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Top Customer Reviews: Phantom of the ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
4 / 5 Melita
When it Was the adolescent , has taken a soundtrack partorisca this film like the present navideño. I have had he partorisca the few years before I have not seen never a film. Already it has grown it to to that likes him the paralización all some songs, and when I have seen finally a film has been blown was.
Ossia A classical Phantom of a history of Work, but modernized (partorisca a 70s), with Dorian Grey and some Faust melted with the history in the producer of music (Swan) the one who is opening the palace of new rock (A Paradise). Rasga Of the composer is (Winslow) music, and there is falsely there is prendido. Winslow Has escaped prison, but while trying to the revenge esatta is deeply disfigured in the diagrams of vinyl of pressing records, and a Phantom of a Paradise is born.

This flick is not the musical in a sense a rigid plus of a meaning, in that a mould a lot spontaneously the pauses were the song . Instead, all some songs are the part of any one some audited or some shows in a Paradise. Some starts of prompt show were with some music for the band has called a Juicy Fruits, a lot 50s touching, songs of beach of type of the boys, and then evolves like the music is substituted for a bookmark written for Winslow.

Some values of global production are the pocolos low, of then was done in the estimativa, but in general has had all have required partorisca take a history by means of. Big crowds, big theatres, good actors and talented the singers really do this show underlines. The swan is touched for Paul Williams, and he also written a lot a music. I owe that say, really is one consummates interpreter in this picture. His tunes are really enjoyable, and his flange is done a lot well , how is cost of sound Jessica Harper that Phoenix of touches.

Like the note lateralmente, this films really bombed in his initial emission, everywhere except Winnipeg Canada and Parigi France. These two cities have taken really this films to heart, and in Winnipeg he literate obtained quickly state and was around in of the local theatres partorisca several years. In any one last few decades, has had 'Phantomapolusa' each few years, inviting a mould partorisca the weekend and enjoying the exploitation, more has included the concert for Paul Williams and Jessica Harper at least once. A last a was resisted so only in state of 2017. In France, still aim this film, sometimes in the characteristic double with Small House of Horrors.
4 / 5 Merrill
This film has everything. Comedy, horror, work and music. It pays homage the Phantom of a Work, Faust, A Picture of Dorian Grey and Frankenstein among another horror classics but a campiness of this film prevents a horror partorisca be taken too much seriously. Instead it has an almost comedic feel. I think that that some songs are that dipped this film in a cup. Shows of Williams of Paul of his incredible versatility with the songs that diverse of 50 gift-wap, 60 surf his and pop until finally achieving rock of accident. Some papers are some of William the majority of ready and witty and everything of some songs directs to transmit the part of the subject centrical of a film. Phantom Of a Paradise has been released the year before Show of Picture of Rocky Horror to the as it went it often compared and in my opinion Phantom is the very better film same this in spite of the Rocky horror is known enough. This has said, this film is not for all the world-wide to the equal that could be because it is still relatively ignored. But you love only chair behind, be entertained and reality of evasion for 90 minutes then grab any popcorn and look Phantom of a Paradise.
5 / 5 Mandy
Is the defender of this film, ossia the very good emission very currency of the cash. Factory to cry the work adds that it collects load of extra material in a bluray disk as well as a second DVD. A scrolling of a film is for far a version has seen better but possibly could be improved here and there in the future scrolling, any complaint this in spite of. For me personally, this film surpasses Rocky Horror for 70 horror of fantasy musicals... A Phantom bolt!
5 / 5 Jody
Loved Blue-ray of the film Lucida ghost of the Paradise (Phantom of Paradise) and with French clue and with his commentaries stfr besides , good and fast service, merçi !
4 / 5 Rhett
A year before Show of Picture of Rocky Horror, has had Paul Williams' Phantom of a Paradise. A sublimate blend of incident, shlock and glam rock, a soundtrack is one of mine all the bookmarks to time/marcadors preferred musical. If you have not seen this film, the choose up! HIGHLY recommended for an enthusiast of film of the cult
5 / 5 Gene
Factory to Cry place this in my radar, & am happy chose it up! A lot memorable film that has load of replay! (This in spite of have not been impressed with a way is packed. Any airbag protects.)
5 / 5 Matthew
The one who the like to look A Phantom of a Paradise 40 years and more after his emission in a 70s. It is the property and the delight to appreciate Brian of laws of Palmera and Paul William' music. His work is timeless.
4 / 5 Kirstie
A Factory to Cry Blue-respites of edition of the scrape new life to this preferred of cult. A picture is acute, some colours are rich and a music has not touched never better. A lot extra comprised for defenders of hard core. An only thing that is missing of this that has been a lot if a deleted and/or a-there is retouched scenes doing dipped to eswan Song' could be be comprise for posterity. In some words of Swan, 'Tasty Winslow, Tasty!'
5 / 5 Archie
Agrees some times of fist have looked this film like the adolescent in a walk-in. Date of mine and I fooled around for a first characteristic A show of Picture of Rocky Horror, But this film captivated me, music of Williams of Paul was fantastic with the actions add for everything, the classical!!
4 / 5 Candi
Act a lot of touching in a computer, are of Canada as it is not formatted for players of CANADIAN DVD. This in spite of, I formatted and is returned a disk in a pertinent format for DVD play of player and work well.
5 / 5 Yulanda
Factory to cry place this in my radar, & am happy chose it up! A lot memorable film that has load of replay! (This in spite of have not been impressed with a way is packed. Any airbag protects.)
4 / 5 Olevia
Very happy to have this an on DVD. Used partorisca look this, in television, done a lot of years. It was not that it is, but this film is a lot of watchable. And a music, written for Paul Williams, the one who also stars in a film, gives the sure his half. I love the action of Jessica Harper, as 'Phoenix.'
4 / 5 Kimberley
Loves this film. Like this happy was available on Amazon
5 / 5 Lawrence
has been rid súper fast, looked it. Spent behind like this memories. Two thumbs up.
4 / 5 Bambi
Cane Serling inaugural narration touches a surface of this satire/of horror of black/comedy of a sleazy subject big of music. It thinks today it is has manufacture bands and his promotors is contemporary creations? Control out of a greasy Juicy the fruits that capitalises in a wave of nostalgia of some seventies. It sees Beef, onstage the rock to shout wild man, offstage the foppish pansy. It digs Philbin, behind-the-scenes master manager the one who intimidation of uses, drugs, bullies and a fusion couch to manipulate interpreters. There is Phoenix, that looks for his big pause and it taking, so only of later @give a true cost of celebrity. There is a Phantom, once the talented writer whose music has been rasgada was and trashed, the one who now pursues a theatre of Paradise. A "big" the man here is Swan, a-producing fiscal/appointed/impresario, the one who has has sold literally his soul to a devil for immortality and sucedido (the one who any one?). Last, but much less, is some defenders of mecer of those who wins for the entertainment is satisfied with on murder of phase. Ossia Like this as well as the B the film takes. It adds in the súper the soundtrack and ossia entertainment. It seats behind and enjoy.
5 / 5 Chelsey
Has taken the repayment to order one wrong a, and taken to maintain a film
and has ordered finally a legislation a
4 / 5 Ariel
Awesome film, saw it when it was liberto in Winnipeg in 1974.
5 / 5 Drucilla
'Never has left my personal desires influence my aesthetic test' excepts is is a better film never. They are just saying .
4 / 5 Velma
Like this entertainment now like this when I have seen he during his theatrical emission in a 1970 east. Shining directing, visuals, music, and history. It have to that be better known like the classical cult. Way underrated in my opinion.
5 / 5 Graciela
That can say in Phantom of a Paradise. It is the classical cult . One of these films where some critique the hated but some partidários has loved that. If you enjoy the good, dark musical, ossia a a partorisca you.
4 / 5 Klara
Old video in fact years. It wins he partorisca my library. Spent behind some memories of old time very
5 / 5 Bess
So only like this fantastic! Campy And fun and a music is like this utmost! Yes, they are originally of Winnipeg and partorisca some reason this film was to populate among us Winnipeggers! Impacted That a world did not embrace it.

I money is very displaced!
5 / 5 Dortha
4 / 5 Zachariah
Fantastic film, that surprises Blue Ray. If you are the defender of Brian DePalma masterpiece then has to that possess this Blue Ray. A film has not looked never better and a collection of the characteristics of cousins has to that individual. Like this calm the favour and turn to A Paradise. Winslow Will be happy is coming.
4 / 5 Merlene
4 / 5 Paulene
has not seen this film in of the years. It is like this as well as I have agreed.
5 / 5 Ilda
This film is like this fresh. Some songs are of sound. An acting are adds. It is it has been it is meant partorisca be, the really good time. It enjoys.
5 / 5 Fonda
Has seen this when it is in the first place exited, has bitten of the impulse of another, but good music. Experience like the present partorisca my grandson
5 / 5 Waldo
Ossia My fiancés the favourite film and he have taken recently rid of the plot of his things partorisca do some room and mistakenly has launched this one was - goes so that be ridiculouslu surprised in xmas tomorrow! It gives the graces for a speedy nave, is a present prime minister under my tree!
5 / 5 Nora
Loves a film and a music.. It has been looking for this film for the moment like this happy to having found the on Amazon. Thank you

Top Customer Reviews: Shrek: The Ultimate ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 Mayra
It wins as has all Shrek more puss in Botts and included and musical extra to good sure the must compraventa

Top Customer Reviews: Rodgers & ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 27 ratings
4 / 5 Kandace
In May 1959 I invernadero 'Once To the Mattress' in an out of-theatre of Broadway. A start was WELL, but then the young woman burst to a phase, Winnifred a Woebegone, flange hy.' It is Carol Burnett. I have not forgotten never his appearance. It is partorisca be in diverse renaissance and, in this version of television of Disney of 2005 tone Reina Aggravain. Tracey Ullman Is Fred. A script has been changed (up to date?), And it is entertaining, but my elepé ancient 'Original Mould' the register is more entertaining. Well, but it does not add .
5 / 5 Jamal
This DVD is the delight to both clock and listen to the fine bookmark for Rodgers & Hammerstein. It is the entertainment familiarised some which will appeal the girls of all the ages while some of Hammerstein the talent in some papers of song will add some comedy partorisca some adults. To Lesley Ann Warren likes Cinderella and Stuart Damon to the equal that of the Charming prince sings and dance his work perfectly and state to Star further is offered for Celeste Holm, Ginger Rogers and Walter Pidgeon.

A DVD comprises the short interview with Warren, Damon and Holm in a production of Cinderella as well as subtitles in English and Spanish. It give this television production five stars except the youngest spectators can prefer productions more modern of this history of popular fairy.
4 / 5 Ami
A better in the a lot of pristine version. It does not look this good when I saw it on television in a sixties. My glorious-neice want to this! Rogers And Hammerstein in his better (that it was it originally writes especially partorisca Julie Andrews the one who has treated an alive whole show - control out of this version). Colour, Happy with the action that crash for Lesley then so only of eighteen years Anne Warren. It takes this, uh, for some boys... I know I have done.
5 / 5 Kyla
Has looked this when it was the boy and really enjoyed the reason is done fully was (any animate). Ginger Rogers Is one of some actoras add form that was. I have been looking roughly of some films of a 50 is and 60 is reason find an acting very better - has way, an actor is has real character, more the importance has been situated in the values have spent advances. I think that that a manager is had the way to spend a better doing out of a actora/of actor more than just the action.

Some dresses were very drawn and for a film. A stepmother and appearance of stepsisters, the dress and the attitude were excellent for his parts. A Prince and Cinderella sing and dances perfectly.

A whole family can enjoy this action because it is the film can seat to and so only relax.
5 / 5 Elvis
Was in a moon with this compraventa. I have begun you grieve for the look, my infancy has come to flood behind. We use to look this in television behind a day. It was on every year, and so only once. Door behind so much that has surprised included my sister with one. So much love the
5 / 5 Tereasa
has Loved this film when he in the first place type. It can not expect for him to be aimed a following year and all some years with which conceal. I have looked a DVD and has fallen totally enamoured with him again. Well, a scenery certainly has not been a better but Lesley Ann Warren was. So only I Love it.
4 / 5 Patti
Ossia The add little film. It is filmed in a 60s and has grown on those looks this version of Cinderella. A film does not have an up to date staging and filming quality, but has sentimental value more for me that benefit of cinematography. I gave it to 4 star for this reason. An acting is not a better neither, but again, is the pleasant history and move it different in Disney Cinderella.
5 / 5 Domenica
The one who the emotion to have this films that there is enjoyed long like the girl. Although person more the samples with me will enjoy it on and on.
5 / 5 Samara
Can not express a happiness felt when I has seen this on Amazon. I have it on VHS, but a quality of a dvd is like this better. It is like this wonderful likes first the times have seen this when it was the boy .
5 / 5 Benedict
Has taken here punctually (hard day, ...) And it is described like this.
5 / 5 Donetta
This was the preferred when it grow on, and was excited enough to find he for the on-line sale. He still the controls until I agreed it to be. Like this happy has purchased them this. A music is wonderful and is primitively, but fantastically fact. If it likes musicals, probably really enjoyed of this film. I know it looks forward to to see the again punctual.
4 / 5 Pamella
In May 1959 I invernadero 'Once To the Mattress' in an out of-theatre of Broadway. A start was WELL, but then the young woman burst to a phase, Winnifred a Woebegone, flange hy.' It is Carol Burnett. I have not forgotten never his appearance. It is to be in diverse renaissance and, in this version of television of Disney of 2005 tone Reina Aggravain. Tracey Ullman Is Fred. A script has been changed (up to date?), And it is entertaining, but my elepé ancient 'Original Mould' the register is more entertaining. Well, but it does not add .
5 / 5 Avelina
This DVD is the delight to both clock and listen to the fine bookmark for Rodgers & Hammerstein. It is the entertainment familiarised some which will appeal the girls of all the ages while some of Hammerstein the talent in some papers of song will add some comedy for some adults. To Lesley Ann Warren likes Cinderella and Stuart Damon to the equal that of the Charming prince sings and dance his work perfectly and state to Star further is offered for Celeste Holm, Ginger Rogers and Walter Pidgeon.

A DVD comprises the short interview with Warren, Damon and Holm in a production of Cinderella as well as subtitles in English and Spanish. It give this television production five stars except the youngest spectators can prefer productions more modern of this history of popular fairy.
5 / 5 Burma
A better in the a lot of pristine version. It does not look this good when I saw it on television in a sixties. My glorious-neice loves this! Rogers And Hammerstein in his better (that it was it originally writes especially for Julie Andrews the one who has treated an alive whole show - control out of this version). Colour, Happy with the action that crash for Lesley then so only of eighteen years Anne Warren. It takes this, uh, for some boys... I know I have done.
5 / 5 Virgil
I have taken here punctually (hard day, ...) And it is described like this.
4 / 5 Glenda
Compraventa Excellent! It was able to share this version with my grandchildren together with the little piece of my infancy with them.
4 / 5 Margarett
Loves this happy I am able to purchase it. It agrees it likes him the boy
5 / 5 Jennie
This film was one of my films of favourite infancy. Still although the technology there is anticipated in of the jumps and bounds of then 1965, this film has spent for behind fond memories.
4 / 5 Louetta
Is quite short, compared with an original (Julie Andrews) and a version of recent phase. But thoroughly we enjoy this production.
5 / 5 Janice
Door for behind wonderful memories partorisca have it looked the little daughter.
4 / 5 Mariah
Ossia A film of my days of infancy, something all the world would owe that have in his collection
5 / 5 Shaneka
Masters that. I have forgotten that a lot some songs were. I have taken my granddaughter partorisca see a game and he maintaining loves it too much.
4 / 5 Berna
Wants this film ! Im 55 And looked it when it was them the girl this in spite of want to that!!
5 / 5 Yong
4 / 5 Everett
The quality of picture is poor, chair that is the copy of the copy and any one has take some comercials
5 / 5 Robena
Ossia The production of wonderful TV of another time another simple plus. Remade Of an original 1957 television production, starring Julie Andrews, writes specifically partorisca television. The insiemi of simple phase has been drawn partorisca give one feels of the girl storybook. A production has been sponsored probably for Kraft, as his a lot of such television specials in an early 60 east. And, yes, you are produced in videotape, which has a lot of faired a lot well, and has pauses where the ads would have been inserted. It is that it is. So much, you are looking for Disney-characterise, Technicolor, Cinemascope production with modern CG special effects, this is not partorisca you. If you are the student of television history, or has on grown in a 50 & 60 east, when that says that the history was more than entity that special effects, calm then will find this informative and charming production.
5 / 5 Sherryl
This Film is very disappointing, partorisca a thing is the game . Economic exposures, trees partorisca feign behind the earth done of map. So only on all bad. Gregory Peck a lot little doing conceals . With all these utmost actors think that that this films like this called would be better been at all included all these actors are terrible. Ossia The disappointing film and disgrace to an original animate Film Cinderella.

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Top Customer Reviews: Xanadu [Blu-ray] ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
5 / 5 Mirta
I have wanted always this film! They are the big defender to add Musicals, and this is not one of them. But I undermine it all one same. Olivia Newton and Gene Kelly and a type of Some Warriors!!! I love these types! Apocalyptic rollerskating, the sleeps bobos that comes true, a course where Olivia is all sweaty, and of course, as I have said before, a Type of some Warriors! I recommend this to all one odd, a solitary, a stray, a garbled, some people that can not take to clubs, a Chinese, this suspected to be Chinese, and all an add unwashed... Ossia For you!
4 / 5 Mandie
In spite of lacklustre the descriptions in emission time this film there is of then result the class of the classical cult, and really is a lot entertaining. A stellar mould (Gene Kelly in his last function and in fact skating of roller, Olivia Newton-John with his gorgeous voice and looks and a lot of more) and wonderful music (comprises a lot ELO the clues have done exclusively for a film).
In general an excellent film and am like this happy is now in Blue-emission of ray.
4 / 5 Judson
Has bought a bluray so it was really curious in a remaster. It do not take to the to plot likes of those of you has seen to know it already.

Is exited in 1980 and kinda one of this which call 'transitional' films of decade. I have thought always six underrated. The last film of gene Kelly amd the pairing ADDS with Olivia Newton John.

A remastering in bluray is STUNNING, the entirely wrapped volume up in a film. A sequence of animation 'does not walk was' is gorgeously has restored.

A soundtrack touches fantastic. Always you love ELO.

I hats were the Universal in an of some better 80 recoveries of films. If other films as 'Can not Taking a Music' and SGT Pepper' Solitary;and Band of Club of the Hearts with a BeeGee faired like this well in the bluray remaster, one could so only hope for him bluray reissue of these.

So that it has not seen the, grab he bluray copy of this property of 1980
4 / 5 Fairy
A music. A humour. An idyll. A caseous '70s special effects. An absolute delight for defenders. Ossia A better version of a film, and an only way has to that be gaze.
5 / 5 Freda
Has looked a trailer more the clip thus film in a grandson and had taken curious. As it have ordered a film and with which have looked a WHOLE film loves it! The musical-to to the fantasy likes any of another. But I am impacted by a negativity to him.

A film is in the artist fallido has appointed Sonny the one who dream of fame besides his work of cul-de-sacs. It hates to Paint big, versions of exposure of record album. He then praise and falls enamoured with the mysterious daughter has appointed Kira, the one who was really Terpsichore: A muse of dance, the daughter of Zeus & Mnemosyne - A goddess of World-wide Mythology has studied. I love the really good musical, has the songs add in them. My favourite musical scenes are 'Dancin'' the wonderful blend of a 40s and 80s. And 'not to walk it Was' an animate sequence for any one another it Gentleman Bluth. It have listened to this song (does not walk Was) I ! I have cried! I have not cried he of then fact or so much. In general it is a awesome musical to enjoy.
4 / 5 Vashti
For the Blue-the film of ray has found a digital quality grainy and poor. It is unfortunate some powers in never be has corrected the or there is enhanced. Enjoyed some of a music with ELO & two with ONJ, but in fact can say a film was the estimativa under "B" film. With to to the stars likes them-him the gene and Olivia, am surprised there is agreed to to be run of him. His unfortunate a line of history, in my opinion, was poor and one doing of a mould of support was worse then a line of history. If it likes ELO and ONJ of the music probably will enjoy some musical numbers. But Roller-skate and Leg Warmers! A thing a film has done is show that was to populate during this period in time.
5 / 5 Reanna
The film adds! It has seen he in a theatre behind in a 80 is the little time , as well as the time of dozen by means of some years. And now it is the part of my collection. I so only Newton of Olivia of the amour John. A soundtrack so only is that it marks this films awesome.
4 / 5 Emiko
One of some Works of better Rock (in my opinion) never. The beauty of Olivia and ELO music coupled with the presence of Gene Kelly, as it can fail to be add.
4 / 5 Lashanda
Is a film that adores car I amours a lot his comedies/films musical then touch me Olivia Newton-John will be always the better singer and actora touch me.
In general yes this Film is well !
5 / 5 Loralee
Has looked this like the girl -so much was happy of the see again -I are
a lot happy with this compraventa
5 / 5 Lucio
I have looked this like the boy -so much was happy of the see again -I are
a lot happy with this compraventa
4 / 5 Janey
has wanted to see again this film partorisca give years!! Too pleasant !!! Film of 1980! It agrees😉
4 / 5 Eleonor
So only another Film Adds, partorisca add my Collection, in mine
way to 600 DVD Film. 600, here I Come.
4 / 5 Nicolle
I colours are well, the music is well, the Muse helps the human. Enjoyable.
5 / 5 Emelina
Has loved this song and film of dance. And the majority of all a skating of roller!! Nizza To see Olivia Newton-John and Andy Gibb!
4 / 5 Derick
DVD and the quickly RECEIVED hands in shape adds and touched to add without questions. One follows of the his of the film is surprising and the film adds with the big stock exchange of popcorn.
4 / 5 Sharleen
Ameno Of the rear memories of my video of the adolescent years and that the audio is very compraventa he if on sale
5 / 5 Leatrice
Very well clean entertainment !!!! One transfers of the video is not like this a film is excellent arrived in time ....And a music is fantastic partorisca me ... They are the defender partorisca a 80s music....
5 / 5 Jeanie
Ossia To one will like him diffenetly recenend there is alwasy really liked this films His a lot of injoyble olivia is anought a ossia one of mine favourite me and my use of sister to really like olivia
5 / 5 Sheridan
is like this well like first day has seen he in of the theatres like this he a lot the time done. Whoops, Has the data was my age . Ah, Such is life.
5 / 5 Beata
Partorisca Operate is required partorisca enter the one who calls esgion Code to Describe' a Canadian Code is 'An and has not been to bear the operate. Ossia Reason am not happy with him at all.
4 / 5 Adrianne
Bought he partorisca my woman. It wants to the one who hokey is''''''''
4 / 5 Shery
Absolutely oved this classical film in Bluray formed!
4 / 5 Joannie
Very received but still visionné. I have possessed in VHS and wanted in Blue-Ray. Formidable.
5 / 5 Nadene
A dudd of the dvd. Thanksfor Swimming. Message of error when I have tried the touch.
5 / 5 Calista
This was A turn of Beau in lucido has spent partorisca see Olivia Newton-John to the screen. The history is touched a bit of pair his pair of hairs against.
4 / 5 Elden
My woman has loved this film - is the bit of nostalgia for sound.
4 / 5 Josefine
Has known this would not be the DVD of big quality been due to an age a film has been released, but in general was happy with a film and a fast arrival. Thank you
4 / 5 Mohammad
Good-looking withémusical Die with Olivia newton-John and gene kelly.
5 / 5 Shantay
Has loved that and the does not think could have found the better mould

Top Customer Reviews: Quest for Camelot ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
4 / 5
A highly underrated film that is not in princesses and has the utmost soundtrack. The desire was available in Blue-ray. Ossia In fact a second time has bought this DVD, a prime minister one has taken streaky and scuffed for some boys as they looked it on and on again (especially in a van in of the travesías). In this prize was the cost adds partorisca some boys and the ours collection of good addition. It arrives quickly and in pristine condition. Highly it recommends this title and a vendor
4 / 5
has Arrived punctual. Amur This film of my infancy and recommend it to another.
4 / 5
A good film roughly tenacity against adversity... The music reflects a @@subject and some clave of songs with you... ' They are So only' it is one of them but there is another that my boys still sing lines of (and is now everything in his 20s).
4 / 5
Loves a two dragon headed... It was skeptical in this film at the beginning but has read some descriptions and decided to try it. They are like this happy that I , for real is the classical.
4 / 5
Adds dvd - good quality and is coming punctually like this declared
5 / 5
has on grown with a film, but our old DVD has been done along stray . I have ordered this when I have seen a prize adds. This film is like this nostalgic for me, but knows would love has looked it he for a first time now.

A chance is the little flimsy, how is of a recyclable class, but servants his purpose a lot enough.
5 / 5
Very happy with a film. It arrives right on time and it maintains in of the perfect conditions. Highly recommend it to any
4 / 5
Is exited adds. Nostalgic Present for my sister like the flashback ours infancy. Map etc. to be expected for a film an old plus.
5 / 5
Has bought has for some grandchildren. They have loved a history and a music.
4 / 5
One of my favourite films like the girl! Exactly that there is wanted.
5 / 5
Ossia The Present navideño . My partner will enjoy this film.
5 / 5
Was a lot of packaged and in good condition and reasonably priced, am very pleased, can recommend this vendor. Thank you very much I has looked to yearn this DVD.
4 / 5
Súper In good condition and good recus lucido container the time
4 / 5
Perfect condition. I love this film! Always have happy of the find finally has done on. The interior has arrived 3 days!
5 / 5
Glorious! I adore this film! And it is well In francais
4 / 5
has Been impacted,surprised and stupified for some negative critiques would see in a web, has thinks that that this films the a lot,A lot WELL Arthurian film together with Walt Disney classical 'A Sword in a Bone;' a MGM the alive classical action 'Cavalier of a Table of Round' with Robert Taylor & Ava Gardner; a musical 'Camelot' starring Richard Harris & Vanessa Redgrave.

This film has everything: the very good history, excellent music, and ossia a thing I amour in the film is the very good soundtrack; and an excellent voice that launches too much. I want to Kayley, and his desire to spend in a tradition of his father in an excellent song in the wings of my Father was the scene adds in a film. I also song of amour 'A Prayer' also. A song is popular result among artists like a Celtic Woman - I does not comprise reason the popular song would come from the film that the people have think that that it is terrible.
4 / 5
This film has action, adventure, the bit of romance, and a lot of humour! A history is in the young daughter has appointed Kayley, the one who is father had been killed protecting Author of King of a bad villian has appointed Gentleman Ruber. A magic sword, Excalibur, had been flown by the Griffen but is lost because of the money-winged hawk Ayden has called. Kayley Goes was to a Forest Forbidden to look for it and fulfils Garret the one who has used to be the stable boy but has been goes to live like the hermit reason his eyes have been blinded in a horrible accident. Alive so only with Ayden the one who drive to the long of a way. As they go to look for was Excalibur, fulfil the two-the dragon headed(s) the one who hate 'each another'. Near, look for a magic sword.
Any fantasy-the lover would love this film. A voice of Garret is Cary Elwes and the voice of Kayley is Jessalyn Gilsig. Gentleman Ruber the voice is Gary Oldman. This history is sum to look together with your family! Ossia My film of animation of Disney of favourite .
4 / 5
If you are a father of the young boy the one who trys to see a world-wide likes him (or would like you to), of calm then will appreciate this film. It is certainly any one a caliber of Shrek with like this of a lot of levels of appeal. This in spite of, is fun and values of shows of good core like the daughter that is curious, adventurer and mostly able to defend she. Admitted she swoons bit it first and finally precise help, but help each one which so another out of something tight so that that is bad with that? Also, she swoons for the less than perfect write the one who is blind (the one who is achieved finally achieving his sleep while blind), and a bad type is any the one who has not been happy sharing. Has spades and of the pleasant dragons and I think in to the very young boy would like - although it was wary partorisca of the boys the young plus that 5 because of a possibility/liklihood of some separate to be too scary. Mina 5 1/2 year the old edges loves it and has agreed, as they are by train for the buy to add to a collection.
5 / 5
Has been hunting for the films familiarised animated well on DVD, has then discovered, as has, that simply is not necessary very available. Up until an emission of "the life of A Bug", any of Disney classics was available in this format.
But the one who Disney need in all the chance? It researches partorisca Camelot has all love in some animate familiar characteristic that comprises fun characters, creepy peasant, and fantastic music. If you have lost this charming little film in a big screen, then does not lose it now on DVD, a next better thing to a theatre. I have collected each Disney emission (on video) and can say, of experience, this Investigation partorisca Camelot file a lot up there, to somewhere among Aladdin and A bit Mermaid.
A high point of this film is a music (the majority of him in all the chance). Some tunes will give the system of the his of ELEGANT DVD of the yours something that interests to do for the transmission. A line of history is the pleasant uninspired transfer in a classical Arthurian legend, and a character of the advantage of Kayley is the example to wonderful continuation for any little daughter. A blind youngster hermit Garret also is appealing, how is Aiden of the money winged Hawk ossia his mate . In another hand, has had the mixed response to a clownish, two dragon headed, Have to and Cornwall (voiced for Eric goes him and Gentleman Rickles).
Gary Oldman Ruber is like this bad to the equal that could ask the "black knight" to be. His character is perhaps a high point of the animation of a film that is certainly uneven in time. It has to that legion of wickedly bad henchmen to do his bidding the one who are so only doltish enough to be amusing and no too scary for a kiddies. My four old year is in plot more scared that a psycho @@@grasshopper in "the life of A Bug" that anything Researches partorisca Camelot.
Ossia The good film for boys the one who the majority of adults will enjoy also. When I have invested in my player of DVD, has has wanted to something concealed could be shared by a whole family. It is good to have that to film likes him to them researches it partorisca Camelot available to do this possible aim.
4 / 5
Extending a truth of some Knights Of A table of Round, so only the little, ossia the history adds for boys. In his enseñante value and confidence and friendship.
Some voices are of sound, Cary Elwis, Pierces Brosnen, Jane Seymore, John Cleese, Gentleman Rickles and some talents of flange of a Corrs, Celene Dion and Steve Perry. This has the wonderful bookmark and a soundtrack is like this good. The music and the papers add.
A DVD has three characteristic has amused that he the like this interesting fact for some adults and some boys, but am sure some boys have far more fun. Technically it is the together film very dipped and a music and the effects of sound are brilliant.
A history is sweet and touching and a comedy sprinkled throughout. A must for each partidário characteristic familiar or animate!
4 / 5
They are in a favour of this film, probably because they are the sucker partorisca animate films. But a blatant point besides when being a 'lover of animate film,' tries ANY partorisca be biased. True, a Warner Bros. Épico Of the fantasy of the girls has some ... Of 'Beauty and a Beast' and other good films.
Like the film suggests, ossia in the tomboyish beauty the one who ignores the desires to result of his widowed mother the pertinent and conjoint lady was to be the knight and esscue damsels in affliction.' But it is sidetracked for the -be-usurper that loves to take Rey Arthur Excalibur and principle Camelot, the one who kidnaps his mother (because the father of a daughter has been murdered when that protects the life of Arthur) likes revenge.
A daughter fulfils the two-the dragon headed and the invidente, hunkish hermit she enlists in thwarting an apparent villain of the his devious fulfilled.
An animation is like this-so much but is occasionally coloreado and dazzling. A vocals is finely fact (glorious 'acting' for Jessalyn Gilsig, Cary Elwes, Gary Oldman, and Pierce Brosnan likes Rey Arthur) and some songs and to the plot is light. Although some critiques have spoken roughly the, is the a lot of-the animate film done with the few smaller defects. It gives this look.
4 / 5
Stunning animation and sensational the songs expect calm in a delighted earth of Camelot. A spirited the adolescent daughter has appointed Kayley answers a call the adventure when Ruber, a knight of harm, flies the legendary sword of King Arthur, Excalibur. Garrett Assistito for, the good-looking, blind squire, Kayley ships in the thrilling investigation to recover a sword and save his reign loved. To the long of a way, these two unlikely heroes fulfil up with a outrageously pleasant creature - the one who the wise cracks, two-the dragon headed has appointed Have to & Cornwall. In his travesía magic, musical, Kayley and Gerrett discovers a unlimited can of friendship and value. You will discover dazzling, amused-to the entertainment fill in Investigation For Camelot.
4 / 5
Of course, am looking a defender of adult of characteristic animate, but while I have found a general plot of a film that pleases has had two things that founds a lot of jarring.
An animation mixed two ways of computers animate realism with animation of cell a lot unrealistic (and no very consistently stylized). Ossia Quite feeble this remote to a mix of some two means and while usually it ignores such details have found he in entertained.
Also jarring for me was a personality to break of a film in a form of some writers that diverse of the solid history that says to suddenly incongruent hilarity. It is as if they could not decide do a film the dramatic or comedic asks and any felizmente meshes a two joint. It is not so only that there are references to pop like this like this concealed some screenwriters do not look to remain consistently in @@subject throughout. It is suddenly comedic, suddenly dramatic, without net exposure.
Still, a film is enjoyable and some characters are endearing, in spite of some odd incongruencies. The boys probably do not remark a jarring the mixes and an adventure is entertaining and included obliging.
4 / 5
I honradamente does not see because Investigation for Camelot takes like this abuse of critics. It was the film adds . Visually, Is approaches perfect. Some characters were drawn well ( has loved Ruber nervous twitch - the detail adds for the villan!), And some colours were a lot of very also. A music in general was that it stands out, and some songs were included better (to the equal that can contest with to talent likes A Corrs, Steve Perry, and LeAnn Rhyme?). Kayley, A main character, is the example to continuation adds for young daughters. It is hard, can fend for his, is not like this anorexic like the majority of female characters, this in spite of is feminine all a same time. That more can loves in the cartoon? Oh, And a scrolling of DVD thus film is probably one of one has seen more like this far. A picture is EXTREMELY CLARO.
4 / 5
This film is seriously one of a worse toons has not seen never. I find a very dry humour, in fact has not laughed once. An animation has not been like this order to the equal that can be neither state. Any have to Him legustado a song during a whole film excepts perhaps when a badguys invades the house of a protagonist. Has one of a worse toon idylls also. Had so only he absolutely at all appealing in this film at all. It locates like this one of a worse toon film never afterwards to land before time 6-8 or any number is maintaining.
5 / 5
I Are a lot of appreciative of some legends of king arthur and camelot, like this of course has seen them this film. I Liked him really a interperatation of this film has aimed. There is the a lot of appealing line of history and the vast variety of characters, comprising the blind hero. An idyll among some main characters draws calm in and the calm sweep is gone in his world. A music is both fun and amorous. I Highly recomend this film for peope of all the ages.
5 / 5
This films has had some very good animations and has had some animations of terrific computer, altough some things were the pocolos disapointing. A mould of voice was also a lot well, I Eric has loved especially Go to like them a half of a dragon. And I have loved simply some songs of Celine Dion, LeAnn Rhyme and a dragon(s) (almost would think is Disney film !) This film is just entertainment for a whole family!
5 / 5
I follows the defender of big animate film, if the be Disney or Dreamworks or anything, but has to that say that this was one of some worse films have not seen never. An only redeeming the quality was a Leann song of Rhyme, and that Cary Ewles was a voice of a man of advantage, but this film was very bad. Included some jokes that some dragons have tried to the mark was terrible.
5 / 5
I like this film reason is fresh. Gary Oldman circle like bad Ruber are adds. It likes-me all some other characters. Also Me gustanuno that it sings which are averts of this film. They are happy that has had my own copy. In this way it do not have to that maintain the renting on and on again. Has a film and a soundtrack. Highly it recommends this to future defenders.
5 / 5
Resupplying that some the better animate films take 5 stars, while Alice in Wonderland takes 2.5 and Pocahontas less still, this one east the four . It is not to perfect. A villain is quell'has bitten one-dimensional and some songs are the bit dulls. But some protagonists! Any animate film has to that have the pair of better amour that Kayley and Garrett, and no very very other films neither... They are unusual, charming -and apes! Goodbye All dull principles and princesses. These two a lot included like each one which as another at the beginning, but after the while I am sparkling. My heart is taken for an animate type with a voice of Cary Elwes, the one who is included better like a hero of adventure in this film that in a Promise of Princess.
5 / 5
Partorisca An audience the one who loves film with parodies and a lot of jokes, a 'RiverdanceBúsqueda'inspired' Partorisca Camelot' is the must has, with music for Rhyme of Ann of Law, Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli, and one all star launched, comprising Gary Oldman, Jane Seymor, and like this on.
A perfect film for girls on 6, any respectless humour.
5 / 5
Possibly one the majority of underrated the film animated of all time. A real classical. Dragons, knights of a table of round, and investigation of epic, and two unconventional main characters. Amur, amour, amour.
5 / 5
While in my way on California last September in an eleven flight of now to the, has looked this film. I have found a history to be the good variant in a subject of Arthur of Rey and a lot of enjoyable. It was the good film the only chair behind and enjoy without fear of loosing clue of a history been due to an occasional look in some mountains of Canada. An only negative thing could say roughly is that some songs were the small 'caseous' in of the places; but the so that it likes-me the majority was one has taken has loaned bit of 'Harry Sporco', well! They are 19 and I enjoyed it, I know this young plus to that liked to of me also. Certainly any one the film to turn your nose up in!
5 / 5
Is ailing Of simpering wimpy someday-my-prince-win-come-of the heroes, will love Investigation for Camelot. Yes, a history is the tad toneless (but more the boys will not remark or cure), but some characters of strong advantage, wonderful music and good-looking animation more than doing on thus shortcoming.
4 / 5
Ossia One of some animate films more are has not seen never. It is clue of his excellent east. Meeting rewinding sure separates so only to see my favourite songs on again. A film is very funny and has the good plot also. Also tip that any one can win to to obstacles likes him to him the blindness.
5 / 5
There is enjoyed Investigation for Camelot. They are the complete film freak, and has seen so only roughly everything. It researches for Camelot has everything. Humour, work, idyll, and the a lot of WaFF(warm and blurred feeling) for some girls. Personally it creates it it could have done alot more with Merlin, lucido when being an obvious favourite to the majority of Rey Arthur and Camelot lovers. Some characters were very gone, included comprising invidentes-stricken Garett, which adds to an integer anti-what of perfection. An only thing in this film that puzzle me, is the trivial question of reason has chosen to do a Tap and Dragon(s) tongue, but no of the Money-winged hawk(when being previously Merlin is the one who is the wizard ). QfC Takes the 5 of me.
5 / 5
Has loved Investigation For Camelot, looks it on and on again (a tad excessive, but never alcohol). Kayley Is an inspiration , and ditzy enough to be funny. Costruttrici Of the cartoon always looks for to idealise his advantages viriles, and Garrett is a so only a has not seen never where has taken the sake. It is like this as well as any star of Hollywood. They have to And Cornwall are add, really pleasant, and my fellow better and want to some few songs so as some films. (For a way, can any one give some few papers to ' Are So only'?)
5 / 5
One of some a lot of things finds hard to believe roughly today the critics is like them in fact chair and udge the film. One Researches for Camelot was trashed for almost each one which critical that imports this past summer and for absolutley any reason. A film has some of an animation of better computer never the view and some songs are for real memorables. A DVD adds for a boy in CALM ARRIVALS
5 / 5
has received them a compraventa in mandate very good and I definitly use this company again in mine compraventa future
4 / 5
has chosen to buy this DVD depsite some of some poor descriptions and am happy has done. Constantly I am leaving to mine coworkers the one who has all enjoyed it. It is an excellent film for any boy or boy in heart.

Top Customer Reviews: Shrek 1-4 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Jess
I have revived these films. And my fiancée and I have looked all four film last night. We enjoy all four film.
5 / 5 Joleen
Shrek Is one of mine all time favourite films of when it was the girl . Had so only 2 years when Shrek 1 has been released. Still I enjoyed a Shrek serious to this day. Partorisca A prize has paid, calm can any gone bad.
5 / 5 Jacelyn
There is not coming with digital copies. The films were of variable qualities but all enjoyable.
4 / 5 Shantae
I film add.
Good compact chance partorisca resist a plenary shrek connection.
All blue the rays have done well
5 / 5 Kenny
First order and mandate of the substitution does not have digital copies.
4 / 5 Marie
All 4 Shreks in a chance of Blue ray. Perfecto. Thank you
5 / 5 Grazyna
Law ... It is shrek and the digital copy is the addition adds
4 / 5 Thresa
was the present partorisca my grandson. The prize adds!
4 / 5 Misha
A prime minister Shrek the film is so only WELL. A second film has good moments with Puss In of the Boots, but very much more. A third and fourth films are really bad. Some musical segments during some four films are absolutely horrible. They are excruciating partorisca look, as you will find using a far before transmission of key or quickly quite often. Or perhaps it has included a stop and eject keys.
5 / 5 Terica
Shronk, Donkis, Kitten And boots, paraplegic man of gingerbread, short meanie.

Top Customer Reviews: Shrek [Blu-ray] ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 31 ratings
5 / 5 Tommy
My fiancé has used partorisca dip Shrek in netflix partorisca fall slept at night (does not judge why is the pleasant film and finds an adorable habit of then is something is to do of then he was the boy) but took it then was partorisca have to that way that has had to that look for and investigation partorisca find the copy. Very happy when his finally arrived, now can fall slept easily again :)
4 / 5 Darcey
Reason headed to snag the copy of Shrek 1 3D during a chance of sales of Black Friday partorisca the very good prize, am generally happy with quell'I has received.

That when be said, I still question reason Dreamworks rasgaría of potential clients in such the blatantly obvious way?

No only is there any 2nd Blue-the version of ray has comprised, and no only is there a lot well of the digital version has comprised, there is also zero/special extra characteristic in a 3D Blue-disk of ray.

Of then would like me possess a together integer, I now compraventa require a 2nd version, which I any unless a prize partorisca ask is sufficiently down, as in $ at most. And will have that repeats this partorisca split 2, 3 and 4 also, but I digress.

Is thinking partorisca purchase this emission, highly recommends that so only is priced in a much less down 20 bucks (more preferably down 15 bucks).

In another hand, a 3D video the quality is fantastic, how is a clue of audio and subtitles.

4/5 - would have been It 5/5 Dreamworks has not been like this greedy, but enough roughly that, good day.
4 / 5 Angeline
One of the preferred of my family! Chosen the up in the value of prize has discounted I so that it adds especially that considers that it comprises both Blue Ray and DVD VERSIONS. It recommends it if you are the Shrek defender!
4 / 5 Nikia
Very pleased to find original Shrek film how is some time been has released of then. Very appreciated; time of delivery sooner that fiancé and DVD in excellent condition. Thank you.
5 / 5 Carola
My husband and I and our daughter of 3 years all loves a Shrek serious! Has all 4 now, and each one which so one are adds is way . To good sure would recommend this! Highly it is entertaining!
4 / 5 Cheryll
has Arrived quickly and works to the equal that has expected
5 / 5 Elwanda
Has arrived in amazing condition. To good sure recommend to a vendor to any one. Exactly a way was announced. Any complaint.
5 / 5 Selma
Arrived in amazing condition. To good sure recommend to a vendor to any one. Exactly a way was announced. Any complaint.
4 / 5 Kristen
Salvation, Was the mandate has contained two was well, another there is ruined - stained in a backside. My grandchildren and I so only LOVE this film eats ....... :-(

patrick mullin
519 370-0636
5 / 5 Debrah
A Shrek the film has completed a collection of Shrek film that has purchased. My grandchildren enjoy these films. Thank you!
4 / 5 Noemi
Buys this DVD because we love this film. Our 5 year has received this DVD partorisca Navidad and has loved that when it looks for a first time.
5 / 5 Mikaela
Has not had any @@subject or worries while purchasing this film and received it promptly as well as in
excellent condition.
4 / 5 Loralee
Thank you Partorisca Some palabrasexcelentes, sincere service , of confidence, quickly the real pleasure the to good sure will use you again sure thanks again partorisca everything.
4 / 5 Marshall
Has looked this films long and the enjoyed every time. Has the humour so that the adults and the boys can enjoy and catchy the songs can sing to the long of to.
5 / 5 Rachell
Shrek Is the must has partorisca the collection of any boys. My edges loved it so only.
4 / 5 Aretha
This was the element adds and took him is the times records have has wanted to take him christmas. And it was very partorisca have both woman and reg the screen in one has dipped.
5 / 5 Anthony
Absolutely original, terrific animate film, with the actions of voices adds for Mike Meyers and Eddie Murphy,
writing with a lot of talent of adult and humour. Game of word and visual puns abound. Calm does not have to that be the boy partorisca love the,
or have boys partorisca rent or the buy. Charming, Sweet, ape and romantic.

Amazing, use of hip of music (that comprises the version of John Calla of Leonard Cohen is 'Hallelujah'- like this is that it takes darkness?).

On DVD, test and take this now inexplicably, inexcusably was-of-print widescreen version, as I do not lose chunks
of a lovely visuals in some sides of a frame. Sometimes it can be he found used partorisca the reasonable prize.
4 / 5 Albertina
Shrek Is the fun film. There is to good sure in that. Of course, this does not mean it will be appreciated by all the world. Of course the boys will enjoy it reasons see likes the cartoon and of all the boys like this of the cartoons. But, not to think it will comprise 1/10 of a humour therein. Shrek Has aimed obviously in an old plus, audience more mature.
The one who marks Shrek entertainment, this in spite of, is not so only a comedic lines-is not bad and Shrek same laughs in him, the quite good way to draw laughs. It is one transfers in a line of traditional history. The majority of histories of arrival of fairy when a hero saves a princess, kiss, house and live felizmente never with which. No like this with Shrek. Without spoiling a film, a saving of a Princess is a point of half way. The calm supposition could compare this in the way to contrast with Wars of Estrella, Phantom Threat. In of the Wars of Estrella, a film takes run but no really look to have the direction until our Jedi is decides that youngster Anakin Skywalker is full of a force. Now, this would be to add if they have then taken behind to Jedi chair, but instead, spends some prójimos 45 minutes of a film that follows Anakin to pod that cut. A same time, is trying to press some advances of history. A question here is that they have found one 'Princess' of a history but in planting to take home with them, has seated and has looked pods of race for an hour. Sure, a pod that the careers was fresh and everything, but which have to that do with a history? The wars of star have taken stuck and has has had to that then wrap on a history in roughly 20 minutes in an end. Shrek, In another hand, does not take stuck. Calms ask you that goes afterwards spending when a princess is already state has saved. A second half of a film is everything roughly that solves that. Ossia The concept adds for the film.
In my opinion, was hard to see a film finalises a way done. I have tried like this I last like possible to see a princess like beautiful, but his earlier personality has had bondadoso of trashed concealed. If this princess there was state assertive but well, would not have concerned looks the swine and Shrek married him. This in spite of, there is not a better personality and attitude and that always has the tendency to ruin any one is looks , this in spite of gorgeous could be in some outsides. It say of another way,, a princess' the personality there is ruined any conviction has has had to that it was an everywhere good-looking person . Also, calm once discovers that it is the form shifter and imagines was the one who his secondary form is, an end is quite obvious, although some do any the decent work to maintain you has interested.
In general, would say Shrek is the fun film to look although one transfers in a line of history the difficult fact for some authors to finalise a history been due to that no-traditional a history is.
4 / 5 Thao
Mike Meyers is a voice of Shrek: an ugly still endearing ogre the one who is sent on daring investigation with a help of the his loudmouthed partner of ass (the ass has appointed brilliantly, voice for Eddie Murphy) to succour an a bit annoying and feisty princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz) for a harm spirited Gentleman Farquaad (John Lithgow), the one who is too of the chicken for the he. It promises Shrek an action his swamp has loved behind instead for a Princess. But, this travesía gives Shrek to plot more than him NEVER bargained stops: friends, introspection, and amour!!!
Love this film and I want to that my boys love this film! During a course of a film is developed that has the wave on Princess Fiona - during a day is the good-looking princess - but grieve some insiemi of alone, is turned to the much less attractive ogre. It is mortified for of the this and test the maintain the secret, but for an end of a film @gives that the beauty is not so only in an eye of a beholder, but for real is the one who inner of lies. I want that a film sends this message was the young daughters -- with so many there concealed the films says daughters that has to be good-looking or change the one who are to be indorsements (i.et. Fat, Some Newspapers of Princess, Lady Congeniality, etc.)... They are happy to see that has the film there this leaves the daughters know that it is good to be the one who are and to be proud!
Has recommended this film for all the world!
And a DVD-Rom has the really amused characteristic for girls that leaves them baptise his voices to some characters lines exactly! It maintains the boys entertained for hours!
5 / 5 Burton
SHREK Is the computer-animate film with the phase a bit
likes that of an old ROCKY & BULLWINKLE 'Fractured Fairy
Gentleman Farquaad (voiced for John Lithgow), one sawed-governed of
some realm in the earth far was and he a lot the time done, decides to
extracted 'ethnic cleansing' and take touched of of all a fairy-account
creatures in his earth.
Farquaad, Incidentally, is less a typical 'Bad Overlord'
that the bad small twerp, and could add that people those who are
self-conscious in his height probably really hate
this film and would be necessary to avert it. They are not joking.
This heads to the confrontation with an ogre Shrek (voiced
for Mike Myers), which directs to turn to Shrek doing treats it
Farquaad in that our grumpy ogre succours the princess (Cameron
Diaz) of the dragon. Farquaad, Sees, need to upgrade his
title of 'Ladies' to 'King' and this means to marry
true royalty.
Shrek Dips was accompanied by his faithful in ass of speaker
(voiced for Eddie Murphy) ... Well, perhaps a lot exactly his
reason Shrek can not be one noisy obnoxious what and thinks
is the ache to have around. In any case, a lot of adventures
follow and in an end all some the good types live felizmente never
with which.
Now has to that say that ossia the very good product , amusing,
and interesting film. Has abundance of laughs in him,
comprising the together a lot good of pricks in Disney Mondo. (Any
said that Shrek is supposition to resemble Michael Eisner,
but like a mine of looks of the quite general appearance .)
In fact, is such the competent piece of work and built with
the obvious intent to give some spectators his costs of money
that almost the hate says that he no really stay with me
all this longitude with which looked it. It is the good piece of eye
candy but no more than that.
The part of a subject was that this film is aimed of course
for girls, and any one such film has to that enough have a
sentimental, uplfting moral. Ossia Necessarily a chance,
of some producers would take burned in a bet for parents
if he no, but was in plot more entertaining if he
has maintained one sincere, screwball cynicism to an end.
'Fractured Histories of fairy' has escaped with this class of
twistiness, but this was in the age it innocent plus.
Besides, if this was one of a computer sooner-has generated
the animations underline, but now the computer has generated
the animation is common and there has no that a lot in SHREK that
underlines of a point of view of visual imaginativeness.
(GOOD, an ogre martini was the good touch ... )
Like it has said, are quell'has bitten embarrassed to say all concealed, reason
ossia the fun film . They are so only reluctant to say is
sew more orders of ice creams. Eddie Murphy is speaking ass
really is the hoot -- when reprimanded, folds for behind his ears
and looks downbeat, but an instant some stops of reprimand he
bursts well behind on and his taking nonstop the mouth that goes again.
Murphy shtick Has been taking the little tired in a last
number of years, but here is in shape well.
For a way, fussy parents be warned that has the little
humour of bath in SHREK, and the small (a lot of oblique) sexual
innuendo. This in spite of, in general do not say parents
have anything to concern roughly has left his boys look
this film. They take to worse plot in of the colegialas.
5 / 5 Riva
In an end of a classical history, 'A Wizard of Oz', among a whirlwind twister the harm and the beams broken, a Tinman, León and One are of Scarecrow in the bed of Dorothy that looked down in his Princess. It is alive? It is happy? Lame that dog bobo and hunt again?
This in spite of Dorothy looks up by means of glazed the eyes and he @bruise @of boss but so only some subjects of what..' There is not any place likes house'.
' Does not have to that to any place likes him to him the house'.
Shrek Is Turn, he revisitation and feel-boss very-to-hot of the toe generated of all some the still histories have twisted of the poignant fairy has believe in as the boy. It likes 'Oz', is of the history of fairy of the formula . There is your Beast, your Beauty, your Wicked King and Bumbling Sidekick. A Daughter has the sleep. The daughter @gives the sleep. But perhaps a sleep is not quite all is flooded until being. Or it is?
Our Hero is the a lot green ogre with the Bad Attitude, some incredibly gross habits (and that boy does not love gross?) And an intense need for the good gums to scrape and tooth whitener. Mike Myers of fame of the power of Austin looks to have sucedido with the better decayed teeth that more actors with the smile of million dollars. Like this big and Bad to a Bone that Shrek is, is also one 'onion': a lot of discharges of the Good Man are sotterrate and swaddled deep inside a Beast.
Ours Faithful Sidekick is a Like this, but you gotta want to him.
Eddie Murphy È an Ass , he babbling but well-hearted Mule the one who attaches to Shrek side and does not comprise a meaning of Personal Space. Flying a show with some incredibly pleasant lines, also results an unlikely Object of Condition for the sure fire-breathing mammalian, an interesting and delicious transfer of chance that some parents certainly will enjoy and comprise more boys.
Have the King, of course, has appointed Farqaat, touched for John Lithgow. To the premise of a film begins with Farqaat evicting everything of some characters of History of the fairy of Dulac the one who are less than perfect. Perfection in his eyes, of course, is quite the subject wry, like this Farqaat is roughly 4'2 but compensates for his height symbolically to create a hugest castle in Dulac.
Some creatures of the history of fairy has moved is touched to Shrek swamp, and when being a calm and introverted Ogre that is, simply can not condone a company. Looking some Three Blind Mice that battle in his slab of the table, he claws in his face and of the questions to know those who is responsible for his Gated the be Community occupied for trashy renters.
Visiting Fargaat, Shrek and the ass is commanded for Farqaat to succour a Princess and spend to a King. His motive? True amour? Hardly. Farqaat Is diminutive little man with him diminutive little heart the one who simply needs the Vehicle to ensure his Kingship.
Big interview Have Have Have
Cameron Diaz is a Princess, encased in his solitary tower far of a centre of a city of parody of Disney of Dulac.
This Princess has been seating around this little empty chamber quite long enough, thank you. Has his stock exchanges have packed, his entrances of the flight verified and is ready to go. It is authorised. It is determined. It is run this phase by means of his boss the time of thousand and damn the if this type thinks that that it go it to ruin.
Like a lot of Princesses , precise feel a kiss of A True Amour, but also employs some quite Matrix-like this of the talents to try that it can kick butt. She he everything without messing on his hairdo also. It is motivated by the secret aim that the walks and he authorises.
Inevitably, That need and that takes resulted two different things . In of the terms of Still Better or For Worse, takes any history of the history of the fairy could have had the better end.
Dreamworks Katzenberg, Disney Executive forward, ousted like this that the big Green ogre takes his sweet Revenge with each slap in Disney icons can muster. We acclaim, we roar- want to More! Dreamworks Has created the significantly wonderful parody has enormous map and the script that will maintain you laughing of minute a to finalise. Some of some lines go legislations in the bosses of some boys but directly to your brains, and each adult appreciates when these tasty morsels is tossed in knots. Shrek Is the no-flight of stop of Oz Street of the Yellow brick right to a centre of your heart.
5 / 5 Trula
Disney has followed often in the together of 'managers' partorisca do everything of his work of film: the good-looking princess in some class of peril (ie: that Sleeps the beauty is under the wave to do his sleep, the aim of Nieve has eaten an apple has poisoned, Cinderella wants to go a ball, etc.). These films often does on some level, but the originality often is that lacking of in of the histories of fairy, which always coming from/come from some source. More, teach lessons that any one exactly behoove a spectator, often an impressionable young boy (lessons in infatuation--that count of the fairy has not had some prince with the complex of superiority wanting to be king, and spotting the good-looking daughter of by means of a room, and the saying is is a a.'???? Calm does not see NEVER the Wonderful prince that cut Lovely Lady around, calm? Well, well, I will leave my soapbox now. Eshrek' Entirely goes against a grain in of the terms of concepts of history of the fairy to add the integer of new transfer to a gender, and a result is cut at all of spectacular.
Shrek (Voice of Mike Myers) is an ugly green ogre that bolt in the ramshackle marries in a swamp for him, without the cure in a world. When Gentleman Farquaad (voice of John Lithgow) banish all 'creatures of history of the fairy' of an earth, Ass (voice of Eddie Murphy), the one who speaks too much, evasions of his owner and some harps of some people those who are by train to take was, and goes the Shrek swamp and begs Shrek to take in, and Shrek the contrariedad does so only concealed. When all a history of fairy the creatures are touched in his property, Shrek complains the Farquaad. Farquaad, The diminuitive ladies with the complex of superiority, wants to be king, and after consulting his magic mirror, sees to a woman would like to have for his promise, and says Shrek that takes some creatures of history of the fairy of his property Shrek can spend his future promise, Princess Fiona (voice of Cameron Diaz).
This film is probably one of some animate films more pleasant has seen the long time. They are Disney defender , but there is strayed of his 'history of fairy' pictures been due to the lack of interest, and there is geared my interest the different (and original) animate histories. This one is for real original in the each way, included although it recycles characters of history of fairy familiarised (the 7 dwarves, Pinochio, Cinderella, Aim of Nieve, Little Hood of Red Horse riding, etc), but in the humorous way. Some actors they (Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, and John Lithgow) are adds in his parts, and some voices of the support and the characters are that it marks this film adds. There are so many jokes of interior that this film would tend to fly legislation in the boss of the girl. There is also alot of the view gags that a spectator easily would lose a first time around.
Does not have an absolute favourite scene, reason this whole film was hysterically pleasant and ready. This in spite of, some of them underline in alcohols. A soyun of gingerbread' was classical, with a famous cookie lying in the casserole of cookie, the legs broken was, with the glass to milk after the his. His 'tourture' has taken dipped in a milk and a threat of his keys that takes rasgado was. When Farquaad Says to confess, the man of Gingerbread shouts 'Eat me!' And spits. Another scene adds was a soyerry Men' that sing his song, which turns to a scene of motion colgante of 'A Matrix' with Fiona lifting to an air in a 'karate-has fallen' motion, some freezings of action, a corner rotates, and Fiona has fallen two Merry Men a same time. A course with a magic mirror was also hillarious. It likes like this of a mirror was sincere with Farquaad, inform concealed esel the ally is not the king, and this is not reign it,' to the the Farquaad gestures the Thelonious like this to that raisin to the 'lying' mirror (Thelonious paste the small hand-held mirror), and a mirror counteracts '...But you can be king ,' and tip three different women, 'Game to Date Fashion. A scene in Farquaad' the park of distraction was hillarious, especially with a ' east the World-wide Petit '-esque the puppets that sings.
This was the film adds , complete with the mould adds, and is the fun history. This to good sure breaks all these principles that the account of fairy tends to dip (and believe me, the principles have been done to be broken). They are anxiously waiting for a sequela in 2004, and highly recommend this by all the world and his 5th once takes prime holes (LOL! So only kidding). Ossia The history adds of romance and marvel, and is sure to be the swipe for years to come.
Ass: Salvation, Princess. Fiona: Tongue! Shrek: Yeah, Is by train to take To shutup ossia a trick !
Well, perhaps will take this like this together. It sees eshrek,' will not complain it !!
5 / 5 Gudrun
Mike Myers is Shrek, an Ogre the one who finds has the heart of gold. Happy just to bathe in a vase all day and dine so only for light of the goes (goes him to them are done with his very own ear wax), master at all more than to remain so only in peace. ( It scares an occasional intruder without hurting the fly) A peaceful existence is shattered when Shrek the results to flood invaded with fairy of refugees-characters of history that looks for asylum of a wicked Gentleman Farquad (voiced for John Lithgow). Living puppets, men of gingerbread, dwarves, fairies and some odd in ass of speaker (voiced for Eddie Murphy) - all escape of Farquaad onslaught to do his reign reign it perfect. Any that concerns no a lot of partorisca Shrek peace, Farquaad has his own ambitions. To result king, need to marry the princess. With a help of the magic mirror, Farquaad rashly solves in a lovely Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz), the solitary waif has captured in a big tower of the palace beseiged for the fearsome dragon and surrounded for the mote of fire. Shrek Attacks to treat it one -be king - Fiona for a turn of the his swamp. With a help of an Ass to speak, Shrek saves a princess and they have dipped for Farquaad realm of Of the Loc, sharing some adventures to the long of a way, but directing a lot to learn that a princess has some secrets of his own.
Shrek HAS the simple history, with the simple message - accounts of inner beauty - the one who clash with a sumptuous animation but also with a ludicrous appearance of a villainous Farquaad. This has said, ossia the add flick because of a talent - Mike Myers Shrek with his mark Scotsman shtick, while Eddie Murphy invents the whole new facet to the equal that annoy sidekick the one who does not know never when to leave. A flick pokes entertainment in of the histories of fairy (a page duquel is consigned punctual in a flick like toilet paper; in planting to wake Fiona to sleep with the kiss, Shrek so only shakes violently awake), but also in Disney - a realm of Of him Loc bars the facial appearance to Disneyworld, complete with tents of presents and, my preferred has bitten, an automated info the obviously stamped cabin on ' is the World-wide Petit '. Shrek Is the history of fairy, but a pointed in grown-ups patient of a treacly feeling another characteristic animate. Like this always, ossia a VCR description, as they are not vouching for EXTRA DVD.
4 / 5 Georgine
hrek' Has been hailed like what more orders in animation of sliced bread, if sliced the bread was not never animate state. Eshrek' Has been hyped the death and has won a prime minister never Oscar for Better Animate Feature film.
Does a lot of deception, this film is entertainment adds . Mike Myers is to the entertainment adds like Shrek, an ogre with Greta Garbo complex, whose calm existence in his swamp is interrupted by Gentleman Farquaad, voiced in hissably fashion of harm for John Lithgow, the one who there is evicted all a local fairy-creatures of history and touched them in Shrek swamp. Shrek And his unwelcome new side-kick the ass to speak, voiced hysterically Eddie Murphy), attain treat the Farquaad to fetch a short prince the promise in a form of Princess Fiona, voiced for Cameron Diaz, the one who has to rescue of the hideout of the dragon, complete with dragon that breathes fire.
All a lot of and well, and to the plot is of fun is to be had by everything. The parents would owe that be warned that this film has the flange he hard plus that the typical animation of Disney, and a 'PP' the indication is a lot of-has deserved.
But has questions with this film. In the first place, there is a troubling hypocrisy of Hollywood. This film laudable the message is not to judge another is in his appearance. I add. Swell. So that that has? A villian with Napoleon Complesso, and he slew of short jokes.
Also, extracted adds of a humour in this film comes from/comes from a skewering of Mouse, Inc., any that has anything wrong with lampooning Mickey & has Sawed. Some jokes are utmost, a question is that there is so that Disney gags that a film takes sidetracked in time, interrupting a pacing of a film. One taking is one that feels that to plot of a praise this film has received has been reason has had finally the legitimate animate film produced by any one another that Disney.
In spite of these defects and of the precautions, eshrek' is in whole plot of fun. Eddie Murphy Vola to to a show likes him the ass. Mike Myers gives Shreck the Scottish emphasis, and Cameron Diaz has entertainment with his function of Princess Fiona. While Disney bashing detracts of a flow of a film, some jokes are hysterical and a satire has died-on, and well has deserved.
This DVD contains the number of good goodies, like a kaoroke number and some storyboards presentations of has has deleted scenes, and has the fun and enjoyable soundtrack.
I reccomend this film in spite of some defects, like fun factor for hrek' is like this big likes an ogre.
5 / 5 Sage
When My edges of nineteen years has suggested that look Shrek, I so only grudgingly adapted, especially as it already have seen the. Still, that often can one taking the adolescent to do anything with his mother? So much, knots hunkered down to look a film, and never am happy that has done. It was absolutely hilarious! This totally irreverent film pokes entertainment in a lot of fairytale icons. Based to a book of a same name for William Steig, ossia the any one controls sweep, fractured fairytale, laden with humour, exceptional animation, the script adds, and the amazing end. That more can the lover of film reports? It is simply he fabulous film that is sure to appeal the youngster and old equally.
Shrek (Mike Myers) is the giant, green ogre, the one who is to good sure any one the candidate for Amsterdam of Ladies. Alive the solitairy, barren, and solitary life in the swamp. A day, his whole world is side looked down. When A diminutive and Ladies of bad Farquaad (John Lithgow) decides to evict all fairytale characters of his houses, a homeless begins squatting in Shrek swamp, and Shrek is outraged. After doing a acquaintance of the loudmouthed, infectiously pleasant, in ass of speaker (Eddie Murphy) the one who there is muscled in in Shrek swamp, an indignant Shrek Ladies of has paid Farquaad recognition, demanding answered in an influx of a homeless in his swamp. That spends in his results to fulfil in Shrek agreeing to succour the Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz) of the dragon gives and spend to an ambitious Gentleman Farquaad, so that it can do his promise. The transmission for the successful rescue, Shrek once again will remain to reign supreme in his swamp.
Some adventures that an ass and Shrek has in his determination to fulfil his investigation is has amused filled and ape. Shrek, The one who tongue with the soft Scottish burr, is an ogre whose measure and the fearsome gesture is belied for his tender heart. Mike Myers infuses this sweet giant, green with to tenderness that mark a fall of enamoured spectator with Shrek. An ass is brash Eddie Murphy so only can be, totally irreverent and outrageously pleasant. John Lithgow is wickedly droll, like the conscious measure, the hungry power, scheming Gentleman Farquaad. Cameron Diaz, the one who there is probably be a harder function of everything, is a lot like this fiercely independent Princess Fiona. It likes Crown Diaz any, this in spite of, has the differential voice, his doors of characterisation at the side that of some other characters and is a feebler link in this otherwise sensational film. A film has the surprise that has arrived that it is absolutely charming and novel. It is a pertinent one for this only and fiendishly ready film. Shrek Is simply the film adds, animated or otherwise. Bravo!
This two DVD of the disk is uploaded with eleven hours of figure before it will resupply entertainment for a whole family. It leaves one to register one this voice on that of one east of the favourite characters ' lines and star in an of twelve whole scenes. Also it resupplies on fifteen interactive games. It looks video of music, as well as a traditional plus filmmakers' commentary and an always pleasant technician goofs. These are so only some of some special has looked resupplied. A quality of picture and his east, of course, superlative, considering the be expected in the first class DVD. Ossia The value laden DVD, and a ossia a lot of value having in one this personal collection .
4 / 5 Miss
Michael Eisner is a man the one who governs a Company of Disney of Walt. In fact a lot of years, Jeffrey Katzenberg was his second-commanded. Katzenberg The majority of remarkable tarpaulin was a renaissance of Disney stagnant handed of animate film. Under his guidance, a studio has done commercially and artistically successful film to the equal that bite Mermaid, Beauty and a Beast and Rey de León. He several years, some two executives have had the falling was, and Katzenberg is exited Disney. It has sawed punctual-founded Dreamworks Studio with Steven Spielburg and David Geffen. This company is highly state has achieved. Katzenberg Is openly was paralizaciones for derrumbar to to Disney likes undisputed of king of animation. Dreamworks There has been sucedido moderated with A Prince of Egitto and A Street to the Golden. Antz And the career of Chicken was swipes . Now it comes Shrek, which is a big plus grossing film of 2001 like this far. Of then Gentleman K start, Disney there has been his action of swipes [Tarzan] and loses Pocahantas]. This all goes to try that an American of competitive alcohol is alive and well Hollywood. Any one only has a consumer has benefited, as has an industry like the whole.
Shrek Is one of a plus allegro and more mischievous the films animated has not done never. Work on two levels. To the summer of boys likes him a thing, the father and the oldest spectators likes another. All age the groups will have the time adds. It calms that could call the history of revisionist fairy, one this directs to be ready, ape and thoroughly modern without once that drifts to cynicism.
Shrek [Voice of Mike Myers] is an ogre, the big, big, lumbering creature the one who has ears that trumpets of looks. An a short day, pompous, egotistical Gentleman Farquaad [John Lithgow] decides to kick all a history of creatures of fairy [Aim of Nieve, Pinocchio, a Three Pocolos Put, etc.] Out of the his realm. They take refuge in Shrek swampy held, and taking really crazy. It is state so only partorisca like this long that takes his daunt a lot seriously. Accompanied by the strong, obnoxious, still somehow charming ass [Eddie Murphy] can not take touched of of, Shrek goes to face Farquaad. A gentleman says that it succour Princess Fiona [Cameron Diaz], that has decided to marry, he rescind his exile of a history of fairy folks and give Shrek his daunt behind. Of Shrek goes to the dragon-guarded castle to recover Fiona, the one who is any princess of history of normal fairy. But, then, ossia any normal film.
Some actors' the talents of voices are all quite well, but a a those who is absolutely perfect is to to Eddie Murphy likes him the ass. This animal easily could have locate our nerves, but Murphy does like this pleasant that is busy too laughing in him to take unbalanced.
For a first time this year, has Oscar category for better animate film. It was the battle among Shrek and the monsters of Disney is the competition!
4 / 5 Jillian
Although marketed like the girls' films, SHREK is one of these films with discharges. (A lot that an onion, or an ogre...) Ours antihero is the reclusive green scary ogre (Shrek, voiced for Mike excellent Myers) the one who alive in the swamp. His sidekick, an enthusiast in ass of speaker (Eddie Murphy) the one who has decided that Shrek is his fellow better. Shrek, unused To the people that tries befriend the in planting to run is gone in terror, reluctantly leaves stay of Ass with him. When His swamp is invaded for a resupplied of fairy-creatures of history, the deeply annoyed Shrek is determined to speak to Gentleman Farquaad (John Lithgow), the one who there is evicted these creatures of Duloc. Unfortunately, an only person the one who is has had to that to accompany on this travesía is a never anxious Ass , and have dipped like this was, Shrek that complains this decision every time the ass opens his mouth. ('A trick is by train to take to close on,' he laments.)
On arriving in Duloc, Shrek finds taken in a half of the competition of knights to see that it win a 'right' to succour the Princess to sleep Fiona of the castle. ( Esome Of you can die, but is the sacrifice are has had to that do,' a vertically defied Gentleman Farquaad, the one who wish to marry, he his has said.) It finalises to be elected to go in this mission, and change it, take his swamp behind.
In an of one 'awww!' Moments of a film, Shrek manoeuvres Ass by means of a rickety bridge to a castle to shake it until the ass done his own way on, more than turning behind. It is the perfect example of as fond Shrek is resulted of his partner, although not to admit it never. In that finds a princess, he unceremoniously tugs his out of there. Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz) is not impressed. It is expecting the succour it romantic plus, and is disappointed that a helmeted Shrek a lot included recite a poem of épico or it sonnet for sound. ('A limerick?' It suggests in desperation.)
'Calm a lot slay a dragon??' It asks in to the horror likes him the monster that breathes the fire comes after his and Shrek. As it results, this in spite of, a dragon is female, solitary and looking for amour - to the equal that finds in a form of Ass. It is not pleased too much in of the this. ' They are a asthmatic!' It defends.
Like three travesía behind to Duloc, Fiona grow spent his initial horror in Shrek appearance, while his lack of helplessness is aimed like his felizmente fights of an attacker. Some the look of Merry men, of course, and do the bit of Riverdance. Shrek And Fiona swipe on reptiles and rid the to an another, walking to the long of romantically with his animal balls. Ass and Shrek point of conversations at night late out of Shrek is hid loneliness and isolation. ' We judge me to knots before they was to know me,' says sadly. And like him the tin to the the good-looking princess likes Fiona never loves such of the hideous beast as him?
But a beauty of this film is that these misfits - an ugly ogre, a solitary dragon, an ass to speak, a princess cursed - adapt each one which as another perfectly. It touches with a stereotypical characters of history of the fairy (ladies, ogre, princess) and turns them on his boss, while giving the happy when finalising that I say that the beauty really is in an eye of a beholder, and that the amour and the friendship are wonderful things to have. Like the morals of a history is . . . The ogres are people really lovely , that breaks the asses are amused to have around, and is a harm diminutive leader of the realm, so only could take eaten by the dragon.
4 / 5 Shasta
Has to that admit that it was hesitant to look this with some boys, in that has read that some of a tongue and the humour were inappropriate, and some of him looks gratuitous
and unnecessarily provocative; it was the better film without. But it is like this entertainment , like this energetic, and a computer the animation has generated looks like this well, that supposes
that can be grudgingly forgiven the pocolos exceeded.
A filmmakers has taken William Steig is history quite minimum and has developed he to the history of fairy soufflé full, complete with a gentleman of harm, the dragon, and to plot
has taken loaned of Beauty and a Beast. It has given then a thing discovers the estaca-Modern twist that Steig surely would agree of, with insider pricks in Disney,
Princess Fiona reenacting slo-me he kung was scenes of Cameron Diaz the function of Angeles of Charlie, and diverse other humorous touches that gives an adult overlay the
film that the girls enjoy in a totally different level.
But for all a snarky humour, Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy antics, and an impressive technology, one the majority of delicious irony is that the arrivals to film to do
because of a tone of way to classical subjects. Shrek, An ugly and quell'ogre very dreaded, goes and succours a princess with which Gentleman Farquaad fiancées to restore the
misanthropic daunt of the his swampy wife. But in a course of his adventure a previously solitary ogre becomes friends with ass and falls enamoured with
Fiona. The near learns timeless lessons roughly friendship, loyalty, amour, and a true character of beauty. Those have involved can think him hip and daring
heroine of counterculture to call the ass the 'jack...' In the boys' films, but a joke is on the they like this retreat to homey bourgeoisie homilies for the end of the film, which
Gentleman Steig looks probably to having disapproved of. I a lot like poetic justice of a filmmakers retreat. But, of course, they are the bourgeois and believe in these
5 / 5 Allison
So much is already state written in this film (and a DVD) is hard to come up with more superlatives for this description, but enjoyed hrek' so much has to that take to stab in him. To start with, a history is excellent; it is pleasant without being juvenile, and movements with does not add. A plot has been rehashed repeatedly here as the sufficed to say this eshrek' is the 'fractured fairytale' in a tradition of some old cartoons for a same name. Everything is entirely familiarised, this in spite of somehow entirely out of whack. A film is uploaded also with inside jokes, innuendo and oblique references that marks like this entertainment for adults like this of the girls. Memory of Disney is 'Aladdin' in his capacity to contain the big level of sophistication while still when being enjoyable like the 'the boys is' film.
An animation is also gorgeous; one elaborates and fantastic character of a history dipped the big bar for a animators, and cleared it easily. Water, expensive, skin, all are animated fantastically, but no in a too precise fashion. For this I bad that while this film is undeniably triumph it technological, he no where technology in his sleeve. A difference among technology and art is heart, and a animators has recognised clearly this fact. Some settings and characters all have the sense of whimsy and the absentee innocence of another CGI (Wars to Star for example).
Is a talent of voice that he really done a film, this in spite of. Mike Meyer is resupplies a voice for a gruff, but charming Shrek, Cameron Diaz resplandores of alcohol by means of like this princess, and Eddie Murphy is brilliant likes Ass. In fact, it say that his action, while overshadowed for Meyers' is a better in a film. A mould of support is like this exceptional, particularly John Lithgow like Gentleman Farquart.
Regarding a DVD, is uploaded with extra. My personal favourites were a 'actor' glimpsed, in the Shrek (for example), a CGI character Mike Meyers, is interviewed in his function in a film, and an animation bloopers reel which underlines some of some odd animations that resulted to program errors. A DVD is also a lot the friendly boy, that looks the variety of games and sing he-one-longitude.
In an end, eshrek' correctly is when being touted like one of some better films of 2001. It is quite sophisticated for an adult to enjoy, while a time still the father can leave his look of boys without concerning . A talent of the voice and the animation are both glorious, and a history is entertaining and has utmost messages in inner beauty and an importance of friendship.
5 / 5 Sandee
Ah, SHREK. One of some films frankly more pleasant has not seen never, and for real evilotionary in a world of animation of computer, takes a undisputed five stars. But, alas, a DVD is not until pair. Here it is reason.
Some papers are a lot pleasant, and a gags in touching like this add like the film is. (For example, Pinnochio says " there is not characteristic a lot special here," and unsuprisingly his nose grows.) But a paper is exactly one same in both disks, scratch a an element of paper in a firist the disk has titled "DWK: DreamWorks Boys - A Way to Touch!" This, mine, is boring. Reason can do not creating the second paper for disk two?
Filmmaker The commentary is so only in a second disk, which contains a widescreen version of a film. It does not like widescreen of a lot of (does not have it widescreen TV, as having he in this format he all distorted), and prefer look a fullscreen the edition expósita on disk a. If so only a commentary is coming on disk some hips!
Oh, yeah, Has a fact that has to go you all a way to disk two for a theatrical trailer. Also, this is not a trailer agrees to see, and knows has had more than one. Reason can have no to dip them both in a DVD?
On Disk 1 has the characteristic of prize titledd neak Trailer of Summit.' When I have read this, has expected an original Shrek trailer, or, included better, he sneak look of summit in Shrek 2, which is sceduled for emission in 2004. Instead, it is the trailer for another completly different DreamWorks project, has called "Alcohol," which is said to exit in 2002.
A DWK characteristic ("Dressed a Man of Gingerbread," "Ask a Magic Mirror," "Morph of Character," "Dressed a Man of Gingerbread," etc.), it is not a lot entertaining at all, and once his tones, calm does not take any one a lot out of his touch again. Exept For a triva game, thinks that is the waste of spatial in a first disk, spatial to the equal that could have had the habit to comprise a commentary on disk a.
An annex "Long End" it is instead the DVD/VHS characteristic of prize and does not return in with a actulal film. Although it is quite entertaining in his own legislation, is not to separate of a film, and does not have to that breakings of call of him.
An option of Spanish audio is good to have there, but some voices touch pale and boring when compared to an English version. Still with an option of French audio.
Coast too much for a figure of feeble prize that takings, although one rear some scenes featurette and kareoke the party of dance is a lot, a lot pleasant.
This on sound on top of questions with this toneless DVD, although a film he recieves 5 stars. If it love the better family DVD, strongly suggests Disney platnum edition DVD presentation of "Snow Bianco and some Seven Dwarves."
4 / 5 Edra
Are the defender adds of light fiction, particularly ready fiction, as when our band collected in the house of the fellow to dine of Thanksgiving, and has solved in still an usual low tone with which period of recovery of the dinner in front of a together of television, has voted for a Shrek film on DVD. Although it have not gone to see he in some theatres because it was the "boys" film, has had "broken down" and it has purchased a DVD in a recommendation of the daughter of the partner (Gracia, has aged 8 years), and has loved that. It has done like this some friends with that has looked he in action of graces.
Like this with any successful comedy, if cartoon or human pipe, a history has a lot of his discharges, appealing in of the different ways to groups of different age. For those of knots those who have on grown in of the works like Monty Python, Night of Bolt of Saturday and another irreverent passage, a punch in an eye to regulate fairytales is enjoyable. (Punctual in Shrek tears out of a "and it was to wake for true amours' prevail kiss" page out of his book in disgust and uses it like this cloth of basin!) I boys he the young plus probably will want a bit pleasant little character of ass, young daughters a Zena likes princess, young boys a bath of vase of an ogre, etc.
Like this usual, Eddie Murphy to the exceptional work likes "annoying, bobo of miniature of load." To the equal that with his little character of dragon, Moushu in Disney films Mulan, is both have wanted and slightly idiotic a same time. Has all a character for delivery that Robin Williams has exhibited in Aladden, but ameno with him his own fashion, direct plus and note more connected, that one finds in everything of his work. His was for far my favourite character. Appearance a lot another voice in parts like this in a future; it is endowed for real.
Mike Meyers is a real surprise, at least mine. I have seen only bits and of the pieces of Austin Can in trailers and has not been impressed. When I Have been said that has been the one who has touched a centrical character Shrek, has to admit that I have been impressed. Perhaps CGI the characters are his strong!
One of a facits of the work liked the more was of a clear message--has lost totally, could signal was, in Disney version of Beauty and a Beast duquel Shrek could be considered the version of modern day--that felizmente never with which, amour, and the happiness does not come packaged in the quite or good-looking face. Although Disney the distinguished film was that, as that the old adage has it, "good-looking is like this good-looking ," he botched some work to change a beast to the good-looking prince likes reward to touch to be the worthy person of amour. Any wall to dance the escole the flower knows for the fact that this does not spend never. Shrek Clears that, while the person can not be the one who a rest of a world considers attractive, is good-looking while a one wants to sees him like this so many. In fact, a film done a lot of signals of entities for adults as well as boys to learn.
Some visual effects of a film were impressive. A hair, facial affects, and the movement of some characters was a lot of real. Some movements and the habits of a bit the ass has maintained to adapt of the mine utmost danes Courageous and Time. The expressions in of the faces have created the sense of person and mental and emotional content that the majority of lack of characters of the cartoon or so only can approximate for physically "aping" human behaviours. Some humans have not gone enough like this real likes some of some centrical character in Final Fantasy, for chance, but a fact that has had to that interact with totally believes characters in the believable way, has done this one less inadequacy and more the half to promote a history. In fact, a facial affect those in Shrek was far upper to Final Fantasy in spite of his global less "real" appearence. Calm probably has joined the majority of the impressive innovations in a film were in environmental creation. A lot of some effects were a lot of realistic, even more so many that one a lot the monument has expected to CGI, Final Fantasy.
An edition of DOUBLE DVD, further to resupply a wide screen and a casserole and versions to scan of a film, has several special characteristics. My preferred was a " it was taken," ossia a computer bloopers this has produced odd results.
Ossia To good sure the wonderful addition to the library familiarised of video or Dvd and would do the present vacacional lovely for almost any group of age.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5 Haywood
Excellent film. Very pleasant. Orders of film familiarised partorisca season navideña.
Ossia Shrek Prime Navidad like test the do a 'Navidad Perfecta' partorisca his family. Of course, havoc and mayhem arises! One prejudices before history navideña is said peels each character partorisca his or his perspective.
Highly recommends this film, especially is the Shrek Defender!
Some Christmas carols that is a characteristic extra is hilarious.
Only flu, is that it is the short film . Another that the, are adds!
4 / 5 Geraldo
history very interesting of the Christmas partorisca an ogre
5 / 5 Caroll
Beware. Ossia So only 22 minutes long! WELL you want to complete your Shrek collection, but a DVD would have to that it has been packaged with more content. Prpers Having said that, is quite good.
5 / 5 Jule
Has seen this in television, but was very better in this way on DVD.

The holidays add special, now have everything of a Shrek film.

Thank you UPS And Amazon.
4 / 5 Gerry
Short film, but very pleasant. I love it and my grandson and amour of niece partorisca look it!
5 / 5 Rayford
Has think that this was the Film navideña wonderful. Some last few years has been the tradition partorisca look this film in television. We have had the hard time partorisca find it this year, as I have bought a film and can the to us look anytime. It is funny.

Top Customer Reviews: Brigadoon ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 36 ratings
5 / 5 Megan
When I have bought this DVD had not registered to be the Region 2 DVD, i.et. Only playable in Europe. Ossia When it has discovered that although I have had, some years, has done my player to the Region Free unit, had lost that change and has had to that discover regarding the do again. Once I , was able to look and thoroughly enjoy a film. It is one of mine favourite and saw it the little time on some years. It is a lot of the possess. I have wanted always Cyd Charisse and she and Gene Kelly the wonderful pair.
4 / 5 James
Gene of amour Kelly, Cyd Charisse, but any one some routines of dance finds enjoyable - too flange. It is the musical, after all. But the pleasant history, and has thinks that Van Johnson was humourous. This DVD arrived in good time and was in conditioning very good. 'Brigadoon' Is the history agrees of infancy of mine and I was happy to add my collection.
4 / 5 Barbie
This does not take never old and is always the a lot of uplifting film. Unfortunately Hollywood can not produce these caliber films anymore. Alas, an art to produce the films of quality are lost on him. That give it!
4 / 5 Virgie
'Go House, goes Home, Goes Home to Bonnie Jean' and 'Heather in a Collina' is two of some wonderful songs of mine favourite musical of all the times, Brigadoon!!! Amazing scenery, dresses and wonderful characters. Fantastic production. Dvd The cost was very reasonable. This in spite of, a rovescio only was a time of delivery . Well value a wait!!!
4 / 5 Ernesto
Another preferred musical of infancy of mine. A history of the amour but calm has to that believe in of the miracles. Substituted my old VHS tape. Sometimes an old classics is a better.
5 / 5 Lisabeth
I members familiarised have loved a film and mentioned it again have decided like this to purchase he for them partorisca enjoy while they want to!
5 / 5 Deangelo
Takes of Dec 7 to Dec 31 2018 to take has been lost in traffic for the moment. But w0rth the.
Loves a film.
4 / 5 Bethany
Are in props in the local theatre and I has wanted to see this film. Sum of ideas and old films of sound for props.
4 / 5 Mellisa
My granddaughter loves this film. It is ten years old and it can look this film on and on and on. Looking this film several times in the period of several days is not something usually would do, but gladly will do like this with my granddaughter. Really it is the film adds!
4 / 5 Victoria
Loves this film and I Gene of amour Kelly. The delivery in the product was the little slow but value while to.
4 / 5 Tracie
Ossia The history of lovely amour that is amused to look. My husband and I have there is enjoyed always this film and was happy to be aable for the cost. It recommends it to any the one who enjoys the musical historian. Value a clock.
4 / 5 Shaquita
Amur This film and I Gene of amour Kelly. The delivery in the product was the little slow but value while to.
4 / 5 Ricarda
Ossia Likes looks partorisca have come of a soyodern phase', but a music is wonderful, the line of history is innocent and lovely. Gene Kelly can not have one the majority of voice of wonderful flange, but can do and dance. I add musical.
5 / 5 Sacha
Gene Kelly is a comsommate dancer and in this film aims his capacity to do this and a same time done the entirely fictional the history in something concealed could be quite beleiveable
5 / 5 Mirta
Amena of the rear memories to look this so that the young daughter.
5 / 5 Mandie
Has seen this films several years and has loved that. Very happy of the see available on DVD.
5 / 5 Micha
Still one of mine favourite, Gene and Cyd do the wonderful work. It is add partorisca be able to share these old films with my girls.
5 / 5 Esta
I recomend this to any the one who enjoys, idyll and light comedy, with the touch of whimsy. I have enjoyed he immensley.
5 / 5 Nettie
The litigated has been in the favourite of the mine of then was the girl . Door for behind the plot of memories that am spent on to my granddaughters.
5 / 5 Monnie
Both Dvdes I bought no in any of our Dvd players. Any risarcimento partorisca defective Dvd. No shopping of this buyer again.
4 / 5 Rosenda
When I in the first place rented BRIGADOON of a public library last cradle, has fallen immediately enamoured with him. It has added so only a DVD my collection yesterday. It is one of some the majority of the good-looking films have not seen never. It is to 1954 adaptation of film of one 1947 musical Broadway. A Lerner and Loewe the bookmark is one of a more adds never writing partorisca a phase (or screen). A mould adds comprises Gene Kelly, Van Johnson, and Cyd Charisse. Although certainly any one some more utmost singer in a world, Kelly is and the flange of Johnson is more than pertinent and is really quite lovely. Charisse The voice of flange is baptised thus film, and the work adds also.
When Brigadoon has DONE a transition of Hollywood of Broadway, the good chunk of his bookmark has been dispensed with still room to mark to underline some capacities of dance of his stars. Ossia, in fact, where a lot of people find failure with this film; a lack of a rest of a bookmark of Broadway. The these people, has this to say... ---This film is not a game of Broadway. It is the adaptation of film .--- Ossia Also a common complaint in MGM is esqué Boat' 3 earlier years. Another common complaint roughly 'Brigadoon' is that it was shot obviously in soundstages in a MGM weaves in Culver City in place of some big earths of Scozia. This has been due to a fact that the producers have done with the estimativas the small plus that there was state so only 3 or 4 earlier years. This, coupled with an unpredictable time in British Isles, necesitated that a film be shot in a studio. Ossia Also evident in esincluso Promised for Seven Brothers' of a same year. Although some insiemi are painted obviously backdrops, are done amiably and work well. IMO, You no demerit a film.
Brigadoon More than frames up for some songs disappeared to add some numbers of spectacular dance. 'Heather in a Collina' is one of a more sweeping numbers of the dance has not seen never in any film. Kelly is and Charisse gracefulness really paste one something.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDS a DVD, with his lush colour, clear picture, and stereo sound. If you have not seen 'Brigadoon,' would have to see it. In a much less for some of one dance More the add number you will not see never.
4 / 5 Dawn
Sometimes which believe results more real that a real world in that alive, and is not there some small part by all the world ossia eternally that looks for that special place, this world inside a world-wide that once discovered results a place wants to be in still always? It is a material with the folklore and the films are fill, manifested in of to to the places like Valhalla, Shangri-the, Xanadu and included Never Never Of Tierra. An usually found place so only in a heart and in an alcohol, but occasionally stumbled to in one the majority of unlikely of places, which is a chance in signalling here, when two men-- lost in some big Earths of Scozia-- find the calm place will not find in any map. A place called 'Brigadoon.'
Has directed for Winner Minnelli and said by means of a music and of the songs of Lerner and Loewe, this 1954 musical is a history again Yorkers Tommy Albright (Gene Kelly) and Jeff Douglas (Van Johnson) the one who, in the travesía to hunt to Scozia, the stray result in some Big Earths and spend to a village of Brigadoon. A lot quickly @I damage that the things are somehow different in this place, of an attire and attitude of some locals to a way am received for them. But there is something more, something in this place that looks to draw Tommy his, concealed does to feel as it belongs here. Jeff cynical, in another hand, can not expect evasion . And while they look for to order it all was-- especially Tommy-- take taken up in some festivities of a day; the pair is for takes place, and during an emotion the pair of things spends: In the first place, Tommy overhears any one mentions something in the esecret' and he soyiracle.' And he Fiona has fulfilled then (Cyd Charisse), and a wave of Brigadoon is his.
Minnelli Can have directed this picture, but there has a lot as much as he footnote his this resists his byline. He , this in spite of, has Gene Kelly written throughout he of an extreme to the another. It Likes him spear of a show and a choreographer, everything roughly has his fashion stamped arriesgadamente his, and is Kelly alcohol that spends a film, which is distant a lot of to be one of Lerner and Loewe the tarpaulins more are. With an exception of ' this Almost Likes to Be Enamoured,' in fact, some songs are quite forgettable. But there is the sure enchantment to one 'idea' of Brigadoon, he more that has Kelly on board for the spend to fruition, this this the pleasantly involving film. And it is that it feels of history of the fairy to find a person and place of the desire of your heart that the fact like this appealing. Some spectators, jaded for a hard reality of a lot of of today of passage, can find is offering bit it corny; but then again, with a phenomenal success of the film like a recent 'Harry Potter,' can be orientative of a fact that to to the films like 'Brigadoon' is so only that of the audiences have wins for, and the film like this so only can be the pleasant discovery-- or rediscovery-- for a lot of the one who in fact is looking for so only this class of entertainment. Ironically, In a fantasy of him there is something intrinsically down-the-earth roughly that a lot it can find appeals and refreshing.
Of course, any vehicle that resupplies an occasion to see to the artist adds like Kelly the one who more is worth it is hanged in gold. Looking Kelly dance, any one @subjects the one who a setting or local, is the experience to transport. Fred Astaire can be a Prince of Crown that has danced his way the fame in a screen of money, but Kelly is a King , with the order, powerful presence that it is without pair. Enough simply, person he better, and his presence is to good sure a force of this film.
Cyd Charisse (The Astaire has appointed like his first election of all his partners) is in his better here during his numbers with Kelly, but like this as well as it is-- and is an extraordinary dancer and interpreter, arguably one of a better screen never-- retrospectively, can not be been a better election for this part; to the to any one likes him to him the flange-Ellen, perhaps, can be more global able state to take an ethereal essence of Fiona, like this Charisse is better adapted to the dipping the contemporary or modern plus. Still, it is necessary will maintain that Charisse was perfect for this function, and in fact, is a totally subjective call .
Van Johnson gives the good action, but there is something of the fish-was-of-felt to water roughly the, which can has to that do with a character is touching. Jeff, after all, is a a the one who remains grounded while Tommy takes to scan was with a fantasy in that find . And taking it casualidad to aim of the bit of his capacity like the dancer in the brief number at the side Kelly, the one who a lot generously looks to touch his hat to Johnson to maintain the quite reserved presence during his has bitten near.
A mould of support comprises Elaine Stewart (Jane), Barry Jones (Gentleman Lundie), Hugh Laing (Harry), Albert Sharpe (Andrew), Virginia Bosler (Jean), Jimmy Thompson (Charlie), Tudor Owen (Archie), Dee Turnell (Ann), Dodie Heath (Meg), Owen McGiveney (Angus) and Eddie Quillan (Sandy). Also look for George Chakiris like one of some dancers. An a bit smaller, but charming musical, 'Brigadoon' has the universal appeal takes that it ensure is put for ever among even a plus memorable to film musicals. It can be missing of an impact that would give it a height of the 'History lateralmente West,' 'Oklahoma,' 'Carousel' or soyy Just Lady,' but has the quality all is adapted that it mark enjoyable and entertaining to look. And ossia a magic of some films.
5 / 5 Keith
Has not seen never the quite musical likes "Brigadoon". Charming And rich and amusing and romantic, is the musical this looks to have everything: songs coloreadas, wonderful dance, and the only history. And with Gene Kelly, Van Johnson, and Cyd Charisse like launchings of a show, knows is in the stops to entertainment adds. And with Winner Minnelli like manager, knows is in still something concealed is so only beautiful.
A history follows two hunters, Tommy Albright (Kelly), and Jeff Douglas (Johnson), in the joytrip to Scozia. Some men lose his way and accidentally stumble to an animate Scottish earth of Brigadoon, bustling with boisterous traders, cheery townsfolk, and good-looking women. When Tommy Fulfils Fiona Campbell good-looking (Charisse), is amour the first view. But to his dismay, Tommy @gives that they can be forced avert when it learns that Brigadoon is the magic earth that looks so only once each century. Do his decision, Tommy @gives that "if you want to very enough, anything can spend... Milagros same."
Fantastically Photographed for Minnelli with the eye of his artist, and bubbling with the rousing and the wonderful musical bookmark that comprises a song of title, and a lot another: A Scots flange and dancing to a boisterous " it goes House With Bonnie Jean", Kelly and Charisse waltzing by means of "Heather in a Collina", Kelly wonderful (a lot ingin' in a Rain'-esque) rendition of " it is Almost He Likes to Be Enamoured", and an incredible film " Bundle of Pair". And a mould could not be better: Kelly has not been never more likable, Charisse never more appealing, and Johnson never quite like this cynical. And the mould of support adds that it comprises Barry Jones, Virginia Bosler, Albert Sharpe and Hugh Laing adds extra flavour to a show.
Timeless and fresco with which almost fifty years, "Brigadoon" it is the film to be treasured, and enjoyed, peels each generation, and stands like one of some last tarpaulins adds of a MGM musicals.
4 / 5 Gabriella
Could look this film on and on again, and have while I rented it! Gene Kelly and to the van of mate Johnson loses his way in his holidays to shoot in some Big Earths of Scozia and stumble to Brigadoon, the magic city that so only looks for a day each years of hundred. In his way, a lot resembled "Stray Horizon", another fantasy of history has loved roughly places. It likes him Ronald satisfies in this film, the gene is not happy with his life marries retreated and finds peace and contentment during his day in Brigadoon, any to mention amour with a fetching Cyd Charisse. Van Johnson is like a character of the brother to Satisfy, never seriously entertaining an idea to solve in Brigadoon. And like a petulant Maria in "Stray Horizon", we see an inhabitant of Brigadoon the one who wishes to leave and see a world-wide outside. A difference among these two characters, this in spite of, is that any really know reason Maria hates Shangri-The; has harm for a fellow this in spite of, of then has to that see a woman loves house that prejudices to another rich plus townsman and has any occasion to fulfil more or better his place in society. His decision to escape of Brigadoon opens on one the majority of thrilling scene in a film, when all a townsmen has to that follow investigations to maintain to break an enchantment and that causes Brigadoon to disappear for ever. While there are some numbers of usual dance for Gene, particularly enjoyed one highland fling dances of a together, which sincerely are in thrilling. For everything means, solve you down in the comfy the chair with some has has wanted to some and take in "Brigadoon"--you not to complain it .
4 / 5 Flora
MGM Has expected BRIGADOON to be his box-clash of musical office of 1954--and for good reason: a film has been based in a prompt game for the student of Broadway and Lowe and comprises some captivating music in the winsome history of two hunters of 20th century that stumble to the Scottish village that magically looks for a day once each years of hundred. But MGM had not calculated that the audiences of films would answer to a film precisely like this of the audiences of Broadway have had several earlier years: they remained it it was.
BRIGADOON Is not the bad film. It is a lot of-crafted in any MGM way. A bookmark, which comprises to the such preferred like "Almost It Likes to Be Enamoured," it is quite well. One mould--to the equal that comprises Gene Kelly, Cyd Charisse, and Van Johnson--is upper, some the musical numbers are enjoyably staged, and although any of his his endeavours much more a film resists a imprint of manager Vincent Minnelli famous touch. In another hand, BRIGADOON is not the particularly enjoyable , exciting, or memorable film and a fanciful the history is like this sweetly has presented that quickly it results that it dips era. While the individual songs in a marker are brilliant, when listened in together has it sameness of the yours that creates the repetitive feels. The majority of musical defenders will enjoy to see a film once--after all, Kelly and Charisse is the good-looking pair and they dance extremely I very together. But so only that like his musicals bland, extra-sweet, and with the z/the sugar in a side will concern for the second helping.
4 / 5 Karon
In mid-18 th century, big Earths of Scozia, Rev. Gentleman Forsythe has decided that his village of Brigadoon was unduly influences for the witches and a his external world has asked the miracle that is to be admit and A village so only looks a day once each years of hundred.

The So only like raisin that in this a lot of day two hunters of New York have been lost in some Big Earths Tommy Albright (Gene Kelly) and Jeff Douglas (Van Johnson). There Tommy fulfils and falls enamoured with the daughter (Cyd Charisse), but really exists?

The things take bit it complicated and Tommy has to that it weaves to think roughly while Jeff under an influence of alcohol can have shot more than the bird.

Some the miracle of the man can be the curse of another man.

A thickness spent for big musical, a music and songs of Lerner and Loewe, which is the product of his time. This film does not feign to be anything but the version of film of a production to synchronise focused for Winning Minnelli, with Jan Johnson and Gene Kelly in his better. I have seen several productions of the liver and ossia one of these scarce occasions in that a film is upper. A must for any collection.
5 / 5 Jin
It have to that be said that "Brigadoon" the short falls of classical Hollywood musicals. Ossia Any " it Embroiders in a Rain," "in a City," "Seven Promises partorisca Seven Brothers" or "My Just Lady." Several disappointing and committed elections has been done when adapting a game to a screen, and a sudden film partorisca he. An original idea to film in the location with the Scottish mould would have left the air required of authenticity to this history of fairy of Hollywood. Prpers Having seen a musical alive treaty, I sorely loses one Bundle of Sword.
With that out of a way, really joy "Brigadoon." Gene Kelly and Van Johnson are utmost together, with Van Johnson that resupplies a plus memorables moments. His acute talent is exposed on, and his cynicisms is refreshing among Gene Kelly and Cyd Charis wide-eyed amour of instant. (Gene and Cyd are adds also, so only remains fewer developers of time of the character.)
Any all of some songs are memorables, but some are exceptional. I want to " it goes Home to Bonnie Jean" and "while to the mine Dearie." "One Bundle of Pair" the segment is cinema adds , with some clans that gathers for torchlight for a Pair, together with any one the traditional dances Scottish.
Is to good sure the musical this grows in calm over time. I enjoy it much more now that some first time looked it. I am pleased to possess it.
4 / 5 Judith
Dates a tone of a lot comments here, the desire had seen a version of phase of this prime minister; it is apparently state restaged for a screen. This has said, a film has his merits: music for Lerner & Lowe, the very launched of interpreters (Van Johnson is particularly effective like the wisecracking cynic the one who, in spite of, still directs the pleasant soft-shoe with Gene Kelly), and the light plus-that-history of book & of the air. Considering Kelly and Cyd Charisse (a symphony of beauty here), is well; my only complaint is that they dance more averts that near. Beautiful as 'Heather in a Collina' is, is an only complete duet with them (of the restarted of a bundle still goes in an end of his commitment, but grieve hard 60 second). Charisse Is gorgeous with his ladies of future honour in a number 'Waitin' For My Dearie,' and Kelly is glorious with buddy Johnson and some locals will go ' House With Bonnie Jean.' When a point of main plot is explained finally is gone in roughly five minutes of a second now, a history of the fairy suddenly results more powerful- and for like this more poignant. Some interiors of the phase of the sound has did not annoy me never, as the majority of musicals has been shot in of the studios; as I have not comprised never reasons so many people are using that it likes fodder to critique of this film. A plot is lushly romantic and, like this more remarked, all romantics will want to is one, warts and everything.
5 / 5 Taylor
Winning Minnelli Film of Brigadoon suffers a lot his reliance in recreos of studio of some Big Earths of Scozia. In planting to shoot on location, MGM has resupplied a lot that looks fake scenery and landscapes, and although these perhaps add to an image of Brigadoon like the mythical city, this in spite of robs a film of his potential magnitude. Besides, a bookmark is mutilated; 6 songs have been cut of a bookmark of original Broadway, comprising a rapturous soyine Come, Curve of mine', a lovely 2nd duet of law among Tommy and Fiona ('Of this Day On'), and some 2 songs 'naughty' partorisca Meg, a squeeze of city. Gene Kelly is exceptional like Tommy, and a very flexible Cyd Charisse does the wonderful main lady, in spite of his voice of flange has baptised. His sequences of dance are a film the majority of good-looking moments. Van Johnson resupplies some welcome humour that counteracts dreamy way and relaxed of Kelly, and a mould like the whole extracted with zest and folksey charm. Still, a film, in spite of his widescreen splendour and expert direction, is in general a underwhelming presentation of one of the utmost shows of a musical theatre.
5 / 5 Dian
Brigadoon Is the wonderful history in the city that sleeps the majority of a time, and so only wake up for a day each years of hundred. If it think roughly the, a a day that is to wake by means of cientos the years is so only like a next day to them, a lot like this looks ours . Some pairs that is married in Brigadoon has been married the longest plot that any more in this world-wide has not gone never or will be. I have looked this film of then was little, and still loves it. Gene Kelly is still my dancer of favourite/singer, and Cyd Charisse is lovely and gracefull as it always is. Van Johnson is amusing like the mate to hunt of Kelly the one who enough would be house that in this quite odd little village. One bundle and singing during a " it goes House With Bonnie Jean" the number is really something to see, and Tommy and Fionna little number "Heather in a Collina is romantic and, as I have said, graceful. Ossia Something calms can not resupply to lose. A film this well so only comes once each years of hundred!
5 / 5 Georgiana
Calms of asked done three years that has thought of a musical "Brigadoon", I of has said YUCK! They are the big defender of musicals, but are not a wild roughly pieces of period (ossia.."Yolanda And A Thief" and "A Pirate). This in spite of, my stepfather looked "Brigadoon" a day, and a film has transformed my seen roughly that.
With the songs written for Lerner and Lowe, is to good sure one of his the majority of catchy bookmarks/marcadors. A cinematography is breathtaking, and he one of MGM the majority to paint musicals. (Concentrated for Winner Minnelli, is informed to supervise all, down to some arrangements of flower). A icing in a cake is a mould . I think that that this was a better pairing of Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse, and with choreography for Kelly he, some numbers of dance are breathtaking also. Round of Johnson of the van out of a mould likes Gene wisecracking fellow better. No active a lot the musical fund, but is one of my favourite things in a film.
Takes the casualidad and clock "Brigadoon". It transforms you in another world...
4 / 5 Rosia
This musical puports to be the musical fantasy of romance. It calls it the nightmare of Hell! The one who in the earth would want to live in the city that is so only wake for a day the years of hundred? Ridiculous!
With all respect foreseen the Student and Lowe, a music is like dullsville, some scenes of dance are boring, and some actors look detached and disinterested in a plot. For real these rows like worse musical has not seen never! Gene Kelley and Cyd Charisse looks totaly out of touching with each another. His hobble by means of his scenes with Van Johnson that spends the plus pained look in his faces, anxious to take this dreary film on with.
Can not say blame them. I have looked this film so only because rings to go in well with the partner of mine. I have decided a partner has not been value he! This film is the z/the total zero !
5 / 5 Asha
BRIGADOON Is the charming less a lot of-known Lerner and Loewe musical roughly two Americans in the travesía to hunt in Scozia. A two yanks take stray looking for birds in some big Earths and spend to a picturesque little village of Brigadoon, the city that looks any to having changed partorisca hundreds of years. Stars of Kelly of the gene likes Tommy, an American the one who tomb for a beautiful bonny lass, Fiona (Cyd Charisse). A film is full of the revolver of numbers of wonderful dance around these two; after all they were two of the most final dancers of Amsterdam. Van Johnson also to the stars likes them to them Tommy comical of fellow better, Jack. Johnson flies so only in the each scene is well and concealed is without doing a lot of dances. A subject of a show is that the amour can conquer all, included in the in delighted order likes Brigadoon. Until another time and another place.
4 / 5 Tanna
Is not that I do not have enjoyed Brigadoon, is so only that it was a lot familiar with a game before I have seen a film. Some the whole times have while maintained to some of my favourite songs (listens to the register of "the mine Come, Curve of mine." It is incredible.) But, alas, the majority of some songs there is not coming never. Some another this was yard was "An Amour of my Life," "Jeannie Packin'On," "One Bundle of Sword and Reel," a last half of "Chase," "There But partorisca Go I," "the day of pair of my Mother," Harry Beaton scene of funerals, and "Of this Day On." To the equal that can see that it has been missing it and that dissapointed was. It was for one the majority to separate pleased with a faithful rendition of a script and the one who the songs have dipped in fact in, but that it was up with some two advantages and a course where Tommy leaves Brigadoon? In a game this was extremely emotional. In a film, Gene Kelly is to the walk was with him dopey smiled in his face. If you want in fact enjoy a film, see it before a game. This calm way will not be constantly comparing a two, which are unfortunately musically different.
5 / 5 Bryce
Be in accordance with another reviewers that Brigadoon is not like this spectacular the musical like Singin' in a Rain or east of Mine of Lady Justo; this in spite of, there is something magic in Brigadoon. As wanting to likes city of Brigadoon is to Tommy (Gene Kelly), has found a film to be like this amorous. Although some songs, for one the majority of part, is not like this catchy like those of Singin' in a Rain or My Just Lady, has the beauty everything in his own. "Brigadoon," "Heather in a Collina," and "Almost It Likes to Be enamoured" it is simply lovely. Although I have found some dances among Tommy and Fiona (Cyd Charisse) a bit repetitive, is this in spite of breathtaking. Some bundle a townspeople is quite charming and, has thought, very pertinent for a time and setting. A setting would be more glorious state has had a film in fact be filmed to Scozia; this in spite of, some insiemi of studio are quite and take was a lot little of a film he.
That marks this work of film is an only history this in spite of timeless . While looking a film, calm can not help but ask you or could do not giving especially has known you-your friends, your family, your work, a world-wide to the equal that know -for true amour. A pairing of Kelly and Charisse also fact Brigadoon work. Although I have not gone too impressed with Charisse cameo action in Singin' in a Rain, work and dances fantastically in Brigadoon and done the lovely partner partorisca Kelly.
For those of knots those who are defenders of Gene Kelly and/or is desperate romantics, will not be disappointed for Brigadoon. This in spite of, when looking Brigadoon for a first time, has few expectations and leave Brigadoon does his magic. You will be pleasantly surprised by a charm of this film.
4 / 5 Reba
Ah, Brigadoon. That can say in east a? It was an excellent film , does not concern me that any one says. Brigadoon Is the city in Scozia this comes the life so only once each one that 100 years. Gene Kelly and Van Johnson are Jeff and Tommy, hunters those who take stray and is looking for some lunch and the place to remain . Then they see Brigadoon. Van Johnson was so only hilarious likes Jeff, one cynical write the one who so only can not spend he to think that all this craziness is really taking place. Gene Kelly portrayed Tommy, the write the one who falls enamoured with Fiona (brilliantly portrait for Cyd Charisse). It has to that do the decision in an end of a day, yes wants to go back in New York and leave Fiona and Brigadoon behind for ever, or stay with Fiona and leave New York for ever. A difficult decision for any to owe mark. So only quell'wonderful idyll with some routines of good-looking dance. It goes to a tent of film and buy it. If you like romance/musicals, will not be disappointed.

Top Customer Reviews: August Rush ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 23 ratings
4 / 5 Elmira
A lot of people are drawn to the each one like this another for music because the music is an International tongue of a world. Although the August has known no never his parents feels the deep inner connection to both of them.. It can not describe that it feels like this done any sense to any one. They like him to him the a lot of people in this world is drawn to a sound of a music although it is not never has touched an instrument, feels a connection of deep interior.

Is an excellent film with good acting and Robin Williams that does the dramatic to separate which is excellent. If it likes-you the music are sure calm will enjoy this film.
5 / 5 Olimpia
A partorisca look and on. Young Freddie Highmore will remain with you partorisca always. The passion of a character and never-give-on the attitude is such one inspiration . And a music listens everywhere translates to his sounds of only electrical guitar. A lot touching, moving, and unforgettable.
4 / 5 Kenyetta
Is partorisca touch my personal collection, adore this film. It has inscribed clearly 'French Version Included' except the option gives the tongues does not exist to the sud this Blue-Ray. It is in English so only. All embezzle Him was perfect...
4 / 5 Jeannetta
This film is the glorious presentation of some triumphs and fight that the young musical character. And when punctual in a show, looks that the saint-as the person takes partorisca beg boys callejeros partorisca 'his benefited and security. This in spite of likes him the progress of film, results abundantly clear that this saintly the character in fact is exploding these boys partorisca satisfy his own monetary avidity. Then like this young boy, aprisa of August is for achieves stardom, these tugs of avidities looks for to prevent his stardom. But in an end, Haste of first August.

My only question with this dvd is that it love it so much, that loaned it to any one closes mine, and is not to return never.
4 / 5 Reda
DVD Has ARRIVED his time and a lot of emballé... The So only hic is that it is in the original version English so only... It have wanted to have also The French Version of this film.
4 / 5 Machelle
Could do not looking. Among wrong format. And when I have revised my mandate after an initial confusion, there is not founding that has been expecting he in format of WRONG DVD. AS has the DVD that I can any never looks here is Canada. Any Sake.
5 / 5 Janett
It see it on TV a first time and then decided partorisca buy it,knowing would want to partorisca look it again. More has wanted to have the good film to look when my grandchildren come to remain a night. My husband enjoyed it really too much!
4 / 5 Maile
This has been long one of my favourite films. His simple, innocent, that animates heart and offer with the good soundtrack for lovers of music of all the classes. You owe that uspend you disbelief' in several points in a history (especially an end), but can that to him , calm for real will love this film.
5 / 5 Candida
Liked Haste of August like this when it saw it to them in the first place, decided to order the copy on its own name. It arrives in
good order, thanks to Amazon.
Also Last Holidays, this was the fun film .
4 / 5 Evon
Amazing film, highly would recommend especially for lovers of music
4 / 5 Zora
An orphan youngster, that learns to the game gives instruments of music that before quell'shadow of edges, researches his parents.
And is Pair the music that will find them.
5 / 5 Dayna
Has bought this for entertainment familiarised, rid like this fiancé, new. Now stored with a collection to revise. Inspiring message for boys and of the parents equally.
5 / 5 Carletta
If you want to look the film that the frames feels adds partorisca days after, shows this. Has has wanted to this one has bought so much this copy partorisca the partner, seats a same way roughly that.
4 / 5 Gwendolyn
This history is resembled a grit in an oyster that is resulted the pearl. We require sleeps partorisca amazing to spend.

A DVD was free in a chance and rattling around any sake ... It looks well.
5 / 5 Sheryl
Has received a Fisk and was spatial very disappointing as it was the present Christmas
5 / 5 Nga
Sweet, new film
will order again when they are in the join
5 / 5 Teresia
love this film and left it to another the one who have also. The prizes add and fast nave. I will look it on and on.
5 / 5 Maye
Ossia An excellent film !! Heartwarming And touching !
4 / 5 Yen
Has seen of this film the number in fact years, has wanted to see it again. A good history, excellent music with some lessons for everything of us.
Recommends to boys on 8 years of ages.
4 / 5 Raymon
Ossia The very good film . It goes to aim that calm for real believe in something, the times can do for you. You owe that have faith.
4 / 5 Miesha
Even Although ossia the History of Fairy , has found this a lot inspiring history. Swipe something in mine a lot of soul.
4 / 5 Maxie
I have received this produces interior 2 days partorisca ask a DVD. It was in shape perfect and more than has fulfilled my expectations
5 / 5 Rosario
has had this DVD before, loans it to us to some friends and did not take it never behind. So much, they would have to he there is it enjoyed likes him has done. Utmost familiarised film

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