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Top Customer Reviews: US Traveler Rio Two ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
4 / 5 Joana
I have bought this chance and is very good. The Games of perfect magnitude joins any one touches roughly joins week. The Blue is that it Feigns. The chance measured (stir and Roulettes incluses): 21,5 thumbs of height, 13 thumbs of big and 8 thumbs of big (9 thumbs if in dézippe the prorroga). Lame to him small fijamente of the sud stirs it extensible (ganse to the backside). It is small. I do not think that I go to to use likes him to him the travesía the main, the transports does not contain very a lot. His closures éclairs of the solid of look of the chance. His pochettes in front has joins thickness and can contain a lot of (in comparison with other chances). She The two roulettes and joins stir extensible (further of two stir: it joins to the sud the tall and joins of the sud lucido side... And it Joins down in Gender of plastic that servants also of the leg touches that the chance maintains debout).
Has has compared this chance with the chance Spends Rockland. This hard is less along (A thumb less), same width and same depth (she the hips joins extension). His pochette in front of the River is main that those of the Rockland. It say That lucido Main compartment of the chance rockland is deeper that his pochettes does not have to that thickness. In him 8-9 thumbs of the River, he and the roughly a thumb touches the thickness gives pochettes directing. It touches the Rockland, him the the small stock exchange is more glorious with has joined pochette behind more than has joined in front. Has has compared there is qualified gives two chances and is very alike (when the Extension is dézippée of the sud the two). Partorisca Cause give pochettes in front of, think that the River can contain one all small little more... The River is a lot well, but the Rockland favours it to him partorisca come with a small stock exchange more glorious that it is more interesting likes luggage the main.
4 / 5 Tyrell
The value adds partorisca a prize! I have used this together partorisca travel in West Jet recently and was adds! You can return the plot in there ( has travelled with only these stock exchanges partorisca the 2 holidays of week), but has to that be careful with a stock exchange a big plus reason yes calm develop it and the really full band, is quell'has bitten too big to return in one spends-on measured of stock exchange-checkers in an airport. And they are partorisca SPEND-IN measures, then , yes, is not the chance of full measure, but is quite like this big to the equal that remain to spend in a plan with you! All some law of zips of sound, some pockets are súper handy, although one of some sides of stitches this maintains a velcro in place in the bosses of a stock exchange a small plus is coming averts with sweet use, but a lot really affects a functionality of a stock exchange for me. They are 5'7' and found an appeal-was the boss was the good period to comfortably go a stock exchange behind me, and closure so only a lot so much could press he having to that I also have loved .
4 / 5 Marline
After reading the descriptions was bit it nervous. In general I really like these stock exchanges this in spite of. We had him to us for 1 year now, this in spite of look utmost. One spends in apt perfectly in slowly, and a second small piece was perfect for my girls to dip the book, bounces water, game, bites, telephones etc. Inner. They have had abundance of room among some two stock exchanges for 1 value of weeks of materials.
4 / 5 Bula
This place of the chance are to add and so only that has required. They are a perfect measure to spend -on luggage. With a prize to verify the stock exchanges now usually go for all spend-on. A stock exchange a small plus is the measure of personal element and a stock exchange a big plus with wheels is with in one spends-in limits of measure of the chance for more than airlines. I have taken recently these stock exchanges in the flight with Spending and has had a lot of @@subject.

You easily returned quite dressed for the week, at least some warmer months, and have a lot of useful pockets to help with packing.

Is not some stock exchanges plus very beautiful but is not down looking neither. It take a real blue colour , which is the little different that expected (sees pictures). Celery he bit it economic, especially a boss for wheeling a main chance, but feel sturdy quite that am not concerned. For a prize, is utmost.
4 / 5 Chantelle
Good colour, but eventhough say expandable, the didnt feels was quite big..
The wheels are perfect.. But like this it travels them so only with spending on, the really required to maximizas my space..
The wheels are to touch like this of the airlines whose accounts these like extra height...
5 / 5 Elfriede
After reading the descriptions was bit it nervous. In general I really like these stock exchanges this in spite of. We had him to knots for 1 year now, this in spite of look utmost. One spends in apt perfectly in slowly, and a second small piece was perfect for my girls to dip the book, bounces water, game, bites, telephones etc. Inner. They have had abundance of room among some two stock exchanges for 1 value of weeks of materials.
5 / 5 Lucretia
Has taken 4 of these - an each one regarding my granddaughters and of the nephews for Natal, like this now use them when they come recognition. Good quality. I have ordered another for my edges, the cause maintains to ask his too much. In general - ive has bought 5 insiemi. LOL Master.
4 / 5 Madonna
Ideal of travelling box for our 21 old month. All his cloths perfectly is returning in , together with some toys and lunches. The stock exchange he the small plus is ideal adds on for all necessities during a travesía: you bounced, napkins, the smallest toys, lunches.
4 / 5 Tam
A small stock exchange is well but one spends of big plus on with the wheels is quality very economic . A stock exchange is sturdy quite but a boss when it extends is flimsy and wobbly. Also, there is no @to @give a difference among having two and four wheels. This an only has two; for like this, you have left you grieve to go of a boss some falls of stock exchange on. The waste of money think. To be useful precise order one this has 4 wheels.
5 / 5 Donn
Any recommended. A boss is too short (I follows 5'3) and extends unevenly, that causes a stock exchange partorisca be disturbed when you are by train of the appeal . Also, a boss does not close when along, meaning you can not press a stock exchange in front of you when maneuvering down an aeroplane aisle, for example. All other appearances were well, but these defects are quite that will not buy never of this company again.
4 / 5 Leisa
Has arrived so only. Súper Fast delivery. Very light. It looks durable. A small stock exchange are adds. I think that that ossia a a. It was happy with him. Tried some wheels in an interior of the paving and his utmost . In this prize could buy one the year and be happy.
5 / 5 Mechelle
Ossia The a lot of ready looking raisin-on stock exchange that access perfectly in a compartment has elevated likewise of small aircraft. An only drawback that there is remarked is that it touches on quite easily when it is situated whole reason there is so only two wheels in place of four, but is still the good value for a prize.
4 / 5 Lucrecia
Is really small, but returns the amazing quantity of material. I have been using it monthly and has help until the bit of abuse. Desire that has the way to better balance he I like this has to that always dipped everything of some heavy elements in some subordinated and approximation some wheels to avert constant touching. I think that that it is had to mostly to a volume of extra width when you unzip an extension.

In general, for a prize, is been the real extracted.
5 / 5 Hester
Has Had an occasion to use this together to travel in Messico. Quite resisted for a travesía of 8 days and was a perfect measure to spend-on. If any precise 3 transmissions of cloths for day, ossia the neighbour adds . Verified a roller that comes the house and he have resisted until abuse of airline.
5 / 5 Tyra
This will be adds for our come on tripping which will be one all day and flights at night. It matches my chance, the blue amour and will be perfect for us to have some things in a plan with us. Perfecto. Quality so only the little bit less than expected, but is for the spend on like this there is not a harm still likes luggage that takes launched out of slowly. More the extra stock exchange and a prize was utmost that founds to look around!!!
4 / 5 Ela
Resists the value of week of clothes. Unfortunately he topples on. It do not remain integer pack to a max. Better to spend the little more dollars and take something more sturdy.
5 / 5 Jalisa
Has loved to the appropriate stock exchanges likes him raisin on and this container returns a bill. The inspection indicates that this container will return a bill a lot amiably
4 / 5 Caroyln
The chance looks elder of the sud his photos and take also. Lame is the smallest truth that to the sud the image. Has use to some recoveries : well grosseur the games joins the alone person or some the games of pair joins fin of week.
5 / 5 Yasmine
Together adds for the weekend and suitable for Airing flights of Canada. Some wheels have on resisted really well during my travesía and has not had any one subjects with some zips. A chance a big plus is tippy until you shake it like this a turn of elements to a fund. With which that will be he in his own.
5 / 5 Melody
While these chances are of good quality, has thinks that was some chances some big plus. A like this called spend-on is more as the cosmetic stock exchange. Mark sure you it the volume measured when or purchase this together. A chance a big plus of one 2 is the small chance. I have finalised still that purchases the big chance reason these were way too small.
Is durable this in spite of.
5 / 5 Iris
This luggage was announced like this that. It is perfect partorisca the short holidays, that resists that it is required partorisca two senior people partorisca the few days. He in fact the controls more than calm thinks partorisca judge for a measure. Although a small stock exchange is smaller that has anticipated resists both my cosmetic stock exchange and my stock exchange of boxes of the husbands a lot comfortably. If it is overburdened that could touch on.
4 / 5 Erlinda
So only the little smaller that expected but the has not measured like my own failure. A lot of sturdy, good and light colour.
4 / 5 Karma
Is probably a right quality partorisca such the good prize. But you are looking for the stock exchanges of qualities adds, is not done like big final.
4 / 5 Marcene
Has taken a purple an and a colour is exactly like a picture. Calm really can pack to plot of material in him and has buckles of strap in an interior partorisca resist all down securely. To good sure recommend this to any one.
5 / 5 Ivory
Such the cost adds. Both elements are some perfect sz that has ordered. Arrived in good condition and a lot quickly. It is all that a description has said that that is. Excellent!
4 / 5 Kina
Has bought this partorisca my sister. You love it. Easy partorisca his to spend and tug around!
5 / 5 September
Chances quite fragile: it stirs It Extensible any last along and his clear closures are a bit economic.
Besides the main chance any that 2 wheels that gives less maniable and no quite stable no more. I go to go back the neighbour
4 / 5 Sana
My excuses in a leading description. The husband informed so only opens a box and has tent a luggage. The writer has not been conscious. A luggage is beautiful and entirely that it had ordered. Thank you.
4 / 5 Helga
These chances have been of sound. I have ordered 2 like my boys have had sweats own raisin ons. It is measured add and a small plus tote controls extra like this material. You love him.
5 / 5 Santo
Has-liked me a luggage this in spite of a prime minister an I has used ruins my airline. I have loved a colour
4 / 5 Janeth
has Bought this for my boy. Perfect measure to spend on, or the holidays. Easy to pack.
4 / 5 Domingo
Thank you For a continuazione wife is very enough and has taken in 4 days. Thank you.
4 / 5 Marhta
Perfects uses him so as it spends on and personal element like any need for luggage has checked!!!
5 / 5 Shan
This dips does a work and like this product a lot. It likes that it has to that zip for the leave to develop to do that little it bite more the room when required. You recommend this for any the one who needs the smallest chance.
5 / 5 Micha
Is light, spacious inner and adds for a money. Although it says 20” it is really 21”
4 / 5 Esta
the value Adds for a money. Controls enough for 2 weeks, but I light of travesía. A small stock exchange will return in an upper and strap around a boss, like this easy to pull.
4 / 5 Carroll
Has purchased 2 for presents to the our look of daughters to be happy will see with which use.
5 / 5 Jacklyn
Adds raisin on place. It weaves it to them of fast, the weekend that the travesías and this was to to the perfect mate likes to spend the on luggage. It has fulfilled it controls and I saved time and money that has to that verify he in my luggage and while to choose them up.
4 / 5 Candace
Smaller that has expected the lock is no good but in general quite a lot of fact
4 / 5 Kiley
has hated to verify stock exchanges in a port, this was so only he quite soiled in this spend on for my Dominican holidays for 2 weeks.
5 / 5 Carlos
Surprising for a prize. I love my new chance. It can return it stirs it in him and I love a colour. To good sure buy again
4 / 5 Trina
Exactly like this pointed. Ossia The carryon sized stock exchange with the stock exchange of shoulder! Weekender Only but develops and resists the plot. Material of weight and good quality very light.
5 / 5 Alena
Not having @@give the one who the disorder a mark of airports of a coverage. It can not clean muck of
4 / 5 Evelynn
This is not the bad piece of luggage especially for a prize. But a zip is sewed improperly likes one 'the expandable characteristic can not be accessed. But of then so only it develops a thumb, are not to return.
4 / 5 Nanette
Adds for the qetaway !! , Easy to transport by means of airport, returns well in the to aeroplane likes to spend the on and value of the money
5 / 5 Genie
Fast delivery. It bases in a prize, has any complains. I used it once and yes found anything wrong, then will come to update my descriptions.

Top Customer Reviews: Our Generation Home ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 12 ratings
5 / 5 Leanne
Really pleasant has bought two partorisca my twins and was ecstatic! So only be careful pulling a tape out of some products, especially a shampoo and bounced of to the conditioner likes him the tape rasgó this seal was.
4 / 5 Franklyn
Bought partorisca my niece and she have LOVED that. Has has had to that me objective each piece. The delivery was quickly like this expected
5 / 5 Tamala
This little box is perfect. You love it. Well value a Good
4 / 5 Karl
conjoint prize with a lot of fun accessories - decently priced also! A passport is the good touch . My daughter loves it. :)
4 / 5 Vasiliki
of the Perfect accessory described partorisca wrists of American Daughter.
5 / 5 Akiko
Mina 11 old year is very happy with this accessory of toy partorisca his Maplelea wrist.
5 / 5 Josef
The shabby partorisca the girls of presents has loved this product
5 / 5 Natalya
Has bought partorisca my niece and she have LOVED that. Has has had to that me objective each piece. The delivery was quickly like this expected
5 / 5 Keven
This little box is perfect. You love it. Well value a prize
5 / 5 Milford
Well together with a lot of fun accessories - decently priced also! A passport is the good touch . My daughter loves it. :)
5 / 5 Georgine
My daughter was like this happy! Luggage of good toys partorisca boys
5 / 5 Jackie
mine 11 old year is very happy with this accessory of toy partorisca his Maplelea wrist.

Top Customer Reviews: Coolife Luggage ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Shakita
Ossia My first time that purchases the hardside luggage. My priorities in buying the chance is would have to that be sturdy but light, has to be expandable and has to that look well and modern. Everything of these has been fulfilled, and an orange by heart is enough. Some 360 wheels of rotation are the must also for fast and easy managing of my heavy material. Highly it recommends this product, delivery that announces.
5 / 5 Ghislaine
Light and well has done! The utmost and easy looks to use. Attended expensive to travel in the easy trains with some 4 wheels. Of the money is more the half ash. It is well. They are the little has concerned that a big plus 28 “ will be too big for the once fill up weight for 50 lb max the airline but is light to the equal that can be well. Handy measure so only wants to spend a chance for familiar of 4. Otherwise Probably will use the 24” for each adult and 20” for each boy for 3 travesía of week. Taken the second 24” in orange. Nizza orangey Red. It classifies to the desire has been with this colour for everything but a lot enough to return ash.
4 / 5 Shawnda
Loves this stock exchange. So only it substitute it recently our luggage with east an and is done life much easier. A stock exchange is light and sturdy. It does not leave a measure fool you, can return the plot of elements in this luggage! It says it can easily returned quite dressed for the 2 travesía of week!
4 / 5 Araceli
I promptly has received my luggage. It is a lot of packaged and arrived in good condition. A chance is durable and lustrous looking. It survive With you relieve it is travesía inaugural on that it was verified so much in and used likes raisin on. You the ash of colour is perfectly understated. A built in of the works of system of the lock wonderfully and deletes a need to spend the tone. You recommend this product for all the uses.
5 / 5 Shin
Has ordered Grey 24.ºn Stock exchange for the last travesía of minute in Cost Rico. A sum of looks of the chance, is incredibly light, but quality very big and sturdy material. Some wheels are very smooth and a TSA the lock is very convenient. After a first travesía looks it is not never state has used. It has surpassed my expectations and if I he on again, would have ordered a together of 3 chances.
5 / 5 Ewa
Has ordered these so many stock exchanges of travesía for our two boys (6 and 3). They are light weight , easy to go (was for some boys...!) And durable. I can pack the plot of clothes in each stock exchange. Each side is separated for the divide which has another zippered component. Arrived quickly!
4 / 5 Burl
A chance is perfect for the carryon luggage. It is light still a lot of sturdy. Very happy woth the.
5 / 5 Theressa
Received and very impressed, although I did not use it still!

The colour are to add and would have to that be easy to find in a carousel - also easy to something If any one takes the elegant his!

TSA The locks look very robust, but is proud and could be have an accident prone in a unfriendly the luggage that half of bosses of todays modern Airports.

Has impressed of the yours follow and a 2 guarantee of year - Bravo!

Thank you,
Bob Nutten
4 / 5 Retha
My woman and I requiring new luggage, decided in this hard sided some. The delivery was quickly. A colour is A lot WELL, a work of wheels like the charm, some bosses of appeal are a right period . Some interiors are cleaned and a zippered the side does to the band bit it easier. One spends on, access amiably in a tall of 4 plans. We do not require to use an expandable section, neither use some locks. They have on resisted a lot well in ours first travesía that looks 4 flights, and has had any apparent scuff frames.

But remark the few things after using them that we do not think roughly: there is any way to identify them: any space, any pouch... As you owe that distribute some external identifier like the strap or tape; has 2 of these... Also it has any sleeve or pouch in some 2 main chances to resist pocolos odds and finals... An interior zippered divide are adds to resist down elements in a side, but an additional zippered section of point in a divide is not a lot usable. Closing some two together halves and pulling some zips comprise that of the hard sided the character of some chances means to take bit it more cured to have a lot on packed neither packed unevenly to facilitate closure.
Any of these are spent of show in ours dress.
In general likes him to of knots to plot, and the hope gives endures travesías future as well as a prime minister a.
4 / 5 Hang
In ours first flight to air this stock exchange there has been the corner dented in roughly 8 cm. Probably of the fall or paste a carrier. It thinks this type of plastic would owe that take normal abuse.
has been contacted a lot dimes directly for Coolife in HK the one who was concerned sincerely in my lack of satisfaction. I have received immediately the chance of new substitution.
The response ADDS of the costruttore has concerned. One would have to that buy this product with confidence.
5 / 5 Margarette
I have bought this luggage and he have done utmost. An only reason because they are by train of the give to 1 star is because I have found receives he of the leading owner. They are apparently be to a Philippians in May 2019 and has left receives he of restaurant in an of some pockets. The amazon sold the chance has used even although it is supposition partorisca be the new mark.
4 / 5 Doris
Hopefully Takes partorisca see this product tomorrow. Apparently some Purolator to to the engine likes to say that a product is undeliverable when they are running late in his career and therefore it does not rid a product (ossia which has spent here on three occasions with this luggage). Purolator And Amazon so that has his numbers partorisca follow ( has spoken to both parties and is both looking to this).

FYI: Partorisca Arrive to this point can not recommend Purolator to any one. Once the things take solved will update my description.

UPDATE: it Likes Him To him the show of photo, he finally arrived in a piece without harm. Very impressed on quality of product! Value each penny!!!
5 / 5 Candyce
Can so only vouch partorisca a travesía international, but control on well on hills and down, by means of footpaths and of the streets of cobblestone, and a boss was very partorisca on & down stairs. A rim of wheel was the casualty in a way behind but, dreads no, is present so only partorisca aesthetic purposes. Among the number of colours very brilliant for easy spotting together with all the world more brightly has has painted stock exchanges in a carousel of luggage. This is not science of rocket; it alleges to be the piece of luggage and is.
4 / 5 Florance
Has expected to write this description until after my turn of Australia and New Zealand, he 3 travesía of week that has comprised 9 flights. It has to that say that this luggage has surpassed my expectations. Of then we remain in of the hotels and Air BNBs, some desquels can not having has has had elevators, decides to try and light of travesía, as I have taken so only one 24 chance of the thumb and he has been packed VERY FULL. Extracted like the charm and when unpacked after a house of the final flight there is so only be the small scuff, grieves noticeable in a side. The value adds for a money and looks fantastic! This travesía was an equivalent of 3 or 4 data a hopping around and every time exit a tape in an airport was pleasantly surprised to see it there was on resisted perfectly! Highly recommend!
5 / 5 Donny
I good money past, strong and has spent to plot 33 kg

UPDATE: If this has not been the strong chance there is has broken with a 33kg has had in him... I add the picture if any one knows like this to take this dent was please partorisca advise, will not change mine 5 stars because it is not Broken was weighed for the workers of airport think that fallen he in a wheel and because of a weight dents not breaking! Dent. This in spite of help to need that takes a dent was.
4 / 5 Kristian
Are not the first member and the regular nave selected but, my surprise, some chances have arrived in 2 days. Also the surprise is the one who light is. Like another reviewers has mentioned, some wheels are very smooth and calm. I did not use him on the travesía still, but some worries is some quite big and the unprotected wheels can not survive some rough managing/launching for a luggage of airport handlers. I will discover next month with a travesía international and then the travesía has created behind partorisca back. Another smaller complaint is of my daughter. It plans to dip stickers of travesía in some luggages but a grooved surface that impossible.
5 / 5 Arnold
Produced excellent that has survived a lot beatings that spends for in my travesías this month. He cam by means of him with just the little scuffs, but any pause or cracks, as it calls that wins it. Resist my overpacked 50ish lbs of luggage without @@subject, this in spite of gone with ease. My only desire is that both halves zipped closed for a simple purpose to maintain a no-the elements of cloths have contained, has to I accidentally dipped a chance down a wrong way. Neither it is to like me and accidentally the launch was some instructions on like this to change a code of lock.
4 / 5 Olga
Had surprised immediately in a light weight and mobility of this chance. It looks to be quite rugged, and has zips of good quality. Before it tries displaced when we travel in Spagna!
4 / 5 Anabel
Has bought this luggage for my weeklong travesía the Vancouver where has tugged this thing in a skytrain, a street (for the good 15 minutes), some chambers of hotels and then a Airbnb. It is the good light but considerably sturdy chance. There is the few frames in some outsides but so only because of my rough use. The wheels have done perfectly was with the fully stacked chance. Shopping again owe that . :)
5 / 5 Tiffany
Has bought this together after reading a lot of descriptions add so only to have a pause of wheel in a first travesía. I have used so only a carryon that has had to verify-in. When I chose It up in claim of luggage, one of some wheels have been broken. It was a lot disappointed and fallido to the equal that was in my way to a fate and I have has had to that lug around the chance broken for a rest of my travesía. Any value a prize for me.
4 / 5 Dale
Used this partorisca the travesía new of day in Ireland and he return everything of my cloths, memories and accessories perfectly. The wheels no in carpets or anything remotely to to the carpet likes, but of calm can tug it behind like to him the normal chance in these situations. Had the pair of hotel without the elevators and some wheels stood up to an abuse partorisca attack up and down stairs.

Marks on enough easily while his' in traffic, and yes is interested in a colour and the appearance would recommend to wrap the up for the travesías longer.
4 / 5 Kylee
Has required the main chance. Happy has taken is one . It was some descriptions in a service of client that me choose Coolife. It is like this light is unreal. Some wheels and the look of zips sturdy. The interior has finalised amiably. A shell is thin. Pushes in easily, but the explosions was like this easily. Like the question will be, if it stand up to the airline that bosses. You update this has any one questions but the interior a moment are a lot happy with him.
4 / 5 Eloy
Has ordered these for deception as have think that ordered another mark of big final. I have called to take an annul and details of turn but a surpass of the turn was also have decided like this to bite a ball and maintain them. The man are I happy I two travesías later still any wear and tear and add for some separate compartments. The colour is fantastic to the equal that are like this easy to something in a fashion of tower of the luggage. To good sure recommend.
5 / 5 Marjory
If so only are going was for a weekend, week or month. This 3 near of the piece comes with all some the precise options decide that and that go to take with you on yours travesías.

We really like a hard shell casing of then is less probably for rasgar over time. If you are looking to substitute your current luggage, for a prize can take one in of measure them variables for a right prize.

Would recommend!
5 / 5 Muoi
Has bought a together full in ash, after revising varied other options that comprises roughly frames of main name. This has looked to be a better of a lot, comparing pricing and global quality. I ordered it two weeks ago. It arrives inside the pair of days. The packaging was excellent. Some stock exchanges look good and is light. A stock exchange are divided amiably to two compartments to maintain everything in place. I have packed 6 value of days of materials in a big chance. I so only returned of this travesía same and a chance have managed a lot very in general. It excepts, to recover he of a tape of luggage, there is remarked one of some wheels forward was broken entirely was. Mishandling For some agents of ramp am sure. Included on three wheels although it manages well and was able to manoeuvre he to the long of without a lot of question. In 15 years of travelling, ossia one first piece of luggage that has suffered the wheel broken has taken.

Like this in general, am happy with some chances. But durability perhaps a subject of a wheel has broken is gone in one a lot first travesía. It do not discredit a product this in spite of, like this in general is well. But perhaps something for some costruttrici to look to and resupply more protect in some wheels, or hide them inner an organism of a chance. Of here, some four stars in place of five.
5 / 5 Jonas
Has has received so only this spends on as it can not comment in a factor of durability still but that am seeing like this far looks a lot good. Included better that a picture - shadow really lovely of red. It looks abundance of room to spend he in that I hope comes from to my profit comes to pack day!! Amur A TSA lock also-give me the sense he far plus of security. Description further with which in fact using this but is looking a lot promising!
4 / 5 Sherice
Has used so only this in the recent flight and of commentaries to plot of wear and tear of some wheels. He certainly any one last long like appearances. There is remarked also that one of some failure of entrance of zips the piece. A lot disappointed.
4 / 5 Clyde
These are light and match all the maps to measure published for airlines to spend-on luggage. TSA Has agreed the locks are the prize , in the chance has to that verify these in a door. I really like a versatile creation of an interior: the separate, zippered compartment of coverage to pack the cloths is utmost . Any all spend- on is drawn resembled expects it of luggage of full measure, but these are. Highly Recommended.
5 / 5 Sena
Adore my together of chances. I have done A Travesía with this last and is of quality a lot good. I have taken Lucido the money of ash of model likes some black bars owing to the frottement with his other chances but has expected. Lucido System of lock, is genial and this does a lot good. Practical If the tone wants to leave give the fattest pieces under tones in the chamber further to sweep your chances during the vehicle. Lucido System of rangement to two Section is practical truth . The tone can separate easily his shoes give dresses and the space of rangement perhaps maximizada.
5 / 5 Holly
Is quite economic but the difference of some looks of picture is economic calm once the see. Like this far it is weathered the travesías of pair to comprise international of Toronto in Poland and trips more courts to NYC and Nashville. But some wheels are a lot STRONG. Primary reason for 2 in place of 3 an airport and calm trace these escalators for some reason some wheels result incredibly strong compared to any more. His' a lot of odd. You the fines to manoeuvre this in spite of, and any subject with zips etc.
4 / 5 Brande
They are very impressed with this chance!! I have taken this in the fines travesía (Inghilterra (5 days) Portogallo (10 days) and bought it the expecting be tossed with which Portogallo (the has not been sweet with him - fast walking on cobble streets of bones, he taking on foot among stops of airport, airbnbs etc.) But last a whole time and he still look adds!! Continuous use and see if he withstands the second travesías in Turchia!
5 / 5 Markita
Am impressed like this with a quality of this together. It is very light still really easy to move around. Some wheels are smooth and a zone of expansion of the looks of hule to be quality very good and durable. Absolutely I love a colour, some deep red looks a lot of classy. Highly recommend is looking for luggage of good quality that does not cost the fortune.
5 / 5 Aurora
Has purchased for travesía recent to Inghilterra. Hanged very light but stood up perfectly (a bit scuff mark). Smooth The broken around. Opted for money like this stock exchanges like this black that play to lose some carousels of luggage. It uses the tape of leaf of arce red around he also (of Amazon) to the equal that underlines and know is clearly my chance. The durability will take time to value.
5 / 5 Mario
So only has taken a chance of the dress and I can not expect use he for my travesía! His really pleasant ( has taken in orange) and hanged like this light and loves everything roughly that. A prize was awesome also and comes with to 2 guarantee of year that is surprising!! Highly you recommend. A delivery was also very fast. They are very happy with this compraventa and no material could have taken the I extracted better in tent anywhere.
4 / 5 Kris
Is exactly like this described and quality quite well for a prize. I will be to use this for the 2 travesía of week, has the fields spends on and is around a same quality. An ash spends in of the z/the rucksack of parties of the mine. An only with can think of of the one of the east this product is not in fact 20inch with wheels has comprised the next paste 21.6 thumbs. Hanged around 5-6 pounds.
5 / 5 Elvira
Like this far like this well, a chance is light to the equal that leave to pack the few kilograms without prpers that has to that concern roughly surpassing some limits and easy to stroll around with him. They are thoroughly surprised on that it can you to it pack to this chance and global happy with cost of mine :)
5 / 5 Shawn
Ossia the very light sturdy chance . I have been concerned to be able to to be too small .. It take a 24 thumb ...But it has a lot of room. I always way in the band and am leaving punctual in the ten travesía of day , as I gave it the band of practice. .And I have to that say that I am very impressed with that resists! ! Also it take some cubes to pack to dip in him and really resist to plot of material and maintain your good chance and has organised . I stick after my travesía yes has any subjects with tbe chance .
4 / 5 Latarsha
This stock exchange are looked punctually and all the world-wide the one who has seen suitable was the a lot of looking stock exchange. It was in my way to NYC and then Antonio Santo. Two different climates. A stock exchange has packed well. Like the subject has has had to that done almost the averages an empty stock exchange in a way there and concealed has comprised two pairs of shoes. I have been gone for the total of 10 days. Needless To say, a stock exchange has not been half empty in a way behind. I have had to seat in the for the neighbour but closure. Some closes to do a lot well. I have tugged this stock exchange by means of Manhattan of Harlem by means of the Square time to a AirTram to JFK. An airline has verified my stock exchange for free so much to NYC and to Santo Antonio and house. A stock exchange has taken some scratches but really looks well. I am pleased with my election. An attractive on the boss is quell'has bitten sketchy. It does not feel sturdy neither durable. We will see. But it is for this that have given durability he 4.
5 / 5 Julian
The good chance but the broken have broken during ours very first travesía with him. I leave that it questions a reliability of long term of a chance
5 / 5 Myrtle
has bought this luggage to use likes to spend he-in the piece for flights has created. My first flight, he no returned a tall cube but I have refused that like the aircraft was very small. My subsequent flights behind home were in slightly main plans, and is returned perfectly in a tall cube without subjects. A measure is perfect to spend he-on, this in spite of, in my travesía of turn, a zip busted and is coming immediately a chance. I have not packed anything more than that I had arrived with. A zip broken was unable to be reattached, and could any zip on a luggage without a lot of difficultly in an end. It has been it adds in a flight to my fate, but was has disappointed massively that this lasted so only some travesías.
5 / 5 Sammy
With a row of low prize, am happy with an election has done to purchase a Coollife chance. I have bought initially the chance of the different mark, which have had positive experiences with in a past. This in spite of, his chance inside this row of the prize has not fulfilled my expectation. It is returned and has bought a Coollife chance instead. It liked Immediately of this stock exchange. It likes some crazy by heart of the ash finalised and a measure was perfect. I have taken he for the travesía of 3 weeks of the long distance and a stock exchange have treated well.
5 / 5 Barbar
Has bought this like the present for my mamma, his one measures perfect for travelling in holidays, so only enough to fill a necessities with the bit of room to spend for behind memories. Surprised in as light is, a lot easy to manoeuvre, and same when pulling in a corner a distribution of weight is quite good.
5 / 5 Camelia
Are pleasantly surprised by a quality of this luggage. I purchased it on the whim for the last travesía of minute to Rome, Italy.

A luggage was spacious, light, durable and easy to manoeuvre. Has had amused turning it around while while to my flight.

An option to close a luggage with the pin is also convenient.

Unfortunately, has had to dip my spend-in the luggage with a big plus has has verified luggages he so that it was launched around the bit during flight.

When I have recovered a luggage was still intact this in spite of create it has been streaky.

This in spite of for a prize has surpassed my expectations and I would recommend this product.
5 / 5 Lanell
I travesía two times the week and this resists up like the field. I love some few elections by heart, has an orange an and is easy to something in a tape of luggage. I have had the Subject smaller and has had to treat service of client that the mine gone back three times a same day and has solved my question inside hours.
5 / 5 Raylene
Was in a phase for new luggage reason my together old literally has fallen averts of a luggage of airline of usual abuse handlers dips era. Buying the on-line luggage is always the challenge because it is not possible to physically inspect a compraventa probably first to do a decision to buy. This in spite of, these looks of compraventas particular to have start well... All three stock exchanges are very light and look quite robust, and certainly looks well and (in of the oranges) will underline all some black stock exchanges that goes around in of the circles in a carousel of airline! If some wheels and the locks will stand up to an abuse will receive like this verified those the stock exchanges is difficult to judge to arrive to this point because my travesía significant prójimo will not be for the month—but look utmost, and is a lot quite priced!
4 / 5 Marine
Like this far this there is easily has survived 5 travesías that comprises one abroad (Europe). It is hard where accounts more: a zip, some wheels, and a retractable boss. An outside casing is also hard but quite flexible to pack the little extra train in him has required. It is almost like it has been done for NASA.

Underlines immediately in a train of luggage for pickup.

Some wheels leave for moment of silky smooth push, or can tug it behind likes the regulate spend-on. I tugged it on grave , uneven pavement and still old cobblestone and some wheels have resisted on just well.

Has no messed with a mechanism to close still like any commentary in that. The instructions are comprised for that.
4 / 5 Ivan
Has used a two big some for a first time and in general was very pleased. I fill with the uncomfortable bulky elements and do home without the scratch. An only thing is some sides does not look like this sturdy to the equal that could be I so that they are fearful could not stand up to really rough managing. In general I am very happy with this together.
4 / 5 Fabiola
Has purchased a 3 piece dipped in ash. They are decent luggage but does not expect him to last more than a year. Some wheels are noisy and no like this smooth like my travelpro. A luggage does not have any pockets or structure of organisation. Both a 20 and 24 does not develop as it is disappointing. One 28' arrived with scratches in a fund.
For a prize, is the decent cost.
5 / 5 Rosita
Has bought this luggage for my sister and is utmost. Very big and light. It has been he was for two weeks and there was hardly any semence on that. Very durable. It loves a colour and very happy reason was very easy to something. It wants to purchase a 24 thumb.
4 / 5 Malka
Has purchased this together for the travesía to Londra, Inghilterra. My edges has taken a 24L and I a 28L. This luggage was slugged, has closed unexpectedly and has on tugged and down some stairs of tube of Londra, escalators and that imports all a damn empty. It is resisted up. Some wheels are excellent and am like this happy has purchased this together!

Trending Luggage Sets Products

What is Luggage Sets?

Top Customer Reviews: Traveler's Choice ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5 Jenni
It have given it to 5 indication of star but--was bit it disappointed in a measure, a total with wheels of the sleeve and everything measure upto that one writes he on said, but a chance is that we think was one in the actuality loses almost 3 thumbs in an organism of a 'll law to mark reason extends the bit and has a lot of pockets of storage
5 / 5 Rena
This luggage is a lot easy to pack and a lot convenient for cabin stowing. It was very pleased with him for the travesía short (10 days) with random cloths.
5 / 5 Titus
His chances are perfect , so only games quite big lucido gender to trip that wants to do , loves to go the loin besides will buy joins besides .
Games that is of the delivery to Stick Canada, are the truth disappointed, the person the touched and has left lucido the container was , joins casualidad that my spouse that reads at night the seen joins boite the the outside when it is has created , is supposed to leave joins map in the boite to the card when the person does not answer and goes to look for lucido container to the agency of estaca expects that this detail goes to be corrected to admit
5 / 5 Coleman
When I have received a luggage dips today, there is remarked that it was a lot light (do me happy!), I Have been then a stock exchange a big plus afterwards to a stock exchange that takes and taken to see reason was lighter. A material is light weight , some sides are not , or minimally has reinforced, a colour is not burgundy, but more than the rose, no the colour of sure types. A zip is much lighter , those worries because a stronger zip heavy is like fracasado in my old stock exchange. I have loved the stock exchange that could use them likes to spend the on, or one this was quite strong to be verified in when developed like my old a. An expansion of the stock exchange so only augments a capacity minimally while my old stock exchange has augmented any one 2-1/2 thumbs when developed. Another disappointment is that the amazon does not loan a capacity of a stock exchange in the to to his ads like to them another those who aim a capacity of volume in of the litres. Sad, but has to that go back. I will buy a locally where can see and the verify was first.
5 / 5 Soo
I chances have come quickly and look to be of decent quality except a a neighbour... A seam rests in a front already. I do not know that it poses the question, and does not have time for the turn to take the together new, as we will owe that see. I am not happy, but is partially my failure because I have expected until a last now to take luggage for our travesía 😬
5 / 5 Williemae
has used it so only 3 or 4 times but ossia my gone-the luggage for courts of travesías business (3 to 5 days) and am them sure can return dresses for the week or 2 although orgnized... A colour was the little lighter that more like the red that the burgundy this in spite of...
5 / 5 Sydney
Has bought this like the present for my Mamma for Navidad... They are class of ashamed to give it his. When it Avenges it was súper run over but was able the class of the take behind to a right form. Tonnes of the random series that hangs was, the wheels are terrible. I guess volume that stops of has paid.
4 / 5 Susanne
Travesía Recently and has required another raisin on plants so that it does not require to verify stock exchanges. It was impressed really with it sturdy these stock exchanges were and that has resisted. Highly I recommend it. Some two frames of stock exchanges joint the together of perfect mate.
5 / 5 Sabrina
A trick for my spend-on especially like this decided to forego the luggage has checked. Having a smaller piece in the place of the purse gave the most spatial plot for the personal elements that leaves a main piece for clothes. Like a colour also :Or)
5 / 5 Wiley
the expensive way and the smallest way that has had to finalise go Walmart one is more more main more if besides down will not buy never the on-line chance but so only go Walmart
there is DISAPPOINTED more was so only a chance and the small purse..
5 / 5 Ilene
Have Still partorisca use this luggage but substitutes one has had where a boss has failed. It is a same measure and has been used in of the travesías in Ireland and Parigi and 24 times the interior of Canada of year that travel of home partorisca do without @@subject. Turn in a compartment of tall luggage without @@subject, like appearance this new one will be like this useful. I think that that a prize has been just right.
4 / 5 Lottie
These am def light. Experiences partorisca spend-in controls partorisca measure on Air Canada so that it has done. The wheels are quite small, def buys 4 wheeled rollers next time. The zips no celery to like will last long especially if any one is an on-packer taste!!
4 / 5 Shelia
Is perfect for my needs of travesía. They look some same or the little more orange. The measure is according to measures on put of web. I use him now for the majority of purpose of travesía. Thank you!
5 / 5 Fern
The look adds. Good quality. Big that has been expecting. The smallest stock exchange like the way to attach to a boss of a big a. To to good Access likes to spend the on.
5 / 5 Athena
Has bought this together in a burgundy colour for my edges and is the together of quality adds - but - is the most reddish rose and has not been suitable for him. Has has had to that unfortunately gone back and go with the different colour.
5 / 5 Patrina
The travesía of the election of the traveller Selects America of Luggage Two-the piece Spends-In the luggage dips is perfect for the 3-4 excursion of day. It is light with a lot of room, included comprising extra shoes. They are very happy with this compraventa.
4 / 5 Gavin
A two near of the piece a bit disappointed. One 21 chance of thumb was the good access for my cloths and of the effects while in holidays; this in spite of, a second stock exchange is aimed main on-line that that is to be receive. It does not look anything concealed has been expecting. Although have to him legustado a colour and measure of a stock exchange a big plus, a small more a has not been ideal.
4 / 5 Deidre
A lot of sturdy, perfect measure, has been was for a week and this was all have taken. LeGustado The one of way that has bought one in the different colour for my husband.
4 / 5 Zane
Has loved this together. An only thing has does not want to was that a chance there has been so only 2 wheels. Calm no @to give you the one who the difference an extra 2 wheels in a front. Another that that loves it.
4 / 5 Bo
Has bought 4 of these all different colours for presents navideños for a neices and nephews and has bought then another for my edges. Love and love a quality!!!
4 / 5 Janey
Very good. It is more esd' the burgundy but still lovely. A smaller piece is quite small although some dimensions in a description are correct; although a photo is misleading. Good luggage for the travesía of weekend or at night travesía.
5 / 5 Eleonor
This duet are adds for travelling especially in of the flights where are due to paid for the luggage has checked. All your materials of travesía can return for roughly to two stay of week. A material is excellent, did not expect it to be that very given a prize. I love a colour too has taken burgundy
4 / 5 Nicolle
the work adds for economic luggage! Any one the majority of stylish, but done a trick and of the levels of airport of the steps to spend-on while also giving you maximum packing space.
5 / 5 Shavon
Has think that these are value adds for a money. Perfect measure to spend in of the stock exchanges if any one calm loves him verify.
4 / 5 Scottie
Was the little disappointed in a material. I have thought no six a better! As it was returned!
Seeing other insiemi .... Yours was equally like this good! The next order will expect to repeat! But now already you pack it old chance!
4 / 5 Rosena
A smaller stock exchange was much smaller that is not quite control in a boss when piloting down an airport roams the mordió.un telescoping the results of boss unusable after the bit
4 / 5 Vita
Some first time have used last week and a boss busted in a side. ribbed Has not been a lot now hangs on 1 side
4 / 5 Hillary
A lot well for the handbag. Left in 3 different air undertaken. It does not know yes dispatched will manage, tho
5 / 5 Tameka
took it so only before I have been my travesía onetime has used broken before I have gone back.
4 / 5 Angelia
Excellet For anything really. Enough for pilots and flight attentends. Any skin like this free animal.
5 / 5 Renae
Good shot. This in spite of, saw it can take the together integer partorisca a same prize with which have purchased and has received this element. Happy closing with this compraventa. The quality is very too much
5 / 5 Irma
thought it would have been bit it main. A neighbour is perfect partorisca the 3 or 4 travesía of the day but I will have to that buy something main when I go was partorisca 2 weeks in September. It averts of that, am satisfied really with cost of mine.
5 / 5 Laci
Partorisca A prize ossia the neighbour adds that it fulfils one spends in of the requirements of my airlines. Well built partorisca a prize, but am not sure the one who well resists up in a term along (the time will say).
5 / 5 Suzanna
Sends behind. Very thin and would break uploads flights. Very Partorisca travesías car and sweet that mango.
5 / 5 Monica
Utmost measure, having the wheels is handy. Any need to pay costs of luggage, perfect access partorisca spend-on!
4 / 5 Sonya
Has had to that return an element, is too big to be the spend on luggage on more airlines.
A specs does not comprise some wheels and boss.
4 / 5 Lorraine
These have been awesome. Bought two insiemi for a woman and I. Pair of flights and travesías of street and has had a lot of @@subject. It has Had the strong new smell but his airy was external at night and all was a lot with which conceal.
4 / 5 Allan
Is well for a prize, will see to like boss when and take our travesía to a Netherlands
5 / 5 Dominica
My boys have used this for separate while in camp in a fall.. They were able to return all touch to crap his and lug the to and of camp with ease
4 / 5 Tonisha
A lot well, especially partorisca a prize. I have wanted raisin of big plus on like this wants to them begin travelling light with only my spend on and tote. These produced is returning a bill perfectly. It is the plot roomier that my old spends on luggage. They are able to easily returns all I need to this stock exchange for the 2 Caribbean of cruise of week. A cloth is the good quality , and taste a burgundy front of of a stock exchange. He he easier to something my stock exchange in the crowd. Some personnel tote is smaller that looks in a photo, but a specs is perfect for a allowable personal element that can take on you the flight now and slips on some stock exchanges some boss of big plus to release on hands to do something more. Also, a stock exchange a big plus has the zip to develop a depth, but will have to that verify a need of stock exchange develops. I plan in travelling light, but is good to know require the little room, can develop a stock exchange and controls for the travesía of turn.

A word on some wheels. This stock exchange is 2 wheeled stock exchange that the roller of uses skates wheels. Some wheels in these classes of stock exchanges take on fewer spaces that the 4 wheeled stock exchange. It was my factor to decide when choosing the 2 wheeled stock exchange. More room for clothes, less spaces taken up for wheels.

Also, the word in light stock exchanges. As with all the light stock exchanges, some needs of sleeve of the push to be treaty with reasonable care. This is not the stock exchange that can overburden you with extremely of heavy elements and toss he around. ( I have learnt this before when I have had the light weight very expensive near, and snapped a plug in a first travesía) will not pay never too much for luggage another time. That can see here, I so only chosen on the better quality in the much better prices here on amazon.

Buys utmost, would buy again. Appearance this stock exchange to last for years with normal use and cure reasonable.
5 / 5 Daniele
Some zips in this look of chances to be bit it feeble. They are a level spends in chances of measure. A colour is lovely. I have bought these for my daughter, the one who has wanted to maintain a chance of the emergency packed in chance of evacuations of fire of the forest. A stock exchange a small plus would be good like the purse, he slide to a boss to tug like this stock exchanges. They look to be roomy interior, and a main chance has 2 space for shoes. If you are looking for the together lovely, ossia the good compraventa . I do not square his durable years this in spite of, like the zips take stuck the fair has bitten, and a material tin rasgar. But, you are looking for the value, for the upcoming flight/of travesía, ossia the good compraventa .
4 / 5 Lourie
Has required the properly sized pend on' luggage now that a sizings has reduced and more rigid in flights of airline. All a luggage has has had to that used to be still indorsement pend on' was now too big (learnt a hard way, and one $ $ $ way), but when looking in luggage in some tents, still also was too big, in spite of being announced like pend on' measures. I have been concerned roughly purchasing this on-line without taking the tape to measure physically to a product, but given all some leading positive critiques, has taken a risk is spent perfectly! The product has arrived quickly/punctually and in fact LOVE a burned orange colour deep! A bit have it has concerned that a material texture outside could take esnagged' and rasgado against any protruding hooks of any class, but until then, is users very happy ! My daughter has used this together to visit his grandmother for 3 weeks, and his (all) is returned well like this new! Like this far, the durability has been well. The time will say. You recommend yes so only for a guarantee of correct spend in sizing like Canada of Air agreed to.
5 / 5 Charita
Fast delivery , the material of quality adds, the wonderful colour that surprised ( has to that add to this description wrote it before I gone in my holidays in January five days with which took it , a strap of the stock exchange of the travesía has broken was and inside the week so the stock exchanges of luggage have had rasga I. On four places
5 / 5 Issac
has to that admit that it was the bit sceptical in a product because a prize was like this reasonable but after the receive and it using in my travesía of mine late plus in Europe, so only can recommend to another.
4 / 5 Sharlene
As frustrating.... A suitable red of chance and black of stock exchange of the shoulder. It have to that have state matching red. It have to that send behind but his too much work.
4 / 5 Minda
Has bought this together to use for the travesía business as |it do not have to that verify the stock exchange. An access of stock exchange of the roller to a tall cube lying down, no in his side to the equal that have expected. A small plus tote returns amiably under a chair, and I leg there was still room. He like this had has expected. I have had a lot of room has left in some stock exchanges for the 4 travesía of day, and was surprised in fact to have excess room. Like an on-packer, has has not had raisin concealed never before that! I am pleased enough with this compraventa.

A colour has not gone enough that has expected. I have ordered burgundy, and another reviewers has said his burgundy has arrived more than the red colour. Red flavour, as has thinks that was a lot. That is has arrived mine looked a lot of rose.
4 / 5 Dante
This duet is perfect for the short stay, or more along door less. They resist enough to plot. Amur A carryon maintenances the transmission of clothes more mine meds. Good colour and is a lot of sturdy
5 / 5 Alissa
For a prize, has to absolutely buy this!! Solid, sturdy quality and built for travelling for aerial, but still returns each use. Access each criteria of airport, and just amazing luggage with secret pockets everywhere. If you are at least curious, spent this! Calm will not be disappointed!!!!!
5 / 5 Imelda
Looked for like this big to spend he-on stock exchange to the equal that are to leave to spend, for prizes like this abordable to the equal that can find, and has expected this chance would return a bill. He so only arrived, as I have not had an occasion for the try is gone in a travesía real so only still - but looks to be quality like this very like this main Sampsonite luggage I usually use. Hopefully Will have any questions that use it on my travesía - will be to go California for the week, but is time of mesh all year long, as they are not while my cloths to weigh a lot of. It see like the things go ...

Top Customer Reviews: Canada Lightweight ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 41 ratings
4 / 5 Markus
The plastic of this continuazione the chances is like this thin, a possible worse quality, not even would take it be partorisca free... More avenges already broken and there is lined...
5 / 5 Alyse
There is wanted initially this together. The perfect measure & looked durable. It was my preference to paint also. With which one uses, one of a bit black side protectors has broken was. As seen in a picture, there is not had to that break to a chance. This disappointed.

Has called a company and they have said does not resupply guaranteeed in this piece but would send the part of substitution. Almost 5 month later & still has not arrived. You do not buy this mark again.

More info: This chance is not expandable and does not have the built in lock, but a zip resupplies an option for you to add your own. The wheels look quite sturdy.
4 / 5 Vernice
Unless taken the very slow time in Arrow these products would not recommend for travesía. His yours the cloths odora like this bad of chemicals. They are alentadora that I can take a smell out of my cloths to wash them the little more time. But you do not recommend this product. This be has said A Styling is beautiful and a quality is well.
5 / 5 Blossom
A lot a lot looking but some zips are low quality. They would owe that it has dipped it the strongest zip. I have purchased the tape to use with him.
5 / 5 Roxie
A colour like this absolutely fabulous! It can not expect use these stock exchanges for my travesía. For a fashion of a stock exchange (when being the full measure hard chance), I suppositions could call light (the big chance is 8lbs), although it have preferred the lighter of has bitten. A castors laws well, included in my carpet! A nave was like this quickly, surprised
4 / 5 Kaitlin
During last knots of travesía to plot of compraventas, has had to that stuff these like this full has thought them some zips would break. You the no. For a prize has expected chance to dress to owe light and was bad, is hard, light, easy to spend for airport and easy to see on tape of luggage.
4 / 5 Charlyn
Pros: To build Of a chance is add, to good sure was hard to fly anything of these chances like precise open a zip on enough to plot to be able to dip your hand in there (which is an attractive characteristic for me), some wheels go very a lot of (was in of the footpaths)

Gilipollas: some sleeves look has bitten it finicky, and could see him when being one first what that fails in this product.
5 / 5 Sonia
This together of luggage is really well, is not extendable but has the good loves it !!!
4 / 5 Lizabeth
Loves him a lot.. With which 2 travesías ... I am satisfied..
Goes a lot well although his wheels look fragile

Easy to go,, and light ... You love him .. With which 2 satisfaction = of travesías... Although of the looks of wheel bit it fragile ...
5 / 5 Taunya
Well, the attractive units done. We buy these for our travesía in Hawaii, and was easy the broken and manoeuvre, has has resisted tonnes of materials, and well of still look.
Looks these will last to plot more travesías in some futures
4 / 5 Kizzie
A good value partorisca money. To good sure any partorisca heavy use, as I see it taking the fastest fraction that which would expect. But partorisca of the money, is the very good shot .
4 / 5 Deadra
There is disappointed. It is it has arrived broken and no like this sturdy to the equal that has expected. He a trick I supposition but I do not see it durable
4 / 5 Tawanna
Given like the present and was has appreciated a lot. You are used and am said is sturdy abd turns really well.
5 / 5 Elvina
4 / 5 Henry
Has purchased this together partorisca go to a Netherlands. I do not have any complaint. The wheels and the bosses have done well. Had the strong plastic smell like the compraventa new. I have maintained some plough of chances partorisca the pair of days and sprayed with Febreze.
4 / 5 Jeromy
Does not have appréhereé The qualité of this lack of Games of the product of stabilité in the intérieur of the chance,he any and the step of pockets to the côtés and lucida séparateur of the height is très fragile he déchire easily .
4 / 5 Corrinne
The quality was better that has expected in such the low prize point. They are by train to use For the travesía to Cuba in November like this hopefully will resist until the luggage that abuse of bosses.
4 / 5 Han
Well For some first uses of pair, weve has used so only he partorisca to 2 way the flight along and he have begun ceacking in an inferior corner.. Still it prefer some cloths or nylon-luggages to write
5 / 5 Herb
This look to surprise and look quite sturdy.
Has swivel wheels
love a colour
A zip of interior was has has stuck/broken in both luggages but the little fiddling fixed that.
5 / 5 Jeffie
Bought these partorisca travel it and never his would trade partorisca a world-wide has bought included the together of has lived some partorisca my daughter no where could have beaten a prize of this together anywhere!
5 / 5 Hortensia
Still doing on my alcohol in of the this. First travesía one of some pieces of the black support in a fund has broken. Otherwise, Very light, relatively sturdy ( will know more after the second travesías!) And spacious. In general I think that that it was the compraventa well.
4 / 5 Dorene
That disappointment, stirs It of the smallest chance is decayed and he and the give edges partorisca sew project it of a bit everywhere. I leave it Travels some days and not having lucido time partorisca go back them. Disappointed!!
5 / 5 Vallie
If a lot good-looking very very done but believed Him More legerte but a very compraventa that considers lucido prize
5 / 5 Emily
love a colour, capacity and durability. This in spite of, when I have taken some chances out of a box there was partorisca seal of prize partorisca $ - I has paid $ . Otherwise, Loves some few chances.
4 / 5 Hwa
Has received some stock exchanges and the zip in an interior has been wheel already. No a main shot but I have expected to receive in perfect condition. Slightly that worries that a zip can very included survives to ship
5 / 5 Denver
produced Adds. Raisin on is the little superficial. But global adds.
5 / 5 Chantal
A delivery was quickly.
Has bought he month for my edges and he used it small time.
Says that it is light and good quality .
4 / 5 Cira
Any spectacular, Looks well, good and good in Cina.
5 / 5 Carmelina
These were utmost partorisca a prize. Although extremely abordable have help until street of travesías multiple so much earth and air. It can not be more happy state with this compraventa.
5 / 5 Tish
All is hanged adds , light & easy to take around with.
4 / 5 Fumiko
Has travelled already with this chance of dress is , his very hard , solid, and some wheels so only , marks this dips like this easty partorisca take around , Happy has done this compraventa , the prize was also to prize !
5 / 5 Rashida
Has required something of confidence - and didnt wants to spend and arm and the leg. These are UTMOST!
4 / 5 Libby
There is rid quickly, colour a lot - no like this light to the equal that have expected but then again, any real weight has been announced.
5 / 5 Kandra
Some bosses no celery particularly sturdy so that I am careful any partorisca overburden some chances.
4 / 5 Vernon
Has based in a sturdiness will see when we take to use them by means of the airline that bosses. Planned for Part 2020. Now travesías same of just weekend.
4 / 5 Mickey
Good-looking manufacture, well There Is qualified, the luggage to the games of main level with diverse company of aviation
5 / 5 Kecia
as it has expected a lot sure as it takes partorisca beat the but the supposition will discover.
4 / 5 Beaulah
Has received a shipment on plan like this declared, arrived in good condition. LeGustado Some produced, has thought a 28 measure of thumb partorisca be main, otherwise, sweats all well. I recommend partorisca a value
4 / 5 Darren
no like this strong to the equal that have expected but then again has not been too expensive
4 / 5 Melania
So only had partorisca a trip, likes durability and sturdiness is not a subject. I add partorisca a prize.
4 / 5 Stanley
The shot adds and súper a lot of fact adds some packing the cubes is plant

Top Customer Reviews: Traveler's Choice ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Elene
I have not had pertinent use of them still but is the quality adds like this far, a lot of measure partorisca do to pack the breeze. A lot of pockets in the interior of lid he the easy fact partorisca organise. A bit those that @@subject with an appeal-was bosses in an of a small plus some where a side would not exit according to which another side. Otherwise, the condition adds and happy with my compraventa.
5 / 5 Eulalia
Has bought this together partorisca European recognition and I has been thrilled with them.
Ossia The neighbour adds of luggage, and a prize has taken partorisca he included better! They are not súper strong but was more than able to haul my stock exchanges on and of trains. Some wheels are inlaid so many is more resilient to swipes. No they like him to Him some few stock exchanges of 4 wheels because they tend partorisca take on too much room of storage, like the creation of 2 wheels was perfect. There is like this spatial in these also - the majority of some pockets develops, and some zips are quite strong to resist the little bit of tension.
Some sleeves and spending straps loosen a bit with which use, but so much has been far a test of time.
Has not expected to use a stock exchange of the smallest laptop, but is súper convenient! So much storage, and I amour that the the comfortable slides to some other pieces of luggage.
In general - the price = adds, the quality = adds. Highly recommended!
4 / 5 Salome
Is a lot very looking, has loved a deep burgundy colour. They are light, to to an only thing did not like roughly his, is that of them tilt the small to a side because they do not have four wheels in some subordinated and the wheels do not look for the be centred. It can return to having believed so it would be more practical, but if you are not too picky, is the good element for a money.
5 / 5 Vince
For free rule ship quell'was in my door with 12 Hrs!! Very very good. It looks he is the together good . It has not had an occasion to the use is bet still looks it would be necessary stands up well. The zip and the wheels looks well.
4 / 5 Annika
An only reason compraventa this neighbour has been due to some descriptions add, unfortunately a big chance has broken during a first use. An economic corner the plastic piece has broken in a main chance and a wheel is exiting.
DOES not BUY C ECONOMIC has DIPPED! Calm the favour and pay more money for the together durable that will not break in a first use.
5 / 5 Cecila
Have arrivals to receive the chances of month except that the poigne of the most glorious is breeze!
4 / 5 Damian
Extracted a lot well for a buck. It has been sent promptly and all was expected like this that.
The dimensions are generous and 3 out of 4 comes level with rollers and the boss.
So only down point : it has to that be first member is looking for a burgundy container. In spite of that, an ash of box looks quite well too much.
5 / 5 Shamika
Like me some paints, like one feels, and facilitated of use with quite a lot of pockets for storage.

This in spite of, in mine first use with a together in the travesía the mexico, an appeal on the boss in a second the chance of measure has broken, and has not been able of the blockade. You could listen an emission when pressing a key, but at all is spent. ( It can a lot of retreats of slide down) This all spent in an airport when verifying in a luggage, and has had to verify he in like this oversized. I will spend it it bit it more in mine buys next to hopefully take the one of then does not break like this fast.
5 / 5 Dorthy
The service adds and like this far by means of two travesías have been chances add !
5 / 5 Farah
These are really good. Travesía Well. Holding until some rigours like this far. Light. The wheels do well. Good value for prize.

Top Customer Reviews: Rockland Luggage 2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought this luggage partorisca one expresses travesía and partorisca a prize a lot abordable partorisca a quality.

A creation is well, but a material is not like this strong very basic nylon material.
The weeks are very attentive no hard to go them.
Pockets very there some pocolos of them

Likes to say he partorisca a prize was basic to spend-on. So that he the he partorisca the light of travesía is well.
4 / 5
In general am satisfied. It arrives the few days more the harvest then has anticipated initially. It was able to pack for the 6 travesía of day among some 2 stock exchanges. Had any question with some wheels. If it is packed full tends to love advances of fall.
My subject only with him was my own failure, has taken a together turquoise and has not anticipated the one who objective a muck. After the flight and the travesía in taxi looks quite dirty, like another colour could be the better election to hide a muck bit it more.
4 / 5
Has taken this dips on 3 travesías now and there is not any sign of wear in these stock exchanges. Forward reviewers has has indicated zips 'economic', but does not see any question with them. Like this far like this good! You recommend this luggage because of a quality and a very good prize.
5 / 5
Can not believe such a together amazing is available this economic. Calm boy you any, has been saying all the world was the one who goes to travel early roughly that. With any one has BEATEN of recent restrictions -&62; MX fly free luggage, this was the must . Work perfectly.

A zip for one of them (as used like the stock exchange of diaper) has broken, but prpers lacking to dip the plot partorisca stuff on that. Also, sometimes it is hard to maintain a wheeled thingy whole: but I guess it conceal it is a paid of prize for such the light luggage :) .
5 / 5
Quality a lot Well, has an expandable pocket, does not know the will not use it never, the zips do not look economic, the really like a together, his quota. It is 1' smaller that some dimensions dipped averts to spend on is, the highly recommend this together!! It has seen a together same in Bentley partorisca $ 99CAD On sale.( It has Paid $ 57 total shipped)
5 / 5
has purchased this luggage dipped for the travesía to Giappone and a boss have broken a second day of the three travesía of week. A boss has been done of economic plastic and extremely flimsy. You do not recommend any compraventa this product. If you go to spend of the money, spent something with reliability and better craftsmanship.
4 / 5
Chooses this has based on prize and normalised, unfortunately is not good quality like other stock exchanges. It feels economic and flimsy, and there have been a lot of loose edges of a zip stitching. But a main thing is these smells likes fuel of diesel or some another class of oil of factory--or perhaps some the materials plásticoes is the economic class that has gone-gasses smoke. It is been the few days and is been stinking on our house as we have to return it. Calm can not dip your cloths of travesía in the stock exchange that the smells have taken.
4 / 5
This neighbour was fantastic for mine a lot first travesía of slowly, but now see reason more the people spend black luggage lol. It take a conjoint rose and is gorgeous. Received a lot of compliments external in an airport. This in spite of, when a flight is reserved fully and this has ascended raisin on has to that be verified, cut a risk of him when be dipped facedown to the puddle of deisel fuel (which is spent mine ). So much with hot water and Dawn, has washed and scrubbed like this more could. There is still the little bit of a mark/of fat of the muck still in the and a glue of cloth is exited inner in a leading big pocket because of mine scrubbing, but does not affect an integrity of one spends on. At all it is rasgado, a cloth in a pocket is so only little release now when a stock exchange is empty. Still full was a lot! They are still happy of the use! He so only look has travelled to plot lol ;-)
5 / 5
Perfect measure for three travesía of day but some tips of the main chance on when a boss is pulled up. Be sure to sustain it against partorisca wall like this does not fall on.
4 / 5
A luggage has come quickly amd like this aimed in a picture but a zip is horrible quality and very economic. Already broken after so only an use.

Top Customer Reviews: GoPenguin ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5 Annis
I have taken this on two travesías now and has done adds likes to spend the on - a lot of @@subject with restrictions of measure in WestJet or Air Canada. A look of durable shell this in spite of a highly crazy show of arrival fingerprints and markings quite easily (sees photo). Some wheels are súper smooth and some lines of looks of interior to be a lot has built. In general it is an extremely abordable, piece really attractive of the luggage and I probably will buy some main pieces to complete a together.
4 / 5 Floy
Is slender, but roomy. Material is durable. You love it.

Top Customer Reviews: Jetstream Hardside ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 16 ratings
5 / 5 Arline
I have required the main chance partorisca to 2 street of the travesía of week am taking. It does not feel for real to to the hard shell likes them Kenneth Of Scolare spends-on, but this so only cost me $ so much is really well so that it has paid. It was hesitant to verify this stock exchange in the plan, but felizmente so only am uploading he to my truck partorisca some travesías of street so that I am not concerned in a boss or the wheels that pause. It looks good and to good sure resists the tonne! Has has had to that the open arrive and the sinister air was partorisca take a chemical smell was, but work very partorisca his prize.
4 / 5 Shaquita
This product is exactly that has been expecting! It looks partorisca be the together place very that use good materials. A lining is zippered and leaves partorisca easy access to some propiciado by USB and has the pouch partorisca the band of battery.
5 / 5 Ricarda
Has travelled with to to this chance likes him the luggage has checked. Easily recognizable, as it was blue. Had a lot of room. This is not partorisca spend he-on. It was exactly that has required partorisca the holidays of the week.
5 / 5 Sacha
A lot priced But no a better.
A wheel snapped of a main piece.
The company Was UTMOST! Substituted with the new one with a lot of little hassle.
Am ordering another together partorisca my Daughter.
5 / 5 Mirta
Petit indent Damage in an upper side in spite of being in two boxes and any harm seen in some boxes, goes partorisca recommend this but give the good look on when it arrives. hopefully Is not the glimpse of as resist until use of airport
4 / 5 Audrey
the zip has broken included before I have finalised partorisca pack on very first use and the element is like this big is the ache partorisca ship behind! Bad Done element.
5 / 5 Faustina
Has used a main chance a time and a wheel is broken already! I have contacted a vendor partorisca discover like this partorisca have this corrected likes said to 2 guarantee of year. Here it was expecting that can be substituted!
4 / 5 Josephine
Marry very small, the port of USB was one that takes the battery partorisca he?
4 / 5 Chu
It take this partorisca my brother, he dudn' t taking to uses he lately .
5 / 5 Cari
A boss feels bit it free and fragile. Otherwise Really Taste partorisca of a prize!
5 / 5 Akilah
Is returned why to to my woman no liked them to them a colour. The quality was A lot.
4 / 5 Sherman
Looks partorisca be the product of quality. It is not expandable. This in spite of, arrives sooner that has expected.
5 / 5 Renee
Wants to, a measure is final to perfect a quality is very good.
5 / 5 Lyda
Ossia The light chance , some the careers of fluent wheels when it is not weighed too much. But a shell is crap, used it on mine 1st travesía and he have broken. You do not recommend this produces extra raisin on something better or the different mark.
4 / 5 Thu
Are the male 5'-10' big with arms of half period. A boss when it causes extended fully heels of mine to occasionally strikes against a backside of a luggage as you can imagine any elder that me with the shortest arms? I wish a boss could be widespread 3' more.
5 / 5 Lovie
Has bought this half to look for the chance measured of the hard shell and I have found an outside of a chance partorisca be very soft other chances of hard shell that possesses. To good sure has not felt like a chance would last the mark only has left he by means of a travesía.

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