6 pairs, likes them the plot. lense Looks slightly deformed to look by means of, light fogging has found. Global good product.
5 / 5 Jenee
Looks cheaply does included so that it has paid. A foam feels likes goes to fall avert and is already wavy and too-thin feeling. Arrival to wish go to the local tent and has bought so only some instead. They are very dark and really so only do for a sunny plus of days, which could be the more suppose.
5 / 5 Elnora
Could not see by means of them ... They were too much rose that calm ail you could do was anything around you ! If it can give 0 I incident
5 / 5 Hubert
has has adored the offer that AMAZONS the facts when it have proposed me a helmet and joins cagoule.
Tried him, look of beau, good quality, everything is excellent!
Has loved an offer that the AMAZONS does when we offer me the helmet and the hood.
Tried him, beautiful look, good quality, everything is excellent!
5 / 5 Yuko
Has bought some glasses of clear lentil to treat overcast and ski at night. Some glasses are comfortable and good function . Any fogging subject like this far. Good value.
5 / 5 Gillian
The look to turn bit it smaller that has expected. My field of view is obstructed. A lense is colour of just smoke.
4 / 5 Kym
I good returns and feel well. So only know with a rose lense that is not reflective and can see my eyes when I his door. Waits that were reflective like another some.
4 / 5 Luanne
Has bought he for my woman love it. Very comfortable and light. The value adds definetly has recommended.
5 / 5 Debbra
It maintains a snow and wind out of my eyes but can tend to fog on the bit, possibly because of poor ventilation by means of some points of ventilation.
5 / 5 Fidelia
Ossia A an I has looked for. I spend glasses. Had little has bitten fog when dipping on first time, while to the while no more fog at all. Produced and utmost value!
4 / 5 Demetrius
Produced excellent. There is repurchased three other pairs Touches boy of month. Used More than has joined veintena partorisca time this winter.
5 / 5 Adelina
I glasses of interior were has lined / dented. If I have not been it it has been it adds.
4 / 5 Xiomara
Has spent this for skiing and was adds! Didnt Fog on and has protected my eyes and a skin around he while I am gone down some hills ! You recommend to mine fellow especially thus prize! I add compraventa
5 / 5 Sierra
Sadly his fog on enough quickly when used while I blow snow. Ossia A main reason purchased them.
4 / 5 Cecile
Has bought these for my daughter and absolutely the master. You a lot of fog on at all and is really comfortable. The shot adds for your money.
4 / 5 Annmarie
Some glasses are big quality and is easy to regulate to return your boss. A colour of a glare is not in fact in some glasses, was bit it disappointed in that. But a quality is utmost defiantly recommends.
4 / 5 Kristopher
Gives navideño for my husband and he have said is utmost. Any fog and very comfortable after the full day in some slopes.
5 / 5 Sherise
A lot priced and good quality. My only subjects were that I have found a strap has maintained to slip mine snowboarding crack it and I found it fogged on has bitten it.

Top Customer Reviews: Juli Ski ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
5 / 5 Mee
It take some orange glasses , and to look enough likes it has expected. Orange Is one all-the colour of purpose; no too transparent and no too dark, which his ideal fact for the dawn-the-travesía of ski of the dusk. They are well for sunny days and perfect for cloudy days. You consider to take darker some for brilliants of a lot of sunny days, or clear some by night skiing, but am a lot happy with these for now.
Has the few pairs of glasses, and interior to return some glasses a lot amiably for one the majority of part. A some concealed does not return is my glasses of wide frame. If a width of frame of your glasses (to arm to arm) is less than 14 cm (5.5 thumbs), then your glasses would owe that return a lot inner some glasses.
5 / 5 Chauncey
I have bought these recently for the 3 ski of travesía of day in BC. They have done utmost in both sunny and cloudy the situations and I have had any @@subject at all with fogging up. They are flexible and comfortable to spend. It was the little nervous like calm know you can spend the plot more than of the this in glasses, but to good sure would recommend him.
5 / 5 Joeann
I produce it adds, in amazing service of client. Highly you recommend.
5 / 5 Lindsay
Has horrible special eyes. They are in 30s but have a vision of the senior citizen in his 80s.

Has bought the pair looked of glasses, but could any scooter properly because of a FOV when being also has little left/well. It can not change routes properly.

These glasses are súper cumfy, SO ONLY Is RETURNED my glasses of plastic frame (with the push), and has added 1ft FOV in the each side because of a wide lentil! Access inside my open face motocross the fashionable helmet adds.

Yellow maintained is well. It has not been able to locate try them still, but plotted my fov in a wall. It have to that be well.

Is gone in to well little stock exchange of cloth.

Has has suggested Improvements:
-Comprise the microfiber cloth.
-Len Has not had the UV400 sticker on that... Expósito That odd. The estaca confirms 100 UV, but a lot UV400 which is 100 GRAPE /UVB...
-Add sticker in of the lentils that is clearer, 100 GRAPE/UVB.
-Add hule in interior of elastic band to prevent that it slips in of the helmets.
5 / 5 Ezekiel
Ossia Exactly that has expected paralizaciones. Warm view , clear And a lot of fogging.

Utilisation these for my really cold bicycle walk here in Canada, like this far, these are perfect.
5 / 5 Rashida
product is decent and a lentil sends the work adds in blocker out of a sun. I have bought to fish of gel to the equal that have has wanted to something to go in my glasses. I have finalised unfortunately return a googles like this were too tight of the access in my glasses to be comfortable for long periods of time. In general you recommend for any concealed any one precise to spend his glasses at all times.
4 / 5 Libby
This ski / snowboard the glasses are excellent for his prize. You fir perfectly in my glasses of recipe (L 13.5 cm) and feel a lot comfortable. A stock exchange of cloth that is coming with this a lot of gain to protect them to line.
A lot happy with this order!
5 / 5 Kandra
Experience for use during the Manitoba winter. I locate gone back comunicacional for the work and is paramount that has visibility while installing crew on the tower. The nave of amazon has surprised like this always! A product was also easy to return. It has loved to try a goggle first to use them date, as I spent him on two separate days, a be -5°C another -20°C (maintains imports to take the little down -40°C when it takes cold here) Like the sinister start was with a Pros of a product he:
-the look of glasses to stun
-A foam is quite comfortable in my face
-HAS the good easy rule strap

Regarding a Gilipollas:
-In -5°C some glasses have tended to fog among 20-30 mins to use
-In -20°C some glasses have tended to fog among 5-10 mins to use
-With as my expensive is shaped a push of glasses in a bridge of my nose the fair has bitten

These can do better for some another folks, but this was my experience with some glasses. I now pony on a cash and it beginning that it looks for the together of the glasses with the lentil have heated.
2 / 5 Vernon
Glasses Of upper quality. Shipped punctual. A lot happy.
5 / 5 Elvin
Amur These! Apt add and can included is returned my glasses in them when I forget my contacts!
5 / 5 Omer
At all tried To the sud his slopes still.. But I looks of quality partorisca be to the rdv
5 / 5 Adriana
Comfortable and no fogging included when hot volume and sweaty is gone in the cold, blustery the day that walks a dog in of the feet-the deep powder or that uses a snow blower. The visibility adds in a clear lentil and would be add partorisca night skiing. If you are by train of the place in the helmet partorisca ski snowboard, be advised that has no anti-coating of slip in a underside of a band. It have to that accommodate small glasses down but is quite small and did not try it. It can be uncomfortable with glasses.
4 / 5 Joey
Are disappointed in these goggle, bought him by night Skiing. Alive in Ontario Canada likes to take very cold. Every time I used him, there is fogged on and the hard fact to see with a big night skiing lights. They are sure they would be adds in timing warmer for ATV is and such. Although it does not recommend for Skiing in Canada.
4 / 5 Dara
A decent pair of glasses. At all elegant, quite functional. I spend the place of thin frame of glasses and elected to buy this based in other descriptions of users. This has said, thinks that it would buy the different pair next time reason my glasses pinch me on a bridge of a nose when spending these glasses. It does not blame of a costruttore

has given these 4 stars mostly because of a very simple and basic construction. This has said, they a lot of fog on and cut a brightness quite well.
5 / 5 Wanda
Has not tried these products am gone in a snow still. But of mine first observation, some glasses looks any compraventa of the glasses regulate more where. The thing that has to that it is that when calm in the first place the doors, there is the extremely discomforting chemical smell of a foam of some glasses. Any sure he disappears over time, but the next time would consider to pay the little extra and take the good pair in planting to deceive was.
4 / 5 Hassan
Was fooled for some descriptions in these. A foam around an expensive is really low quality - would be impacted yes last the month. These have gone back a day still has arrived. Too bad, look quite good.
4 / 5 Broderick
These glasses do well and is the value adds. This in spite of, are the access a lot stagnate in my glasses, and certainly would not return in big lenses. How it is, I have to dip my glasses to some glasses, and then dipped both glasses and glasses in a same time.
4 / 5 Anamaria
The product is a lot of fact, the looks are tightened too much to properly go in my glasses. I have had to that dip my glasses inside a goggle first then dipped his on. My glasses are tightened more than some glasses, but like the glasses are twisted they finalises smushing your glasses up against your face. My glasses are 12.5 cms (5') wide, as you suggest so only buy if yours are less than of the this.
5 / 5 Lilia
Has bought a blue lentil. The cycle in his winter here in Ontario and has been fantastic. Any fogging unless you cover your mouth with your balaclava in the point at all prenderá fog. It can not find substitution lenses on-line to the equal that will owe that see if another record.
4 / 5 Breann
Does of round of external year, and has spent sometimes the @@@ski mask, this in spite of rule sunglasses has left the plot of exposed skin to a discomforting cold. Remained with the balaclava, these glasses gave me 100 coverage without fogging at all. Highly it recommends this product and vendor. 5 stars.
4 / 5 Dustin
Decently The resistant fog, but his fog on with which bit it yes in fact is hard at work (in my chance, cycling, but would bet raisin for country to cross skiiers also) in around -20C. For me his always fog in a sinister corner, and a lot does not have my balaclava bordos anywhere approaches that something
5 / 5 Holley
glasses Add, used him for both snowboarding and muck biking and is lasted all 2 seasons with minimum wear. The acute look and is very comfortable and resupply protect well. Access in breaking lateralmente of full face perfectly.
5 / 5 Benjamin
These googles is surprising, reason paid more. I am spent 5 hours alfresco in -10 in a hill. It was hot and these any fog once. I will be to buy a more place ossia for the night like this has the good darkness tine for the sunny day
4 / 5 Al
has purchased this for basses at night or light days skiing. No appearances the quality adds in this point of prize. This in spite of, required him specifically to go in my glasses. There is not any still notch eyeglass arms like each another OTG in a phase. I can any him the use has given him like this was. One in fact quality of a goggle the look adds thus prize but would not owe that be sold like this OTG in my opinion.
4 / 5 Virgina
Perfecto google still skiing at night!

Is the little bit smal compere to mine other glasses but never a less, maintain my eyes of a snow and wind. Perhaps look for another measure has the big boss ;)
4 / 5 Ferdinand
Utmost glasses that read a lot besides lighting the conditions in the prize add. A claim of OTG is the bit of the piece. It can do face with the bit of the fight but is not drawn really for him of here one a star was.
4 / 5 Jama
With which one uses so only is broken. A Duallenses is sticked near and take riped. Has not falling in some slopes or anything. Now it takes foggy and is impossible to see.

Has had other pairs of skis googles partorisca years and this a can not be uses now. $30 Partorisca an utilisation is really annoying.
Is the question of manufacture ? It can not say but really the compraventa bad.
5 / 5 Adria
These are announced partorisca go in the regular glasses and his in no way am returned. Probably they would have broken my glasses have had has tried to dip the too small. And in the note lateralmente - a packaging was partorisca crap. They are gone in the plásticoes envelope. Breakable Glasses Without wrapping or anything partorisca protect them during shipping.
5 / 5 Reina
Like this far like this good!
I alive in Canada
has Had abundance of occasions to used the partorisca walk and partorisca bicycling during this winter
Work a lot very at night, some chairs of the mark maintained yellow like my vision is improved, but ossia probably so only the thing of perception
4 / 5 Marcelene
Im very happy with these googles, bought him the snowboarding at night and is awsome! His whose fog and a his very fresh look. One his only thing that one his strap the little has bitten tight when the utilisations with the helmet, another that that the recommend them. Quality a lot well in the very low prize!
5 / 5 Nathalie
He 10 FOLLOWS to 4 PM travesía of ski last weekend and these glasses were utmost all day! It is overcast and slightly snowing a whole time and around -2 terracings Celsius. It can see a lot clearly by means of them and he there is not him remarked never fogging up. They come with the abonos pouch to store them in too much. They are happy has not spent more than double in the pair of mark of the name.
4 / 5 Warner
Takes wetted among a lenses same with fall of light snow. Waters/of snow among a lenses can not be cleaned and affect visibility, especially at night
5 / 5 Belva
has not done once this fog of bad boys on on me while in some slopes. It was fearful his after reading some descriptions but am happy has not had this question!
5 / 5 Elayne
The lentil is quite good and has no fogging at all! The quality of product looks a lot well so that paid, but a frame does not return in my glasses of recipe (14wide cm) and also applies some pressure in mine notrils, doing harder that breathe. At all terrible, but can be better.
5 / 5 Shana
In general, like these. They are a lot of facts with the fat discharge of foam, and look well. His a lot of fog on on me. This in spite of, have found one has maintained to be the little in a dark side by night skiing. It was really hard to see at night. I think that that they would be he adds partorisca skiing the brilliant day, sunny, this in spite of.
5 / 5 Kathie
Has said adult sized, but is quite small that my glasses take all has taken on inner. Another that that, is utmost.
4 / 5 Erma
The glasses Of skis adds, súper comfortable and a lot lustrous. Comparable to mine $ 100 pair done for oakley. Cushioning extremely comfortable in your face!
5 / 5 Noah
I Use gives lunettes of the games of skis partorisca walk when he temp is bad and that nieva a lot.J,master well these lunette
was Comfortable,resistant and the offer joins good visibility.
5 / 5 Shera
Well averts of a fact that is not returned in glasses so many for some announcing.
5 / 5 Rosann
Sweet and economic glasses! Bought two pairs partorisca my promise and daughter, unfortunately one has taken streaky and scraped an external coating partorisca $ 25 I am not feeling too bad roughly that! It has ordered already another pair!
4 / 5 Harriette
Absolutely loves some few glasses. I have ordered a together extra for my daughter and in the so many glasses of wear and access perfectly on some glasses. I took it also the present wrapped and am very surprised with a wrapping. Look very beautiful. Thank you
4 / 5 Josefina
Perfects the turn adds has used he In Fog and of the Sunny conditions. The value adds!..
5 / 5 Madalyn
These are good glasses for a prize, although they do not return in my glasses. They will be well for my daughter to use.
4 / 5 Ranae
Any Reproach, is to my flavour
And has arrived his time 👍
5 / 5 Laurence
extracted Better and googles period. Ossia My second pair that has bought; yellow still snowboarding in cloudy conditions and clear still dirtbiking in dusk. Highly reccomend.
4 / 5 Reda
A lot of comfy and really works with interior of glasses of the recipe.

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