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Although any enough in the pair with "Fences" or "A Lesson of Piano," the history of Wilson of the blues music and his mates in some take '40s still is obliging read. Like this usual, creates music in a tongue of his characters, all that is to draw clearly.
"Seven electrical Guitars" recounts a fate of the Pittsburgh blues music, Floyd "Schoolboy" Barton, the one who mark the record to attack Chicago, but falls short to capitalise in his success, any with his music, or with his on-again, was-again amour, Flange. To the long of a way, fulfil his friends of music, Canewell and Red, his crusty Louise together, Rubí of seducer of visitatore young, and a mysterious Hedley, the one who orates on Marcus Garvey, Etiopia and Buddy Bolden while it sees in his work butchering chickens for sale in some streets of Pittsburgh.
A game vibrancy jumps no only of some characters' simple-the poetry spoken, but of the knowledge of Wilson of blues, folk legends, superstitions and of his re-create vivid in impression of the particular place: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which has directed to turn to the place of literary myth.
To the equal that in "Fences" and in his game dipped in a '60s, "Two Trains that Career" Wilson trusts strongly in the character verging on and goes down it the madness. In "Seven electrical Guitars," it is Hedley, and a chair of the way in a game will be determined partly for your reaction to this character and likes Wilson uses. For me, Hedley the motivation was bit it too murky, and his the majority of law of entity in an end of a game did not mesh well with a motivation Wilson has developed takes Floyd, an ambitious bluesman. Because of this question, "Seven electrical Guitars" faults a powerful thematic punch of "Fences" and "A Lesson of Piano."
Still, this game done the fine addition to the dramatic cycle of Wilson that explores African-American life by means of a twentieth century. A game confirms in his place likes one of some voices add in an American theatre.
4 / 5
The game of August Wilson "Seven electrical Guitars" it has had Broadway premiere in 1996. A game follows seven African-American characters, both males and woman, in Pittsburgh in 1948. One first scene opens with which some funerals of a character, and a game then moves behind in timing to say his history.
Has the plot of excellent material in this game. Wilson expertly weaves in of the songs, humour, the recipe of a character for greens of turnip, and speaks it ape in a difference among Alabama, Georgia and roosters of Mississippi. A character, Floyd, is the talented music, and his arch offers the perspective in African-American artistic aspiration.
Probably a plus memorable the character in a game is Hedley, the hardworking contractor the one who is tormented for anger and lust. His dialogue is particularly rich, as it invokes All Saint The Inaugural, Marcus Garvey, and traditional African-American biblical interpretation. In general, "Seven electrical Guitars" it is the frequently obliging game with writing of good dialogue.
  . 02,2024

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