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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Ignacia
Recently I have succoured the sweet little kitten, was underweight, would not eat and his skin was the disorder . With which some investigation and the pocolas other frames have ordered are Feeds Diet of Science of the Collina partorisca inner kittens. Really it loves it! With which so only the week could see a difference in mine little daughter, his discharge is lustrous and is excited to eat. His level of energy is on and is doing like the kitten, touching and full of life. I am appreciated like this for a fast delivery and excellent value for my money, (although it would pay anything, I of the that has to that) this beautiful little animal is now happy and thriving!

Top Customer Reviews: NUTRO WHOLESOME ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 33 ratings
5 / 5 Nakita
Partorisca On 10 years, has has directed tents of pet and always be Fed behind. The difference other frames of big final like Real Canin and Diet of Science, Feeds has stuck always with ingredients of qualities while some another is gone down a quality of his ingredients and has gone with economic fillers. Has 3 cats and his diet is a lot of entity of mine, these produced contains Chicken, Lunch of Chicken, Rice, Lucerne, Fat of Chicken and a lot of ingredients more sãos (more minéraux of additional/vitamins). A lot of lunch of pet contains the by-product but that do not say is that with the by-product also is taking run poorer that cartilage/of flesh and when I see Fat Animal (a preservative) like class of animal? Last, alimentary uses Brewers Laughed and Laughed of Brown as I fill that it is Very better that the one who the majority of companies or lunches of gluten of the corn. Ummm, I cats and I Dogs can not digest corns. Any only is laughed fill a lot he also the helps normalise a process of digestion.
5 / 5 Lloyd
My amour of cats tinned Whitefish lunches and like this when looking for the dry kibble when I have found this lunch of cat with Whitefish drawn partorisca inner cats, has the data comes from it. Some cats LOVE It. It has dipped there eaten partorisca regulate was and then this one and they would eat this some first hands-down. A the cat viril can take urinary glasses that quell'was reason had in the lunch the expensive plus but in this cat chow is has had absolutely any question with urinary glasses. They are on be he partorisca the year and are now subscribed partorisca take he of Amazon.
5 / 5 Tarah
My cats like a lunch we finally bought of this mark, but this listed does not have to that exit well. You will remark a picture partorisca a stock exchange a small plus of flavour of the inner cat of white fish is in fact the picture of lunch of dog. It assume it it has not had the picture of a lunch of cat and has used to bear the stand in, but looks any things are organised wrong where the things am shipped or any one is packing just looks in a picture because although we select some right alimentary options, always take a lunch of dog of the chicken. I assume this will not spend partorisca other measures, but those who knows.
5 / 5 Jefferey
Have old cats. Has the habit of has new lunch each one pouch. Ive Has tried A lot of FRAMES. Everything with alike results ( was tought look of mine of cats partorisca like a Diet of Science bit it more). This lunch is complete junk. The mine marks 3 vomit of cats! Patient try for the repayment ASAP
5 / 5 Elvie
My cat loves another iteration of some has fed Wholesome the lunches of Senior cat have found on Amazon. Has thinks that that this would be near of a same in the prize the low plus, but like this wrong. My cat will not eat this alimentary and can do not returning. At least when the compraventa of the calm pet store can return an alimentary to to your pet does not like . It is it was $50 and have feed any comma.
4 / 5 Mona
A cast of ingredient is impressive and the descriptions are mostly stellar, as it has not expected our 2 senior cats to vomit this dry lunch. Gradually it has changed on to of the alimentary east the dry Senior chicken. It is clear that this lunch is by train to do them ailing. It has not seen to take he in a lunch, but will not be the diet anymore.
4 / 5 Lenore
One of the mine kitten has question of digestion, supposition a cat breeder has the data eaten economic bad, with which has transmission to this lunch of cat, my kitten now has no soft poop subject
5 / 5 Marc
has paid to plot more for another level of recipe of lunch of upper quality, and to the my cats any likes him to them a lunch, and sometimes the patient. This lunch is quality adds , and no like this expensive. Better informative is master a flavour : ) I will buy again.
4 / 5 Evangeline
Good mark of lunch of cat. Also it buys a lunch of dog of has fed. Both animated can not take enough, loves time to dine. A stock exchange is easy opened and resealable. They are to repeat it buyer. Thank you Lunches :)
5 / 5 Wei
look of Mine of cats to like it. A morsels is the little in a side a big plus as mine an older cat has some difficulty with eating them.
4 / 5 Dalene
have old cats. Has the habit of has new lunch each one pouch. Ive Has tried A lot of FRAMES. Everything with alike results ( was tought look of mine of cats partorisca like a Diet of Science bit it more). This lunch is complete junk. The mine marks 3 vomit of cats! Patient try for the repayment ASAP
4 / 5 Lesia
has paid to plot more partorisca another level of recipe of lunch of upper quality, and to the my cats any likes him to them a lunch, and sometimes the patient. This lunch is quality adds , and no like this expensive. Better informative is master a flavour : ) I will buy again.
4 / 5 Junie
The product adds. It is a main edge and protein that has been able to find. One of my cats in fact chooses out of this one of my mix (I combines 2 frames) has created to help my stock exchange. I can take a small plus But to in my venue grocery tent and when being able to take a big bad rid my door is awesome.
4 / 5 Darius
This is marked to the equal that estimate included in PetSmart. If have Prime of the amazon and your cat likes an alimentary line, to good sure the cost adds. They ARE it is and the test adds. My cat has turned down another alternative sãs. Sometimes it likes- that mixes to me a wet lunch in with a dry. You love it!
4 / 5 Lavette
I have begun my cat in this lunch of management of the weight the little month behind because a vet has weighed in 21.8 lbs.
Is doing well in the, but knows it will go down to the normal weight.
5 / 5 Meghan
When it Feed leaves to do Max Cat takes ugly in our house. Have Alway Is used Max Cat and expósito that is not happy with other same frames an expensive plus some. Finally found this a place out of alimentary dishes of three different types and ossia some so only one that has him to him legustado. Happy cats again and are not that it takes a death be anymore.
5 / 5 Brook
The delivery was quickly. The cat has has not wanted to it try and that spends of longitude my reaction of cats was the waste of my money. I add it gradually but two weeks later so only ailing taking of him.
4 / 5 Oscar
My look of cats to like it. A morsels is the little in a side a big plus as mine an older cat has some difficulty with eating them.
4 / 5 Bradley
Finds pleasant asks roughly flavour all can say is my crew of cats all has eaten he without complaints.
4 / 5 Brianna
My cats love these alimentary and has been eating he for years. They are all a picture of health and have spent good-looking , shiny. To good sure highly recommend Feed Essentials.
5 / 5 Kassie
...The looks of cat to like it. Sometimes it is his gone to when offered both wet and dry a same time.
4 / 5 Gaylene
I cats love it. I can see a difference in his health.
5 / 5 Griselda
I cats love it. Entirely fixed a question has had to launch on feeding. They like him some few ingredients and to the equal that can buy big stock exchanges
5 / 5 Daniele
My cats really like this alimentary. It likes that of some ingredients are well.
4 / 5 Elda
After trying diverse quality of first dry lunch, has found to feed is a one my cats prefer more. If you are looking for the lunch of good quality in the reasonable prize, alimentary test. The nave was really quickly too much.
5 / 5 Candra
Maintains a soft skin and shinny, does not go of hair of the transmissions partorisca this mark
5 / 5 Beaulah
the cats love it, has taken here a lot quickly very wrapped in the box and the reasonable prize.
5 / 5 Chanell
Produced excellent.. Fast nave. The cats love it...,🐱
5 / 5 Effie
Receive a container with tape on some corners of a stock exchange. A stock exchange was obviously rasgada was and then dipped in a box. We can have lost some of some alimentary this was in there too much. There is disappointed really.
4 / 5 Irena
My cat a lot like this eaten of cat and has been puking the. I maintain partorisca try from time to time partorisca a past month and he still pukes everytime. It AVERTS AT ALL SIDE
4 / 5 Marquerite
Lunch of the cat of quality adds! Mina 1 old year bengal tabby x loves it. It is state Feed eaten of cat his whole life and a transition to a formula of adult has been seamless. The levels of energy of the cat and the discharge is a lot of sãos and looks to be the form adds. Highly recommend still holistic diet.
5 / 5 Gwyneth
Ossia The prize really adds thus lunch. I added it to the mine Subscribes & to Save order like this now does not have to that me never concerns roughly any in that has eaten he of cat. My cats love it! Also it likes that of a big 6stock exchange of kg is paper and no a-plastic recyclable
4 / 5 Virgilio
usually go for a stock exchange has painted blue of Fed but this was a so only an available. A bit expensive but my look of cats to like it this in spite of.

Top Customer Reviews: Nutro Perfect ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
5 / 5
My cats love this lunch of wet cat. They do not have any question that the laps up. I have tried all another mark of tent canned lunch of the cat and my cats mostly do not want to eats. My only thing I marvel roughly is if this lunch of cat is accused in some plastic containers go in. If like this, I then me he little leery in that is filtered to a lunch. The majority of people would say does not concern roughly the, is only cats , but love my cats and I worry in his lunch. I guess a main thing is that really it likes to of him and there are not a lot of leftovers. If have spoilt fussy to to the cats like to do and calm has not tried this mark, that could love. I will be partorisca buy the again, while perhaps it will touch partorisca lose in pricing a bit. UPDATE : My cats that used partorisca want to this maintaining will not touch it , and does not blame him . A last box that took it when it has opened the tray of him and he have odorato like plastic, like a container was accused probably in. As I am not impressed and neither is some cats. Really disappointed with Fed in these containers and I will not be in that buys it again. The desire so only would sell in of beat him.
5 / 5
Band/of Turchia of the chicken: I have taken to to this likes to treat he partorisca my cats (usually have dry feeds only). The cats want to this, coming running so only of a sound of a container that remain in 2 but with which less than the month one of my cats has developed the allergy feeds & has a lot a lot bald patches (any allergy of flea!) & Still it is trying recover his slow that grows peel 2 month later! Buy the lunch of better quality partorisca treat your kitties.
5 / 5
My cat has eaten mostly dry lunches and developped PEMPHIGUS FOLIACEUS (crusts mostly around ears, paws, expensive, etc. -->pustules And crusted lesions). It transports him the immune illnesses are has amused no!

My cat, and cats with subjects of skin in general, need a diet of anti-inflammatory (down in grain, potato free, rich in omega-3).

Together with some pertinent medications in of the significant quantities, my cat has not cured/remission durably until I have changed his diet partorisca WET FEEDS. I mix canned SARDINES/of TUNA/of the SALMON together with this feed and looks partorisca operate miracles!

My cat has vomited often with dry lunch. It is now more slender, in the better way, looses way less hair and looks in noticeably of better health.
4 / 5
I desire had read to some better ingredients likes me to him not having of then has has comprised tomatoes. While the tomatoes mature can be sure, the cats can be allergic to them. They can offer some moisture and edge but in general is not is partorisca cats.
5 / 5
There is no @to @give that has been in mine last can of wet lunch until it used it, how was relieved like this partorisca be able to find this partorisca Prime of Amazon of some days. Like this fiancé, has arrived the day, and my cat has loved that. Some ingredients are quite well also - any chicken or by-product of turkey, and all a rest of some ingredients looks to verify was also be well for cats. An alone portion is ideally useful, but all the cats have different needs for wet lunch, how is hard to so only go with the-measured-access-all the thing. In general this in spite of, these are convenient and utmost in the pinch - just probably more to trust on like your lunch has wetted always because of a prize and portions.
4 / 5
Last cradle has read a piece in an of this web of places for lovers of cat that alleges to Feed to be one of a cup 10 wet lunch better for cats. We decide to give that it tries it, and one of our cats has loved that. Then all of the sudden a cat has taken a lot of patient. Multiple vomiting episodes, blood in vomit, lost of wins... They are and happy kitty toneless results, lean and lethargic. Interior three month, has done roughly 6 visits of emergency to a vet clinical. We are included be the Blue Pearl in Detroit, where some cancer of doctors has suspected. We a pocola researches and has discovered that Blue Pearl belongs the Course. Mars also marks to Feed... We have taken to rid of Fed, and dulcemente, a cat has begun to recover. After the few months without Fed, take our playful, energetic cat behind, but still has the very sensitive stomach, how is in the special diet now - of for life. If it could turn a time behind, would not buy never my cat feeds.
4 / 5
The product is coming when it has to that. No quite that has expected of description but GOOD. MI cat is a final referee . 14 yr Old Tabby with has purchased flavours. Tried a first band of 2 and no bad but of then, no in his plan of paper. SIDE of vendor, but a no. of consumer has said
4 / 5
This lunch is resulted a point underlined of the day of my cat. It runs down with anticipation each morning to take his alimentary courses in Gravy. Has has fed always other lunches but there is has not had never the reaction has taken strong! Clearly it can say a difference among Feeding and lunch of cat of low note.
4 / 5
I really precaution any against buying this lunch. Both of my cats have taken quite ailing after the eat, and is been to real fight to take them to start with that eats again. I am spent $ 600 in vet invoice like this far and a question is still no solved. I am concerned like this roughly his, and deeply complains to buy this lunch.
5 / 5
My cat was previously in economic kibble but has been diagnosed with pancreatitis and a vet suggested to find the drop of fat wet lunch that didnt has any one unnecessary ingredients, OSSIA!! My cat loves these and has not had any one symptoms of then. They are it has bitten it pricey but quality.
5 / 5
It was like this happy to find the first election of my cat partorisca feed on Amazon. Has a lot of be happy with this product and am expecting is doing a lot xo add more options (pates, has beaten, more than some available flavours).
4 / 5
My cat loves this lunch, literally drives mad for him. There is remarked also transmissions in his levels of activities, no more stanky breathes of cat or poop. TMI?- It was, but it is a better mark of lunch of the cat has not bought never
5 / 5
My cat is like this difficult to feed. It disdains His nose in 20 different types, and frames. This mark has eaten 2 has beaten of, then did not touch it of then.
4 / 5
My cats love this flavour. The flat mix average with the dry lunch and lasts him 10hrs. Convenient packaging, any precise to maintain it opened in a refrigerator. (A bit the cats prefer this product to Viskas).
4 / 5
My cat a lot like this feed.
Can does not return, like the'll gives it to a humane society.
Usually when compraventa eaten of cat of a tent of pet, if to the to cat does not like , can reissue it.
4 / 5
A delivery of day. Wow! Regarding a lunch.... My cat is the cat of rescue and will eat anything. I owe that monitor and research all his lunch. These produced looks to be the good mix of sound suppliments and nutritious. Any Grain!
5 / 5
Could not count in my cats consistently eating this lunch of cat, as I will not buy again how is too expensive to constantly launcher out of this catfood.
4 / 5
My cat loves this new lunch. His discharge is shiny and soft and his dander has gone. A bit more expensive that eaten rule, but well currency he.
4 / 5
Has ordered and paid for courses in gravy reasons thats some bondadosos my cat will eat and has arrived today, his all pate, both boxes of him. Now they say you can it does not return reason his no eligible. Like this now I am stuck with 48 catfood eaten my cat will not eat .
Has had seriously a work and he was to give me that has paid takes.
5 / 5
The prize was the little big for content, and the pressure would build up in some trays and spray throughout you if you are not careful when open
5 / 5
Grain-free is in general better partorisca cats' good health - control of weight,etc. does not have to that buy canned feed - some has beaten has lined with the plásticoes can not be recycled.
5 / 5
I cats want a bit alimentary but is to expensive to have like only source partorisca feed. Using as it has taken like extracted not going partorisca the buy again
4 / 5
This produces arrived with dead larvae. An office of estaca has been annoyed like the boxes have odorato decayed and has done a smell of whole edifice. Obviously a product has suffered harm long before it has arrived of then some larvae (possibly maggots) had died. This product was unusable :(

would have to that be refunded.
5 / 5
My cats will lick a juice was and then barf the on - will not buy again - $ partorisca 12 pocolos compartments that is really hard partorisca old people partorisca open
5 / 5
the suppositions are that human also! LOL. Hate sushi, my woman loves it. The lunch adds but can not buy again because the needs to find something both cats enjoy.
5 / 5
Are very happy that my cat LOVES this lunch! It is very particular but wants to Feed wet lunch; and some trays of perfect portion are so only a perfect quantity to give your cat.
5 / 5
To our cat of 5 years likes. We use it to us to supplement his dry lunch. Our cat is the a lot of picky eater.
5 / 5
Has researched a factor of health of this product. Found the to be quite well for my beloved kitty. It is typically the a lot of fussy eater but eats this up!
5 / 5
Eaten of quality, perfect portioning, the free grain (as its own for FIV and Allergic cats). The cats have loved that!
4 / 5
All 4 of my cats enjoy this, especially loves a bit of gravy with him, is not too so only a right quantity, a half of a tray of double portion goes the long way, as it has pleased to love the reason all 4 can be a lot feed fussy cats !🐱
5 / 5
Although my cat loves it a smell of an excrement is terrible. My stinks of small paving and unfortunately has to that look for other options.
5 / 5
To the Ours to cat likes-the this, no too rich for his but enjoys them.
4 / 5
My cat drives mad for these. It comes to run when it listens a crack of open tray. It does not cause any digestive questions. The cat enjoys a flavour. It would buy again.
5 / 5
Was in his own tray and without muss or fuss my dog Alex was to feed and happy
4 / 5
These are easy to store, open, and do fault. My cat loves a variety. I want that there is any smelly has beaten in a refrigerator.
4 / 5
The cats love a slime gravy in him. Leave an alimentary behind.
4 / 5
Has to that give my medicine of the cat and these are a perfect measure partorisca hide he meds in! Ella gobbles the all up!
4 / 5
Convenient, useful to feed my good cats after the movement before I have had anything partorisca measure place up.
4 / 5
Terrible mu the cats the hated and any one has included the touch.
5 / 5
To the to cat likes , is lateralmente effective and has taken fast delivery .
4 / 5
To to The My cat no liked him to him a type with gravy but has loved a pate
5 / 5
So much my cats go given for this material! Usually with another wet lunch some leftovers in a bowl, while with this material, the bowls are licked sparkling cleaned! It will be to buy on and on. THANKS TO the lunch For the product adds.

Top Customer Reviews: Nutro Wholesome ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Kendrick
The cat loves it, never is any question that can say that it is eaten of cat. State that use a same mark for years.

Top Customer Reviews: NUTRO Perfect ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 Olympia
My cats didnt like it a bit. Preferred his dry lunch on that.

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Top Customer Reviews: Nutro Wholesome ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5 Amalia
4 / 5 Shirly
To to The Cat like him to him the looks and of Alimentary frames partorisca be of decent quality without súper-the prevails that it prices

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