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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
Enough frankly, Alarm of Zone Pro 4 (ZAP) a work. And he a good work. With customizable setting for programs and of the web of places, and configurable popups to leave you, an user, chooses that exactly it is and is not left to access an internet, ZAP is essential.
Well, Could ask, "As that? A cortafuego is supposition to block to the things likes-concealed them." Yes, ossia true, but ZAP constantly asks permissions. Annoying? Hardly. It leaves it is that it is doing a work. You can mark the popup to dip it so that the program always can access an internet, or can leave accesses an internet for only that time, or vice versa. It thinks that that something is running in a background and retarding your computer for constantly connecting to an internet?
The casualidad is ossia possible . It is for me. I have had the plot of the programs that connects to an internet that to good sure does not have to that it has been doing so much. Alarm of zone Pro 4 have of then window and, without knowing the one who a program was, inspected it further. The short long history - the never spent again.
Maintains the continuous register and screen of permission to the equal that can examine/transmission anything. It maintains the counter to run to leave know those that intrusions ZAP has blocked of an installation.
An only question with ZAP is that it can be too confusing for those without any experience of computer. This in spite of, is the necessity and is the MUST. The security is vital.
4 / 5
Code of the limit of the product is supposition to arrive interior two-three business days for email. This has taken three weeks. And calm HAS It THAT has to that run a software. With which finally taking a code, has had a lot of questions with a software BUT could do not returning reason for that time, a period of turn there is expired. If has the coverage of house, this is not the good election.

Top Customer Reviews: Norton AntiVirus ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5 France
Buggy buggy buggy! In a computer, so only can take NPF partorisca upload on 1/3 of all the boots (warm or colds). In mine another computer, a centrical (separate closing) updating program -- Symantec LiveUpdate -- automatically CHANGES his options of connectivities HE almost every day, which causes a "LiveUpdate settings" to result "bribed," doing updating any NPF or NAV impossible unless. . . .
One spends for the heavy process to scan an integer of hard walk(s) for LiveUpdate settings of configuration, takes manually, goes to a poster to control the reconfigure NEW settings, and then reboots. These works (temporarily) to fix a question, but taken roughly 10 minutes. Do this 10-12 times for week, and can imagine a factor of frustration.
Periodically, this "fast" fixed failure, and has to that spend for the bizarrely convoluted "uninstall" process for Symantec LiveUpdate. This LONG process is outlined in the "reparation" document that, when a type of screen is dipped the "smaller," it requires 6 (you ARE) pages of paper to describe and roughly 45 minutes to in fact execute.
When This "reparation" no longer works, Symantec technology "support" it suggests uninstalling and reinstalling all (ossia his solution to almost each question -- look to have afterwards to zero troubleshooting expertise or, perhaps, zero WILL to help), the process that can while an hour and the half, according to your CPU speed of clock.
Has mentioned a prójimo-uselessness of the his email "technology" support. Frankly, I see no "technology" in his "support." Invariably, One is headed to one of the gazillion long on-line documents that waves out of the process to maintain that it eats time a client that careers in of the circles, so only to find, finally, that there is ANY WAY to fix a question another that UNINSTALLING all (agrees, there are three components here -- NPF, NAV, and LiveUpdate) and then reinstalling ALL THREE. One 1.5 process of now, at least, as have remarked on.
Are entirely fed up with Symantec, especially with his repeated "excuses for any inconvenience. . . ." That? "Any" inconvenience? That in an a lot of REAL and repeatedly the tangible waste of time have caused a lot so only for buggy software but for his inability and/or unwillingness to in fact troubleshoot a @@subject or fix some bugs in his software more than simply touching his incumplimiento "uninstall and reinstall" paper. If they felt it for real, they would fix a software more than directing a client the " it maintains. . . Running" (tip of hat to Ralph Ellison).
Are any programmer , but included could give that "techincal together to sustain" (I use some terms loosely). I do not have any solution of alternative software to suggest, but I strongly warned of the users to avert this software like a plague that is.
Ironically, Some anti-works of software of the virus like the charm ( has has has intercepted dozens of virales emails), and a cortafuego is impressive in his capacities and has been excellent. But an inability to maintain some products have update been due to car of unauthorised software-reconfigurations and corruptions of subsequent file like this, added to some dozens of hours have required to maintain this component to update that the works has done properly this software and Symantec lack of support of useful technology that anger.
Update to Symantec 2005?
A lot while I am alive. . . .
5 / 5 Hai
We use this in the work and is for far a better antivirus program there. In home, utilisation a Macintosh version. A more can say is that there is like this virii in the program of a Window would be boba any to have something like this installed. If you are tired of virii, worms, trojans, spyware, etc..., there is another solution. Take the Mac. A piece of the volume of imports knows that an operating system is almost impossible to infect or crack outweighs a curve of transmission of tiny learning to the different operating system. It virii Has I taken in mine Mac house in some last 6 months? Zero. Those read? At least one the week saws email. Included our CIO (agent of Information) is dipping in the proposition to the equal that write this to emigrate a whole server and desk fixes to a Mac YOU X program, and is the fortune 500 company. Of the money has saved so only in downtime of the systems that takes infected (if I can no , calm can not produce!), More than paid for a smaller cost to do a transmission. NAV Is well. But unless you maintain your definitions of up to date viruses, is asking it heap of question. And the one who the users really take a time to update his same definitions when a program aims him to do like this? Can count him on a delivery.

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