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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 41 ratings
5 / 5 Kelsey
They are the big defender of coverages of Masters of the Metal!

- fitment are partorisca add and repeatable (all the coverages of same measure will return some same)
- good-looking and material arrival/scarce utmost
- a lot of different creations, so only available
TIP: A man is (sale of pair) the measure of coverage is often his measure of shoe. Step measures it 11.5/12 shoe, and one measures 12 turn of coverages of sound!

WITH East:
- a lot of

has found my useful description, please indicate like this using some keys partorisca vote!
4 / 5 Laurence
In spite of an extra week, my coverage arrived and was a lot of value an extra wait. I have calculated the half measure down of the regular access and he a work perfectly. This coverage will spend attention in any shiny stainless steel watche with the band of black wrist. Has the Baume Mercier 8723 and a look is awesome. : )
5 / 5 Gaynell
Had excited really in this coverage but was a lot of disappointed when it has arrived. It looks very better in some pictures that he in reality. It is so only the a lot of underwhelming coverage. A quality is well, likes with the coverages of all this company, but a creation was partorisca lose he partorisca me. I found it partorisca look quite does not feel economic, has the very good weight and the quality celery his, but was for the see on more the hand would think that that it looks economic. Finalised return the. Also, it does not pay full prize for these coverages! A prize of sticker is in $ 300, which is to good sure is not to value that a lot. I think that that this company dips his sticker prices really big so that when calm sees on sale for $ 20-$ 30, thinks that is taking an amazing shot. Which are, reasons likes has said that of these coverages are good-looking qualities , but to good sure is not to value $ 300 likes the mark sure is by train to take them on the sale prices which is much more reasonable!
4 / 5 Deana
Has bought this for my husband and LOVES this coverage! It has said that it is súper comfortable in his toe, spends it daily (and work under construction), included forgets for the take was, hardly spends his other expensive coverages now, a coverage is modern looking and the quality is glorious! It is lovelier a prize!
5 / 5 Ellis
Has bought this like the present for my husband. It thinks that that it is the very comfortable coverage and adds way ! I have bought a smaller measure that his measure of coverage and returns perfectly. Any allergic reaction or the difficulty that movements around to the joints of toe likes him is experienced with of some other jewels. Many compliments receipts in his coverage of friends and family.
5 / 5 Divina
My husband LOVES this coverage. Memory all a time that loves that and so only has said last night takes complimented in the all a time for both men and of the women. It is the really good coverage and quality a lot good. It says that it is comfortable also.
5 / 5 Rosalinda
Extremely fast delivery. It produces ordered around 7pm the Friday was in my door for 10am a next day. Yes the Saturday. The looks of coverage to surprise. Step measures it 7-8 according to season (swelling during state) and has ordered the measure 9. It returns perfectly. A coverage is for my BF. We have measured of same coverage usually like this hopefully returns.
5 / 5 Sergio
Was the beautiful coverage , had done his hanged but was a lot of comfortable with a weight. Of the money has not been the brilliant underlines money and really added to a look with a black. Sadly In a last now I panicked and has ordered measures it the second elder that supposition. This in spite of my fiancé has loved a coverage so much is in the order he again (this time in a pertinent measure).

Highly recommends to think roughly purchasing a coverage to do like this
5 / 5 Dennise
has taken this coverage for my promised reason does in the tent and has does not love anything crazy face that would not spend . This is surprising! It is such good quality is included better that has expected!!! Highly it recommends this product! And a nave was LIKE THIS FAST!!!!!!!
4 / 5 Christine
For a prize, this coverage is incredible. The utmost looks, comfortable likes anything on. It was in a phase for this fashionable coverage and has gone to the pocolos retail jewellers that has sold that would say is the comparable coverage for 5-10X a prize. Ossia The winner .
4 / 5 Denita
I have loved the comfortable quality mans coverage. The masters of metal there is rid in axes. Extremely comfortable to spend with attentive sizing. The coverage looks masculine and big quality without bling. A lot tasteful creation, well has manufactured. Extremely satisfied. The delivery was punctual also. To good sure would recommend.
5 / 5 Daren
Is really good. A solid piece - heavy. It was the present and was a lot of-has received. It finds that it takes his hands wet/that they slip (likes stuffs, raining, etc.) A weight of him the fact more probably to the slip was.
4 / 5 Garrett
Amazing quality! Ordered for my fiancé like his band of pair and when finalising ordering another coverage of same company likes band of commitment. Ordered the 9 and returns perfectly. It can not expect spend the!
4 / 5 Troy
There went it the few months now. Sound the access adds. Amur An arrival. I have beaten in material of lifting of the jewels that spends the tools of elements have weighed etc etc. Thinks that has dulled an arrival slightly but there is not lined one craps out of him.
5 / 5 Lanette
Has bought this for my fiancé for the coverage of promise and master is really well an only thing has said that it was the small the thickness among his toes
4 / 5 Tracie
has taken a coverage yesterday.... Prize and utmost quality! My husband has lost his coverage of pair that pay 11 TIMES more paralizaciones by means of the tent of jewels... And his virtually a same coverage!!!!! Any man that looks for the coverage of tungsten will recommend to order this!! :)
4 / 5 Glen
Has bought he for my husband when bent his band of pair of the gold. It is like this comfortable, has maintained it almost on its own name! An arrival is lovely and looks very expensive, which is our little secret !
5 / 5 Chris
Has done the Christmas of my husband likes raisin the titanium a to do and is hard in the coverage when doing the labour work. This does the very dressup the coverage for days was.
4 / 5 Latrina
Has said in a description “ is looking for the coverage that is test of scratch and for ever maintain his resplandor, that ours coverages of the carbide of the Tungsten is for you.“ And with which so only the week a coverage has the scratch on that.
5 / 5 Kasie
Fantastic coverage! Ossia My second an in two years been due to loosing a prime minister one in a sand in an ocean!
4 / 5 Gilberto
Very orderly partorisca my band of pair. The accesses add but there is remarked that of the money tarnishes the tiny has bitten. No like this shiny how was when I took it
4 / 5 Fonda
As it has announced. A lot smooth and slick. It feels weighed in my toe. It can not ask more!
5 / 5 Porsha
A lot good-looking bague, looks resistant up to now, with my Spouse mecanicien this was of place ! The measure is perfect Eats resembled the measures taken in jewels. I recommend !
4 / 5 Maegan
A black around a portion of looks to centre to be slightly painted in a portion of lighter that metal of a coverage in the something of the pair but my husband loves it and is much smaller and no too noticeable unless you are by train of the look for.
4 / 5 Melia
The look of product adds and feels adds. Has the a lot of his hanged and doesnt feel economic. For a prize would recommend it.
4 / 5 Guillermina
To to The excellent Quality likes has ordered so much of another but different fashion for my husband. Day of the fast nave received after ordering
4 / 5 Rosemarie
is the coverage adds thus prize! True to measure and does not mark.
4 / 5 Lourdes
Want. My woman has said that it is beautiful. This butt of kicks of the company. A prize was to add and an arrival and the access is perfect.
4 / 5 Dianne
Is the one who has bought them like any complaint. Very comfortable and surprisingly weighed in the good way.
5 / 5 Domenic
My husband has loved that.... It is looks and utmost quality a lot on the
4 / 5 Derick
Amazing coverage. The husband loves it but is the little heavy.
4 / 5 Palmer
Has Had this coverage for the few years now, a black coating outside is almost all gone now. If it could go back in the time would not have ordered this coverage. Has-liked me a fashion and look but now has to that look for another coverage, probably of the tent of jewels that the alike looks, but better quality. Basically it has squandered my time in this order.
5 / 5 Joellen
Liked this coverage the plot. I have ordered this in spite of a wrong measure. I will be to order another in my measure.
5 / 5 Mechelle
Loves a coverage to the equal that returns perfect and the looks adds. The only thing has been disappointed roughly was that I have paid to ship. Then when a coverage has arrived has has had to that also pay $ 12 in of the costs done of commission. Any where says that it would have to that paid thus extra cost
5 / 5 Elyse
pair a lot disappointed he jonc,After so only some days to the toes of my spouse the bague etait all grafigner and the black rests,A lot bad shabby that complain.
4 / 5 Aileen
Better that expected.an arrive it and the durability am hanged to buy Masters of Metal again.
4 / 5 Mercedez
Small record but process of easy transmission. So only downfall paid partorisca a nave of turn. Otherwise Loves a product. The time will say the one who this durable .
5 / 5 Dulce
Is the very good quality coverage. It has Had his odd smell, but the supposition is why is new. A measure was bit it big that has thought, but still was the good access in another toe. To good sure would buy this again.
4 / 5 Elnora
The coverage has surpassed my expectations. Good weight and fantastically crafted. Very pleased with this compraventa!
5 / 5 Markus
To the equal that he journeyman the aptest pipe in a field of oil I work alot with my hands, has had this coverage for almost the year and still looks the new mark. It is not fooled that more expensive is better.
5 / 5 Carlita
Is my band of pair and is awesome!! It has taken more compliments then my woman hah! Step in the work and among contact with metal and does not have streaky or scuffed the. It is extremely comfortable and with a prize has taken two I in chance that loses one.

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Top Customer Reviews: Metal Masters Co. ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 37 ratings
4 / 5 Mose
This neighbour is stunning! I have bought partorisca use for travesía, side for side my together real is no different! It is unreal. A @@@sparkle and the setting is like this true. I wish some bands were bit it wider, this in spite of is gorgeous. The measure is perfect, can not believe the one who real looks. A bone of centre is totally believable. It will be partorisca buy of this vendor again.
4 / 5 Nadine
OMG - This dips is absolutely awesome!!!!! I chose it you grieve about on an office of estaca, dipped the on, and before I am exited of a tent the woman has said mine 'your husband has to that it wants to you', and a lot still knows had purchased him. We were in the different department, so it has not had any idea.
5 / 5 Le
Some coverages looked like this a lot concealed has had to that buy them when I saw them on-line. Already I have a commitment and coverage of pair as I have bought some coverages for my daughter to spend for separate; so many coverages. They are included better in person that the on-line look. It will be happy when she unwraps his on tomorrow navideño.
5 / 5 Stormy
Is the quite decent coverage and is súper sparkly down florescent lights!
5 / 5 Cedrick
Good-looking coverages, look like this real. Upper be sincere married again would advise my future husband to save his money in of the diamonds and real gold and buy me a lot these dipped so many can use the money has saved to buy the house or something. Any one can say!
4 / 5 Angelic
Has lost my coverage of commitment. It does not love fork out of the money for new some. I have wanted to so only the good coverage dipped to spend like the substitution. These coverages are very good. They are pleasantly he surprised it.
4 / 5 Marya
Has received so only my coverage today and is beautiful. They are 22 pregnant weeks and my together of the coverage of the pair is taking snug and decided to purchase this coverage and could not be happier!!! I have bought the measure 8 which will give my room of toe to grow during pregnancy.
5 / 5 Amparo
Has thrilled absolutely!
Look like this real and is like this a lot of fact, could not have done the better decision. They return true to measure, is gorgeous, and legitimately look real. A photo I posted does a look of big bone foggy - no sure because reason is súper clear.
Are very impressed and could not be happier, especially for a prize. Highly recommend.
5 / 5 Fernando
Has spent this in the travesía of only to centres he in Honduras. It is not Wanted to to be annoyed, also perhaps has not wanted to look sad and so only? Lol My bf bought a travesía but could not come bc of work. They are in any case look of result got obsessed with in him quell'imagining was real. Perhaps another has done too much?
4 / 5 Erlene
These coverages are good-looking.. True the sizing and a lot of sparkly! They look real diamonds ! I have bought for my travesía to the sud the GustanI to of to the that likes to take my together real. Excellent behind on place! Very pleased!
4 / 5 Ema
A global quality so only wasnt there partorisca this coverage, a creation of coverage was neither well in a clasps of a bone of yard of the princess and a bone was a lot of one another hand, a quality of a sterling was very good and a sizing was corrected. A service was very punctual also.
4 / 5 Fredricka
His summer 2 weeks and I still jsve some frames of this coverage. It was beautiful and has loved a way looked. I bought it to spend to the conference of work for 3 days but he have broken my toe was. There is not any way this can be real money . I have bought another coverage of money for another hand in a shopping centre and I have not had any subject.
5 / 5 Jerilyn
Like a product. The real looks good-looking years. His a lot of shiny. I have had like this compliments. I take this coverage when it goes them was so only like this the ones of the one who take my real material lol.
4 / 5 Alonso
Absolutely gorgeous. Has a lot of coverages of this company and everything am a lot good-looking. And remain beautiful.
5 / 5 Evalyn
Has received yesterday. It is absolutely beautiful. For the woman framed small, a setting is not too big. So only it looks a big rock . Bought for the one of the sud of travesía, hopefully will be able to take in a sun, group and the little drink. I am pleased with a sizing. I spend he 5 and returns perfect.
5 / 5 Chieko
Like this far, is perfect. It finds that a main gem is quell'has bitten big that has been expecting, a crown seats quite big of a band. Felizmente His quite sturdy! He to @@@sparkle likes to of him has to that. The almost real looks!
5 / 5 Dylan
Coverage a lot good. It looks a real thing . It would give it the 5 but the topmast gone in so only today. A test will be to see how long first of the fall of bones was, tarnishes, and the resplandor turn. We will see.
5 / 5 Serina
The coverage is gone in quickly and was pleasantly surprised with just like beautiful is ❤️Like this shiny and the people have commented like dayum daughter any one has to that it has been the good daughter lol calm the favour or better still take your daughter this coverage has dipped will not be disappointed!!Photo a lot this justice closely!!
5 / 5 Yanira
A coverage is beautiful, but a big bone is too big for me.
Can not comment on durability reason have had he for few days. It is returned reason, based in some descriptions, has ordered the half measure smaller and was true to a measure but too small for me.
4 / 5 Nevada
My woman was so only happy when it opened it on his anniversary, has said his beautiful, sparkling, feels comfortable and the perfect access, the returns measured 8. So only it loves it!
4 / 5 Norene
Gorgeous Coverage! Prize and excellent quality!! As it has pleased!! Highly recommend.
4 / 5 Marybelle
LOVES THIS COVERAGE. It would recommend in the heart has beaten. There is literally at all negitive to say. Thank you
5 / 5 Annis
Has Ordered this coverage measures 5.5 a first time and was too small. I king ordered the measure 7 and returns to perfection! It is such the together beautiful of coverages. He so only arrived today. His like this sparkly and looks expensive. It has surpassed my expectations. Now to return a smaller measure. I am enamoured!!!
5 / 5 Otha
Has received so only this coverage like the coverage of promise of my man. It is absolutely beautiful.
Delizer Was fast
5 / 5 Vivan
has Bought this coverage like the together spare. Amur A quality of a coverage and looks the “real” diamond. Like this far giving this coverage 4 accident of then received it so only.
4 / 5 Pearl
A lot good. It would recommend for fashionable jewels and daily wear.
5 / 5 Justa
This coverage is beautiful sound, to good sure will recommend. A reason because it gives 4 star is because a legislation to touch of the finishing under a diamond has not been done properly. But it averts of I amour my coverage!
5 / 5 Polly
Oh Like Loving these coverages! I had him for 4 months and his still @@@sparkle. They are true to measure and has on resisted in a shower and sometimes taking attacked accidentally. It would order of this company again and again!!
5 / 5 Hayden
This coverage is beautiful!! To good sure can spend like this real. A lot of sparkly in a sun.
4 / 5 Amos
Absolutely gorgeous coverages, love my together and he is my together permanent because of financial reasons. All the world has spoken to have has wanted to these on me.
5 / 5 Abdul
Was honradamente has concerned that I received it once would not like me, but loves it! It can not be real but heck, looks beautiful!
4 / 5 Elinore
My woman loves these coverages. Bought his so many substitutions for his original coverages that has taken flown. Defiantly Currency of the money.
4 / 5 Larissa
Spends this newspaper and is still like this beautiful likes picture!
4 / 5 Lottie
His decent and elegant coverage simple that it can spend any day now in occasion. Beautiful coverage that the real looks.! 😊👍
4 / 5 Fern
Wants to, the access was perfect and has had the TONNE of compliments.
5 / 5 Athena
Loves this coverage has received so only this week and he looks elegant and real.
5 / 5 Shelia
My woman the master! It has not used first and has arrived still a next day after ordering! The measures are some !

Top Customer Reviews: 1.50 Carat Round ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 31 ratings
4 / 5 Oleta
I have opened a box and has been blown was. Ossia One the majority of beautiful and perfect coverage that has not seen never! It could not be happier! Take the look in my pictures. A picture has my coverage of real diamond in an upper and then my cubic zirconia in a fund. Calm can not say a difference and in my opinion, a cubic zirconia looks better. It does not import my dry hands. FYI These photos do not have any filter. Thank you sooooo A lot of Master of Metal!
4 / 5 Shonta
Gorgeous Coverage a lot well has done has had he in the water and the chemicals daily have attacked included a centre laps the little time and he is still in perfect condition . I have bought space of coverages been due to tarnishing & the bones that the fall was but this coverage is surprising
5 / 5 Melba
Absolutely the beautiful coverage are while to a moment right to give to my fellow better will want to am sure. I am impressed seriously with a quality. A sterling money and some 925 focuses to aim his real and a measure of some bones when being the good measure but any one the big. In general Im very happy with a compraventa this in spite of can not believe has paid so only that has done to take the coverage of such quality.
4 / 5 Christy
Beautiful coverage. The Really @@@sparkle under a right light! An only downside is a 'claws', which are more like this of the roots as they are not bent in an end, is acute. If of the turns of coverage bit it they poke some sides of the mine other toes. They are really while it is something can take used to cuz another I amour this coverage! The true accesses to measure for a way, I any one has measured down.
5 / 5 Judy
I really like this coverage. It looks good quality , a lot of shinny. The bone of centre has the tiny bit of the his blue boo like light. Claro and really the real looks. In fact my husband has said that that has had he known would have looked it this well for $ 50 ..... It would have spent any 10k in mine real a! Well I do not know in that !! haha Any product of ways is very good. Bought another coverage of a same vendor a lot very also!
5 / 5 Eloisa
This looks the really diamond - beautiful! Volume more complete with that do when I spend mine $ 8000 coverage. Coverage a lot well for a sure prize! It would buy again and buy for the present.
4 / 5 Annette
Aimed an alone coverage and like the amazing, returns well and add L!!!
5 / 5 Jo
Coverage very good! @@@Sparkle And looks genuine reason a bone is the believable has measured! I spent it several times but will avert to dip he in of the water!
4 / 5 Sherilyn
This short coverage bit it big, recommends sizing down at least the half measure. But it is STUNNING
5 / 5 Darron
is bling, the quality and the prize adds, ossia for you. So only the little too bling for me.
5 / 5 Joan
Beautiful coverage, my coverage of commitment was misplaced so that it is partorisca say until the meeting and has been surprised does not feel light and economic - like this far like this good!
4 / 5 Gwyneth
Ossia The beautiful coverage for a money , so only loves the
4 / 5 Nick
Like this beautiful! I want it like this.
Always take compliments in the too
5 / 5 Marguerite
love this coverage. There was on the month and still shiny any tarnish.
5 / 5 Marquerite
Can not describe the one who beautiful this coverage is. Master looks the very expensive coverage .
5 / 5 Marcel
His fantastically crafted and resplandores brilliantly. It has arrived in 2 1/2 weeks :) that want to :)
5 / 5 Melodi
volume alot of commentaries in this coverage. A lot enough for a prize
5 / 5 Yuonne
Nizza as well as it looks in a picture but still good and hasnt misty.
5 / 5 Donette
Extracted with this coverage and really likes to of me.
4 / 5 Lindsey
Spends this daily coverage. In a shower, work, and has lasted like this long!!! It does not turn your green of toe!!
4 / 5 Scarlett
@@@Sparkle Of the amazing coverage so would not say that it is the economic coverage . Excellent quality
5 / 5 Garry
These looks of coverage as much as the real bone. Very good.
4 / 5 Fredericka
This coverage is a perfect measure a bone is not too big or too small as it looks real, he @@@sparkle.
5 / 5 Maisie
Looks Of good half bone but one 2 other bones look really fake. For like this, a fake of looks of the coverage. But calm of course take that it has paid it takes.
5 / 5 Rupert
Buying partorisca one abroad travel it and was for real has impacted that real this looks of coverage!
Certainly would buy again!
4 / 5 Luetta
Perhaps the little too glitzy partorisca mine in pleasant, but like -you the really big bone this coverage is partorisca you.
4 / 5 Nicole
They are exceptionally pleased with a product and one is an absolutely stunning coverage and all has been described partorisca be. Turn fabulously :) Thank you Master of Metal :)
5 / 5 Chance
@@@sparkle of the Beautiful coverage amiably returns perfect is coming punctually.
5 / 5 Tonie
Looks a photo but he was a lot of obnoxiously main that has expected. Good quality partorisca a prize
5 / 5 Randell
Economic product a jewel is exited already. It looks plastic
5 / 5 Yoko
I measure of wear 6 but this coverage returns big that has to that.

Top Customer Reviews: 3.50MM Sterling ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 24 ratings
4 / 5 So
Amur This coverage! My husband has wanted to take me a coverage of eternity for our anniversary but I has not been sure yes could spend the coverage with bone everywhere. I had it 3 month and loves that. It has maintained it is brilliance and resplandores like a real thing. They are very impressed. It has said that my husband has did not have to me buy one with real diamonds but he in all the chance! It loves it!
5 / 5 Catalina
This coverage is a lot quite and load of @@@sparkle. So only it is too big and no with mine another coverage unfortunately. A lot disappointed has not done, reason is A lot enough.
4 / 5 Shanna
To good sure a lot sterling money. Not being any focus or test of authenticity. It nettles my toe & is bent in class of the odd figure 8. Sound the subject of manufacture, reason among the box. So it has not had any way has taken bent during shipping. It is the shame because it looks resplandores good-looking , & simple really well.
5 / 5 Tijuana
Has had this coverage of then Jan. 2019 and absolutely loves that! I have ordered 2 and stacked the. Looked expensive but in the estimativa. I spend it daily and my hands constantly waters to touch. It has on resisted well, minus one a coverage any aimed in some pictures because I have lost the bone that does clothes litter. The resplandor is everything there. Cleaned with the soft toothbrush and the shampoo/lived blond! Works everytime!
4 / 5 Evelin
A coverage looks very realistic.... I am pleased like this...... Amazon I so only loves thank you for yours adds is a better!!
Has given And
4 / 5 Ava
spends it daily. Have prendido to count those that people compliment the and think is real diamonds . My only complaint is that the there is it lined at the beginning my others the toes but I have taken has used his.
5 / 5 Lindsy
This coverage is EXACTLY THAT has been looking for! They are very happy with this compraventa and would recommend!
4 / 5 Tandra
Loves a @@@sparkle and measure of some bones in this coverage. It looks he adds with mine other coverages of pair and is comfortable to spend. A measure is a lot on.
4 / 5 Johnna
The coverage adds and awesome quality! It has been rid a lot quickly and am impressed with the well looks on. I have been for the main measure that I usually wear in my middle finger because of a bulk of some bones and was happy has done :)
5 / 5 Armand
The looks add! Utilisation these partorisca travelling and take like this compliments in his
4 / 5 Lucas
is too big. Repayment request done 3 days but has not listened of costruttore still. No the service of good client
5 / 5 Maxima
A band takes the place but is something that could take used to. It likes that it is like this sparkly partorisca CZ. A setting thinks contributes to a @well of @@sparkle.
4 / 5 Georgetta
Loves this coverage, his absolutely stunning and excellent quality. It looks a real thing and shines like this brightly in a sun. I have decided to purchase another of this company.
4 / 5 Tasha
Some bones are main that has expected, but ossia the good-looking piece that really @@@sparkle. Very pleased with cost of mine.
4 / 5 Mariana
The coverage has received so only today. A lot disappointed with CZ quality of bone. A lot of cloudy.
5 / 5 Beryl
Beautiful!! The perfect accesses and is like this shiny and fantastically has drawn . A bit chunky but like me concealed .
4 / 5 Emmanuel
It has taken the long time really disappointed nat that has expected
4 / 5 Adriene
Súper gorgeous coverage, very comfortable to spend, resplandor beautiful. Volume like this compliments in this coverage of both men and women!!
5 / 5 Lora
Loves this coverage, he @@@sparkle really well and looks expensive. The churn adds!
4 / 5 Laveta
Quite and good for stacking.... But 3 bone has fallen was after 3 weeks of wear.
5 / 5 Deana
Excellent quality. Has the a lot of his weight. It looks a real shot !
5 / 5 Kelsey
Looks Of to the coverage exactly likes them a bit photo! It will be partorisca buy again
5 / 5 Gaynell
It has been it bit it big that thought it would be and bulky in a hand.
5 / 5 Divina
Has received this coverage today. A lot disappointed reason one of some bones is exited a first day spent it. Another thing: some bones are very small, does not look the
will return it.

Top Customer Reviews: Sterling Silver ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
4 / 5 Joslyn
Mine another half bought this coverage. We do not purchase it never like this something has meant partorisca be a real thing or partorisca the substitute. With this said, neither has wanted to it partorisca look/be jewels of dress or something economic. And have it that says to good sure does not look of the jewels partorisca dress at all! It is much more beautiful and classier the concealed--especially in person! Also, so that they had purchased the and has said is not patterned .925 Partorisca sterling money... I am not sure it is why they have not looked attentively but, it is there partorisca my together (in a side in an end of where some bones are dipped in an interior). I will mention that we have had to that return a cost of joint of the prime minister this in spite of because of the broken prong and for bones like this loose.
5 / 5 Diamond
My woman asked to order this for his.
Thinks that some bones are quell'has bitten big to believe is anything another like jewels of dress.
Has said that it loves it?
Does not import that it thinks........
The happy woman is the happy life :)
4 / 5 Jaclyn
Well the neighbour has not been happy a main bone is dipped in the cone!! Any individual prongs can not see a v in a bone, and some bones of the yard of the princess has the crown of round any yard of princess. Extremely it feigns to look, has numerous another zirconia together and this a does not compare .
4 / 5 Allene
A lot quite and a lot of sparkly . Big wow factor. A two riings does not return tight near like usual in the together but is quite near for me. I have bought these to spend in vacacional so that I any precise to concern in my real gold and the diamonds that attracts attention. These will attract the attention but I will spend so only to dress up. They are very happy with this compraventa.
4 / 5 Virgilio
Looks exactly like a picture and he fact t fake of look. Bought like the backside on dipped to the mine real some paralizaciones when we are was in holidays. My daughters have said the real included look. It is funny the cause is shaped walk in a fund does not round so only like my together real. It would recommend this if yours looking for the one of leftover or behind on the pair dipped to a real some
5 / 5 Donnie
Good-looking qualities and súper fast repayment reason were too small but this was my failure any one the fault of vendors
4 / 5 Tatum
has Taken likes the present of my husband. Also chunky for mine in pleasant (the band is too fat imo). Happy has free returns. It has not taken it casualidad for the try but has looked good quality.
5 / 5 Roni
Loves this together of coverage. It looks VERY REAL and trust me, has purchased the PLOT of jewels - both real and dress. One of mine has sawed-the workers so only yesterday me prenden to ask the see and has wanted to know that it has done it to take my hubby to purchase them! Haha! Seriously the together of coverage adds!!
5 / 5 Annita
One the majority of beautiful coverage- comfortable/ beautiful & believable
any tarnish toe - the true accesses to measure
5 / 5 Kasi
A lot good-looking bague but would have had the need Of magnitude has joined that no .
4 / 5 Shani
I have purchased this together because my toes are swollen and has required measures it the elder partorisca occasional use. Some coverages look the little flashy. I will be curious to listen commentaries when I his door was. There is good photo on some of some descriptions if any one needs a reference. I have been pleased with a compraventa.
5 / 5 Elidia
Fast nave and a lot priced and looks well the little main that the expected but good and sizing of a coverage is perfect
4 / 5 Vanita
thinks that a vendor send the wrong measure , I measure of order 6 but a coverage looks too small ( can be measured 5 ) for my toe
has read all a description before I order it but is a lot so only for me...
4 / 5 Edwin
Is really be excited partorisca east!! I spent it unfortunately two days and his streaky and scuffed . I am not hard in my coverages. The desire has not purchased never .
5 / 5 Claudia
Súper Beautiful! It is very realistic looking. I spent it every day for the week now and is maintained is resplandor. It would recommend.
4 / 5 Stan
Is really economic looking. Some bones result really enormous which does not look picture. 👎👎
4 / 5 Mirian
Amur Of the amour loves this has dipped is like this beautiful you would not be never able to say is the cubic zirconium , returns perfectly looks exactly like some pictures have has had so only he for 2 days and already has received numerous compliments
4 / 5 Melony
This together of coverage is like this beautiful and looks a real thing. Some accesses of together perfectly and is solidly has done. Thank you!!
4 / 5 Janeen
Beautiful coverage,although it is not patterned .925,As described in a description.
5 / 5 Robin
Amur My together of coverage. It does not think fake of looks . The good prize for something concealed to the look adds.
5 / 5 Jone
Like a product, this in spite of a solitary looked too unreal ‘' partorisca be real. Street of day is returned inclusa partorisca repayment.
4 / 5 Armanda
Like this a lot enamoured with these coverages! They are happy his finally arrived yesterday, value a wait! Even more beautiful in person. &60;3
4 / 5 Sherry
This neighbour is gorgeous, an only draw behind is that access of band of the pair slightly smaller that a coverage . It would recommend.
5 / 5 Neida
Ossia One the majority of the beautiful coverage has not seen never... Excellent craftsmanship, perfect setting, gorgeous @@@sparkle...
5 / 5 Mariella
Looks a lot of fake, the bone of centre is too big, some bands are too many big and looks of the colour of the money feigns also, is returned.
4 / 5 Khadijah
Good coverage but a lot exactly like this aimed in a picture. An inferior part of a coverage is not rounded his square.
4 / 5 Necole
Loves my coverage, a material is so only awesome ,the accesses to measure perfectly and has arrived way before time. I am enamoured like this, can not expect to says to do.😍😍😍
5 / 5 Maribel
Ossia A neighbour absolutely stunning . Craftsmanship And good-looking quality.
4 / 5 Natacha
Absolutely stunning and comfortable to spend. 3 month later a sale has begun the tarnish.
4 / 5 Herminia
Is the beautiful coverage out of a box, but tarnishes very quickly. It does not believe it is real money . Any I still believes is real cubic zirconia.
4 / 5 Leeanna
These coverages are all that a web of place has said that that is. Beautiful.
5 / 5 Valencia
Spouse well, as it has announced. The desire could see a solitary the better crystal, but the side is built until the form of cone.
4 / 5 Season
Beautiful spouse, still volume compliments daily, 4 years later and he still like this stunning likes day received it to them. The value adds.
4 / 5 Bethann
Amur Of the amour loves it. A lot compliments on that. It is certainly value a prize
4 / 5 Sam
The bague was too big. It goes back he in the Angels there would be me couté more expensive that the bague.
5 / 5 Lamont
Is like this real looking taking compliments in my coverages all a time
4 / 5 Toi
has bought a partorisca my woman is very beautiful and a lot of fact, is so only more intrepid that have imaginated but still the good coverage and my woman is happy with him,
5 / 5 Deb
was the beautiful coverage until a bone has fallen was. I so only taken for the spend the handful of time
4 / 5 Tonya
does not look economic at all. Pleasantly It surprised It. A quality is excellent!
5 / 5 Malena
Produces really good. A bone in a coverage of commitment is the little big but in general a neighbour is beautiful.
4 / 5 Kenneth
Looks worse that yes has to come from/come from the bubble gums car.
4 / 5 Erline
The one who the beautiful coverage, has had sound a lot compliments on that. Lost some weight now, as I have ordered the new a, can not expect take the

Top Customer Reviews: Kim Kardashian ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5 Leoma
Quality of workmanship in the coverage is very good but the bones are poor and glassy quality looking. Disappointed.
5 / 5 Nieves
Bling. Bling. Bling. Big clear centre and bone lateralmente. But 't order of a Company of Masters of the Metal directly only Amazon. They do not accept of the transmissions or returns in of the international mandates.

Top Customer Reviews: Metal Masters Co. ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 17 ratings
4 / 5 Romeo
They are very happy with this coverage. Some bones are big, but loves that. A lot of sparkly and enough. My only complaint is that I have ordered a gold. But in fact it is very pale and easily deceived for money. I do not know any one a lot roughly jewels or now a lot 'quality' as any sure reason is like this pale? In general I am very happy with this coverage.
5 / 5 Elise
Is like this beautiful and more sparkley that a picture , like this elegant and value each pinny , chair a lot flattered the spending.
5 / 5 Aurea
3 times the year, goes to formal banquets for my undertaken of husbands, loves to buy jewels to go with some dresses, but certainly can not resupply to buy real gemstones too often. Like this needless to say possesses to the plot of laboratory has has created elements. This coverage is absolutely beautiful, resplandores and reflects amazing colour, and is genuine money, with a prize equally that impresses seal. Calm will not be disappointed!
4 / 5 Angele
The product is gone in quickly. But it produces very economic! The measure is not a bit, has ordered the 7 and he is more than the 6 and the half. He also among the box of coverage with him slit to resist a coverage on right and was launched so only in. A coverage is not like this “quite” like this in a picture that the ad. It Remorse that buys it. I do not recommend it .
4 / 5 Herma
The band is yellow colour while a rest is white colour . Four double claws resist a bone of centre. Four only claws resist some bones lateralmente smaller. The creation is something on with a real thing. Cut of the centre and the bone lateralmente well is adding to a factor of @@@sparkle. For real Meghan Markle coverage of @@@sparkle!
4 / 5 Rosella
Very beautiful! A gold looks real, some bones look real and returns true to measure.
5 / 5 Charise
Is a lot quite but the little too big to look realistic.
4 / 5 Earnestine
A lot quite and sparkly.. The half bone is quell'has bitten big but is quality very good . I spend it daily.
5 / 5 Erinn
Is beautiful, but after taking near on the pictures of him @give had describes that has not been covered properly and ossia where a colour begins to turn of prime minister.. It has taken in the December now is the May and I almost have the coverage of money the still have patches of gold to somewhere
5 / 5 Piedad
ask Stunning. All the world thinks that that it is a real shot ;)
4 / 5 Gala
It wants a lot these Games of company to having done another compraventa in lucido has spent
Good-looking bague resistant that shines in rodeo súper compraventa
5 / 5 Corene
losing roughly of a gold approaches a part of the diamond of a coverage … was the present …
5 / 5 Betsy
These looks of coverage how has been bought in the thrift tent.
5 / 5 Carson
Very beautiful. Much bigger then has had this in spite of this in spite of.
5 / 5 Shavonne
Enough but fake of looks of mine. Bone to elder very big then like him
4 / 5 Bee
Of this coverage is gorgeous and looks like this real. A diamond is quell'has bitten big that has expected but no the question. A quality is upper notch . I will be to order of this company again. He also arrived punctual. Very beautiful! Thank you
4 / 5 Beau
Loves everything in this coverage. I spend it almost every day. It could not be happier.

Top Customer Reviews: 1.25 Carat Solid ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 15 ratings
4 / 5
When I have discovered that it was allergic my band of pair of simple gold, has decided takes something flashy. I have wanted to it has/ wanted to It To it partorisca look real and expensive and this dips certainly fact. It is quite small that the people think that that my husband was extravagant but no crazy. But it is quite big to engender admiration.
5 / 5
Has bought like the present of Day of the Mother. My Mamma loves it, genuine 925 sterling money.
5 / 5
Has loved really a coverage, but the bone has fallen was last week. I have been always careful extra of the take was when doing things with my hands. Otherwise A coverage was quite and sizing was a lot.
5 / 5
Has ordered the measure 7 and some coverages are way too big. It would say that they would return the measure 9 or main. Reason this neighbour is gorgeous and has has not loved return it, has bought the Coverage Snuggie that some coverages return perfectly. Generally, I am thrilled with one looks of these coverages and am happy with my compraventa, although it would recommend to order at least a measure a smaller that your measure of real coverage.
5 / 5
Beautiful coverage! Used the like this the coverage of pair in work in planting to spend my real one and purpose of travesía of the fir. Received compliments in my coverage of people those who have thought that that it was real:) to good sure values he!
4 / 5
The coverage adds and was easy to take resized for knots. A lot quite amour he!
4 / 5
The coverage has come is quickly. The quality adds, well value a compraventa.
5 / 5
Was described like this that. To good sure the good cost for a prize
5 / 5
coverage Very good but with which 2 days am losing few diamonds,
5 / 5
It was the prize adds & has been rid immediately & a together of coverage is really beautiful
And better that has expected
Thank you
5 / 5
the quality Adds! And fast delivery! Very satisfied with a coverage!
4 / 5
It has been rid in 2 days that was partorisca add, but has been disappointed with. A coverage. I have ordered the measure 6 which has been sent but was the big (the mandate has measured smaller) a half diamond is big which is well excepts that a diamond is cloudy and fake of looks.
4 / 5
Wants to, looks to surprise and any one can say is money and of the diamonds of fake , the turn adds!!!
5 / 5
Is is very beautiful in fact main then has expected. The only desire has had the half measures but I am very happy with a product
4 / 5
thank you , adores this bague me three well ,good magnitude ,

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