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Top Customer Reviews: The Bells of St. ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 31 ratings
4 / 5 Martin
Any question. One first film of DVD has not done and am returned like this he partorisca free the Amazon. Amazon reimbursed M partorisca one first film of DVD and has been satisfied with that. And then the few weeks more have received late another copy, law fantastically and a disappointment felt partorisca receive a first copy, had decided any to king-purchase a film. This in spite of, today May 31, 2019 I has received another copy of a DVD l945 film ome Bell of ST Mary is' with Bing Crosby and Ingrid Bergman, is the classical and this copy is the good-looking clear copy . For this am appreciated partorisca an excellent 5service of first receipt of client of Amazon and then of the his cashier.
4 / 5 Selena
Ossia The really sweet film that has there is always has wanted. It is not very fast-paced like the films go, and some integers sub-report of plot with the parents of a a that studios so only deciding all am partorisca add and partorisca go back near - is not a lot of believable. This in spite of, a rest of a film is done wonderfully and scripted. Bergman The character is like this realistic; it finds like the rigid and unbending nun, but is really full of contradictions, and teaches the boy like partorisca box so that it can defend have yard. And included this in spite of has no romanctic amour among some two main characters, objective some of an amour a real plus never the conjoint grace TVs. If you are until an antiquated history, sweet, with the few songs of Crosby and the pair of his byline grins, this a sure east to do smiled.
5 / 5 Jaquelyn
This film was the classical has loved for years and never took around the his. It was really good to look and a quality of picture was utmost
5 / 5 Eboni
4 / 5 Missy
Ossia the really good film that has something to say; they like him all the old films. It have to that it sees.
5 / 5 Queenie
A tradition of Day before navideña Well. Use to be in Television every year but has not been able to see he in some last few years.
4 / 5 An
This film is like this iconic likes that GOES MY WAY. Bing Crosby And Ingrid Bergman are adds in this film. If it love the film navideña classical partorisca take your collection, ossia.
5 / 5 Louvenia
In Navidad has looked for this film and a film 'that Goes My Way' to see has been broadcast in some holidays. They were nowhere to be found. Some Bells of St. The coverages of Mary some a lot of ideals navideños. A meaning of faith, one those worries and comprising external and some miracles that spends occasionally. Ingrid Bergman and Bing Crosby was wonderful in his functions. Some phases can be bit it outdated but some ideals require to aspire his is not never outdated. Next year it was to look my two Christmas favourite films.
4 / 5 Wilfredo
Has ordered that has thought was so only the CD. I do not have the Blue-car of ray like sending it behind.
5 / 5 Porter
Both copies have received prendió halfway by means of and would not go in . I have sent a backside partorisca the repayment but has not listened more still. I can not return a second a reason can not find a slip partorisca pack
5 / 5 Shonda
Ossia the really sweet film that has there is always has wanted. It is not very fast-paced like the films go, and some integers sub-report of plot with the parents of a a that studios so only deciding all am partorisca add and partorisca go back near - is not a lot of believable. This in spite of, a rest of a film is done wonderfully and scripted. Bergman The character is like this realistic; it finds like the rigid and unbending nun, but is really full of contradictions, and teaches the boy like partorisca box so that it can defend have yard. And included this in spite of has no romanctic amour among some two main characters, objective some of an amour a real plus never the conjoint grace TVs. If you are until an antiquated history, sweet, with the few songs of Crosby and the pair of his byline grins, this a sure east to do smiled.
5 / 5 Rowena
Very well Film. Always A pleasure partorisca see again. Element in perfect condition. Very satisfied Of cost of mine.
5 / 5 Lecia
A classical ossia difficult to find and the films of Olive is where will find it to you. Thank you Partorisca transposing The generation of blue ray like this future can enjoy.
5 / 5 Susie
Has been looking for this film for the moment. It is the history adds with actoras and of the utmost actors and excellent music. Sometimes a oldies is a better and especially appreciates this around time navideño.
4 / 5 Lynetta
The one who can not love this film? Happy is in m the collection of film has on grown with.
5 / 5 Monty
Very happy to ascertain that he and joins It audio of clue in French and a lot so only give subheads.
5 / 5 Lynn
TrèS Good but déçue the transport has thought that he écalla bilingual
4 / 5 Michele
Ossia the classical film and always enjoyable partorisca see.
4 / 5 Patrick
I have not looked for the moment but he have has spent memories behind.
4 / 5 Dina
Has seen this film in 1947 in Germania, with German subtitles/ one of mine all time favourite films!!
4 / 5 Ying
Loves this film, and prefer an original black and white version.
4 / 5 Conrad
Among later that has expected, but am thrilled so only to possess this timeless classical.
4 / 5 Georgiana
The on-line description has not been obvious mine, has been surprised when it has arrived in black and white and no the remake in colour.
5 / 5 Rosia
A really excellent history. I have lost partorisca see the in television to the equal that am happy could take the copy here
5 / 5 Asha
gave it to the partner partorisca together Christmas with 'that Goes My Way' and wants to him both.
4 / 5 Tanna
Was the service adds has had the time adds that it looks a film was adds. 😊
4 / 5 Bryce
Would recommend this to any to to which likes him the good film. Classical and animating of heart. It seats behind and enjoy. Fantastic clock.
4 / 5 Florentina
This film has been purchased like the present for my Dad and really the enjoys. Shots a sender again.
5 / 5 Temika
Has received this fast of product and was expected like this that!
4 / 5 Lavon
It is one of my number a christmas the films of all time want to more the pleasure !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! 1!!!!!! !!!! !!!
4 / 5 Reba
Likes -you it east of the old classical films is one of some better in my opinion. Place in a depression. With the new priest with new ideas and the convent partorisca teach In some, with principles of rigid teaching.

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Top Customer Reviews: Brigadoon [Import] ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 36 ratings
5 / 5 Cher
When I have bought this DVD had not registered to be the Region 2 DVD, i.et. Only playable in Europe. Ossia When it has discovered that although I have had, some years, has done my player to the Region Free unit, had lost that change and has had to that discover regarding the do again. Once I , was able to look and thoroughly enjoy a film. It is one of mine favourite and saw it the little time on some years. It is a lot of the possess. I have wanted always Cyd Charisse and she and Gene Kelly the wonderful pair.
4 / 5 Jamel
Gene of amour Kelly, Cyd Charisse, but any one some routines of dance finds enjoyable - too flange. It is the musical, after all. But the pleasant history, and has thinks that Van Johnson was humourous. This DVD arrived in good time and was in conditioning very good. 'Brigadoon' Is the history agrees of infancy of mine and I was happy to add my collection.
4 / 5 Rolande
This does not take never old and is always the a lot of uplifting film. Unfortunately Hollywood can not produce these caliber films anymore. Alas, an art to produce the films of quality are lost on him. That give it!
4 / 5 Denisha
'Go House, goes Home, Goes Home to Bonnie Jean' and 'Heather in a Collina' is two of some wonderful songs of mine favourite musical of all the times, Brigadoon!!! Amazing scenery, dresses and wonderful characters. Fantastic production. Dvd The cost was very reasonable. This in spite of, a rovescio only was a time of delivery . Well value a wait!!!
4 / 5 Jacinda
Another preferred musical of infancy of mine. A history of the amour but calm has to that believe in of the miracles. Substituted my old VHS tape. Sometimes an old classics is a better.
5 / 5 Jayne
I members familiarised have loved a film and mentioned it again have decided like this to purchase he for them partorisca enjoy while they want to!
4 / 5 Katherin
Takes of Dec 7 to Dec 31 2018 to take has been lost in traffic for the moment. But w0rth the.
Loves a film.
5 / 5 Tanner
Are in props in the local theatre and I has wanted to see this film. Sum of ideas and old films of sound for props.
4 / 5 Phuong
My granddaughter loves this film. It is ten years old and it can look this film on and on and on. Looking this film several times in the period of several days is not something usually would do, but gladly will do like this with my granddaughter. Really it is the film adds!
4 / 5 Christinia
Loves this film and I Gene of amour Kelly. The delivery in the product was the little slow but value while to.
4 / 5 Augusta
Ossia The history of lovely amour that is amused to look. My husband and I have there is enjoyed always this film and was happy to be aable for the cost. It recommends it to any the one who enjoys the musical historian. Value a clock.
4 / 5 Ola
Amur This film and I Gene of amour Kelly. The delivery in the product was the little slow but value while to.
5 / 5 Cherly
Ossia Likes looks partorisca have come of a soyodern phase', but a music is wonderful, the line of history is innocent and lovely. Gene Kelly can not have one the majority of voice of wonderful flange, but can do and dance. I add musical.
4 / 5 Louie
Gene Kelly is a comsommate dancer and in this film aims his capacity to do this and a same time done the entirely fictional the history in something concealed could be quite beleiveable
5 / 5 Gisele
Amena of the rear memories to look this so that the young daughter.
5 / 5 Ty
Has seen this films several years and has loved that. Very happy of the see available on DVD.
5 / 5 Victoria
Still one of mine favourite, Gene and Cyd do the wonderful work. It is add partorisca be able to share these old films with my girls.
4 / 5 Melita
I recomend this to any the one who enjoys, idyll and light comedy, with the touch of whimsy. I have enjoyed he immensley.
5 / 5 Neida
The litigated has been in the favourite of the mine of then was the girl . Door for behind the plot of memories that am spent on to my granddaughters.
4 / 5 Armanda
Both Dvdes I bought no in any of our Dvd players. Any risarcimento partorisca defective Dvd. No shopping of this buyer again.
5 / 5 Jone
When I in the first place rented BRIGADOON of a public library last cradle, has fallen immediately enamoured with him. It has added so only a DVD my collection yesterday. It is one of some the majority of the good-looking films have not seen never. It is to 1954 adaptation of film of one 1947 musical Broadway. A Lerner and Loewe the bookmark is one of a more adds never writing partorisca a phase (or screen). A mould adds comprises Gene Kelly, Van Johnson, and Cyd Charisse. Although certainly any one some more utmost singer in a world, Kelly is and the flange of Johnson is more than pertinent and is really quite lovely. Charisse The voice of flange is baptised thus film, and the work adds also.
When Brigadoon has DONE a transition of Hollywood of Broadway, the good chunk of his bookmark has been dispensed with still room to mark to underline some capacities of dance of his stars. Ossia, in fact, where a lot of people find failure with this film; a lack of a rest of a bookmark of Broadway. The these people, has this to say... ---This film is not a game of Broadway. It is the adaptation of film .--- Ossia Also a common complaint in MGM is esqué Boat' 3 earlier years. Another common complaint roughly 'Brigadoon' is that it was shot obviously in soundstages in a MGM weaves in Culver City in place of some big earths of Scozia. This has been due to a fact that the producers have done with the estimativas the small plus that there was state so only 3 or 4 earlier years. This, coupled with an unpredictable time in British Isles, necesitated that a film be shot in a studio. Ossia Also evident in esincluso Promised for Seven Brothers' of a same year. Although some insiemi are painted obviously backdrops, are done amiably and work well. IMO, You no demerit a film.
Brigadoon More than frames up for some songs disappeared to add some numbers of spectacular dance. 'Heather in a Collina' is one of a more sweeping numbers of the dance has not seen never in any film. Kelly is and Charisse gracefulness really paste one something.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDS a DVD, with his lush colour, clear picture, and stereo sound. If you have not seen 'Brigadoon,' would have to see it. In a much less for some of one dance More the add number you will not see never.
4 / 5 Meri
Sometimes which believe results more real that a real world in that alive, and is not there some small part by all the world ossia eternally that looks for that special place, this world inside a world-wide that once discovered results a place wants to be in still always? It is a material with the folklore and the films are fill, manifested in of to to the places like Valhalla, Shangri-the, Xanadu and included Never Never Of Tierra. An usually found place so only in a heart and in an alcohol, but occasionally stumbled to in one the majority of unlikely of places, which is a chance in signalling here, when two men-- lost in some big Earths of Scozia-- find the calm place will not find in any map. A place called 'Brigadoon.'
Has directed for Winner Minnelli and said by means of a music and of the songs of Lerner and Loewe, this 1954 musical is a history again Yorkers Tommy Albright (Gene Kelly) and Jeff Douglas (Van Johnson) the one who, in the travesía to hunt to Scozia, the stray result in some Big Earths and spend to a village of Brigadoon. A lot quickly @I damage that the things are somehow different in this place, of an attire and attitude of some locals to a way am received for them. But there is something more, something in this place that looks to draw Tommy his, concealed does to feel as it belongs here. Jeff cynical, in another hand, can not expect evasion . And while they look for to order it all was-- especially Tommy-- take taken up in some festivities of a day; the pair is for takes place, and during an emotion the pair of things spends: In the first place, Tommy overhears any one mentions something in the esecret' and he soyiracle.' And he Fiona has fulfilled then (Cyd Charisse), and a wave of Brigadoon is his.
Minnelli Can have directed this picture, but there has a lot as much as he footnote his this resists his byline. He , this in spite of, has Gene Kelly written throughout he of an extreme to the another. It Likes him spear of a show and a choreographer, everything roughly has his fashion stamped arriesgadamente his, and is Kelly alcohol that spends a film, which is distant a lot of to be one of Lerner and Loewe the tarpaulins more are. With an exception of ' this Almost Likes to Be Enamoured,' in fact, some songs are quite forgettable. But there is the sure enchantment to one 'idea' of Brigadoon, he more that has Kelly on board for the spend to fruition, this this the pleasantly involving film. And it is that it feels of history of the fairy to find a person and place of the desire of your heart that the fact like this appealing. Some spectators, jaded for a hard reality of a lot of of today of passage, can find is offering bit it corny; but then again, with a phenomenal success of the film like a recent 'Harry Potter,' can be orientative of a fact that to to the films like 'Brigadoon' is so only that of the audiences have wins for, and the film like this so only can be the pleasant discovery-- or rediscovery-- for a lot of the one who in fact is looking for so only this class of entertainment. Ironically, In a fantasy of him there is something intrinsically down-the-earth roughly that a lot it can find appeals and refreshing.
Of course, any vehicle that resupplies an occasion to see to the artist adds like Kelly the one who more is worth it is hanged in gold. Looking Kelly dance, any one @subjects the one who a setting or local, is the experience to transport. Fred Astaire can be a Prince of Crown that has danced his way the fame in a screen of money, but Kelly is a King , with the order, powerful presence that it is without pair. Enough simply, person he better, and his presence is to good sure a force of this film.
Cyd Charisse (The Astaire has appointed like his first election of all his partners) is in his better here during his numbers with Kelly, but like this as well as it is-- and is an extraordinary dancer and interpreter, arguably one of a better screen never-- retrospectively, can not be been a better election for this part; to the to any one likes him to him the flange-Ellen, perhaps, can be more global able state to take an ethereal essence of Fiona, like this Charisse is better adapted to the dipping the contemporary or modern plus. Still, it is necessary will maintain that Charisse was perfect for this function, and in fact, is a totally subjective call .
Van Johnson gives the good action, but there is something of the fish-was-of-felt to water roughly the, which can has to that do with a character is touching. Jeff, after all, is a a the one who remains grounded while Tommy takes to scan was with a fantasy in that find . And taking it casualidad to aim of the bit of his capacity like the dancer in the brief number at the side Kelly, the one who a lot generously looks to touch his hat to Johnson to maintain the quite reserved presence during his has bitten near.
A mould of support comprises Elaine Stewart (Jane), Barry Jones (Gentleman Lundie), Hugh Laing (Harry), Albert Sharpe (Andrew), Virginia Bosler (Jean), Jimmy Thompson (Charlie), Tudor Owen (Archie), Dee Turnell (Ann), Dodie Heath (Meg), Owen McGiveney (Angus) and Eddie Quillan (Sandy). Also look for George Chakiris like one of some dancers. An a bit smaller, but charming musical, 'Brigadoon' has the universal appeal takes that it ensure is put for ever among even a plus memorable to film musicals. It can be missing of an impact that would give it a height of the 'History lateralmente West,' 'Oklahoma,' 'Carousel' or soyy Just Lady,' but has the quality all is adapted that it mark enjoyable and entertaining to look. And ossia a magic of some films.
5 / 5 Arlean
Has not seen never the quite musical likes "Brigadoon". Charming And rich and amusing and romantic, is the musical this looks to have everything: songs coloreadas, wonderful dance, and the only history. And with Gene Kelly, Van Johnson, and Cyd Charisse like launchings of a show, knows is in the stops to entertainment adds. And with Winner Minnelli like manager, knows is in still something concealed is so only beautiful.
A history follows two hunters, Tommy Albright (Kelly), and Jeff Douglas (Johnson), in the joytrip to Scozia. Some men lose his way and accidentally stumble to an animate Scottish earth of Brigadoon, bustling with boisterous traders, cheery townsfolk, and good-looking women. When Tommy Fulfils Fiona Campbell good-looking (Charisse), is amour the first view. But to his dismay, Tommy @gives that they can be forced avert when it learns that Brigadoon is the magic earth that looks so only once each century. Do his decision, Tommy @gives that "if you want to very enough, anything can spend... Milagros same."
Fantastically Photographed for Minnelli with the eye of his artist, and bubbling with the rousing and the wonderful musical bookmark that comprises a song of title, and a lot another: A Scots flange and dancing to a boisterous " it goes House With Bonnie Jean", Kelly and Charisse waltzing by means of "Heather in a Collina", Kelly wonderful (a lot ingin' in a Rain'-esque) rendition of " it is Almost He Likes to Be Enamoured", and an incredible film " Bundle of Pair". And a mould could not be better: Kelly has not been never more likable, Charisse never more appealing, and Johnson never quite like this cynical. And the mould of support adds that it comprises Barry Jones, Virginia Bosler, Albert Sharpe and Hugh Laing adds extra flavour to a show.
Timeless and fresco with which almost fifty years, "Brigadoon" it is the film to be treasured, and enjoyed, peels each generation, and stands like one of some last tarpaulins adds of a MGM musicals.
4 / 5 Arlyne
Could look this film on and on again, and have while I rented it! Gene Kelly and to the van of mate Johnson loses his way in his holidays to shoot in some Big Earths of Scozia and stumble to Brigadoon, the magic city that so only looks for a day each years of hundred. In his way, a lot resembled "Stray Horizon", another fantasy of history has loved roughly places. It likes him Ronald satisfies in this film, the gene is not happy with his life marries retreated and finds peace and contentment during his day in Brigadoon, any to mention amour with a fetching Cyd Charisse. Van Johnson is like a character of the brother to Satisfy, never seriously entertaining an idea to solve in Brigadoon. And like a petulant Maria in "Stray Horizon", we see an inhabitant of Brigadoon the one who wishes to leave and see a world-wide outside. A difference among these two characters, this in spite of, is that any really know reason Maria hates Shangri-The; has harm for a fellow this in spite of, of then has to that see a woman loves house that prejudices to another rich plus townsman and has any occasion to fulfil more or better his place in society. His decision to escape of Brigadoon opens on one the majority of thrilling scene in a film, when all a townsmen has to that follow investigations to maintain to break an enchantment and that causes Brigadoon to disappear for ever. While there are some numbers of usual dance for Gene, particularly enjoyed one highland fling dances of a together, which sincerely are in thrilling. For everything means, solve you down in the comfy the chair with some has has wanted to some and take in "Brigadoon"--you not to complain it .
4 / 5 Alphonse
MGM Has expected BRIGADOON to be his box-clash of musical office of 1954--and for good reason: a film has been based in a prompt game for the student of Broadway and Lowe and comprises some captivating music in the winsome history of two hunters of 20th century that stumble to the Scottish village that magically looks for a day once each years of hundred. But MGM had not calculated that the audiences of films would answer to a film precisely like this of the audiences of Broadway have had several earlier years: they remained it it was.
BRIGADOON Is not the bad film. It is a lot of-crafted in any MGM way. A bookmark, which comprises to the such preferred like "Almost It Likes to Be Enamoured," it is quite well. One mould--to the equal that comprises Gene Kelly, Cyd Charisse, and Van Johnson--is upper, some the musical numbers are enjoyably staged, and although any of his his endeavours much more a film resists a imprint of manager Vincent Minnelli famous touch. In another hand, BRIGADOON is not the particularly enjoyable , exciting, or memorable film and a fanciful the history is like this sweetly has presented that quickly it results that it dips era. While the individual songs in a marker are brilliant, when listened in together has it sameness of the yours that creates the repetitive feels. The majority of musical defenders will enjoy to see a film once--after all, Kelly and Charisse is the good-looking pair and they dance extremely I very together. But so only that like his musicals bland, extra-sweet, and with the z/the sugar in a side will concern for the second helping.
4 / 5 Jesica
In mid-18 th century, big Earths of Scozia, Rev. Gentleman Forsythe has decided that his village of Brigadoon was unduly influences for the witches and a his external world has asked the miracle that is to be admit and A village so only looks a day once each years of hundred.

The So only like raisin that in this a lot of day two hunters of New York have been lost in some Big Earths Tommy Albright (Gene Kelly) and Jeff Douglas (Van Johnson). There Tommy fulfils and falls enamoured with the daughter (Cyd Charisse), but really exists?

The things take bit it complicated and Tommy has to that it weaves to think roughly while Jeff under an influence of alcohol can have shot more than the bird.

Some the miracle of the man can be the curse of another man.

A thickness spent for big musical, a music and songs of Lerner and Loewe, which is the product of his time. This film does not feign to be anything but the version of film of a production to synchronise focused for Winning Minnelli, with Jan Johnson and Gene Kelly in his better. I have seen several productions of the liver and ossia one of these scarce occasions in that a film is upper. A must for any collection.
5 / 5 Nedra
It have to that be said that "Brigadoon" the short falls of classical Hollywood musicals. Ossia Any " it Embroiders in a Rain," "in a City," "Seven Promises partorisca Seven Brothers" or "My Just Lady." Several disappointing and committed elections has been done when adapting a game to a screen, and a sudden film partorisca he. An original idea to film in the location with the Scottish mould would have left the air required of authenticity to this history of fairy of Hollywood. Prpers Having seen a musical alive treaty, I sorely loses one Bundle of Sword.
With that out of a way, really joy "Brigadoon." Gene Kelly and Van Johnson are utmost together, with Van Johnson that resupplies a plus memorables moments. His acute talent is exposed on, and his cynicisms is refreshing among Gene Kelly and Cyd Charis wide-eyed amour of instant. (Gene and Cyd are adds also, so only remains fewer developers of time of the character.)
Any all of some songs are memorables, but some are exceptional. I want to " it goes Home to Bonnie Jean" and "while to the mine Dearie." "One Bundle of Pair" the segment is cinema adds , with some clans that gathers for torchlight for a Pair, together with any one the traditional dances Scottish.
Is to good sure the musical this grows in calm over time. I enjoy it much more now that some first time looked it. I am pleased to possess it.
4 / 5 Elba
Dates a tone of a lot comments here, the desire had seen a version of phase of this prime minister; it is apparently state restaged for a screen. This has said, a film has his merits: music for Lerner & Lowe, the very launched of interpreters (Van Johnson is particularly effective like the wisecracking cynic the one who, in spite of, still directs the pleasant soft-shoe with Gene Kelly), and the light plus-that-history of book & of the air. Considering Kelly and Cyd Charisse (a symphony of beauty here), is well; my only complaint is that they dance more averts that near. Beautiful as 'Heather in a Collina' is, is an only complete duet with them (of the restarted of a bundle still goes in an end of his commitment, but grieve hard 60 second). Charisse Is gorgeous with his ladies of future honour in a number 'Waitin' For My Dearie,' and Kelly is glorious with buddy Johnson and some locals will go ' House With Bonnie Jean.' When a point of main plot is explained finally is gone in roughly five minutes of a second now, a history of the fairy suddenly results more powerful- and for like this more poignant. Some interiors of the phase of the sound has did not annoy me never, as the majority of musicals has been shot in of the studios; as I have not comprised never reasons so many people are using that it likes fodder to critique of this film. A plot is lushly romantic and, like this more remarked, all romantics will want to is one, warts and everything.
5 / 5 Lyman
Winning Minnelli Film of Brigadoon suffers a lot his reliance in recreos of studio of some Big Earths of Scozia. In planting to shoot on location, MGM has resupplied a lot that looks fake scenery and landscapes, and although these perhaps add to an image of Brigadoon like the mythical city, this in spite of robs a film of his potential magnitude. Besides, a bookmark is mutilated; 6 songs have been cut of a bookmark of original Broadway, comprising a rapturous soyine Come, Curve of mine', a lovely 2nd duet of law among Tommy and Fiona ('Of this Day On'), and some 2 songs 'naughty' partorisca Meg, a squeeze of city. Gene Kelly is exceptional like Tommy, and a very flexible Cyd Charisse does the wonderful main lady, in spite of his voice of flange has baptised. His sequences of dance are a film the majority of good-looking moments. Van Johnson resupplies some welcome humour that counteracts dreamy way and relaxed of Kelly, and a mould like the whole extracted with zest and folksey charm. Still, a film, in spite of his widescreen splendour and expert direction, is in general a underwhelming presentation of one of the utmost shows of a musical theatre.
4 / 5 Janene
Brigadoon Is the wonderful history in the city that sleeps the majority of a time, and so only wake up for a day each years of hundred. If it think roughly the, a a day that is to wake by means of cientos the years is so only like a next day to them, a lot like this looks ours . Some pairs that is married in Brigadoon has been married the longest plot that any more in this world-wide has not gone never or will be. I have looked this film of then was little, and still loves it. Gene Kelly is still my dancer of favourite/singer, and Cyd Charisse is lovely and gracefull as it always is. Van Johnson is amusing like the mate to hunt of Kelly the one who enough would be house that in this quite odd little village. One bundle and singing during a " it goes House With Bonnie Jean" the number is really something to see, and Tommy and Fionna little number "Heather in a Collina is romantic and, as I have said, graceful. Ossia Something calms can not resupply to lose. A film this well so only comes once each years of hundred!
5 / 5 Arianna
Calms of asked done three years that has thought of a musical "Brigadoon", I of has said YUCK! They are the big defender of musicals, but are not a wild roughly pieces of period (ossia.."Yolanda And A Thief" and "A Pirate). This in spite of, my stepfather looked "Brigadoon" a day, and a film has transformed my seen roughly that.
With the songs written for Lerner and Lowe, is to good sure one of his the majority of catchy bookmarks/marcadors. A cinematography is breathtaking, and he one of MGM the majority to paint musicals. (Concentrated for Winner Minnelli, is informed to supervise all, down to some arrangements of flower). A icing in a cake is a mould . I think that that this was a better pairing of Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse, and with choreography for Kelly he, some numbers of dance are breathtaking also. Round of Johnson of the van out of a mould likes Gene wisecracking fellow better. No active a lot the musical fund, but is one of my favourite things in a film.
Takes the casualidad and clock "Brigadoon". It transforms you in another world...
5 / 5 Abby
This musical puports to be the musical fantasy of romance. It calls it the nightmare of Hell! The one who in the earth would want to live in the city that is so only wake for a day the years of hundred? Ridiculous!
With all respect foreseen the Student and Lowe, a music is like dullsville, some scenes of dance are boring, and some actors look detached and disinterested in a plot. For real these rows like worse musical has not seen never! Gene Kelley and Cyd Charisse looks totaly out of touching with each another. His hobble by means of his scenes with Van Johnson that spends the plus pained look in his faces, anxious to take this dreary film on with.
Can not say blame them. I have looked this film so only because rings to go in well with the partner of mine. I have decided a partner has not been value he! This film is the z/the total zero !
5 / 5 Roberto
BRIGADOON Is the charming less a lot of-known Lerner and Loewe musical roughly two Americans in the travesía to hunt in Scozia. A two yanks take stray looking for birds in some big Earths and spend to a picturesque little village of Brigadoon, the city that looks any to having changed partorisca hundreds of years. Stars of Kelly of the gene likes Tommy, an American the one who tomb for a beautiful bonny lass, Fiona (Cyd Charisse). A film is full of the revolver of numbers of wonderful dance around these two; after all they were two of the most final dancers of Amsterdam. Van Johnson also to the stars likes them to them Tommy comical of fellow better, Jack. Johnson flies so only in the each scene is well and concealed is without doing a lot of dances. A subject of a show is that the amour can conquer all, included in the in delighted order likes Brigadoon. Until another time and another place.
4 / 5 Sharan
Is not that I do not have enjoyed Brigadoon, is so only that it was a lot familiar with a game before I have seen a film. Some the whole times have while maintained to some of my favourite songs (listens to the register of "the mine Come, Curve of mine." It is incredible.) But, alas, the majority of some songs there is not coming never. Some another this was yard was "An Amour of my Life," "Jeannie Packin'On," "One Bundle of Sword and Reel," a last half of "Chase," "There But partorisca Go I," "the day of pair of my Mother," Harry Beaton scene of funerals, and "Of this Day On." To the equal that can see that it has been missing it and that dissapointed was. It was for one the majority to separate pleased with a faithful rendition of a script and the one who the songs have dipped in fact in, but that it was up with some two advantages and a course where Tommy leaves Brigadoon? In a game this was extremely emotional. In a film, Gene Kelly is to the walk was with him dopey smiled in his face. If you want in fact enjoy a film, see it before a game. This calm way will not be constantly comparing a two, which are unfortunately musically different.
5 / 5 Carisa
Be in accordance with another reviewers that Brigadoon is not like this spectacular the musical like Singin' in a Rain or east of Mine of Lady Justo; this in spite of, there is something magic in Brigadoon. As wanting to likes city of Brigadoon is to Tommy (Gene Kelly), has found a film to be like this amorous. Although some songs, for one the majority of part, is not like this catchy like those of Singin' in a Rain or My Just Lady, has the beauty everything in his own. "Brigadoon," "Heather in a Collina," and "Almost It Likes to Be enamoured" it is simply lovely. Although I have found some dances among Tommy and Fiona (Cyd Charisse) a bit repetitive, is this in spite of breathtaking. Some bundle a townspeople is quite charming and, has thought, very pertinent for a time and setting. A setting would be more glorious state has had a film in fact be filmed to Scozia; this in spite of, some insiemi of studio are quite and take was a lot little of a film he.
That marks this work of film is an only history this in spite of timeless . While looking a film, calm can not help but ask you or could do not giving especially has known you-your friends, your family, your work, a world-wide to the equal that know -for true amour. A pairing of Kelly and Charisse also fact Brigadoon work. Although I have not gone too impressed with Charisse cameo action in Singin' in a Rain, work and dances fantastically in Brigadoon and done the lovely partner partorisca Kelly.
For those of knots those who are defenders of Gene Kelly and/or is desperate romantics, will not be disappointed for Brigadoon. This in spite of, when looking Brigadoon for a first time, has few expectations and leave Brigadoon does his magic. You will be pleasantly surprised by a charm of this film.
4 / 5 Marisol
Ah, Brigadoon. That can say in east a? It was an excellent film , does not concern me that any one says. Brigadoon Is the city in Scozia this comes the life so only once each one that 100 years. Gene Kelly and Van Johnson are Jeff and Tommy, hunters those who take stray and is looking for some lunch and the place to remain . Then they see Brigadoon. Van Johnson was so only hilarious likes Jeff, one cynical write the one who so only can not spend he to think that all this craziness is really taking place. Gene Kelly portrayed Tommy, the write the one who falls enamoured with Fiona (brilliantly portrait for Cyd Charisse). It has to that do the decision in an end of a day, yes wants to go back in New York and leave Fiona and Brigadoon behind for ever, or stay with Fiona and leave New York for ever. A difficult decision for any to owe mark. So only quell'wonderful idyll with some routines of good-looking dance. It goes to a tent of film and buy it. If you like romance/musicals, will not be disappointed.

Top Customer Reviews: Forever Knight - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 Desiree
Ossia The real disappointment . A packaging partorisca some disks is very poor--two-sided bosses of map that finally will break some disks during scrolling and substitution. Besides there is not any listing of some episodes, the synopsis of them neither have included any listing of a period of some episodes. A so only info considering some episodes are some titles has printed in a front of the each disk. I have received so only a neighbour yesterday and there is has not had still an occasion partorisca see any of some disks so it can not say if some episodes in some neighbours is some original without cutting and uncensored European versions, some less Canadian versions censored or some the American versions strongly censored, neither is there information very resupplied in a container that says a buyer that episodes these is. This lack of information is horrifying and verges in deceptive marketing in the part of a costruttore.
In general, a creation of packaging is shameful partorisca programs it of this quality.
5 / 5 Cherise
Has wanted to write the description after reading another two. I comprise a worry roughly taking disks in an out of some tight boxboard am happy to see the costruttore the one who is not adding packaging more plastic. A together there has been the light plastic shrinks to wrap but this was everything .

Considering has not expected any one. A series there is on 20 years and Canadian. It can be hard to take Dvd of home grown feigns less than him big in some the EUA. It is often easier that take them of United Kingdom but this requires the region free player. It was happy to be able to take a third season without that has to that pay the ridiculous prize. I have bought some premiers two years excepts has not taken a last a forward of a prize has been way up. It is good to finally have a whole thing!
4 / 5 Gwenn
Are Estaciona One, like this calm will be necessary to give me the little more time.

Has NO CHARACTERISTIC Special (According to which can say) and if this resists true for a rest of a DVD is, was the DISAPPOINTMENT Of ENTITY !!!

Oh Well, both have to that expect until I am seeing of arrival . I wish Regime!
Goodbye For now.

Top Customer Reviews: Corner Gas: The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 41 ratings
5 / 5 Isa
The gas of corner is the very only show and was skeptical roughly doing them the film partorisca he. It is the true show roughly at all, more so much of Seinfeld, which has similarities to. Has thinks that that they could try too many hard and that some characters could be out of a show went it of then the few years. I thought it also so only it can be an hour and the episode along half of a show. But it results that it is film more than fashion that a show. I think that that they have quite done a lot that takes an essence of a show, so only in the format of film. Some characters felt quite natural, almost likes has not had of the pause goes in. Quite had the bit of the laughs and I have thought is a lot of enjoyable. Probably it helps that it is been the while it has had of the new gas and this was the new plenary up. It is not like this thin to like show, but ossia to be expected. Still very written and ready in the Corner classifies Gas of way this in spite of. You recommend a show in a film.

A good mate to a series.
5 / 5 Tisa
A mould adds characters that read like this I very together. His humour a lot always done the laugh of person but is Canadian and Brett Butt is of Provenza to the equal that has always like a series. I find him hilarious the majority of a time like the film was the perfect way to finalise a series of television. These costs to film to look and on again so only to take your to fix on hometown Canadian humour. I am looking forward to an animate series which will be to air punctual.
4 / 5 Anglea
Has liked a TV of serious, then a film enough will do for you. I think that that ossia a serious some final more than a final episode of a serious TV, which has felt to be missing of. This film is a pertinent conclusion .
4 / 5 Allen
The gas of corner are adds loved a film, amour a mould. Please gone back in TV and to some the EUA. But a book was better- :-)
that? oh Man 75 words, the are not the writer so only the defender. c Soyencima Estaca Of amazon my description already. Esees Has taken a whole series, in a gas can pack and now ordering so to the equal that can with launching members, so only to see 'in.
5 / 5 Sharmaine
I Corner of Gas of amour. It is prairie daughter in heart. I have been to a together. I have fulfilled Brent Butt in an airport and praise Lorne Cardinal in a city where filmed but this film is the bit of the snoozer.
5 / 5 Queen
Has seen this film in of the theatres and has been impressed at all an extra work has dipped his to connect with his audience. The knots done to Brent Butt and all the world have involved! I have bought this film for my sister and she looked it immediately as well as everything of some characteristic extras. The gases of corner was to feel it good show and now has to that it seats good film to agree a collection!
4 / 5 Arlinda
Has been to excite when I listened the film and in the absolutely love a show of television but a film has been missing of still some reason. Still entertaining with the few good laughs.
5 / 5 Magen
This product is the present navideño . Already I have a have loved like this the partner has wanted to enjoy this .
4 / 5 Sophie
Has loved some serious and looked it faithfully, possess all the seasons to the equal that was happy to listens has done for the wrap on film. It was a lot of fact and the perfect way to wrap on a series
5 / 5 Lance
For devotees of a series, is correctly. A pair of bits really pleasant and to plot of just sweet chuckles and the good time that takes up with old friends. Looking it the second time is included better.
5 / 5 Eloise
Is gone in perfect condition. The film adds, so only like a show of television. Door for behind the plot of nostalgic the memories that Gases of look of Corner like the boy
5 / 5 Lisbeth
has liked a TV of serious, then a film enough will do for you. I think that that ossia a serious some final more than a final episode of a serious TV, which has felt to be missing of. This film is a pertinent conclusion .
5 / 5 Rana
Partorisca devotees Of a series, is correctly. A pair of bits really pleasant and the plot of just sweet chuckles and the good time that takes up with old friends. Looking it the second time is included better.
5 / 5 Johnette
Some films look the burned copies any original. Right out of a container some films skip. In a very first use. Like this far it is been in some three disks have looked. Any impressed at all. It looks he likes swipe offs.
5 / 5 Shyla
Has been presented partorisca Corner gas for friends. LeGustado The like this bought a film that there is enjoyed also. A humour is thin and each character ameno his own personality to a series and a film.
L Fowden
5 / 5 Launa
A plot is very solid partorisca the comedy, and partorisca each Gas of Corner fans a history has moved certainly to the long of paralizaciones almost each character. Tonnes of laughs to be had also, for all the ages. That the turn adds and the add final for defenders. It wins to see the Gas of Corner: A Film 2, although I doubt will see it. Perhaps someday!
5 / 5 Caterina
This film was so only WELL. Have has loved a series of TV and expected for something better. Door everything to the class of conclusion.
5 / 5 Alaina
Has been rid punctually, all have has not looked still are sure was the quality adds and well
5 / 5 Lindy
save this to see as the special extracted on day navideño, and has not been disappointed. A history, direction and acting all are worthy feature film and is the joy to see these characters have loved a time of plus. A film-sized the estimativa is very used with sweeping seen of River of Dog and a new Wolverton locations. A history is the smooth extension of a series of television. If you have loved a show, this film is for you.
4 / 5 Rita
The one who the way adds to wrap on a series. Very pleasant in his class of River of the Dog of way and has loved a last scene in Ruby is - I will not give it was but fabulously pleasant way for the treat.
4 / 5 Eugenia
I have loved this film! Any calm included has to that be the defender of a show for the enjoy. Pure canadian, but also the universal picture of life of small city that any one could relate to.
4 / 5 Les
The film adds. The line of fresh history has compared to aim and the way adds to finalise that it is sure to go down like this one of a better Canadian sitcoms in television history.
5 / 5 Twila
At all bad to say in this film.
The corner has loved always Gas.
5 / 5 Carley
An injustice more the orders in this world was a fact this has not taken to win Oscar!
5 / 5 Cheyenne
Is Gas to Corner a Film! All some same characters in the film with the fiasco of proportions of epic that Gas still whip of Dog: A Film [Blue-ray]
5 / 5 Clemencia
film a lot well, but more is a series to take full entertainment (otherwise could think that is kinda odd)
4 / 5 Gracia
has seen this in a theatre and was like this awesome has ordered my own copy! If you want Gas to Corner a t.V. The show will love this film! Well fact!
4 / 5 Danille
Gotta Loves a series and a cure add dipped to a container. For some reason although an inaugural and closing the subjects are really muted.
4 / 5 Elizebeth
As it Can calms does not love these Iconic Canadian stars
4 / 5 Arden
in Disappointing. No like this pleasant like series of television. Expected more laughs.
5 / 5 Karol
Such the film adds to follow on the show adds! You love it!
5 / 5 Tamatha
Has bought this with a together of series of the season. The prize adds and well value a laugh for a whole family.
4 / 5 Kelsie
Awesome A series, and a film there is not disappointed!!
4 / 5 Morgan
This film is the continuazione adds of a series of television. Has an included feel like the serious but all has been spent until level of film. Ossia More then so only the long episode. Some last 5 minutes have done to love the to us look on and on again.
5 / 5 Jordan
5 / 5 Demarcus
Loves this film. Amur And utmost humour that come from the smalltown canadian that dips
5 / 5 Zoila
the film was decent, recommends for people those who there is enjoyed a television series. I also pre has ordered he in the prize of discount.
5 / 5 Donella
The film adds to the round out of the show adds. The good extras but the desire there was more.
4 / 5 Minerva
Good film. The good sequela to a 5th season. There be Enjoyed to look a 'gas of characters to corner again.
5 / 5 Basilia
Pleasant film, if you are of a Prairies this film will spend rear memories.
4 / 5 Hedwig
Has loved that, looked it on and a week took it. Ossia Canada The better show is resulted the very good film . Some characters so only enjoy a time of plus in this film.

Top Customer Reviews: The River Wild ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
4 / 5
It likes-me Meryl Streep, and is well, like this usual! A plot was quite simplistic . . . This in spite of, was not the bad film. A bit it entertain. A good film to have . . . When there is absolutely at all in a boob tube.
5 / 5
Has seen these years to film fact, and a day has looked for to think the good films of a 80 is and 90 is that it would like to take the copy of, and this burst to my boss. Meryl Streep is flawless any @subject that the film is in and Kevin Bacon is always well touch the bad type. A flange of your walk of emotion of the chair down a rapids.
4 / 5
Any one can beat Meryl Streep when it comes to the to to film like to them concealed. Place in Kevin Bacon like bad type and WOW that that is mad about feels in a flange of your film of chair. Transfer and Torres everywhere! Highly recommend it.
4 / 5
enjoy this film in VHS added it so much our collection of DVD. Well for Kevin Bacon and Meryl Streep fans the one who enjoy thrillers/of action.
4 / 5
We enjoy this film in VHS added it so much our collection of DVD. Well partorisca Kevin Bacon and Meryl Streep fans the one who enjoy thrillers/of action.
5 / 5
A thriller spent for big of one 1990 east. The exceptional looks in blue-ray and a HD the soundtrack really adds to a mix.
5 / 5
Any real commentary, is so only the Film of DVD in the good prize ...
5 / 5
A Wild River(released Seven/94) has been the television beans partorisca years and has done deservedly well in ye olde stars of films of the box Meryl to the Streep likes Gail,to to Kevin Bacon likes them Wade,David Strathairn likes Tom,Gails of husband,Joseph Mazzello likes Roarke,Gail and the edges of Tom,and John C. To Reilly likes him Terry,Wades is of the film that dulcemente builds his' colgante throughout,maintaining some characters and in some darkness until it require is the orderly trick,but the a lot of one,often used partorisca pull a legislation of audience to an action on screen.
A plot finds Gail and the tone in the pair is the busy architect that does not look partorisca have ansíe his has packed on partorisca the aim of waters of the travesía rafting,for behind approximations his hometown comes house but is unable to go,apparently because of his leaves with his two girls and house of regresos.un next day Gail,his dog and his edges are all dipped with a raft(his remains of daughter behind with his parents),when Tom pulls up in a last now for unirles.un travesía,for a first moment,is the pulled one,as his personal questions come periodically boiling to a surface.
Down common fulfils up with two men,Wade and Terry,those who have had to that fulfil when in the first place beginning looks a third man in his party,an aim of waters of drive,has walked was on the with which a have the raft but was fearful to try upcoming rapids approaches so only,as they have had any and Tom the regañadientes agrees to to take them to the long of.
To the long of a way Wades accidentally fallen to a water and Tom jumps in and try is almost pulled down and flooded for Wade until Tom has to that force to use on Wades to calm cosy is until Roarke,the edges of pairs,included giving Roarke $ 200 in his east forced to return of the money,starining an air among a pair and a two night with which Tom and Gail the looks are in his way to king-connecting,Gail takes the lean diving to wash starts to rain and a dog,the one who is class to be guard,starts to a flicker of a lightning in a heaven sees Wades to be in a embankment staring in sound.
A next day a pair decides that they have had the better big row goes, as so only do not trust some men the ardid Tom evasions of Terry and careers and jumps to a raft to expect Gail is the pause was down river to choose on edges those who is there has to that run with which Roarke those who does not want to leave his partner expósito Wade new;and ossia the one who they both courses and Tom has words and of the attractive of Wades out of the now on, is the game learns Wade and Terry am fugitive of a flight of auction of enough the substantial sum of has chosen a river like a street of evasion,the person has thought would not think never to look for them also feigns to spend for in front a last stop takes point in a river,and come from down by means of out-of limit rapids,and will use Gail as his drives by means of them.
An evening Tom directs to escape men,so it has had his dog previously that the claims/thinks fatally has shot follows a four of them,and in fact achieves an abandoned sure canal old under a murderous rapids rigs on an old fat boss that comprises a river to up finalise a raft once achieves that Gail,the one who has been joined to a raft,together with his edges,is busy maneuvering a rapids with the help of some hombres.un four approached to be upended but in an end Gail cruises a raft felizmente frames of Tone of signals of smoke,Gail @gives the tone is well and achieves a point Tom loves his emissions a wire which upends one takes the gun of Wade and forced to shoot Wade,the one who drifts ,Roarke and Gail is gathered and some call of powers and arrive to choose on some organism and succour all the world.
A film has been shot on location in Montana and Oregon and characteristics roughly quite spectacular scenery is obvious that Streep alot of the his own rowing,which is to be commended is the hard sport and require tonnes of stamina and done the work adds like menacing Wade,cold and Strathairn also done to to the good work likes them the husband of the that shows of the pair pulled in each thumb of his face. It can remark on some holes of plot:it likes him Tom miraculous speed as it beat Streep and some writes down river( travesía light after all,I supposition!),The implausibility of Gail sticking around another second with which was google-eyed stops Wades that it prejudices while bathing so only,and any of them sticking around while they have done with these has ignored you such sign to look that long? This in spite of,ossia Hollywood folks and is so only the film,any real have the plot to take of the-z with and sometimes to take there has to that circumvent the few papers to the long of a way.
Technically that pause a film is in his w/s a/r of 2:35:1 and the looks has this in spite of some muck and an odd line here and there in him,but in general his quite well comprise some mussel and crew bios and notes of production.
In general the very good thriller,with a base of plot around the white water rafting trips concealed goes to the sud first of his main participants have time to fact,ignores some holes of plot and so only enjoy one .
5 / 5
A Wild River is absolutely gorgeous on blue-ray, and is enjoyable that looks this fresh version of a 1994 film. A river rafting trips gone hardly is dated so only for a youthful appearance of some advantages - each one that like this memorable in his way - Meryl Streep, Kevin Bacon, John C. Reilly, And David Straitharn. Although some actions are strong, a real star of a film is a landscape of Oregon / of Montana of épico, coupled with the very effective bookmark for Jerry Goldsmith. There are a lot of components that combines to do east the highly recommended film - but sadly, has very blue-extra of ray (except an occasion to access trailers thru bd alive).
5 / 5
The film adds but my DVD skips has included tho was new mark :/ any happy with my product
4 / 5
has received he in the. Topmast this morning. Amur This film. Thank you.
5 / 5
"A Wild River" it was one of my favourite films of 1994. Gail (Meryl Streep), his husband, and his edges decides to take the aim-water rafting travesía. Already they have his questions because Gail has paid of husband too attention his work and does not pay quite a lot of attention his family. This in spite of, before they know it, will have questions deadlier to treat. Gail Is a connoisseur experienced and white-water rafter, and early she and his family fulfil two mysterious strangers, a duquel is Wade (Kevin Bacon). Wade Reports Help to take to the sure place and Gail agrees to help, but little knows that early she, his husband, and his edges, will be to struggle for his lives.
"A Wild River" it is the better film that the plot of critiques and another reviewers has said that is. Has excite white-water rafting sequences, especially when Gail and some another alive test by means of 'A Gauntlet,' and looks the action adds for Meryl Streep. If it likes him to you he excites the films or anything to do with white-water rafting, to good sure recommends to take "A Wild River."
4 / 5
Kevin Bacon can like this fantastically touch the sadist, the charming and vicious tugs , the bad type that it is almost likes is not doing. And Meryle Streep, that comes from his hand here in an action film, does not look NEVER to be acting - is always stellar, entirely submerged in his character. In a Wild River, Streep touches the mamma suburbial and white forward-water rafting drives the one who is taking his family in the travesía of raft for vacacional of state. It is the bit in a outs with his husband, the one who is, in a last now, also occupied to go - like this she and his edges go it so only - and quickly run afoul of some killers in a lam. Bacon And the buddy, of course. They coerce Streep to take them down the terrifyingly dangerous piece of river rapids to escape of one pursuing cops.
Wonderful. And Streep all some scenes of river without an use of the double trick - as, if it calms is not never white state-water rafting in the Class 4 or 5 river, absolutely is in amazing.
4 / 5
Meryl Streep is certainly an amazing interpreter. Pocolos actoras Can enliven such the formulaic to to film likes "A Wild River." This in spite of, the portrait of Streep of Gail is like this always brilliant. Meryl uses his extraordinary face, and exhibits the row continued of actions in his prime minister (and probably only) "action" function. It is for real a better of a lot of actoras well of our generation. Kevin Bacon is effectively chilling; Joseph Massello tip the good row for such the young actor; David Straitharn is at the beginning too much of forest, but like his character grows, he like this done his action; John C. Reilly, Like this always, is efficiently supportive.
Some visas is beautiful and an end rafting scenes breathtaking. A good if any film adds.
4 / 5
A travesía to entertain down the beautiful whitewater river with a dread of old age of good vs bad. Ossia The good film the only chair behind and enjoy a same walk this in spite of as the calm plot developments can feel has bitten uncomfortable.
Meryl Streep is exceptional like this usual, this in spite of seat Kevin Bacon is included better like deceptive, still charming 'bad type'. There is also some do any for David Straithairn (those who portray the husband of Meryl Streep) still although his character is annoyingly pathetic.
A cinematography of character is spectacular and a big intensity the musical bookmark so only adds emotion to a travesía.
I highly recommends to look this one in the system of theatre of the house with wide screen and DTS decoding of sound.
5 / 5
Has had big expectations thus films--and has been fulfilled! Meryl Streep (as normal) door his character the life! And this time, his character is a lot softie at all, like can guess some premiers of pocolos small to a film. Streep touches the woman suburbial has appointed Gail with two young girls; when a family takes the holidays to the zone of river where Gail was once drives, attended at all but the good time. That takes is kidnapped, for some decayed tugs the one who requires Gail to drive them and some materials flown down a river to escape of a cops. When Gail trys to save his familiar and solves some bad-types, an audience is rewarded with tonnes of amazing visuals, excellent acting, and no-action of stop! Definately reccomended.
4 / 5
Meryl Streep a turn of the hero of the action likes Gail, drives of river in an unhappy pair to David Sraithairn. For the transmission of , has paste some waters, where a family is forced to help two runaway criminals (Kevin Bacon and John C. Reilly). Ossia The very different function for Streep, and directs for is it returned and looks a lot of believable. The bacon a bit is threatening, and some scenes of the action of the river is all very good. BUT, this film takes bogged down for a hokey weaves contrivances (his dog the one who spends to magically look in of the precise moments, Order Johnny (Benjamin Bratt, before Law & Commanded) and other holes of plot. Well, but it can have been the very better history .
4 / 5
Ossia The film adds that has one of my favourite actors in him. Joseph Mazzello games Roarke, some edges of Gail(Meryl Streep) those who is the river of white water rafting drives. They take the walk down the river with Roarke father, Tom, touched for David Strathairn. Has the fun time in a start of a travesía, but when two partners (Kevin Bacon and John C. Reilly) the helps of question to locate down a river, beginning of things to result odd.
Ossia An excellent film with adding doing for Joseph Mazzello, Meryl Streep, and Kevin Bacon. Highly I recommend it. A calm film maintain on a flange of your chair and calm so only beg that one wins familiarised was very. I give it 5 stars.
4 / 5
Entertaining, This in spite of extending some flanges of credibilities, yarn dips Meryl Streep to G.Jane action way and situates his character in the river rafting expedition with his emotionally far husband and fond boy. Trying use a river like the base for brining a familiar more afterwards joint again, ossia all quickly asked when two has escaped the convicts join a raft like his half of evasion. Meryl is convincingly very like this usual and Kevin Bacon, as one of one has has escaped bullies, gives a alarmingly icy action. A scenery is material picture of perfect postcard and a direction under a oft Curtis has used under Hanson is thin and believed in all some right places.
4 / 5
One of a less spoken in the films of a 1990 is is also one of a better. Ossia An often spent gem for big looking perhaps a better action to date of Kevin Bacon. A film is the good transmission of any for an action film. Calm maintain you hooked of a start to one a lot the end and the looks learn something new on some characters in the each scene. That The bacon touches a bad villian to perfection and for a first time in the the long of time, the looks have motivated. If you are the defender of Kevin Bacon, ossia HAVE TO THAT it SEES!
4 / 5
There is not denying that Meryl Streep is one of the actoras more end of his generation (if any one some better of all the times). So that it is doing an action film? It is not quite it conceal simple. Directed for L.un. Curtis confidential Hanson, The Wild river is when killing and suspenseful thriller that does for rafting...( I will save you a cliche). The centrical antagonist of a film is touched to melevolent perfection for Kevin Bacon like him theif the one who when all more fails hijacks the riverraft, is drive and his family. With which some characters are adequently devolped Hanson directs well to an action, touching to our fears of character and eachother. Fill a function of support of Bacon dim acompliss is John C. Reilly (The one who has done his main impression on took me @@@Cofre Rockwell in Boogie Nights). Also it shows for Ben Bratt Johnny like this Indian (a data of nickname to his character in the particularly humorous scene and equally threatening with Bacon).
5 / 5
Has-liked me this film because it explores:
1) that the women can for physically and psychologically strong
2) that the women can face challenges to the equal that to possibly mistakenly kill the threatening person
3) that the men can be strong around women those who are strong
4) that a human alcohol is resilient and can win extreme challenges
More a character is utmost , an acting is excellent and a travesía is interesting.
5 / 5
This isnt exactly the film of horror but his scary reason really can spend. Kevin Bacon is in him (one of the mine favourtes). It is bad and trys partorisca take this lady and familiar and try evasion. Search to kill for the river, when they are camping was, and his totally freaky. I reccommend you partorisca the see. It is very partorisca mostly all the world, and the parents would have it that leave unless it can scare the boy.
5 / 5
"A Wild River" it is a uninvolved, the work has confused that intertwines the violent legend of the river with two know--all is the one who thinks that can walk in waters. A basic script of "A Wild River" has adicións/extra additions that is pointless to a film. A father of a group initially takes the control partorisca rain to some purportedly peaceful holidays, that alleges that his work was more significant at the same time. That this does is adds questions familiarised to his holidays, which will do the negative difference further on in a film. As his travesía begins, hail his deaf relative and remark ancient markings, doing is the "Canal of Discovery" it classifies of picture of motion. Small previously partorisca press was, fulfils three friends, those who also are planning row touch it boot softly down a current merrily. Partorisca Any reason, a family has to that result better friends with some three men and then come from to control touch each movement. Out of a blue, a foul play of familiar suspects of one of some three men is not with them anymore. Been due to of the this, has put neighbour the simple, "not going never to do" slowly to leave some two civilians behind and results that they are the little hostile. Looking for the way to punish them, decides to force some familiar to take bounce it down a fabled river, "A Gauntlet", which any one takes by means of without accidents. A father is able to run was temporarily, together with his dog, that tries to ask the signal to help to an aircraft that obviously does not exist . As it has mentioned before, a father a lot that wants to answer this travesía he the fact that much more caseous: two killers' control a unattractive, bickering familiar hostage so that they can go down the river. An end is not a lot of believable, and that well is to see such the happy end with a familiar for behind near. Everything of some actors have been bad elected, and was impossible to like any of them by means of "A Wild River" it is been like the familiar this has to that treat life and of the psychological questions that threatens questions a same time.
5 / 5
Some hastes of adrenaline concealed comes from/comes from this film really does not compare to very other films of adventure, in a sense that Curtis Hanson Tones to a human instinct of survival. Edifice to the subjects expósitos in a film Deliverance, Hanson dulcemente the nude was one elaborates bolt of city of some individual characters and dips him foth like this of the animals in the stunningly beautiful landscape. Such the wonderful psychological experience so only would cost a dvd, but a scenery, and cinemetography is spectacular. That marks this film, this in spite of, the classical, especially is a CHARACTERISATION. A reality of this film is spent ours for some characters. A spectator can easilly take one feeling that his or the neighbour of the his could have easilly the state dipped in this history and that chair to mark that much more for some characters. Some fears, a paranioa, a abolute lunge for the survival runs no only in a screen but by means of your very own blood. This film is an experience that each active alcohol would have to that have a pleaure of ingulging in, and expect that six able to experience this classical on DVD, reason is for real he masterful creation.
4 / 5
Like that song of Turner of the Vat. In all the chance...
Ossia The film adds . It is one of a bit those that film that has seen more than a swipe in a theatre. Meryl is sum and has to that say, Kevin Bacon is the true to tug in this film. An action is realistic and a cinematography is wonderful.
5 / 5
The film adds but a chance has been broken and does not have any extra is that it can use.
5 / 5
A wild river is the very good film , some actors in a film are of right election, a whole film is in the familiar the one who takes stuck with two types when they go for the walk of river in his anniversary of edges.
joseph mazzello Those who is my favourite actor does not touch the a lot of function of entity in this film like jurassic parco and simon birch, some actors in a film have done his best with thier the expressions add.
Has given four stars like the history of this film is very predictable. In general this films cost to look once.<BR...
5 / 5
Good film, easy to look and Meryl Streep and Kevin Bacon are always enjoyable on screen.
4 / 5
Ossia The a lot of entertaining film, which ensure you will do you free yours nails. All some actors are swell , comprising Meryl streep and Kevin Bacon, but a a those who really done a work adds is Joseph young Mazzello likes Roarke hartman. If I ask, it is The actor here, a so only an I has believed for real. A scenery is also beautiful. Well look.

Top Customer Reviews: Free Solo [Region ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5 Lashell
A dvd does not touch . It does not act. Some explosions of message up in a saying of screen, 'B Region So only'. I have tried to touch he in a laptop and an another dvd player and his both say a same thing.. B Region So only. I have tried gone back the to a sender partorisca the repayment and they any response inclusa to the alone message. This has been the real disservice and the complete waste of my time and money. They are a lot unbalanced and will not be buying of this vendor again. It does not take a risk, a dvd is useless.
4 / 5 Jerrell
Has expected inutilement my Copy of this week of diverse Pendant documentary touch @to give that it was impossible of him visionner to the the Canada. It is a lot that frustrates. The information is a lot present in the description of the product but I any and has has spent attention. It does not comprise simply any reason this product is offered To the sud a Canadian Place.
4 / 5 Flossie
With which have looked this incredible video with my fellow the little month done, has decided to have my own copy. That an incredible documentary! A service for Rarewaves-CA was excellent.
4 / 5 Tashina
This dvd tin a lot not touching my region2 player.
So only describe region2.
But has said player of Europe of the need.
Not recommending compraventa North American clients.
Am lost $ 12dollers and unhappy.
4 / 5 Kate
A video no in the player of North American blue ray.
4 / 5 Faviola
A lot disappointed, has opened a DVD partorisca look and he wont game in the player of NORTH AMERICAN DVD, and again, any value some surpassed to topmast he behind, as that goes to some rubbishes!

Top Customer Reviews: Letterkenny: Season ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 17 ratings
5 / 5 Tennille
A dvd has no characteristic special, but leaves those of us to the sud of a Canadian flange to legally look a show. It is freaking hilarious and a hick actions/of habladuría is like this resembled that sees here in Knitting east is unreal.

Cowboy of call of cake, because I will go directly to your ass
4 / 5 Hermila
has Ordered this of Svezia, has dipped them an order the Friday, has taken a Dvd in my hand next Monday, really amazing :-)

A thing partorisca mention for perhaps other people of Europe like. This DVD is not region free, encodes partorisca DVD REGION 1, my player of DVD have wanted to me partorisca change of region 2 the region 1 first to touch any episode.
Felizmente VLC player of means comunicacionales left partorisca look everything without asking me partorisca do a transmission.
Has the number limited of the transmissions can do before it closes in a last region has selected.

A lot pleasant this in spite of, partorisca me cost an extra cost of nave of priority.
5 / 5 Gerardo
Any special characteristic but all 6 second episodes of season am comprised with a prize St. The day of Patrick special. It would have liked me to him the commentaries but am happy to have the physical copy of this DVD partorisca look without a connection of internet or CraveTV byline.
5 / 5 Jessie
Second season adds follows up.
I quite enjoy a escapades of these folks the one who are like 'Gas of Corner' for rural Ontario.
4 / 5 Christian
Has bought like the present for my dad loved it of then so much and has imagined appreciates it. Masters that can calm no??
5 / 5 Alecia
I desire has had CRAVE TV!
While to the new season goes to DVD is the test of
Utmost writing, mould, a lot!
4 / 5 Merideth
No like this well like first season. But it was still good and has had is funny moments
5 / 5 Charmaine
See parcos 1 for description, the adult adds Canadian humour, NO for boys! Hilarious Sure!
5 / 5 Rubie
Continuing an atrocity in Letterkenny. Amur These characters. Ossia The one who the eyes appreciate roughly he
5 / 5 Tama
Has bought like the present partorisca my dad loved it of then so much and has imagined appreciates it. It wins can calm it no??
4 / 5 Sun
His Letterkenny. That more can say roughly that. :)
4 / 5 Casandra
Amur This show!!!! It can not find this on DVD anywhere more
4 / 5 Cheryl
continuing an atrocity in Letterkenny. Amur These characters. Ossia The one who the eyes appreciate roughly he
4 / 5 Tracee
Very pleasant; amour this show!
Some tongue of course.
4 / 5 Terra
Sweet Canadian humour. On point. Give your balls the tug and buy this DVD.
4 / 5 Alden
Fast nave. The amour that this of looks .... pitter patter.
4 / 5 Demetrice
Always hilarious.
Episode 3: Reports,
has my favourite scene partorisca date.

Top Customer Reviews: Letterkenny: Season ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 27 ratings
4 / 5 Lindy
As any those bolt in some the EUA, was excited like this to finally have the legal way to look this show! Every second it is hilarious, and would recommend it to enough any one. One a thing that maintains this description to be 5 stars is--no subtitles. More than anything in this world, would like me the version of this DVD with subtitles. Please, please, PLEASE left a Season 2 DVD have subtitles. The god has wanted, these needs of show subtitles. I can not underline that enough. Subtitles. Please.
5 / 5 Rita
Ossia A better. It has on grown in “Canada Of the sud” aka North Dakota. Has all some people of same types around. This show seat to like house 😂👌🏽
5 / 5 Eugenia
has Ordered this of Svezia, has dipped them an order the Friday, has taken a Dvd in my hand next Monday, really amazing :-)

A thing to mention for perhaps other people of Europe like. This DVD is not region free, encodes for DVD REGION 1, my player of DVD loved to change of region 2 the region 1 first to touch any episode.
Felizmente VLC player of means comunicacionales left to look everything without asking me to do a transmission.
Has the number limited of the transmissions can do before it closes in a last region has selected.

Very pleasant this in spite of, for me cost an extra cost of nave of priority.
4 / 5 Les
Master! Has the streaming box, but a lot the time feeds is poor in better. It takes a 'the flavour purchased' for humour, thinks of to him likes the 'R' the version estimated of Gas of Corner! No the series for easily has offended people, hilarious sure Canadian comedy, two thumbs up! Pitter Patter eh!
5 / 5 Twila
Video of audio and fine quality, but mine of entity quibble is a lack of any extra. Any outtakes, clues of commentary; at all. Perhaps when they the together of boxes or something, will comprise some material of prize, but for now, is so only some episodes... No more, any less.

Still one of my beans shows, and are them the yank.
5 / 5 Carley
The value that comment: Estaciona 1 DVD has six episodes in the, without extra.
4 / 5 Cheyenne
Very Concentrated, well has has done adventures in humour in rural Ontario.
Originally Has little seen skits on Youtube and am quite happy has done a jump to t.V.
5 / 5 Clemencia
Bought it reason a TV the always looked trailers like this pleasant.. No my thing. But to to the my boys like to of him.
5 / 5 Gracia
Amur! Amur! Amur This show! It was way also excited when I have discovered was in dvd finally, has has had to that pre-order of what.
Absolutely recommends to buy is, his hilarious. Pitter patter.
5 / 5 Tamisha
The show adds, but would have has loved some special characteristics. Otherwise Are really happy to finally have this on DVD.
4 / 5 Fran
loves it! Has the streaming box, but a lot the time feeds is poor in better. It takes a 'the flavour purchased' for humour, thinks of to him likes the 'R' the version estimated of Gas of Corner! No the series for easily has offended people, hilarious sure Canadian comedy, two thumbs up! Pitter Patter eh!
4 / 5 Melinda
Has ordered this of Svezia, has dipped them an order the Friday, has taken a Dvd in my hand next Monday, really amazing :-)

A thing to mention for perhaps other people of Europe like. This DVD is not region free, encodes for DVD REGION 1, my player of DVD loved to change of region 2 the region 1 first to touch any episode.
Felizmente VLC player of means comunicacionales left to look everything without asking me to do a transmission.
Has the number limited of the transmissions can do before it closes in a last region has selected.

Very pleasant this in spite of, for me cost an extra cost of nave of priority.
5 / 5 Christi
It likes him-you the boys of park of the trailer? Then you show you better this show. Any partorisca quips gaffs and laughs.
4 / 5 Chantel
Never seen the? The figure was!
Tarps Of boys! Time partorisca the Tilly!
4 / 5 Arvilla
Pitter patter And take this show
the episodes of Only desire were more along
4 / 5 Lyda
Upconversion in the 4k dvd the player and the TV looks fantastic! Fast nave in some the EUA. Looking forward to season two.
4 / 5 Allegra
It can not beat Letterkenny. Love it and require many more than this type partorisca aim concealed portray real Canadians. Them me proud!
4 / 5 Myrta
Intro To some characters will want to or amour partorisca hate. The one who dare partorisca defy Wayne?
5 / 5 Alonzo
It is letterkenny, if it does not like letterkenny is why the one of your he stale old person
5 / 5 Jesica
A lot so only and serious of terrific comedy!! Ossia The value of the series that possesses.
5 / 5 Florencia
Better show never! Calm does not have to that be Canadian to appreciate a humour neither.
5 / 5 Nova
Thinks that the show is ..... awwwsssssoooommmmee. I have been that looks for the way to take this on DVD, happy has done! Highly recommended.
4 / 5 Elyse
Has looked in television, ordered to the equal that have enjoyed a comedy. Well writing!
4 / 5 Zella
Ordered of some states, absolutely fantastic show. Estaciona Of need 2 on DVD!!
5 / 5 Leonor
Letterkenny Is surprising. Please spend this the American amazon as I can aim all my friends!
5 / 5 Renate
I just hope Tiffany acts still in Seths Fork to Knit of Lake
4 / 5 Emeline
These types are hilarious. It can not expect buy some other seasons.

Top Customer Reviews: A Nightmare On Elm ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 41 ratings
4 / 5 Francie
No never it have listened or seen this film before, excepts Simpson' spoof of him. It finds information in a film and finally looked on Youtube and I could not take my eyes was the. I have taken the little fright, but know is so only the am not stupid! And Johnny Depp to the partidários likes him are, of east is his first film .

A film (as calm all know) starts with Nancy of 15 years Thompson (I think) suffering incube violente in the burned bad man that spends the glove with knives in the each toe. Quickly it learns that this man -- the murderous of the boy has appointed Freddy Krueger is also terrorizing some sleeps of his partner Tina, his Cane of fiancé and his (Nancy is) fiancé, Glen. As they begin partorisca die one for one in his sleep, Nancy learns of his mother, these years, some parents callejeros of the burned elm Krueger alive, partorisca leave the test of essence to one his room of boiler; also splashing a gas around a place. And now the ghost of Freddy is of tower partorisca allege the lives of his girls likes them revenge! As Nancy has to that save his lives and his own to spend Freddy out of his sleeps and behind to a real world partorisca destroy partorisca always.

One was the film was the success of film of the horror , concealed four sequelas have been done. But because of some negative critiques, does not go them to look. As my last word is that this films the excellent fright-fest, and would advise calm of naive to to character him the pleasure ANY for the look before of bed (laugh of bad).
4 / 5 Collen
Going in, has expected for the caseous 80 is-film of horror. I did not take it it conceal. It take an apex of 80 is to film which has influenced three generations of defenders, 6 sequelas, a remake, the T.V. Show and an army of trick-or-treater is. (Which any one fully comprise reason the boys would know the one who this is, but hey, is so only the film. A history is tight and scary (something can not say roughly the horror films these days) Any one acting was to add and some effects are awesome.

In general REQUIRE to see this. Well of the money and go to maintain totally this for years to come!
4 / 5 Eldon
A same film although it is remastered is still like this well like first time had seen them the !!! A film is really good and clear and Freddy there will be is again, well was hewants you. 😈
4 / 5 Sandie
Ossia One of my films of favourite horror! I looked it when it was 14 and it scares some trousers of a time of day! I am not sure it has been it to it to him a test of time but his well to look Johnny Depp begins of screen and a function that has done Robert Englund the icon of horror.
4 / 5 Joella
Mystery and horror of colgante film that incube of still causes.
5 / 5 Sarita
Such one film of the horror escole old astounds it, gotta amour Freddy Kruger! Perfect film for the Halloween night!
4 / 5 Annie
Ossia The MUST has in your collection... This blue-the ray is the little jewel ... A quality of picture is almost perfect and a sound also... NIGHTMARE on street of ELM the classical and is to all new film in blue ray... Value your penny create
5 / 5 Alejandra
UPDATE This description was for a Nightmare on Street of blue Elm-ray that is to be release behind on September 2nd, 2008. Of the new emission of a film is exited in blue ray (released on April 13th, 2010) this comprises characteristic special (commentaries of audio, multiple featurettes, etc) and 7.1 DTS-HD the Master audio surrounds sound.

A Nightmare in swipes callejeros of the blue Elm-the in shape terrific ray.

A quality of video is fantastic. An image is cleaned entirely up. Any scratch, any muck, etc. A lot noticeable enhancement of flange to an image also. A daytime the look of scenes of sound; the good quantity of depth and detail in them and an image really the explosions am gone in calm in timing that it is the really good surprise . Prejudice had-the time and the sequence of sleep separates as it looked the bit in a softer side, but still does not look that bad at all, especially when it consider that a film there is almost 25 years. 4 outta 5

Two clues of audio: English Dolby 5.1 and English Dolby TrueHD 5.1. So only like a video, an audio does not cease never to surprise me. It surrounds use of his fantastic east. The bass is well. The dialogue is crisp and clear. Any one I really finds anything wrong with this clue. 4.5 outta 5

Only downfall to this container is no characteristic special. Any one comment, any featurettes, not even the trailer.

So that well this in spite of, this blue-the emission of ray is a lot of value of the money. A scrolling of terrific big definition. It maintains arrived Alliance!!!

A disk of pair more statistical:
Subtitled in both english and in french (both SDH)
5 / 5 Sharilyn
Awesome version and some crazy steelbook has left for the a lot sweet autograph for Robert Englund
5 / 5 Rosendo
This film has a classical line- Anything calm , does not fall slept. Freddy Krueger statts to stalk some boys callejeros of Elm in his sleeps and when they are murdered in his sleeps, given for real. Ossia The film has more gory scenes that Halloween. If it love violence of graphic horror, extreme violence and brutal violence, then ossia a film for you. I like this film, but is not my preferred in a series. My favourite film in a series is a second film- the revenge of Freddy and a third film- Warriors of Sleep. Ossia The film of the horror adds and the must-have for each defender of a gender of horror. Ossia The slasher film and one of a better slasher the never done film- but without a success of Psycho and Halloween, this film would not have been mark. Psycho And Halloween is some better films in a slasher gender. It likes-me Johnny Depp scene in this film and all a gore exiting of a bed. Fantastic moment in a film. An end of a film is caseous. If it likes slasher of film, skip this film and look a series of Cry.
5 / 5 Meri
A film for Wes Craven
is so only the sleep. It is not it conceal the one who prpers say when have the nightmare? It is so only the sleep and the sleeps can has done no hurt. But that poden? That is when calm falls has slept that is one the majority of risks? Ossia An idea that Wes Craven games with in a classical horror 'A Nightmare on Street of Elm' and has been surprised for just which well this film is. It forgets everything of some sequelas and forget a joke that one 'teenaged slasher flick' the gender is resulted. This film is sincerely creepy and still twenty years later remains the good film (although some of some special effects are now in a caseous side).
A history begins with Tina (Amanda Wyss) having the nightmare. In him, it is pursued by the man with the deformed face the one who spends the red sweater and streaky green and there is claws in an of his hands. Tina Is freaked went by and says his partner Nancy (Heather Langenkamp), the one who, results, has had the alike sleep. It has done like this his fiancés, Glen (Johnny Depp, in his first function of film) and Roseau (Jsu Garcia). When I parents of Tina are out of cities, all four of them spend a night in the house of Tina. Tina HAS another nightmare, but this any awake time up. In his sleep is attacked for Freddy Kreuger (Robert Englund), but in Roseau of the real life can see a rake of Freddy claws by means of the @@@cofre of Tina, and can see Tina be flung roughly in an air and taking cut again and again. As the one who the cane can see, there is person more in a room but creates has to that have reason that is seeing is not possible.
Ossia A neighbour up for 'A Nightmare on Street of Elm'. As Freddy begins to choose was the friends of Nancy knows that it has to that find the way to take Freddy, but also to take any to believe. It says his parents, but maintain to say is so only the sleep (still when it spends run and of the burns for behind his sleeps), and when it describes Freddy and says his name, his parents say that it is still so only that it is obvious that knows something.
For the film that partorisca spawn helped a slasher-flick gender, has been surprised for as psychological this film was and that sincerely creepy can be. I have not seen any of some sequelas that this inspired film, but taken this film and the take on his own merits have the quite good film here. It forgets gender, ossia the good flick.
5 / 5 Audrea
It is it wins it true to manager of writer Wes Craven character that a lot of people now in the first place think of Cry more than A Nightmare on Street of Elm partorisca listen his name. While Cries certainly king-energised a gender of film of the horror, A Nightmare on Street of Elm the revolutionised totally when it was liberto in 1984. Twenty years after a fact, a film does not look quite like this scary like originally, but this films for real has impacted and has very scared the moviegoer on some years, resonated with untold numbers of men and women in the new and undeniably powerful way, drawn in a lot of spectators that has not concerned never roughly horror before, and has presented one of a More adds them, icons of horror more popular of pasts, present, and future in Freddy Krueger.
When You really look in an origin of this film, his incredible success is for real alcohol-boggling. Wes Craven Has had has done already waves in a subject with such horror classics like Last House in an Accident, but a script for A Nightmare in the street of Elm has done some rounds of Hollywood for three years before a New Line relatively ignored the cinema stepped until doing a film the reality. A estimativa the total for a film was a lot down two million dollars, and a filmmakers has done basically miracles to do a film like viscerally impressive and fantastically gory like east. An enormous mould has been gathered: Saxon of John of Johnny and veteran actor has arrived recently Depp (in his a lot of first function) is terrific, Robert Englund require any introduction for his unforgettable portrait of Freddy Krueger, and Heather young and innocent Langenkamp rid to to the dazzling action likes them Nancy Thompson. (Ronee Blakley Action like the mother of Nancy is on-the-upper and quite poor in general, but ossia essentially a film only weakness.) A lot of people think that Englund spends this film with his brilliant portrait of a nightmarish murderous, and in the sense he , but for me is Langenkamp action that absolutely done this film something the besides special way. I have been always the big Langenkamp defender; door in Nancy the mesmerizing felt of innocence, charm, and natural beauty that wins an audience on entirely. Freddy is the dark and menacing presence, but really does not take that long of camera in this first film; Nancy is an essential drives this connects an audience to a horror.
Does not think a lot is required in of the terms of explanations or rodeos of plot here. Freddy Krueger was the murderous of boys those who has been hunted down and burned the death for local parents. Still it exists, this in spite of, in a world of sleeps, and now a teenaged boys of some men and women those who has destroyed is his aims. Nancy and his friends all begin to see this odd burned man in an old fedora and the red soiled and olive green sweater in his sleeps; Nancy early learns that it spend the one who spend in these terrible sleeps also spends in real life. One first victim dies the spectacular death, one that surely poured heaps lovely to impact on 1984 audience and that still works wonderfully today. Many other remarkable deaths follow, and Nancy knows that she so only expensive of must Freddy and of some engineer of way the cheat with that the snag him. It is not easy killing the dead man the one who bolt in of the sleeps, of course, but Wes Craven has built the really good-looking logic to a history that the frames do convincingly.
Some special effects of this film owe that individual, especially data some restrictions of estimativa tight. Some scenes of death are powerful and bloody, an atmosphere and look of some insiemi of room of the boiler especially is dark and bitchy, everything roughly the look and the action of Freddy is perfect, and same effects really economic like a tongue of telephone and has melted the stairs does fantastically. Some characteristic special has comprised in a DVD is at all careers of glorious, especially a commentary for Wes Craven, Heather Langenkamp, John Saxon, and manager of photograph Jacques Haitkin - I has learnt so much of this commentary (comprising a fascinating done of true life that has helped to give birth to an original idea in Craven alcohol), all duquel me all a more impressed with this classical seminal horror. A Nightmare in the street of Elm is one of a plus enjoyable, powerful, and film of the influential horror never fact, and a scrolling to DVD frames this look of better film that never.
5 / 5 Maya
Although it can be said in this film concealed has not been already the innumerable time has said? It is one of the majority of infamous legends of the horror, well up there with 'Psycho' and 'Night Of A Living Died'.
All the world knows that Freddy and Jason are a two utmost more than all the time according to which fictional the characters are concerned (Michael Myers sucks, in my opinion). But it have to that give Freddy an advantage because it can do supernatural things, while Jason so only goes around killing people with the machete. Jason can be been around more along, but Freddy is much more powerful (I sound like the real connoisseur of film of horror, eh?).
In all the chance, this, an original, is one of a gender is everything times more adds. Everything in this film are to add - an acting, a colgante, a bookmark, an atmosphere and, especially, a creepiness of him! The person has has not touched never the rancher of to horror also likes him Robert Englund. I will not go to details in a history of this film, reason the common of the people already know it. He the sufficed to say that has some scenes of killers that is so only unforgettable. Well, a WHOLE FILM is unforgettable, but some separates obviously underline more than another. My personal favourite scene is one a where Tina finds Freddy in a dark alley, with his arms have extended was some 20 feet long. CREEPY.
Like it has said, an acting are adds in this film, also. So only the has not been one same without a god Heather Langenkamp. This gorgeous the hero really adds to a magnitude of a film. John Saxon, Johnny Depp and Ronee Blakley also give wonderful actions.
A lot necessarily think that ossia a better one in some serious (this honour goes to separate 3), but is to good sure in a cup 10 film of horror of all the times. And that consider those that of them have been done on some years, ossia enough a tarpaulin.
And of course, a format of DVD is an only way to go . A commentary of Wes Craven, Langenkamp, Saxon and a manager of photograph (I forgets his name) especially is in interesting. And calm also volume to see an original trailer of a film when in the first place type. In your face, VHS!
For a way, control out of a scene where Nancy gives the add shot of his rear underwears. YOWZA!!!
4 / 5 Casie
Film: That more can be said in this film adds? First of all, it is not so only the classical horror, but a classical American. Freddy Kruegar is one of a scariest boogeymen in history of film. A thought of any one killing calm in your sleeps is terrifying. Wes Craven Has written and has directed this masterpiece. It is the manager of the horror adds , and aims here. A whole film is dark and menacing. When Freddy his prime minister on-screen appearence, can not help but in any jump or cry in terror. A bookmark can be a lot 80 east, but dips a way amiably. One mould are also adds. Heather Langenkamp and Robert Englund is a real drving forces of a film. Englund Is excellent likes Freddy. His taking mannerisms correctly. Langenkamp Likes Nancy is one of my heroes of films of favourite horror, well up there with Laurie Strode (Jamie Law Curtis) of Halloween. Langenkamp Is sympathetic, but strong. It feels for his and his enormous plight. Ossia The classical horror is more. Definately One of mine favourite! 5/5
Picture: Wow! Ossia That have said when I in the first place dipped this disk in my player. Prpers Having past mine VHS copy, I finally decided to buy a DVD. Where A VHS was grainy and has looked the big black disorder, a DVD has quality of glass of clear picture. A pop of colours of a screen, and can see Freddy in all his gory detail, a way is meant to be seen. Congrats Is in order for one in New on-line crew to do such the fantastic work here! A picture is presented in any Anamorphic Widescreen, or Full Frame. But it is not fooled, a Full Frame is not espuede & of Casserole.' Comparing a two, a version of Full Screen tip more information in an upper & fund of an image, while losing at all in some sides. A Widescreen the version has to that it has been created of a Full Frame negative original for theatrical exposure. My joint: unless it has it Widescreen TV, goes with a Version of Full Frame. 5/5
Sound: those Surprised! Presented in any one a pleasant original, or the new Dolby Digital 5.1, these rocks of soundtrack! A Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack is excellent. One surrounds is dipped to effective use. Freddy is included scarier surround sound! One speaks is not masked never, and the sounds adds also. A music takes one the majority of profit of a new mix, and is also excellent. But a pleasant original is no slouch, neither. One imitates the clue is also orders, and also will take some pertinent cries out of you! 5/5
Extra: Any too many extras, but that it is here is quite good. There is a 'Jump To the Incubó tool of navigation of the scene, which leave jump directly to some sequences of nightmare. There have it also an excellent commentary of Wes Craven, a manager of photograph, and Saxon of John of the stars and Heather Langenkamp. Ossia An entertaining and fun commentary, but is also informative. All the world-wide looks to be enjoying his, and has the genuine amour for a film, and each one which so another. One of some better commentaries has has not listened never! Rounding out of some extras are a theatrical trailer , and the crew & has launched bios. 3/5
In general: An excellent film takes the DVD adds to agree it . Awesome Picture and quality of his, and an excellent commentary to kick. For such the economic prize, this is not the hard sells. Ossia Have to that has! Or better still, take an integer 'Nightmare Seriously callejero of the Elm' conjoint boxed. I finalise to order mine, and can not expect until it takes here. But this disk will help me survive a wait. It goes, take this disk! Highly recommended! 5/5
4 / 5 Maryjo
A 80s was the golden age of the horror resembled a 30s and 40s. A 30s and 40s have given to the names of house likes them Dracula, Frankenstein, A Mummy and Of A Man of Wolf. We would not take of the icons of horror like this again until a 80s/late 70s, where a new generation of monsters of paste of horror some local theatres: Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Chucky and Pinhead. These characters will be for ever burned to a subconscious of the each man, woman and girl for generations to come. And a king of these monsters(so only grieves has beaten Myers and Voorhess in popularities) is Freddy Krueger of Nightmare On Street of Elm, the creation to scare of an alcohol of Wes Craven. This film is a test of time and is still like this entertaining and scary how was when it is exited. A plot 'take loaned' of an earlier film, Dreamscape, this has treated an idea to invade the sleeps of the people and killing in a sleep-world-wide, for this killing them for real. In fact, this film there has been a character of harm with knives that sprouted of his toes! Street of the elm is not the tear out of that, is the very original and that creates of frights. It is the different of another slasher film of a time, which all there has been the murderous with supernatural overtones that is existed so only in a physical world. Freddy exists in both a real and world of sleep, do bit it harder that escape of. This film have the disorder done almost trousers of mine when in the first place skirt( was 6 when I have seen he), coz had not seen never to to anything enough likes to him before. I have been in fact his knowing absolutely at all roughly that. But this films done a better with this estimativa limited and far surpasses any of one increasingly main budgeted sequelas. Some do any Freddy more and more that the cultural icon, but some time still deletes everything of some frights of a series. With which this and a underrated Leaves 2, Freddy no longer would be a bad, menacing character that frights a daylights out of you, but result the comedian and parody of him. Of course, I do not have any idea because they are by train to say you everything of of the this, am sure saw you this film(all the world has, or has to that at least once in his life) before, probably more than a swipe. If any one calm saw it before and sample for a first time, will have that , which call, 'regulate for time.' Basically, this means that you have to that take the account that this film has been done in 1984, and a formula has been numerous time has copied of then, as it can not find like this scary like him ours folks the one who saw it behind a day. So only imagine that scary this film was when a formula has not been a norm still. Included it goes for a film 'Halloween.' If calm has loved that, the hated, although it was so only well, did not think it was like this scary like me thought that him to him that was, calm can not deny an impact that Incubo In the street of Elm has had on , or is enormous influence in a lot of (usually cruddy) the films of horror have done with which that. Control out of this DVD, is one more a film has not looked never and has touched.
4 / 5 Gus
A Nightmare on Street of Elm, a film that has presented an icon of pop Freddy Krueger, fiancées to premise to scare. That if the monster so only could take calm during yours the majority of vulnerable daily ritual of sleep? Unfortunately, it likes a lot of slasher of film of his time, does not go on down half of.
Solving to this film, has been expecting something uniquely terrifying. After all, I have been seeing Nightmare in the street of Elm has situated on ten casts of scary films lately. As it has taken it has been slasher films so only slightly better then more. Still it has a clichéd characters, poor dialogue and illogical plot that plagues Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers histories in a world of film. But I suppose that any one goes to see these films for his quality.
Had annoyed particularly of some parents in a film. During the series of deaths of adolescents, parents all looked unsympathetic to some surviving boys that tries emotionally recover. When A daughter has two data of friends in the period of the days of pair, the parents of the his fiancé think is unreasonably unbalanced and hang-up in his called. His mother is the drunk the one who closes his in a house, and his uses of father to try to take a murderous. As it conceal it is not ludicrous enough, the police agent, listening cries of terror spends next, takes two minutes to decide that perhaps it have to that say a boss something possibly could be wrong. There is not an adult in this film that is intelligent or considered enough to take and @give that some survivors could be hurt of his loss. Again, I know this film is not meant to be realistic, but would appreciate some adults those who has had at least a inkling of believability.
But perhaps one the majority of the disappointing appearance of a film was that Freddy has not had like this time of screen to the equal that was necessary has had. We see more the adults that critical his boys to ail then join murderous he. It is seldom to be seen, that bursts on here and there in the few sleeps. Included an end was light on Freddy.
I supposition has been so only expecting something the little better then a regular slasher film here, and in the few ways, is. For example, a film has an intriguing idea, the few moments to scare and Johnny Depp in his start. But so only it was not enough to win an usual pitfalls east infests this film for the create much bigger on an usual [material]. This can be the fun clock in a level of the like blamed if no appearances anything, but is otherwise dismissible. It is so only too bad an idea adds of monster that invades the sleep is not better, reason a thought is terrifying. It is too bad a film has not been.
5 / 5 Natosha
Like this, as the majority of you knows, are the enormous defender of the horror and Freddy and I have to that say that this film has to that be one of a better horror there! ( Besides a Exorcist and Psycho and to to the films likes him-concealed them! ) Anyways-I has seen this on in the friends house when it was 12 and he really freaked was! So only one feels of the burned harm psychopathic crazy man with the knives for toes me the shiver bit it. Now, be 15, is not the scary but still quite good! An acting was well, excepts some semence that Heather Langenkamp has given, dipped too much emotion in them. But it is one of these films have fill with relief of comic and terror. So only I have 2 you argue without Freddy kills more people, and reasons so only some people in Street of Elm? And a continous sequelas! His all sucked excepts Freddy and New Nightmare Vs. Jason! I do not know reason the critiques shun films of horror? But this was one that would have to that it has given more credit to. A plot was formed well ( murderous of the boy Splits free and some parents burn the death then wants to look for revenge for ever and always in some adolescents those who still alive there. ) And an acting and the bookmark was really good. Definitaly Better that a serious of Friday in that a star has not looked until one 2nd and included then is not an icon is now! But ossia the description for Nightmare on Street of Elm, as I will remain the next house is one ! To finalise it on, was the film of horror adds classical and highly recommend it to almost any one another film out of sound! Take my joint, know my films!!
4 / 5 Camilla
When The adolescent daughter scared has appointed Tina (Amanda Wyss) has wake on the bad sleep, where the creppy, filthy the man always is trying kill his in his sleep. When A daughter has said to his friends:Nancy (Heather Langenkamp) and Glen (Johnny Deep) in his nightmare that has finalised that his friends has some to same sleeps likes him the sound. In tonight still, with which say his friends, sleeping with Fiancé-Rod (Nick has run) and then wake on when being torture and killed by a man in his sleeps! When Nancy begins to dream in this Man, which does not look to be real and always wants to kill his Sleeps and finding dulcemente-those who a murderous and reason for his verses of brutal killers of the adolescents.
Written and Directed for Wes Craven (A Last House in an Accident, Some Hills Have Eyes, What of Swamp) has done the loan, scary, thriller/of horror-as extremely it is entertaining. There is the good action for Langenkamp and has the genuine memorable small function for Robert Englund-The one who is games Freddy Krueger (A Horrible Man of thier Sleeps), those who has finalised to be One of one The majority of infamous undead Villians in Cinematic History. But Craven weaken a film with some of a dialogue, doing and especially a report among Nancy and his Mother (Touched for Ronne Blakley) dips a film down in time. This Film of Horror has finalised to be the Accident of Office of the Box in a fall of 1984. Still, ossia very Done and is still values to see. DVD is has a good anamorphic Widescreen () scrolling (also scanner & of Casserole) with a strong Digitally Remastered-Dolby Digital 5.1 Surrounds Sound. EXTRA DVD is some fun running clue of commentary for Craven, Langenkamp, John Saxon (The one who is Games -A Father of Nancy) and Manager of Photograph:Jacques Haitkin (Shocker). Horror Buffs will love this film. Note:B+.
4 / 5 Norine
An original 'A Nightmare On Street of Elm' is better that some better moments of all some sequelas have combined. Also, it is an introduction of the charismatic villain: Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund). Manager Wes Craven directed to create it surreal film of horror, with imaginative situations and creepy atmospheres.
'A Nightmare On Street of Elm' is a history of four adolescents that suddenly is visited in his sleeps for the odd type with the brown hat, black & of red sweater, and he gauntlet with knives, this type is Fred Krueger; one prejudices when a four fall of adolescent sleep, Freddy decides to look for real, and murderous Tina (in an incredible sequence, for a way); of course all the world-wide faults his Cane of fiancé for a crime, as it escape; but when Nancy (Heather Langenkamp) discovers that a murderous real is spook these lives in some sleeps, decides to struggle on his territory: some sleeps.
Nancy (Heather pleasant Langenkamp) is perhaps a better hero in a gender of horror, is not like this transmission or I so that annoying like the majority of some daughters in some films of horror; also we can see a start of screen of Johnny Depp. An atmosphere in a film so only is that it surprises, thanks to a creepy music and a surreal world that Wes Craven created, and of course has Freddy charismatic. After this film, some sequelas were simply spoofs or inferior copies of an original, but this 1984 horror classical rests very effective. With which seen 'A Nightmare On Street of Elm' will think two first times to go to sleep.
5 / 5 Coralie
A Nightmare In the street of Elm is the true masterpiece of a gender of horror. Ossia A thriller of comedy/of/work of amazing /horror!!! Wes Craven (Wes Craven Wishmaster, Wes Craven New Nightmare, Some Hills Have Eyes, Some Hills have Run of Eyes 2, Last House In an Accident, Cry, Cry 2, Cry 3,)has directed this highley original film that, still today, is considered the classical of a gender of horror. Several adolescents, Nancy Thompson (Heather Langenkamp), Grey Vat (Amanda Wyss), Rod Wools (Nick has run), and Glen Latz (Johnney Depp) @gives that each one that like this of them is having some same sleeps to be pursued of the fright, chuckling, killers, the demon has appointed Fred Krueger (Robert Englund) but all but Tina refuse this like the simple cooincedence, still when a bodycount begins to locate, and the secrets are developed, Nancy takes to his own hands to struggle a demon, before it falls slept..... Wes Craven Is the true character, and in a Nightmare On Street of Elm he creatively mixes and blends a world of sleep with a real world, for this are not never quite sure he that is seeing is real, or so only the imaginations of an adolescent. Considering some special effects, well, for today the level is, is dated enough, but does not concern me on special effects at all, that is for real adds here is a history, and one terrific charecter developement and splendid acting (especially for Heather Langenkamp and Ronee Blakley, thier the scenes are one the majority of effective in a film) but noone can forget Robert Englund that demonic Freddy Krueger, touched with enough of black humour to do you laugh and cry!!!! Englund Has touched a devilish demon like this although there is not never the sub in of the latest sequelas!!! Regarding this DVD (I possesses a together of whole box!!!), it Is it adds!!! The colours are terrific and brilliant when they require to be, and good-looking darkness when this is to require. You are offered neither he 1:85:1 widescreen proportion (I preffer) or he 1:66:1 version regulate reformatted the returned your screen. Regarding characteristic special, the majority of one rear some images of scenes and intervies (any to mention some two alternating ends!!!) It is in a prize eighth disk, An Encyclopaedia of Series of the Nightmare, in a together of boxes, this in spite of this DVD contains some characteristic interesting. There are notes of production, he "Jump To A Nightmare" navigation of scene, and a commentary of interesting audio for Manager Of Photograph Jacques Haitkin, Manager/of Writer Wes Craven, and John Saxon of the actor and Heather Langenkamp. In general the DVD well, this in spite of recommend (unless it hate some sequelas) a together of whole box.
5 / 5 Tiffanie
Nancy and his friends are fearful. I am tormented for the burned man the one who spends the red and green sweater and the soiled hat. And has knives for toes. They say it is not real reason he so only looks in his sleeps. But when one of them is expósito dead, Nancy begins to suspect something more sinister and has to that take to a fund of him before they are all the deaths .
That weaves, my friends, is pure character. You are created by manager Wes Craven. A man has described on and created for Craven is Freddy Krueger. Freddy was the murderous of boy in Springsville. When Some parents am taken on his, have burned inner the room of boiler and there is sotterrato in the junkyard. Little to a father is knowing, Freddy has sold his soul as it can take revenge in a some those who has dipped the death. To use sleeps. Freddy enters some sleeps and a unconscious be to import to murder his victims. This, mine and a lot another, is that it marks A Nightmare on Street of Elm like this interesting. The majority of a time, when you sleep, sleep in your room. And your room is your safehole, where goes to escape of some terrors of life. Craven Has taken that concept, and has taken that out of some characters in a film. They could not go lie down and fall slept to escape Freddy. Ossia When calms took.
One that directs in NOES was brilliant. Each shadow, each sound, each fright has been dipped on top of interior a moment well. Heather Langenkamp starred likes Nancy Thompson, our hero. Heather that does has not been a better, but no a bad film. It can not imagine more it likes Nancy, like this kudos to Heather! Johnny done Deep his start of film in NOES, and has done enough well. Everything of some other actors has done well. And I can not it leave was Robert Englund. It is a person for behind a burned skin and red and green sweater. Door Freddy of for life, and has done one of the horror is more memorable icon.
Nightmare in the street of Elm is gone down like the legend of horror, and always will live until that.
4 / 5 Herta
Freddy Krueger is the metaphysical figure: he transcends an empirical world but still directs partorisca have an effect on that; it is both everywhere (in some sleeps) and nowhere (once the people wake on). A world-wide done his own is the class of deep basses (metaphorically represented by a room of looks of boiler partorisca live) which is both identical with and different of some some people live in. Predictably, that feigns partorisca see this odd figure is hailed with incomprehension, almost with contempt. An only way was for a hero - is really the way was - is to melt both worlds, and tries to do like this works of transmissions with Freddy, a stalker that results stalked and addiction-extracted. The inspired by ancient mythology separate, Craven has created the class of modern myth with this film: by means of age-old subject (abonos versus bad, natural versus supernatural, etc.) Which are reconfigured with the just quantity of originality, takes something deep east subordinates conventional tory elements' to subjects more universal. This mythic the quality was ignored mostly in some sequelas, until Craven has reflected on he in his 'New Nightmare', ten years later. An only appearance that prevents 'A Nightmare on Street of Elm' to achieve more than of the east his reliance in generic youth-film cliché, especially in a first half; these moments feel like afterthoughts and look in contradiction with Craven global vision. This DVD offers the clear image and soundtrack, and is a better way to experience a film.
5 / 5 Carmela
I walks were to an alley for behind his house, the mysterious, raspy the voice that drives his to his harps to expect. But it does not know this. Everything knows is that it can be sleep , and knows that a man with a soiled sweater and red green and a longitude fingerknives could be anywhere. "The one who is?" It asks like this she tiptoes in a wet asphalt. As if answered his question, the looks of shadow in another end of an alley... It is. A ragged rimmed hat perched in his burned bad boss launches the shadow by means of his face that gives his already ghastly characteristics an even more demonic appearence. "THIS... It is God !" He taunts his with his arms unnaturally outstretched, scraping his fingerknives in an aluminium siding of the cochera. Well, it can not be Goddess, but is Fred Krueger, enough possibly a villain more adds never created for the series of film of horror, so only outranked for an even more ominous and creepy Michael Myers. "A Nightmare on Street of Elm" it is the first film of Freddy, and the the memorable experience with each appearance done in a screen. Wes Craven The film of timeless horror is an amazing exercise in originality, especially for when it was liberto. I will agree to plot of a grisly scenes of death of this film for the long time. A daughter in an alley that takes cut open, flung to an air, and then tugged on a wall and by means of a ceiling in front of the his panicking fiancé; Johnny Depp fulfilling the imaginative death inside his own bed and the be has shot behind was like a geyser of blood in "Armed of Darkness." I suppose one a thing always will agree in this film is, without the doubt, a hideous expensive this is to be create in a cloth of Robert Englund expensive, and some first time takes the good look in him in a alleyway so only before it pursues down Tina. A trick in this film can not be like this as well as it was one in some sequelas that follow-ups, but does not have to that be . Craven Has found a legislation lighting for each scene that involves Freddy, and he accented all some right notes, and has attacked everything of some right cords in my plug. Freddy is a bad , ugly DOWN... But you gotta want to him in all the chance.
4 / 5 Demetra
A film that the manager dipped Wes Craven in a (Heather Langenkamp) is the student of young Institute., The one who is that has horrific nightmares. Early it discovers that some of his friends also are having some same sleeps and is killed while they sleep. It looks that any of the past of a city has gone back of a dead person, to take revenge in these folks, the one who has murdered a bit done of the years. The clock was paralización Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund). Some looks to film to have the quality of his estimativa down that works. In fact, I create the one who that some can see like the negative, is in fact leaves of his appeal. As first film in a series, ossia like this usual, a better delivery with some right quantities of horror and campy entertainment for the maintain entertains it A film marks a first function of entity for the very young that looks Jonny Depp. I owe that say that another quell'NEW NIGHTMARE, are not really the defender of some other sequelas, which really are not all these abonos. A script for a first film is dipped on the to to the plot likes-gliela majority of his prime of fellow horror of a 70s and 80s. That marks this only film is a creative character that it is Wes Craven and Englund Freddy. It is a character and always will be.
A DVD leave to "Jump to the Nightmare" and access Krueger in his better in a film. One follows of commentary of Craven and another is quite fresh. Finally also it has the host of extra of DVD ROM for you to enjoy. Has-liked me the his look retro-80s trailer also. NIGHTMARE certainly wont dipped you partorisca sleep ossia sure. Recommended 80s classical
4 / 5 Shayla
Spoilers attentively.
This film is not bad,but is far too overrated and for the call the masterpiece is in tazza.un film has so many interesting and orderly concepts. An idea of the murderous of bad boy disfigured, spending the soiled sweater and streaky green red,a hat of soiled round and armed with the glove with four knives has attached to possess a power to enter your sleeps and yes your death of calm swipe for real,is the wonderfully original idea and extremely imaginativa.un included can not be said for like this terrible an execution es.no Liked a fact that Freddy was so only in of the this to like 10 minutes. Hanging around with Nancy and his friends have taken so that it hold that it was so only while to Freddy to kill them. It has been it has ANNOYED REALLY that the face of Freddy was always shadowed in one was virtually impossible to see his cara.un special F/X is very dead (the infamous " Law Of Blood" dead persons) is very fresh,but looks laughably fake.Some scenes of death are imaginative, but has not been all this sumo.un the toll of death is way too down.unvosotros Movements of plot in the very slow step and halfway have fallen almost of a film has Nancy that concurrí with his is no the mother and the opposition of daughter in the film of horror.un final is incredibly lousy anche.un film this in spite of, there is a bit redeeming Englund to the action likes them Freddy,although disappointingly of short,is a lot of devilish.Some scenes of death are a lot of fake,but is imaginative.A plot has touched orderly (but has had horrible execution) and well,ossia roughly ,Nightmare On Street of Elm 1 is not the bad endeavour,but can be been so much way also overrated and is not he masterpiece like the people say that well hire,but can not see spending won of hard charge in R for gory violence of horror,strong and brief tongue nudity.
4 / 5 Retta
"Ossia God " Freddy KruegerWes Craven Nightmare in the street of Elm is one the majority of stunningly orginal horror filmof one 1980 east. Treating an unexpected unexplainable character of sleeps, the nightmare extracted one issues that all the world has had experience with, dreaming. A mystery, origin, and meaning of the sleeps is not never be fully explainedby science, philosophy, or modern technology. Craven Games in our fears and lack ofknowledge in sleeps to create of the definite killers has appointed Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund). This murderous to concentrate exsists in of the sleeps and manufactures some worse fears of his victims and he then his calms in his sleeps ironicallykilling his in real life. This relevation that dreaming can be fatal has been masterstroke in doing an absurdity of some films of horror more crediable to present a newspaper behind to film of horror. The horror is alwaysat his more when it can seducethe audience to believe the one who that is spending in fact can come true. With Nightmare, Craven creates the real world with broken-on famlies, egotistical parents, alcoholicmothers, emotionally adolescent turbulent, and correct humanmonsters this roams a streetsphysically and psychologically. A sleep-as the atmosphere of Nightmare leaves an uncertain audience as to when a movieis in the sleep and when his in reality. This uncertain footing among the reality and the sleep gives Nightmare a feelof a real nightmare. So only monotonous dialogue, conservative pacing, bland doing, predictable plotting, and the end to confuse that annoying this intrepid film to be like this perfect how is concept . Regarding an edition of DVD, it must-buy for any defender of a film. P.D. Beware Of a blending read.
4 / 5 Marsha
Does not concern , improves that this one. I trust. Heather Langenkamp touches a stalked Nancy. It is a victim of this first film further of ways that one. An acting is laughably bad in this first hands of 'Nightmare On Street of Elm'. Any a lot of fiancée is aimed of a stalker of sleep Freddy, the one who looks to be more than the the cadavere to rot likes the creature that a more slick the together versions pulled of a squeals. In all the chance, the friends of Nancy only look to maintain dying in his sleeps. Of course, the parents so only do not comprise and is until Nancy to wake on nightmares and struggle was. Blah, blah. The people take murdered and any one is has had to that to think that is in decline in his sleeps. This has done all the world thinks two times roughly that goes to sleep in 1984, but now?
WELL, leave faces it, a film does not go to win any prizes of academy and is not a strong plus in a series in any merit. At least some another was more pleasant. A film, has to admit, law to dip on a character of Freddy Kruger. It does not take any a lot of action or same witty lines (again, maintains to expect). I so only spent to take this one in television. Really they are the volume and To Heather is so only terrible in him and Freddy (touched for Robert Enguland) does not take any a lot of to do. I have taken the little of this one in television and thought it would be good to revise. Esperanza has dipped some another in punctual. It does not concern roughly Heather. It improves parts like a ready sister in 'So only a Ten Of Knots'. It has tried really it can be funny and law. The supposition there is life with which street of Elm for all the world.
4 / 5 Sau
Out of a whole decade that was a @@@1980s, has had the integer slew of the horror films released (around 30). But out of all a "Halloween", "Friday a 13th", "Nightmare on Street of Elm", "Hellraiser", etc. So only five really can underline. A duquel is an ORIGINAL "Nightmare on Street of Elm." An original "Nightmare" it is an only a (excepts 3&7) it conceal for real it is entertaining. This film is special in the way because it does not trust any big special effects neither any stars of big name to take a film that goes. No, there is really so only A CRUCIAL FACTOR that this film has trusted strongly to: an excellent history, original. As John Falegname declared in a "Halloween" DVD, some three factors that films a lot well has to that have is: 1)a good history; 2)a good history; and 3)a good history. Wes Craven Classical "Nightmare on Street of Elm" has exactly conceal. Psycho Murderous of boy Fred Kruger has been burned the death for a enraged parents of his victims after remaining out of prison in the yard technicality. Years later some boys of the street of the elm begins to have these horrible nightmares, each dreaming of some same madman those who loves him kill. A man is horribly burned, spends the snap-brim fedora, to red of streaky shirt/soiled green, and has the glove w knives for toes in his right hand. Some adolescents do not know a seriousness of all this until one of them is viciously murdered in his sleep. A protagonist of advantage tries desperately to explain a happenings, but of course any of some adults believes and all the world-wide suspect the promised of a victim of a murder. It likes two of the his other friends finally victim to fall to a madman dreamstalker hands, a daughter decides that the person will believe like this has to that face this monstrosity she. "Nightmare on Street of Elm" it is the classical history of well vs. Bad in the lovely battle, talents, resourcefulnes, and self-reliance. Wes Craven Had done the few films previously to the east a, but was finally "Nightmare on Street of Elm" it propelled him the the stardom like definite "master of horror." This was the very original history , which would have to be considered one extraordinary tarpaulin in film, the horror only has left, and has to that no, for any half, be lost by Any one!!
4 / 5 Janel
Wes Craven Is A Nightmare in the street of Elm is horror for people to to those who likes them think to his films with which are done looking them. It is undeniably ready and one of one the majority of imaginative horror the films have not done never. Craven The direction is always fresh, some always brilliant effects, and some doing always well. It was not that exclaimations can do during one revises without touching like the crazed fanatic but can do not helping. Simply it is one the majority of original and horror a lot of fact films of our time, brimming with intelligence and talent that does not look never dud. Been born In 1984 the time when the films of horror has been regulated to your level soyurderous-in-the-forest' formulate, Craven desided to go the different and present street with an idea to be stalked internally. A murderous I attack while we sleep, inside our sleeps. It is an old horror tricks this is to be employ peel each serious writer or manager there. It is taking the one who sure looks and familar and private and then shattering it. And here it does marvels. A prime minister appearences of Freddy Krueger is that it induces nightmare everything for them but when you add his a believable characters, a slightly twisted reality of some settings, and some actions add (peel has launched concealed comprises Johnny Depp, Heather Langenkamp, and John Saxon), take the total swipe-out of the film. One of some better films of a gender. Period.
4 / 5 Dominic
One of one the majority of film of creative horror. Many of some scenes are expressed in an abstract way. You can see easily when there are daughters doing jump roping, Freddy by means of a wall, Bad Dead pop-ups, rooms of boiler, and finally an end. An end was extremely odd, but think that imagined quell'was. An end is really another sleep, and at all is real. Nancy has to that it has spent was or slept by means of an end. It thinks that that Freddy has gone back, but take scared. It agrees, almost we do not see Freddy, although his mother has been snatched for any, perhaps Freddy by means of a window of a door forward. A mother had died already of that time, agrees? This film is a horror of classical instant, that marks one dips of as the films of horror would owe that be created. Also, present an innovative Wes Craven to horror filmmaking. In general, this film is scary in time, in the now real like possible, as it can be a lot that scares was in his shoes. That has annoyed to join me little is when a mother has died, Nancy and his father have expressed any teary feelings, and another, I desire, in a film, an icon of Freddy Krueger was has elaborated more. That a mother has said was too concise and writing, concealed left me unsatisfied. In spite of, this cup of rows of the film 10 film of horror of all the times.
4 / 5 Beverlee
A film begins so much see the man fashioning together the glove of some class. It flashes To the scene in the darkness, room of humid boiler with a lovely Vat (Amanda Wyss) when being stalked for an unknown aggressor. He so that it is for to fulfil his awake doom on drenched in sweat. It was so only the bad sleep and thinks that is throughout, but is so only a start for some boys callejeros of Elm.
Later discover that other girls are having nightmares in the odd man with knives like his toes. Immediately, we recognise Freddy that he trendsetter among slashers, when being years at the head of an arrival-note Edward Scissorhands and boy, this red and green sweater this . Sample out of daughters, this boy a-liners will kill you.
After tear by means of the launched that it can has starred easily in "Cry" (maintaining see where Wes' the originality jumped of), Freddy finally fulfils his party. Nancy (Heather Langenkamp) @gives that an only way to attack this maniac is to spend was to a real world. Also it discovers reason Freddy is doing all this murder . An end was quite odd; that leaves an open door (literally) for some sequelas that has followed.
Spawned 6 sequelas and the series of television, but a prime minister is still a better.
5 / 5 Lizzette
Before enough the number of the people have known so only for a trilogy of Cry, Wes Craven crafted this horror masterpiece that almost dipped any film labeled with some words Halloween or Friday a 13th the shame. Wes Craven Original nightmare in the street of Elm has presented Freddy Kruger (touched for Robert Englund), the menacing boogeyman (even more boogeyman-esque that Michael Myers) that would result one of the the majority of beloved of a gender and well known icons. Heather Langenkamp to to accident likes him Nancy; the adolescent youngster the one who begins in that has it horrific the nightmares that involves the man mutilated with some acute claws in an of his hands. One same raisin to the friends of Nancy, with some results some fatal plus, and Nancy early @gives that this boogeyman is something more than the sleep. While a lot of some following sequelas were horribly inept to an original (except New Nightmare: an only sequela that Craven would direct), an original much more is horrifying and suspenseful that is has regulated stops. A rest of a mould comprises B-Saxon of John of god of film like the father of Nancy, and Johnny a lot young Depp in his start of screen like the promised of Nancy, whose dead is one of a better in a gender.
4 / 5 Billie
When A onslaught of 80 slasher the films was by train big, more rasgando of "Halloween", and "Friday A 13th", there was hardly frights very original in one stirs. " A Nightmare In Ellm Street" wine to the long of and has changed that. This film, like "Psycho", and "Halloween" first of the, and "Cry" after the, has changed a world of horror. Film of the good horror still can spend. One stirs of boys is having nightmares of the ghastly looking murderous with knives for toes. It is for real?. They die they sleep ?. Ossia Such the premise adds, inventive. A film has varied heart pounding scenes that will leave you that it takes your chair. It is that well. Robert Englund, as Freddy Krueger, helped creates one of a plus memorable and villains of incredible cinema of all the times. A film always has to that eerie feel and attractive of the horrible, the nightmare of sweat drenched. Wes Craven Is for real the master. Heather Langenkamp, likes hero Nancy, is one of a bit all the Queens of the time of Cry adds. This film is scaring. If it does not like, you have to be an alien . A brilliant, legendary classical. It does not fall slept!.
4 / 5 Elena
A, Two Freddy comin for you three, four better closed your door five, are take crucifix, seven eight gotta the awake stay nine, ten does not sleep never again. This ryhme informs to a More adds them slasher of all the times. Freddy can kill while your awake but there is not running was. The sleep always takes a better of you. Freddy can exit to dream world-wide to wake and Freddy that it touch. If it was Freddy I would do that and be to the murderous regulate like him Jason or Michael. It is supposidly killed when the parents have launched molatov cocktails in his workshop and lit it on fire. This would explain everything of his burns in his face. His weapon is his glove that has knives in the each toe. His uniform is his green sweater and the aim and the black hat have hid. It is an only big slasher that can speak and careers in calm in planting to to the walk likes him Michael. Nancy was so only in his tentativa to kill Freddy to take out of world-wide of sleep. It beats but Freddy does not die never. Ossia The film adds and is better when calm look he at night. Then it is even more scary.
4 / 5 Cameron
In a start of "Nightmare on Street of Elm", we see the shots of the be of the daughter has pursued thru the abandoned factory. A daughter (Tina has appointed) is pursued by the man the one who looks to be that they spend odd gloves that has knives exiting where some toes would owe that be. We do not see the characteristic facial of a man, but see his sweater (which is ugly), and see stratch his claws against a wall of cimienta and several pipes. Tina Is, strangely enough, spending the nightgown. Reason? Reason is having the sleep. A nightmare, to be precise. Suddenly, some jumps of killers up for behind his and short. Awake vat arrives to shout, and his nightgown is cut.
An inaugural Scene of "Nightmare On Street of Elm" it is the very intriguing a, one of some better inaugural shots has seen in a film of horror. After looking these inaugural shots, knows this is not the normal slasher flick. We see Vat that careers of something terrible and unhuman. We listen a scraping of knives in a wall.
Felt this film there is far be to a lot of defects to be the "masterful" like the quota of people hailed it. For a thing, ossia shockingly on-violent and gory, and Freddy Krueger, a murderous in this film, is perhaps one of some the majority of the foul creations have not seen never. The external shell of a film can look more trashy that masterful, but surprisingly directs to balance both quite well.
A history of "Nightmare" worries the group of friends that all dulcemente come to a realisation that is all when being stalked for a same character in his sleeps. His nightmares result fatal, for hardly fall asleep, a murderous will come to his sleeps and butcher him. It gives or take the pocola weaves smaller details, but concealed is roughly that.
Although we are to direct to believe a main protagonist is Tina , is not to be. In some premiers thirty minutes of a film, Freddy kills.
Chico, she never! As it sleeps calmly in his bed, in his walks of sleep out of suns. Low and behold, Freddy is while to touch. His llama and using his knives, carves lucido on, literally. At all it remains to an imagination.
Wes Craven Has has not had never a lot subtly in his films, and this a fact that obvious. Another death agrees is Johnny Depp is (did not see it never coming). There are tonnes of ghastly material in this film, like the battery of snakes in vase and the daughter attacked while it is speaking the bath, and the people that is eaten by beds.
Reason is this film trashy? Because of the his overtones of verse of violence of the women, and the horrible character of Freddy, among other things. When Some men are attacked they is fully clothed. When Some women are attacked they is half in of the skins. The death of Tina has been photographed in the suggestive way, and look to the equal that was raped for Freddy.
Freddy is the boy molestor ( has murdered twenty boys). His skin is burned and looks creamy, and laughs in a plucky fear of heroes. He mocks the, torturing his with continuing visions of his butchered partner.
A film is not the classical, but is like this a lot of crafted has felt always threatened while some characters have grown tired and has nodded was. It has to that love a hero, Nancy, the one who spends a film and learns quickly. A film painfully is disturbing, this in spite of, and is packed with tonnes of incongruences of plot.
This is not a class to film a " it enjoys". Have enjoyed Wes Cravens batch more recent that film, a "Cry" serious, because of his amazing intelligence and tension. While looking "Nightmare", questions because you are looking. "Nightmare" attractive any punch.
Sonetimes Repulsive, Sometimes innovative, "Nightmare" it is the terrific film and would have to that be seen by that thinks that can withstand the everything. Ossia A class to film where a monster that comes from/come from down and on you, in place of of a side. Wicked, gruesome, And a better B the film has not seen never.
5 / 5 Trevor
Ossia Still another brilliant horror flick that will remain awake you for days! Out of everything of a "Nightmare" serious, this in the first place one east a better and a scariest. A history of Nancy and his friends that is stalked and butchered one for one of an aggressor ignored in his sleeps is one of one the majority of creepy and orignal ideas never to be produced in the film of horror. A character of Freddy Krueger in this one is like this menacing and bad that the will shudder to you in his entertainment to scare and rasgando averts his victims. A scariest the part for me is when Nancy finally discovers parents that Freddy is, and reason is doing this his. It results the history a lot of cake of revenge and fight! An end of a film is still a lot confusing for me, but I suppositions have loved to leave it opened-finished in the chance there was the sequela. And it has had you are sequelas, the majority of his too horrible to mention. If it love a better of one stirs, ossia. Good mould, the history adds, and the character the one who the will thinks two times roughly sleeping.
4 / 5 Lai
In this late in a game is hard to think that any is not familiarised with a concept in this film.
Some big-starts of school daughter to have nightmares. In them there it is the horribly the burned man that spends the streaky shirt, old hat and the glove with knives in some toes. Early it discovers that some of his friends are having alike nightmares.
Tension escalates to the equal that learns that some sleeps are almost real. Taking hurt in some results of sleep in real harm. The people begin to die. Any one believes his ideas that there is the threat in some sleeps. But then it learns his name: Freddy Krueger. It is while some of some starts of history to exit. The one who Freddy was and that spent his and which act his mother has had in everything of him.
Finally takes an idea of regarding taking Freddy and take one dying. But first to battle some sleeps, of the precise know where a sleep begins. A chilling final.
These leaves of disk for wide-screen and seeing of full screen.
5 / 5 Lacie
A Nightmare in the street of Elm is my favourite film never for a lot of is scary and perfectly is taken murderous a liners likes:"Calm neither gotta cut your fingernails or you gotta stop that classifies to dream,one or another." Heather Langenkamp are adds like turbulent young heroin,Nancy Thompson the one who suffers a tramatic nightmares that would be enough to scar any of for life.Some sequelas are excellent also but a prime minister is included better reason is unerving and scary. An account of organism is unusaly down for the film of horror,but think that is to add reason adds more to a there there is gore,but is perfectly timed and disterbing,(the one who could forget the sequence of death of Tina?).An acting is incredable, has no low acting but no Craven is directing is also adds and a subject of film for Charles Bernstein is delightfuly creepy and a better music in any film never sence Friday a 13th that,that,that,has, there is,has.unla The history is fabulous and develops on he, building on until Marge Thompson Nancy said finally a truth roughly Freddy Krueger and like and a nebourhoods parents bernt some killers of boy the death in his room of boiler,which is where take some few boys to kill them.unases The sequences of sleep are done perfectly and a lot of some victims are sufficiently likeable,which is quite scarce in some people of horror say A Nightmare in the street of Elm has an unsatisfactory end,but a fact of some rests @subject open for the secuela.un the glove Freddy spent for with some knives in some toes is like this original!A film has a perfect ammounts of gore,wisecracks and emotional moments,abundance further of can not be all the world is cup of the tea but was Johnny Depp before function and this is to take to count for something! And finnishing up in 91 minutes,the only bad thing in a Nightmare in the street of Elm is that it is not more along,but does up for him with a sheer fabulousness of each appearance of him. This was Deathgirl saying you reason thinks A Nightmare in the street of Elm is like this calm-and anything calm ,does not fall slept...
5 / 5 Joel
Has normal ,boys of institute. With daughter and normal bolt of friends of fellow/normal boy and questions of father. But I harvest to fulfil the question that doesnt leave returned in with his lives. Now some of the knots in this age am known for haveing wet sleeps , but sleeps of KILLERS. Easy concept ,really, already dreams already die. These boys are all when being stalked and killed has gone by the violent man has appointed freddy krueger in his sleeps. These lives of man by means of a world of some human sleeps. If it kills calm in of the sleeps , given for real. Ossia A CLASSICAL INSTANT can say them like this. freddy Uses your fears and aches and weaknesses against you. Tip nancy his partner has died vat regurgitating the centipede. FRESCO. Material very fresh. And when freddy calm , glen, is the volcanic eruption of the blood that exited of his bed. Ossia A AWESOME film of horror. The a lot of people can relate to this film cuz all the people and the adolescents have the questions and the sleep of people in his questions that favour to stress but that spends when your sleeps in fact kill you? Well already the nightmare in the street of elm was 1 ofthe film of the better horror of everything is such character of harm, he I really hard any to like. Ossia One of my favourite film origionals as well as friday one 13th, halloween, the dead harm, psycho , and much more. This film and take it home and enjoy it. You would be crazy to spend this an up.
4 / 5 Kaci
A Nightmare On Street of Elm..... The need says more. This film is ..... Fantastic. Excuse a french but this film is a film of better horror of all the times. When A excellently gifted Wes Craven this, believes something special that the people during a world would embrace. A highly original film. A murderous that all the world knows-Freddy Krueger. I seat it likes it to me he has to that that does not have to that write the description in this thrilling film. Heather Langenkamp is excellent likes Nancy Thompson a heroin in jepody. Robert adds Englund really something with Freddy- a cruel clown, he relishes kill. Ossia The film where is scary(like when Tina takes murdered), a musical bookmark complete a scary atmosphere. Some actors are perfectly casted. This merit to film to and is the must has in everybodies collection of DVD. An impression is well, a commentary for Wes Craven, Heather Langenkamp, John Saxon and Jaques (Haitken) is entertaining. Ossia A film always amour.
For Justine Ryan
4 / 5 Roger
Like my title suggests, this film is to good sure any in a same class as 'Psycho' or 'Rosemary' Baby'. But this was one of some first films to spend the new meaning to a term lasher film'. In a storyline of this film, the group of adolescents is having violent nightmares roughly some odd looking (and extremely ugly) man the one who is recognition further burned . The person at the beginning knows the one who is, everything knows is that it loves him murder. His name is Freddy , knows this reason he taunts the to the call was to them and then saying 'Come to Freddy' (a legacy of his human life, perhaps?).
When A fellow better of Nancy is murdered, results determined to discover the one who Freddy is and that loves, and to has beaten finally in his own game. This in spite of, discovering so only the one who Freddy is will force his own mother to confess the terrible sin of his own past.
Although this film is really the adolescent flick, has an original concept, and Wes Craven has mark for people to sleep properly after the see. They like him all the films, this was to good sure the product of this time . So much, you are looking to have the night of horror in home, calm can not spend to advance this film.

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