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4 / 5 Kristofer
is really hard partorisca me a lot partorisca speak on one of my favourite albums, but would go like this far like this partorisca say that Geogaddi and the music HAS a Legislation to the boys are the electronica music that Beatles' the revolver was partorisca burst, Chico One was partorisca mecer and that Class of Blue was the jazz: the enormous explosion of leftfield creativity that arrived likes something like this deeply new that the jarred auditors of a gender to 'a way to listen things differently.' He, a lot of people would signal was that the plot of groundwork has been dipped for Aphex Twin, Autechre, LFO and to the like, but of the joints of Canada have evolved his own sound with different, purpose more introspective in alcohol and has finalised to to the sound likes exactly of person (until the countless emulators of his sound have arrived, of course). An emotional depth and clarity of structures of songs of song with starts, means and final - is bracing and aim the band that explores new technicians and pressing they to unknown territories.

Is sometimes easy today to forget that it have to that done the time when the plot of these sounds were not never be in fact listened or has created before, for any, and that damn fresh Geogaddi touched when in the first place it falls. I can not imagine that it has to that it has been it it likes him to him the product, uncovering these odd rhythms and melodies all immediately, that knows that you are exploring new territory, and that paste the summit of artistic power when all just clicks to the equal that have to that.
4 / 5 Lurlene
Has not been that to describe this album. It is dark, unflichingly desolate and an absolute enigma. It looks dislocated of an apparent esality' of a normal life and I find it hard to think of him like this music. Enough it is a emptiness of the his, superbly crafted to the chilling aural travesía by means of a discomfort that life like this regularly amena.
Also is that it interests to reflect that the number of reviewers the think a bit has squandered space. A space so only squandered for me is a 24th clue. A real last, one 23rd, is 1 min 40 dry of silence, the end to return to the remarkable CD.
My second listen to this album was punctuated for the call of telephone of the partner has wanted to that suffers disquieting ache of cancer and his treatment. One returning interlude - seat as if a call was part of a travesía.
Different another, can not find the clue out of place in this CD. Standouts Is:
- soyusic is Mathematical' - included some beaten is depressed, under disassociated vocals. Stunningly downbeat.
- 'Giróscopo' - Speech of unrequited life! The girl that the accounts is chilling in his lack of connection to anything.
- 'Dandelion' - synth washed on second very joined looks vox frames of samples for the brilliant juxtaposition of sounds
- unshine Recorder' - Vocal interjection ' is the beautiful place ' so only does not return a arrid beaten and accompanying melodies - brilliant!
- 'Julie and Candy' - almost optomistic, this dissolves the darkness organically. Not to note it out of place.
- '1969' - The one who the remarkable clue. To good sure danceable, but can do not seeing gracing a dancefloor too often.
- 'A Beach in Redpoint' - insistent rhythms , pipes beautfully the place has gone by dark synth washes. Almost a point underlined of album.
- 'Alpha And Omega' - sheer brilliance. Descent and decay clothed in optimism.
- ' Has seen Drones' - delicious filler, as everything of a 'interludes' is.
- 'A Devil is in some Detail' - Matmos-beaten of liposuction of the fashion and vocals marks this a quirkiest clues in a CD.
- 'An east to be like this b is to this - another insightful clue of filler
- 'Dawn Corazón' - perfect spend of a near of this miraculous travesía of CD by means of melancholy, fantastically followed stops:
- Submerging Canal - poignant and almost an antidote to a lot of that surrounds it, but still that directs to remain in a dark side.
- 'Corsair' - Could some the boys have found the better clue to finalise this?
- Soyagic Window' - the silence can be used a lot skilfully, no very often better that here!
My partner, has mentioned on, is spent was. Always I will agree when listening to this!
5 / 5 Xavier
Are has had to that to take some Joints of Canada like this seriously to the equal that take . A lot of habladuría of people in a way and atmospheric effect of his music in place of a real content becasue all a meticulously crafted and sonically tweaked ingredients that a mix of Joints to a brew is meant to produce the effect has unified. This album is class of as last a, and calm will not be surprised by anything of a first time sees a chance to a first time listens his. Still although it has been four years , there is still the plot of clues of short filler (but no toneless filler, sometimes is some stronger clues ) and crunchy hip hop beaten. But this cd is darker and deeper that the music HAS a Legislation to Boys. There an amazing number of creepy the samples have hid sotterrate and layered to some clues. You could Feel a heaven, besides when being the strong song for him, is fill with dark satanic undertones. It can speak in other strong clues; it has to that to to my preferred likes him to him all the world-wide more, but little in this album could be considered bad. A highly stylized character of the work of this group is totally compatible in all his work, as you dig his another material, pop this in yours walkman, and take the long walk in a forest in a half of a night...
4 / 5 Tressa
The one who the insiemi Together of Canada averts of a rest of a paradoxically homogenous IDM mafia is the real sense of the successful heat by means of strongly accused, resolutely electronic music. Ossia The claim this is to do often other groups with 'crossover' appeal for any-electroninuts, but in this chance a warm, homey, and, yes, nostalgic feelings exuded here is due to some effects-laden production, no in spite of him. It has been a lot of fact of this use of the groups of sample is old educational films. It is where has taken his name , after all. For me, this in spite of, these coverages of the true association for one reasons especially. They are so only quite old to have the pupil headed during a pre-VCR was, and agree the shabby look-down old films in the rusty old projector. Because of any one conditions of a film or a projector, a sound was often distorted and wobbly. The notes in a soundtrack have run to an another, and an integer of dreamy effect was compounded for an acoustics of a gymnasium where would look film during recess in of the rainy days. Some tones that bleed together and stratal to the ambiguity of these albums taken well behind to seat cross-legged in a slick walk of gymnasium. Well, so that probably it touches well to a cliches in this group, but, really, is key to comprise that it finds more remarkable in Joints of the music of Canada. Everything touches almost haphazardly stitched near, with teetering beaten overlaying synths that bubble up with irregularity read. Any sense of carelessness that this approximation runs a risk to insinuate is mitigated by this misty, soupy quality; any to mention the sentimentalism that flanges in a crass, while it heads to teeter in his precipice like an emotional equivalent of some precarious rhythms. As another has signalled was, this is not one the majority of stunningly original music, but certainly has the personal quality that he the distinctive fact in his own humble way.
5 / 5 Ava
Like another reviewer here, was surprised a bit to find me--in 28 yrs of age--while out of a tent of local music in a morning of Tuesday Feb 19, Geodaddi stateside quotes of emission. If BoC the music can inspire such emotion in the type to to which likes to think of him like this relatively level-headed, is any marvel that the anticipation for this album has been that careers in the tone of fever among a BoC faithful. Such is a character of his music: it connects with people in the a lot of visceral level, intimate, as all the music adds has to that. Marcus Eoin and Michael Sandison is reclusiveness, and rumours that is part of the cult of Turquoise Hexagon, there is so only fuel added to a fire of a BoC mythos. Unfortunately, with which repeated listens to Geogaddi, am coming to a conclusion that BoC has given in his messianic popular image, more than locating on that.
Looks BoC the place was to do the serious album--perhaps too serious, of then can not find any of a playfulness that leavened a global melancholy, eerie feel of MHTRTC. There is no Roygbiv or Aquarius here. At all really extend or bobo. A tone is lush, psychadelic, and unnerving. Not to adapt me of infancy of mine so as a travesía of acid. Where On MHTRTC 'An End Thought' promotes/ admonishes an auditor to struggle for liberty of tongue, Geogaddi looks the booklet for some odd 'groupthink' community. A total that careers the time is 66:06, as in '666,' there are 23 clues (a number apparently of entity to numerologists and theorists of conspiracy), and purportedly the portions of clues can be touched behind to listen the messages have hid. On one follows the voice distorted drones 'Left my voice flows to the yours calm until if it marvels more utmost and is transformed in the positive way and sã...' Any he so only done this creepy new-agey control of obsession absolutely zero interest for me, but is quite independent of a musical merit of one follows him.
Enough averts of a message, some falls of the far cut music of some sonic exploitations in MHTRTC. It averts of some show of table, more reverb, and some pipes of casserole, is surprising those that careworn the tricks are in shows here. The boys that accounts? Control. Place to 'A Beautiful Place'? Control. A random colour that fallen to a mix? In this chance is yellow, any orange. This in spite of has some sweeping, the epics have broken of melody in the few clues, does not go anywhere, and does not mesh like this seamlessly with a percussion like some clues in MHTRTC.
Mina of looks that a peril intrinsic in closing oneself is gone in the studio with stirs it of electronic gagetry is that it begin to lose touch with a real world, and tricks of game to amuse you, or to toy with your audience (like quantity to a same thing). Aphex Twin, Autechre, Orbital: each seminal electronic artists, and each one that like this in his own way that results more self-referential, quirky, outlandish, dissonant, or odd for odd sake. Sometimes some results are brilliant, but often his quantity to wanking roughly. BoC Looks for having substituted trippy cultism for inspiration, and a result is one in absorbent but finally claustrophobic work. As any the one who has used it filesharing program to obtain 'Twoism' or soyaxima' (two of BoC' sooner, commercially unavailable album) can testify, many of some clues in MHTRTC was part of BoC repertoire for the long time, and there was state polished to next perfection. Perhaps some clues here would owe that it has experienced the alike time-has tried has had four years(!) Perhaps I have been occupied too taking his fish of palmeras and consulting maps of star...
4 / 5 Leanne
Has had a time a hard plus with this album. Like fine Art, are adds to admire, but calm in fact 'the take'? Geogaddi To the games was a lot likes him Jackson Pollock, to the prime minister little listens looks minimialistic outdated sounds of keyboard with repetetive beaten. This in spite of a calm the majority of the left seep in, a more develop untill result all comprising. I think that has any one the beef with this CD is that I can not listen to all a time. If I am wide the awake there is little to know effect on me. If they are sleepy, the only falls have slept. If they are in this state among exhaustion and conciousness, his a perfect CD. Perfecto in a sense that is environmental, warped keyboard flurrishes begins to touch tricks in my alcohol(especially with headphones). Has way screwing with you that my vocabulary has limited could never possibly explain. But besides mine pyschotropic experiences with Geogaddi, musically his fantastic closings. Well layered, the clues of music have thought blend seemlessly with smaller interlude clues. If has the small complaint roughly is that because of his class of any of snail, his hard to directly listen to this CD. A right way and the atmosphere is necessary to entirely enjoy Geogaddi his full plus. So much because of my feelings of mixed way in this CD and his less than the his accessible, recommend it so only for an adventurer and couragous(and one there be lapped to concentrate). It can be calm or what yours that can hate. But so that it is, sound the 5 launches CD.
5 / 5 Franklyn
Well, I Joints of amour of Canada... The music has a Legislation to the boys has been one of my favourite albums bought it of then, and Bookmarks of Salvation/Marcadors and A Beautiful Place is gone in a Country blew was also... Like this yeah, was excited enough in this emission... I have listened some crazy hype roughly the, and was kinda hesitent to buy it, fearful that it was totally dissappointed... Well, I bought it, and I have listened his, and was happy... Sure, it is resembled MHTRTC, and is a same fashion and everything concealed, but that attended? Ossia His fashion , and in Geogaddi the chairs has done the very different album... His delved deeper to a sound of MHTRTC, that the touch it deep plus, the touch it full plus, and touch with different emotions here... While MHTRTC has the plus upbeat, happier feels, this one is a lot of melencholic, and errie... Sure they stick in any freaky material like the period of 66:06, but it conceal so only it is touching until some rumours that is in the cult and material... I have been listening to this album a lot-the paralización bought it of then, so only while to take patient of him, but have a lot still... My favourite clues are Julie and Candy , the music is Mathematical , A Beach in Redpoint, and Could Feel a Heaven... Look, has liked MHTRTC and ABPOITC, then has to that definately has taken... It takes it... It BUYS IT!!!!! :)
5 / 5 Tamala
I joints Of Canada are the group concealed has has defined always his own fashion. For like this, his music is hard to describe. Figuratively, Is almost to the equal that have done electronic music twenty years ago and a lot so only found the. Calm also could compare to some souls of small boys have stuck in the computer. With crunchy basslines, distorted rhythms, and pursuing the voices of the girls, have fashioned a aural landscape all his own. His first album, the music HAS A Legislation To Boys, dipped an impossibly big bar. Spooky And scarce, is considered properly like him hallmark of electronica. In Geogaddi, all some the elements familiarised are there. They are so only harder and more directed. It is the hard plus listens. Some songs do not flow to joint them to to him likes him to him the music HAS A Legislation To Boys, but sometimes, concealed is for a better. Michael Eoin and Marcus Sandison has on grown in of the Canadian documentaries, and this influence is reflected in to the the short clues likes them-him the dandelion, Look of Energy, and One is To B Like this B Is The C. Other points have underlined to comprise the music is Mathematical , 1969, A Devil Is in Some Details, and especially Dawn Corazón. There is a lot minitracks this separates some true songs, but these often add to a beauty of an album like the whole. And a last clue, Magic Window, figure of a minute and forty-five seconds of the silence of tension has fill. It is on, or it is Michael and the way of Marcus to say you to fill that emptiness? Geogaddi Asks a lot of musical questions. And perhaps ossia a point - to take you to feel a music more. If you are the Joints Of defender of Canada, will take this, calm does not require me to say you to. But it wants to listen the music for a twenty-first century, for everything means, taking Geogaddi now.
4 / 5 Karl
Like the little reviewers before, gift partorisca think of unjust bashing this album will take given a state of critic of music today. Everything is that it heads to 'that is new roughly he' and 'as daring is' is really exiting hand-held. That the expensive like Geogaddi? The electrical guitars of metal distorted, perhaps? A section of violin, perhaps? Or as if the joints of Canada there was incrustado gabber beaten his music?
Felizmente, BoC any of these things. Some same tools that the music has created HAS a Legislation also create Geogaddi, and there is at all bad with east. All that like this desperately investigation 'that is new' need only look to where 'that is new' really require be request: That is an emotional intent?
The sincere auditors undoubtedly will relieve this difference: Geogaddi has a totally different agenda that the music HAS a Legislation. While MHTRTC was fashionable Summer, warm, and comforting, Geogaddi is the dark and windy place. There is an underlying harm in him, in a distorted vocals muttering roughly Dips Davidians (1969), in a mentionings of the 'God with Horns' that is found in behind touching. Like MHTRTC, Geogaddi contemplates infancy, but, again, the different, and entirely less pure appearance of him.
I boys live in the world-wide ossia fill of bad tin a lot directly recognise, and he so that it follows that Geogaddi is chronicling this appearance of the lives of the girls, that his darker patches do not owe that be immediately recognizable, neither. This is not , in my opinion, a tentativa partorisca look ready in BoC part; it is part of a work of art has created here, the part of Geogaddi. As they once said in an interview, 'always think of an auditor to the equal that presents more intelligent on Tierra.' A silent clue, soyagic Window' is simply a period in an end of a statement is trying to do; I am sure they knows full well of 4'33' existence, like this there is not any need partorisca any partorisca the signal was to them (or his auditors.)
Regarding a quality of an album has five stars that seat up there. They are there partorisca the reason. It is each one has bitten like this affecting and draining like this MHTRTC, he returning Autumnal followup to his Summer. Listening the Geogaddi partorisca a first time was likes to listen to the Environmental works have selected, Flight 2 partorisca a first time, or Environmental 1 partorisca a first time. 'A Devil is in some Detail' is a material of my nightmares, and soyusic is Mathematical' I almost me ameno the tears with each listen. It is one of a bit those that, that creates with all my soul, and any the one who there is disappointed still in a lack gabber or incorporation of the electrical guitar distorted or anything can listen again to Venetian Snares.
5 / 5 Vasiliki
Has taken a Special Edition CD because it likes-join me band and will maintain to buy his CD is until they burn was or take involved with a RIAA. All some songs in this CD are glorious, excepts one. It follows Four, Giróscopo, is TERRIBLE! It touches it likes him something a member annoyed of Radiohead would turn our in the night while drunk And there is lapped! Well, ossia out of 23 clues, as I will not resist this against his, as the majority of CD is has a lot of bad songs.
Wholehearted, would recommend this CD to any one. It is quirky in some Joints of way of Canada and the joy to listen to. Yes, a lot kiddie voice, and real (or has on fact) escience video narration in the little of some songs. Hey, am not old, but listening to this album is a backside of travesía emotional to my days escoles elementary, and ARE not the sentimental person in any way, form, or form.
Buy it; these types require of the money the whole plot more than U2 or N ync! It is the CD adds to do some noise with. Taken the subwoofer? WELL, you will want to one!
Are happy BOC has not been the marvel of album, can improve in this ALBUM, is everything in still the treat! If you are reading this description, is probably a class of the person to to which likes them this class of the music and calm would owe that be order, hears, any bed!
4 / 5 Norah
No quite like this well eats '...Boys' but value 5 stars to all the cost. A for real bad prime minister BoC the self-evident clue in 'Giróscopo', the four painful minute that touch thrashing drumloop. A rest of an album steps alike moonscapes to '..Boys' that is no what bad in my eyes really.
I points have underlined to comprise a DJ the shadow there is lapped beats of 1969, a eerie little clue called 'opening a Atasca' that has the chilling clock of the wind that swipes by means of ghostly muttering and 'A Devil is in some Detail'. 'Devil..' It is quite the start for BoC, does not have any percussion anything, so only this demonic watery the voice that consulting an auditor to release his alcohols for the pleasurable travesía with the spooky still playful tune in a fund.
A quibble would be an use to turn roughly of some tunes to radio static (the music is Mathematical , Alpha and Omega) like the half to finalise them was - beside a fact that is amused any to listen to, so only looks the bit of the cop was.
Another light irritation would be a sheer quantity of songlets and skits (documentary of lava, conservation of energy spiels) like the majority of boat the bit with some clues that sandwich him.
@In rodeo, BoC stick to his guns and produce an album that so only lags for behind his last.
4 / 5 Raul
Is that when you rub the stomach of the dog, has the something that, if it calms that can find, a dog there will be any election but to start with kicking his leg in liking? This album that to the mine psyche.
Likes all a lot IDM music, BoC is master to create the class of subconscious soundscape. This whole album is for an odd period among sleep and consciousness, and will spend you there wants to go or the no. is not the positive experience or negation. It is not a thrilling or depressing is the third, odd experience.
Like the plot of people, has found that my favourite songs are some the same clues have numbered , longer. Some of advantage the scarce-in the clues are decent, but does not look to have any class of does not resupply any class of transition among some songs and some, like a clue with Leslie Nielsen that speaks in volcanoes, so only is annoying. This be has said, ossia a digital music warmer has has not listened never. The desire there was the better musical term to use, but sometimes only chair to like am wrapped up in the thickness, down comforter with some random thoughts of the mine go bouncing around in my boss.
Really has so many good songs that it is hard to so only one was. This be has said, alpha and omega is the travesía real and the half. When I Listen to this song, am taken around some elderly muslim cities like Cordoba or Samarcanda and floating around some bazaars with some types in his caftans, selling coverages and sweet incense in of the llamas. Some the oriental rhythms means and his of to the flute likes has been done to be touched with of keyboards of 21st century and samples. It is impossible to not closing your eyes and the drift were until a song comes to an unfortunately noisy end.
While an album is certainly one of one has listened more in 2002, can not listen his all a time. It is so only too cold and too much subtly powerful. I require the beaten and the bass think to do the mix of this CD and Drukqs would be the idea adds.
Oh Last what. A last clue, Magic Window, is totally silent, but like that? It is not pursuing silence, is not intense silence, is just silence . Taking on it. Besides, ossia LIKE THIS DONE fifty years. It is state done like this time that is almost tacky.
5 / 5 Teofila
Has been the defender of electronic music for the moment, and would have to that say that of eveything has not listened never, Geogaddi is a dark plus. Of odd 5/4 rhythms with unconventional advances in consonance to backward the voices and the girls that count dulcemente, has the plot of psychedelics in this album. Any that ossia necessarily bad.
Of some 23 songs, so only roughly 5 underlines like this really adds. This be has said, another, more run some are not that bad.
I personally think a better song in an album is a second clue, "the music is Mathematical ". It is simply gorgeous. A second better song is "Alpha and Omega". One beat will blow you era. Other upper clues comprise "Julie and Candy", "the Recorder sun", "1969", and "Alpha and Omega".
Near of Canada is always be some to link music and mathematical(and the little bit of Waco). Some interesting tidbits:
A last clue is pure silence .
A measure of a cd is 666 megabytes
An album is 66:06 minutes long.
In general, recommends this CD to any the one who loves astonishingly good music.
4 / 5 Cletus
Well, "The music HAS A Legislation To Chidlren" it is better. Anything. It is really the no. Ossia so only has fallen he in a brain. Everything here feels miswired, in a devilishly meticulous way. Melodies, and included beaten, swirl around in and out of tune in a fund. The songs trip on his gracefully, songds disconnect to working interludes. If calm give it patience, work astonishingly well. Tounge In humour of the cheek mixed with some of one the majority of overcast the fragments of melodic lines has has not listened never. Odds Is a wind-pitched voice of "that Opens a Bocca" it can be saying something out of place, possibly eerily subliminal ( has no ditched one Stirs Davidian references). In another hand, "Julie and Candy" it is hard, deadly emotional. Laugh, cry, anything. It can do calm anything. It drills to your brain.
Any one has said that this album has represented the yin and yang. It balances the childlike optimism with a definite soundtrack the apathy and decayed hope. A realistic look of the principle of the man on Tierra. A look by means of another side of a magic window.
5 / 5 Lena
Some first two words that explosion in my boss when I have thought of the title for this like this spent gem to be ''vivid'' and ''beautiful''. Although this emission hasnt the a lot of admiration that takes of defenders of Joints of Canadas the leading music HAS A Legislation To Boys, Geogaddi won on. His macizo 23 clues in fact offer the plot of filler. But when it comes to a flesh in place of some bones of a record, a flesh is to do fault on extending and juicy. So only to to a way likes. 1969 And the alpha and Omega are the only pieces add of music. A lot they consider Joints of Canada like the group of two IDM musicians those who only shows to plot of vintage 70s documentary of science, but I of the one who necessarilly listens concealed. The joints of Canada are many different then your meso IDM. When you Listen the Joints of images of Canada of the vivid landscapes and the endless factories will burst in your boss. Still it can take memories of your infancy while a same time picturing calm in the estaca futuristic half modern. A compraventa worthy. Recommended To defenders of Sigur Ros, Mamma, Bjork, etc.
4 / 5 Zachery
Is a unfortunate done that the majority of people spends for the music likes them is jogging by means of Louvre. For those of knots to to those who likes him retard down and enjoy an atmosphere a music creates, as well as it appreciates that pleasing to an ear is, there are Joints of Canada.
When it Thinks roughly the, is quite difficult to separate Joints of the work of Canada for album, as both of the his elepé compliment each one which as another perfectly--ossia, likes Geogaddi, would like you the music HAS a Legislation To Boys and vice versa. Everything in both these flows of albums together with such unnatural beauty that begs to be described to use metaphors. Ironically, The majority of these metaphors so only can be express by means of BOC music, but will give it shot it.
A sound is puzzling at the beginning, but the puzzle any one too defiant but for only some the majority of random auditors, those who tend for the see like this trippy living room music. It is it likes there is mailed an organic paper in the digital envelope without allocution of turn. There is ghostly familiarity roughly the, but never has left the drift to nostalgia. It is all quite sweet, spends the thin but diverse texture, is full of inertia and has flowed throughout.
Some clues are the coverage of environmental tones that floating on and down with grace and precision. The majority of build in this concept with acute but of the rhythms in bylines that careers to the long of as an alien heartbeat. Warm, wispy Effects of the his and shimmering the samples of voices are attentively layered throughout, but is not never overused and seldom dominate a music, excepts in exactly some right places.
The often touches reminiscent of a background music these films of character have seen during class of science behind in colegiala. 'Dandelion' is the perfect example of of the this. Sometimes a sound totally goes to derives to another dimension, like this on 'A Devil Is in some Details,' that begins with the drop to echo-like organ riff that builds with the slightly distorted, gurgling the voice of the woman calmly reassuring us to "so only relax and enjoy this pleasant adventure." It does not fail never to give me some pocolos cold.
Finds difficult to listen the individual clues--no reasons do not do like this stand-alone pieces, import, but reason are so only like this involving has to that listen more, immediately. In spite of being... "Different," BOC is quite conventional to be an easy to listen for those with him modicum of patience and a right attitude; this in spite of, are looking for poppish hooks or beaten of dance, this does not go to be what yours.
I Sleep of Music called.
5 / 5 Azucena
Has seen the CD of Joints in Wal-Mart, and has thought looks to interest.
^Alas, any one money^
has has had to that the leave be.
The next time am coming with money, has gone!
"NOOOO!" It was my deafening cry .
skip The month or four
cruising an internet that looks for free music, has agreed a BoC name, and has written he in the Investigation of Audio.
"The explosions Sometimes Arrive (A Remezcla of some Joints of Canada)" begun on a cast.
ooh! I am enamoured.
(Ossia Mixes ' was the mix of both "Julie and Candy" and "Dandelion" together place)
..With still pinch of samples of some President of EUA
the very atmospheric way Julie and insiemi of Candy up for "An Odd Number more Petit". "1969" Need to follow on rights with which.
Buy this CD, and king-burns in this order:
Dawns Corazón
that Opens a Bocca
has Seen Drones
Julie and Candy
Beach of Redpoint
Sunchine Recorder
in an Annex
A Devil is in some Details
Alpha and Omega
One east to B like B is the C
could Feel You a Heaven
the music is Mathematical
and In a Radar of Horizon.
Joined other seven clues are some -necessary.
Does not add anything, another those spaces among another good and some in fact LONG clues.
...Perhaps I am tired too much to write the good description...
Likes probably are.
Anywho, Wrapping up:
This CD is the must -have like of any of a BoC is another work.
To the amazon there will be my copy of Music HAS a Legislation until sometime in april, as I spend this an in the first place first of tests for another.
In active forwards to go back.
Willy Wonka Principle, calls it to them.
- DJ Rry
5 / 5 Concetta
Almost four years have separated Joint of the album to start with of Canada and his followup, Geogaddi. But I am not sure it costs a wait. These looks of albums to have I much more fill that a last. While almost each clue in the music has a Legislation was memorable, so only each one another clue in a new album is decent. One 30-like this viñetas resulted tiresome, and has learnt quickly that it is so only one same-has numbered the clues want to listen.
This in spite of, thinks some BoC classics here. The music is Mathematical , the Recorder sun, and 1969 is a better. BoC Is instantly recognizeable percussion, with his funky crunch, is everywhere. A mysterious droning the melodies in these clues are the real extracted.
Calms the favour and does not buy a "the edition has limited Digipak." Has ten pages of photograph of atrocity, and a paper CD BOSS looks hungry to line a disk. You save of the extra money and so only take a regular edition. And some rumours roughly follows 23 (Magic Window) is true: it is pure silence .
A lot a music here is well, but the chair has left down (any less than everything for a questionable packaging). An album has one his unfinished chair. Perhaps ossia BoC sophomore the hope eats.
4 / 5 Tyler
Ossia Some of one the majority of good-looking music has has not listened never. It flows and pulsates and does more the good-looking music is supposed partorisca do... But he seriously freaks was. Out of all a CD is that I possess, ossia an only a concealed has does not have me never does cry. I guess they are so only he wimp this in spite of. Eh. Yeah, Are. Material so only bed too much in of the this, and ossia that freaked was. But no really I know. "Opening a Bocca" it is the really, song really odd. It is one of a scary some. Sound like such the pansy. It is well. Some of some better songs on here comprise: "Julie and Candy," "1969," "the music is Mathematical ," "Alpha and Omega." And partorisca some reason, liked always "A Beach in Redpoint."
Tries any partorisca listen to this when they are so only. Or when I go partorisca sleep. This so only there is too much of an effect on me. It buys it, and then read things roughly that. And then fall asleep his. It has amused. Really.
4 / 5 Hildegard
The difference of an absolutely brilliant soyusic HAS a Legislation To Boys', 'Geogaddi' is a lot slow and bleak, and some clues/follow partorisca tend to the meander bit it too much and too much long first of the beaten finally go in. Habladuría In uneasy listening, this puppy east! 'Geogaddi' Can find as 'eerie' or 'disturbing' or included 'bad' at the beginning listen to some, but is, in fact, he contemplative the endeavour drawn (I supposition) to the cold was. Inducing to the paranoia in a do one (I still feel like any one is by train partorisca look me!), But I do not think you it was brainwashed to adoration a Devil or the start was and kill any after listening his. 'Geogaddi' Gates In comparison to soyusic has a Legislation to Boys,' those better grooves had and more consistency. If you are curious on to to the these types like was, please buy soyHTRTC' of first and, taking 'Geogaddi' and Joints of Enclosed is another material later.
4 / 5 Mildred
Near of canada - geogaddi (warp)
absolutely in amazing. If it could take them a description partorisca arrive to this point, any the one who has listened this disk would comprise the one who am saying them. Joints of canada, that is still in his subterranean successful music has the legislation to boys, emission geogaddi in some unsuspecting masses. That The really found warp the gem with a duet, as they produce an absolutely brilliant album. Each clue is sparsed in any side with his pieces of byline and short clues of environmental noise partorisca resupply transition and partorisca overburden your senses in bliss. Soyusic Is mathematical' is perfect to present his album with going travesía-hop beaten and his environmental noise. 'Giróscopo' Is the hard plus edged spanking of your alcohol, with the beaten wicked on filtered synth work. '1969' it Is a clue of epic, with vocoded papers in subtiles, but beaten forceful. It can go in and on, but there is not the clue in this album the does not like , neither the clue that is not anything runs of épico. Layers the spent the discharges of the-fi environmental noise and glitch beaten, washing in yours mentals and commanding your attention. Amazing.
4 / 5 Babara
In 1998, the joints of Canada have given a phenomenal album soyusic HAS a Legislation to Boys'. Although Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin is existed like this of the long first musicians of this album, is that dipped his in a map. Of then, to the horde of clones is surfaced and tried partorisca obtain one same spotlight-- finally leaving the hungry people partorisca more than a real thing.
Enters 'Geogaddi'- Near of Canada' according to album of full period. It is a promise concealed there is teased both indie defenders, and enthusiastic of electronic music partorisca a lot too long. So that it has to that face a hype partorisca be one of some electronic records more advanced that all the times, 'Geogaddi' fights partorisca struggle quite good.
Before I go to rent this album for all his advantage, to the left the be known that has his minuses. Any of some clues in Geogaddi underline like this incredibly so only, or absolutely impressive. There is basically two types of songs to be found in this album: pieces of full period, and interludes. To distinguish among a two is something concealed is not really necessary, reason an album flows like this well that calm hardly will remark one moving in of the clues. And while ossia it structurally complete album, does not comprise anything concealed'll the swipe was. After listening his leading endeavour, a lot will be dissapointed with Joints of the subtlety of Canada.
This is not to say that some two albums have at all in common-- have almost too in common. Crunchy-Analog touching basslines, eerie yours- bent synth tones, and samples of the voices of the girls all the mark behind for another round is one . An advance in consonance on more the songs adds until the warmest sound, but with a same intention of nostalgia and psychedelia. And while some beaten is still predominately hip-hop, sounds to less electronic plot that anything has done before. Of a light, swirling his of bongos on 'Alpha and Omega', to a deliciously hip hop 'has fallen, snare, has fallen-has fallen, snare' of 'Dawn Corazón', everything in Geogaddi flow more of course.
I joints of Canada likes him incorporate bytes of the his of documentaries of films of the character and bookmarks/marcadors to film his music. His early days like the band, his alive actions would look of clips of the video jointed of the súper 8 camera, and car of drum-samples of the bookmark of film laced. And while a sampling of such material was thin in his last album, looks the little more apparent in Geogaddi.
'Dandelion', for chance, to to the sounds like is so only of the short, looped segment of the film of character, has behind touched, accompanied by a voice of the man that explains that eruptions that volcanic arrives. Interesting.
In general, this album is the wonderfully emotional experience with some impressive moments. '1969' stands Like this of the albums better piece, and begs to be listened with one repeats the key pressed in. There is the pair other clues that is to worthy compilation, but Geogaddi recompense so only that experience an album in his entirety. With which roughly four or five listens, taking under your skin-- the yours the boss will nod, you hum some tunes in one the majority of inappropriate time, and @give that the joints of Canada have had sucedido with this follow up. Recommended.
5 / 5 Lissa
When I firste purchased this album was a lot to the sinister down. It was BoC that goes a street of Autechre? Look so that. In the first place listen touched caseous, superficial, included technoish(dancefloor acceptable). But, you launch it down so only later for the choose behind on agian to see that this disk is a lot good. Ape, is like a last album this in spite of a lot of different a same time. Alike becuase has a brooding BoC sounds and the little kiddie samples(these looks to be thier stock exchange, and I of those who blame the), but a lot different in of the structures of song. Of course it has his defects, mine any tidbits of songs(in a radar of horizon) could be be do the most good-looking things this side of an equator, in place of comeercial salvation of period_to the equal that_ is_yas. Few songs the ones of those who taking this in spite of is: dandelion(becuase his boring) and would say that the devil is in some details, but the so only has @to @give the to him recently isnt too bad.
A lot the difference that there has been posted here in this album, would say this one is better that the music has.. becuase His plus that entertains in general. Good labour types. You fooled me.
5 / 5 Karima
Where MHTRTC Looked to adapt all the world of his infancy, Geogaddi is different somehow... It averts of a fact that all a hype in subliminal messages and soyagic windows' to other states of existence have painted my experience to listen a bit, is the radically different record to MHTRTC and in any one another 'IDM' the music knows. In spite of a fact that in prime minister of mine little listens has think that touch a lot some was like first album! There is something really creepy roughly the, but reassuring a same time, and something kinda spiritual roughly the, but in the class of 'Hern a hunter' eating acorns kinda way. I dunno, is the wicked album , included without some theories of conspiracy, and probably would touch more listening his in the windswept moor in dusk or looking accident of enormous waves the cost in the racked is some joints of Canada, if you are calm here probably know that they are like and this record certainly a lot of dissapoint. At all.
Enough of this drivel, so only the take already, then calms perhaps can be like this confused roughly the I so that it follows!
4 / 5 Charley
While downloading this album of the file that program of actions ( has bought the after, of course), an user downloaded of has written " it Dawns the heart is the masterpiece!"
Has finalised like this up with an album, has uploaded on a ol winamp, and paste of game.
This is not an album that will attack your socks were. These tugs of albums in, gradually, piece for piece, finally, and almost shockingly, proclaiming is character .
Is true, Dawns the heart is the masterpiece. Julie and Candy is also an amazing clue, dipping down the beaten slowly, sad and pursuing melody. But an album is not roughly exhibiting sure clues. An album is the process . It thinks of him therapy like this musical- expose you his regularly, and early will appreciate this like this one of some albums plus a lot of end to paste Electronic Music the long time.
4 / 5 Geri
With which 3 listens this album still has no really sunk in. Some clues plus a lot sincere - as 1969 and a devil is in some details - immediately underline, but ossia dreamy environmental work that paradoxically requires concentration. I want to BOC his, as I do not have any one argues with a quality of a music; the texture is everything here. I wish a record company has not offered an edition limited in the prize he big plus, this in spite of, reason is really any one has justified: among the hardback formed with only the little insert photo and any extra in a cd. Traditionally, the edition has limited is usually the limited in the first place run that retails for normal prize.
5 / 5 Manuel
A lot never of then show, Tierra of a Stray? In there it was Sleestacks, monstrous lizard-like this of the people with enormous bluging eyes that sparkled as Not even. They have lived in crystaline pyramids and in fact done some class of magic of alien that glasses of uses. Well, these sounds of album a lot like his music, concealed is, a music that would touch while a history veered to Sleestack territory. Mina ossia he compliment. It is really odd, sometimes spooky, mathematical-obsessed music, and when one has beaten the kicks in this result of clues [awesome]biking accompaniment. Material probably one could take the a lot of relaxing Sleestack massage to this music also.
5 / 5 Janett
More mature That the music HAS.. And included a EPs released goes in, the together of Canada has evolved by force to be calculated with. Has has spent obviously it raffinage of long time and perfecting this album and is cost a wait. "Giróscopo" Especially it is quite intense to give me nightmares, is surprising that the piece of music could do that mine. A rule BoC tropes is here, crunchy beaten with floaty analog synth, fragment of voice, samples of girl, documentary bits (is that Leslie Nielsen voices??) But it is more than 70s kitsch, emotionally is involving in the way that 99 of IDM is not . It does not lose this album.
5 / 5 Linda
Agree these "ancient" the documentaries have done in a @@@1970s with a warbly and the soundtrack has dated almost of drones and soft melodies? Well I have not listened never of the group that takes these ideas and the mark separate of his sonic character.
Near of Canada and his later emission Geogaddi continuous in a vetoes same like the music HAS a Legislation to Boys with his melodies read, ancient drones and clues of documentaries. A thing ossia different is that there is bit it more room for some melancholy. It is not to say ossia totally dark but is not entirely sunny neither. It is relaxing still a lot totally sleepy any one.
5 / 5 Glenna
I joints have an appeal that is quite his own, but also perhaps the little tightened in that has the row of definite age (25-35) so that this music can evoke memories of youths, because of the sound that almost specifically to date. For this reason, was not if his appeal would be quite like this strong for your half no-Gene Xer.
Like any the one who tomb to a row, this in spite of, can say that ossia a lot of involving, if any compatible all a way by means of.
Considering all a sinister speculation and mysterious symbolism, I for a found this album to be more than invites that MHTRTC, which was considerably more claustrophobic to my ears. Also it thinks 'Geogaddi' advance of the shows in those some beaten is more organically melded to some melodies and the textures that was in MHTRTC, where his often equally grafted on and tended to dominate an experience to a detriment of a whole.
Like any the one who possesses both albums, can say that I grab for 'Geogaddi' much more often, although my preferred BoC the clue is probably 'Chica for Today' of 'in the beautiful place is gone in a Country', which literally breathe near with you.
If you are in the estimativa tight, and so only can take one, takes this, but is the lover of the music that looks for the only experience (and can help is the Gene -Xer) then would recommend to take your hands on all can writes yes so only reason his roughly of a fresh plus headphone (or so only 'boss') the music will not listen never.
5 / 5 Garnett
In value of face, could describe this music two ways: I move he- was, tear-was sounds directly of documentary ads trilled old and publics in fact twenty years joint the melodies of hypnosis regulate (for example, control out of Dick old Sutphen tapes) there is laced with the modern drumbeats; or, some enjoyable electro dips ready the perk on your day. A prime minister little listens was enjoyable without surprises, but learning in a negativity embedded in this (and his last EP) has taken really under my skin. A music so only is well and with the emotional appeal can augment one estimating like this big likes four, but is not to value an underlying, menacing craps. To all the cost of his reasons to plant myriad satanic and cultic joke of references, artistic message, trick of advertising or NO - my whole image of a duet is blown. No respecto the one who his esasons' is for the do. I do not know roughly you, but I look for it was music for inspiration. I am surrounded for too much negativity in this world-wide like east. This has reduced Geogaddi sonic skeletons to a first description and souring a flavour entirely. Oh, But 'Dawn Corazón' ... argggggggggggh!
- Hyperbolic_squiggly
5 / 5 Krystina
The music can have a legislation to boys, but like the producer, always feels likes is rasgando any one was. BoC Show that his, especially, has his own diverse fashion. MHTRTC Can not be been that catchy but still there is the very deep, underling value. This emission is probably more than the fufilling album that MHTRTC; still if you are not to IDM has to that be Britney Spears defender to not being able to appreciate a musical value of this album. I can say a same thing in his Bookmarks/Marcadors Big EP has released in Skam (That it CAN contain it some better no-clues of albums of all the times in 'All is A Ball ').
A thing more orders in BOC is that his music FOR THEM. Of the money and writing receives to be signed to the warp for them is so only a prize added. Has more the songs have produced that known to man, all has closed is gone in some turns of a impregnable tudio of Turquoise Hexagon'. The majority of that is impossible to find reason were any self released under his focus of own music, music70... Or never released at all. Memory to read one of an only BOC glimpsed with them that pause some the unreal quantities of music there is on tape. They are also be the discussion in Skam record and the one who subterranean (in spite of being to the relatively big focus) is. It agrees listened something to the long of some lines of them that says as it has loved so only release a copy of the record, cabin and brown would do it (yes, a same and brown cabin of autechre, is some owners of skam records), and that really does not concern if other people listen his music, but if his truely enjoy it would have to that have the time it difficult plus that tries encontrarprpers. It likes him to him an idea that any one pays the little crux of hundred for one of the his old EPs. As well as any one the duet of serious production has to that. That The warp can be try spend IDM the stagelight of an industry of music of the dance, but never laws. Always it have the joint released among Warp and Skam, always have quirky glitch-hop, and always will have some Joints of Canada.
5 / 5 Erik
So only some more idea to a Geogaddi emission:
One first clue I never listened of the joints of Canada was a mp3 has downloaded of 'roygbiv.' In spite of his brevity, an emotional content of him, which is not present a lot a lot of in electronic music, is gone in and on 90 percent that there I have not gone never listened before. His sound evokes a lot of images and of the feelings without a lot of endeavour in a part of an auditor. In soyusic HAS a Legislation to Boys' subject of isolation, character, primtivism, and the industry has been converted to the only aural experience. Imprecise recollections of the infancy in a @@@1970s surface very thick also. His psychedelic way harkens behind to a @@@1960s, the time of experimentation, of protest, and of activism. An activism particularly is noticeable in 'An A lot of Of the entity has thought,' in that the young woman asks an auditor to defend his or his constitutional legislations. Had a lot to experience in this emission.
'Geogaddi', This in spite of, looks to contain less than these beautiful, captivating melodies. I do not find experiencing to to the very emotional annex likes has done of leading works or his put amazing web. His clues have taken always these brief glimpses of life that was all too familiar with. Each one which so and each song has presented some new and fresh idea and has induced revelation after revelation. No like this in 'Geogaddi.' A formula resembles has been developed that likes the stick to or is not exhaustive.
Also, like another reviewers explains, a lot the a shortest passages tend to be unnecessary diversions, so only that half among a full plus, more fleshed-out of clues. In spite of a presence of such intense clues that soyusic is Mathematical' and 'Alpha and Omega' (one of a more obliging of the his to date), the monotony of an album results quite apparent. Some songs are of sound, but the majority does not have quite dynamic to go like this do.
To be just, this emission deserves to listen it. Continuous Joints of the only musical vision of Canada (person there to to the sounds like to of them) and maintains one in general asthetic of leading emissions. Has no ventured was to some strangers, creating the new sound. There is rid a lot almost like all the world had been waiting for them, but something in this emission is not involving enough. It looks he bit it tired.
5 / 5 Nathanial
I joints of Canada are for far one the majority of refreshing the musical discovery has done in a pair spent of years. I want to all of Herbie Hancock to Radiohead to Derrick L. Carter Like this perhaps am easy to please. This in spite of, the music seldom feels me some Joint of way of Canada ---an odd combination of melancholy and inspired.
Will admit that it was evening for this party. I have chosen on GEOGADDI first, is then gone back for the MUSIC HAS The LEGISLATION To BOYS and in a BEAUTIFUL PLACE Is GONE IN EL PAÍS. Absolutely it loves each one which of these emissions, but Geogaddi is probably my preferred. Where MHTRTC Looked more than agreement with a regulate 'travesía hop' of a mid and late 90s and in the Beautiful Place... It is so only 4 songs long, Geogaddi is intense and otherworldly---beautiful, pursuing, and included bit it humorous.
Has the few subjects that BoC always look to go back to in his music, more notably mathematical and numbers, infancy, and a disaster with one Stirs Davidians in Waco, TX. I do not want to do BoC his too political, but is obviously intrigued for this history (control a vocoded ramblings on '1969' in Geogaddi and a clue to title on in the Beautiful Place). I owe that disagree with a reviewer down the one who remarks this 'Giróscopo' is one first poor song for BoC. A clue is very simple: the girl that counts in the strike of repetitive tribal drum and the buzzing, trilling vibration in a fund. I have found a clue to be very dark, and provocative. Another standout the clues are '1969,' 'A Devil is in some Details,' and 'Dawn Corazón.' A last in fact to to the sounds likes him-the something Moby could do, but no like this polished (and all a better for him).
Darkness and provocative. This I me ameno to the mine last point. Geogaddi Is not an album will burn for all the world of your friends or launchers on in the party. He casualidad Is so only the pair of your friends really can appreciate the music has taken. Personally it likes to listen to an album so only or in the car in the long walk. This music is odd, darkness, powerful, hypnotic, beautiful, and, in time, disturbing.
4 / 5 Renea
With all honesty, has had big hopes for Geogaddi, when being the random defender of Joints of Canada for enough some time now. But after possessing he for the few weeks now owe that conclude is remained down by him. Although it contains some highpoints, look to be so only the little, scattered during some albums 24 clues of songs and tiny interludes.
To to I Pieces like esunshine Recorder', soyusic Is Of Mathematical', and '1969' is quite solid and typical of BOC' works. This in spite of even they was to be the repetition of alone idea, enough then an inspired development of one. Although it is the good album musically in general, a control has in an auditor is disappointedly far to short likes lack of any durable impression or depth. Images given-hard BOC the defenders will find more to want to is, but for some leaves of random auditor a lot to be wished.
4 / 5 Darin
No attended to dip in this album and be blown was. Reading some descriptions and big frames, the expectations are big.
All the world-wide the one who attributes this CD rave the descriptions has been listening his for the moment - and has left the tank in. I have thought at the beginning that it was repetitive and uninteresting, but found me it touching more and more.
Are has taken: a prime minister listens is overhearing the boy humming his tone for the moment. Repeated listenings is going in the boss of a boy and experiencing a concocted symphonies of an interior.
4 / 5 Terri
One listens - concealed is. Like this far. This enigmatic Scots there is outmaneuvered my expectations. This album is more cerebral, experimental and daring that a Music . It is also less sure in yours, but ossia where one daring goes in. It is it likes they do not want to result typecast although the sounds have been reproduced almost for rote and with easy familiarity. It is in good sure sounds like joints of Canada- this in spite of, attractive for behind a cinematic euphoria of MHtRtC highs. Instead they offer puzzling beaten and it meandering, less panoramic landscape. It looks to be missing of cohesion and that climatic fluidity, still somehow does up for him in pure creativeness. It is it likes there is pulled Chico A, like this cliche' as these sounds. Oh And some sounds!...Waterfalls And geological excavations of his own fashion - plummet of details of heights and molten washes frizz of some funds of ocean. It is it likes they have turned to the rovescio in the so many could have the peek: that he his click done and tick. A thing is sure: an album has remarkable depth and unpredictability. And the ees so only has listened his once! It have to that it digs deeper...
5 / 5 Carol
Listened this album in tending it record forward to an emission and there is prendido to explore when it avenges on. It was absolutely stunned reason has listened them: an enigmatic, lush his with calm but beaten powerful in all some right places. This album impacted with his calm determination that it is has feigned travers of the different methods that has them has not listened never. It has listened at length and eclectically the electronic music and the to good sure can say that this cd is so only in his tone and approximation to touch and music. HIGHLY RECCOMMENDED
4 / 5 Jerica
It is really hard partorisca me a lot partorisca speak on one of my favourite albums, but would go like this far like this partorisca say that Geogaddi and the music HAS a Legislation to the boys are the electronica music that Beatles' the revolver was partorisca burst, Chico One was partorisca mecer and that Class of Blue was the jazz: the enormous explosion of leftfield creativity that arrived likes something like this deeply new that the jarred auditors of a gender to 'a way to listen things differently.' He, a lot of people would signal was that the plot of groundwork has been dipped for Aphex Twin, Autechre, LFO and to the like, but of the joints of Canada have evolved his own sound with different, purpose more introspective in alcohol and has finalised to to the sound likes exactly of person (until the countless emulators of his sound have arrived, of course). An emotional depth and clarity of structures of songs of song with starts, means and final - is bracing and aim the band that explores new technicians and pressing they to unknown territories.

Is sometimes easy today to forget that it have to that done the time when the plot of these sounds were not never be in fact listened or has created before, for any, and that damn fresh Geogaddi touched when in the first place it falls. I can not imagine that it has to that it has been it it likes him to him the product, uncovering these odd rhythms and melodies all immediately, that knows that you are exploring new territory, and that paste the summit of artistic power when all just clicks to the equal that have to that.
5 / 5 Leilani
Looking backward partorisca the looks of inspiration partorisca be one ME He of the Together duet Scottish of Canada. Of one all-analog colection of synths this comprises a lot a sound of his albums down to details of minute like a sampling of Leslie Neilson voice in unshine Recorder', the joints of Canada create eerily the modern music with some launches of eye behind to a birth of electronica in a sixties.
These functions of albums almost like a unholy soundtrack to an ancient pagan ritual. It is creepy, creaky and crackly, with second looks to found sounds of the character synchronised and distorted to odd fragments of the underlying noise in some washes of synth that upper one has programmed beats.
According to rumour, a music in this album (and everything of BoC is other emissions)is composed using mathematical formulas, specifically those that create fractals. If a spiraling beaten and dulcemente undulating the melodies are an evidence of the mathematical influence, has to have payed more attention in calculation.
'Geogaddi' Games the little long in 66:06 (oooohhh!), And some songs tend to blur joint, but an album like the whole is a lot of cohesive and some details of some clues deserve repeated listens. Ossia A scarce plus of album: he grabs calm with a prime minister listens, still develops over time and has has repeated games. I guess a Devil really is in some details.
4 / 5 Lasandra
This has taken awhile to grow on me (as all BoC emissions ) but with which found the enjoying like this a lot like this MHTRTC, Twoism, Maxima etc. This album there is enough bit it shorter interlude sequences inbetween some longer clues but is joins still at the head of 99 of all more there. To be entirely sincere, BoC is so only in an only musical project can think of where would be deeply saddened yes arrives to his final.
5 / 5 Maura
Has said predictable reason BoC does not look for having very progressed an absolutely gorgeous masterpiece of the music HAS A Legislation To Boys. But, it does not take this like the opinion, but like the blessing, reason ossia the good thing . These games of inventive album was like the soundtrack, of sweet start to silent end. Geogaddi Strong points (in my opinion) is to good sure "the music Is Mathematical ", "Giróscopo", "1969", "A Beach In Redpoint", and " you could Feel A Heaven". Has no quite taken a point of "Magic Window", which is at all but silence, but are Michael and Marcus sure is doing some class of me am so only dense.
Beautiful, eerie, and the darkness of has bitten and melancholic in time, Geogaddi is another masterpiece of a musical geniuses so only known likes Joint of Canada.
4 / 5 Royal
This album in fact covers to plot of earth. There is 1969, an example of BoC newer vocoder way that has debuted in a last EP. There is a contagious (..)-Shaking IDM has beaten of 'alpha and omega'. There is of course a beautiful few transitory pieces, gone before you can savor his, as some ask to spare in the box of impossibly toothsome candy. It goes like this far like this to call 'the devil is in some detail' dark environmental. And all a fresh air in this planet is packed to ' could feel a heaven'.
Of course BOC' his of the byline is during east. And to listen some people speak would think that was the bad thing. It is certainly enough to prevent them of in fact listening to that is in front of his ears.
Recognizability Is both the blessing and the curse in electronica. Sometimes I ask if some same people those who has flown Autechre to spend of the shot was is a still a lot lambasting Squarepusher for reinterpreting his older hammer 'any way of basses.
Really, thinks some people those who are attacking this disk now to be too derived of MHTRTC goes to eat his words after another week or two to listen. And calm can not taking listening. I trust.
Listens attentively to a Sun of Recorder song in headphones. A boy is seating in the oriental coverage scraped in the dark quota hallway. It is sunny and warm outside and dustmotes dance in a sunbeams angling in to do he foursquare normalised in a carpet and in his knee. It is taking it averts a clock of old alarm. On and around lucido adults, radios and television chatter and look for. It is peripherally conscious of them and is the soundtrack his meditative tinkering. It is contained . 'A beautiful place,' says confidently. But it is taking older and a chattering is taking stronger. 'Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.'
5 / 5 Regina
Has bought this edition has limited cd directly of hardly was available, and all can say is wow. It surpasses each possible expectation has had, and challenge that has been habituado to accept (the 5th album buys these types, but there is not ANY SIGN to age that like this never). If you have listened "in the beautiful place..." And an a lot of unappreciated "the music has a legislation.." Calm then know that to partly expect. It was taken like this for a PERFECT flow of an integer cd. A lot that "the music has a legislation.." It goes of the psuedo-scary intro, to the plenary on assault, then the almost to 3rd person-like dissassociation, to turn and retrospectively, look in the chaos has had the lean data. Any when feeling more the people would know, but hey, if you like them to them the joints of canada is not more people. You are better that him. Ossia A soundtrack to our odd lives, and @give this inside minutes. This album tries that OSSIA a next generation of the like the music is meant to be. As the one who a "limited-edition" the part goes: if you have loved a displaced-art of some last few albums, and wants to see more than him (taste) in of good paper that does a justice of illustrations, well some extra few dollars. An end of compact disk to add to the yours "estaca-digital-environmental" collection of Autechre, Looks Calix, and Plaid album. Bravo near, bravo.
4 / 5 Shelby
Are to go in Geogaddi the little differently, took it when it avenges in the upper 10 Electronic albums of the poster, any that never has listened of Joints of Canada before. Then, I have run and lame MHTRTC. So much, I have had any preconcieved think that was necessary to be it.
Now, are not one of these sophistocates the one who can dip styled together sentences to do goes that absolutely that shines his point of view is, so only know to the as it likes me in of music. I LOVE this cd and think deserve some Five Stars that so only gives these CDs concealed move and loves me listen on and on. (And I know I will take some anguish in of the this, but the better pleasure that MHTRTC - which inner some limits of the system of 5 stars still would give 5 stars).
He Love a gender, does not see like this can lose with Geogaddi!
5 / 5 Chasidy
3 And 1/2 years in a doing, but a second elepé for BoC has has arrived finally. As with the majority of his work, is quite thin, that tugs up and calling you behind for repeated listens. Honradamente, at the beginning can have been the little disappointed, for east have opposite has not had an accessible beauty of a work of full period forward, "the music has a Legislation for Boys". This in spite of, has some of the, the bear says, formulaic explosions and voice of a prime minister. Also, has think that a direction some two musicians have taken changed like this to a sound of one the majority recently EP emission, "in the Beautiful Place in a Country", especially with a crossover modern classical end, "Zoetrope", which leaves/ to take so much of John Adams and Steve Reich likes done of another Skam artists
Instead, thinks that some boys have continued postively before in "Geogaddi", I not having prendido the touching of then was emission yesterday. Some can call it was taken, like a Radiohead recent two works, but think that is for real adds that stands in his own, more elegant, and more minimum that soyusic'. All this with less than convenient hooks and of mechanics to orchestrate his sound. It is like this he times has loved the one hard way this in spite of creates a immensely beautiful register, in toto
likes BoC, or like test something with the little less syrup that a Enigma/Delerium 80 Gothic Pop has turned etheral bands, or find a traditional IDM the little too hardcore, try this disk. Really they have the sound of the his own.
After some Sects. 11 attacks, has touched four disks repeatedly, John Adams "The nino" ,Gorecki Tercero w/Dawns Upshaw and Harold Budd "Some White Arcades" for some Joints of Canada to expect
5 / 5 Shirely
has some true gems in this album, more notably "1969". In an integer this in spite of, the fall bit it short when compared to the his predecessor. "The music HAS A Legislation To Boys" had more home, that heads to musically moments more intricate. This album resembles const more than filler. Also it remarks the endeavour pulled to do this album this dark plus and moody, which the time in fact the sounds bit it hokey.
5 / 5 Graham
Has listened some Joints of full period forward of Music of the album of the the Canada HAS A Legislation To Boys, calm at least has an idea that to expect with Geogaddi. The joints of Canada produces the music fill with painting revoked synth washes, hip-hop flavoured beaten, and downright creepy sampling of vocals (particularly boys) and sounds of character. BoC Access to somewhere to a Music of Intelligent Dance (IDM) sub-gender of electronica, but is impossible to nail them down to anything but his very own category.
Geogaddi Is the enormous transmission of the his elepé of predecessor. There is not any question that is a work of Joints of Canada, but is not like this claustrophobic that MHTRTC (the leading album was a lot of "headphone" music, while Geogaddi so only defends to be unleashed to a world-wide), and is also more complex musically and rhythmically.
An album opens with a otherworldly tonal coverage, accompanied by an insect-like this wave in a background and that the slightly musical trills pings. This first clue dips a way for a rest of a travesía: dark, emotionally touched, and unsettling.
Geogaddi The beaten is not terribly so only or rhythmically complex, but one touches him is a lot one-of-a-bondadoso; you can in timing be hard-pressed to separate a melody of some beaten. Some sounds have used is extremely visceral, and second looks have twisted like sonic toffee to achieve an effect has wished. A lot some clues of percussion think me of crushing the full gigantic stock exchange of chips of potato in the bear hug submarine.
An album is more memorable the elements are some feelings has induced, more than some interior of melodies he. You probably calms can will not find you humming a tune to the Geogaddi clue, but could begin associate sure feelings in your life with this present in Geogaddi music. The melodies of an album are prolonged seldom, and usually look of the series of singular and the brilliants of musical moments have composed of BoC atmospheric synthesizers, beaten odd, and disconcerting samples. An album also looks to have the only organic texture his; it is not one static that permeates so that IDM, but more afterwards in character to a spattering of sonic product of the toothbrush to the squirming sandstone wall.
Geogaddi Is surprisingly accessible music; I have found that a lot my friends those who are not interested particularly in any unconventional or the electronic music enjoys Geogaddi extracted adds. It offers something to the wide row of auditors: it can do fault like the acoustic colour backdrop to anything can be do in a moment, the fantastic soundtrack for travelling, and rewards a careful auditor with his rich supply of subtlety and detail.
Geogaddi The majority of the significant defect can not be the defect to everything, but the a lot of auditors can find a shorter "filler" you follow like "Dandelion" or "the energy that Warns" annoying or disruptive.
In short, Geogaddi is épico in his depth and impact. It is alive. As you listen, you grow on you... And IN you... While calm will leave it.
5 / 5 Etha
Has chosen on this album after looking for vanamente for the copy of "the music has the legislation to boys" in my local brick and mortar. It have expected something in a downtempo gender after listening roughly songs in the compilation cd. This is resulted to be music more environmental. A lot dark and electronic. Abundance of out-key and out of tones of rhythm. An only comparison can do is "10,000 hz legend" of Air, which the mine is equally unlistenable (for the defender of Safari of Moon in all the chance). I find this album lumped in with another chillout/living room album and warn you that this album really is not alike. If you like environmental/abstract then ignore this description and house in some positive critiques of partidários of this gender.

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Top Customer Reviews: Moon Safari (10th ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
4 / 5 Felipa
Fast delivery and in excellent condition.
Musically, The air has not surpassed this is to listen more to on class of headphones of the techno rock the environmental music has had a lot of imitators but some original he more.
Ossia The disk adds when it calms does not want to think anymore. So only you leave a wash of music on you and enjoy his' pleasant vibe. To Any subject likes calm that wants to label the safari of Moon is the only listening experience.
4 / 5 Lilla
Shining. Setting of way and the happiness that spends, this material is so only the calm glass of the your favourite to drink fry the really hot day, while seating in a backside of the gorgeous sailboat in British Virgin Islands. Magics So only.
5 / 5 Alberta
Good electronic music. Good arrangements. Some toun known. Comparable the Orbital but besides slow.
5 / 5 Charlena
A music for him are really adds, is for this that bought it, but a quality of a quality of impression/of the packaging of vinyl is so only well.
To The Looks like has taken a JPEG of image of a CD and streched the to return a vinyl, like an art of coverage is pixelated...
5 / 5 Adrienne
Thank you Powder of ape to present me still air now wants the
5 / 5 Addie
has there is wanted always this album. A record is not 180 grams but touches really a lot in all the chance. A must for the late night that listens.
5 / 5 Elicia
Beautiful album. It avenges quickly without breaking to a sleeve.
4 / 5 Stephany
The new mark in celephane wraps. Perfect condition. Good prize for relatively difficult to find CD. Thank you So many.
5 / 5 Penny
Compulsory listening partorisca any the one who appreciates the music but I would be surprised if these same people had not listened the already. Such the record adds.
5 / 5 Neely
France is not known really partorisca his classical rock and exited of pop. I think that that that has something partorisca do with a French sensibility and follower partorisca nightclub, Edith Piaf, and accordion of melancholy. ( Had an artist in a '70s the plastic has called Bertrand the one who there has been the sizable swipe with one that nettles Ca the plan Touch. You are sung in French as of course we assume was French. It results it was Belgian; any subject, this plants the plot of us was pop 'French' partorisca very). It can be that a tongue is so only very adapted partorisca mecer and pop like English and German is, but this belies a fact that Quebec has had his just action of pop and groups of good rock. At any rate I have not been conscious of any bands memorables French, so that it was mine (probably naïve) dipped - until these types have come to the long of. Have in the first place listened this album in '98 during dining in the restaurant in old Quebec City ( tends partorisca touch some good material in this just Canadian province). Enquiring Of a boy to the equal that to that has been was duly given a cd past partorisca look in. I promptly is exited and has bought a cd a very next day.
So that it is like this very roughly that? A turn the synthesis of equivalent partorisca the start. Calm commentary he immediately, as have remark included by means of a chatter in this restaurant. Be any of this digital clinicality like this prevalent by means of the majority of one '80s and 90s, but the real heat that is associated with equivalent VCOs and circuitry. Yes, these types have turned again pots and patching cords, and aims. (Note: old '70s/punctual '80s equivalent synths and has beaten the boxes were fetching enough a sum by means of one '90s for the people that loves that classical ound.' In a last 5 or 10 years, has to has to that resurgence in equivalent and has a lot of options there - usually with more stable circuitry that has had behind a day!). Look In a box these boys are using here: Korg MS20, Minimoog, an incomparable ARP Solina synthesizer of serious (agree all this warm, soaring sounds of series of '70s prog rock? It was likely neither a solina or the mellotron). No a Yamaha DX7 to be found, here. This so only was quite for me, but then factor in these fresh melodies and that trancey living rooms vibe and take the classical album. In fact, the groundbreaking a. Alive to France!
4 / 5 Douglas
A @@@1990s was the decade , which has seen the treat well of ramifications 'creative' of conventional dance-music. With the oddest manifestations of music of boxes, like 'electronica' and 'travesía-hop', this popular gender and more liked of music (especially his newer forms) has found the place in a scene of subterranean music. Any that sticks to conventionalities, any-conformist bands of dance/of subterranean pop, to to one likes of OF MASSIVE ATTACK, I CHEMICAL BROTHERS, PRODIGY, etc., has developed or has birth of date to this really bad doppelganger of popular dance-music, which has done this music buries his boss in an earth with shame.
With dancing it music that obtains unconventional facets, AIR also, as his confreres, has on touched dance with his own only fashion, adding the quite dipped-rear and drunk countenance to dance, which is radically unusual of this form of music. SoyOON SAFARI' Any quite returned well under a rubric of any of some ramifications of music of contemporary dance. It is laidback, has to weaves of retro psychedelic the elements have melted in a tipsy and drowsy atmosphere of his songs; an album is drastically different. It is curiously groggy, painfully slow, and maddeningly adictiva.
An album is like one of these bars, which want to visit every night, takes shamelessly drunk, and have a worse hangover a next day, and a day with which conceal, and a day with which conceal, and like this on: it is that it wants to visit a bar again and again, so only to enjoy a messed on state of your boss during a hangover.
An album begins with one very sensual 'The Woman Of Money': a prime minister seven-odd minutes of an album, which tickles calm in just joined something legislation, and is in yours sensuous more; and ossia so only a start! Sober, still embarrassingly drunk, chaste still fraught with the feeling of concupiscence, a rest of soyOON SAFARI', taking even one the majority of ardent teetotaler drunk. Esexy Chico', 'All I Need', 'Kelly, Shows Some Stars!', An after another, a goodies spent for, each complimenting another, to the mark soyOON SAFARI', the album very end.
SoyOON SAFARI', In all his mysteriousness, is an album of sin, in his forms more subtiles. It is calm, deceptively easygoing, sensitive and sensuous: it is beautiful!
5 / 5 Hong
Has listened stirs it of wonderful things roughly Air by means of a musical grapevine and in of the descriptions like this one, is not until I have bought a CD and has listened that two things has been confirmed:
1. Ossia Among a CD of better environmental music is of our time; and
2. It have been listening to this CD for years.
To the equal that results, an owner of the local living room (Blue Agave in Santa Barbara CA.) There was on rotation for some last few years. Had state intoxicated (literally and figuratively) to (and for) this music for enough some time now when being external in his little yard, drinking, smoking, carousing...
I usually likes called out of sure songs in informs them to it of CD like aventajado. I a lot in this chance this in spite of reason each clue is excellent. You the wonderful work stitching the fixed sound also, each clue, while different, blend seemlessly each one another.
Different attribute of environmental music, this calm cold CD was, stimulate your way, but will not dip you to sleep. They are sure this was for aventajado accomplishment in that the difference of an equivalent the musical odorando rooms, while the fast plus paced the clue comes on, does not offend with too strong or obnoxious beaten.
He Love this album, considers to try the pocolos other alike artists. A prime minister a that the jumps to alcohol is Zero 7. His new album "When it falls" it is the brilliant and comparable resemblance. Another wonderful new talent is Solar House , has the CD the new plus has called "Magics of a City" ossia bite it more upbeat, but still a lot of seducer and half friendly...
Expects this was useful.
4 / 5 Marlyn
Is there any one has left, concealed is not familiarised with a French duet seminal album??....If you are not, then there is absolutely any reason because it calms would not owe that look for this was immediately!! (Unless you unbalanced Electronica), reason will be hard pressed to find the emotional plus and fantastically the electronic album has built. 'All I need' & ' it calms he Easy' inject real heat to synthesized music, and is like this emotional like any one calms of real instrumental clue concern to mention....'The Woman Of Money' is downtempo music a way 'Kruder & Dorfmeister' would face a one 'This morning The' is the glowing trumpet inspired clue that predates 'Zero 7 is' work for 3 years....'Air' Does this album (with an exception of 1999 'Premiers Symptomes') his definite statement and each subsequent album so only do fault to diluted an experience, but this still remains the for real lovely record , lovely, and essential for any concealed is the defender of environmental electronica.
5 / 5 Janna
The first album of the air soyoon Safari' is a less brilliant of the albums of a band like this far.
Still, is the a lot of worthwile shabby.
Sometimes to to sounds likes him to him the music which can be used for series of TV, like 'Talisman'. Or 'This morning There' with his sounds of horn and bubbling synths.
A spacey exy Chico' is a lot prompt-1980ish and has to that be the swipe of dance floor. Sum and pleasant clue, the majority of optimistic plot and relaxed that the majority of material of Air. 'Kelly Looks Some Crash ' is another song adds - a favourite song of a lot of a defender of Air. Some uses of way some effects of synthesizer is simple but well-fixed in a detail a small plus.
In an end a lower that some stairs is some two songs in the Beth Hirsch sings an advantage vocals. His remote the fragile and a lot particularly the charming voice has resisted these compositions down to close he-at all.
5 / 5 Tod
In soyoon Safari', a duet the air offers an intriguing and hypnotic soundscape ossia the delight to listen altough, like the whole, never turns to the must-have record. His travesía-hop/ jazzy/ dipped-the rear tunes are good to listen to and relax in a couch, creating a way that interest and lazy. Of the single exy Chico', 'All I Need' and 'Kelly Looks some Crash ' the sound adds, but a three last songs of an album are quell'has bitten feeble and too much long, like arrivals of disk to be uneven. In spite of of the this, a duet is still better that another french laws like Cassius or Daft Punk, the one who trust more on way that resume. Soyoon Safari' Is the good, etheral travesía and the pleasant experience, a good addition to a gender of diverse dance.
4 / 5 Evelin
Wants to buy an album to start with the travesía hop collection, begins with east. It say that ossia already the classical among a fashion and the tried some hips. And of course, it wants to be chique, styly, modern, etc. This the good way to go. It takes to scarf, small glasses , square, the pair of quota sneakers, the mix up with this cd and will be in way my partner. Still to my mother has-liked this CD which are adds for the person the one who listens work and corny Latin american music. An only thing that does not like me roughly is knowing that of east was the moment of inspiration for these types: a rest of his albums is more like rest of album of electronic music there, is so only any value a 15 bucks has to that paid for them.
4 / 5 Maximina
Thursday, April 29, 2004 found me in Paramount Theatre the Seattle partorisca experience the alive air. It was the for real emotional experience partorisca see some people those who has changed a way has thought roughly music. It was done almost five years when I in the first place listened "Safari of Moon." Almost five years later still am listening his in the regular base.
With "Safari of Moon," the air has directed to produce an album that is modern with countless references to a past. There are a lot of references the Jazz and Rock, but his never overshadow a ultra sweet electronic appearance. This album is perfect for anything of soyusic of background socialisation to ' at all but listen the music of music.
One listens will say any reason this (to the equal that of today) is ranked 441 in punctual of sales (out of severl thousands of hundred). Critiques to air to acclaim by means of the a lot of country is evidence that music of product that is something special to humankind.
4 / 5 Brant
Could conference for hours probably roughly that electronica has changed among 1998, when this cd has been done, and now, 2003, when this description has been written. A lot it is spent. In short, the gender that is spent 30 years that dips near the foundation and less than five years in resultant of the real mainstream zone. Electronica Is the gender got obsessed with one divides among mainstream and underground, and in a past of pair of years, a music has taken the turn in a lot of directions, mainly the experimentation or music of pop. Ossia A lesson of musical history for today.
The safari Of moon has been released, as I have said, before everything of this past. Now, it touches incredibly mainstream (I hate some terms mainstream and undergrounds, reasons the good music is good music , but his hard to find another way to explain a two), but then was bondadoso of experimental. At the same time, this in spite of, to to the the group likes him the air could dip out of the cd likes Safari of Moon, which is with the accuracy described as having the sure bubble gums quality, and respect of profit, does not abuse, of all the enamoured people with a gender.
Each clue in this cd is incredibly well. In an end, listen clues of A Bookmark of Suicidal Virgins, and 10,000 ghz legend. In a start, is has adapted Premiers Symptomes, a first album of Air. It returns well in with his artistic history.
Favourite clues (in a look of order in cd):
The Woman Of Money
Kelly Looks some Stars
This morning-The
Yes wants to listen some good music, buy this album. And if it does not like, neither reason is not mainstream of enough, or reason is too mainstream, the the at least listened , and if you can not take props external in the, as in "hey, possesses safari of moon, you dog you", calm always can sale to the used cd tent, where the undoubtedly will go quickly.
5 / 5 Danial
All the world would owe that possess this album. It is quite amazing. Each tune, each note is so only bliss. It is the CD adds relaxes to or enjoy the moment with yours has wanted to one. This album is all the Masterpeice is meant to be. It have bought this on incident, so only to to that likes him a coverage. It has been it concealed it is stupid, but ossia that has done. I have finalised with the free fresh poster also!! Of then I have all Air like this never released in some the EUA. And I will continue to take anything Airs the emissions and I will go to see them in concert and so only appreciate all the moment that had found the and a wonderful music does. I have it quell'has loved always France and this band aims France is the country adds with good-looking music and of the films add also!!
4 / 5 Shavonne
Safari Of the moon simply is in amazing! I have bought this CD he roughly done a year, and is still one of mine favourite. It is a type of the album can dip on repeat, and any to tire never of him. Air "Safari of Moon" offered a eclectic songs of mixes that is entirely different of an another, but flow a lot amiably to follow to follow. It listens his only for a sake to listen his, play he in the party - ossia versatile. My friends have given to listen it, and his (all with different musical flavours a lot, can add) all has loved that. "Safari Of moon" the classical and modern rests a same time. Entirely sweet, with substance.
5 / 5 Salome
Safari Of the moon is not an album with concrete songs that underlines (i.et. Where calm so only can press one repeats key and listen to that a song). Holistically, the safari Of Moon underlines. Each song has composed perfectly of a French duet that favour to the rear behaviour very dipped-in-a-empty-on-one-Sunday-tomorrow the averages. Has class, rhythm and replayability.
5 / 5 Vince
The sixth record of the air, Safari of Moon (1998), is an illustration that would spend it has closed Jewel in the living room with only the synthesizer and fifty pills of ecstasy for the month--ossia [if you do not know], this in spite of another tentativa insignificant for a 'existentialist' the musically takes lunar orbit or the travesía to a further infinite--without not leaving never Tierra! A music is well, but after the few clues results quite hard to distinguish some songs of the each one another. Perhaps ossia an idea ; perhaps the air loves music to mark that does not require attention fill--a record that pode the people seat astrophysical and urban a same time--as the soundtrack for your life yes locates the plot of metres, alive in the city where rains the plot and is @@@subject the feelings of light melancholia. This included could be fresh, and is, but so only under one of two conditions: (1) some papers have not been brazenly caseous or (2) has not had any paper at all. Always I result the little unbalanced when listening the Safari of Moon because, knows, is quite obvious that little to any time has been spent in some papers--the majority of this only some titles of some songs. Another--'All I Need' and ' calms He Easy'--is sung by the female singer totally melodramatic with papers that is like this on-sentimental and distastefully writing and has presented of so only can launch on throughout I! The hate to the music likes concealed! If there is at all to say, does not say anything! If it do not have any paper, an effect wished has described meticulously on would be better achieved--under this substandard fijamente, this in spite of, some the terrible papers constantly tug calm out of a comatose-like this state some works of music to create: listening to this record, can be contested, has induced the disorder of chronic way [I am proud of the mine pretension]. For like this, in place of Safari of Moon, recommends the bookmark of soundtrack of Suicidal Virgins of the air--the music is like this good [if any better], and the majority of some times there is not even any papers on that it can it you to him complains. When there is , this in spite of, is not bad--like on Safari of Moon--is in fact quite good.
5 / 5 Annika
Is scarce that an album can be simultaneously like this stimulating and relaxing. Beaten utmost, Hooks, and effects of sound. A lot of trippy material, adds to the space was to. Sounds retro and new a same time. An album that has to that it has experienced.
5 / 5 Damian
Agrees this was like an album of a year in 1998. All the world touched it nonstop. It was the new year eve party in an end of 1998 and any place this album on and was adds. It was on roughly And and it hangs it it is gone in Brooklyn. I have been to a city and there is hanged is gone in the few parties. Always I will agree tonight. A music of Air touches the big part is.
5 / 5 Shamika
I in the first place listened "The Woman Of Money" while in the bar of Vienna of hostel. Then again in America in the tent of caffè. I owe that say that ossia a quintessential the cold was music for any the one who enjoys electronica. It is so only one of these clues that can dip you on repeat and listen to still always. A rest of an album are add, but one first clue is a lot of value a prize of admission
4 / 5 Dorthy
Ossia my environmental prime minister /techno music cd. It have listened 'All I Need' in the satellite done several years and was hooked immediately, but never annoyed to look on a cd up to now. I love one instrumental - especially one first clue. The desire could find more than a same - I are not the one travesía-hop the side of this gender am finding like any recommendations have very appreciated.
5 / 5 Lucas
Fun, if the bit goofy and weighed in a Moog his of synthesizer reminisent of one 70 east. Talkie Walkie Looks more sophisticated, with tastier basslines.
5 / 5 Faith
One of one the majority of good-looking and inspiring record partorisca come around in the longitude for real some the amazing clues are Sexy Boy ,All I Need and Kelly Look one listens to this album and calm will want to possess all his emissions.
4 / 5 Claudette
Five Stars. The Own must. 'Nuff Has said. THAT Is while To? It TAKES IT NOW!
5 / 5 Noble
A music in this CD is material of big quality. Personaly, finds It too easy to digest and lack in life of shelf. Well, it is kninda pop, after all.

Top Customer Reviews: Singles ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
5 / 5 Cassaundra
Well... I have been always the defender of Chemical Brothers. There is not alot of the electronic music work this has the data sustains for the decade, less still this has directed to maintain some class of commercial/artistic relevance. While some the Chemical brothers have not been never one the majority to break of earth of artists, have fashioned the diverse (and oft imitated) aesthetic (sp?) This is to be identify like this "beaten big".
Like any the one who was in fact in Londra in 1997, personally can testify to a fact that "beaten big" never existed likes anything another then to focus of industry of music of Londra. The majority of artists those who was tagged with this focus almost instantly has tried the disassociate his of him.
An effect to listen to this album to start with to the arrival is looked the gorging oneself in Halloween candy. It is plot of sweet fluff, but no a lot of filling, and is not an experience would want on and on again. Still, it think that it that it was near essential listening for any the one who has lived by means of one was and has not annoyed to maintain his record collection. Also it can do the record of party a lot (can any one resists to dance to some Chemical Brothers?) Or do fault like the good source for the clue or two in the mixed tape/CD.
Some first two clues "Song to a Siren" and "Chemists Beaten" it is the fine examples of the early chemical is no-Pharmaceutical vocal Beaten. "Dipping Alone" it is a one of a song with Noel Gallagher in vocals, Blockade Rockin' the beaten has a Schooly D sample (mine less favourite clue), "Hey Chico Hey Daughter" it surfaces, in my alcohol, as one some the better clues have not registered never. This test surprised. "To the left For ever Be" and "Out of control", I create, it is some other two songs with Gallagher (of Oasis). The electrical guitar of star is another underlines clue, "A Test" has Richard Ashcroft (ex-Verve singer). I never listened " you take Big" before, and it did not like. A new song with a singer of a Flaming the lips is class of lame ("One Issues Golden"), but that it is that it goes to do?
A thing looked for but has not taken was the clue with Beth Orton. Oh Well.
4 / 5 Arica
Has loved electronic music in a @@@1990s, and has has not loved the DJ choosing yours dips ready for you (like the majority of the music of dance is sold these days ), there was so only three able bands to go in phase and satisfy thousands of anxious auditors: Orbital Basses , deep, and Some Chemical Brothers. Now with four albums of artist and three compilations to his name, A Chems And Simons and Tom Rowlands has has released so only he 2003 two-the retrospective disk of his work. Any bad for two chaps the one who has fulfilled while studying mediaeval literature in university.
To the equal that can calm really disorder on the album of the swipes more Adds? Possibly, he so that has two ways to go; any aim for a uninitiated to pack in like this a lot of upper tunes like possible, or go for one established hardcore basic of partidário to add prize b-sides, unreleased outtakes, and new material to a repackaged oldies (his decision).
Some better swipes of Soltero attractive of the his 1995-99 summit. Moments of house of prompt acid Chemists Beaten, Leaves Home, and 1997 Better Rock Instrumental Grammy Blockade of winner Rockin' the beaten has run squiggly lines in slow rock and under Zepplin-esque drums. Dipping the cacophony of the sun of sirens and fury, with starring main of this moment Noel Gallagher of Oasis, rasgó by means of some British maps to number one. Joyous A Private Psychadelic Reel rests his moment to shine, sitar riffs and electrical guitar of the sun fed for Mercurio Rev Johnathan Donahue building to the transcendental growing that the closing closes A Chems alive actions. Included his late plus four in a paving, hands in some hymns to air Hey Chico Hey the daughter and The electrical Guitar of Estrella matches his leading work.
But ossia. The new material Take Big aims some patients-fated rap tentativa to turn for behind a clock, while half comunicacionales-touted A Flaming Lips colaborativos folk fable Some Subjects have gilded to forget some hooks or a real end. A disk of prize of b-the sides are strictly concealed: repetitive club , material harder plucked of the his numerous EPs. Admitted, A Duke cleverly joins Willy Wonka uploads effects of @@@knob and Spanish electrical guitar (!) Near, but a space of controls of the rest where another Music of upper moments-Answered, Begins In Africa, . And the host outside defining solteros would have to be. In this chance, the exclusivity done the poor sacrifice for quality.
Solteras 93-03 Is still the next must-there is concealed takes his winner collide of mecer any circle with club ethos, but a uninitiated will not be able to fully appreciate his impact in electronic music of just ten upper tunes.
5 / 5 Tari
Some Chemical Brothers have been occupied a past decade, with the slew of remezclas solteras, albums, EPs, and the DJ remezcla album to his credit, everything a moment visiting alive. These Single collection culls of four album, this in spite of sometimes he belies a variety comprises in his disks of full period.
Like a collection of deep Basses, this 2 conjoint CD is the good value ; he sweetens one extracted the second disk of unreleased mixes and material alive, as well as launching in his late plus only in a first disk.
Of the single is generally big, thumping, catchy tunes for a dance floor and a radio. Some Brothers are savvy--spent of samples and the big, the fat has beaten. There is a lot to like on here, this in spite of maintains import that of the single a lot always representative of some whole albums. Undermine Your Own Hole, was an excellent album that included to other gems likes them Lost in of a K-Hoyo, for chance, which flows amiably around a big plus solteros here (Blockade Rockin', Elektrobank, and a awesome and lauded Private Psychedelic Reel.)
Some Brothers spend it strong and weighed in the majority of a first disk, while a second is the good transmission of any with a variety of some clues of prize. Certainly, some alive clues often his likes little more than a be of the same song has touched alive (likes the paste 'played alive) but is good to listen like a sound differs in this setting.
Ossia The good disk for recently of Pharmaceutical arrival, and is a lot still for a seguace any material of prize. Also recommended is a DVD of mate of video and alive images.
5 / 5 Lorinda
'Of the Single 93-03' is obviously some prime ministers solteros compilation of Tom Rowlands and And Simons (., Some Chemical Brothers). While all some clues in a first disk are of sound, a first disk a bit is being missing of and incomplete. Like the forward reviewer declared, where is 'the life is Sweet'? Or that roughly 'Elektrobank'? Or he still ' Begins In Afrika'? These clues would owe that it is included be in the to first disk him him like all has been released like this solteros. It averts of that, can not complain a lot. If you are so only the random auditor, then some eleven clues in a first disk would owe that suffice, although it recommend to buy all a leading studio album so only to have a whole main dish. After all, esingles' is so only an appetizer (at least in my humble opinion! :-)). This in spite of, if has all some album of studio, then calms still would owe that buy a esingles' resumido for a second disk so only! You follow as 'Any one Another @@@Drugstore' (looking an interesting rap for Justin Warfield), soyorning Lemon', 'Loop Of Fury', and 'Delik' is to good sure the value that hears to! And then it has an alternating version of 'the galaxy Bounces' those touch resembled an original version, but a lot enough. Anyways, If you are the partidário random or the partidário consecrated, will not go wrong to take this compilation!
4 / 5 Meaghan
Ossia A awesome album of compilation fill of some clues of better album of some premiers four Chemical Brothers albums of studio as well as the pair of EP is. Some first two clues are some original versions of "Song To A Siren" and "Chemists Beaten". "Song To A Siren" it is taken of an out of impression 12" only and "Chemists Beaten" it is taken of an out of printing EP, 'Fourteenth Century Sky'. These clues are really awesome in his original form. Some last two clues in this album of compilation is mark the new clues have called " you take Big" featruring a Canadian rapper, K-YOU with scarce vocal apperance for Some Chemical Brothers his and "One Issues Golden" looking A Flaming Lips. A rest of some clues of albums is taking of a prime minister four album of studio. This compilation is awesome!
A real extracted is a disk of the prize of edition has limited. Has a remezcla version of "No Another @@@Drugstore", an original version of "Lemon of Morning", an original version of "the galaxy Bounces" taken of a first Tomb Raider soundtrack of picture of the motion, the little b-sides, unreleased clues and two alive clues. Some the alive clues are really fresh. Ossia The must has album of compilation with a disk of prize of the edition limited for each partidário of true Chemical Brothers. Calm will not be disapointed!
4 / 5 Raphael
Are not really the partidário enormous of Some Chemical Brothers. I think that that they dipped it it was some murderous techno music in a past decade. Really no respecto for music of beaten big (specifically Fatboy Slender) but Some the Chemical brothers dips was some quite decent music. I have found the copy of "Solteras '93-'03" in a weekend in an used cd cubes in mine favourite of record tent and bought it immediately. I have discovered unfortunately a hard way that reason this cd has been sold, a second cd was all there is lined on and could not listen his I so that it have to that solve to revise a prime minister cd. It is like this well of then all my favourite songs for Some Chemical Brothers are in a first disk. Diehard Partidários Of Some Chemical Brothers probably will find failure with this cd but like the random auditor, thinks "Solteros '93-'03" it is the quite decent collection . Has all some songs that am familiarised with. A one question has with Some Chemical Brothers' the music is that sometimes it touches likes is recycling some same ol' beaten. Perhaps it is true, or perhaps is so only me. Have enjoyed still this collection this in spite of.
4 / 5 Lanita
This the utmost overview of some Chemical Brothers' career. It is definately that loses the few clues this in spite of. It likes: Answered of Music, Elektrobank, Coming with us, Hoops, begins in . These are essential clues for inclusos a occassional auditor of Chemical Brothers. I also found a new clue "One Issues Golden" to be at all groundbreaking, which was the little dissapointing considering follows the enormous Flaming partidário of Lips; I have found " you take Big" to be more appealing. Like the partidário enormous and owner of all some Chemical Brothers' Albums, has found one 2nd disk to be much more appealing with some very better clues: No another @@@drugstore (remezcla), the galaxy Bounces, Loop of Fury and some alive versions of Elekrobank, and Piku the yard is sweet. It take some tears for a whole album in general; it is not A CONTINUOUS MIX of music ( has pauses among clues). I have it quell'has believed whenever some of some the majority of brilliant moments in there the music was a transmission -overs of song to well. It rushes on and take an edition limited when you can, as you take disk 2, which a compraventa a lot of value he.
5 / 5 Carlton
Listening to some single of some Chemical Brothers is likes to try agree the years of party does when you were in the drugs and calm has lost your alcohol. One is like the soundtrack to all my abuse of drug in a past. 'Leave House' agree me to remain on all night long. 'The blockade that Mecer Beat' agree me to hang is gone in the party of ceiling in Williamsburg in 1996. 'Hey Daughter Hey Chico' agree me' of some times have been to Cyberfest 1999 in Jose Santo. EsGuitarra Of tar' agree me' of some last times have been in Londra. All these songs take the moment in time: calm always is thinking where has been when calm the the in the first place has listened. Has the few new songs here with K-YOU and Wayne Coyne. They are famous for his collaborations with Schooly D, Noel Gallagher, Jonathan Donahue, Bernard Sumner, Richard Ashcroft and another. In a way, some the Chemical brothers were the single band. These are some songs that has had an impact. Like the band of the album of full period is utmost also. It is everything roughly agreeing the good time and was it of good nights. So only take you big.
4 / 5 Genevie
Has found some Chemical Brothers in the Fatboy Slender mix CD, with "A Private Psychedelic Reel" to the equal that follows eleven.
Be that as it can, and does not import at all, but ossia that has taken them presented to them: crazy bagpiping and cymbalism.
Has .
(Well, think am funny them.)
anyways, has decided that has required more than his music.
Have Here in Wal-Mart: "Coming With us"
But has listened and read SO MUCH roughly his first Come With a lot of ours, has left a rest of some Brothers' repetoir (the does not think that is spelt right) untouched.
That beast.
There has Like this material well in here!
"Dipping Alone" it is like a Fatboy Slender big-has beaten are to, and all the world-wide the one who knows the Chemical brothers knows "Blockade Rockin' Beaten", but that of "To the left For ever Be"?
Is the Chemical brothers that writes throughout that.
Psychedellia And...
Too fresh to describe.
Final word:
looking for the good intro to these types?
4 / 5 Giovanna
If you have loved electronic music in a @@@1990s, and has has not loved the DJ choosing yours dips ready for you (like the majority of the music of dance is sold these days ), there was so only three able bands to go in phase and satisfy thousands of anxious auditors: Orbital Basses , deep, and Some Chemical Brothers. Now with four albums of artist and three compilations to his name, A Chems And Simons and Tom Rowlands has has released so only he 2003 two-the retrospective disk of his work. Any one bad for two chaps the one who has fulfilled while studying mediaeval literature in university.
To the equal that can calm really disorder on the album of the swipes more Adds? Possibly, he so that has two ways to go; any aim for a uninitiated to pack in like this a lot of upper tunes like possible, or go for one established hardcore basic of defender to add prize b-sides, unreleased outtakes, and new material to a repackaged oldies (his decision).
Some better swipes of Soltero attractive of the his 1995-99 summit. Moments of house of prompt acid Chemists Beaten, Leaves Home, and 1997 Better Rock Instrumental Grammy Blockade of winner Rockin' the career beaten squiggly lines in slow rock and under Zepplin-esque drums. Dipping the cacophony of the sun of sirens and fury, with starring main of this moment Noel Gallagher of Oasis, rasgó by means of some British maps to number one. Joyous A Private Psychadelic Reel rests his moment to shine, sitar riffs and electrical guitar of the sun fed for Mercurio Rev Johnathan Donahue edifice to the transcendental growing that the closing closes A Chems alive actions. Included his late plus four in a paving, hands in some hymns to air Hey Chico Hey the daughter and The electrical Guitar of Estrella matches his leading work.
But ossia. The new material Take Big aims some patients-fated rap tentativa to turn for behind a clock, while half comunicacionales-touted A Flaming Lips colaborativos folk fable Some Subjects have gilded to forget some hooks or a real end. A disk of prize of b-the sides are strictly concealed: repetitive club , material harder plucked of the his numerous EPs. Admitted, A Duke cleverly joins Willy Wonka uploads effects of @@@knob and Spanish electrical guitar (!) Near, but a space of controls of the rest where another Music of upper moments-Answered, Begins In Africa, . And the host outside defining solteros would have to be. In this chance, to the exclusivity done the poor sacrifice for quality.
Solteras 93-03 Is still the next must-there is concealed take his winner collide of mecer any circle with club ethos, but a uninitiated will not be able to fully appreciate his impact in electronic music of just ten upper tunes.
5 / 5 Grayce
Some Chemical Brothers have been occupied a past decade, with him slew of remezclas solteras, albums, EPs, and the DJ remezcla album to his credit, everything a moment visiting alive. These Single collection culls of four album, this in spite of sometimes he belies a variety comprises in his disks of full period.
Like a collection of deep Basses, this 2 conjoint CD is the good value ; he sweetens one extracted the second disk of unreleased mixes and material alive, as well as launching in his late plus only in a first disk.
A single is generally big, thumping, catchy tunes for a dance floor and a radio. Some Brothers are savvy--spent of samples and the big, the fat has beaten. There is a lot to like on here, this in spite of maintains import that a single a lot always representative of some whole albums. Undermine Your Own Hole, was an excellent album that included to other gems likes them Lost in of a K-Hoyo, for chance, which flows amiably around a big plus solteros here (Blockade Rockin', Elektrobank, and a awesome and lauded Private Psychedelic Reel.)
Some Brothers spend it strong and weighed in the majority of a first disk, while a second is the good transmission of any one with a variety of some clues of prize. Certainly, some alive clues often his likes little more than a be of the same song has touched alive (likes to paste 'played alive) but is good to listen like a sound differs in this setting.
Ossia The good disk for recently of Pharmaceutical arrival, and is a lot still for a fan any material of prize. Also recommended is a DVD of mate of video and alive images.
4 / 5 Shoshana
'Of the Single 93-03' is obviously some prime ministers solteros compilation of Tom Rowlands and And Simons (., Some Chemical Brothers). While all some clues in a first disk are of sound, a first disk a bit is being missing of and incomplete. Like the forward reviewer declared, where is 'the life is Sweet'? Or that roughly 'Elektrobank'? Or he still ' Begins In Afrika'? These clues would owe that it has been comprised in the to first disk him him like all has been released like single. It averts of that, can not complain a lot. If you are so only the random auditor, then some eleven clues in a first disk would owe that suffice, although it recommend to buy all a leading studio album so only to have a whole main dish. After all, esingles' is so only an appetizer (at least in my humble opinion! :-)). This in spite of, if has all some album of studio, then calms still would owe that buy a esingles' resumido for a second disk so only! You follow as 'Any one Another @@@Drugstore' (looking an interesting rap for Justin Warfield), soyorning Lemon', 'Loop Of Fury', and 'Delik' is to good sure the value that hears to! And then it has an alternating version of 'to the galaxy Bounces' those touch resembled an original version, but a lot enough. Anyways, If you are the random defender or the defender has consecrated, will not go wrong to take this compilation!
4 / 5 Arlen
Ossia A awesome album of compilation fill of some clues of better album of some premiers four Chemical Brothers albums of studio as well as the pair of EP is. Some first two clues are some original versions of "Song To A Siren" and "Chemists Beaten". "Song To A Siren" it is taken of an out of impression 12" only and "Chemists Beaten" it is taken of an out of printing EP, 'Fourteenth Century Sky'. These clues are really awesome in his original form. Some last two clues in this album of compilation is mark the new clues have called " you take Big" featruring a Canadian rapper, K-YOU with scarce vocal apperance for Some Chemical Brothers they and "One Issues Golden" looking A Flaming Lips. A rest of some clues of albums is taking of a prime minister four album of studio. This compilation is awesome!
A real extracted is a disk of the prize of edition has limited. Has a remezcla version of "No Another @@@Drugstore", an original version of "Lemon of Morning", an original version of "to the galaxy Bounces" taken of a first Tomb Raider soundtrack of picture of the motion, the little b-sides, unreleased clues and two alive clues. Some the alive clues are really fresh. Ossia Have to that has album of compilation with a disk of prize of the edition limited for each defender of true Chemical Brothers. Calm will not be disapointed!
5 / 5 Sharonda
Are not really the enormous defender of Some Chemical Brothers. I think that that they dipped it it was some murderous techno music in a past decade. Really no respecto for music of beaten big (specifically Fatboy Slender) but Some the Chemical brothers dips was some quite decent music. I have found the copy of "Solteras '93-'03" in a weekend in an used cd cubes in mine favourite of record tent and bought it immediately. I have discovered unfortunately a hard way that reason this cd has been sold, a second cd was all there is lined on and could not listen his I so that it have to that solve to revise a prime minister cd. It is like this well of then all my favourite songs for Some Chemical Brothers are in a first disk. Diehard Defenders of Some Chemical Brothers probably will find failure with this cd but like the random auditor, thinks "Solteros '93-'03" it is the quite decent collection . Has all some songs that am familiarised with. A one question has with Some Chemical Brothers' the music is that sometimes it touches likes is recycling some same ol' beaten. Perhaps it is true, or perhaps is so only me. Have enjoyed still this collection this in spite of.
5 / 5 Lelah
This the utmost overview of some Chemical Brothers' career. It is definately that loses the few clues this in spite of. It likes: Answered of Music, Elektrobank, Coming with us, Hoops, begins in . These are essential clues for inclusos a occassional auditor of Chemical Brothers. I also found a new clue "One Issues Golden" to be at all groundbreaking, which was the little dissapointing considering follows the enormous Flaming defender of Lips; I have found " you take Big" to be more appealing. Like the enormous defender and owner of all some Chemical Brothers' Albums, has found one 2nd disk to be much more appealing with some very better clues: No another @@@drugstore (remezcla), to the galaxy Bounces, Loop of Fury and some alive versions of Elekrobank, and Piku the yard is sweet. It take some tears for a whole album in general; it is not A CONTINUOUS MIX of music ( has pauses among clues). I have it quell'has believed whenever some of some the majority of brilliant moments in there the music was a transmission -overs of song to well. It rushes on and take an edition limited when you can, as you take disk 2, which a compraventa a lot of value he.
4 / 5 Caprice
Listening to a single of some Chemical Brothers is likes to try agree the years of party does when you were in the drugs and calm has lost your alcohol. One is like the soundtrack to all my abuse of drug in a past. 'Leave House' agree me to remain on all night long. 'The blockade that Mecer Beat' agree me still to hang is gone in the party of ceiling in Williamsburg in 1996. 'Hey Daughter Hey Chico' agree me' of some times have been to Cyberfest 1999 in Jose Santo. EsGuitarra Of tar' agree me' of some last times have been in Londra. All these songs take the moment in time: calm always is thinking where has been when calm the the in the first place has listened. Has the few new songs here with K-YOU and Wayne Coyne. They are famous for his collaborations with Schooly D, Noel Gallagher, Jonathan Donahue, Bernard Sumner, Richard Ashcroft and another. In a way, some the Chemical brothers has been soltera band. These are some songs that has had an impact. Like the band of the album of full period is utmost also. It is everything roughly agreeing the good time and was it of good nights. So only take you big.
4 / 5 Racquel
Has found some Chemical Brothers in the Fatboy Slender mix CD, with "A Private Psychedelic Reel" to the equal that follows eleven.
Be that as it can, and does not import at all, but ossia that has taken them presented to them: crazy bagpiping and cymbalism.
Has .
(Well, think am funny them.)
anyways, has decided that has required more than his music.
Have Here in Wal-Mart: "Coming With us"
But has listened and read SO MUCH roughly his first Come With a lot of ours, has left a rest of some Brothers' repetoir (the does not think that is spelt right) untouched.
That beast.
There has Like this material well in here!
"Dipping Alone" it is that a Fatboy Slender big-has beaten are to, and all the world-wide the one who knows the Chemical brothers knows "Blockade Rockin' Beaten", but that of "To the left For ever Be"?
Is the Chemical brothers that writes throughout that.
Psychedellia And...
Too fresh to describe.
Final word:
looking for the good intro to these types?
4 / 5 Mohamed
They are the new to Some the Chemical brothers and I do not know too roughly except them a fact that has been dipping was some good Blockade Rockin' the beaten never has begun of then do music. When it Was in this place and I listented to a version of SAMPLE of Song To a Siren, has been that loves his Solteros CD never of then ( have included tried to find a Mp3 of him when I have not had of the money to buy he). I finally found an Edition Limited of the his CD at stake of Means comunicacionales and after listening to a first disk, will say that it is "well". A Disk of Prize is well. Ossia All can say for now and this description could change in a future when I some different entrance in this album. Thank you
5 / 5 Gwen
Recently arrived and fanatics, this collection is "Out of control". Disk an east the majority of the his beaten better, comprising "Song To A Siren", "dipping Alone", "To the left For ever Be", and "A Test". 11 swipe soltero, and two new clues that it is almost like this good. Disk two is not like this impressive, but is still fill of numerous extras that any to a group or the gender would owe that undermine. Still although you are not the swipe, I desire "Slept Of Day" it was on here. It is dreamy. But still, ossia all more "Chemical Brothers" the partidários would owe that require. It is ten years of "Blockade Rockin' Beaten". Now where it is that "Crystal Method" collection?
4 / 5 Tiesha
Absolutely LOVES some few chemical brothers. As they are the little has bitten biased, but oh well. Still although ossia he soltera collection, does not feel for the pleasure. It say that it is the introduction adds to a chems, and for some defenders is the disk adds to have , especially for one 2nd disk, which contains "A Duque" which is wicked, and an excellent "Delik." A thing that loves on some the chemical brothers is that ardent is roughly music. They want like them , and aims. The mine is so only in another level all near, doing other artists of look of alike dance as if so only are churning out of mediocre clues, so only blending in with a rest of them. But when you listen to an immediately remark something different. A music underlines, some clues spend the sure force. "One Issues Golden" it is easily the contend for clue of a year, representing all are roughly in a psychedelic clues of house. So only to the equal that take some of some touches use??? Shining. As the one who one elected follows for a collection, would have added " it Begins In Afrika." Mina ossia one of a more the advances that thinks dance floors never. The absolutely ENORMOUS sounds in the club. Meeting listening to some chemical brothers more after purchasing this, going back to "undermine your own hole" and "surrendered" enough it bite it also. Highly it recommends this collection, Plaid "Parts in a Estaca" as well as they are to Fry "For A good Of All has concerned" if you are more adventurous and that looks for another sum of electronic music. It acclaims
4 / 5 Latanya
To the equal that know with any compilation to attack more the calm orders can not comprise each song ,but when it leave was any obvious paste something is bad. Coming with us, and begins in Afrika has not been comprised in this compilation. Mina these are some of some better songs that has done. A rest of a compilation is very real with electrical guitar of star, blockade rockin' beaten, out of control, a test, one issues gilded like to be outs of this compilation.
5 / 5 Odis
Has written the description of this some time done concealed has not been like this happy. Ossia Reason take the copy of a CD is with protecting to copy built in. It does not think the majority of a CD is to have this question. A music is sum , although a lot of the look of songs key to be missing of this "More than" collection. I think that it that it have chosen the different selection, but ossia so only me. Any way, his the collection adds
4 / 5 Abigail
There there is far more talented breakbeat producing/djs for your dollar that some Chemical Brothers. Oversexed, underwhelming, And just simple mediocre- has the calm reason will not find the side of suns of Chemical Brothers in my record box in spite of turning breakbeat for years.
Control out of a Y4K serious instead: Hyper, Tayo, Freq Bad, and Koma & the bones are surefire brilliance both in a studio and in some coverages. Partorisca To to that likes reggae and hip hop of flavours, FreQ Bad rid some sakes. Partorisca To to that like him more than progressive, hardships, and electro, Koma & delivery of the bone in a series was groundbreaking. Both Hyper and Tayo the conjoint place dipped more diverse that it is sure to please.
5 / 5 Awilda
Are the enormous defender of some Chemical Brothers do not take me bad. But a material in a second the disk is the big disapointment. In place of having the album of the addition limited with these rubbishes on that. They have it that has has done so only the best of collection that was 2 cds in period. Although some songs of disk an east some of his better, any fully represents his row of genders or talent. Comprising roughly of some signals underlined of some albums that has not gone always solteros would have improved. A lot my favourite songs of a Chems has not been single. To the new auditor, this album a lot really gives him the perspective adds of Tom Rolands and And Simons. I had it it has listened it also rumours that disk 1 was to be continously mixed, but this has been to the failure. Thats Usually a lot that in better ofs but thinks he of state idea adds. Having it continously mixed solteros 93-03 would have given moves it new in of the old songs while giving partidários new the better introduction. In the majority of some Chemical Brothers cds some songs have not gone so only cut and dry, has been mixed near. Representing this in a better of of good summer, would recommend to buy Undermine first yours Own Hole...
4 / 5 Kraig
Anything for some chemicals is the must. This cd are to add but like another description has said that that is missing the few clues keys, especially begins in africa, with which not achieving a success massively has to that think that would have with come with looking to want to forget it cd totally. Oh A lot I supposition is our loss . It chooses this up.
4 / 5 Adele
Has been moment to some Chemical Brothers to release it soltera collection for the moment reason thinks that is a better way to appreciate this band. As to the random defender liked him always his single better that of his albums of full period, which has tended to contain too forgettable filler among a material really a lot of ("Undermine Your Own Hole" it was the example adds of of the this: Blockade Rockin' Beaten, Electrobank and dipping the sun was knockout clues, while all more was quite volume).
This has said, this disk is the compraventa well of then concentrates in some stronger clues of his career and he almost directs to avert a material of filler. Minus Some stars this in spite of partorisca missing some essential clues: where it is "Music: Answered," "Electrobank" and "under an Influence???" In place of these, takes a vastly inferior " the Golden subject," " you take Big," and "electrical Guitar of Estrella." It can have been I adds, but some the clues keys are disappeared really is conspicuous for his absence.
Another that quell'flu, all some other songs are excellent. In general to good compilation and the good introduction to a band.
4 / 5 Lowell
Have all elepé is of A Chemist and has to that say that it think yes to buy 1CD version or no, but when I have discovered that there is the edition has limited to contain 2 CD, has begun to speak and habladuría roughly the my promise. Now I am spent my anniversary and have my own 2CD Version. One 2 last songs in a CD of prime minister is both utmost and Take you Big is more in a CB way. And some second CD JUST ROCKS!!! Each clue only is utmost and the pair of them is previously unreleased. It does not mention in songs 1-11 in a prime minister CD, reason all the world knows that well these clues are. So you are the big defender of CB, compraventa immediatelly an edition limited of Solteras 93-03 for Some Chemical Brothers
4 / 5 Isaias
This 2 disk CONJOINT CD is perfect partorisca people that wants to begin to listen to a music of Chemical Brothers but does not know where to start with. Defenders of some Chemical Brothers probably will not take too much out of these neighbours has listened of the majority of this already.
4 / 5 Jaymie
Want to some few chemical brothers already(and all the world-wide really has to that) then this little collection is awesome. He really crams all are roughly to the abonos little container. An only downside can the the ferret was is that a cds does not flow well, can a lot of so only dipped the on describes was and travesía of here to there like some of some another leaves but does not think that was a point of these. Still a awesome cd.
5 / 5 Trish
Reason has the person has mentioned an absence of "the life is Sweet"? It is definetly the alone, and is definetly which took to some Chemical brothers in a first place, when being the big defender of a Charlatans.

Top Customer Reviews: Moulin Rouge: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5 Trang
One of a better soudtrack never! A prime minister cd is not quite a second an is like this good!!
4 / 5 Enid
Any one has impressed. His very poor. Some difficult songs to listen
5 / 5 Danita
One first soundtrack of the mill of Rouge can very really be considered or has described out of context with a second later volume that is to be release. Some lacks of this album are direct for one the majority of part in Volume 2, and for this this album can not be judged like this severely as it was his initial emission for some songs and the numbers concealed is not comprised. Some the earliest descriptions of this soundtrack are justifiably critics, for many of some clues have looked here is not some real versions of a film. In essence, this CD is music that inspired and was inspired by a film more than a real soundtrack. This results obvious of an a lot of start, when one listens David Bowie that rids a melancholy masterpiece Chico of Character. David Bowie the work adds but is not a version of film, and ossia that imports because the defenders got obsessed with this film (comprising yours for real) is absolutely captivated if any enamoured with some versions of real film. If Chico of Character of the flange of Bowie feels odd wait , so only until it listen Beck the dogs of Diamond of flange Bowie later on.
Like this, one has to that dipped averts one is worries in the vast differences of this album of the music of a real film, that knows that some (but, sadly, any all) of these versions of original film can be found in a Volume of Mill of Rouge 2 soundtrack. Of then I love a film and music, so much, will say the word in the each clue in this CD. With which Chico of Character, one takes a version unexpectedly of pop familiarised of Lady Marmalade treaty for Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya, and Rosa. One a weakness adds the soundtracks is a fact that ossia basically an only piece of the music takes of an unforgettable sequence in Ewan McGregor in the first place has entered a Rouge of Mill. Fatboy Slender gives his version of behaviour of Reason can, the furiously upbeat clue. A version of Sparkling the diamonds have comprised here is well, but differs significantly of a version of film; still, figure Nicole Kidman, Jim Broadbent, and his cohorts of a film and is quite enjoyable in this form. Afterwards it is the version of would cost of Rhythm of a Night, the song relatively smaller in of the terms of a film, looking Rouge of special Mill-concrete lines. While it prefers a version of film, something can be said in a version of your Song has comprised here; at the side the ardent flange of Ewan McGregor, an aggregated vocal stylings of Alessandro Safina is underlined, adding almost like this like this taking out of a version of film. I credit, Gavin Friday, and Maurice Seezer extracted Boys of a Revolution, the smallest song that I a lot enough listens some the Violent women treat any day now.
Nicole Kidman blew is gone in this film, especially with his hauntingly beautiful rendition of A Day will fly Era. Once again, this version is not a version of original film, and like this, although it is besides beautiful, the cries were for a overlayering of Ewan McGregor lyrical tensions of your Song, thus for real done a song the able force of fully subsuming a this heart . As I have mentioned, a version of the dogs of Diamante has comprised here is sung for Beck, and while it is well, is David Bowie . A prójimo three songs absolutely are in amazing. In the first place up it is Melody of Amur of the Elephant, the daringly only medley that has done his way directly to a fund of my heart; I am happy to say that this version is basically one same likes version of original film, minus some exhortaciones of Satine for Christians to go down first to fall off a Giant Elephant. This medley does not fail never to give me cold, and one beats same more certainly be said of an ardent Coming That May. Ossia One the majority of achingly song of the beautiful amour has not listened never, but this version is a feigned for the music of pop consummates radio, looking the rich musical fund tinged with odd few electronic noises; if you have looked a video of this song has comprised in a Rouge of Mill DVD, already will be familiarised with this version. To arrive to this point, one has to that arrest and pause in homage to one of one the majority of perfect and fervent actions unexpected still of all the times; tongue of course of the Tango of Roxanne. This only interpretation of Roxanne of Some Police is surprising quite so it is, but when Ewan McGregor piercingly heartfelt vocals enters an equation, all one can do is chairs for behind enraptured in such ardent, moving music. Querella Of the Butte being nothing special , this in spite of no the memory when being in a film. Then one comes to Hindi the Sad diamonds that looks Nicole Kidman, John Leguizamo, and Alka Yagnik, one follows exotic that somehow feels the little different of a version of film. Finally, an album in bylines with the second rendition of Boy of Character for David Bowie and Massive Attack; I am really very sure reason this clue is comprised here, but a unremarkable the version of a song finalises quite memorably with Nicole Kidman that mutters some words ' calm want to you.'
This soundtrack can not be said to look a real music of a soundtrack, this in spite of want it this in spite of. In my opinion, calm really has to that buy both volumes of a soundtrack of Mill of Rouge, and while of the second looks of volume some versions of original film of a lot of songs, so only this first volume contains two numbers this defender of the mill of Rouge could a lot possibly live without - Amur of Elephant Medley and The Tango of Roxanne. This CD tin a lot possibly take a place of a film, but create any defender of the mill of Rouge will spend for big his failures and loves the a lot of.
5 / 5 Wilford
MILL The ROUGE was decidedly one of some better films of 2001- true, his claim to give representation to all the music in a past thirty years was absolutely hilarious, but this in spite of the music of a film has defined so much a half of a Rouge of Mill and an idyll condemned among Christian and Satine (touched for Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman, respectively) quite a lot of- at least for modern music. But the true charm of a music was that it was able to give real emotion to these two main chances without having other ironic seats or comical. At least while a film has touched, ossia.
Still although a music in a soundtrack of the MILL of ROUGE is roughly in a same order how is listened in a film, still does more like this a enhancer of particular chances in a film that like the piece closely that maintains a film that flows of a scene to a prójimo. So much, when a music is listened for him, how is in a soundtrack, one in general listens is wildly messy and uneven. Which is reason a soundtrack simply does not act. It begins among the sorrowful yours with a melancholic "Chico of Character," which is given he heartfelt action for David Bowie. But then it jumps well to the urban funky sleaziness with the coverage of LaBelle "Crown Marmalade," where Christina Aguilera, Mya, Lil' Kim, and mark Rosa he even more of the like has blamed. Then it is well to trip-hop and house with Fatboy Slender "Reason can," which is a bit of an up to date version of one Can Can. And when it conceal twists was, up comes Nicole Kidman with a gleaming big band pastiche "Sparkling Diamonds," treaty in the fashion resembled Marilyn Monroe.
This whole gender-hopping the way maintains east go through half of a entirety of an album, and finally, is a soundtrack main detriment. Ossia Reason an emotion and the energy of some clues can a lot of resonate in a same way has done in a film- and for test, looks no further that when Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor sing of his amour in his ballads. The version of Ewan of "Your Song" it can have touched gorgeous in a film, but here, is in an upper and bloated. A "Amur of Elephant Medley," if anything, touched like the pure statement of amour in a film. Here, any only touch like the game of "Name That Tune," but a flange of Kidman and McGregor- especially McGregor- some looks @subject totally laughable, especially of only is exiting Beck achieve charming of Bowie "Dogs of Diamante." Now, a soundtrack of MILL of the ROUGE is not an integer washout, for everything of some interpreters here are committed his work (for better or for worse). Besides, some of some songs are quite well for them- the majority of notably, an aforesaid "Crown Marmalade"; "Reason can"; and "Dogs of Diamante"- and while some other songs for is not bad and in fact quite tuneful, so only is not that memorable.
The things of sum on, in planting to represent one all-embracing and ambitious vision of popular music, likes film touted he like this, a soundtrack of the MILL of ROUGE is quite rivaling a Clash SANDINISTA! It likes messiest, more confusing album in history of music. Any subject like the impressive a lot of people can find a film to be, would be better advised to ignore a soundtrack and so only listen to some songs to the equal that touch in a film- reason in this way, some songs in fact resonate in a way has been meant to be.
5 / 5 Earlene
Unfortunately has not been one of a lucky a bit the one who has taken to see Rouge of Mill in some theatres of films. But when I saw it I have been impacted in the well is. That strawberry the rouge is an amazing film , original for a manager that has surprised Baz Luhrmann and a soundtrack matches a beauty of him. It is a CD that included my Mamma and can adapt me on, is adds. Some the only big disappointments are some two clues disappeared , A Tone and a Show owe that go in, has to buy one 2nd album for these two (which I still have still to do). Here it is desglosa clues.
1. Chico of character-David Bowie - beginning was like this soft as it whisper and building until like this strong like the thunder is the way can think to describe this clue. David Bowie once again tip that adds can be. Very good. 5/5
2. Crown Marmalade-Some Ladies of Rouge of Mill - No like this as well as original and a lot something are the personally. @I give that it was loved by a lot of people those who are more the defender of a R&B/pop mainstream but the mine is good to dance too much and ossia. 2/5
3. Reason Beat-FatboySlim - Another Fatboy slender techno song with clips of Jim Broadbent mixed in. A catchy song to dance concealed has to that a bit the way has done he to the ad of soft drink, like this odd. 3/5 stars.
4. Sparkling Diamonds-A Mould of Rouge of Mill - An of my favourite songs in an album. Nicole Kidman and another resupply the action adds that so only has to that sing to the long of to. 5/5 stars
5. Rhythm of a Night-would cost - No really my boy of song. It is one of a two I has like this skip on in a CD. 2/5 stars.
6. Your Song-Ewan McGregor - I swears the enamoured chair with this man when it sings this song. Ewan McGregor aims that wonderfully it can sing with this rendition or the swipe of Elton John, Your Song. Really, really good. Afterwards to the Tango Of Roxanne, my favourite song in an album. 5/5 stars
7. Boys of a Revolution-Credit, Gavin Friday and Maurice Seezer - is always be the defender of this song and was ecstatic to seen portray it like this wonderfully in this CD. 5/5 stars.
8. A Day will fly was-Nicole Kidman - Insanely short but insanely well. Nicole Kidman sings the sad but sweet song roughly that the flies was and leaving. 5/5 stars.
9. Dogs of diamond-Beck - I amour Beck I really do. His remake of Davie the dogs of the diamond of Bowie is catchy the alternative that song of sounds that has connection very small with a film (the chocolate sings memories ). Although ossia any Loser or the yard of peel of the devil is still very good. 4/5 stars
10. Amur Of elephant Medley-Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor and Jamie Allen - Ewan McGregor and show of Kidman of Nicole of his vocal talents in this medley of songs of popular amour that comes directly of a film. 5/5 stars
11. Coming That May-Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor - A subject of the beautiful amour sung for both main characters of a film One of some songs where a version of CD (which is different of some films) is far better. 5/5 stars.
12. He Tango Of Rozanne-Ewan McGregor, Jose Feliciano and Jacek Koman - there is so only a word can use to describe this song. Intense. Be one of my favourite songs in an album, can not listen to this enough.
13. Querella Of the Butte-Rufus Wainwright - Blink and will lose this song in a film ( to to touches likes him to him Ewan McGregor is giving of a step of a train) but this little French song is very pleasant and the value that listens to. 4/5 stars.
14. Hindi Sad Diamonds-Mould of Kidman & of Nicole - Another song of a film where shows of Kidman of Nicole of the his incredible vocals. 5/5
15. Chico of character-David Bowie & Attacks Massively - A short, kinda odd, techno song. A remezcla of Boy of Character. 3/5.
5 / 5 Jenny
Has found a film soyoulin Rouge!' To be uneven, but finally a lot obliging and enjoyable. One of some better things in a film was his incredibly varied and daring musical soundtrack. A soundtrack CD, while incomplete, is glorious. It is fill with emotion, palpable emotion, and vocal actions and notarises them is.
David Bowie opens a show in the somber notes with 'Chico of Character.' These advantages to some outrageous urban funkiness of 'Lady Marmalade,' treated with irresistible zest for one multicultural diva quartet of Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya, and Rosa. Also amused is Fatboy Slender hyperactive 'Reason Can.' Other selections adds to comprise an offer, world-wide-tired voice of Rufus Wainwright in a melancholy 'Querella of the Butte,' and a freaky, beautiful 'Hindi Sad Diamonds' (looking Alka Yagnik).
But like a film, a CD really depends in two advantages: Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman. They are exceptional. Kidman is fierce and sexy in parkling Diamonds,' romantic and authoritative on 'A Day will fly Era.' McGregor is especially impressive on 'Yours Song' (looking Alessandro Safina). The one who would have think that Obi-Wan Kenobi has had such the fantastic flange voice? Like this excellent likes Kidman is, really thinks is McGregor the one who gives both films and soundtrack his heart and soul.
When Kidman and McGregor come neighbouring in a 'Amour of Elephant Medley,' one the majority of potent magic of a whole CD really results evident. This medley of segments of stirs it diverse of songs ('All Precise Is Amur,' 'does not leave Me In this way,' esilly Songs of Amur,' 'Always Will love You,' etc., Etc.), Remained with dialogue, exhibits a chemistry these two interpreters have shared. A soyedley' is finally he soaring, triumphant, included inspiring visit by force to fix and action.
Yes, has has wanted a soyoulin Rouge!' Soundtrack. I row he well up there with such soundtracks of classical song as 'the rain Lived' and esaturday Fever at night.'
5 / 5 Hung
Has had a pleasure to listen to three songs/of soundtracks of the series in a last that underline like this of the collections that is like this intimately linked to a product that form that extra Sopranos,Peppers & Eggs,A Fellowship of a Coverage,and this eccentric,glorious,Baz Luhrmann inspired collection. Agreement,that this would not owe that be informed to as the soundtrack, is the collection of songs of a film,but the advantage and the versions of mussel are there,be they a bit supplemented for some extra,if any one totally required, vocals in places.Some originals are so only.
A Film,that Strawberry the rouge has taken the moment to grab eat me he cinemagraphic experience,,but a music has done inmediatamente.un pairing of Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman likes them defective and fatally fated lovers in tower of some Bets of century,would not have been my election,and singing the musical to kick,..Any way!!!,But they perfectly together and sing like this sincerely that person more now could fill that McGregor was the revelation,his treatment of a Song of Amur of the Elephant Medley and a dynamic and heartfeltCome That May(astonishingly spent for big in a recent Golden Ball)done this value of CD a price of cost.Some papers are quirky ,using fragment of contemporary songs of any one last few decades to express amour and feeling,in the way that the dialogue could no.
Nicole Kidman also aquits she admirably,withOne the day will fly Awayparticularly poignant that resists to import his vocal action recent personnel with McGregor on Comes The one who Mayand his interpretation of a function and the songs in some means last of a film deservedly has taken his recognition in some prizes of recent Golden Ball.Some two advantages and a combination of a mould in voice fill a stand of hairs in a backside of the yours with the stands up,and have you applauding like him romp in a Rouge.
This in spite of,can not give these 5 stars,for two reasons, there are songs of a film that would have to is on be here,in the format has launched there,like a Sound of Sequence of Music,to to the Smells Like to them the alcohol of Adolescent sequenceand a darkly glorious and melancholyA the show Has to that Go in was intricate to a plot and it comprising of a melodramatic climax for a death of some lovers.
Secondly,Employing he of the artists of contemporary register have established to sing songs ,in my opinion ,has lost a does not improve one you has not seen a film,perhaps,but then again a two is linked,and the view of a film is the must.Included have enjoyed like this Credit has has directed Boys of a Revolution,a song adds in any ,Beck doing the dogs of Diamante leave me cold,especially after listening a mould Bowie is in this collection,take an original goes to use anything.
An any to be forgotten stars in this whole production,is A Strawberry Bet of Rouge(and of course Parigi he)and Baz Luhrmann.
A City of Light fulfils an eccentric of down is that it directs his own bohemian revolution,and has taken to regulate it naive and infatuated the boy fulfils formed of melodrama of attainable god and has done it truely memorable experience musical.un the emphasis is in a colour a sound some songs a magic of liberty of beauty of the truth and amour.an assault in some sequences of the nightclub and one Can Can,with a 70s icon recordingLady Marmaladethrown in,pure character!!
Is recently be to a Rouge of Mill in his present manifestation, is the emotional experience and could see reason this integer porject was allocated for success.
The look Was for some additional songs of a film that comes will complete a picture.
In a moment buy and savour this,4.5 stars.
5 / 5 Daniella
Mill The rouge is an absolutely wonderful film with absolutely extradinary music. Ossia That music. All some songs are of sound, while any all unfortunately are here. Any one included is one terrific rendition of Like this Virgo and Spectacular, Spectacular ( has to that take Rouge of Mill 2 to have these songs). To start with it was has Boy of Character, which have to confess, I usually skip to take to a fast plus paced songs, beginning with, follows 2. Crown Marmalade is the very done version of an original with Christina Aquliera, the rose and the one who knows the one who more. I think that that this song has bought enough of the CD stops to plot of people. Which is too bad reason there are songs very better here. That there are clues 3, Reasons can. Ossia He bouncy entertainment little dance floor that will be sure to have you touching your toes to one has beaten. Some papers also, is not very complex. It follows 4 it is Sparkling Diamonds, sung for Nicole Kidman.
A better part duquel contains the fragment of the Material daughter of Madonna. It follows 5, it is the Rhythm of the spectacular dance floor titled Of A Night. It is abundance of fun and sung by the singer has appointed Valerie.
Clue 6, surely one of some better clues in a disk, is the total redoes of Elton John classical 'Yours Song'. In the first place to the left say me that with to to the the voice likes that I can not comprise reason Ewan McGregor is not
of a professional singer, can have two big works, likes Jennifer Lopez. This version of McGregor of Ewan in my improvement of same opinion in a version of John of Elton of original. It follows 7 it is all the rock . Boys Of A Revolution, sung for U2 Credit is the song of the rock adds and Follows 8 contrast he with Nicole Kidman soften vocals and the easy papers a Day will fly Era. It follows 9 east of the Dogs of Diamante, he bouncy the fun clue sung for Beck. It follows 10 it is an Amour of Elephant Medley.
Meant is roughly 6 minutes of a film where Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman are singing to to the preferred Like All precise Is Amur, always Could Loves, Some More Prejudices, and Hero. All and all the clue adds and one of a better. It follows 11 I gives Come That May, a song of main amour in a film. A song adds although personally it prefers a Remezcla, but still quite extradinary.
Clue 12 is Roxanne and is glorious and flow with Latin vibes.
Very memorable and fresco. It follows 13 it is one of one more forgettable in a disk, Querella Of Butte that a lot included tries to explain more than to say is class of sounds of work-esqe. It follows 14 has an even more confusing title, Hindi the Sad diamonds and I can not say calm more than to say that it is a scene where a mould of a game is in phases to do one of some final scenes. It is slightly catchy but class of odd I still think. A last clue, 15, is another version of Boy of Character, a one has used to close a film.
In general ossia the a lot of enjoyable CD that it is a lot of value your money.
5 / 5 Stanley
Appearances see Rouge of Mill of Leaves. Finally I actuate seen the (in August), has not been disappointed at all; all my expectations have been fulfilled for a film. A soundtrack, partorisca say a less, is spectacular! Again, Baz Luhrmann tip that the good film any just good actors precise and the good script, but also creation of music and excellent production partorisca the do the experience adds. Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor sing with strong, compatible, and good-looking voices in his duets of amour "Amur of Elephant Medley" and "Coming That May." So only, Kidman is like this convincing the singer, as we listen in scenes of diverse Mill of production of the Rouge as well as a beautiful remake "A Day will fly Era." McGregor is an excellent person partorisca sing McCartney "Your Song" and it has sawed-star in "The Tango of Roxanne." All these songs written originally partorisca and treaties in a film. But before you but the, read a clue that lists down:
( is a better, is a worse)
1. Chico of character- David Bowie. You could recognise this when "Rouge of Mill" starts. It is odd, but good.
2. Crown Marmalade- Lil' Kim, Mya, Christina A, Rosa. It has to that know is one . It is a better song in a whole album and add to dance.
3. Any enjoys It That a lot. Taking are a lot annoying after the moment
4. Sparkling Diamonds- Nicole Kidman. I want to this one. Especially when it says " Habladuría mine Harry Sibler, and say me all roughly that!".
5. It did not like to of the principle, but listen his, and will like you. (Hopefully) 1/2
6. Your Song- Ewan. Any like him to Him one beginning, but a rest is well. 1/2
7. Boys of a Revolution- Credit. I want to one beginning, and Credit the work adds in Vocals.
8. A Day will fly- The one who of Nicole known would sing this good?
9. Dogs of diamond- Beck. Song quite well, but Beck the voice takes to annoy.
10. Amur Of elephant Melody- Ewan, Etc. This song has everything: All precise Is Amur, has been Done for Lovin' Calm, Some More Prejudices, Pride, does not leave Me In this way, Songs of Amur Bobo, On Where belong, Heroines, always will want to You (Originally sung for Whitney Houston), and finally your song. Everything in 4:00, Quite Fresh.
11. Coming That May- Lovely Song with Nicole and Ewan.
12. He Tango Of Roxanne- A man the one who begins is was has it scary voice, but Ewan operates it in an end.
13. Quite Good. In French, and English. 1/2
14. Hindi Sad Diamonds- Bondadosos to like "Sparkling Diamonds" but with the plus indian his transfer.
15. Chico of character Remezcla. No very Well, except an end, thinks that is Nicole the one who says " calm Want to You"
In general: 4.5/5
can not recommend this CD enough to any one any amour and cherish the CD!
4 / 5 Carleen
Perhaps has to that be of a legislation mindset to enjoy soyouline Rouge'. A film was to good sure offbeat, this in spite of charming in his own eccentric way, and a soundtrack has fulfilled the vision of his visual leader in being each bit like hodge-podge, this in spite of with less than successful results.
Some 15 clues that comprises a soyoulin Soundtrack of Rouge' suffer a global lack of cohesion and quality. It likes me quell'has said, calm perhaps has to that be of the sure mindset, but prefers my collections of music to have the particular flow, and there is not any flow in this CD. There are songs of coverage aplenty, some facts well, another no. There is techno, R&B, room of music, and the acoustic fashions have represented, and his all add to a utter feeling of said-jointedness.
David Bowie "Chico of Character", which takes two treatments in a disk, is quite lackluster. A regular version contains at all too inspiring - is basically Bowie king-hashing Bowie. A second version, remixed for a techno/electronica Attack grupal Massive, is the little more rhythmical, but that really does not save it . A "swipe" the song is the coverage of LaBelle is 'Lady Marmalade', for four of today' "hotter" singers. It is solid, but almost there is also has produced. Fatboy Slender The entrance is at all more than the boisterous dance has beaten with a line "Reason can" repeated the time of hundred on. Ewan McGregor is take on Elton John "Your Song" it is quite theatrical, and access well to a film, but outside of a film touches the tad too boisterous. There is also the coverage of Sting "Roxanne", blended with another song, which left A lot that loves more.
Nicole Kidman, a star of soyouline Rouge', has the beautiful, if thin, voice, and his flange is well. Unfortunately, some songs has to that treat is not that special, like an endeavour is there is almost stray. Had the song of a film, the coverage of "Like the Virgin", which have wished would have dipped in a soundtrack, but does not want to listen quite bad for them to dip out of the SECOND soyoulin Rouge' disk.
An interesting experience. In a film, quite a lot of laws. Regarding a soundtrack, ah, well.....
4 / 5 Daniela
In a lot of ways, ossia the very brave film and radical in his presentation and exploitation of overt spiritual concepts in the mainstream film. Of course, these are expertly tucked inner some fashionable folds of tragedy Orpheus, and does not take when being like this emotionally moved for something of Krysztof Keislowski "Red" behind in 1994. I mean, as it can you go bad with the film that has a earthbound to the siren trapped in the wonderful spatial-and-time "show" run by the morally compromised Master of Illusion, Zidler, as she - a soyaterial Daughter' in the World-wide Material - stands in his ceiling with which facing a tension of Christian amour in one a hand and Zidler inculcating lucido on and on with a need to prostitute she, while singing "A day will fly was/ to leave this all to Yesterday/That well it goes to dream to dream/and dreading a day/when dreaming final?" I mean, Wow. Any one has expected Sri Nisardgatta, Auribindo, And Jesus in such the writing, unassuming song of pop?
Regarding a rest, well, like the disk, could have lived without FatBoy thunder maquinal Slender, but touches a lot enough. I avert a radio, like this "Crown Marmalade" sounds (classifies of ) new mine, still. Ewan McGregor has the differential voice, and his phrasing and emotion on Elton John "Your Song" and "Amur of Elephant Medley" it fulfils something very unusual. He and Baz Luhman has taken songs to pop that looked quite trivial and dress for amour of adolescent or aprovechamiento commercial gross to his original incarnations ("not To Leave me In this way", "Songs of Amur Bobo"and "On Where belong") and the put you until it newl level of transcendent meaning, at least for those with eyes to see and ears to listen. On film and disk, David Bowie "Hero" it is the moment adds, this in spite of far divorced of the his crafty Brian Eno origins to the equal that touches.
The voice of Nicole can not be entirely coached, but his delivery in "A Day will fly Was" it is darn breathtaking, especially how is augmented by a orchesral fixed that to to the sounds like to them the composer to film Pasador Donaggio("Dress to Kill", "Swipe Out of") steering the gondola down a Glorious Canal during the decadence seeping the eternity. This a glorious east and totally in a cup. Any the one who has loved this Italian of swelling-arrangements of song of American pop of a prompt 60s will touch it probably the pair of time of hundred.
"That The Hindi Sings Sad" it accompanies a film that swipes final alcohols in a conjoint Mill of Rouge(which wish could have seen more than, Baz!)This is to be do until looking an Indian 'Bollywood' Musical of all Musicals, and resembles at all so like this staring to a smile of Krishna inner a moment of Illumination. 'Chamma, Chamma' Is interpolated together with Nicole' final concession to Zidler corporate mentality and 'the decoy of diamonds'. John Leguiziamo takes to touch a Sitar and proclaims "So only It Speaks a Truth...". It is the wild yard , and has the impact adds saw you once a film.
Embezzled some stars simply reasons deserve the second CD of ALL A MUSIC of "Rouge to Mill": John Broadbent wacko version of Madonna "Like A Virgin", "A Show Has to that Go in", "Spectacular, Spectacular" etc, etc. I Comprise one producing' vision in ridding the "commercial" produced,and one can not lacking his his omissions to have has rid already the film and CD that augment LIKE THIS FAR on one cynical, empty, nihilistic, and essentially pornographic junk masquerading likes film and music that looks close to dominate culture of current pop.
5 / 5 Genna
Rouge to mill
Ossia a awesome cd, and THANK Baz Luhrman for the do and a film. Although there is still to see a film, are anxiously that loves.
1. Chico of character . David Bowie - A soundtrack begins with the small pursuing piece of the dialogue given for Ewan MecGregor, while in a fund is pursuing tunes. Then David Bowie begins to sing, and a fund results stronger. It is a awesome, pursuing song, and is used to very sure in a film in the way adds.
2. Lady Marmalade . Christina, Rosa, Mya, Lil' Kim - I can not express that I amour this song. A collaboration of these good-looking ladies' the voices is wonderful, and any to mention a lot sexy. Of soft voice , exculpa of Mya to Christina strong and perfect vocals, Lady Marmalade delivery each one which so and each music come from could expect you stops. Rosa has the strong and worthy voice, and Lil' Kim gives the bit of the his rapping. Again, a collaboration of these sexy ladies was an only way to go with this song.
3. Reason can . Fatboy Slender - That always expects master DJ Fatboy Slender? A fast song, has amused that it does not retard never down, and if he , is so only to build on the explosion adds in a song that calm give you cold. Although some the only papers looks words , Reasons can, all the world, and happy, some the beaten rhythmical maintain a way of alive song.
4. Sparkling Diamonds . Nicole Kidman - This song was a first time The Kidman never listened sings, and has to that say, has been surprised in well this lady can sing! It can go to be sexy to have the strong voice, strong. And to all some sounds of time likes them is enjoying that it sings that it is singing. A song in him is very fun, and full of power of daughter. It mixes the songs of legends add like Marilyn Monroe and Madonna, and he well.
5. Rhythm of a Night . Costs - wants to listen more than this daughter! It touches like the new Glory Estifan. Some Latins beaten of the rhythm of a Night will maintain you moving during a whole song.
6. Your Song . Ewan McGregor and Alessandro Safina - A soundtrack finally retards down with which some beaten fast forwards with this ballad has sung with the ease adds for McGregor. Some the operatic funds have distributed for Alessandro Safina goes adds with a song, and does a more powerful song. An orchestra also gives a song the feeling adds.
7. Boys of a Revolution . I credit, Gavin Friday and Maurice Seezer - Now go of orchestric ballad to the song of the hard rock directed for some voices add known for his rock. The boys of one wins of Revolution any one goes for something his has had to that do. It is like the song of victory, of classes.
8. A Day will fly Era . Nicole Kidman - Nicole I aims his his side sweet plus, softer a Day will fly Era. A song is to exert in some ears, and how is the voice of Nicole. It can any never has imagined it the one who credit can sing.
9. Dogs of diamond . Beck - Has not been never the big defender of Beck music, but the dogs of Diamante is better that the majority of him.
10. Amur Of elephant Medley . Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor and Jamie Allen - I amour this! It combines the a lot of songs of amour add of a past decade to the wonderful medley distributed by the voices of Nicole and Ewan. These two has the talent adds. And approached to an end, a fund is full of, I supposition, Jamie Allen operatic vocals, with Nicole and Ewan that harmonises near. It is wonderful.
11. Coming That May . Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor- Another song with Nicole and Ewan. Although no alive until Amur of Elephant Medley, are still adds. It is more than the ballad here, and really resplandores.
12. He Tango Of Roxanne . Ewan McGregor, Jose Feliciano and Jacek Koman - I can not expect see like this the song is done in a film. Ewan really shows of his vocal skills here, and a tune to the Tango of Roxanne is sum .
13. Querella Of the Butte . Rufus Wainright - A very soft, happy likes song. A start of a song is sung in French, creates. And an emphasis of Rufus Wainright are adds.
14. Hindi Sad Diamonds . Nicole Kidman, John Leguizamo, and Alka Yagnik - Ossia a wild song ! Some beaten is well out of Indiana, and the voice of Nicole Kidman is used superbly! It is the fast and wild song .
15. Chico of character . David Bowie and Attack Massively - Ossia it remezcla of a first clue, and is done to a tune of the rock the song of hard plus that some first tunes to pursue.
The strawberry the rouge marks like this one of the mine favourite CDs, and probably will do one same in any defender of musicals, Nicole Kidman, or any lover of music.
4 / 5 Golda
So that desire to listen more upper 10 swipes of such bilboard faves that christina aguliera, lil' kim, mya, and ascended, will be sadly dissapointed, how is an only radio song on here. For the defender, this in spite of, the one who wish to undermine deeper for an inspiration and so only styling to a soundtrack of rouge of mill, will have the amused little walk.
A soundtrack to Mill the rouge is grounded in classical british music/of rock of the pop with some material of the eighties mixed in, everything does with broadway clave. It is like an opposite that Baz Luhrmann has done on Romeo And Juliet - taking the classical history and dipping in the modern context. Here, Luhrman takes modern elements of societies (specifically music, as it has listened here) and dips them in the surreal context of a past.
To the prime minister that listens to some of some songs, Luhrman the work could touch outlandish and outrageous. For one the majority of part, work. Nicole Kidman tries can tape out of the tune with a fun take on the diamonds are the Better Fellow Daughter and Material Daughter in "Sparkling Diamonds," and Ewan MacGregor does the very credible rendition of Elton John "Your Song," with the voice that the sounds to the bit likes Elton John and to to the the bit likes him Robbie Williams. "He Tango Of Roxanne" that can be bit it a lot and incite the little laugh while listening the gravely vocal in some Police "Roxanne." But calm can not contest that it is sung well and a music, likes fantastical how is, the sounds adds.
A point has underlined, of course, is MacGregor and Kidman "Song of Elephant Medley," where movement of a lot of the different popular songs roughly want to comprise "Pride (in a Name of Amur)," "So only A Night," "All precise is Amur," and "Hero." It is like this to entertainment that listens him he, that will spend it any auditor the fast smile.
An album probably suffers in his passage of pop. An alone advantage, " it Tops Jam," it is easily disposable with all his talent to pop stuffing to the song of strong coverage that suggests little a substance of Rouge of Mill. Bowie rendition Of the boy of Character is well, this in spite of can look tug for his quite unemotional tone. A mix of the Massively found attack in an end adds to plot to a song. Beck Coverage of the dogs of the diamond of Bowie is the abonos credible remake, but does not have an alcohol to dare of an original, he doing a lot of "surer" version. "Boys of a Revolution" it is probably one of some better songs, as I Credit exerts spoken vocal and big harmonies sinister blended with a underated vocals of paid of Friday of Gavin good tribute to Bolan classical.
The strawberry the rouge is fantastic entertainment , and can ignore an album forgettable moments and program your cd right of player, will find to Mill the rouge has something for all the world.
4 / 5 Elin
At the beginning looked, this looks it could be the CD adds. Has new songs for David Bowie, Fatboy Slender, Credit, Beck, Rufus Wainwright, and Massive Attack. The fresh sounds, well? To the majority of next examination to a CD, will remark songs for Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor, and John Leguizamo. A last I has listened, these three was actors--any music. This disk reconfirms that in no uncertain terms. It is the classical example of a "looks a lot on paper, but a lot never listen to this CD" syndrome. Sure, has some talent of entity here--the lies of question in a material.
Bowie Redefines to held with his clue, "Chico of Character," and his restarted with the attack Massively is no better. Speaking of Bowie, Beck covered one of a Bowie adds tunes, "Dogs of Diamante." It have been listening in this clue for first month of his emission and has had big expectations for him. Unfortunately, Beck pseudo hip-hop take on a song is little more than interesting and a lot anything needs to listen more than a swipe. A better clue in a soundtrack of the mill of Rouge is a coverage of a classical, "Boys of a Revolution."
I defenders of pops will want to Christina Aguilera clues 'new', "Lady Marmalade." Any the one who has listened an original version for LaBelle (likes or any) will be lunging partorisca of a 'next clue' key when this one comes on. Then it has a medleys. Calm once listen these, will be to ask you like them not having never does to a CD. A worse is a "Amur of Elephant Medley." But attentive--there there is more! That in "He Tango of Roxanne?" That was to think of the sting when it gives a good partorisca east? It can not be that exasperated for cash.
An inferior line is this --although you are the defender of any of some artists has mentioned here, there is any reason to squander yours the hard money livestock in this disk. Your worse enemies do not deserve anything this bad.
5 / 5 Floretta
Has been listening to Mill Rouge for the pair of days now and always, unfailingly, me smiled. Ossia A eclectic collection of the music and interpret him but is returned joint well.
Has listened Ewan McGregor sings before, in of the Chemical Brothers' "dipping Alone," and it was quite good. Here, he outdoes he. It is sincere and ardent, and same when it sings "I aaaalways amour you" in an Amour of Elephant Medley, which really Is the medley! - Next yours the precise ears to still just the second - calm creates. Now, Nicole Kidman was the very pleasant surprise . No, it is not better that Dido or McLaughlan but has the lovely voice that control well, and that am missing to rastras vocal, on partorisca in an acting department. And his "A Day will fly Was" it is extremely poignant - in of the sure days can imagine me that they spill the tear to this song.
Roxanne Simply rocks! It is an amateur , darkness, WICKED number, and an addition of the voice of Ewan in a fund adds another terracing of intensity. Hindi I Sad diamonds is another of mine favourite, these starts with an anxious repetition of "so only it speaks a truth," and arrivals in the sad note for Nicole. Beck Interpretation of the dogs of the diamond of Bowie is very interesting. Bowie Sings Boy of Character, he lyrical introduction to this collection, and then repeats with Massive Attack that adds another whimsical touch to a CD. Another adds, entertaining, bundle all the prejudices was the number is Reason Can Can Can!! For Fatboy Slender the one who has not produced the bad so only for the soundtrack still. An alcohol to Mill the clearly exited rouge in all these numbers.
Are any defender of a divas this sings Lady Marmalade for this will not spend test on he in this description. Boys of a Revolution that characteristic U2 Credit is not very memorable.
Ossia The CD that will surprise you and to good sure will touch you. I am looking forward to a film - with such the soundtrack, has to be something more! And I want to see Nicole Kidman extracted Sparkling Diamonds Material Daughter in person. And here the sound sings to Come That May with Ewan onscreen. Amorous.
5 / 5 Neomi
Has bought this soundtrack suddenly. Masters so much to expect until all a frenzy ceases. But expósito that perhaps my feelings and legitimate "lust" for a music for Baz epic later remake of French social revolution in a Mill it the rouge is besides a control of me. Has has listened songs (swipes, quite) likes Coming That May, Your Song (Elton John) and (of course) LADY MARMALADE in a radio and throughout Singapore, and has thought really would owe that do this part of gems of my collection of music. It is interesting endeavour the one who small a crew and crew of the music dipped in to exit with the soundtrack that far surpasses sucedido of leading mammoth like Titanic, Pearl Habor and included An Earth Before Time. Insuperable collaborations with masters of music and think tanks of remake-wizards: A ROUGE of MILL! The soundtrack there is relived each scene of a film and of course an original essence of a notorious French nightclub of a @@@1900s. He Tango Of Roxanne has come like this enough the good surprise for his distinctively Spanish touch in spite of Milling French Rouge-English (and oh he, Bohemian) setting. Some interpreters also are blowing, Ewan has the shockingly choral and powerful voice (would have to that it has done the artist of only better!), While Kidman horrified me with his wide row (Hindi Sad Diamonds). One the only remorse is that a soundtrack does not have the papers have comprised, and ossia quite the fair has bitten of the injustice done to the musical-soundtrack. If you are looking for crazy remakes of to the the pleasant songs like to Like A Virgin, Spectacular Spectacular (Can Can Dance) and A Show Has to that Go in, could be disappointed as they are not comprised in a CD.
4 / 5 Santo
I really wants to give this title 5 tax of stars. This in spite of, in that saw it a first film to take is one, chair this OST is very incomplete.
Several clues are a lot well, especially "Coming That May" and "He Tango of Roxanne". A prime minister an east the very good and lovely amour song. While a last is a rendition "Roxanne", the song written for Sting. And He Tango Of Roxanne is a better among these two, for my flavour. It goes well with a corresponding scene in a film, and stands well in his own, with his spicy, your sad , depressed. Some other clues have comprised is also well. Amur Of elephant Medley, a medley of songs very known a lot of, is a lot well, and ape. Chico of character (the 1st a) and Hindi Diamante Sad, is another remarkable some.
In general, all some songs have done the very good collection of songs. One of a bests never done for has accompanied some films in of the recent years... MAY...
Well, Is very incomplete. For chance (and especially), where is "A Show Has to that Go in", which is, IMHO, one of some better songs in a film (another some have Come That May , version of film, and He Tango of Roxanne)? This one is very beautiful rendition, really loves it!. Also "Like the Virgin", the ape rendition of the song of Madonna. And, also, where it is a "Final", which has to has contained the different version (and a bit better) to Come The May? Without these songs (and some another), that Strawberry the rouge could not be like this as well as it is.
I do I an additional CD, complete with some dialogues among characters of some corresponding scenes (for example, in a scene that "A Show Has to that Go in" it has been sung), like a second CD of Soundtrack of Braveheart.
5 / 5 Janeth
Has been said this soundtrack was quite terrible, but has begun with a song "Amur of Elephant Medley" of Napster and feverishly moved in each another song, and expósito to to that did not like so only of a flange of some actors, but found a "old" the new and good-looking music. Has has had to that then take a CD. First song dips a dizzying, tragic, and in general your colour. David Bowie "Chico of Character", presented with the ache of Ewan McGregor stricken monologue, is a epitamy to pursue, and a last unexpected note sent to full fledged cold.
A diverse character the songs sung is of sound: "Amur of Elephant Medley" it is one of a better, incredibly captivating, and in the the looks of time likes them is of own song ; "Coming That May" it is gorgeously fact; "Your Song" all has renewed ballad way with simple and energetic agreements of McGregor and good-looking orchestrations; Kidman "A Day will fly Was" it is, entirely, precursor to a rest of a tragedy to follow. Kidman can sing...; "Hindi Sad Diamonds" it is the romp and buzzes with an energy that is a Rouge of Mill; "Diamonds" it is breathy and like this so much...
Joined several songs of mecer on here is returning and although they do not like them so much, finds that a sheer ingenuity of of a soundtrack for some works to film perfectly with a film and for pure listening purpose. It is the good-looking collaboration of the music and I find it uncommonly and strangely adictiva for the soundtrack of film.
5 / 5 Domingo
In the first place it was, enormous film! Having to that hate musicals, but this was fresh and súper entertainment for now one. Looking in this soundtrack the weeks of pair before I have seen a film, was bit it concerned in an inclusion of so that Ewan and cast of Nicole, still, these are resulted some of my favourite songs in a disk. All the world will be suprised with some complete talents of both Kidman and McGregor, so much have the voices add as well as súper acting skills.
Now partorisca a rest of some tunes... A Fatboy the Slender number is the entertainment , almost caseous class of scorcher, but does well. Both clues of Bowie are simply utmost, although some boys to Attack Macizos pocolos in a way to improve in a prime minister a . A Rufus Wainwright the song is sum and give the a lot of "French" it feels to a half last of a CD. Beck Is and Credit glam has spent of the was is quite well also, but really pale to some originals. A Hindu the song of Diamante is the really fresh number , full of samples and beaten utmost that one can reconize of some previews. The majority of these songs has the a lot of catchy quality to them, obviously this is to achieve quite easily when calm already know a tune.
One a macula is a truely terrible Lady Marm-or-Fat Remake. This song was done totally to move unit to an auditor without education. Entirely on-done with 3 note surfing queens and a a-talented rapper. Upper 40 corporate pop in him is worse. Skip This a song and your left with the utmost soundtrack of the film adds.
4 / 5 Marhta
Any that some of these songs have not been of sound for his original artists, but Baz Lurhmann the use of them says a history to Mill the rouge done these more fun songs this in spite of more powerful. They are usually any one the enormous defender of Theatre of Music, but Baz tentativa to spend it behind to a cinema is the worthy artistic test .
A film is in general add, at least original and contains the direction of art adds. Personally it prefers a first half of a film, and seat a same way in this Soundtrack. All an emotion and the extravagance is everything in a front. Different some musicals (ie:HIRE), an album does not say a history so only. The majority of a music has to that be thought of in context of the settings and the dialogue of a film.
Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor can not be some better singers, but there is the abonos esal' qualities to his voices that the collected there will be you singing to the long of. A 'Elephant Medley' is wonderful and always the fun setting of songs of amour of the pop to listen (sound an only way can be listen the 'always will want to you'). Crown Marmalade is a cut is familiarised with of a MTV video, but no a mix that is in a film.
That am sad to see that it loses in this Soundtrack that is wonderful in a film is a plus whymsical numbers like pectacular Spectacular'/ esound of Emission of Music'/'Boys of a Revolution' medlies of a boho is ('the Tone' and a Green Fairy), and a hilarious 'As the Virgin' number. It prefers they have left it has been 'the fly Was' for kidman in exhange for one of this missing uptempo humourous songs. But alas, in general ossia the album adds to have in your collection for at least his uniqueness and entertainment of pop of culture.
4 / 5 Shan
Mills The rouge is the phenomenal film that all the world has to that see, and a soundtrack is like this phenomanal. Look: See a first film to take a soundtrack, ruins the pocolos surprised that you will not enjoy so much has listened him already. Nicole Kidman is perfectly sexy and Ewan McGregor is like this ardent. Has the voices add-no, but the turn perfectly near and a so much sing with like this passion that will fall you enamoured with some songs sing. The majority of noteably is the diamonds are Some Better Fellow daughters and An Elephant Medley. 2 songs that mixes 70 is and 80 pops. One the majority of good-looking clue has Come That May , a better ballad of a year that is a better tearjerker song to look the long time. Other points have underlined to comprise a sexy remake of Lady Marmalde that is everything of you has listened. Christina Tapes, Mya purrs, Lil Kim rap, and resplandores Rosa in a coverage that the fact one of some better clues of a year. Costs arrived recently is wonderful in his version of new dance of Rythym of a Night. His vocals is strong and hopefully will be to release the alone of full period cd objective. If you have loved a film an album will not disappoint , except the few songs that was in a no comprised film in a soundtrack. If any calm calms it still dress will love it but will not know a meaning behind all some songs. Any way sees a film, buy a soundtrack. Hopefully Will love it To you so to the equal that has done.
5 / 5 Micha
To be sincere with you has bought so only an album because it look in that a listing of clue and there is it remarked has had Fatboy Slender, Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya, Rosa, Beck, and David Bowie, as it looks the add compraventa.
(1)Chico of Character
David Bowie
a song adds and slow.
(2)Crown Marmalade
Mya, Rosa, Lil' Kim, and Christina
if you have not listened this song is living under the rock.
(3)Reason can
Fatboy Slender
a mix of club and a mix of only club in a cd
(4)Sparkling Diamonds
Nicole Kidman, Jim Broadbent, Caroline O'Connor, Natalie Mendoza, and Lara Mulcahy
Some combinations of songs of Madonna "Material Daughter" and "the diamonds are the better fellow daughters " famous fact of Marilyn Monroe
(5)Rhythm of a night
would cost
A song orginally of Debarge and a lot really likes to of me when skirt with him and a remake is not very better. Be you a judge
(6)Yours Song
Ewan McGregor and Alessandro Safina
The one who has known a type of the wars of Estrella can sing.
A quite emotional song with Alessandro sings in a background
(7)Boys of a revolution
Credit, Gavin Friday, and Maurice Seezer
These rocks of song of an extreme to the another.
(8)A day the'll the fly was
Nicole Kidman
A smooth ballad
(9)Dogs of Diamante
Produced for Timbaland how is a song has to that be good. With his eerie start to the his uptempo well, this song is one of a better
(10)melody of amour of the Elephant
Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor and Jamie Allen
Another combination of resung songs of Dolly Parton, David Bowie, Elton John and a lot another
(11)Come to be able to
Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor
An only duet among a two of them. A romantic ballad, the small to caseous for my flavour
(12)He Tango of Roxanne
Ewan McGregor, Jose Feliciano and Jacek Koman
Some Police is of tower. Based in a swipe of a Sting grupal was in.
(13)Querella Of the Butte
Rufus Wainwright
A ballad song in complete French (if it can not say of a title)
(14)Hindi sad diamonds
Nicole Kidman, John Leguizamo and Alka Yagnik
Probably a song of better dance in a cd.
(15)Chico of Character
David Bowie and Massive Attack
Ossia the resung remade or so only it remezcla of this song. Grave amazing in this song, if it likes-you the tomb.
4 / 5 Esta
In hindsight, soyoulin Rouge' was a film that sparked a renaissance of a musical film in a @@@2000s. Like a film, a soundtrack is pastiche of old and musical forms informative, blending showtunes, pops, electronica, travesía hop and meso-oriental influences seemlessly to the collage coloreado. Still although a lot today the majority of influential artists, comprising Beck, David Bowie, Fatboy Slender and Credit is looked, some the better songs are a some have taken directly of a film. Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor is 'Come to be able to' is the beautiful timeless duet, while 'He Tango Of Roxanne', esparkling Diamonds' and 'Amur of Elephant medley' capture a splendour and mystic of some musical numbers a lot well. Still although a film has been critiqued for his inclusion of music of modern pop in his @@@1800s frame, think that a manager of music deserves credit to be that it dares enough to be different. 'Dogs of diamond' for Beck is possibly one of his better songs of then 'Diablesa' Cut' of peel', while 'Rhythm of a night' stops would cost and 'Lady Marmalade' for Christina Aguilera and band, captures an alcohol of the nightclub shows a lot well. In general, this album is wins to a showbiz mote concealed 'the show has to that go in', any one @subjects that raisin. We can not remain some same all a time, this transmission is unavoidable, and all have to that give support and spend on.
5 / 5 Carroll
The mill Prays Is a eclectic mixes of originals, songs of coverage and medleys a lot of sung by stars Nicole of a film Kidman & Ewan MacGregor. While it neither Tops Kidman or Gentleman MacGregor will do forgets some other artists in an album like Beck or Credit, his he credible labour plus in his songs. Crown Kidman vocals is the little light, but has the breathy and airy voice that perfectly takes his function of kitten of the sex of a film. Gentleman MacGregor has it sturdy voice and is better in an only original song that he and duet of Kidman of the Lady on, "Coming That May", that in his version of Elton John "Your Song". It does not have a subtlety in his voice has required to do a song really work. "Amur Of elephant Medley" it is the fun song with his combination of songs adds. Beck & Timbaland Do an amazing version of David Bowie "Dogs of Diamante". Beck Accionas Ladies that the chameleon of Bowie likes qualified to change his image, how is pertinent that has spent one of his songs. Looks of Bowie of the gentleman with help of the Massive attacks in some solids "Chico of Character". "Crown Marmalade" it is the sexy and sassy coverage of a Labelle swipe for Christina Aguliera, Lil' Kim, Mya and Rosa and so only like an original is the number a swipe. The mill Prays Is an interesting and enjoyable listen and looks to take an essence of a film quite well.
5 / 5 Jacklyn
"Rouge to mill", As well as a film he, is a travesía musical amazing by means of modern and classical songs & music. With the only and often lacking perspective in songs of coverage, this album -- in spite of his thick character musical composition -- is not for all the world.
"Rouge to mill", Baz Luhrmann Third adventure to a filming and mondo musical, is to good sure the soundtrack that invigorates and intensifies one is alcohol and dance . There is so only an original song in a whole film, "Coming That May", one the amazing duet among Kidman and McGregor concealed is not so only extremely heart-felt, but overwhelmingly beautiful and astonishingly orchestrated.
"Crown Marmalade", an only released (and overplayed) is quite contagious in his atmosphere to dance while "Your Song" and "He Tango of Roxanne" it remains it underlines that show an amazing talent of the amazing voice of Ewan McGregor. "Elephant Medley" it is also one astonishingly so only and intriguing clue, that mixes the variety of songs of popular amour (same "always I will want to You") to the big near among Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor.
Recommends this title so that they enjoy so only and exhilerating music -- but for those with strongly of open alcohols. A music is different and does not compare like the integer to an extremely poppy "Crown Marmalade".
4 / 5 Wonda
Has in the first place given this CD 2 ! Boo! hiss! hiss!,... I know. But after seeing "Rouge to Mill" that has to that be one of some better films have done in some last 10 years, inspired me partorisca touch a soundtrack again, which now has the stops of complete recognition.
Thinks that precise to see an in the first place first film of calm really can have a recognition for this soundtrack. It was bad of the jueza first of a film.
Of "Elephant Medley" to Fatboy Slender to Roxanne Tango this CD mecer. I owe that say although a "Crown Marmalade" which am tired already to listen in a radio is well, but is used in a film so only in brief (thank you advantage), but that fails in this soundtrack is his wonderful and hilarious rendition of Madonnas "Like A Virgin", which takes this film in his some hilarious side of of the this .
In general although a CD is a lot well, Ewan McGregor has a lot of vocals, likes endeavour of Kidman of Nicole after the maintenances listens his is quite well, how is his action in a film that feels read OSCAR .
Like this transmission my description of 2 to 4 stars that @gives is is the very good soundtrack, any 5 - reason with the soundtrack would owe that have all some endeavours, and without "Like A Virgin" it loses the little bit of his impulses of Mill of Rouge.
5 / 5 Gabriela
Ossia One of some better soundtracks there is not founding never, in of the terms of varieties, innovation and value of general entertainment.
A eponymous 'Crown Marmalade' avert, ossia for real one the majority of exceptional king-working of classical songs, and together rows in a 'Broadway Forbidden' serious likes one of one all-time greats. The points have underlined particular is David Bowie is 'Chico of Character', full of melancholy and heavy gothic emotion, which never once results overstated or cloying, 'Querella of the Butte' for Rufus Wainwright, he touching and beautiful lovesong sung in french and english, and Beck is rendition of some classical 'Dogs of Diamante'.
A surprise here is the voice of Lady Kidman - although technically any one a better singer in a world, directs to pull of the his showstopping parkling Diamonds' with like this charisma and flavour like his 'A Day will fly Was' - the version, which in my opinion, adapted some papers and your of a better song that Randy Crawford original.
Although any everything of some better pieces of the music of a film is in this CD, well possess for a sheer quality of production. People those who have not seen a film still will be impressed for like this different and refreshing this CD is.
4 / 5 Janey
Are taste, and love of a soundtrack to a film soyoulin Rouge,' be prepared to rid on some extra cash. An only way to take a "real" soundtrack to Mill the rouge is to buy both Rouge of Mill, and the complete sound cd, Rouge of Mill 2, to take some better songs of a soundtrack.
This cd resembles has been done for people those who only never listened of Rouge to Mill to listen that his a cd "Crown Marmalade" it is on. In planting to resupply some wonderful actions of the stars of a film, is to give souped-arrive versions of studio of some songs, has drawn the Lady of trail Marmalade on some maps, sometimes included sung by stars of famous pop (likes David Bowie). Well, as the majority of some songs originally have BEEN sung by stars of famous pop; this in spite of, these are not some versions of original film that the defenders of a film want to listen.
Felizmente, or perhaps designedly, a GENTLEMAN to produce place out of the second cd, which comprises soyaterial that import' as spectacular, Spectacular,' 'To the equal that to Virgin,' and 'A Show Has to that Go in,' that has forgotten to dip in a prime minister CD. It has given this CD 3 stars, a plus of me has been bent to the the principle, because of another material that the import has dipped on that. Ewan McGregor is 'Yours Song' is the naturalidad standout. Another is some full versions of Fatboy Slender is 'Reason can,' and Beck is 'Dogs of Diamante,' and Rufus Wainwright' atmospheric 'Querella of the Butte.'
Is a reigning monarch of defenders of music of the pop, then this cd could sustain calm in a long career. Otherwise, Save your pence and buy Rouge of Mill 2.
5 / 5 Eleonor
I have bought this good album when skirt, included before the a lot of people had listened Lady Marmalade, because of a Beck songs and some songs for Massive attack, as they are some of my bands of favourite/artists. But with which has seen them finally a film, has obtained them the whole new perception and recognition for this soundtrack. A film is one of one the majority of intriguing, stunningly adds musicals the has not seen never, and also one of my personal favourite films of all time. A song that nicole sings "someday the'll the flies was" it is my preferred , and is stunningly goregous. This album has class of state it fluke for a mainstream. An album is for artsy people usually to indie film (as they are them) and musicals. This film and the soundtrack is not mainstream. Crown Marmalade there is misguided an integer maistream. We locate a subject of this last night, and one of my friends has said "Doubt, if this film is anything like this video, im the seeing!" Tip that miseducated mainstream america is in this film, but without this song, a film would have done roughly 1/5 that has done it the now. And it is one of a cup 35 grossing film of 2001. If youve seen a film, probably already possess a soundtrack, or is in decline to take it. Definately Buy yes calm of the that has.
5 / 5 Nicolle
Mixing room of music and work with occasional doses of rap, tango, jazz, French song, electronica and bollywood fashionable music, Mill the soundtrack of the rouge is that he tin to good sure called hyper-eclectic. As you can see of a cast of clue, anything of your Song to the boy of Character and Roxanne has been launched in, reworked, rearranged and control renewed and no only near, work astonishingly well. Some signals underlined to comprise the version of David Bowie of Boy of Character, a hyperactive Sparkling Diamonds (a medley of the diamonds Are the Better Fellow Daughter and Material Daughter) sung for Nicole Kidman, and an operatic version of Elton John is Your wonderfully treated Song for a multitalented Ewan McGregor. Other tentativas are achieved less, Cristina Aguilera-Rosa-Lil Kim-etc. Tops Marmalade is quell'has bitten lacklustre and Fatboy Slender is Reason Can is annoyingly repetitive.
A CD of prime minister resembles plot of coverages and remixes concealed has not been used in a film, but a second CD is done on almost totally of music that was in fact in a film. Calm here will find a version of film of Sparkling Diamonds, the wonderfully operatic version of A Show Has to that Go in sung for Jim excellent Broadbent, roughly a lot of good-looking instrumental music and he remezcla of A Day will fly has gone by Nicole Kidman ossia like this as well as the version used in a film. A smaller complaint: Kylie Minogue is extremely pleasant rendition of A Sound of Music is sorely has lost!
5 / 5 Sophia
To call this fabulous resumido of music of Baz Luhrmann recent film, Rouge to Mill the soundtrack is extending a definition. It is the CD has modified to do to to some maps like single for of several artists, any so much to exhibit a clue of the his of a film because several numbers of the production of a lacking film. In spite of, it presents in fast succession, some significant vocal clues for Bowie, Aguilera, Lil' Kim, and to the., I Credit, Ruffus Wainwright and Fatboy Slender ,whose "Reason can" it is far better that in a film he. That a do one more is shop window Ewan the talent of flange of McGregor. While some can fawn on Nicole Kidman tweetie-bird soprano qualified to trill big C, is Ewan McGregor qualified to dip in "Your Song" and his harmony of strong baritone to "Roxanne" as well as a lot other familiar contemporary songs that marks this value of CD that shabby. So that has Ewan known could sing, or has lost his vocal talents in of the films like Velvets Goldmine, A Less Normal Life, and Emma, that Strawberry the rouge gives an auditor the stunning introduction to the impressive vocal capacity of McGregor. As to to the brilliant likes him the film is, a CD is like this wonderful and an addition to any collection.
5 / 5 Elza
Was a lack of record company. It is Baz Lurhmann would not have agreed to never emission the "soundtrack" to his ROUGE to MILL wanted to that has looked of like this of pocolos in fact have listened songs (in these renditions) in a film.
Sure, listening to this compilation of songs has looked in MILLING the ROUGE is amused--but will be disappointed thinks that that you are taking a version of film. Some songs sung for Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman are here in his original state (excepts it remixed version of "Coming That May," that a work of better song like the song that like the dramatic moment is in a film), how is to good tune for Rufus Wainwright.
But missing is some of the points have underlined true of a film: "A Tone (Spectacular! Spectacular!)," "To the equal that to Virgin," and a real medley comprising "Crown Marmalade" and "to to the Smells likes him-him the alcohol of Adolescent." Instead, we take TWO VERSIONS of "Chico of Character" (so only a duquel sounds like a version of film), to horrible tune for Beck (looked because of the reference to "Dogs of Diamante" in a screenplay), and he lackluster version of "Boys of a Revolution."
Will enjoy so that it is--but be warned, will owe VOLUME of compraventa 2. And still then, it remain to want to--while--and while--for the VOLUME 3.
4 / 5 Lachelle
Absolutely love this CD, in spite of his quirks and shortcomings. I think that that some deserts he even more charming. Nicole Kidman, while any soaring pop diva, the wonderful labour flange, included when it can a lot enough marks some notes. His confidence is admirable. It touches more on 'Come That May', a duet with Ewan MacGregor. I have known already Ewan could sing, and his voice is powerful. But, Nicole was to good sure the pleasant surprise.
An out of-felt of beaten of the humour of some anachronisms of music of the laws to pop extremely a lot here, particularly in 'Tango of Roxanne'. I am disappointed a hysterical version of 'As the Virgin' of a film no that to a CD, or Jim Broadbent fantastic escómo Has to that Go in'. Master 'Hindi Sad Diamonds', he juicy mixes of Indian music and American pop. Although I love the inaugural version of David Bowie of 'Chico of Character' has wanted also to listen a version John Leguizama has sung in a film. I do not have any one argues with any of some elections in a CD, but the desire had added some three songs that there is enjoyed of a film.
Ossia The CD maintains to listen the on and on. It is not brilliant, but is pure entertainment , and does not take too seriously.
5 / 5 Michaela
A triumph. This beautiful, evocative CD STARTS were with David Bowie in "Chico of Character" - An environmental, song of melancholy that together a way for this sad vision, glorious of Baz Luhrmann is. A Divas door the rousing, the version fixed closely of this classical 70 hymn of boxes of bad daughter, "Crown Marmalade", and Christina, Rosa, Mya, and Law'l Kim he in fashion. Fatboy Volume of slender Knots to Beat he/of party of football-Can with "Reason can", the thumping, throbbing interlude, and ...In the Then avenged to a cream in this wonderful cake: Nicole and Ewan. Anything listened, negligences, and LISTEN to a music!! The heart of Nicole-rending "Someday will fly Was" it spends tears to one the majority of jaded eyes, and some sweet poignancy with that sings paste a PERFECT note. Ewan "Your Song" it is a piec'and of control- pure voice , clears His , good-looking will impact everything, and some arrangements in this one is big, beautiful, and while a Man of Work was wonderful, has not been necessary, for Ewan needs any accompaniment to do well of look, and this song is a centerpiece of a CD. It is so only. The bear says, an improvement in a version of John of Elton sublimate? True. It Duet of Nicole and Ewan "Coming That May" it is another big a, destined, thinks to be a song of big pair prójimo, in a tradition of "Amur Endless" - Enormous song, production of fijamente/wonderful. Ewan & the lessons of the flange of Nicole has paid was fantastically & they would owe that be a lot proud. Ewan can easily follows to Big Broadway he like this election. Nicole is wonderful also. Some other songs, some samples, And & N doing Beatles And Paul & the wings in a SONG is priceless !!! All more excellent, but has underlined a standouts. CD will GROW IN CALM EVERY TIME LISTEN HIS, And ALL THE SONGS GELES TOGETHER SEAMLESSLY - the HATS WERE To BAZ, BECK, BOWIE, CREDIT, STILL To the 2 STARS OF THE FILM! NOTE To BAZ: IF HAS MORE THAN SONGS in the TURN, One The' GLADIATOR 2, aprisa WAS And The TAKE MOVING IMMEDIATELY !!!!
5 / 5 Leigh
Agrees a last time when a soundtrack to Baz Luhrmann Romeo & Juliet was such the big swipe . This time is any exception . A soundtrack is fill with glam rock, travesía of hip and stunning musical clues.
A Missy Eillott has produced 1 Lady to attack Marmalade begins a soundtrack was but this is not a point has underlined. Some clues for actors Ewan McGreggor and Nicole Kidman is a real extracted. With experiences of small leading flange, an emotion of duet and dazzles with a variety of songs. Nicole resplandores in a fusion of Diamonds Is A Better Fellow Daughter and Material Daughter. It gives more in a relational A Day will fly Was, Amour of Elephant Medley & Coming That May. Similarly for Ewan on Elton John is Your Song & He Tango Of Roxanne more his collaborations with Nicole.
Oter standout The clues comprise a Timaland-produced, Beck-treaty remake of the dogs of Diamond of David Bowie. Included Lose Daine Warren and David Forster his like this more incredible here. It can not believe the rhythm of A Night was the composition of Warren of Targets.
A lot of hesistate, the mill Prays is one of these films or gotta clock and his soundtrack or gotta compraventa. Relish!
5 / 5 Luvenia
Are not the big defender of soundtracks of films, but after seeing Rouge of Mill in a 'Big Screen', has not done a lot of hesitation. Ossia For far a better soundtrack has not listened never, some songs here are incredible. It is it has taken mostly it loan songs with altred papers to return a history of an end, which is quite creative.
A better some that can recommend for you to listen to the east:
-Crown Marmalade
-It Tango of Roxanne
-Sparkling Diamonds
-Amour of Elephant Medley
-Yours Song
-Come Which Can
LOVE a whole CD, but, those are my preferred . It does not take my word, the controls was, and listen his. And you go to see a film or taking a CD, is quell'has bitten better to know some original songs, becuase can see a difference of an original version to a version of film. Calm also will take some laughs when you listen some songs in this CD. There is also some songs that is remained was, wait that is doing the 2nd CD to complete a whole soundtrack of this film.
Considering now, am listening to this CD almost newspaper to expect for a DVD of this film. They are really that anticipates an emission with more characteristics in a film.
Esperanza Or pleasure.
5 / 5 Sol
I really hope that do the second Mill audible Band of Rouge, reason some songs of a film are missing on this, but that it is on is enough to maintain me satisfied. Everything in this C.D. It is a lot of--included some songs that is not sung by some actors in a film (as 'Lady Marmalade' and 'Reason Beat-Can'). Ewan McGregor is a point has underlined main for me on this album. His rendition of 'Yours Song' blow me' out of a water every time, and equally is that it surprises in some duets of amour with Nicole Kidman ('Come That May' and 'An Amour of Elephant Medly'). Nicole Kidman is also adds in this album. His voice of flange is the little toneless, but his row is strong, and she well with 'A Day will fly Was' and 'the diamonds Are the Daughter ' Better Friend.' Another pleasant surprise is Rufus Wainwright. Although I have listened of him, has any one has listened never sing before. His song, 'Querella Of the Butte,' is a lot of French, and has the emphasis adds to match. This C.D. It is it adds for people those who have not seen a film and wants to take the little exposure, or so that they have seen a film and can not take some songs out of his boss.
4 / 5 Georgina
The hate when I see film where some actors in him are suppositions to sing but can a lot of - touch terrible! And everything a moment am thinking: "Jeez, types! Calm can not sing! Clave with one acting thing!" But so only listen to Ewen McGregor and Nicole Kidman in fact can SING! And they he a lot well, also. Everything of some songs in this soundtrack of MILL of ROUGE for Ewen McGregor and Nicole Kidman is excellent reason has strong talents , vocal solids and Ewen the voice of McGregor is like this good-looking! And of course, I want a "Crown Marmalade" song for Christina Aguilera, Rosa, Lil' Kim, and Mya - they all active awesome vocals and is a perfect combination . A song is a lot of catchy, there is not remarked for now. Some other songs in this soundtrack are WELL, but some songs for Ewen McGregor, Nicole Kidman, and "Crown Marmalade" it is to good sure a better and some signals underlined of a soundtrack. I can not expect see a film - look really a lot of - and a soundtrack is like this amazing. It goes to see a film and buy a soundtrack. I can gaurentee will want to both!
5 / 5 Abbey
A soundtrack to an audacious visual banquet ghastly of the film for Baz Luhrmann in the each way has surpassed my expectations. With the wide row of the music of a Latin has beaten of 05) Rhythm of a Night, to classical rock 07) Boys of a Revolution, the frenzy of modern day 03) Because we can, the French serenade 04) Querella of the Butte, to Indian medley 05) Hindi Sad Diamonds, this CD is the fabulous anthology of some different facets that Rouge to Mill done a musical such the gem. And another thing, Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor are utmost singers, and his versility like the interpreters penetrate by means of the each alone clue that looks his vocal courage. Kidman calm, mature, but a time still exuberant voice blends perfectly with McGregor boyish, your charming , saturated. And listening to some clues for real take you behind to some scenes deslumbrantes of a film because a CD such the good work that collects some condiments of a Rouge of Mill: of decadence the innocence, of perdición the salvation, of audacity the chagrin... Wow, it can not taking the touching. Really.
4 / 5 Vonda
Surely ossia one of one the majority of original and thrilling films of 2001 ... And ossia one of some albums some odd and more thrilling plus that a summer.
Forgets a gueto-fabulous coverage of "Crown Marmalade". It is not all that. Buy this album instead for some wonderful clues that Nicole characteristic Kidman and Ewan Macgregor singing classical songs of history of pop in lushly orchestrated, arrangements of musical theatre that arriesgadamente announce - he like this done a film that comes from/come from - that musical Hollywood has not died.
One strangely diplomado "Elephantine Amur Medley" soars and included can spend the tear or two to your eye, such is a youthful and naively optimistic feeling expósito therein. For some reason, my favourite clue is "Hindi Sad Diamonds", the tribute to a Bollywood musical ... Where more can listen Lady Kidman sings (or is flange?) In Hindi in the swirling Oriental percussion?
Mills The rouge is intrepid, is garish, is Baz Luhrmann by means of and by means of. Master or hate, his work is undeniably visionary.
5 / 5 Lorenza
Has loved a film to the equal that has had to that buy a soundtrack. I enjoyed it so much that has has had to that take touching he for the few days because I knew it virtually by heart! ( It can have understudied for the function in this point.) A type in one record tent said all the world is buying this because of "Lady Marmalade." It is certainly the very good song but no a dead drop standout for me. My preferred is Sting "Roxanne" fact for a mould, comprising Ewan McGregor, the one who launch that to the tango sequence of dance. Each yard McGregor is on is glorious also. David Bowie the work adds in an old tune, "Chico of Character." There it has no the bad number in a whole soundtrack and sure contains variety of a musical has left virtually any gender untouched. Nicole Kidman also done the very good work. It does not go to be never the singer of advantage in place of a actora but comes by means of, especially in his numbers with McGregor. A plus a big plus this in spite of is that it is an easier way the revisit in your imagination an absolutely glorious film.
4 / 5 Mariko
Has seen a film, will know that wonderfully wacky and has beaten was is. This album follows one same mainstream to the songs of pops likes him the rhythm Of A Night to an excellent version of Diamonds Is Some Better Fellow Daughters, this album is the way adds to king-live a magic of a film. Of course, a big more drawcard is a casualidad to listen Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman sing, and measure on a lot amiably. His vocal talents are exhibited in several clues, but a point has underlined would owe that be Amour of Elephant Medley - the collage of a lot of songs of amour, where Nicole and Ewan really resplandor in his vocal capacities. Another standout the clue is Diamonds Is Some Better Fellow daughters, with Nicole in advantage vocals. This would have be a better version of this song - the throughly modern version of the wonderful classical. A light disappointment is an exclusion of 'AS virgin' - has seen a film, would know like hilarious this version is. Calm the favour - gone and see a film and buy this CD!
4 / 5 Zana
Are like this disappointed that so the songs are missing. I have seen so only a film two times, still has songs still touching in my boss that is not in this sountrack. Course Ford listed Him, and that in a techno version of "Coming That May" ossia in a portion of Extra of a DVD?
Actuate A lot has preferred to to the Smells likes him-him/the lady Marmalade, A Show Has to that Go in, Like A Virgin, a dialogue of Roxanne, David Bowie and Beck pieces in this CD. And I To THE EQUAL THAT has has loved Boys of a Revolution/A Sound of Music to be on here, any to mention Spectacular, Spectacular. And "Reason can" it has not gone included really in a film but for the tiny has bitten. It goes figure. If another REGIME of CD, are by train of the take, but would have preferred the double CD dips is necessary, has released immediately.
3 stars for any in that have some songs want to, but at least some of them are really enjoyable and evoke a good film. And it has liked him a booklet to have some words of some songs, any only some titles. They are still happy has bought a soundtrack, and to my husband really likes him to him a bit songs too--I so only expected more.
4 / 5 Marco
Included has been disappointed that we do not take hardly any of a fantastic bookmark that touched by means of some credits of finals of an end of a money of Rouge to Mill the state , this soundtrack is certainly the plausible soundtrack. The a lot of songs are sung for a mould, these songs are some better some. Some clues More the highly enjoyed in this CD would have to that be 2 - Lady Marmalade, 4 - Sparkling Diamonds, 6 - Yours Song, 14 - Hindi Sad Diamonds and 16 - Come The May. All these songs and abundance another matches a film astonishingly well and is sung clearly and elegantly. This CD in time feels likes goes to burst out of a player because some drums, vocals and the electrical guitars are like this unusually powerful. Baz Luhrmann Certainly knows like this to write film, directs him and choose good songs for the CD. Sheesh! A type deserves the medal. Although it Mills the soundtrack of the rouge certainly does not create to some amazing levels of a film, but is the flavour adds of prejudices of life-club that can one films stops. Highly recommended!
5 / 5 Clementina
Love this soundtrack. When I Have been to see this film, was skeptical that it was very a lot of -- Especially after listening that one of my good friends not even could seat by means of some premiers thirty minutes. ( There is something seriously bad with his, this in spite of!) It was very surprised with a whole film. I have not had any idea that went it to be full by heart, dressed of funky, the music adds, and some movements of crazy camera. I have had to that buy a soundtrack well with which. "Crown Marmalade" treaty by stars of pops of today, is like this funky and refreshing... I can not take enough of him. I have had also any idea that to expect when it avenges Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman belting out of first tunes to see a film. McGregor has an extremely strong voice and Kidman is the delight to listen to. You the perfect pair when they sing together -- still like this another reason to buy this soundtrack. If it buy the soundtrack this year, buy a soundtrack to Mill Rouge -- has seen a film or no.
5 / 5 Hyacinth
Is the little odd that Mill the rouge is such the film adds , with such stunning music, this in spite of can not spawn the decent soundtrack CD. In striving to find a balance among pop CD and album of musical soundtrack, delivery neither.
"Rouge of mill 2" it Comprises songs I desire had been in an original soundtrack, but is still disappoints. A fantastic "to to the Smells likes him-gliela lady Marmalade" it is noticeable losing. I marvel me if they could not take some legislations of Nirvana. "Tom" it is comprised, but no a version of full film. There is some unneeded remixes concealed does not add any value to a CD. It have loved a full version of "Lucido Tango of Roxanne."
Expects that the true musical soundtrack will be liberta, with everything of a "Version of Original Film" songs in mandate and with a pertinent dialogue has comprised. Baz Has done the work adds to resurrect a musical film. It maintains on a good work with the soundtrack of two disks CD.
5 / 5 Lanelle
Like reason so only the give four stars?
Has seen a film in the first place and is exited and has taken a "soundtrack"
without even verifying some songs on that. A film is incredible and a way has fixed (or has to that it says them king-fijamente)the songs in him is fresh and moving. It listens to Ladies McGregor sings "Your Song" it is an incredible experience and a "Amur of Elephant Medley" it is both beast and wonderfully romantic.
But when the buy the soundtrack of the film that was in fact billed like the musical, expect all a so only a some some producer has decided would sell a better CD. I have lost really an arrangement of "Like the Virgin" and also You Reign "A Show Has to that Go in". An orchestration in "Show" it is cost dipping it on a CD.
And that roughly "Spectacular, Spectacular"? Well, like this Offenbach has not written a goofy papers but his silliness the the value that dips in a like this-the soundtrack has called.
Still, yes there is enjoyed a film, takes this cd. Each song on is the swipe .
5 / 5 Ebony
A lot informative first: Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman have any question that sells soundtrack ballads and room of mark of music. Both have pleasant voices, and quite a lot of acting ribs to take these songs on on character so only. For his part, McGregor resplandores in his on Elton John "Your Song". A rest of a CD is heavy slogging this in spite of crazy medleys ("Sparkling Diamonds") and misguided remakes (Beck version of cooks of tank of "Dogs of Diamante" frames an already difficult song prójima impenetrable). There are points has underlined, this in spite of: "Crown Marmalade" it is impossible to destroy, and Christina Aguilera, and to the, a proud song; Rufus Wainwright simple piano ballad "Querella of the Butte" it is an oasis in a midst of chaos, and "Hindi Sad Diamonds" it is the Bollywood together musical to heavy metal. How it is, this in spite of, a collection is schizophrenic -- perhaps a film will give these songs his pertinent meaning and answer.

Top Customer Reviews: Motion ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
Formed: Audio CD An of a better never album of jazz !!!
4 / 5
Formed: CD of Audio has been excited partorisca learn that A Cinematic Orchestra there has been more album others that "Motion". After reading some descriptions, looks this album was a low plus in a pole of totem, this in spite of, this album is excellent. It is jazzy, a rhythm grabs you, and joint of joins perfectly with the electronics feels. Ossia An album for any the one who appriciates contemporary jazz. Each costs of clue to listen to, and does not take old. They are very ambitious roughly that shabby thier other albums after listening is one.
4 / 5
This is to be ship in plastic stock exchange of course an external coverage has been bent and there is creased. Luckly A record has not been hurt in a madness. Thw The record is the record adds a 1 star is partorisca ship the record in the stock exchange.

Top Customer Reviews: Becoming X ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5 Lashay
This 45rpm edition partorisca Result X of Sneaker Pimps, cut of an analog original stereo master, will defy even some expectations of vinyl more rigid.

This 2015 180g reissues of A bit Indian is one same DMM mastering likes 2008 200g 45rpm emission. Concerned the could not be like this good? Well I have not listened an original 45rpm but based in some first four clues have listened to, and was in spite of the light of explosions of pair here and there ( listened very strong), highly would recommend you IMMEDIATELY order the copy of this (at the same time partorisca write is still in stock in the place and The Amazon of United Kingdom to focus original as well as Discogs phase) and rig partorisca sonic bliss. Santo smokes these some sounds well, a CD has the low end adds also but the calm man once listens this 45rpm mastering is game on.
5 / 5 Ramona
Ossia The album adds has listened his the pair to time now and a sound is surprising I really can do not recommending arrives in perfect condition.

Thank you
4 / 5 Glady
Some stop ran utmost, but a rest of a record is so only well, imho.
5 / 5 Zulma
Has arrived at least the week before expected, included during a haste navideña. Any complaint in a product and love an album.
5 / 5 Bev
Ossia The album adds -- to good sure roughly that. His music was dark and subversively sensual. In my opinion, is the very different " it feels" that any one some Cardigans or Alanis Morissette. In fact, a Description of the editor on is the bit laughable. In all the chance, a Sneaker Pimps mixed alternative, experimental rock with tripping hop to the to that likes him to me rock of call of hardship. A breathtaking spatial precision of a production and the engineering is evidence of Howe and the obsession of the corner with a psychoacoustics of stereo his and reflected of room. Resultant X is a lot so only in his atmospheres, but tends to a thin, minimalist side of things. Chris Angolo, for chance, initially poked entertainment in a Nellee Hooper version of Six Subterranean as when being too lustrous and commercially oriented. Chris sad, but this is not "commercially oriented" music; call Madonna and a Backstreet ad of Boys, any this. Resultant X has the basic sound adds and his structure, and think Nellee Hooper could have had the habit of product of help and mix everything of his future material to perfect results. If this album was totally state remixed for Gentleman Hooper, is an absolute masterpiece. Having songs "kicked-in in all some right places" it is that the music is roughly, no a lack of the same. Some boys of a band gradually has begun to learn is, and his late plus, lushly has produced remixes and b-the sides aim it. Kelli Also took on more songwriting has to that as well as giving more together of production. Finally, a sale developed in his own to the the Nellee Hooper could have instantly spent him to. Everything looked to be progressing gorgeously, likes evidenced for a Divorce of Velvet of the clue, then ZAP! Some boys have taken too paranoid in that has thought it was the generic '2 types & the daughter' travesías hop formula, seemingly oblivious to that for real special his sound was. Chris Corners also resulted increasingly possessive of his new material. Sadly, Kelli And some boys have has separated ways. ("And there a lot the cried and gnashing of teeth.") Reason his wonderful voice was a backbone of an old sound, a new Sneaker Pimps is essentially the whole new band. A new Pimps, directed by Corner, is a lot also, but an old pimps is resulted the revelation.
4 / 5 Mariel
In one was to trip hop, a lot (American that it is) looked to lose an influence this fashion has had to that music. This in spite of, take the flavour of this band when I have seen a trailer for a film Cruel Intentions behind in 1998 but never has known really those who has sung a song until 2001 when I have chosen on MIXED CD of the partner. I have fallen immediately enamoured with '6 Underground' (one of mine all-time favourite songs still) and has had to that take a CD that has housed a swipe to intoxicate. Resultant X still rests one of mine a lot preferred CDs and presented in fact in a world-wide to trip hop. 'To to The low Place likes him the house' of starts a CD was in an almost to to Rubbishes likes them to them the sound but maintains to a travesía hop gender while 'Tesko Suicide' maintain you engrossed with Kelli' vocals. Essulting X', estick-Modern Sleaze', 'Waterbaby', and soyorning of the Prompt Sunday Squandered' each try be follow a lot very also and 'That ' class of rests to pursue with a vocals and your basses and 'Zero to Walk' look eery throughout, included in some papers. EsAzúcar Of Transfer of the pin', the still touched song in some clubs, the frames feels likes is in the haste of sugar and spinning but for all some wrong reasons while 'Ran On' resulted the come on and proposition. Finally, '6 Subterranean (In the Hooper Modification)' resplandores still brightly in this album, a lot strong, ardent, seducer, everything of him in a container. Ossia definately The strong CD with like this potential same years with which is emission and is the shame Kelli no longer sings for a Sneaker Pimps reason this album for real was and is captivating to a last note.
5 / 5 Freddy
The voice of Dayton is perfect: sugary sweet with the accident, uncontrived feels. A music is upper tax , excellent. A perfect cd, excepts two blunders. It sees down for the synopsis:
1. To to The low Place Likes him the house of song A lot roughly life in the small city and a "small city" smugness the one who pervades. It classifies of the song in the people to to those who likes them be around losers, reasons then there is not any competition in sight. 2. Tesko Suicide - Another song adds. I love an introduction " telephone, and will hang, patient and tired to be the bubble gums chewed on" 3. 6 Subterranean - Classical. 4. Resultant X - Creepy, electronica-laden and a lot of eerie. 5. Sugar of Transfer of the transfer - Another creepy song, weighed in an accident, remained with Dayton sugary voice. 6. Estaca-Modern Sleaze - I hate this song. Sad. The so that only likes is of some papers. 7. Waterbaby - Another dark, a lot creepy song roughly amour and/or the report/of hate of the amour. The atmosphere adds and loves some few papers " we are at all like friends, has any time to leave" 8. It surrounds On - Well, but it does not add . 9. Morning of the Prompt Sunday squandered - Good-looking song " calm respite in" like the ethereal. 10. Walking Zero - Well. 11. That - Bored eats ... 12. 6 Underground - (Nellee Hooper Modification)- Nizza.
5 / 5 Lindsey
"Resultant x" the sounds today bit it dated,mostly because travesía-hop the gender has been specified a lot the time is some,Sneaker pimps sound so only in "Bloodsport" and also in "Splinter" but his popular start is not aiming at all his skills.
A fact is that it Travels-hop was something original then and now Snekaer Pimp is on here is touching like something among a band is likes Rubbishes,Massively atack and Portishead.
"6 Subterranean","Tesko suicide","Waterbaby","sugar of transfer of the Transfer" or " it Surrounds in" it is combinig beaten electronic with some electrical guitars and Kelli sweet vocals ( is singing here in the place of Chris Corners the one who touches here in of the electrical guitars).But all these songs are so only his without any east to the few gems here like "to to the Low place likes him the house", "Walking zero" or stunning "It " but in general "resultant x" it is at all more as another travesía-hop album.
There is enjoyed his others the albums is when looking some clues refinadas but is not impressing at all.
4 / 5 Viva
Will not have time to categorize a Sneaker Pimps, but a thing can say is that vocalist of advantage Kelly Dayton was the vocalist adds and Splenter is the entirely different CD. If you have been expecting a same reason have listened Splinter, could be dissapointed. This comprises Environmental, Travesía-Hop, and Techno without touching too much like Delicate. A result? Any one almost that has expected.
"Sugar of Transfer of the transfer" I have thought, it was the song of club. But when I have listened to a version of CD has discovered was fooled. But "6 Underground" it is still excellent with electronic electrical guitar. Still it thinks a clue of title, "resultant X" it was in plot more clubby that a rest of an album. This in spite of a still sound coporates by means of an album. Im Too lazy to do the description like this neither a- just buy it and has to that look in the description to cost does not have to that be interested, or b- adapt that this description is the waste of time.
4 / 5 Alise
This was breathe he of fresh air in 1997. A Sneaker Pimps is some uncomfortable cousins of Rubbishes and some neighbours of Everything But A Daughter, and like them leaves to his Sport of Blood of emission later, coming with beautiful decent material under his tape. Resultant X is the smooth, environmental-to the odyssey laced that the time looks like this right and another just unnecessary and too sleepy for his own good. A better material is in a cup of a disk: 'to to the Low Place likes him the house', 'Tesko Suicide', esix Subterranean', and a clue of title. You all have his own charm this in spite of, he mixing punky attitude in some places, folky electrical guitar in some, and Nyquil-ish hardships in some another. One of these albums that begin of utmost and loses steam to an end. The value that buys for one has has mentioned songs, and the pocolos other elements. Perhaps one the electronic boom is spending. The one who knows? Perhaps Sport of Blood and Moby upcoming 18 can save a rave.
5 / 5 Tennie
This was breathe he of fresh air in 1997. A Sneaker Pimps is some uncomfortable cousins of Rubbishes and some neighbours of Everything But A Daughter, and like them leaves to his Sport of Blood of emission later, coming with beautiful decent material under his tape. Resultant X is the smooth, environmental-to the odyssey laced that the time looks like this right and another just unnecessary and too sleepy partorisca his own good. A better material is in a cup of a disk: 'to to the Low Place likes him the house', 'Tesko Suicide', esix Subterranean', and a clue of title. You all have his own charm this in spite of, he mixing punky attitude in some places, folky electrical guitar in some, and Nyquil-ish hardships in some another. One of these albums that begin of utmost and loses steam to an end. The value that buys partorisca one has has mentioned songs, and the pocolos other elements. Perhaps one the electronic boom is spending. The one who knows? Perhaps Sport of Blood and Moby upcoming 18 can save a rave.
5 / 5 Malorie
Really enjoys 6 Underground and Sugar of Transfer of the Transfer, does not take me bad. Those are songs add to have!! A rest of this CD was the big disappointment. It is unusual partorisca me partorisca prefer 'irradiate songs in a rest of the offerings of an artist of some hard is typically more creative, in-depth, and genuine. This in spite of, partorisca a rest of an album looks that a Sneaker Pimps has directed more on producing the sleazy, hiply dark image more than doing music. It has been expecting the darkly sensual album when I have bought this but a real musical content leave me hungry. In of the terms of the album for real fill in this class of popular music, the easily extracted rubbishes better. If that can do on again, find an album and of the radio versions of 6 Undergrounds and Sugar of Transfer of the Transfer in solteros or resumidos instead.
4 / 5 Doyle
Are the big defender besides everything writes of techno. A Sneaker Pimps is not an exception. With the singer of hot advantage the one who can sing with the band that does touches basically, me intoxicated in some points. One follows of title, resulting X is my personal favourite because memory of something Moby would do.
In another hand, sounds of Sugar to Transfer to Transfer entirely different in a CD of his version in a radio. It is much more more along and odder. It cries in a separates of a song. Then it begins partorisca laugh. 6 Subterranean is the perfect song that I still the push repeats on. A remezcla(clues 12) has not gone really required reason an only difference is adding a "That is on witchu" part in a fund.
5 / 5 Shaunte
Has chosen once on "resultant X", it seats it likes him to him the result one of some lucky people those who has known this partorisca more than just an add so only "6 Underground". If it liked that of song, the majority of some another like this good sound. "To to The low Place likes him the house" and "Sugar of Transfer of the Transfer" it likes like this a lot. My preferred this in spite of is "Estaca-Modern Sleaze". Figure of this odd combination of travesía and acoustic electrical guitar-hop beaten, but do really well. Sweet papers also. Then a prójimo-the-last song "It " it is good and mezemorizing. Some people say that these sounds of disk have dated, but is not everything? Still I touch it often.
5 / 5 Mindy
Loves a pimps! Taken this roughly done CD two month, and is scarce when the day spends of longitude that the does not listen to this gem of the register. A fifth clue <sugar of transfer of the transfer> it is cost a prize of a singer of advantage of the CD, dayton, has to sweet, that short voice, (" it have to that be the thelma or louise"- it follows 6) and he perfectly compliments a darkness, forboding travesía-living room/ hop music. Take this album undermines portishead, massive attack, delicate included so only the CD is a lot intoxicating and calm punctual will find you intoxicated to some touches partorisca Result X. grab This Sneaker Pimps will not feel .
5 / 5 Codi
Has thought Sneaker Pimps has had really something going when in the first place I have listened "6 Underground", but then when I have listened a rest of a CD, was a lot of happy that has not bought a CD and has listened so only more copy of him. Some songs are at all like "6 Subterranean" and it is being missing of in both originalities and artistic talent. No the good compraventa. If you have bought a CD, then calms probably find you skipping by means of a whole CD and listening to a last song that has been remezcla for another artist. An original almost is terrifying. A rest of a CD is just rubbishes.
4 / 5 Lavonia
Recently rediscovered this cd, which have bought in 96 - has been attacked by a sophistication and complexity of chris papers (which, in my opinion, is easily in the pair w/ beth is of portishead). The control was 'tesko suicide' and 'postmodern slease,' particularly. My main complaint roughly 'diva' outfits like this is a relatively big level pupil of the words sung (go agnello - I bad, if calm go them to do intelligible, coming on...); A pimps entirely defies mine preconception. All this together against the gorgeously minimalist backdrop of loop of drum, electrical guitars distorted and studio fx takes a wheel-on-shoot feel of a late 90s, in spite of his be essentially the album of pop. The still committed fresco, his sound verges on dissolution this in spite of does not lose never cohesiveness - true to the his of essulting x.'
4 / 5 Leonie
Has bought this CD in a force of the his as alone (but some premiers can take listen in some the USA) "6 Underground", which in my opinion was one of some better songs in a radio of late 1996 by means of State/of Cradle 1997. There are two versions of a song that looks in "resultant X", comprising a "Nellee Hooper Modification" which has been released so only.
A truth is that a rest of a CD does not approach a level of "6 Underground", in fact it does not approach. It conceal it is not to say that there is not of the interesting points to interest elsewhere in an album, this in spite of..."Postmodern Sleaze" When being boss among them.
But an album never entirely finds his own identity; an use of organic instruments like an acoustics of electrical guitar among an electronic army of sequencers, exemplary, and other synthesizers resupplied is the difficult mix to master (and a lot seldom executed to "Jesus Personal" like a standout example). "6 Underground" the attractive was well, but is almost as if a sale has not loved to press a envelope much more there. Kelli Dayton vocals Has paste also-and-lose, varying of sultry and soulful to aggressive and enigmatic. Look can not decide is Tracey Thorn or Bjork. It does not look quite comfortable with all some songs in a CD, but has to that be said that has moments when it is inspired enough.
Will say that this is not one of the mine FAVOURITE CD is, but has to that have a bit in the take me to us so that there is also has bought his pseudo-sequela "resultant Remixed" when it was liberto in 1998. But so much of "resultant X" it looks like being remixed of the forward, project more organic that remixing looks to be the redundancy. It is not a more in brilliant example of travesía-hop that has not listened never, but any Massive Attack or Portishead the defenders will not be entirely disappointed with him. The subsequent start of Kelli means A Sneaker Pimps now have it markedly his different, as associating his try his late plus with his in the first place would be a forget that some defenders of curious music would do well to avert; it gives it it has shot.
5 / 5 Senaida
This are really adds. Of course, portishead and delicate is some real pioneers, but is boring to concern in this material in all the chance. So only listen to this albumn. After your eyes, walk down the street at night ( any one a same time :) ) the lie reads in a darkness with any, these are thingsthis gorgeous albumn inspires. Of course, it is not bad to seat in you computer like the nerd, also :). This albumn totally is soothing, but calm you bob your boss a same time. Taking ' will not feel .
4 / 5 Wilton
A Sneaker Pimps is mine beans band. It take this album last December, and has touched a hell out of the better song in a CD is Sugar of Transfer of the Transfer, is a lot of adictiva, knows 5 people that has bought this album so only because of this song. It likes-me all some songs, especially, besides SSS is Tesko Suicide, resulting X, and that . For those of you the one who does not know , a daughter has gone of a band, and a guitarist (Chris Angolo) is now singer of advantage. I love this album, would choose this an in the first place first of Splinter, included although it likes Splinter of better. Reason? Reverse psychology. If takings Splinter first of east a, will finalise to be disappointed with east a, reason is at all like Splinter. I suggest that you take this a, play one craps out of him, and then take Splinter.
4 / 5 Dee
Kelly There is a vowel backbone of this band. Without his singing it simply does not compare the Sneaker Pimps. A music and vowel combo result X is a flagship of this band.... Some albums before and with which is like an increasing and downward slant of the pyramid ith resulting X in an apex... A female vocals so only blend better with a fashion of music. A male vocals sounds like the fracasados? Endeavour in trying to touch like Oasis or Kula Shakir.
4 / 5 Hal
Has bought this CD because I listened '6 Underground' and like. It results that each one another song is a lot also, and an album maintains one 6 Underground feels. Ossia A CD that took in the first place hooked in a travesía-hop/downtempo gender. I describe to Result X like the melodic version of Portishead Dummy. A CD creates the darkness, moody atmosphere that Kelli (Vocallist) the crown was perfectly.
Has compared to another Sneaker Pimps CD is, ossia my second preferred , according to the Splinter. It is an only one with the female voice, but a voice is not of the like frames a band. Esteems to Result X the 9.5 out of 10 and Splinter the 10 out of 10. Resultant X is more line of basses and the heavy drum, while Splinter trusts more in melodic electrical guitar riffs and clips of orchestra.
Is reccommend this album to any the one who listens the music to feel Zen. Spent likes Radiohead, Portishead, Hooverphonic, of any one another Sneaker Pimps, or another Travesía-Hop.
5 / 5 Sandi
"Resultant X" it is the one of truth involving album. Musically Interesting, lyrically fascinating, ossia the must has. I am captivated for his fashionable mix and element, melded near expertly. Complex, intriguing, and melodic, "resultant X" it is he adds. A definate preferred in my collection. Highly I recommend it.
4 / 5 Trinh
I in the first place listened of a Sneaker Pimps in the quirky camp of arts, and has had some really odd people with some really odd musical flavours--I has comprised. Had the daughter the one who has treated the number to dance to 6 Underground. Of then it was in my bunk, all has had to that listen his the plot. It liked really, and of a day, looked in a cd, has discovered to be, and wrote it down to verify was when lame house. It has been expecting the to be really techno, which have not imported that a lot, but is not . Any really is that gender to dip them in, but is much sweeter that tecno, like adivinos would owe that say alternative. Now, has an album, and is one of these cd is concealed improvement and better every time listen his. Some first time listened it, has taken the little fidgety, and Sugar of Transfer of the Transfer really freaked was reason no appearances a laugh. Really I want Down to in order likes him the house and Tesko Suicide. An album has songs that is all bondadoso of a same, still really different. It seats moody and hyper a same time, which is the odd feeling , but thats well... Some of some papers think me of Master Bulls (crucify calms in the to to the low place likes him the house), and some of some melodies adapt me of Sheryl Crooked (Estaca-Modern Sleaze, Morning of the Prompt Sunday Squandered), but Kelli Dayton has the really only voice, and ossia one of some things that mark this like this special album. I think that that it is the must -have for any to to which likes him the alternative music, or included techno.
5 / 5 Elidia
A Sneaker Pimps have the electronic sound a lot that evokes the bit of a Curve (singer of female advantage and all) but without a darkness vibe really. 'To to The low Place likes In of house,' '6 Subterranean' and esAzúcar of Transfer of the pin' is real; standouts. A rest to my ears was so only pleasant background sounds and a lot of forgettable.
4 / 5 Janeen
Look for desperately for any good music during a 90 are taste, funds to Result Of X the refreshing bit of creativity. Has the a lot melodic sound without being too caseous. So only cool enough to be alternative. Felizmente, Chris Angolo has has felt enough to see the much more serious future for a band.
5 / 5 Jocelyn
Has in the first place taken turned on to a Sneaker Pimps for 6 Underground, his big plus only. If you enjoy that it follows, has the casualidad well calms like this CD. Resultant X has to that thumping has beaten, but crossed with violin and other orchestral effects, giving the real smooth vibe.
Likes another has said, is Kelli vocals concealed the fact. Has an amazing voice, and in everything of music any one has his sound .... At any rate, his vocals backed for a Pimps' the sound this the one of the CD bondadoso. It listens to some samples and calm will have the abonos feel for him.
5 / 5 Joanie
Will say that this has found like a albulm that tries to twist Portishead but directed to remain original. While lacking of diversity, has some moments add. You result intoxicated to Turn Sugar of Transfer and 6 Underground for month. It gives it 3 and of the half stars in realities and would say does the good addition to some musical libraries of techno and travesía hop defenders. All the world-wide more would have to that give the listen in all the chance. You could have converted to an electrical scene. It has been it concealed it is the one who this album has done for me.
5 / 5 Genna
Conscious result of this roughly done group 6 years when I have seen a video for "6 Underground." Instantly You Result the defender! This album infuses the voice of an advantage in low, drums, synthesizers, etc. Some songs seat something deep inside your soul like "Estaca-Reign Modern" and "to to the Any Place likes him the house." I recommend this album like an introduction to any any one knows the one who electronica and travesía hop is roughly.
5 / 5 Golda
At the beginning, this was my less preferred cd. But after leaving Kelli mesmerizing vocals draw me to a bassy, travesía-hop/beaten of rock, was hooked. It is the wonderfully so only cd without bad songs. One laughing in Sugar of the transfer of the Transfer can be disturb especially if you are not by train for the anticipate, but does not give up. It is the little like the cross among Portishead and Rubbish, but a lot also like any one. If you are lover of the true music that looks for adventure and the add cd, resulting X is the must has.
4 / 5 Floretta
Has in the first place listened this album in my friends houses last year, and the really didnt priest partorisca he behind then. Memory partorisca listen the backside in pupil, but when never it has listened them a pimps was so only any 6 underground or tesko suicide. In all the chance so only recently has listened them splinter and has them has wanted to one feels that ths the band there is envisioned.... So much it has asked them my fellow to dip in an album an old plus and dang, the so only wants that that knows because this wasnt apparent at the beginning... It likes him another has said before the voice is like the coverage has wrapped arround chair well and a music is kinda depressing in has it a lot of cds..
5 / 5 Santo
Ossia A classical instant !Each song is original and listen his regularly included today(3 years later).These albums are scarce. I hate to say it, but "resultant X" it is a better album a Sneaker Pimps never dips has to that it has not shot never has not DONE a band, but adds some the final touches have required to do a sale can have a lot of vocals, but Kelly is is music and his voice so only gelled near amiably. Listening to them is would think so too much if the singers have been missing in to the the bands like to them the tool, Radiohead, Gentleman Bungle, Pearl Jam, stays of initial impression with you.
4 / 5 Janeth
This CD is beautiful. I a lot seldom included buy CDs, but this one is side of the money. I complain that has expected so anxiety the take. I do not comprise reason like this little the people possess it (any of my friends ). They are not even the defender of Techno, or anything calls this, but has something irresistable in a sound.
4 / 5 Domingo
Will owe that admit.. No to Have it to me legustado a first time has listened them his but now is one of the mine favourite cds! Some songs are mesmerising.. Really trippy himself has taken insence in scorching... And he kinda agree me of the sleazy film.. hehe.. It takes it now!
5 / 5 Neomi
When Have in the first place listened 6 underground in a saint soundtrack, the not liking was of youngster and a "techno" the sound has not been for me.
Now that they are the little has bitten older (17) have gone back and listened to a whole album and am a lot happy with him. It is so only which has been looking for. Almost the cross among Master Bulls and A Method of Cristal...(Almost)
A whole album is good and work well in the transmission of CD with A Method of Cristal and A Chemical in the while it takes the lovely mollow clues inbetween two songs of ceiling.
4 / 5 Marhta
Oh Man, this has to that be a better cd I own. Kelli vocals And Chris' the lyric writing is glorious. Ossia The cd to the sweet was to - give me the darkness, relaxed, type of the corridor of the leaf feels. It thinks of this that calm . Better that Splinter IMHO, but Splinter is not that bad neither. Chris has the good voice, but is at all has compared to the bordos of Kelli. It slips in your organism and of the tanks your soul. Buy both Sneaker Pimps albums, but to good sure takes to Result X prime ministers.
4 / 5 Shan
Has has listened so only 2 songs of this album, but both are excellent. It finds my self often adicted to an electronic sound, and Kelli Dayton is pursuing vocals resulted ' X'. And '6 Underground' has a feeling to complain his, and some papers are surprising. OSSIA The A lot of SO ONLY SNEAKER PIMPS ALBUM. They SUCK WITHOUT KELLI DAYTON. It begins the career of only of believes them, and has changed his name Kelli There. (im A lot sure reason) but the highly recommend this cd.
5 / 5 Micha
Well, likes spent this while a version of club of Sugar of Transfer of the Transfer. It is there is disappointed for real that it is not in this CD. Everything is not lost. There is abundance of good clues still.
4 / 5 Esta
Sneaker pimps F'And Arrive when Kelly kicked Dayton
now have stupid vocals and beaten very
ossia without the doubt a better album never released for them
dispite tentativas lame to progress like this visas in ALL another sneaker pimps album splinter and bloodsport and the think 1 more?? hmmm I suppositions He doesnt subjects of then knows all SUCK
perhaps will do a day with kelly again and moke the second jewl but box then ossia one 1 to take
5 / 5 Carroll
Sneaker pimps can walk a fine line among totally depressing and incrediblyseductive excellently. If youlike 6 subterranean then will love this whole CD. I can not take enough of him.
4 / 5 Nicolle
I have bought so only this album and I am enamoured already with him. It was interested so only in a song '6 Subterranean' when I bought it, but has been blown has gone by a whole thing. It is really the piece of work. It explores Subject like social prestress (Postmodern Sleaze) related (waterbaby) and oral sex (Surrounds On.) Altogether An incredible album.
4 / 5 Shani
This album is the pathetic the tentativa to to the sound like him to him the rubbishes. Has not coming anywhere afterwards to a mark and is definetly one of some bands would owe that do sure partorisca avert.
4 / 5 Angelique
-A lot has had this album of then 97' when it was liberto and have fallen enamoured with him instantly. Has the sexy to arrive-beaten the fashion so only perfects enough for the luxurious bath of bubble, knows champagne, goes him, and all so only. Relaxing The music like this is sure to give daily his character to calm.-
4 / 5 Garry
I so only recently stumbled to a Sneaker Pimps' resultant X. That the treat. If you want to travel you-hop can you any gone bad with this CD. A percussion is rich and a vocals is a perfect compliment. Calm the favour and possess is one.
5 / 5 Miesha
Ossia The wonderful piece of work. It was lucky to be turned his for the fellow and wants to say another that adds is. It is when pursuing, sensual, exciting and only collection - a definite nighttime CD. I touch he in a darkness with your lover.
5 / 5 Nick
-Quite pursuing
-terrific singer
-6 Underground give goosebumps
5 / 5 Trisha
This record is the really enjoyable listen, but in general lack of some dark elements more defiant that attract to trip-hop, and an a bit related ethereal/shoegazer genders. Still, you recommend this album.
4 / 5 Jamar
Agrees some first time have listened Six Undergound. It was hooked like the fish! As it take a CD and loved it never is really the human has to have you this in your collection.
4 / 5 Zulema
This CD is extraordinary! I can listen his on and on again. Kelly vocals and a music blend joint fantastically. Definately No the waste of money!

Top Customer Reviews: Annual ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 16 ratings
5 / 5 Marilyn
This three cd conjoint mixed of some people in the ministry Of the his east the combination of hardship (disks 01 & 03) and house (disk 02). I owe that be in accordance with another reviewers that this collection (especially a hardship) is full spear of tunes of caseous dance. The examples are: Scooter "A Logical Song" (a horrendous version of Supertramp late 70 swipe), Karaja " it moves (He He He)", Dee Dee "Partorisca always", Jan Wayne "Reason A Night" (which is the coverage of Patty the swipe of the smith of one 70 east), Interactive "Partorisca always Young" (a coverage of Alphaville the accident of one 80 east), Club of Soda "Take My Breathe was" (again another coverage, this time is Berlin 80 swipe) and A Brother of Version of Sax of horrible coverage of Wham' 80 swipe "Careless Whisper" partorisca appoint the little. There are some excellent songs in this collection, (or more would not have bought he) likes Ian Van Dahl "Test", it Snaps Vs. Plaything 2002 remezcla Of " you see A Light", Testifica Stray'is " Sleep", Raven Maize "Fascinated", Db Boulevard "Point of view", Novaspace "Time With which Time" ( the coverage of Cyndi Lauper 80 swipe), Kills Darey "Or Resplandor In", and Guerrero "If I Want to me", etc.. One mixing is quite well with disks 02 and 03 when being some better of everything. Partorisca Of the money this is not to treat it bad so that there is on 63 clues in everything. The majority of an average of songs down four minutes before some kicks of next song in. A packaging is attractive and some three disks are in an a lot of ultra slimline chance of jewel. Unfortunately there is not any booklet has comprised in this collection, but takings the poster (right to treat big?). Ossia One everywhere decent, but again a little caseous collection of songs partorisca dance that would be perfect launch the party.
5 / 5 Ellamae
Ossia For far one of the best DJ compilations/of Mixes in mine possesion. It was not the one who one mixing, but seat his quite flawless. A Ministry of the his east in fact the club in Inghilterra And the group of DJs has related near for a fact that has turned there. (At least ossia my sympathetic)
seats the one who spouses this 2 CD comp averts is his upper election of selection of song and mixing. Those really are some two things more than entities when it comes to the albums have taken. It say that this album melts near a perfect mix of house and hardship, with the little bit of electronica dipped in wing Resuma chemical Bros.
Partorisca me partorisca Say if the album of mix is good or no, simply has to me ask a question, " I so only like this of the clues x, and, and z? Or, it can it looks for any part of an album and really take his?" NEVER for the album partorisca mix yes calm Of WHO AS Each PART OF THE MIX. A skill of the club DJ is in a selection of song and the cross that on duty capacity.
And again, partorisca that ask the type of techno can expect, would say a first disk definetly underlines music of House, with even some Cochera mixed in (the look follows 8). If a first disk does not house of AMUR, then swimming . An end of a first disk begins the house of hard paste (the look follows 17). A second disk has hardship of houses more progressive/ leanings. Ossia Where some two genders (of house and hardship) more closely melt. Especially attention to arrest to an end of a first album, which would say is an apex of a collection.
That me ameno to my full stop. This calm album take on the travesía. He really done. Some people know listens partorisca mix album partorisca press a eseek' key until they take to this drop of build or special bass up. In a Me the edition of millenium, a DJ knows when partorisca turn down a time, when partorisca the build on, and when partorisca the pause down.
5 / 5 Synthia
Still although this CD has taken the PLOT of bad descriptions, I really the enjoyed. It is an only ME Him the compilation has (but hopefully will be partorisca buy much more someday). There is the plot of good clues on here but has his action of bad some, . But I am very pleased with him.
More- Krystal K is "To the left it is partorisca Take it A lot of", Warrior "If I Want to me", Kelly Llorenna is " it Say It To Corazón", Shakedown "At night", Dee Dee "Partorisca always" (obviously), Rezonance Q "Someday", Divine Inspiration "A Way", N-Hardship "Partorisca always", Jurgen Vries' "A @@Subject", etc.
Worse- Sushi "A Earthshaker" (corny & just terrible); the majority of some coverages on there except Cyndi Lauper; DJ Alligator "Lollipop", Interactive "Partorisca always Young"...
Out of one 3 cd is, thinks CD1 is a better, with an exception of "Earthshaker", a one follows that I skip every time. It buys it!
5 / 5 Chrissy
In fact would give this 3 near of disk 3 1/2 stars, but of then concealed is not an option and he no quite deserve 4 stars, in all the chance... As another has said the 'bubblegum' factor to some of some songs, but in general a compilation is quite good. If you have bought ME The CDs before and is by train partorisca ask would have to that take this one or no, the buy! Look conceal w/ some Annuals are trying to please all the world like any one @subjects the one who your flavour, will not like you all some songs, but some good songs far outweigh of the bad!
5 / 5 Felicita
An idea of the 3 disk dipped of a Ministry of Sound was something concealed, fact two years, would have done me jump and down with joy. The three annual of disk of last year, this in spite of, me sad. Do like this reason a Ministry usually dips out of big-caliber tunes and compilations... That an annual has not been. Like this, this year it was quite uncertain has loved to buy one 3 disk dipped partorisca 2003. I have decided the launch precaution to some twenty and buy it. This was one of some better decisions have done recently. This album is all a Ministry usually represents. The tunes Are, mixes of sound, and music of amazing dance. If has has not liked him NEVER the Ministry cd, this one east the must -buy. It is three cd is of pure listening like. If has has not bought never he cd of a Ministry of the his, this one is the introduction adds , together with Addict to Hardship, which considers one more cd has dipped Him To me was. Happy clubbing, everything!
5 / 5 Ervin
How has been said, a first disk is not like this well, but a second are adds. I have bought this together with An Annual 2002 3 conjoint disk, and would say that An Annual 2002 is the little better, but mainly reason has more music. Here it is my indications (of 1 to 5, 5 when being some better) partorisca some individual clues:
Disk: 1
1. Reckless daughter     3
2. History of amour [Tim Deluxe Remezcla]     3
3. Ossia That A lot Amur Is - Jocelyn Brown     2
4. Amur Foolosophy [The Deep knee Rey-Modify] - Jamiroquai     2
5. Fascinated [Rodox Baptises]     3
6. Do Your Thing [Tim Deluxe Remezcla] - Basement Jaxx     4
7. His of Violence - Steve Edwards     4
8. Amur The first dress [Girl Crhme Mixes]     3
9. I thrill     3
10. Last night the DJ has Blown My Alcohol     3
11. The Submerged ( will be partorisca Love Calm ) [TandF vs Moltosugo Mixes of Club]     3
12. Coming on On     2
13. Screen of Scene of money of Shower - Félix Dà Housecat     4
14. Amur Has partorisca you [Full Intention Classical Mix] - Dina Vass     4
15. The desire has not Lost You - Angie Stone     3
16. All want Sax - Tim Deluxe     3
17. Hero of toneless Result [Ashley Beedle Bug of Amur Vocal Mix]     3
18. Two Month was [Rey So only Sunspots Vocal Mix]     3
19. Byrne Of David lazy     3
20. It shakes it Creature [But Collective Mix]     3
21. Fine day [James Holden Remezcla] - Kirsty Hawkshaw     5
Disk: 2
1. In an End [Does partorisca Modify]     5
2. My Vision - Jakatta     3
3. Mother (is ready partorisca Touch)     4
4. Sure of Harm - the narcotic has Pressed     4
5. Superstylin - Surca Spanish Navy     3
6. Balls of shiny Box - The one who gives Funk     2
7. Genedefekt [Cajmere Remezcla] - Green velvet     2
8. Electrical guitar of star [Pete Hellers the mixes Developed] - Some Chemical Brothers     3
9. Out of a City [Starchaser Mix]     4
10. Murder in a Dancefloor [Vowel of Mixes of Club of G] - Sophie Ellis Bextor     3
11. The days Spend of longitude [Scumfrog Vocal] - Vega Soiled     4
12. His of Goodbye [Armins Tribal Seats] - Perpetuous Dreamer     5
13. Taking [Ferry Corsten Remezcla] - Kosheen     4
14. Lame Was (To a Night)     3
15. Punk - Ferry Corsten     5
16. Alone of the sud - Paul Oakenfold     4
17. I want to me More [Mix of Club]     4
18. You see a Light [Mix of Club]     5
19. Time With which Time [Mix of Time] - Novaspace     3
20. Partorisca Always     4
21. It surfaces ??? - Now this is interesting: there is not any clue 21 on disk two...
To the plot is of material a lot here, as you can resist one 80 remixes here and there.
5 / 5 Agripina
This collection of two disks together with the booklet basically is on a music of club of 1999, or at least so much of him I so that it is. When being new to a scene of music of the club, are not a partorisca say the one who the songs owe that or would not owe that be on here. This in spite of, some selections of me The regulars, Judge Jules and Paul Big, the good work partorisca take you emotional. Some attacks on here is a big plus of a map-toppers of 99, but some of some songs among these swipes lag. Also, some of some mixes of some songs a lot really do justice to an original. For example, a version of DJ Jean "A Launcher" it gives so only the small sample of one has beaten of an original this has done a song such the big swipe. In general, some summits of some songs, some sections that all know, is far too short. Partorisca A lot of some songs, likes "Burnin On" and " it touches M," some summits could be be bend and would be still utmost state. In general, this collection is the fun mix of songs that takes things pumping. So only be near of the far so that it can skip some of some slower clues and repeat your preferred again and again!
4 / 5 Eartha
Has to that say is house to use hard/hardship a CD of the prime minister probably no adapted your needs. I create, they have tried this in spite of caters partorisca several flavours here having the softest more funky dipped in CD1 and then like the continuous night in, some lights go down, a start of tunes to paste with a second CD.
In general pensa in to classical tunes like to Thrill me, or like me refered his still several months & walking the record tent "calm took 'when a low sun?'"... "The sad mate never listened of him!"; Certainly it stimulates your alcohols have followed of some Streets, deep Basses & the DJ saving your life!!
In all the chance - ossia the perfect addition to anyones collection of CD and one which a lot of people will be happy with; to good sure the crowd pleaser in the party of house or 'an all back the option of mine.
Maintain an alive alcohol!
5 / 5 Loris
An Album is a second disk . A lot like a forward Also import (partorisca 2002) a first disk is very a lot too much adds with roughly 2-5 songs that the majority will enjoy. Usually the mix of funky/soulful house and the bit of electro sound. A second disk is in his point and perfect in almost each way. Some songs are familar but any one has touched was. If it is the looks of new song partorisca be breaking legislation in the moment in a world of music. And the majority of some versions is new and one has listened more partorisca date. There is not more than a song that I of the one who priest partorisca in a disk. It is house and good hardship , bit it progressive with out tugging. Them me happy of the listen!A second disk is like this well, he more than frames on so that it can disturb you a first disk. Well value a compraventa every year regime. I LOVE it!
4 / 5 Ken
A selection of clue is a lot of mainstream, like this yes is looking for anything hardcore look elsewhere. If soyusic of the pop of dance is your thing then this compilation is the add compraventa. As any one another reviewers declared, there is enough the bit of cheese partorisca be found of remakes of the classical tunes other genders abound in 3 cd together.
5 / 5 Belva
They ARE To me An Annual is always quite mainstream and pop-oriented, but this am far under a quality of some past years. These songs, with only few exceptions, is that it listen in some canal of music of worse dance in some Tonnes of EUA of uninspired hardships with random female vocals. Tonnes of remakes of classical tunes, and a lot particularly a lot some. Cheese everywhere, and no a enjoyable class.
Is surprising could find 3 CD fences in of this junk. Save your money. Save your soul.
4 / 5 Elayne
In fact he 2 1/2 stars, halfway looks enough so only.
These years is well, better that last years but closings no the classical.
Clues like this caseous(lollipop, be fresh, unbreak my heart), roughly 10 or more songs that is remakesjust kinda turned was.
My favourite clues were: beatbox 130, the sleep (song to a siren), out of a city and surface, in the middle of a rest was quite good but any clue that has loved them really. It was not if it is so only me but this one looked more caseous that never before, included has a ketchup song! bah buuut Is a lot really.
5 / 5 Shana
This 3 CD does not adapt me of an Annual emission spent of me Him. Instead we adapt me of DDR Arcade. Of all these bubblegum songs. And that is going in with all a cheessy chimp-squirre woman vocals? It was not random neither, is intentional... If you are looking for 3 CDs of junk with only 4-7 good songs, buy it today. If no, then save your dollars for one ME Them Chillout Cd has dipped instead. They are very better.
4 / 5 Kathie
Are the collector of a Ministry of series of Sound. I owe that say that ossia in a cup 5 of all one some have. I have spent in fact this CD to do. All the world could not take enough of him and has maintained to try to fly he of me.
There is remarked also that an Australian CD is to have the selection has better compared to United Kingdom and versions of EUA.
Highly recommends this CD together with a new 2004 Annual, also of Australia.
5 / 5 Dagny
This has to that be one of some better compilations of swipes to dance to exit the long time. One mixing is some of one has listened more in the moment, each song that touches immediately of some forwards with perfect smoothness. It looks compilations of the dance is the say me the dozen these days, but Ministry of the sound once tried them more to be a power of dance and music of club some world-wide on.
5 / 5 Adella
Ossia For far a better album that the ministry has created, the plot of low is one! But still full of a caseous pop dips ready that all a 12 year olds likes (as if your 12 calm like this one!) Calm with which something any like this caseous gone for gatecrasher experience or slinky Tokyo

Top Customer Reviews: Everyday ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5 Israel
Meeting in complete agreement with Gilles Peterson liner note in this album: " I have been moment to this record partorisca a time a long plus..." So it has had I, partorisca this subject. Ossia One of these scarce albums those - was with everything concealed can be gone bad in a world-wide or still with your life - takes calm for surprise and of the calm frames @give you that there is abundance of beauty and serenity partorisca be found. 'Daily' direct partorisca evoke so many different emotions immediately, is almost overburden in time. Taking 'Evolution', for chance. Still with minimum papers, a way in it Fontella the bass directs to go of the calm whisper to the primal cry of "Evolution!" Marcos really so only feel for behind in awe. The desire has left his voice to the little more clue, but am not complaining with a work has done here. His action on 'All That give ' passages like this well. Roots Manuva does the appearance enough sublimate in an epic 'All the Things To All the Men', which has one of a plus that stirs the start has listened the long time. And then it has one instrumental 'Flite' and soyun With a Camera of Film'. A musicianship there is showed in these songs is at all courts of stunning. There is absolutely any one filler in this album; 7 (longitude) songs, one for each day of a week (if steps of longitude the subject of web of place of a band). If it calms that can find, chooses on a Japanese version of this CD, which has two additional songs on he ('Oregon' and esemblance'), so equally like this gorgeous like anything more in an album. I am not sure reason has been fallen; it can have had something to do with a "7 songs, 7 days" what. Almost I wish it to me there it was 9 days the week! 'Daily' is quite a tarpaulin, especially for the sophomore album. To good sure, album of a year. 5 stars so only are not enough...
4 / 5 Sue
With which some ways of orchestra of leading album soyotion', a Cinematic Orchestra moves a stick to objective slightly to incorporate Jazz & vocals in the majority of his clues to with the majestic confidence...(Although very a lot of-the vowels of the orchestral clues still remain for purists), and ossia to good sure the step in a right direction for a band, with 'Flite is' scratchy sampling, the singer of soul 'Fontella the tomb is' revelatory vocals improves to stamp in the each clue looks 'Ninja Tune' Mainstay 'Roots Manuva' leave his gritty urban vocals to 'All the Things To All the men', which sees Roots eulogizing in the orchestral number to staggering A Cinematic Orchestra resupplies an album that is a prefect synergy of Alive percussion, Arrangements of Serious, has fulfilled to compose, and proficient programming.
4 / 5 Elinore
Has been listening to this register for several transfers now. It is not quite like this dark likes Motion but equally intense and in some ways more in satisfactory! A new singer, Fontella, is wonderfully different that a prime minister- still like this both have his separate appeals. Fontella HAS better execution of some papers and vocal intonations, this in spite of less than a travesía hop element that a first singer. A rythmns is more diverse in this record and ther the band touches tighter. It would like to listen more. NOTE: have in the first place had this description with four stars. A CD is really, REALLY EXCELLENT and stays with you over time. Still with a rap leaves on All the Things To All the Men (which kills a song unfortunately), changed it still to Five stars. I move it it adds!
4 / 5 Scottie
Is funny that some people take postponed when it mention 'jazz'. I suppose that they see it like this when being wanky music for bohos to stroke his chins to in 'excluyentes' arty meetings and such. Well, when any one said that this album was the album of pure jazz , has had my doubts. I gave it this in spite of the casualidad (purely cos has had the pair of weeks to expect for some new DJ albums of shadow and was in one record tent with the pocketful of money) and has to that say that it is one of some better albums have listened in some last twelve months or so many! It is sweet, but any one some barren the cold was class of his, has heat and soul, whilst also when being the little creepy. It have to that say 'all the things to all the men' is my favourite song, roots manuva vocals accesses perfectly and is a lot affecting. All some songs are a lot this in spite of, and would recommend this for smoky sessions at night late or a house of evening with a one master.
Was really crass to try and compare this with something, but would say that although perhaps any in his, this album is like the alive equivalent of 'endtroducing' in of the terms of way and (I go to hate for east a) 'vibes'.
5 / 5 Rosena
Cinematic orchestra' "Newspaper" it is the travesía animates it and jazz of a variety 'cinematic'. Often, a music is dark and conspiratorial. The leading start for this band there is verged in abstract and moody -- thus dark thriller-film of type.
This in spite of, three clues in this look of album some deep, soulful vocals of Fontella Tomb and a clue: "All the Things to all the Men", figure rapper Roots Manuva. This leaves so only three clues without vocals. So many, is not too abstract this time; some 'cinematic sweeps' is more restrained. Necessarily, because of a human vocals, has the slightly more tangible emotional connection. Fontella The voice of the tomb gives the rugged majesty takes the things.
Is not that it sings -- really. His voice and the words are there for way and purpose of atmosphere. A frame is jazz , abstract, and voyeuristic. But less like this of a hard that before. This perhaps can be the point to sell. Hopefully More the people will come on board a ship!
This album is certainly the Cinematic Orchestra a, know it a lot shortly after that begins to listen; the defenders will not be disappointed. Some things of mark are here: a long build-on intros, some horns to sweep, an introspection, some long clues. This time this in spite of, has the rhythm has improved a lot. One follows especially: "Flite", it is so only I adds it, quickly, the piece driven with contributo excellent of some drums, perhaps my preferred in a CD.
Has the sound that well can be a tune of the byline of a Cinematic Orchestra is a one these looks in in a third minute of "A Man with a Camera of Film". We listen it to knots before in some forwards "Motion" album but here is reworked and has presented again, with to plot more drums and rhythm and, for like this, arouses to feel of flavour and purpose. One follows gradually results soundtrack for the persecution of some class, then he relents. The clues of a Cinematic Orchestra sometimes can be almost disjointed pieces stitched together seamlessly so that if you are not prendiendo the attention thinks that that it is all a common long.
In general, this album is a lot of listenable and the best-crafted produced that his leading start. It is although they have comprised vocal elements to his experiences. I expect that they spend on with his voyeuristic exploitations: better, more.
4 / 5 Vita
Be of title of a description he up. This record is besides phenomenal. I possess Cinematic Orchestra "Remixes" and "Motion" and this album is for far a better. Ossia At all likes but better that,all the purists of jazz can does not want to come from with reading much more there, Miles Davis' " it Classifies of Blue". Ossia So only my opinion, how is any the one who disagrees, but this in spite of, this record has to that be possessed.
Excusar To all the lovers of music that found my title and offensive of description. But think, so only reason Jimi Hendrix was possibly a better guitarist the one who has lived, does not mean can write songs like Zeppelin or Beatles.
5 / 5 Hillary
Ninja I records of tune have the strong reputation to be music of big quality, ossia also a chance when it touches to lose to a production, but musically some of him are is the bit dulls in my opinion. This in spite of, ossia one of a plus a lot some. It is one of a better living room the albums have listened, well up there with Gotan projects "The revancha of the tango"
A reason because, in mine humple opinion, this is not the five record of star can be explained of an on "Every day" it is in general he living room/album of jazz with hip hop/drum'no flu of basses and to be sincere concealed a lot really boils my blood. It is perfect loves light some goes him and take to some comfy way or same just lie down in a couch with the cup of tea, but does not attack me any much deeper that that (with a exeption this in spite of - see down). Still he fully merit four stars.....
Standouts: "Man with a camera of film" (awsome clue) and "All the things to all the men"
4 / 5 Tameka
was the enormous defender of the motion and I have thought a Remezcla EP was quite well, as with thrilling anticipated an emission of Every day. To be sincere, was the little has left down. It is a vocal thing . It is so only a lot like this, well, "cinematic." In place of the nebulous, jazz looped soundscape, now have the band. In place of free spaces where the alcohol of an auditor could unwind is own directions , has vocalists saying which to think and when for the think. Perhaps they are so only the loop junkie. I have loved a way that some loops have intensified on Motion and presionado and loosened with such grace. Now it is the band . An A lot of talented band, but the band. Regarding a production and some actions, everything is upper notch . One 7/8 drum assault in Flite is one for some books records. A mix of basses is stunning, as it was on Motion, and there is abundance of "air" in a mix so that the things remain spacious. I lose a liberty this in spite of. I will maintain to turn the motion and I will expect for a prójimo remezcla EP.
4 / 5 Angelia
Previously my acquisition of this album, has not had any idea as to the that these groups was. So only starts to stirs it was with my musical flavours of 90 alternative rock, and one the only jazz has known of era Pat Metheny.
Was the time of murder to tend it first record of my bus has come to take me home, and a "Man with a Camera to Film" the clue has touched. I have been frozen in a aisle; I owe that it has looked it the fool, but could have me has concerned less. It was engrossed in a music. With which was on I immediately found an only remaining copy in a tent (after asking an employee to the equal that to the one who was), and has finalised to lose my bus.
Be the fantastic introduction to the group that play such one interesting fashion, and can pull calm by means of the row of emotions. Now I have all some album have produced, and am looking of more than artists in a Ninja focus of Tunes.
Is hard to find informative in this group, but can not expect for his next emission.
Would not call the touch "jazz", how it is it abhors the music of pigeons of hole to genders. It looks mine that with which "pop", "hip-hop", "country", and any another Upper-40 gender, that the jazz is the one who remain on. This does not give credit to some artists that can create such fresh and innovative music.
Recommendation: Buy this album, play the drink, gone back he on and relax.
4 / 5 Johnson
I already possessed and has has wanted to "Motion" when I have been to a "Festival of International Jazz" to Montreal and there is of then "Cinematic Orchestra" shots, together with a "Gotan Project", in a "Metropolis". I have not been like this familiarised with "Gotan Project" but I have known I have enjoyed really "Cinematic Orchestra" to listen to "Motion" to the equal that have been. All of the sudden all some planets am lined on and the time has been still! It was completly blown has gone by both groups but especially "Cinematic Orchestra". A music, a setting, a apreciative and energetic vibe in a room - was the seminal chance for me.
Has answered the a lot of concerts some years have been that goes to this excellent festival and I often buy a CD of an artist whose show there is enjoyed really. More often that any that enjoyed in an alive show does not have translates well to CD -STILL after invoking mine 5 listens principle (something recommends to any first of discarding the CD thinks does not enjoy ). "Daily" (I also bought and amour "Man With A Camera to Film" thus group) is, this in spite of, each one has bitten like fantastic on CD like alive show. How it is mentioned often in other descriptions here, these are musicians very fulfilled those who are treating I there oficia the very big level. A drummer especially is excellent. I have had zero-and in in this while listening to "Motion" and in a show there is remarked that has looked a drummer, Luke Flores, to dip a drumset advance of centre in a phase. A clear indication that action of mine that feels that it is something special
Each one that like this of some 7 songs in ""Every day" it is the finely crafted piece of art that takes elements of R&B, D&B and Hip-Hop in varing terracings in the each yard and blends his to the base of smoky hot nude-bop jazz. Another reviewers has done here the good work to document some signals underlined of some individual clues so that I no. In general, an alive show has better seen never! And certainly a better CD of a year -for jazz and/or any of a electronica sub-genders.
4 / 5 Heidi
I finally found the record concealed me the stop that complains in a current state of jazz. The Cinematic orchestra of Londra has done the record that will satisfy both a purist of jazz and an experimentalist of jazz. His 2002 emission Every day is rooted in jazz of right advances, this in spite of meanders to a side of a street so only enough to involve your sense of adventure. This record combines elements of classical and r&b to lull calm to think his the different class of record -- and then bam--the music follows to full fledged, unmistakable jazz.
A first yard, All That gives, is the R&B number with interesting instrumentation, which comprises an original use of the harp to maintain rhythm and is used also like the instrument of advantage during some suns. It does not begin to hint in a rest of a record. A second clue, the burn Was, starts of with the modern classical intro, thinks Craig Armstrong or the Tubular bell, then transitions easily to the smooth jazz, organic clue reminiscent of the late 60 Pharaoh Sanders has cut. Add a understated electrical piano and muted, pursuing the horns and you have to that it could be a better clue in a CD.
A third and fourth clues, Flite and Evolution, respectively use one same modern classical intro motive but some finals of similarity there. Flite Is the 70s-ish travesía of fusion that classifies to agree me of Mark X, while the evolution is a emotional jazz-funk records looking a vocals of Fontella Tomb (is looked also in clues 1).
Man with some starts of Cameras of the Film with the cello, woodwind, and triangle intro has taken loaned of a dread of Impossible Mission, then follow to the searing so only of sax of the big that funds with the section of rhythm of percussion of funky before finally giving way the fashionable fusion according to movement.
All the Things to All the Men, starts with the lush serious and fixed of horn then morphs to one in-yours-face vocal lesson, for rapper Roots Manuva, the conscious, if stilted lyricist. A rhythm and that the harp of advantage reappears in a last third of this clue that completes the section of percussion of the funky and intermittent horns.
A title and final clue in a CD, Every day, is the sweet acoustic bass driven, afro the song of jazz has influenced that it leave to touch to lose of a rest of an album and figure out of that songs the replay.
A seven average of songs roughly eight and the half minutes, which give some time of wide musicians to do each justice of clue. J. Swinscoe And Phil France, some creative influences for behind this record, has the fact an original and delicious nude-record of jazz. The sound takes is like this different that has arrived to say with which finalise to listen - Damn ossia the record of jazz !
5 / 5 Na
"A glorious sound" - thats a way that would describe a music in this CD. I have bought Every day after listening the just two fragment of clue, and are not disappointed. Sound the perfect mix to sweep fashionable jazz of the dread and vocal streets that will attack your socks were. I plan to buy c.ou More. CDs.
5 / 5 Eda
I in the first place the Cinematic orchestra listened in KCRW "the Results of morning Eclectic" program in L.un. It was intrigued enough to buy "Every day." It is at present in my transmission of car CD and wants to listen his while driving around, or house chillin'. I maintain to turn people on to this album. Amur Fontella Tomb, amour an element of jazz and some long jams. I will owe that buy his another CD is, reason I really enjoyed is one.
4 / 5 Dave
Ossia Music a lot good-looking , and quite unusual in spite of being consistently grounded in several conventional fashions. It have listened of first Cinematic Orchestra, but can say them that they maintain on a level of creativity that this album has, really could go some amazing places musically.
5 / 5 Duane
Likes some the linear notes say ' has been moment to this album for the long time'; after listening his closing are while. It is obvious that all involved in a project is surprising muscians... Some songs finds really boring this in spite of. A music is repetitious, but no in the way that read. If you want to listen the repetition that read them listens to Some Collars, or Spiritualized; with this album this in spite of, does not act. Some look of songs four to eight long times that requires to be and at all interesting is obtained of this extra fat; some grooves are good but no those interest or fascinating enough to resist a repetition. If on the dot: a better clue in a ablum, Evolution, force to seat by means of the ploding electrical guitar intro that repeats on and on in entirely predictible four cycles of bar until finally we are to treat to a real groove of a song, which falls behind to this thing of electrical guitar again so only when it takes to go... And I do not see anything obtained of of the this, an electrical guitar intro does not build any interest or tension that then gives more meaning to a groove when he finally swipes, so only bores, me fast foward to a surca. And in an end of a song so only the just end? Nope, Behind to a thing of electrical guitar that predictably repeats on and on again for the moment until the turn was. Unfortunatley Some looks of whole album to suffer this same question: predictable and unimaginative the song structures that squeeze all meaning and interest of some individual interpreters. Another clue presents the loop of boring horn, that like this first repeats in four cycles of bar before finally adding the real sax, which then repeats in the totally predictable agreement advance, four times, first of another instrument is addition , like this on and he like this advance... Another song intro starts with the kalimba what, again repeating in four cycles of bar totally predictably until... You take a picture . Types, this is boring and totally writing of pedestrian song and included this in spite of, likes quota of another reviewers endows on, a musicianship are add, is not enough adds to stand up to these STRUCTURES of song. Yeah Some of some songs are in crazy odd metres... But like that? This are add, touching the model of drum in 7/8 really quickly is hard May... Without an interesting context for him is without sense mine. It looks he likes could be an incredible band there is shortened neither everything down to tight, dense 4 songs of small, or they seriously laws with a minimalist repetitious vibe. A lack of comitment to an or another so only leaves it touching as the watered down verison of neither mine, and a lot something 'new'; ossia go to repeat the things like this owe that have the reason, while now it exits so only writing of lazy song. A production is pedestrian, again sqeezing was some texture that could add interest the songs. Included a vocals looks, well, arbitray and ailing-concieved; we listen to Fontella the basses say a word 'evolution' stirs it of time but he all look like this without sense in spite of his esoulful' action. Again, it listens to Stereolab wants to listen repitious vocals in fact doing. Any that the Cinematic orchestra would have to that to to sound likes him any of some bands mention, so only that some strategies are choosing no for me. The thing is, the supposition could say that these types are probably utmost alive... And that probably would owe that listen harder and slower in an album, May... This album really bores a hell outta me and once again tip that add muscianship really so only has to that mean in a context to add songwriting.
5 / 5 Danna
That can say? Prpers Having listened to his leading works can say that this album is probably a pinnacle of his career like this far. This time around the more sure and comfortable looks with his sound like this incorporating more elements other genders and vocalists (Fontella Tomb... Any one agrees esscue Me ?... And it Roots Manuva). An orchestral addition newer is the harp touched for Rhodri Davis that complete Fontella voice quite amiably to say a less. A percussion in this album is also glorious. So only listen to a drumming of L. Flores on 'Flite' and early will find you in the different world. It do not have to that fall any one names of the song of then is all cut of a same fine cloth. 'Every day' it is so only too well for words, an only way the experience is to listen. If it liked you soyotion' and esmezcla' will want to this one. It goes to take you the copy yesterday and indulge.
5 / 5 Bud
Ossia Some of some better musicianship has has not listened never! J. Swinscoe And Phil France, some main types, facts very good together to spend out of this album to notch upper. A rhythm and the melodies are unequaled so only for his first album. This a paves a way for more than works with alike Mcs, singers. 'The burn Was' and 'All the Things to All the Men' is good-looking songs, while clues 'Daily' in a music of African type that Swinscoe wants to explore. Each song is the masterpiece. When you Listen a Cinematic Orchestra, will wake when levelling it big plus of music that emits powerful fresh air.
4 / 5 Fransisca
One first song in this CD is awesome, but has lost interest of there that. Some of some songs in an end take really tedious. I have sold a CD after listening his once or two times. I think that that they could have done the better work.
5 / 5 Winter
Thinks this cd is breathtaking. Has the way of taken you the new places. Fontella Tomb and Roots Manuva resupplies to stand out vocal clues. An Evolution of clue is so only awesome. Ossia The new level for a group and the can not expect see them on a next recognition.
4 / 5 Rebekah
Instantly Have fallen enamoured with this cd. It was not that I am coming to listen in this group but ossia some of one the majority of good-looking, touching, deeply the emotional music has has not listened never. A must for any one interested in any soulful music.

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