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Top Customer Reviews: Descent 2 [Blu-ray] ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 19 ratings
4 / 5 Nickie
This titles The DESCENT, LEAVES 2 is one ALL THE REGION BD and will touch on all BD the players have programmed partorisca regions A, B and C. It is declared in a @@@back cover of a BD the jacket inserts/inserts. This in spite of, remarks that reason this BD was feigned originally partorisca an Australian and phase of New Zealand, when a BD is inserted in the first place, the number of SD the TRAILERS of definition regulate in the first place the game and these trailers are in format of MATE. Some BD players in north Amsterdam which are compatible so only with NTSC SD the video will not touch of the video of MATE but can continue touch an audio in these trailers without picture. Simply use a key of NEXT CHAPTER in yours BD player the skip advances the little time and continue the skip chapters until arrivals in a main film, which is all the regions in HD and in fact will touch properly. Door on a pop-arrive function of paper in yours BD player during a main film partorisca dip subtitles and jump to has wished the chapters yes is necessary. It is not necessary to look some trailers of format of the MATE in a start but some spectators whose BD players that does not touch MATE SD the video no @partorisca give that is touching some trailers and/or a BD the player will complain that it can not touch a content (the trailers). A main program in this BD to good sure touches very on region-A BD players in north Amsterdam.
4 / 5 Demetria
Goes partorisca maintain this short and sweet, his one follows until Descent, his quell'has bitten different then a prime minister, which I highly recommmend, goes further to a history that past and the like to me all, was add partorisca see a world of a crawlers further of depth, was wonderful to see that in a new mould, has maintained some strong female advantages.

So only a real weak spot is one that a prime minister has has not had.. So only feign that a last three min of a film does not spend , has not felt in a first calm moment sees it, will do one that ?

His the good horror the film done, and wants to that a monster is killed can be (in of the creative ways) as easily like the human rule could be.. It seats more real that is not esuperhero' murderous but raither the wry version of us.
5 / 5 Keira
There is enjoyed a film of the newest descent. There is the big surprise in a grotto that will not say you roughly but is the a lot of one. Surprised there is has not had to to the third film likes him to him the arrival of these some leaves for him to solve a subject of a grotto and a 'crawlers'.
4 / 5 Ezequiel
Scrary, creepy, And a enjoyable emotion. I have had the good idea that would spend after looking a 'Descent' original except this still film creeped was :)
4 / 5 Rodger
A lot, very impressive and hot! It respects a continuazione of Descent 1.
5 / 5 Boris
Adds to jump you in enough the little entertainment.
4 / 5 Clarinda
A film of horror more orders phycological the thriller quickly prices abordables on shipping to good sure spent of vendor again
5 / 5 Mercy
An original is glorious, this one is so only stupid.
5 / 5 Pauline
4 / 5 Florencia
Unaware this has catered/is come from United Kingdom , unable to touch here in Canada because of restriction of region
5 / 5 Nova
that Goes to be the present navideño adds for my partner loves film of disaster and calm horror so much!!
5 / 5 Elyse
Has read well, be sure to have a right format, my blue the ray can do no read.
5 / 5 Benton
I have enjoyed a colgante! Well scary film! Once again, it have seen a first film and has wanted to see like this can continue a history.
5 / 5 Reginia
Was excited like this to look this, dipped he in and has taken an error that says this disk can not be touched why a player setup specific the different region. It Transmission. Waste of the money that sees so that pode does not touch. Perhaps the the little easier that see that this will not touch in the majority of players of DVD here. Thank you.
4 / 5 Johnnie
Has Liked him this films enough the the like this very like this , there are some good things roughly feeling of the claustrophobia is still there in a lot of is the plot of intensity,hips,and some utmost ,the think a filmmakers has trusted the bit to a lot in gore east times around,and tried gross out of an audience more than mine feeling of just fright.Also it seats that the plot of an alike film like the copy of carbon of one ,the would not say it was like this as well as original,but in his own merits,was still quite intense and thrilling and value some 90 minutes or like this displaced looking is certainly not boring for any one me,A Descent: it Leaves 2 it is the 4 /5
5 / 5 Alberto
No like this well like first film but still fact very good. It takes place well after some films of prime ministers how is as well as the majority of sequelas today a lot that. There is the pocolos jump small and the frights and a history is in fact very done. I can not say the a lot of without giving was plots of characters. But for the calm horror film can any gone bad with east an and a prime minister.
4 / 5 Allyn
Postpones to look this film for the long time. A Descent was like this freaking awesome, has wanted to agree a history and an experience like this for real is - claustrophobic, harrowing, emotional, and thoroughly complete in and of him. A sequela, has dreaded, so only could take something out of all that; had certainly any way possibly can live until an original - for another reason that already know the one who bolt down there in these grottos. It was a lot of all to the long of, of course, and has to that say I for real wish this sequela there has not gone never be fact. It fails to recaptura an atrocious atmosphere and suspended of an original, offer pocola in a way of characterisation and emotional intensity (something an original has extremely good fact), and changes a history in of the ways I aversion and find the hard time that accepts. In his own merits, is the quite darn good film, very better that the majority of a dreck exiting of Hollywood, but in a picture a big plus, A Course of Descent 2 is more roughly touching in that that improves a history, and choose agree A Descent without his unwelcome addition. @I give it can be more ardent in an original that more defenders, as they are certainly any to recommend you skip this films altogether or that suggests that it hate it to you. So only not to expect it to live until an original - and, for the sake of the heaven, does not look he without seeing a first original.

Nullifying A quite ambiguous end of a version of the EUA original (and entirely that contradicts an end of a British version), A Course of Descent 2 ploughs with Sarah Carter (Shauna Macdonald) that is surfaced of a system of grotto and the be succoured. It is not bad hurt, but does not have any memory that has spent his and his friends. Well, ossia so only very a lot enough for the sheriff Goes (Gavan Or'Herlihy), the one who has Sarah has tugged out of his bed of hospital to accompany the small crew of workers of culo to succour well where so only coming from/come from. Of course, this comprises the quite stereotypical pair of young people those who are attracted apparently to an another, together with a sheriff and Rivers of Ellen of the deputy (Krysten Cummings). Reason it fat and annoying sheriff and his female deputy, neither that has a less bit of spelunking experience, would have to be the part of a crew of rescue is further me. Well, his all go down there and supposition that spends? Crawlers. It is so only like a first film, excepts a lot really is or cure that a lot roughly the majority of some characters, his all have afterwards to any of one struggling and instincts of the survival of some daughters is looking for, and a whole experience is not never that uncomfortable to look. An original film there has been scenes that has had claustrophobia of mine that has fallen in in almost of maximum levels, but this sequela never took included squirming. Of course, a crawlers has resisted a lot colgante reason have known already was there and that it was all roughly.

Will say this for A Part of Descent 2 - hands the pair of surprises (the merits desquels is opened for debate), a duquel no invernadero never come. It averts of of the this, this in spite of, does not have to that whole plot of history here. It is really so only the subject of manager Jon Harris and some writers that tries to rid more blood and gore that one first film. Unfortunately, it was not a blood and gore this has done a like this special original - is Character of Marshall of Neil inspired-the direction and the writing have based. It is for this that these falls of the far short sequela of an original.
4 / 5 Adeline
“When A heck is that they go to do,the “Descent”3 in blue-the ray goes in people of films, master
to see all never like this clearly down in this grotto, can very included begin to say what a lot I amour this,
I supposition if the people see some descriptions on some of some films to that likes,like this one would think that are of a patient
doubt,perhaps are,which more is there attentive,a history of the amour there is way to phony and mine pocola realistic,
Likes to please hastes on and take that it goes with a script pleases”
would want to see “Miley Ciro” and “Lindsay Lohan”in him with “Danny Trejo”like main man, the more there is
“Kanye West” also,but has left lucido given in a prime minister 15 a film like real gross,for Taylor Swift,
this would be an imagination has.
“While to Number Three”Likes to See Like The All the Fini..
4 / 5 Jonell
I really inejoy both of this film. Highly it recommends in any organism that film of horror. That likes them in east one that turn and creates them concealed has touched a function really well, in my opinion

Top Customer Reviews: 101 Dalmatians ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 41 ratings
5 / 5
Formed: DVD TEARS WAS! He skips. Bought this element partorisca my own personal use. They are the 36 yr old woman w/ any boy. It has begun recently collect a collection of Disney of the whole, few elements the time. Like this when be said, are the very busy woman that 2 full times works. I have had finally some time partorisca look this DVD. I have bought 3 mths done, so only partorisca be has disappointed a lot he skips 5 mins in and no partorisca. Tried partorisca exchange a DVD and was has has said No. When Opening a element sealed there is remarked a chance is lined on and there is fingerprints on DVD. His 100 sold the element has used, while alleging it was new! SAVE YOUR MONEY & BUYS Of more REPUTABLE!!!! THIS SOURCE Is A FRAUD !
4 / 5
Formed: DVD BOUGHT in an end of July, this film there is skipped of then day a! I thought that it that it was a player but he he in everything of them. Any scratch, any printed of toe, so only partorisca touch and you have fallen behind to a main paper.
5 / 5
Formed: DVD Ossia another film partorisca my 'Walt Disney Animate Collection' this I has. When I looked It last night, the enjoyed really and partorisca a first time -- in has not been that years -- I has taken the casualidad of the look again but on DVD this time And in a consolation of my own house, (as I have not been never really big in that goes to theatres) like this was the real extracted!

In this film also, will recognise a lot of voice familiarised that has done also functions in some of Walt Disney animate films, like A Sword in Stone,Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, and. To the. If you have enjoyed these films animate so as have, will enjoy this some hips! I do not have any remorse!
4 / 5
Formed: DVD did not take it never maintain to take fraction that sucks my amours of 3 years this film ossia and has wanted to buy his own copy
4 / 5
Formed: DVD has Received today. Thank you Again partorisca your service adds. I know my grandchildren will want to this. These classics of Disney is lovely and unbeatable. Door for behind fond memories when I have taken my edges partorisca see this in a theatre when they were young.
5 / 5
Formed: DVD Was good boys like when we seat and look a film with then
5 / 5
Formed: DVD has received the commodity likes described in his planned delays
5 / 5
Formed: DVD I n has received the version Quebec and the version has received bogue, lucido short film during the conference lucida television prjimo and all the s arrete, impossible to listen all lucida film to the complete this short
5 / 5
Formed: DVD My granddaughter adds master this film.
5 / 5
Formed: DVD This film was my preferred that grows up!
5 / 5
RASGA WAS! He skips. Bought this element partorisca my own personal use. They are the 36 yr old woman w/ any boy. It has begun recently collect a collection of Disney of the whole, few elements the time. Like this when be said, are the very busy woman that 2 full times works. I have had finally some time partorisca look this DVD. I have bought 3 mths done, so only partorisca be has disappointed a lot he skips 5 mins in and no partorisca. Tried partorisca exchange a DVD and was has has said “No”. When Opening a “element sealed” there is remarked a chance is lined on and there is fingerprints on DVD. His 100 sold the element has used, while alleging it was new! SAVE YOUR MONEY & BUYS Of more REPUTABLE!!!! THIS SOURCE Is A FRAUD !
4 / 5
Has purchased like the present navideño partorisca my grandson and he no !!! Unable to return or substitute he so that it was purchased in Oct 26/19 and Nov 1 was a more collected could be it purchased partorisca qualify partorisca return find this a lot disturbing he so that it was purchased by means of the cast of desire of the amazon partorisca present navideños! Reason the amazon adrede leaves people partorisca purchase present navideños previously partorisca qualify period of time partorisca substitutions or of the possible returns. This class of the service of client is unacceptable, especially in vacacional. Needless Partorisca Say is frustrating mine but devastating partorisca the 2 old year!
4 / 5
Has bought in an end of July, this film there is skipped of then day a! I thought that it that it was a player but he he in everything of them. Any scratch, any printed of toe, so only partorisca touch and you have fallen behind to a main paper.
4 / 5
Ossia Another film partorisca my 'Walt Disney Animate Collection' this I has. When I looked It last night, the enjoyed really and partorisca a first time -- in has not been that years -- I has taken the casualidad of the look again but on DVD this time And in a consolation of my own house, (as I am not never state really big in that goes to theatres) like this was the real extracted!

In this film also, will recognise a lot of voice familiarised that has done also functions in some of Walt Disney animate films, like A Sword in Stone,Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, and. To the. If have enjoyed these films animate so as have, will enjoy this some hips! I do not have any remorse!
5 / 5
DVD has not done. Tried the in players of MULTIPLE DVD and he no read. Bought he partorisca Navidad partorisca my girls of Saint because it is one of his favourite. Now so only it does on the history on some elves any when doing properly. Coming on amazon. You are better that this.
4 / 5
Has not received the copy of 101 Dalmatians in my mandate. I have received the copy of A Secret Life of Pets 2, which had not ordered, and assume is meant partorisca be the substitution partorisca 101 Dalmatians. It has not been happy with east, Life like this Secret of Pets 2 is easily available on Continuous in my TV, while 101 Dalmatians is not and is my film of woman of favourite infancy, which have planned to give his for Navidad.
5 / 5
Did not take It never maintain to take fraction that sucks my amours of 3 years this film ossia and has wanted to buy his own copy
4 / 5
Always enjoys to look Disney film when it was the boy . For my Grandchildren, are 70 years now.
4 / 5
Was to to the good boys like when we seat and look of a film with then
4 / 5
A very good film of Disney, that adores his classical of the animate drawing.
4 / 5
I have ordered this partorisca my boys partorisca the Christmas and was so only partorisca the dipped on and is the cockroach of burned copy that no same work. Now I have the old in of the tears in Natal reasons his “puppy film of dog not doing ”
5 / 5
has Received today. Thank you Again partorisca your service adds. I know my grandchildren will want to this. These classics of Disney is lovely and unbeatable. Door for behind fond memories when I have taken my edges partorisca see this in a theatre when they were young.
4 / 5
Has received The commodity likes described in his planned delays
4 / 5
A lot of Emballé, Good Description, Fast Delivery A+
5 / 5
Disk one of one 101 Dalmatians no the law tried it on three different DVD the players and any load.. A lot disappointed.
4 / 5
I n has received The Version Quebec and the version has received bogue, lucido short film during the conference lucida television prójimo and all the s arrete, impossible to listen all lucida film to the complete this short
5 / 5
Classical film that stands a test of time. The boys have loved that. Fast ship. Thank you!
4 / 5
After all these years, Cruella Deville still me laugh. A bit too scary partorisca the young boys but will grow his. Wonderful history - another Disney classical cherished in our collection.
5 / 5
Has arrived punctually and touched adds, there is enjoyed an a lot of film. A lot characteristic special.
4 / 5
Was my film of Disney of the favourite like the boy, as it was like this happy to purchase he partorisca my boys partorisca look. The film is coming quickly with which was liberto. It was happy to have pre-ordered it
4 / 5
The film adds! DVD, Blue-ray and digital such the option adds. It can look on all the different program. They do not do to to the films like to them has used to. A must has partorisca Disney collection.
4 / 5
Has purchased this partorisca the present Christmas my girls have dipped he in yesterday and one films no the game can the substitution is mine has shipped ??
4 / 5
A lot disappointed with this product. Any swipe properly. Justo skips then only blacked was. It was it of total tears. No shabby.
4 / 5
Adores this film and he like this done my little a. Bought he partorisca his mpre that me but is like this happy and thinks that of the money is beautiful haha all is gone in perfect condition :)
5 / 5
A wonderful film that control up and entertains today boys! Full of humour, the music adds, for real bad Cruella, colgante and a pleasant plus puppies!
4 / 5
Of all a classics, this one looks the delight my daughter a plus. It wants to 101 Dalmatians and question 'Puppies' when has time of film.
5 / 5
Lucida The film contains too much the details touches him all small... And it is truth Of has joined another period. Besides, one the lacking fact try to the another CD of reader touches visionner the car is joins the games of version to to Europe so only that in joining me has transmitted.
5 / 5
Has ordered this film and a quality has been estimated like this a lot as well as new this in spite of, a film does not touch . These produced has not done at all
5 / 5
This was the present partorisca some grandchildren. A film is like this charming as never and enjoy look the on some holidays.
4 / 5
Perfecto partorisca the collection of the daughter of a classics
4 / 5
A film is likes the new mark! It avenges quickly and my edges was like this thrill you! Appreciate such the reasonable prize partorisca this beloved disney classical! A condition a DVD is gone in has surprised!!! Thank you.

Top Customer Reviews: Stephen King's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 39 ratings
4 / 5 Chanelle
The note am revising an Australian import of Ball of Money for entertainment of Umbrella.

I so only wants to so it says that ossia the film adds , my critic is of a blue emission of ray and no a film his self.

1st a scrolling of this film is inconsistent, like this day and night, some times some colours are clear and brilliant and vibrant , and some good and deep darknesses, rich and inky. And sometimes an image is to exert with the plot of grain.

But a question a big plus with this disk is looks to have some subjects of tax to frame smaller throught. Any quite the 'ruin a film' but quite that knows is there.

Has been said that it is reason is in fact reason his region b disk, I mainly film of draw in mine ps4, but the also have the free region bluray the player and I have had a subject same in both, the also have a lot of other Australian imports of a same company (umbrella) that of the that has this @subject @

Now a grace to save to this emission is an audio that is fantastic, and has characteristic special the abundance. Much more then usually appearances for such an old catalogue emission.

Same with a soft scrolling, would have has given these five stars so only for an audio and extra. A subject of the tax of the frame is this in spite of an unacceptable .
5 / 5 Walter
Personally love this film. There it go it on dvd for years and saw it on blue ray with the hefty seal of prize but was hesitant at the beginning but has taken one submerges. That has received this in spite of is another history . 2.0 master dts audio, that that joke! It can live with a bad audio while a quality of picture is decent. Nope! Ossia For far a worse blue the quality of ray has seen in my life. It say that it looks the dvd scrolling in blue disk of the ray but this would be the lie. I have seen some dvd is concealed is 50 times better quality that this. The picture is blurry, the colours are turn , any acuteness, and worse of everything during some scenes in planting to see grain to film that I can live with, any see pocolos situate to annoy during a screen. Any one has transferred this to blue the ray would owe that be embarrassed of them. It looks any endeavour anything has been dipped to restore this amazing film. Justo lazy and pathetic!

Apparently, has discovered of the fellow a reason because a picture was lagging, etc in this blue the ray is reason is not NTSC, but is MATE . Already I Need it regionless the player and he would have to that do better. Going to have that tries this was. Like this for now it is giving the better indication reason do not have any idea the one who a quality will be to like in the regionless player. Sad for a bad description. My bad.
4 / 5 Carina
Has purchased a Blue-version of ray of ilver Ball'. Lame in a topmast today and has burst he in my player. At the beginning, has thinks that that a scrolling was a lot.
During a daytime scenes, if in the neighbours on, pops of colours out of the plot more than a DVD has done. It tries to maintain same colour by means of the plot of the dark scenes of a film (both interior and external) Ossia where beginning of questions. It is almost as if any one has used a 720p. HD Version of television and only cranked on one contrasts immensely! The digital noise can be crazy to plot of a time. Sometimes the black levels in a fund are solid but still has to that it weaves of 'explosion' white in a picture. Attention to fine the details have gone almost during this time. That is more annoying is that this emission is looking for to be more than him really is! Some interiors at night and of the outsides for aim of prejudices to plot of grain 90 of a time almost to a point where thinks to calm, 'Is is the Blue-emission of ray?' Any to mention that it was not the cheaply priced emission neither. I have it that has so only there be stuck to mine buys original: Night of a Living Dead Criterion that looks and sounds to surprise so only for the few dollars more!

This in spite of, in a soundtrack 2.0 DTS-HD in fact cleaned on extremely well. It was very surprised to listen a strong and clear music as well as when being able to do was practically everything of a dialogue in a film. A DTS-HD the clue is very a lot of fact and balances the soundtrack of a film with the dialogue of a film a lot well! It has it that gives that a lot. For this my indication of mine big plus of 3 out of 5 stars!

Are the enormous defender of Ball of Money but in my own joint of seats of cost of the mine a lot to the sinister down for him. And the expensive left down in that. Suggest yours debating roughly yes or any to buy the while more with a longitude to see yes perhaps Cry! The factory chooses on this title and some class of esmastering' to a picture. Hopefully If his he 2 or 4K remaster. A Club of Desayunar (Criterion) looks ASTONISHINGLY BETTER that this like this judging of those both films have been released a same year , 1985, that does not have a technology for the fix on really good.

Expects that this helps any one.
5 / 5 Corinna
Excellent Blue-the loaded ray with tonnes of extra characteristics and an informative commentary for a manager. Another underrated mid-80 adaptation of King of Stephen, Ball of Money, is arguably more enjoyable now that it was of tower a day. While a werewolf the special effects can not be until pair with today of levels, work of still chair for a film, he considering was the fright of estimativa under flick.

I dances of money is the apes, scary & films that interest that quell'also offers spectators so only a right quantity of 80 cheese of film of the horror. Blue mine-Ray says it dipped for region B, and alive in Canada, as I have been concerned the would not touch . But he , so on X-boxes and Blue mine-player of ray. Also, a quality & of his of the picture of this emission is incredible. A film is in widescreen, also.
4 / 5 Bobby
Been moment to of the this to go in blue-ray for the long time. A film is the estimativa low films like this at least expected for a upgrade in a dvd has had already. It is better for the good quantity, and there are some interviews is the round out of a disk. It is not the compraventa economic, but is the defender of this film, is the solid emission .

Commentaries that a @@@back cover loans this like this region B so only. I have touched this in the region A player and all have touched well.
4 / 5 Rosaura
Loves that the must has in your collection if yours the defender of horror
4 / 5 Cecila
This in spite of another adaptation of the king of Stephen adds that it is full of emotions and colds, starring Corey Haim, Megan Follows, and Gary Busey
5 / 5 Siu
I like this the film but has used the one who looks to be the very old master for him. The desire has been rescanned for the good emission to be had.
4 / 5 Clarisa
Ossia A lot becouse a boy has the z/the uncle that he bicycle that can use like the help of transports to take around better and faster
5 / 5 Carley
I like this the film but they have used the one who looks partorisca be the very old master partorisca he. The desire has been rescanned partorisca the good emission partorisca be had.
5 / 5 Cheyenne
Ossia A lot becouse a boy has the z/the uncle that he bicycle that can use like the help of transports partorisca take around better and faster
4 / 5 Clemencia
One first film of horror I each one looked, and a plot is exactly like the memory. A film of the king of Stephen adds!
5 / 5 Gracia
Awesome Video any question quickly shipping A+++++ service
4 / 5 Darby
Preferred old. Scary But any gory, with points of humour.
5 / 5 Anika
defently HAS his moments .Good mould of film of horror .Entertainment partorisca everything to sure. It have to that it sees film
4 / 5 Gigi
Any one pleased at all with this compraventa. Received the dvd that will not touch in my region. Any value my time partorisca send it behind.
5 / 5 Heath
Any chance like pictured was disapointed act a lot otherwise
4 / 5 Sharyl
Some starts of films were with hallmark music of type and a voice in narration. It was not really a narration of a @@@1950s ski-fi film but more than a narration of the hallmark sisterly amour.

Finally take to a film. You can say that it is the film of King of Stephen because of an excessive potty presentations of mouth. This can be spent for big would give hastes on and take to some separates to bite and like this do. As the one who some films have concerned ossia a regular formula 'any can be a biter until they look bitee and that knows is not a biter but has the less potential bitees has left.

This film tries to go down in a level of boys. And it uses all a regulate gimmicks likes a bit the boys can say that ossia really the werewolf but some parents do not believe . Then it results the little more tongue-in-cheek. They have included toss in the little slapstick.

A question is a guilty (s) getaway or expensive 'the ball of money?'

One of some advantages to be based in Stephen King novel 'Cycle of a Werewolf' is that Stephen King always maintains a spooky doings afterwards to a realm of possibility. Also it has to that fascination with cars.

Begins this film with Hallmark music of type and when finalising credits with music of elevator 'Joyride' for Rob B. Mathes (The one who is not never)

Werewolf of Washington
4 / 5 Shalonda
While this film there is little of a bone chilling moments of 'An American Werewolf in Londra' or 'A Howling,' still has the moments where is fascinating and at least the pair of places where some increases of tension. Helping to the long of a way is Gary Busey likes you Marty Coslaw is (Corey Haim) Red of Uncle, Megan Follows like this Marty sister Jane, and Everett McGill likes you creepy Reverend Lowe.
Has murderous to spend in and around city, and Marty is engreído is a work of the werewolf, with that has the approximations to fulfil; it finds it really approximations. At the beginning any one believes Marty, like appearances, but then Jane is engreída. Finally Red of the z/of the uncle is class of has convinced. Some builds of tension until a night that Jane and Marty the parents are out of house and Uncle Red Stays with Marty, Jane, and the ball of alone money.
While has other films of werewolf with the factor of the main fright, this a rest one of mine favourite. I will look this films more collected that a lot another so only reason is familiarised and some characters are generally likable. It is as to cartoon in a lot of ways, but these same qualities he some easy to look films. There is the few intense moments the spike on a film, that comprises a meeting among Marty and a werewolf in a bridge to walk isolated at night in a country, another meeting among the group of citizens was to hunt a murderous, and meetings among a werewolf in his human form and Jane and Marty.
This film is the must has for defenders of King of Stephen as well as that has the followers for people those who change to furry creatures.
4 / 5 Andres
Any usually attack to find a lot of-crafted characters in of the films of horror, which is because BALL of the MONEY can take the first-spectator of time for surprise. There is suspenseful scenes aplenty, but really is some characters and his reports that marks this film underlines. Corey Haim Is Marty, eleven years and connecting in the motorised wheelchair partorisca take around. Megan Follows is his sister of fifteen years Jane, jealous of a particular attention his brother takes because of his inability. His parents are Bob and Nan, and Nan the brother is touched for Gary Busey. The red of uncle is a class of relative that the families are not proud of and probably quite not associating with at all; it is unfortunate still Nan while Red amours his grandson Marty so much.
Marty So only is taking quite old to @give that Red is not exactly an exemplary human being. Early in a film the partner of Marty frights Jane with the snake, in that cause to fall walk in the puddle of muddy water and ruin a outfit is to be aiming was. It is a class jokingly that the brother would pull in the sister and then immediately the remorse, and Marty the face aims a remorse a lot so only in the moment, but later at night when it gives Jane money to help mark up for him still although it was not his failure. In this excuse of point for verbally wounding Marty in reprisal to say that Red of Uncle, his idol, is the useless drunk.
Reason Marty takes preferential shot of all the world, Jane always feels likes to take any attention , and this spends on to some of some descriptions in this place that mentions is the smallest character . An importance of his character (especially like emotional centre of a film) is also has spent easily for big. When Marty Confesses his nighttime finds with his werewolf, creates enough to help look for evidence a next day, and his leaves of experience has convinced absolutely that Marty the history is a truth . In this point a report familiarised among brother and sister (and finally Red of Uncle) begins to strengthen until it achieves his summit in a film is a lot well with the heartfelt and touching (and at all saccharine) piece of narration. A film is related for Tovah Feldshuh as the grown-arrive Jane, and takes place in a summer of 1976 (so only ignore these beat of Helmet of anachronistic Diet in a cochera). It is the combination of a fantastically-fact narration, an unusually romantic bookmark and a sincerely good acting and interaction among some advantages (Haim, Everett McGill like the city is concerned Reverend Lowe, and especially Follows and Busey) this gives a film an almost lyrical the sweetness concealed no only is unexpected of the film of horror of estimativa low but also quite simply works.
This edition of DVD is quite well in a zone of quality of picture. Anamorphic widescreen On , acuteness and contrast good, at all distracts it likes enhancement of severe flange or anything. An a lot of pleasing image. The sound is very too much... But a paving of falls of the disk in a zone of extra. Basically, there is not A lot. One wishes could have comprised a commentary that comes with a R2 edition (I believes). But this film is a lot enough to still of warrant the something in your same collection without some extras.
5 / 5 Cleta
The words can not describe a joy I receipt when I have discovered a Ball of the money of the film was to be liberto on DVD. Originally Released in 1985, the ball of Money are based in the novelette created by King of Steven of writer of horror in that the young boy (Cory Haim) discovers a grizzly the killers that spends in his sleepy little city is in fact a result of the werewolf. One contrast acute to a majority of film of horror that is liberto at the same time, Ball of the money has not been fill with sex crazed the adolescents that is killed was one for one. If you can imagine a concept, this film of the horror in fact tries to underline an amour of familiar and unbreakable alcohol of youth. Ossia More to good sure aimed in a report among a character Marty and his sister and uncle. This has said, this film is not that lacking of in a department of fright neither. There are several sequences in this film to do inclusa one the majority of jaded of jump of partidários of the horror in anticipation. And a better part of this film is: it is amused always to look! Those films can guarantee concealed? As well as the film, the ball of Money will spend constant entertainment. Unfortunately like the emission of DVD, a quotient of entertainment is so only insignificant. Bundle of the money were released in fact on DVD in 2001 for the countries that belongs the Region 2 (Or.K.) And with the few elements that is not liberto in some them EUA/Canadian emission. That figure be: a trailer of commentary and original film of manager for Daniel Attias. Although this characteristic is is not in this emission, is benefitted with Dolby Sterio, Widescreen/Letterbox, Selection of Chapter, After Captioning and subtitles in English and French. Like this although they are overjoyed that taken to see this film adds in DVD QUALITY and his, are also of a camp that attended films that is liberto on DVD to distribute an audience to see with special characteristics that is not comprised usually in the emission of general video. Ossia Original trailer, commentary/of manager of the actor, has launched bios, behind some scenes that/do of featurette, has has deleted scenes, glimpsed, etc. Has to to the fact that I hesitantly give an emission of ONLY DVD 4 stars in place of 5.
4 / 5 Kourtney
Clearly one of some films of the better werewolf has not done never! Although present underestimate a number of film of good werewolf there reason really do not have to that a lot of film of werewolf to start with with, and so that it is bad. In the first place it was, you are looking for quite some, control out of a two American Werewolf film, and a prime minister Howling film, and give each one that like this of him is sequelas the casualidad, reason some people like different of the this in spite of the majority of them is terrible but can do not saying that to which will like him. So only avert a late plus, number 7 I thinks. And of course it has a Man of Wolf, Wolf of Adolescent, Undertaken of Wolves, Hood of Red Horse riding, Wolf, and some other good some also. In all the chance, considering Money Bullit, one of a better. Any the one who says is not scary is by train to launch you was. A scene at night in a bridge is a lot of scary, how is a sequence of sleep, and a bridge to rot sequence, and an end. All an acting is utmost fusion , perfect, and can really dipped calm to some characters' plants that has to do you to take scared looking the film of horror. Some looks of werewolf adds. An organism is the bear of has bitten -like, but a boss is wolfish quite and an organism the quite intimidating fact. In all the chance, Is scary. And considering some effects, is dated at all but is point and averts! Like this well Werewolf like this American in the effects of Londra although it calms does not see THAT a lot a transformation. A scene where some hairs are going back to the skin of a Werewolf always freaked was. These effects are soooooo very better that a computer craps has to that dipped up with today. It is sooooo hard to scare for this material!!!!
5 / 5 Corrina
The ball of money is essential Halloween viewing of time and after looking it on television (modified for content, of course) for years I finally decided to so only the buy. Stephen King has adapted his novel Cycle of a Werewolf to be included bloodier and more terrifying on screen. Changing to to such things likes them to them the account of organism to some restrictions of lunar cycle for a Werewolf savage Rey of killers has done an extremely entertaining film of possible Werewolf. A film is quell'has bitten dated in a department of special effects, but for some reason that so only adds to an appeal. Knowing that at the same time it was filmed some effects was the upper notch and a history that maintains to elements keys of one novel. Like this the one who a Werewolf is and that a protagonist, Marty is still he parapalegic. The actions add for Gary Busey like this "fresco" Red of Uncle and Everett McGill (late plus to be seen in Wes Craven is Some People down some Stairs). An atmosphere and the element of small city is two of King endearing quality like the writer, really can write in the closely knit community. Some really graphic death scenes and the sometime bobo looking/sometime that scares the werewolf this it perrenial preferred of any film of Horror buff! I recommend to buy and reading Cycle of a Werewolf and then buying Ball of Money. For defenders of Horror, for defenders of King of Stephen, and for defenders to film in general this the way adds to kill the rainy evening or the night of dark October.
"That a heck that goes to shoot the .44 bundle in in all the chance, done out of money?"
"As 'extreme The Werewolf?"
4 / 5 Jeffrey
This film for Stephen King is very effective considering fear and colgante. A trick of a film, that can not develop, is that a werewolf is The PERSON any one would suspect. A merit adds of a film is that a werewolf is murdered for the young disabled boy and for his sister, with a help of his uncle and the ball of money, of course. This executioning the crew is not the surprise in the world of Stephen Rey of colgante. There is to somewhere in his world-wide a faith that only people those who believe in of the sleeps and of the nightmares, i.et. Boys, can face and destroy bad in this world. A subject of a handicapped person in a centre of a history is common in the books of King and many have to that be quoted : « A Talisman », « A Stand », for example. We could do a same thing with daughters : « Carrie », « A Firestarter », for two. A so only shortcoming of a film is that we do not feel a twelve cycle of month of a novel original this is to be write for the special calendar. But I guess this is not a lot that imports here. Also we can complain a compliance sistémica of King with a tradition when extracted monsters like this of the vampires or of the werewolves, and lately extraterrestrials. They are monsters , and at all more, this has to that be destroyed. There is not never any class of second vision, regeneration, epiphany. As it does not look for any one rodeo of a normal course of such the history. Dr. Jacques COULARDEAU, University of Parigi II and IX.
4 / 5 Jonie
Ossia A history of the small city that is resulted a house of the vicious werewolf. The people are violently killed and any one can imagine has gone by that.
A young boy has limited to the wheelchair is a centrical character. Each month his uncle (Gary has drunk) comes to growl the city. It is the wild to order to the one who likes to take drunk. But his influence is enough to spark a necessary imagination to still a boy to suspect some killers are done for the werewolf.
While, A city is up in of the arms on some killers and feel an application of the local law is not doing enough. Vigilantism Is manually.
Finally a boy directs to convince his sister that any one is the werewolf . It say regarding the find and does. Then they have it that imagines was the one who to dip his stop.
A film is full of a partner of wonderful iconography with the better films of King (Christine, Carrie, Needful Things, Stand For me, etc.) And has real surprises. I have seen a film more than a swipe and enjoyed it all the time . Knowing the one who a werewolf was there is not ruined the.
Likes of films of werewolf, ossia one of a better some there. Calm also could wants to verify was Soldato of the yes calm dog like this one.
5 / 5 Devin
Perhaps east will appeal to 12 year olds and down, but is the terrible, trashy, boring piece of film of horror that does. The usual ham of Stephen King-rid, wide-paintbrush, uninspired, are-like this-boring, are-like this-ready no-surprised them that it writes and plotting, a class of what he probably prides he on that the strikes am gone in the day or two--and the really shows. On paper, Rey chatty the fashion can mask a lack of plot or invention--the screen takes a fashion and the new cloths of an Emperor is developed. A werewolf is terrorizing the small city, but so only little wheelchair-Martin has joined knows that it is really the minister of a city the one who is resulted the werewolf (person, comprising Rey, knows that--or reason chooses this particular time to start with werewolfing in a side). Some the bad types are really bad, really gross, taking killed immediately, and there is the Halloween confrontation of the night concealed there is almost a lot of colgante or emotions. Spunky Martin reports small that his alcoholic uncle takes the ball of the money done for him his so that it can kill a creature. Gary Busey direct any to look embarrassed throughout, the tribute to his acting skills, but 'Abad and Costello Fulfil a Wolfman' has roughly twenty times a value of entertainment.
4 / 5 Serena
Some hire a Howling, other Some Americans Warewolf Londra. But for me, it is everything roughly Dances of Money. One of a scariest and more has estimated under the films have not seen never. I have seen this like the first boy and has not thought never would sleep again. Usually the work of Stephen King is turned to drivel, but with east a, all the world has involved had sucedido in each level. Probably reason SK has written in fact a screenplay, as it was adapted by him. Anything a cause, mecer. I have seen the TONNE of horror pics in my life, and little of them controls on has spent an age of 10 in of the terms of terror. But no this recently has taken a DVD and looked it so only (bad idea) the thought has there was imbellished a fear on some years, but still scare me senseless. And some special effects in a warewolf is incredibly well, any only for "the way has retreated then", but for now too much. So only some looks in Jack Nicholson "Wolf" fact me cringe and Ball of Money of the praise even more. This film definately stands a test of time, is so only the shame any too many people have seen this classical horror.
5 / 5 Asia
I Money looked only Ball and has them enjoyed entertained and
a lot of paced,although any particularly the music was quite ominous
and has adapted a film of some characters was two dimensional
in better,but some actors have done the good work with that has been given.The
has not felt a lot of emotional investment for any of a
the effects of creature were good and really so only take the full view of him
creature in an all this,the enjoyed a film and
sample again,although no for the film was so only in an appearance,
the one who the will not give was, like this calm will be necessary looks it to find is
to good sure the value that rent,or buying can that to him finds economic. It has Paid ten
bucks for mine and has taken my short money, could do to plot
worse. 3.5/5
5 / 5 Chieko
Ossia one of steven king better film this in spite of still can not beat a magnitude of stevens better and more enjoyable film of horror,he esTORM OF THE CENTURY' and one 'LANGOLLIRS' or somthing likes that,has forgotten like partorisca spell this film takes place in some suburbs??His in the handy caped boy the one who is crippeld but lucky for him his fresh uncle the chair of sweet motorised wheel with the niter like the things has attached his that can achieve accelerates 40 to , knows,touches the little farfetched but anyways nomination tug of sound-racin-turn-chair a Ball of Money remarks a name of one película.un boy then one prejudices gos was late at night to the light was some rockets to bounce and stummbles to a werwolf those who then takes the material of rocket of the boat in his ball of eye,ow then hastes to his uncle to say of the his werwolf attack but of course his uncle does not believe untill in an end he reallizes he partorisca él.yo like this film been due to a good acting and an a lot of thought out of a werwolf looks realy fake but a rest of some parts of positive film does up for a film of better horror but certanly one of steven king the better horror is the must sees for all steven film of the horror of the king goes,his quite good.
5 / 5 Weston
A cycle of terror ...
Each month, when a moon is in his fuller, an usually calm city of Tarker the mills are visited why a townspeople thinks is the homicidal manic. It mutilate I cadaveri begin partorisca look and the curfew is administered to some residents of Tarker Mills. A the boy spoilt this in spite of decides to ignore a curfew - to the equal that headed to an annulment of a Chamber of July Fireworks - and fulfils a murderous mysterious face-to-face a night. As it begins the investigation partorisca discover a true idenity of this monster.
Daniel Attias has produced one of a creepiest Stephen King films never with ilver Ball'. A screenplay (writes for King) is an adaptation of the his novel, 'Cycle of a Werewolf', in the lycanthrope the one who hunts down a townspeople of Tarker Moulins. A film is a lot of paced and has the 'whodunnit' feel, as well as abundance of extremely scary moments that will ensure does not begin partorisca a 'eject' key, feeling you has squandered your hard has has won dollars.
Besides, has the mould adds here, headed by veteran actor Gary 'Pause of Signal' Busey, Corey 'A has has lost Boys' Haim, and Terry 'A Stepfather' Or'Quinn.
Has in the first place looked this film when you go up for hire in a mid-the eighties and he have scared a bejezus out of me. So much, take a walk of nightmare of your life by means of a fog there is shrouded forest of Tarker Mills, but beware a moon.
ilver Bundle' also stars Everett McGill of'ummits of Sister' and esome People Down Some Stairs', and Megan Follows, star of 'Anne of Green Gables'.
4 / 5 Chas
Every time I clock " Bundle of Money," they are immediately it has drawn his. I love this film, and did not discover it until the pair in fact years when I am gone through half of him on television.
These centres of films around the small city that is lived by the horrible werewolf, but the person really knows the one who is killing a townspeople. So only It Likes raisin that the brother and figure of sister out of a mystery, but then has to that discover that person in city is possessed for a werewolf. Calm to good sure will be impacted when an identity of a werewolf is developed!
A fusion is sum in this film and he calm to maintain you on a flange of your chair! Highly you recommend that this film loves the good fright that goes besides a normal jumpy frights (which there are abundance of). This films really disorders with your alcohol also! It shows this film!
5 / 5 Rob
This film was a film of excellent horror . Corey Haim Touches a hero in this film. Has the chair of motorised wheel and without
the question believes in a presence of a beer of bad
drinking the z/the uncle is ably touched for Gary Busey.unla Function of a minister(and real werewolf) is touched for Everitt
the werewolf is scaring. It is enormous and bad
fear of propagation of the monster during a community. He Corey fallen finally Haim and his uncle partorisca take a werewolf to kill a monster with the ball of plata.un to the final of a film is a lot
aventajada. This film is the good clock . It buys it.
5 / 5 Drucilla
Sliver The ball is the book Adds too scrolling of film. A mark of the werewolf up is according to only Werewolf too American to Londra.
In the small city there is murderous misteriosos.un boy in the wheelchair:With the big imagination. An uncle that (against permission of father)has resupplied,a chair of motorised wheel & works of fire for some better advances of July.unla City minster the one who has the deadly secret. It is a minsters sercret a cause of all some questions of cities or is something more.
A film based it history of carnage around only a forward of july where likes reservation circled a whole caldar vacacional.
4 / 5 Sanora
A delightfull film of yesteryear, the very good film in fact for a term of time and year was done of. If yours looking for all an animation of computer, special effects of todays modern films, tis more to look elsewhere, but tis if the night of fancifull storytelling, the light fright, and the good history of stephen king tis that it is in your alcohol, that looks any far plus that here.
A History of the small city that struggles against some odder whips that more, but some killers are known everything to well to the small boy that they are volume and joined to the wheelchair.
Gary Busey gives the wonderfull action in a part of uncle of Uncle that each one that like this of us there is, a magic uncle, an uncle of big brother.
A Narrarator of a history adds the good element in his turn by heart and a voice adds to a film, in a form to agree of a sister of boys.
In general the good film to be had and seen, and I reccomend the, for both stephen defenders of king and those of a gender of horror in general.
Shows in the full moon, and does not forget to buy your money bullett.
4 / 5 Heidi
The majority of people complains (a lot some complain), in the boy (the other with resisted if you have not seen this film), taking on the werewolf. Well it finds that this film is more for action reason:

1. A werewoolf is not CGI and to be dress, well finds it really scary. Convincing!

2. Two thumbs up for all some actors those who dipped in of the acting skills are which really spend out of some characters and his functions.

3. A line of history is excellent and mysterious like leaves of plough of what for another film of Ball of the Money to be produced. Which is in production for a way. The control goes for calm!

4. Famous qoute: Hardy boys fulfils Werewolf!!!

Calms the favour. Find a tent of the most next video, hire or buy this a now!!
4 / 5 Wm
Has seen this film in a theatre with my way grupal of youth of church behind in mine adolescent early. After a film, while we were all uploading behind to a van of church, our walks of shepherd on that spend a patch of eye. Now this was classical! Out of this travesía to some films, is resulted hooked on all things Stephen King. Today, it possesses all his books in the hard back and all some video have done work. I expect that this leaves some credibility of mine when I a statement "Ossia one of Stephen the better king films". Corey Haim Is excellent like Marty (a chair of wheel has joined pre adolescent), Gary Busey is hilarious and flies a show like Red of Uncle (the one who builds Marty the chairs of wheel concealed is faster that mine car). Everett McGill Games a shepherd and a confusion of his character is evident and a lot of protrayed. A special effect is very a lot that considers a period of time, with a sequence of final when a werewolf is murdered still among a better of all the films of werewolf. Any a lot of scary, but the very good history and has a lot of fact. There are some scenes that gives was those who a werewolf really is and does not take the enthusiastic eye chooses up in these. This predictibility is a draw of only entity behind to the quite solid film. A lot the value that chooses up.
4 / 5 Jerrica
Wants to do this clear !.To that is familiarised with a current tendency in horror,this film can be too childish ..But when we look films like used to scare when we were boys is at all but the film adds scared me like
anything especially some scenes in Brady and Tammy take "rasgado the pieces" for a film is an adaptation of Stephen King "Cycle of a Werewolf"..But
sure hallmarks of King like an origin of a harm and is reason to kill missing ,neverthless is for the treat .
To film each film has something to say or instead I film of clock that has something to say...
In this film one can find,as in the majority of a SK novels,a boy spoilt that fights and finally beating a Werewolf inspite of all some difficulty!
In all the chance the sum on,this film is the wonderful to treat for this amour
1970 film of horror..
5 / 5 Malvina
The ball of money is one of the better films have done of the history of Stephen King. The majority of some films are not like this well reasons one @@subjects it outstretched to cover a full period of a film. In this chance is wonderfull history with strong actions of Corey Haim (Marty) (in 1985 when a film has been released in a start of the TV carreer) and Gary has occupied (his uncle)( can touch good types also ! ). When Something is killing people in the small city, Marty discovers that it is going in, but the one who creates without test? Tarker The mill is pursued when a moon is full...
5 / 5 Alpha
This film [stinks] big time. An end was the disappointment , a werewolf was feeble, and really has not seen has been was really all this scary neither hardly do a lot killing partorisca east to be the werewolf flick. Gary Busey is the good actor but, this function to good sure has not been for him, and has not been that thinks when it agree to this horrible film. This film certainly any one the fact in my favourite films for Corey Haim ready.

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So that there is far has ordered seasons 2-5, and this was a first time the chance is partorisca come fraction. At all of entity but affects an integrity of my collection.
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