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Top Customer Reviews: Razor A5 Lux ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
5 / 5 Gilberte
I received it so only yesterday and it tried it today in the distance of . I took 10 minutes he so that it is gone in around 10km/h (which is quite fast). The lame walking 20 minutes for a same distance. A walk is quite smooth in this speed but I am remarked that when they are in the slowest speed, taking rattly. I spent it also in a bus. It can bend easily but of a boss to 360 terracing, sometimes is not practical. A quality looks very good and sturdy. They are the 27 old year and think that ossia the very useful way to go to places. A brake is responsive, this in spite of any too sudden.
Has debated among this scooter and a Fuzion Cityglide. Now, in spite of a rattling the noises done, am happy with my election.
4 / 5 Yu
Creation and amazing quality of Big quality!
Good pink colouring, better that has expected!
The subject only is that it is too difficult for us to move a key for the curve up!
Has ordered two for 8&10 year old daughters. I add for big boys with big feet. Mina 10 old year has measured the feet of 9 women, 5' big, any sizing subject.
Very spatial of feet! They are the 5 '10” mamma and is a height corrected.
Some big wheels are of sound for footpath and of the streets of asphalt.
The sleeves are some pocolos bumpy after an hour to locate or more.
Am ordering another knife that is more expensive but has pneumatic wheels so that it can join him. I expect that it is like this good or better.
5 / 5 Liane
This scooter is fantastic. It is ready for gone well out of a box. They are 5'11' and it is perfectly comfortable (does not know to like any main that would feel me). It felt he likes was the controls complete still while it locates quite quickly down the hill. A system of pause is really responsive. I have found a walk to be súper softens included when that traces in of the footpaths. Some things that thinks could be improved is a material in some bars of boss, feels likes could rasgar anytime, would be well has been done of something concealed was more durable. Also, a bar of sleeve is in 360 terracing swivel, which means some scales of what whole to plot when the doors have bent, which a bit is annoying. But both of those is the smallest complaints. Absolutely love this compraventa and to good sure would recommend to any the one who is looking for a scooter of has fallen of the adult.
4 / 5 Bebe
Sturdy, he well the scooter has built, and a boss is quite big, and a program long enough, which is not a chance on roughly another soyeasured of adult' scooters. An only down side to this one east that some wheels are much harder that in scooters with small wheels, as really it feels Each SWIPE and crack in a street! If it love the smoothest walk, would go for one with the smallest wheels (I supposition these some are polyurethane ?)
4 / 5 Nakisha
That it can say? It is in plot of fun that traces this thing around. I have used the bicycle and bus to joined, but is resulted the lit of the hassle reason would owe that go to a bicycle and which sometimes is the 10 walk of small and then bicycle to a bus stop. With east, So only spends with me around class or in a library, and the class the class is súper quickly compared to walking. Fold Amiably and have had the people come until me and that it wants to try. Done the pocolos fellow that way. hehe
A wheel has begun to squeak the little which is the little worrisome. Kickstand Are to add - does a work.
A mudguard is useless. It does not go in any quantity of water. Your trousers will be covered with vase. It could look for after guard of phase.
5 / 5 Katia
Like begin was with follows the fully grown man right in a 6 big foot 215lb lb the row and that has has used so only a scooter he handful to time so that it can not testify the longevity.
Has bought this scooter to the equal that could locate with my daughter of 6 years those who have taken the scooter Frozen for Navidad. Needless To say in spite of being near of some maximum of the recommended physical dimensions thus scooter can locate in the quite comfortably. An only part that it is the little tight is to try be with both of my feet in a surface of horse riding (which are not drawn really for anyways). All some look of components decently sturdy and in fact locates well quite my woman is considering taking an also mine 6 old year is now jealous that scooter of mine is easier that locate that his. As any of 4-6 big feet 50-220 lbs easily could use this scooter.
4 / 5 Ayanna
Has bought this for mine 9yr old in his anniversary. This scooter is awesome. I have chosen this one because of some main wheels. As ours issues is not very better here. With the hopes could locate on the without some smaller wheels that is taken and that causes the accident. It is exited as I have planned. A lot of sturdy and well has built. Everything does like this has to that. Already it is doing bunny hops. It is so only he adds.
5 / 5 Luise
The delivery was faster that has expected, the product is incredible :)

My edges has a scooter still in blue and now my daughter has in red.
These scooters are to have that has weighed !
A walk is soooo soften compared to scooters with the smallest wheels (yes, has tried included a scooter was for kicks)
the quality Adds for the good prize and he will last the long time been due to an adjustable hardly fences, qualified of weight, and sturdy build.

Would recommend these scooters to any the one who is boys likes scooters of use. Especially any the one who has the boys 'the big plus' or the one who is to to the boys like to his trace his scooters the just distance.

Very happy with this product!
5 / 5 Sofia
This is to be purchase likes a upgrade to a Knife A3 for my edges of 7 years. At all bad with a A3 but his brother of 5 years was outgrowing his Knife One with his his program small plus and of the wheels has to that way that be now hand-held down a A3 to a boy a young plus and and take a A5 for an old plus a. It loves some few red wheels and a effortless that the slips qualified of this scooter. All some boys of neighbourhood want to locate reasons offers the a lot of the smoothest walk that scooters of tent of typical department for any much more money. Prize in still this scooter is a better around. Estimated in 220 lbs and has the root of long handlebar as it would not owe that require another scooter for the long time. His sturdy and quite big that can locate (on 6' and 185 lbs) comfortably without concerning roughly breaking it. The wheels of substitution can be the little difficult to find they so that it is 200mm and any stocked in the plot of the places but he would not owe that be something I need to concern roughly for the moment. Highly recommended!
5 / 5 Brittney
This thing is AWESOME! I hate to buy things that does not have to that long 'life of usability' - in the so many decide any inbetweeners... My edges is big for one 8 old year, but think that this would have been well for him in 6 or 7. A lot sure and sturdy feeling for beginners.... And like this entertainment that loves one on its own name!!
5 / 5 Sara
I have purchased a Knife A5 scooter partorisca my edges of 7 years like his scooter of prime minister. Some the big wheels are excellent partorisca use in several surfaces that comprises herb, registered, pavement, and footpaths. Some circles of scooter easily and goes quickly. It is able to go in cracks in a street easily. A date of the sleeve is quite infinitely adjustable as it can be used for the small boy or an adult. A big wheel also means a brake is big and easy to use. A product is a lot of sturdy, still fold easily for transport. It has been it has pleased especially that my edges was able to teach his no still first of 4 years those who there has been has not tried never any type of first scooter like this to use this scooter. You grieve the boy is ready to balance on 2 wheels, ossia a scooter to take . It looks well, work well, and is to good sure value a prize.
5 / 5 Krystina
This was perfect for mine very big 11 year. Has measured 8 mentions the shoes and I has been concerned a scooter a lot accomodate concealed but has room to grow!
5 / 5 Willodean
The knife is the very known company and this Scooter are adds for adolescent boys. Very very built and much easier to use he with wheels of big measure. One the good addition is has fallen is that has left a Scooter to remain vertically when any into use. This saves spatial and prevent he to line. Foldable The handlebar adds versatility to transport
4 / 5 Augustus
taste that are of able of the trace any question are 5'10 and is easy for me to locate quite awesome and fast but go to dip better that resists in him when volume he casualidad to me so that it can go faster
5 / 5 Destiny
love a product runs very smooth but of day 1 has the rattling the noise and will try to diagnose and fix in prójimo few days.

Would prefer any to exchange it reason expect the moment for him and would prefer to continue for the use. It is also wasteful and the time that eats for the turn.
5 / 5 Bobbye
Adds for fell it to start with scooter. If I take well it is, probably it would invest in an east rattles less in bumpy streets of bicycle. But I love it: changed my life!
5 / 5 Jonelle
Has possessed several scooters of has fallen in a past 10 years - ossia a scooter of has fallen has had better. Stable, enough, easy of estacionar with one is. To good sure to the smoothest horse riding in pavement thanks to some big wheels.
4 / 5 Treva
The scooter Adds - the only thing could use is the strongest pause to the equal that has some decent hills here. Tonnes of fun for me while my daughter of 7 years mecer his micro maxi scooter. It has taken a Knife because it could no longer run to maintain up with his, now are an equal - only prendiendo goes down it the big hill presents his challenges. (Brakes of disk of the need, and any sure concealed is included there)
4 / 5 Crysta
My edges of 7 years adore it ! Had A bit dread to the start that has not been too big to Touch but with his regulate adapted perfectly. In rodeo, am very satisfied Of this compraventa
5 / 5 Irish
HAS has possessed now this for years this in spite of in strong disposal. The odd volume looks an adult that cruises to the long of and some interesting commentaries also. I add for travesías fast and scooting together with some boys. It is quell'has bitten more 'rattly' that my leading Knife with some smaller wheels but still the good walk.
5 / 5 Rosita
Bought like the present partorisca one of my boys the few years behind, is partorisca be still has used! And to to the my edges liked that it has had to that go main and was the little different that that some another trace of boys. Any question never.
5 / 5 Ivan
Very good trotinette, adjustable and solid. My daughter Of 6 years adored it. The valley The comb pays the to you down his $100
5 / 5 Cameron
So that years later and still works well . Any rust, with the smooth, smooth wheels . Only negative is h has to that be careful with an organism how is quite acute and my skin your ankle if any careful
4 / 5 Albina
A mark of the main wheels for the fastest walk, smoother. Amur A stand of has fallen. Amur A colour. It looks acute.
5 / 5 Rufus
My edges loves it. I add fold down. The only thing is some wheels is really big like jumps of impacts if you are not used to a measure.
4 / 5 Man
Are in mine forties and having the horse riding of the explosion with this scooter adds! I am thinking in bying another for my workplace!
5 / 5 Fabiola
The order has come the day late but still a lot quickly for me!
Loves this scooter, has debated on taking it of then has the plot to try adults in the scooters 😅 but this is surprising! The frames that goes put 100x more entertainment!
Want a measure also, perfect for me 😊 thank you Amazon
4 / 5 Kara
Awesome scooter. I want that it folds and my edges want to that has big wheels and goes quickly.
4 / 5 Caitlyn
Kiddo Master. A help goes big with speed and of the roughest streets. Master that folds up and clips in his rucksack.
4 / 5 Carie
The quality adds and have me like this lasted far.

- Rain splashes on rear
- the rain causes a metal the oxidize that creates this soot-like substance where metal of touches of the metal (likes some joint of sleeve)
4 / 5 Joel
Comes ready partorisca go, right out of a box! Better big wheeled scooter in this point of prize in a phase - will last partorisca always.
5 / 5 Trevor
Has bought these products has used, but concealed does not have a lot of fact the difference. This scooter is resiliant, light and gain to take your bus when you are roughly partorisca the lose. The prize adds global partorisca this scooter.
5 / 5 Shyla
Mina 13 yr. The old edges are thrilled: the utmost looks, movements in the surprisingly fast speed but fender works of brake efficiently. It is in 5'9' and some chair of handlebars in an ideal height. Any complaint!!
4 / 5 Vivien
Wants this scooter! Extremely impressed for a durability and the one who traces smooth! The only desire is was more with a longitude to write that can return both feet, otherwise, the scooter adds!
4 / 5 Leonila
A white plastic there is broken a first day... No the good signal... Or perhaps he any one subject in general.
4 / 5 Lacie
A Knife was compraventa like the present that was has appreciated a lot. A boy has loved a Knife, as looked and is trace.
5 / 5 Maryjane
The product adds. I bought it on its own name. They are the 200 lbs laws of adult a lot
5 / 5 Lai
Touch my daughter. Robust games to go to the sud give the footpaths broken and of the small rock. Perfecto Touches Montreal!
5 / 5 Hyo
Vendor and expedition A lot of
In amours he a lot ... Of 7 to 99 years !
5 / 5 Tamar
Wants this scooter! It is amused the scoot with my daughter of five years. Perfecto for me. Highly recommend to the lady or girl. (Any so much the man grown)
4 / 5 Catheryn
Awesome, so only simple awesome! Excellent creation, quality of worksmanship, and arrival. Really well for young boys too many old to locate some pocolos scooters.
5 / 5 Taisha
The scooter Adds - my daughter of 10 years has fallen enamoured with him immediately. It is big and is the measures adds for his.
Fast delivery - still with option of the regular nave elected
4 / 5 Celia
My edges has has wanted to this!! Perfecto for adults and of the main boys. Pleasantly Surprised with some extra big wheels as I have not known that to expect. The majority of scooters has such small wheels.
5 / 5 Rima
This was the present for my daughter of 10 years. Present better never. It uses a daily scooter that comprises in a rain.
4 / 5 Eva
My finally tried daughter out of his scooter, and is a lot disappointed, reason he odd noises. A piece of money in a rear wheel squeaks noisily, and am not sure reason.

Top Customer Reviews: Razor 13014300 A3 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
5 / 5
My edges those who is almost 5 but a measure of the 6/7 old year and very expert and biking / scooting, has tried a A1, A2 and A5 in the local tent. Wow - Totally it recommends to do this because we could say instantly that of the less revised, seemingly less popular A3 was perfect for him. It can not comprise reason a A1 is like this populate!! It takes this instead!!!

Are 120 lb to the equal that fulfils a requirement of the maximum weight and I tried it and could see reason my edges preferred it too much: a main joint is better to use (still for small feet), feels “correctly” and a measure of wheel is perfect.

My edges loves that it folds and has a bar of adjustable telescopic boss.

Could not find the better prize for a black / money anywhere more. Thank you Amazon!

P.D. My edges has been of the three scooter of Wheel to the two wheel. It does not leave any calm to say you that your young boy needs a Micro Mini in a Knife. My edges mastered a Knife less than an hour. A Micro Mini is súper entertainment and agile ( has tried the hips) and fact very good but expensive and if your boy is likes mine, will love the “scooter of big” boy with two wheels to look hip with some other girls in a yard . Also it will grow with your boy and last longer !! Everything for $ 80.
5 / 5
Update: the amazon has substituted. New a no defective, now feel the grandson is sure that traces a scooter. Very satisfied with Amazon and compraventa. Thank you Amazon.
Would recommend, a lot the scooter has drawn well.

Has arrived defective, augments that unlocks a folding mechanism was almost impossible to release, the grandson of 10 years could does not use. Has has had to that he for him. Now a wheel forward does not turn properly with some bars of boss, slips and there is game in a connection of an advance of wheel/ I any one will leave for the use because it is not sure. Has thinks that that the knife was the reputable undertaken with good products. I have bought also one for our granddaughter. Hopefully Is better quality . It has turned so only seven to the equal that is learning.

With which 3 weeks is not sure neither usable. It can not recommend this time.

Update-Amazon says too late to return or substitute further 30 days, included although I have written an interior of description some 30 days and has chosen any for the treat.
5 / 5
Originally has bought this scooter on its own name, in the believer that would be too big for mine 6 old year. It results it loves it and walks he with ease. A scooter is sturdy and resupplies the smooth walk, much smoother that other scooters have seen. I thought it that it would be it delicate to open and close a scooter, but while they are some instructions properly is very easy. My edges has been in the quantity for all the city. Have Absolutely any question with him. I am fact , has has ordered so only an additional one in the so many can locate near.
4 / 5
Investigation some varied options and this was some better for the beginner to intermediary. A mark goes main for the smoothest walk and easier to cruised swipes. Our 5 old year was the pro in the 3 Glider of wheel but required some transition to a 2 wheel - this model is exited more. It forgets another more gimmicky frames - many is too small / short coverages - the knife is a better mark to good sure (unless I want to buy some imitations some economic plus and substitute). A very light observation (that looks for to be changed in of the latest models) is a grip of coverage is measured roughly of half - alive in wet Vancouver so the grip of feet is something to maintain an eye in some coffins split of aluminium of a coverage. Otherwise - sensational And produced upper that will last for ever.
4 / 5
Has bought this for mine 3 old year to use near his bicycle. I took it on sale like the prize was adds.

Looks to be solidly has built.
The wheels are the pocolos main that an usual scooter, so as to the easiest for him to cruised swipe and cracks.
There is anti-material to slip where a logo is.
A brake is also simple to use and stops quickly.
Bar of sleeve of adjustable height

Mechanism to open and block a scooter is very rigid and requires significant force. I seat like my toes will take taken among some dishes of metal every time I open or the neighbour. My woman in fact always so only the leave open, of then finds it too uncomfortable to open and afterwards.
5 / 5
Our edges loves this scooter. It slips smoothly and the look adds. How we were quite happy with him. This in spite of, have there was so only so only to the long of the month and he maintaining has the question with a mechanism to block a scooter and then the opened again. Certainly we had not required for the blockade too often on some weeks displaced, but of our edges has begun school when it locates there has to that the blockade to store he in colegiala by means of a day. It was difficult of the blockade this morning, then this afternoon am spent 30 minutes when choosing my edges up after pupils to try and the opened again. A dad is coming on to help me, and has struggled to. It has released finally. It has suggested we probably just need to dip some WD40 in a mechanism for the take that you read more smoothly. Hopefully That works. But it has done certainly feel less happy with him. Also we can try and see if ossia the subject of guarantee .
5 / 5
With which some first two hours to use a folding mechanism Patented free result and has been to lose. No very happy with a product. Called a support and they could does not help me and has said that requires to buy the part of substitution. You are KIDDING! So only it has taken this scooter today.
4 / 5
Any disappointed in this scooter. Fast for our six old year but he master he long.
Adds that it looks the easy car and amused to use even thus grandfather.
4 / 5
Has bought this like the present for mine 6yr old. It loves it. His 8yr the old sister has one in the different colour and also loves his. Any subject. The wheels run smooth. The brakes do well. It has not used a wheely bar.
4 / 5
Has arrived punctually, and in perfect condition for my edges 9th bday. My edges loves it, and says is the fast plus (the main wheels) and walk smoother (incident of hule of the front) that his old scooter. Footspace (Coverage?) It is approx. 3' - 4' shorter that his old scooter (different mark - Anger), ossia an only negative, but my edges have said that that is to regulate to a new period any question. It has it wheelie fence, which is the little hesitant to try out of atm, lol.
4 / 5
Very impressed with this scooter. It looks and it feels sturdy, a lot the pertinent age and could not be happier with a compraventa.
5 / 5
The quality of product looks good to arrive to this point. The arrival of container is another subject . Drenching wet and all beat up in some arrivals. Any one has tried to fix he partorisca the wrap up in the half circle of tape of duck. Felizmente The product has not been damaged but how has been supposition partorisca be the present partorisca my grandson of 6 years has been disappointed.
5 / 5
Looks several boys after the school house and career the scooters. They have on resisted well like this far with treatment quite rough and was a lot of abordables. It would recommend him to any with the active engine and he is utmost that a boss regulates for boys of different heights. They were also súper easy to dip on - just the few clicks and they have been ready to use. So only I add it small scooter of .
4 / 5
Has looked for the scooter for mine 8 old year the one who is big for his age. It is perfect and exactly that search.
5 / 5
Scooter Of typical Knife. Solidly Has built for daily use. Service of usual Amazon: good prize, delivery of next day. Any one much more to say.
5 / 5
Difficult to bend. The folding mechanism a lot always does a first time. My daughter still does not go a lot fast and as it does not know on some pauses. Some needs of ray of the handlebar to be presionado bit it too much to avert he of emotional while it locates.
Barring An on, is the good and sturdy has produced.
5 / 5
Could be one of a hard plus and sleekest scooters in a phase. A lot light and easy to manipulate and fold until comforting to spend.
5 / 5
More has impressed that has expected to be. The scooter adds drawn carefully to details. Comprising some bars of boss, fold well for travesía. It would return in mine med chance of measure.
5 / 5
Has bought for my grandson of four years. The scooter Adds. Bought a fact of same scooter three years for another grandson and has on resisted well.
5 / 5
Strolls a lot good. To to My six old year likes. And now mine 3.5 old year is by train for the try was. Some wheels are is really smooth and the frame is a lot of sturdy. A min quotes it can be the little lower.
5 / 5
I have taken 2 partorisca my boys partorisca x May. They love.
A storage of frames of folding option slick
5 / 5
When there is recu my containers , the boite etait deteriorates and the fond of the boite almost all open . But The Piece etait complete .
5 / 5
Has substituted some grips reasons one some comes with east classifies of goofy looking.
Sometimes a crowbar that leaves a scooter folds it/unfolds to take stuck and is delicate to twist.
Some wheels are main that some scooters of Knife but is still a lot quite big to manage swipes or small rocks a lot well.
Another that these things, are adds.
5 / 5
A boy loves a scooter. It is fast and smooth.
Has required can be bent, leaves the small impression.
5 / 5
Is scooter a lot good . Good quality. My edges wants to locate the majority of a time.
To be careful like my eyes of the edges hurt when it has fallen in a scooter how is done of steel.
5 / 5
Well, has done some investigation regarding this product for mine 6+9 years old boys , and has discovered them that A3 Knife , has profits of better bearings and the main wheel then the or a2 .
Sees my boys enjoy it , fold easily , and some boys love it.
Also , a mechanism has bent the delicate looks , to some streets and pavement , still for scooter of prime ministers to time ossia the very that shabby
4 / 5
This scooter is awesome. A perfect measure and durability for my seven-year old edges. Absolutely it loves it. The only desire would use a brake in a backside in planting to tug his sneakers. :( The scooter would owe that coming with the coupon for new shoes also! :)
4 / 5
Produced excellent. A lot of sturdy and portable moment when being light. The boys love it.
4 / 5
A lot easy to bend, a lot solid, mine 8 years ( is on half height) can stimulate a lot easily, to to the my edges like of a lot. Produced recommended.
4 / 5
The prize adds partorisca the product adds. It was the edges wants to this and I love a quality!
4 / 5
A present of anniversary for my grandson , the scooter was very a lot looking easy to regulate lite the weight is by train of the trace constantly .
4 / 5
Has bought this present for the anniversary of my edges. After reading some descriptions, has imagined was a better one had looked in. Done a compraventa, taken expresses to ship, has arrived the prompt day. Very happy with a product, any question. My edges has has trace he in pupil for three weeks now and be to a skates park so only in newspaper and loves it. It is happy, am happy.
5 / 5
5 / 5
Perfecto, on adore this small trotinnettes, solid, compact, and versatile with his big wheels. Súper!
4 / 5
Shabby this for the anniversary of my roughly done daughter 10 month. It used it to go back and advances to pupils and for fun. It is a lot of sturdy and has on resisted well.
5 / 5
My granddaughter of 7 years has loved his new scooter. So only a the smallest question has applied a brake in his boots of big winter, like the rear bar has tended to go in a way. This will be hopefully be the mandate dipped when returns of time of normal scooter.
5 / 5
Awesome Acequia Scooter. I have bought 3, for 7,5,4 year, any complaint.
4 / 5
Ossia The smooth walk and the plot of fun. My edges is 12 and adapted well. Fold On, as it is planning on using it partorisca go to pupil on.
4 / 5
Has arrived quickly, my edges loves it! His well that that that can be regulated to 2 different heights as it grows
5 / 5
Touch a boy of 8 years. A lot of solid and the good quality Goes prize
5 / 5
has Purchased this for the glorious mine-daughter for Navidad.
Looks an excellent product in the very good value. Durability and good action.
My grandson of ten years recommended this model because of an availability of some slightly main wheels (125 mm vs 98 mm), which, alleges, he the most stable fact on city pavement. I think that that it is well.
5 / 5
Like this far like this good. Bought he for anniversary for 5 yr net old. It loves it. Had any question at all choosing arrive -- graduate of 3 scooter of wheel.
4 / 5
Has on elected two of these for my boys. They are perfect. Easy to gather and regulate, and solidly has drawn. There is the reason because the knife is a better in a subject when it comes the scooters!
5 / 5
Like this far like this good. Calm really can go fast. Out of a box 2 minutes and in my way.
5 / 5
The scooter Adds. Quickly regulate the bars of boss are of sound. Suitable for mine 6 old year, 11 year and me!

Top Customer Reviews: Razor Jetts Heel ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5 Rusty
My edges of 7 years there has been Jetts in his cast of desire of the Christmas and when my daughter of 9 years tried him is gone in time navideño, so only has to that have the pair partorisca his also. Both mine boys want to these like this far indoors and can not expect for a snow partorisca leave they so that it can take him external with some sparks.
5 / 5 Kenia
A whole experience has done extremely well. The container has arrived exactly when expected and all was intact when the box has been opened. It do not doubt partorisca order again of . Thank you.
4 / 5 Shala
Quality very big and build!! Highly I recommend him to any one looking for quality and awesome action!
5 / 5 Adelaide
We are doing in a OrphNage in one the Dominican Republic and a pavement is quality very poor. Some girls find it too difficult to use. We will continue to try to teach them.
4 / 5 Grover
My edges of 7 years there has been Jetts in his cast of desire of the Christmas and when my daughter of 9 years tried him is gone in time navideño, has has had to that so only have the pair partorisca his also. Both mine boys want to these like this far indoors and can not expect for a snow partorisca leave they so that it can take him external with some sparks.
4 / 5 Nida
A whole experience has done extremely well. The container has arrived exactly when expected and all was intact when the box has been opened. It would not doubt partorisca order again of . Thank you.
5 / 5 Darleen
A lot well has done. They remain firmly attached to some shoes.
5 / 5 Debora
Is doing in a OrphNage in one the Dominican Republic and a pavement is quality very poor. Some girls find it too difficult to use. We will continue to try to teach them.

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Top Customer Reviews: Razor V-17 Youth ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 19 ratings
5 / 5 Hortencia
I have purchased this product partorisca an adult although a helmet is indicated as 'youngster' measure. Importing to take attention to a sizing recommendation how is surprisingly the very good access partorisca an adult according to some recommendations of measures. I add exactly like this pointed, sizing recommendations very well
5 / 5 Tyra
My edges is the very small 11 year with the big boss. It has thought still this would return of then is partorisca until 14 year olds. Not even near. Tried partorisca return it but of then is not partorisca release the returns has not been the value that sends behind partorisca a repayment. Disappointed.
5 / 5 Olivia
Very sure the one who confidences this helmet with my boss, is coming mine with the pocolos scratches already and a clasp opens on really easily. And it does not look sturdy enough, any sure he really loves the test is gone in real life.
5 / 5 Juliet
Loves this helmet! A youth of description ‘said', but perfectly returns the 30 like the old year also. :) It loves a colour also, thinks that is flashy enough for some cars to remark me even more.
4 / 5 Caroline
Does not have the big boss at all and finds that these accesses in a small side. I took it it was some of a cushioning to do the room and returns better but then now there is Velcro against my hair as it will pull my hair when I take a helmet was. More adapted for youngster sized ant of daughters no for adults.
5 / 5 Janyce
Returns perfectly and is súper pleasant. I have taken compliments on that!
5 / 5 Jerrica
The perfect access and I love a pearly pink colour!
ALWAYS spend you crack when bicycling, can save your life.
5 / 5 Ami
Master. A form much more is flattering that the helmet of bicycle regulates
5 / 5 Viviana
My daughter has loved a helmet. Matched his bicycle and leaves of roller and shes very happy with him. Produced of the quality adds!
4 / 5 Julene
Better access partorisca edges of 11 years and likes a lot of
4 / 5 Shemeka
has HAD SO ONLY he partorisca the short time, this in spite of the coverage and the access add. It seats comfortably in the boss of the girl. Attentive description. Looks well Too
5 / 5 Georgeanna
Thank you Partorisca A helmet, returns the boss of my daughter of 6 years perfectly. ❤❤❤🌺🌺💗💗💗 It looks a photo also. I have ordered a rose one of the his his favourite colour. 🏵🏵🏵🏵💐💐
5 / 5 Maribeth
Ossia Third helmet has purchased. The access adds in 10 old year. Well it priced.
5 / 5 Kayce
The utmost looks in my edges n has had loss he n has saved his noggin
5 / 5 Synthia
My granddaughter loves his helmet , access and looks beautiful
4 / 5 Herb
has been announced like this when being small boy toddler and a real measure is full boy .
4 / 5 Ehtel
The measure was too much big for my almost daughter of 6 years.
5 / 5 Daniela
Marries arrival so only. Good form. Measure of boss of Max 22 thumbs.
Kills lived pearl the colour looks excellent. This colour does not look economic.
4 / 5 Reagan
Are the 30 yr old woman with the smallest boss (roughly ') and this turn adds! It likes-me a colour that shines and the one who this light .

Top Customer Reviews: Razor Pro RDS Dirt ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 23 ratings
4 / 5 Lizzie
My daughter wants this scooter, can go almost anywhere and is like this quite that a tiny wheeled the scooter there is before state. It is the little heavy and to good sure bulkier that some pocolos scooters but ossia to be expected. ( It has beaten really wallop some ankles if any careful).
Is the big 11 year with measure 10 feet and is a lot still in of the boots of massive winter. It looks a lot of sturdy like this far and has resupplied the plot of entertainment.
5 / 5 Garnett
Alive in Ottawa, cold and snowy for 1/2 a year. It has registered In some streets like nieva funds. This scooter extends a season of scooter significantly. A work goes big in rough terrain. An only down the side is is hanged. It is heavy and my edges can any a lot of tricks. If to your boy like him the tricks with fellow - this is not a scooter.
4 / 5 Clay
Has bought for my age of anniversary of the edges 6, perfect height , very built out of strong material. Wheels and bearings is a lot quickly better that any one another scooter. It looks it it will last the long time maintains the base of the rural property and is utmost on almost all the terrain . 5/5 With out any doubts was the cost adds 👍
4 / 5 Rhea
Ossia a second scooter of the muck has purchased. We have had one for our edges and our daughter have has wanted to one in another colour also. My edges is is 5 years and is still in perfect form. Everything of his friends loves this type of scooter, has taken less than the minute to gather and fast delivery! Well value of the money, the trace adds on herb, rocks, etc.
5 / 5 Omer
My daughter of 10 years loves it! I take a dog for the walk in hilly trails in our neighbourhood and my daughter locate his scooter. All the world takes exercise !
5 / 5 Nita
Strong build, easy gather (only some bars of sleeve) and some wheels are awesome for venues scoots... No more than it concerns in rocks or breaks that it can do he for sudden stops. It is weighed more than a small more foldable scooters of Knife, but for the boys that goes to a park, no a subject.
5 / 5 Margery
Well and sturdy scooter. The amazon there has been a better prize on that. Easy to gather. We can look to take some new bearings for some wheels so that they go the little improve.
4 / 5 Dewayne
My edges loves this scooter. I add for campings and around in some streets and the trails approach my house. Never worryied in small rocks jamming some wheels. It is strong and very built, this in spite of does not block down. It has not been a subject for us this in spite of. The friends of all my boy want to locate too much. So much entertainment!
4 / 5 Dara
Exactly that looked for where alive in a country, age 11 and amours he
5 / 5 Joey
the scooter adds, the main wheel the able fact to go almost anywhere, very built
4 / 5 Kassandra
The scooter Adds, the main wheel the able fact partorisca go almost anywhere, very built
5 / 5 Caleb
My boy absolutely loves it, paid for him everything for him with money of anniversary. Still that tries to take a legislation of pressure of the air. It would owe that spend the box of small hand-held bomb is happy
4 / 5 Suk
My boy loves this thing. It is awesome and has the quota 'wow' factor. A good thing is that has the and the handlebar framed that it means my boy can close he until the bicycle racks different the majority of scooters.
5 / 5 Tawana
Produced excellent. Sturdt Has built well and add was street. To good sure recommend
4 / 5 Josiah
My edges has has wanted this partorisca around our house where has a lot small pavement. It is perfect!
5 / 5 Lucie
Mina 9yr old loved this present of anniversary! It is excellent in our streets of muck and pathways in a shrub!
4 / 5 Stefan
Bought 2 of them. One is well. Another a valve of wheel of the front will not leave an air in a tube. It can any plenary .
5 / 5 Roselia
Adds was scooter of street - but is weighed is looking for partorisca do tricks.
5 / 5 January
Our grandson has loved a scooter.
Has arrived punctually and is very happy with our compraventa.
5 / 5 Cristina
7 year is by train of the enjoy. The works add in our rural property without footpaths or pavement.
4 / 5 Dwain
I edges loves it. We live in a country. It is perfect for hills of muck and has registered.
5 / 5 Cara
Has no pavement in our house. This scooter is a better one has has not bought never!! The amazon is also an economic more
5 / 5 Vance
quality of packaging and Excellent build. Herb of mark of entertainment of fat wheels of travesía. Included some adults can use it.

Top Customer Reviews: Razor Scooter ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 32 ratings
4 / 5 Jacquetta
Bought these partorisca substitute some wheels in mine scooter of edges like bearings in some original wheels rusted. (My failure, haha) some wheels thinks can be drawn more partorisca freestyle skate horse riding of type of the park, any so much partorisca kick around a neibourhood. With this said, this there has been at all partorisca do with my indication.

Some wheels turn free quite well embrague like this limited while it locates.
The installation is easy, yes can take some the old wheels was, can dip these on.

My subject only was that on some spacers(inner of a wheel) was free and moving around inner. I beleive this was an isolated accident , and would not owe that be a norm for a product. He didnt hamper an action of a once installed wheel, he so only the little more difficult that install, how was hard to cwnter a spacer with a ray how is slide a lot freely.

Does a lot well.
4 / 5 Zofia
...That more the father loves ?!

Ossia The description of the long term likes these has been May has bought 2017 and has has used dozens the dozens the dozens to time a past 3 summers.

Likes more looking for this type of element, his scooter of precise girls of the new wheels, the be fault to resist, something slowly in some wheels been due to skidding excessively or the fault of just basic wheel. A subject with our original wheels is that a bearings has taken up and a scooter has not gone properly.

Has been of then purchasing more and more has seen the amazon especially of then has his first service has loved to find and wheels of substitution of the cost here. A goodness of fast investigation to this listing titled ' Wheels of Substitution of the scooter of Knife has Dipped with Bearings ' the one who could go wrong with that. A colour has been agreed for my boy and I have agreed a prize. ( Taking 2 insiemi )

has arrived quickly and after inspecting a packaging with all when being a lot of and pertinent was quickly to take to do. I have used a regulate hex to undo some originals and installed some new wheels. Fact. Each wheel has taken literally according to only to the transmission was.

With three summers, punctual to be the 4th in these wheels so much me and my boy is has impressed extremely. These are BETTER that some original ! Yes with a lot it likes me I will say that to that like him to him these has not spent down excessively like the wheels of original Knife have spent down. One that resists in these wheels of substitution are also better quality IMO to the equal that have maintained was water and grit different some originals. ( Reason require to take wheels of substitution in a first place )

POURS ► These are not limited so only to mark of to the Knife like him to him these are measured rule by means of a lot of frames of different scooters.

TIP ► Some people say can not take a hex rays as they are taken, if ossia a chance then uses the spray of penetrating oil, sinister chairs for the pocolos small and come from. This mark is something it prpers use and also will recommend:

My boy will recommend these to your own boys and I will recommend these to some parents. Your main election is so only which paints to take !

Useful, is likes wait that finds our description !
4 / 5 Filomena
Is returned perfectly to a knife, any subject, a colour is not really the orange colour well, but law so only well. It would recommend this product.
5 / 5 Cherlyn
These were true substitutions .
Found him the tad pricey, but is a real shot .
5 / 5 Margaret
Taken the huffy tinker scooter of the bell of Disney reward signals does years. Some wheels have begun squeaking then a backside an east fallen averts. The short long history, THIS RECORD!!! And for the fraction of a cost of the new scooter, this mommy is the hero again!
4 / 5 Kathyrn
Has required another together of wheels for my scooter of a stock some were spent and flattened. These wheels are qualities very big and locate a lot of smoothly. After this together of wheels takes shabby, to good sure will buy him again.
5 / 5 Jonathan
Mina 10 yr transmission of plasma go car old. Any returned for advance of wheels this in spite of
5 / 5 Cordelia
Quickly and animal and easy animal in ours scooter. The wheels look strong and bearings is well. Good value for a money. Compraventa Good
5 / 5 Gus
Like this far like this good! We have had these for the months of pair now and was easy to substitute. They are slightly smaller that some wheels of factory, but ossia well. We want that the scooter of our boy is of tower in action.
5 / 5 Natosha
Good wheels, economic prize. My boy does not go to be too hard in a hule in these softer looks that an original wheel has taken was. I have bought the scooter has used that it has had it something slowly in a rear wheel. The time will say like this controls up.
4 / 5 Quinn
Decided partorisca take my old Dunlop scooter on and when being announce some boys partorisca use. Substituting some old wheels with these new some was the breeze and law like the charm. To good sure the part of solid substitution and partorisca the just prize partorisca kick!
5 / 5 Jacqueline
My edges has blown literally some wheels in his scooter. 100mm. These were perfect and economic and like this far is that they resist on excellently ;)
4 / 5 Magaly
My grandson was like this anxious while to these, as I am really happy that thinks that that they are perfect!
5 / 5 Flo
So that it adds partorisca be able to take these on-line, and in the prize adds. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
4 / 5 Olivia
Decent partorisca a prize. My edges 60 lb flies around good and smooth.
4 / 5 Norbert
These wheels are good value partorisca money. Very sincere to install. A short scooter like this very like this new.
5 / 5 Joanna
Wheels of perfect substitution partorisca the scooter of has fallen edges. His scooter is the model of the knife purchased of the Canadian wheel and these wheels return perfectly.
5 / 5 Jennefer
Has arrived punctually. Sooner that has expected in fact. Simple installs. Circles of scooter like new now. Only neg is the wheels are quell'has bitten soft. They look less durable originates it but the only time will say if ossia a chance . Global satisfaction.
4 / 5 Rueben
Was perfeft partorisca the scooter of my daughter, theu was bit it smaller that has expected but turn well in a scooter.
5 / 5 Delores
The scooter of my edges is of tower to like this very like this new with these wheels! They come with bearings doing partorisca the fast and easy transmission.
4 / 5 Shawnee
I have finalised partorisca buy two pairs in place of two wheels but return perfect and the law adds.
5 / 5 Tom
Has done initially well. We install him to us the year and one of some wheels that resists is not doing well.
4 / 5 Lan
The wheel is well. Soft, will spend was with extreme use. Trade-was is the traction of grip/adds
5 / 5 Mahalia
Was described like this that. Amado a variety of edges was able to install without issuing
4 / 5 Jesus
access Perfecto and cost effective. Repaired 2 scooters for some boys have found in some rubbishes.
5 / 5 Carlota
Are the alone mamma and has not known as to do east. It was easy. Returned my scooter of boys. Any question.
5 / 5 Keisha
The nave was quickly. A product likes expected in of the terms of dimensions.
4 / 5 Norine
The work adds has had any question with an installation of them the boy loves him good wheels
4 / 5 Wm
Resisting the looks change decent , fast of wheels of factory. Easy way partorisca customise.
5 / 5 Vicki
These are smooth to locate new life behind to the scooter of my edges.
5 / 5 Jerrica
Well Maintain my scooter of edges goin partorisca varied years of plus.
4 / 5 Ellena
Excellent. The better and more smooth way that one some substitute!

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