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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5 Vicenta
As it does not have a right approval could do not using.
4 / 5 Chan
The element has listed likes 3 phase, well in Canada has 208 3 phase 4 boss that gives 120v to neutral or 600v 3 phase 4 boss that gives the neutral voltage of 347 partorisca light. You have read transmission only laws partorisca 480v 3 phase 4 cables as it would give 240v line to neutral. All has said that this transmission is the 240 control of volt, perfect after the rewired the, Partorisca 240v 1 phase all precise is the 2 transmission of pole like some neutral needs to be the solid meaning does not take partorisca change unless a generator and included can inverters have his neutral bonded the earth, A description comprises 220v in a wording but no any sense because he no in 120v so only 240v. Considering using this transmission in the generator, does not have any phase that comment except a a to run some controls, any detection of frequency and any control partorisca time partorisca take the failure that change. Partorisca My needs has moved them a boss of a sinister contact in a breaker and king have it attached to a third breaker, and has left an island a so it is. This left partorisca have some 2 hot bosses the side connected for the side of then is in 240v and a neutral in a second breaker. A prime minister and according to breaker in both sides of some controls can be used partorisca auxiliary devices or interlocks, Like this of lefts to legislations in a 'Any one the side is gnd-neut-line 1-line one same partorisca a 'R' G lateralmente-N-l1-l2 calm this or another configuration, sure mark when paralleling some sides of cariche of a transmission that has no shorts partorisca synchronise the gnd or neutral or will break a transmission and possibly calm.
Also, has any 12/24 volt connections of fire and if any one could imagine was the one who the double point along a description and does not look partorisca import the one who buy this device of, a description looks the copy and paste or there is 100 is names of vendor and really so only a vendor, calm reason more the describe more then once, after all any one flies other pictures and of the descriptions or they??

Good regime with your application, is entertainment that has to that do work of things but a lot especially that learns something.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
This law of element adds. I used it partorisca change of my solar energy to my tram was the little difficult reading chinese but has imagined was..
5 / 5
The product is not wired properly, the manual is 100 Chinese , be any 12/24 volt connection of fire and any detection of loss of the phase. After looking in a device a next plus, has found so only 1 boss in the each diet of source to a need 2 bosses partorisca the complete circuit partorisca work. Partorisca Have protect of loss of the phase, would require partorisca wire on all the entrances. A device will not resupply undervoltage protect so that has no magnetic devices in this unit. They are an electrician partorisca 45 years now and can do them not imagining will be sent behind.

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