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Top Customer Reviews: Big Shiny Tunes ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5 Louis
Pleased. It has had already almost the averages of some songs in of the collections of swipes more Utmost but still the good value. Complaint not buying more than a collection behind when they have been released.
4 / 5 Kimbra
has to that say that I am not impressed extremely or dissapointed. It does not take this a wrong way. So only I say I am not very impressed reason ossia so only the tradition to continue for a line of big shiny tunes. Has the mix adds songs. I especially like adolescent dirtbag (wheatus). It is the sweet song . All more are adds also, comprising a swipe to limp bizkit. An inferior line is that this CD ROCKS!
5 / 5 Rasheeda
A lot he again. This woud has beaten any mtv cd. To the Of these songs (exepit J) is swipes so only to try or again a lot of music has beaten mtv again. oh And for an I ARE CANADIN
5 / 5 Nelson
This CD is awesome, everything of a principle of songs. Calm will not tire you never to listen to this CD with so many different good bands on that. Ossia One of a better CD I own.
4 / 5 Tianna
Has to that say that I am not impressed extremely or dissapointed. It does not take this a wrong way. So only I say I am not very impressed reason ossia so only the tradition to continue for a line of big shiny tunes. Has the mix adds songs. I especially like adolescent dirtbag (wheatus). It is the sweet song . All more are adds also, comprising a swipe to limp bizkit. An inferior line is that this CD ROCKS!

Top Customer Reviews: Loud ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Lucille
It have to that say that this cd is quite kickn'. It was to this old limps bizkit material, this has taken old. Recently my brother found this cd in his stack and says " it takes it" so much it has done them. He didnt think the pleasure but hey, would buy them of this any day now. Ossia Has included the add cd for these folks the one who really of the one who like this rap and so only likes mecer was to some heavy $ , there are them prendido to listen to these years of materials excepts this cd has stuck was and is the compraventa perfect for these hardcore rocker thugz. yea dawg...

Top Customer Reviews: Family Values Tour ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 21 ratings
4 / 5 Jefferey
'Recognition of values familiarised 1998' is the CD adds. The ranked some clues:
1. ORGY - "Blue Monday". 9/10. Corazón adds, the flange adds, the excellent song.
2. It LIMPS BIZKIT - "Faith". 9/10. To utmost, the flange adds, heaps of DJing.
3. INCUBUS - "New skin". 8/10. The work of electrical guitar adds, the heart adds, the flange adds, the song adds.
4. It LIMPS BIZKIT - "Jump Around". 8/10. The flange adds, adds rap.
5. It LIMPS BIZKIT - "Cambogia". 7/10. Good song, a lot vocals, a lot rap, good song.
6. ORGY - "Dissention". 7/10. The flange adds, sweats partorisca add.
7. ORGY - "Gender". 7/10. His well, good flange.
8. CUBE of GEL - "Control Self". 5/10. Quite pathetic, his electronic.
9. CUBE of GEL - "Natural Born Killaz". 4/10. Repetitive, Stupid.
10. KORN - "Freak In the Leash". 3/10. KoRn Better, but still bad, 'flange' is stupid, vocals is bad.
11. CUBE of GEL - "Directly out of Compton/ Fk tha Police". 3/10. Rappy, Stupid.
12. KORN - "Taken a Life". 2/10. WELL But song quite bad.
13. KORN - "That The liver has shot Meleody". 2/10. It hurts Ears, his bad, pathetic.
14. RAMMSTEIN - "Of the Hast". 1/10. Bad flange, German, electronic, pathetic.
15. KORN - "I move/ The one who". 0/10. Any word, worse clue, horrible.
I also ranked some bands:
1. It LIMPS BIZKIT - the connection of audience Adds, the songs add. 8.5/10.
2. INCUBUS - Would have to that it has touched more, "New Skin" it is it adds. 8/10.
3. The songs of ORGY add, the flange adds and the band adds! 7.5/10.
4. CUBE of GEL - BAD RAP, bad songs. 4/10.
5. KORN - Bad vocals, bad songs. 2/10.
6. RAMMSTEIN - Bad song, a lot, bandage very bad. 1/10.
In general, this CD are adds. Some the better bands were to Limp Bizkit, Orgy and Incubus. Sales like Rammstein, Cube of Gel and KoRn could do with out. 'Recognition of values familiarised 1998' is to the fantastic CD likes Rap/Of Metal/of Rock.
Fred Durst, Wes Borland, Brandon Boyd, Mike Einzigner, Alex Katunich, Chris Kilmore, Jose' Pasillas, Sam Rivers, John Nourished, D.J Leathel, Jay Gordan, Ryan Shuck, Paige Haley, Amir Derakh and Bobby Hewitt is people really fresh.
Jonathan Davis, Fieldy, David Silveria, James Shaffer, Brian Welch, W.C, Crazy Toones, Til Linderman, Richard, Kruspe, Paul Landers, Oliver Reidel, Flake Lorenz and Christopher Schneider is not good musicians.
'Recognition of values familiarised 1998' for KoRn, Limps Bizkit, Rammstein, Orgy, Incubus and Cube of Gel is the fantastic album . Well produced for Josh Abraham. Five stars for the album add.
4 / 5 Elvie
This CD is that ALIVE CD with a recognition with KoRn and some bands that has been related to them one the majority of in 1998. Like this Videodrone is not on here. But they have taken to Limp Bizkit on here the one who has given KoRn his demo disk in '97 to take them seals it record, Rammstein, his German friends, Incubus, seals fellow record buds, Orgy, one first band in KoRn record of focus, and Cube of Gel, a rapper in "Childeren of A KoRn." Now it was perticularly interested in this recognition cuz are the big defender of KoRn, I also really like Incubus and Orgy. Rammstein Would be after on-line. It limps' aight, And Cube of Gel, well am not a lot a lot in rap, but is one of a good rappers there. But this alive CD is the complication adds to to all the bands like with 5 interludes, Incubus touching a . Incident "New Skin," Rammstein with his big so only in some states, "Of the Hast," 2 $ 3 it Limps songs more the House of song of Ache, Gel Cub with the mix of his songs and . Songs, Orgy with his remarkible makings, and to whole plot of the songs of a band are all here stops. But this has had to be more recognition on earth with a connection of audience and a complication of CD adds. It limps Bizkit has done also recognition like this one, in fact, the repeat. It is well, but I am not interested like this in Primus, Filter, Staind, and the man of Method likes some on here. And KoRn is on there too much. Any as if it was not adds.
4 / 5 Mona
Are the big defender of KoRn and Limp Bizkit, as I have thought this cd would be good. First of all I have not listened of Incubus until this cd. His song "New Skin" it is incredible, and his one of a better in an album. Then it sees to the orgy where has 3 good songs that comprises a swipe-only "Blue Monday". With which this Limps Bizkit comes on with 3 awesome the songs that comprises one of some better songs of 1998 "Faith" and House Of the song of the ache "Jump Around". Then here it is a course I skip, Cube of Gel the chairs would not owe that belong on there. After, has 1 song for Rammstein, his only "Of the Hast". Last KoRn comes on with his first song when being the mix of the songs that comprises "Shoots and Ladders",then one 2nd is "Freak In a Leash",3rd it is the mix of "Transfer" and "The one who", and a last a to finalise an album is "Taken A Life". Ossia The really a lot of cd for any the one who has been to some Recognition of Values Familiarised or so only likes any of these bands, is the mix adds some of some better bands there today.
5 / 5 Lenore
Ossia One of some better alive albums has seen. Sure, has bad parts on here, but oh well. In the first place have it Incubus with "New Skin". I think that this cd could have benifited besides Incubus songs. Then it is gone on down the three song dipped by Orgy, where touch one of my favourite songs for them:"Dissention". Then it takes the little dull, Limps Bizkit place in the lackluster action of Faith and fails to HOP Jump Around. Then I gotta skip some clues of Cube of the Gel. But heres where takes well again: Rammstein with "Of the Hast". Ossia Also another band a cd could have benifited that has more songs stops. Then a glorious ! But it looks the little short of the together, considering was a main appeal in this recognition. They would owe that it has it on taken at least the averages a cd, but oh well, those who are I to complain?
4 / 5 Marc
Some of you can have seen my description for Values Familiarised 99, more sop as it has not liked him me too. For this seat justified to revise FV 98. This Cd is a better of a two like this far peel has shot long. It is because of this CD that has been and has bought all a Incubus, Orgy and Rammstein CD is. Each clue in this CD is worthy of his place, although they are the little there is disappointed that both Rammstein and Incubus so only have a follow each one that that. Both of these bands are extremely talented and deserve more praise and ascent. To the orgy has the sound adds in this CD, almost would say that they touch better here then in his own album. I love a way that some really come drums by means of in his neighbours here. Korn And Limp Bizkit place in of the good actions, and although any when being no the enormous LB defender, I really Faith of amour and Counterfeit. Any like him To Him the cube of Gel at all, but is present in this CD so Rap the partidários would owe that be happy. Also you recommend that you choose on a FV 98 video, also is excellent. A word to look - a video contains a Rammstein Buck Dich the complete action with feigning phallus. In everything, is looking for the CD that has the metal adds, industrial and rap then FV 98 will adapt your flavour. Definately Better then FV 99.
5 / 5 Evangeline
An amazing container. Has has wanted to this was has there was simply some better laws of rock of death(Rammstein),to rap-eaten(Limp Bizkit,KoRn),again-wave Industrial(Orgy),to funk-metal(INCUBUS),and the only straght-on rap(Cube of Gel).When I Have been to a recognition,blew so only go!Each law was so only like this amazing,and this album touches all of the his if you didnt that year,buy this CD and calm will be warped to él.yo highly reccomend the!
4 / 5 Wei
Adds cd. Several smaller questions- reasons a intros? It takes him it is, and it could have more Rammstein and Incubus. Alternatively, taken out of a Limp Bizkit song that Is not the coverage; some other two am a lot that he. A Korn the songs are of sound (of then is a calm excellent band can not expect bad of them). Considering does not like me the alive register, knows this one has to that be well for me for the give such the good indication.
Here is 2 another good alive "copy" cds (I calls him that reason usually have some songs unexpectedly of some artists):
Values Familiarised 99 (several artists)
Of some Muddy Banks of a Wishkah (Nirvana)
5 / 5 Elna
If your ONLY interest in some Values Familiarised Recognition lineup this Fall was Rammstein, that will be a lot disappointed! So only an alive clue (Of the Hast) is has comprised. I do not go to begin to signal mine (half) toe in any especially in this @@subject - but perhaps this was an intentional desire in a part of Music of Engine to any relinquish additional follows as it could compete with his upcoming Alive Rammstein CD, planned for emission in July '99. Shrug, would have purchased both in all the chance!
4 / 5 Hyman
This album is quite well, but are not adds. Everything of some laws has has resupplied actions a lot tight, but that, perhaps is there weakness. The action of the orgy deviates very little of his already mediocre studio action. Rammstein I members have done very good together, but, excepts some notarises them refrain in a half last of "Of the Hast" directed for Flake, his action is so only the pale imitation of a clue of studio- perhaps ossia because confidences of to pyrotechnics in his alive show. It limps Bizkit mangled Marie to Hurt "Jump Around." This in spite of, Cube of Gel and Korn the actions there is revived an album. Cube of gel is in fact communicates with an audience, jeering his- this help of interaction to re-create an alive experience. Korn, Perhaps some the majority of competent alive musicians in a recognition, was like this intrepid to the equal that to create the setting of his diverse clues. They were jamming, improvising- ossia the one who the alive music is roughly. Another weakness of this album is that it resembles has been in order near likes a afterthought. An album has looked in two shows to an end of a recognition, and all of some vocalists are recognizably Davis of Jonathan tired' and Til Lindeman' harmonic vocals is missing any projection. Certainly, all these actions could have state wonderfuly when experienced under a pressure-cookery of the mosh-hole, but does not resupply very interesting listening. This in spite of, in spite of all his weaknesses, this album is the valiant tentativa. If you are the hardcore defender, choose it up. Otherwise, any one annoying .
5 / 5 Ardith
Everything of these bands (or rappers) is well in my opinion, and thinks that them is to say probably one of a better remastered alive albums of all the times, with "New Skin" of Incubus, "Jump Around" covered to Limp Bizkit" and all a Korn songs, can any gone bad.
4 / 5 Cristen
When I have bought this cd is Faith of the paralización and the Blue Monday listen all an album, found that the song is a lot of neighbour an original! It limps Bizkit Aim that took it and the orgy is in his better. A quality of music and lirycs is very partorisca the show. An only weakness is rap. The hard rap does not have d is put in a recognition of the main metal. So much Defender partorisca Limp Bizkit, Korn, the orgy goes partorisca buy it right now!
4 / 5 Chantay
All the calm people those who are whining that does not have quite Rammstein in a CD, goes to take Rammstein new a, "Alive Aus Berlin", which is likes 15+ alive Rammstein clues, and in the leave a hell so only. The disk adds. Princes of Cambogia.
4 / 5 Randal
Falls Like this ass that the duty of state likes more than a cd reason so only a Ramstine clues, could not dip a More adds them limp bizkit song on, thats counterfeit. It sees that it spends when calm so only has taken a cd but a song that was on there sill ass of beaten and also require more Korn. Calm gentleman,t place rap in with good material. A sewing of plus, a whole thing has to that of summer,korn,limps bizkit,rammstein and orgy, and on more than a cd, but still is a More adds them cd the never band!
4 / 5 Lavonne
Korn Is quite good? They are not any one a lot the defender of them. It limps Biskit Was well, I supposition? The orgy was awesome! Rammstein rulled But would have to that have more songs on that! A rest of a group is sucked. I pissed me it was when all some names of a Rammstein the group was mispelled( on purpose! ) And all the world-wide more the names were corrected! In general it gives this infinity of bolt of album because Rammstein is on that! It can be cost your money!
5 / 5 Tommie
This cd comprise to to everything likes, of everything has not listened never to! It limps Bizkit, KoRn, All the world. Ossia He cd would be necessary to take you while it can you. It goes and buy it!
4 / 5 Meghann
Some Values Familiarised Visit the album is well, but could be to better plot. There is so only a Rammstein clue. You entirely left of "Counterfeit" to Limp Bizkit and" Everything in a Familiar" for Jon and Fred which would have been I adds in this album. In general costs of the money and "Control Self" for the cube is awesome.
4 / 5 Joana
Some only good songs in this CD are Blue Monday, Of the Hast, has taken A Life, and Freak in the Leash. A rest of a CD is horrible. It have to that it has had it more Rammstein and Korn.
4 / 5 Tyrell
This cd is ausome calms of any goodbye another whole artist cd take this a sound unedited and right of there that conceart
5 / 5 Monty
are a defender a big plus of the each band in this cd, and youe that rap or rock, seriously suggests look to this CD
4 / 5 Nola
was very reason was registered alive. Some of gives sounds of a crowd mixed in with him. otherwise Was a lot of
4 / 5 Sharita
This are adds has the greats likes to Limp Bizkit and Korn. A interludes are adds also!

Top Customer Reviews: Greatest Hits ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
5 / 5 Pattie
LOOK: If you have not bought this CD already, ossia ot the "More than..." CD, is the "Swipes more Utmost" CD. And yes, there is the ENORMOUS difference. Those people do not look partorisca comprise is that the "More than..." CD is clues in that a sale chooses like some have thought was his better work. In these chances, songs that usually has not been released like radio solteros usually coming to game. But in the "Swipes more Utmost" CD, is strictly songs that has been aired in a radio, for this calling them "Swipes". As all the world-wide this writes the description that complains that "All have the place was his overplayed irradiates blah blah" Well, calm then would owe that it has read a first title moron--the majority of swipes Add Is radio solteros!!!
311 more Utmost Swipes, in my opinion, is a awesome CD partorisca any one true 311 partidário. Some 311 partidários any seperate any radio solteros of a rest of some songs. Some 311 look of partidários in the each song on is own and would not take never patient of some songs, any one imports that it is touched in a radio. A reason 311 has released the "Swipes more Utmost" and any he "More than..." The album has been explained in 311 put web of the his Martinez (vocalist)-- explains that 311 has had too many for real awesome songs that had written and has not had any way could any never spent in only select it pocolos partorisca dip in the CD--therfore, a so only another option was partorisca release everything of a radio solteros. Here it is my opinion of a CD:
1. Down - 5/5 - of 311 self-the album titled(aka a Blue Album). A song that has taken 311 to a big scene behind in '96. Well rockin' same song with which 8 years of radio game(this in spite of is touched when be)
2. Flowing - 5/5 - Of "Soundsystem". This song is one of the mine favourite 311 songs. Justo fill of energy and his well.
3. All Mixed On - 6/5 - Of "Self-Diplomado". Ossia So only one everything out of awesome song. Any @@subject that the times listen it, so only is in amazing. Awesome Alive also.
4. Amber - 5/5 - Of "Of Chaos". Excellent mellowing-was song. Effects of fresh electrical guitar and undeniably catchy. You will be humming a song all day.
5. Coming Original - 5/5 - Of "Soundsystem". Any one a lot partorisca say in an except excellent tune, has beaten, and some fresh papers.
6. Beautiful disaster - 7/5 - Of "Transistor". Still it remains one of mine all time preferred 311 songs. I can not take enough of him. Some the electrical guitars so only are that they surprise and a song is so only like this friggen' well.
7. Creatures (For A moment) - 6/5 - Of "Evolve". This song does not take never old. Of one it inaugural hard paste riff with which a "... It show to maintain..." To a heart of enclosed, this song is so only pure rockin' energy. Excellent song.
8. Calm A lot of - 6/5 - Of "Music". An only song of his album to start with that he he in this album. But it was the good election !! Excellent song of an extreme to the another. Amur A rap/reggae the desglosáis approaches an end of a song.
9. I will be Here Awhile - 5/5 - Of "Of Chaos". Like "Amber" so only a awesome mellowing-was song. It does not take never old.
10. Calm would not believe - 5/5 - Of "Of Chaos". Awesome rockin' Song. Catchy Corazón and fresh electrical guitar riffs. Up there in my cast of favourites.
11. Transistor - 5/5 - Of "Transistor". I add mecer song. Although it touches better and more powerful like inaugural clue to a "Transistor" CD that so only the song launched in a half of the mix. Still a awesome rocker.
12. It does not remain Home - 6/5 - Of "Self-Diplomado". My favourite song of "Self-Diplomado". A awesome funk-song of mecer that is like this catchy how is mecer.
13. Homebrew - 5/5 - Of "Grassroots". An only so only of "Grassroots", but the good election. One of mine all time preferred 311 songs. Reccomend Listening it has touched alive--an of some experiences more never is.
14. Besides Grey Heaven - 6/5 - Of "Evolve". This song is just phenominal. A work of the electrical guitar and some papers are so only like this although this song is easily one of mine all time preferred 311 songs. Tim Mahoney so only of the electrical guitar is so only like this relaxing and amazing. I love this song.
15. Song of amour - 5/5 - Of "50 First Soundtrack of Date". This song is not the 311 original, but wish it could have been. It is the funky /melodic song that it is a lot of catchy. I in fact like this the better version that the original version of A Cure. 311 Captures that some songs would owe that it has touched like all to the long of.
16. As it Feels? - 7/5 - (Previously Unreleased). This song is AWESOME!! It is so only the legislation on rocker with the bridge of fresh funky. You will be humming a heart to calm all day. Excellent song.
17. First Straw - 7/5 - (Previously Unreleased). A 2nd new song apresamiento the different direction that one 1st a, but is still like this good. Ossia So only one all-was song/of funky of state/of good time. A tune is a lot of catchy. It classifies of in some same lines like "Song of Amur" so only the little faster. Excellent song.
Like this in general, 311 the majority of Utmost swipes is an excellent album for any one. If it is hardcore 311 partidário, the decent 311 partidário, or so only the defender of some songs that has released in a radio. There is something here for all the world. They are like this happy has released the "Swipes more Utmost" album more than the "More than..." Album, reason usually when the band has released the "More than..." Album, means the end of a band or breaking up. And 311 rocks too much to break until arriving to this point. 311 EAST The BEST!!!!
4 / 5 Lori
Album of swipes more utmost is generally he "swipe and lose" what, is surprising that often not to take it right (hard year REM comes to import immediately), as I am happy to inform that 311 the collection is enough in a key.
"Swipes more utmost '93-'03" (17 clues, 59 min.) Contains 311 14 songs sweat better, 3 new clues more. Altough Generally prefer compilations of swipes more utmost to run chronologically, this is not a chance here, but he in spite of works. Some starts of neighbours of rightfully with 311 swipe more adds never, "Down" (of a Blue Album), which has spent a band mainstream sucedido and is like this fresco now to the equal that was in 1995. In fact, it is the bit to surprise that a Blue Album that takes so only 3 clues, given his massive success. After "Down", some swipes and the songs sweat better so only maintain to go: "All Mixed On", "Amber", "Transistor", "Coming Original", etc, it is everything here, any to forget a prompt (but now classical) "Homebrew". Some the new songs are "Song of Amur", the coverage of Priest of a "50 Date" the earliest soundtrack this year (and a feebler song in a together), "To the equal that feels" and the scorching "First Straw", one of the his better never and reason enough to buy this of calm has everything of 311 album (like ).
311 Is one of mine beans bands, and please to any end to see them takes a real treatment with these more utmost swipes has dipped. If you are the random 311 defender (has such the thing), calm will not be disappointed with this compilation. It BUYS IT!
5 / 5 Petrina
Although 311 the music is the hybrid of almost each type of gender, a thing is remained abnormally compatible during his travesía of 11 years - cost two never cease to surprise me, and one the majority of what of entity - is ALWAYS ORIGINAL. It can you appoint any the one who to sounds likes him 311? So only I have believed yes. They are not your band of half rock (not condoning bands of half rock, but does not import some creativity from time to time). Nick Hexum is the musical and lyrical character, and the voice of S.A. Martinez is adictiva and versatile. Tim Mahoney is one of some more utmost guitarists have not listened never, P-the die is the fabulous bassist, and Chad Sexton is the terrific drummer. I can not rent these writes enough. Each one which of his songs is perfection. There is not the eskippable' clue in this amazing collection. Thus just taking to 311, recommends that any so only buy this - buy Soundsystem, Of Chaos, Transistor, Evolve, etc. Etc. Also. 311 you release it flawless solteros during his career, but has some a lot of-solteros ('Eons', 'Evolution', 'Crack A Code') ossia equally enjoyable. Has no bad things to say in this album, and think that people those who are in any type of music will find something for them on this album. It calls each one which of you reading this now to RUN yours to tend record more after/Wal-Mart/wherever and choose this up has a lot already. So only not to blame me when calm can not taking listening his.
5 / 5 Nila
Has been the 311 partidário for the long time and ossia to good sure the collection adds some of his his swipes big plus. It Paste more than.... There is the ENORMOUS differance. I hate some descriptions that complains roughly any in that have quite a lot of songs, the majority of swipes add means radio swipes, any one some better of. 311 it Combines so many different types of music, ska/reggae/mecer/rap/hip-hop and exits like this awesome. This tip that 311 has progressed during some years with which 11 years of sweet music. Has come from/come from the cochera ska band and progressed to an extremely talented band that would have to so more the respect then does. I recommend to see that the alive reason ossia when his talent really shows. His two new songs, "First Straw" and "To the equal that seats" it is entirely different then anything not having never does before. If you have listened all these songs on here does not think is still any one the value that takes. Each song is entirely remastered, some two new songs are surprising, and there is remezclas of "homebrew" ossia defintely value checkin was. 311 defender or no, you gotta choose this on
4 / 5 Trinidad
I amour 311 and ossia comming of any to black metal, gore grinds, metal of doom, metal of death, and dark environmental. They are happy has released this container of the swipes more add saved me money to take music and evolve. Lame to this band been due to a calm song well of music. They are like this happy there was on this container. This was one of some main reasons reasons have bought this plus for an original song come of soundsystem and material to evolve (an album adds considered to take.) Enough it is the good collection of songs to jam to the day of sunny state without tugging out of an integer 311 behind cataloging. I very a lot cures for some two new songs. Has-liked me Like seats still although it begins with the Metallica takes St. I anger grabage can that that the drum beat it sure does up for him in a rest of a song. I row this like this big up like my Emperor, Godflesh, and Carcass more than of the this, which for the nihilistic knots that critique the metal begins quite big. Thank you 311 to do entertainment of mine of state with your music and releaving stress of mine to spend mine Cytopathology examinations!!!
5 / 5 Ruthanne
First of all, to the left say me that the taste to him each one that 311 song has has not listened never. His no songs very bad. Here it is the clue -for-analysis of clue of this register:
(1) Down - His 1 of the his self-titled 'blue album', still his the majority of popular song never. The way adds to start with of a CD.
(2) Flowing - Of 1998 album Soundsystem, ossia the song adds to jump up and down to live. It is the mystery likes him paired a vocal melody with an electrical guitar riffs. Typical of 311 musical character.
(3) All Mixed On - Another enormous swipe of the his 1995 self-has titled CD. It memorises some words to the east an and sing to the long of the his, is amused really. Another song so only 311 could write.
(4) Amber - A swipe of the his 2001 album Of Chaos. Ossia The slow good-looking song with powerful emotion for behind the. That The drum adds has beaten, as in all 311 songs. I love some few effects of electrical guitar.
(5) Comes Original - Another out of Soundsystem, this song has the message adds and quite summarizes 311. It is the message to all the artists to 'come original' and leave doing something concealed has been already fact. 311 The originality and the creativity gives them a power to say this.
(6) Beautiful Disaster - An of my preferred 311 songs, of the his 1997 Transistor of album. An electrical guitar to harmonise parts, and a transition of good-looking melodies the fierce electrical guitar riffs is so only perfect.
(7) Creatures (For the moment) - This song is an inaugural clue of his the majority of recent emission Evolve. This song mecer really hard.
(8) Calm A lot of - Of his Music of album of the start (1993), ossia the fun song that it is impossible to not liking.
(9) will be Here Awhile - Another song on Chaos, ossia the very only song that it is the difference of any one another concealed 311 has done. A lot of ska, with the line of grave fresco.
(10) would not believe - Still like this another song on Chaos, ossia so only the song of good rock that is amused also to sing to the long of to.
(11) Transistor - One before song in his album for a same name, this song clears 311 verse of attitude of the critics of music the one who always is trying dipped down 311. Basically, a sale could concern less than thinking.
(12) does not remain Home - Another follows out of his self-the album has titled, ossia another song adds to sing to the long of the (can maintain up with Nick fast vocals right first of an alone of drum).
(13) Homebrew - Remixed For 311 Chad of member Sexton (drummer), this rocker of the his 1994 album Grassroots the sounds that has surprised. Attended remezcla a whole album has taken.
(14) Besides Ash of Heaven - An of my cup three 311 songs. Awesome So only of electrical guitar, emotions very powerful in this song.
(15) Song of Amur - I are not really the defender of Priest, but this coverage touches quite good. This song was of the soundtrack of film and is not on any of the his other albums.
(16) Likes Chair? - An add rap/song of rock, ossia the new one has released so only in this CD. Appearance this one continuous in a radio.
(17) First Straw - Another new song, ossia he reggaeish song that is very a lot of fact.
Well, how is there anything does not like me on this CD? No really, although I owe that question because Prisoner and Big in a Margin is not comprised (both have been touched in some radio). Also, I have thought 311 selection of radio songs of his album Of Chaos was odd. Calm would not believe , Amber, and will be Here Awhile, while good songs, is not that it would have chosen. It have chosen Tight Patient, Wake Your Alcohol On, and for the soft song would have chosen Champagne on Amber. But oh well. If you are the 311 partidário will buy this for a remezcla of Homebrew, and for some last three clues. If calm so only is taking to 311 will buy for the copy that has done, and calm then will buy everything of his albums because calm said to.
5 / 5 Sherrie
'311' HAS BEEN around for the good 12 years now, and thinks a rap-thing of mecer sooner and better that more another. More, among launching hand of a lot of other genders, and often having deep and positive papers, is resulted one of some hotter bands in a past decade. Although this collection could have drawn of album more equally, is still the container adds for any level of defender. So only one follows of his excellent start, and my favourite album. Three of the his third popular album. Some last disks of pair am represented well. Also, there are two new clues that it is sweet, and a recent coverage of ong of Amur' also. And while I lose the few clues, is hard to complain when takings 'Down', 'Come Original', 'Beautiful Disaster', and 'Amber' all near. So much turn this disk until eleven, '311'.
4 / 5 Alina
Are not the long-time 311 partidário, but am a lot to this album! It follows-for-description of clue:
1) Down (7/10) I no really like this song so as the majority of some another, never has done really.
2) Flowing (9/10) Quite good. It can grow on me, it can the no. will see that it spends.
3) All Mixed On (10.5/10) has has loved always this song. Like this dipped behind and entertainment. Always port up.
4) Amber (9/10) In some signals that displeased this song to plot, but now is big in my book.
5) the original Majority (10/10) To the equal that can calm a lot like this song? So only "Beautiful Disaster" and " Calm A lot of" it is better that this IMHO.
6) Beautiful Disaster (11/10) This song is so only perfect. Better song in this CD.
7) Creatures (For A moment) (10/10) Better likes to begin clues in Evolving that has launched to a half of the mix, although it is well among some two better songs in an album.
8) Calms A lot of (11/10) 2nd better song in this CD. I have not been exposed to this song so as some of some another, but in timing it can be better that "Beautiful Disaster".
9) will be Here Awhile (10/10) Softer that a majority of songs on here, but to good sure the winner. One 2nd verse is probably my favourite part of a whole song.
10) would not believe (10/10) has has liked him always this song before I have known he for name. If it was not for my aversion of "Amber" it have taken a "Of Chaos" album. Directly-arrive 311 rock.
11) Transistor (6/10) I'm sorry, but this song is a worse in this CD. Still listenable, but perhaps would owe that listen in "Transistor" first.
12) does not remain House (10/10) Another preferred of mine. A transistion among heavy verses and more dipped-the rear heart is perfect. Always listened of amour this in a radio.
13) Homebrew (9/10) Any too familiar with this song, but is not to like has expected the to be. You think it that it was rappier, but no active a lot that.
14) Besides Ash of Heaven (9/10) Any really 311 better work, but has been surprised by anything besides "Creatures" when being the alone of "Evolve" when have in the first place listened that CD.
15) Song of Amur (10/10) If it was not for my discipline any to buy the soundtracks would have bought "Fifty First Dates" to take this song so only. It likes-me a video also.
16) Likes Chair? (8.5/10) Although ossia more like the music listens to compared to other songs on here, no like this as well as to plot of them. "Another Side Of Things" of "Evolve" it was Very better that this that the rap-rocker.
17) First Straw (10/10) song Really well roughly not leaving the things take too far before it is too late. Also, I add like an album finisher.
Likes to take this album if you are the defender of 311, random (taste) or hardcore. You will enjoy this.
5 / 5 Sherron
This disk are adds for a person so only discovering 311! All of some good swipes are another. This in spite of, if you are the hardcore defender of 311 (taste), of calm still will want to listen to some individual albums reasons his better songs have not been released like single. They are happy, this in spite of, that has comprised a remake of the SONG of AMUR of a Cure in this CD as so only have not had a heart to buy one 50 FIRST Soundtrack to DATE so only for this song. The good remake has done in that! Way to go, types! It likes me quell'has said, is the good retrospective, but stick to some individual albums for optimum listening like!
4 / 5 Seth
The cast of the clue of his more utmost swipes is rahter predictable and the together very good of tunes partorisca aim all some ways of 311. You no east partorisca cash, so that of the one who take descriptions seriously when they say 311 is desparate or to the to anything likes concealed. It has been in his agreement partorisca as long as his record undertaken can release the album of the swipes more add to want to , likes company , 311 couldnt anything roughly that... Except record 2 new songs partorisca do value while!!!
Likes Chair? It is one of some new songs and he mecer my socks were. The majority another 311 partidários would adapt that this song is so only still also touches behind to a fashion of amazing song of his Soundsystem album (still my preferred 311 album partorisca date). This song has one of some better melodies Nick there never is partorisca come up with and the POWERFUL heart that so only overwhelms calm with sound. HIS rap is wicked sweet and has as 'beastie boys' ish his his!
First Straw, another new song, is the a lot of song of cold also. This song would return amiably in his album his late plus 2003 is 'Evolve.' Has the alike electrical guitar that touches his song 'give me the call' but with advances of the longest agreement and the tonnes of launchers of acoustics of electrical guitars in there. It KNOWS it Is singing more and more now also. The harmonies are utmost and a bridge is frigging astounding!! If you are the 311 partidário , take this album partorisca a collection, if not taking this album partorisca see that 311 is everything roughly. Still although this album is attack more added is in no way his better songs!!! If calm like this album the strongly promote you partorisca choose especially of 311 albums, you wont be dissapointed.
4 / 5 Gina
In the first place was, if you are the diehard 311 partidário, then will be justified partorisca buy this CD so only partorisca Song of Amur and some 2 new clues. Regarding a rest of a CD, looks partorisca be too skewed to his estaca-Blue album (his self-has titled cd) material. So only a song of the each one of his premiers 2 albums are partorisca be found- Calm A lot and Homebrew. That roughly all has joined other songs add, like this Omaha Stylee, F... A BS, Hydroponic, etc? I have taken with a lot they like me to him these clues in his materials his new plus, which is relatively feeble (the original Majority is rubbishes ). This one could have been much better, but is still the must possesses partorisca defenders.
5 / 5 Ira
On some years three eleven has churned was quite the little alcohol that songs of swipes, ( estealing Happy Hours' 'Inner Light Spectre' esweet' 'Lifes No the Race' and like this on) but some songs there is showed here is good but of the that really expresses that three eleven is done of. Here it is a rundown:
Down - An of 311 the majority of famous rap rockers
flowing - Trippy song of mecer
All Mixed Arrive - A lot of reggae vibe mixed with usual rap/rock
Amber - Radio friendly reggae song of amour
Come Original - Decent rocker
Beautiful Disaster - follow A lot amazing one of a bit those that on here, this shop window 311 talent to a max
Song of Creatures of fresh rock with transmissions to time
dance A lot Good rocker
Ailing Be Here Awhile - A lot of reggae and Ska ish
would not believe - Meso rocker
Transistor - Metal/Reggae!
Whose House of song of stay of Radio Friendly rock arisen to touches him to it ' As Calm A lot of'
Homebrew - Better mix of the classical 311 song
Besides Grey Heaven - Reggae song that explodes to the frenzy of rock with solos abonos
Song of Amur - A coverage to Cure
Like Chair - Energetic rocker but inferior to 311 is other songs of rock ('T & P combo' 'Hive')
First Straw - A lot of sweet more after
4 / 5 Joycelyn
already have everything of one 311 cds which are amazing-anyways a reason has bought them still is becuz im the enormous defender and or take 2 new clues First straw and like chair? This album are murderous the cant belive that a band could dip like this ecitement and energy like these types -ossia so only collecion everything of some calm songs here in a radio and there remastered and the new version of homebrew is on he--just the add cd go for the buy now!!!1 million stars!!!
4 / 5 In
REAL 311 partidários already will have all some songs in this CD or has burned already the compilation of the his own, he doing the pointless addition in any hardcore collection of partidários - unless it likes him to you raisin the money to stop them new songs.
This in spite of, all some songs on here are the songs add of one of one the majority of underrated and the original bands of one 90 east and punctual 00 is. There it is not denying that ossia the solid emission of upper in depth when it comes to look in that is in fact in an album. But really, it is the container of the swipes more Adds something requires of 311?
Personally would prefer to have the b-collection of sides to arrive to this point. A container quite would have comprised the disk of prize of scarce song and has given/to alternate apresamiento.
Has to that ask reason is not 'Prisoner' of Transistor in this album? And where it is 'Freak Was' of Music? Of then we are in the wipes delos speakers more Utmost' these two songs were solteras in a mid 90 east, but is forgotten. Any to mention to the clues of albums add likes him the unit, Random, Ohmaha Stylee, Hydroponic, 8:16 I ARE and takings has done. Album of swipes more utmost that adds one or two the songs 'new' is so only the marketing takes ploy to do his defenders spend even more to buy the songs already possess so only to take the pair they no.
mine of Looks this has been put neighbour to do up for slow sales of any toneless(er) Evolve albums that was the big letdown after a brilliant Of Chaos.
For any the one who is new to 311 ossia the introduction adds . Still it have it alot of awesome the songs and calm will not be disapointed save you a time this in spite of and start and buy all some album - to the equal that in an end will leave you alot more satisfied, reason will have sustained really a band and has listened in fact a BETTER of 311 and any he soyade for consumption of collection of mass of his the majority of radio-friendly songs that almost totally ignores his two first albums.
2 Stars for this blatant cash-grab.
4 / 5 Meridith
I seats have deprived. Really I do reason have not listened never any 311 first songs to see a "song of amour" video of music in FUSE. I have seen the commercial announcing his more utmost swipes cd and look to like it is cost to try it. Chico, could be more right state! Right of an a lot of first clue, was engrossed in the quota and for real so only listening experience that has not listened in of the years! Still although some of a rap/rock/reggae tunes in this cd is the little reminiscent of Linkin Parco or Red Hot Chili peppers (and means "a bit"), it was blown still has gone by a originiality of this band. Going of any the one who there is no known sheep of crack (heh) roughly 311 to any the one who frenetically is looking for his earlier albums, would recommend this cd to any that looks for the pause of a norm. Material adds, has to buy!!!!!!
4 / 5 Vickey
11 years ago has finalised to graduate institute. Together with everything of a state quo emotions and anxieties of a following summer, has discovered 311 his street that begins almost of focus of entity "Music". It is suprise more than stirs it of white boys(and of the Mexicans) rasga until the hip tends with rock, funk, punk, jazz, and reggae all has launched to a mix. The one who would have thought...
First of fast to states to one west, 5 works and 2 university terracings later in my life, and 311 is the very big part of that. Of all disquieting movements of cities the city, lethargic 15-hr work days, and feeling perpetually moved, 311 was one of a bit those that constant that maintained in the transeúnte for everything. The hats was and the big heartfelt Thanks to some boys of his extraordinary. Them me a lot of happy that 311 is now there rasgando on the the scene of music likes is. I have known whenever, if a sale has survived a rap-meltdown of rock, is 311.
"Swipes more utmost" it is a culmination of in the hard labour decade, and 311 merit each one has bitten of him. If it calls the success digests or certainly writes lateralmente. You owe that agree, 311 was once an icon of subterranean music. The person had listened they first ' included then was pegged like one-the paste asks the one who would owe that enjoy his sucedido while they have it. So much for this idea. First persistence. Goodbye To all a meddling psuedo-fan pharisees and envious, ignorant critics. Salvation To timeless grooves and long-sucedidos of term. So only a way has to that be...
All narcissism averts, "Greates Swipes" it is misleading the title to ossia more than the single collection with the pair of new prize follows launched in still good measure. With the few exceptions, is always be of an opinion that the majority of 311 the material is better remained unlistened-to for a random defender. I mean, "All Mixed On" it is catchy dipped the afterwards to "Beautiful Disaster" or "flowing", and there is simply any comparison. Any to mention the songs add like "Paradise", "Nutsymptom", "Taiyed", " it loses", "Purpose",
"Use to Time", "the life is not A Race", "Hostile Apostle" to appoint it miniscule little concealed has not seen a light of radio-game. So much, to hardcore defenders, an album can exit as it bit it redundant. But, remain the must-have for a plenary 311 library.
In the first place was, "Swipes more Utmost" has 17 songs(much more that an average 311 album, saves for "Transistor"), all but 2 has released like this solteros in a past decade. I find it curious that some other single has not been comprised, specifically "Freak Out of", "8:16AM/8:16am/8:16am/8:16am/8:16am/8:16am/8:16am", "Prisoner", and "Champagne", which has seen some radio game but has not been neccesarily "swipes" in a conventional sense(the songs add, this in spite of). I will not go any a lot of to one has released already songs(although I will admit does the little that so only does not like me ), but will say of that has all state remastered, and "Homebrew" of 1994 "Grassroots" it was in fact king-registered( has been expecting a real remezcla, but is so only the king-registering.). Any one offends to a group, but thinks a origional the version has touched better.
Some new songs are excellent, and Nick vocals looks to improve exponentially with age. It KNOWS'The papers are until pair, and like this usual, compliment Nick a lot well. "To the equal that Feels?" And "First Straw" it is adicións/the additions add in 311 mix and His almost the desire has been released on last year "Evolve". "To the equal that Feels?" It is grassroots 311 rap-rock with a level of energetic hook and uplifting papers. Almost it has the generic-the pop feels his(thinks to the long of a vetoes besides new LostProphets or Hoobastank), but is the good song this in spite of. I really amour "Before Straw", a eclectic reggae-mecer mixer, although I can any one for a life of enciphers it to me out of Nick is postpone with "before straw like this small// looks impossible"(help!). But I want to one feels and a message of one think of as the life could have been can the forgiven roughly sure someones in planting to turn backside of mine on him. "Last straw/there is any reason/to take there at all/yeah". The melancholy fulfils very done. Perfecto for a start of the sultry been.
"Swipes more utmost" it is the must -have for longtime defenders(if anything, to sustain a group) and the good present for a random auditor. Some diverse exposed fashions by means of 10 years of radio songs will dip some defenders' reverance for all 311 to a lot of-of the perspective has required. Dipped this album in and continue ask reason 311 has been all but repeatedly panned for critics and excluded of a respect deserves like this of the musicians and innovators. 3.5 total of stars. It enjoys and give the graces to read.
5 / 5 Eliana
Has not had any one creates this cd exited until the few days with which expensive. They have chosen some good songs for some more utmost swipes, although the the desires there is a Galaxy of song or feels Like this Good. They could have extended a cast to roughly 20 something songs easily. Highly it recommends that this wants to take your buddy to 311, and also for these hardcore 311 partidários there. It recommends it so only for some two new songs, Likes chair? And First Straw, which are both songs add . It does not spend this an up!
4 / 5 Shon
I people to wish prenderían whining in this album. All the world-wide presents the one who is complaining in a listing of clue has to that in fact look in a title. It is 311-Swipes more Utmost 93-03, any one 311-Better of-93-03. Any one has written a description that has declared that a sale included posted a reason because this is not the album therefore more it adds is obviously an only person the one who takes it. It was impossible for 311 to gather songs for the Best Of compilation, reasons almost each one that 311 are adds. Now, this be has said, some 17 songs in this album(14 orginal, 1 coverage, and 2 new songs) are to add and, while they no nessascarily take a potential of 311, offered he fantatic album of mecer that any one true 311 partidário, or the defender of music of mecer in general, can appreciate. So much, it can look spent all some complaints will discover the album adds that it is a lot the value is seal of prize . Here it is to 11 years of 311, and hopefully 11+ years to come.
Better songs=Homebrew, Calm Well, First Straw, All Mixed On, Song of Amur, Creatures(For Awhile), Besides Grey Heaven
Damn Good Songs=Down, Likes Chair, Beautiful Disaster, flowing, does not remain House, Amber, calm would not believe ,
Well the songs=Come Original, will be Here Awhile, Transisitor
4 / 5 Christin
311 was in his prime in a mid to late 90 east and there is the pocolas too many songs on here of then with a lot of better to to the songs likes them to them the empty, Misdirected the hostility and the Random left were. They are also any one the defender to dip new songs in the container of the swipes more Adds. Although some result of new songs to be utmost, and usually is far from it, how is or a record company to know this when they are new? It take some 2 new songs, adds Empty and Random and a CD would have been all a better for him. Too bad but is still it good prime minister for new auditors.
5 / 5 Krystle
311 it Is the sale ADDS successfully very on some years with countless good songs. This new cd which am EXTREMELY HAPPY has done, has all an I adds 311 songs of a past 10 years. My preferred are: Beautiful Disaster, Calms any Beleive, Down, Creatures (For A moment), flowing, and Come Original. You are missin was calm he of the that spent this cd!!!!
4 / 5 Pandora
Likes 311, but does not love to buy of the sound catalogs album, ossia yours entrance . Songs of sampling of the each one of his albums (excepts one 311 alive disk), ossia the perfect collection prójima of his solteras, two new clues more. A period also offers the cohesive, still dynamic and enjoyable listening experience.
Has contained the interior is everything of the big single. There it has to that particular omissions, as in an exclusion of 'Prisoner' of 1997' Transistor cd, but concealed not annoying a cd. Also to the prize is that included in the most Utmost swipes is esong of Amur,' an utmost and melodic tune of a film 50 First Dates. Although has a whole 311 catalogs, an inclusion of ong of Amur' and two new clues this the worthy emission. It is quite good to be able the bomb ong of Amur' with the collection of old and new 311 preferred, in planting that they have to that download a song or buy a soundtrack for the listen. Considering some new tunes, 'Like Chair?' It is directly on 311 thrashola while 'First Straw' is a upbeat reggae tune to close a disk. Both are mark and excellent songs for the utmost neighbours to a cd.
For 311 partidários, new and old, this has something for all the world-wide while covering so to the equal that could ask in the alone disk more than. I am enjoying a cd now and highly would recommend he in any 311 partidário.
5 / 5 Lakeisha
Costs Well,his all there new (personally) thinks that his old material was way more expressive and new material (of a "self has titled" the "evolve", excluding "transistor") it looks to be a lot of "pop-ish". The Bad, there any April lavigne or anything, for any half but only look to be lacking something... I love an old 311 ... I want to "music" and "grassroots". These cd is was like this wierd. I want to him. I do like this of to the the albums like "soundsytem" and a self diplomado but like the said, the think is being missing of. You are this theyre so only evolving but perhaps would owe that go back to the his old amatuer touching roots for a next album. I think that old hardcore defenders appreciciate the and all these boys to this liked him reason have listened "down" in a radio would enjoy the the hips.
Well, expects that any law this doesnt classify likes the bad description reason 311 is still the very utmost band and the wouldnt loves any to think that ive has lost any respect for them. I know there so only evolving, but cmon types, do fault your partidários old. Thank you.
-If to the to any one would like to speak in east my SN in the aim is "layinhammers"
5 / 5 Ladonna
311 is really be to add in a past decade. His fashion constantly transmissions and 'evolves.' It was so only the @@subject to time before they have released the album of the swipes more adds. Reason ossia the most utmost swipes and no the 'plus of', takes some songs that is not his best and rests with everything of his single. This are add, but where a heck is 'Prisoner.' That was the alone, and the a lot of one in well. As any sooner said, are also any one the big defender to dip new songs in of the most utmost swipes cds (although they are good songs )--I would not owe that complain this in spite of reason gives a seguace the one who possesses everything of a cds the reason to buy (besides a awesome spent of Priest of Song of Amur that is to comprise in a disk.0
Inferior a never is 100 happy with swipes more utmost cds, but for any that tries to take to 311, or so that used to be to 311 and havent state listening for the moment, gives him the flavour that 311 has to that offered like the band. Hopefully Will have the most utmost swipes of 04-14 in a then 311 will have roamed to the different zone with his music, still pleasing his anxious fanbase.
5 / 5 Wilhemina
After releasing 7 album of studio, 311 finally free the most utmost swipes cd. They are definately satisfied with this cd. My only complaints are that they have left Prisoner of a cd and First Straw was less than adds. It would have liked me to him they had released As it feels? So only of some more utmost swipes cd in place of the slow third reggae so only in the row. In general 311 more utmost swipes cd is quite good.
4 / 5 Holli
Any deception ossia the add cd for this a name. Has everything of some attacks that the true 311 partidário would know and 2 new songs. A better part of this cd is that it begins was with 'Down', his better known song like this included the random defender will take sucked to this cd. An only question that has with this cd is that it is missing some of my favourite songs that some 311 partidários would know and like. To good sure does not have to that it has dipped 'Grey Further Sky' on here. It conceal it is not one of his better songs. Dipping that the song on here would be likes to upload this cd with stirs it of songs of Transistor; probably his worst cd. They would owe that it has dipped 'Hydroponic' (...) Which touch in concert. If anything could have less dip 'Omaha Stylee' or escience Applied'. Sure his no a sound quite the known songs but any partidário will say you his roughly of his better. They are to good sure happy that is to exit with the most utmost swipes cd reasons was long overdue but could have dipped the little more thought to the that to the his partidários true would like him and no it partidários so only of the his self-to the album has titled would like me. Sure it is the most utmost swipes cd that would do felt for them to dip his songs of the plus well sweats on here but seriously very true 311 partidário would say is not the most utmost swipes cd if it does not have 'Hydroponic'.
5 / 5 Zena
Has a lot still to buy this album, but the sound in a prójimo few days. Ossia The album adds , espically for the random 311 auditor that does not love start and buy each album for the little single to to that likes. This album is also for a hardcore 311 partidário, some two new songs are excellent and all some other songs have been released for the reason. Now that I have to that clear up is an election of song. A band has been said would owe that do the best of or album of type of the swipes more adds, and Nick has decided in the most utmost swipes reasons has had any way to choose songs for some better of. They have chosen some songs have based in that has been to touch, for this some swipes of name. People those who feel 311 would owe that it has released the CD with more than songs of "Grassroots" and "Music" the albums agree has not had game a lot radio and thats any as helped to leave a band to do to this point. Some albums some new plus left him to be achieved. So only be happy 311 is not releasing the best of album because this would be for the give to comprise that an end was to look for and thats something person the one who considers them selves the partidário would owe that expect stops.
5 / 5 Kristie
Some first 14 songs are of the single (the majority of them anyways) of a seven 311 record album of entity. Some songs more the sweats is "Down", "Amber" and "Song of Amur". "Song of amour" it was in 50 First dates' soundtrack and was the success of entity. His is two new songs that in my opinion is incredible. "To the equal that Feels?" Has the class of a 80 is his chair. To to Sound likes in of absolute 311 more has done. If it listen to some songs 1-17 can see you an evolution of 311. "First Straw", a late plus 311 so only is the slowest song, but very good. To that says this is not 311 better... Well of course his no, ossia some more Utmost Swipes , no of the Best of...
4 / 5 Myrna
Once again, another classical 311 album. This an I especially agrees me of a "Flavours" album of import. It can have like this more songs in this compilation - in general, thinks that has chosen pertinent clues. "Besides Grey Heaven" and " Calm A lot of" it is some of mine favourite and I am stoked to see them has comprised. "First Straw" it is the clue that has no really listened, but I the terrace. Each true 311 partidário would owe that possess this album - although any necessarily listen to them. "Swipes more utmost" shows a diversity and footsteps of a band during his career. Definately The point has underlined. Door out of a lot of vibes. You take heavy, melodic, reggae everything in a. As with all 311 album, transforms your way. Amur A music. Feel a music. Utilisation a music. Paz.
5 / 5 Delora
Buy this album! Has two new songs + a coverage of song of the amour. Although has all these songs (ahemdownloadingthenewonesahem) the compraventas anyways! In this way it calms it does not have to that do a thought roughly doing to 311 mix or anything. It likes you everything of his songs anyways, how is everything well. Had supposes to be release it 7" vinyl with him of independent tents. It does not know if it still is that it goes in or that there is, but has taken them jipped! >.<
5 / 5 Cleveland
In my opinion, 311 east one the majority of underrated group of this generation. All of his songs are wonderful, and any one would be very do fault partorisca choose on this cd.
That when be said, he disapoints me that does not have any clue of his premiers two albums, which, in a lot of hardcore 311 partidários, is one 2 more. To any the one who there is so only taking to 311 I highly recommend this cd. It is the wonderful mix that touch likes today. This in spite of, are looking partorisca look his sound evolves in a course of his career (that it would have to be it a point of better of this), calm then will be contacted more me and will give you the cast of clues partorisca burn.
4 / 5 Kara
I so only gone back of a awesome the concert dipped on for 311 today here in there of hometown of omaha nebraska. You are the free concert partorisca a city of omaha s 150th bithday. Well they have touched the plot of some songs of this album, and in my opinion all his songs on all his albums are really good. Each album has done is well, ossia the good compilation so that perhaps havent has listened some songs out of some of some earlier albums as well as his late plus. The must has album a 311 alive is another awesome resumido of them.
5 / 5 Susann
311 Is absolutley astounding. You no lacking never partorisca impress me and this CD is so only another example. Some 2 new songs are excellent and a cast of swipes is the perfect mix. Agreement totally with everything of you the one who has said that 311 east one the majority of underrated band in a past 10 years. As yours those who has said that ossia was partorisca money... If you have known anything at all roughly 311 would know you that it was the contractual agreement with his record undertaken. 311 the would not try never to bilk his defenders out of cash and the TRUE 311 partidário would have this CD because thier the music is surprising, if any one simply reason want to partorisca his collection.
Like this, if you are a partidário old or new - ossia a partorisca purchase. If you can find a vinyl that goes with him - take it. Calm will not feel .
4 / 5 Ozie
Ossia A extreamly the collection adds 311 songs. This cd is probably one the majority of easy to listen the cd in mine whole cd collection. This album has add it blend of rock-out of the good & songs that relaxes songs. A new material are adds. An old material are adds also. Totally it recommends that all 311 partidários would owe that buy this, and if you havent has listened 311, ossia a perfect cd to buy to take adds it first inpression of them. This cd rocks!!!!! If you are thinking to buy it, then buy it, his awesome!
4 / 5 Melodee
This CD are adds! Has everything of some better songs that 311 is not exited never with! I do not comprise reason the people would write the descriptions that declares that to to a CD does not like 311, then no spent of a CD. Only real 311 partidários can appreciate this unbelievable CD! Highly it recommends any defender to purchase it. Calm will not be disappointed! A+++++
5 / 5 Brady
This CD is at all new , If you are the hardcore 311 partidário already possesses everything of these songs. A good thing is some swipes of the entity is everything in a same cd. IF you are new to 311 cost this CD to listen his more utmost swipes, once have you hooked beginning with some of his earlier work likes them Music and Grassroots the truely appreciate a band.
4 / 5 Roselee
First of all, of the that listens to this hater, does not know true music. This cd is the fantastic compilation of, in my opinion, a sale more orders in the songs of a world. Has all a classics for some old school defenders and some new swipes for some new comers and everything goes in. No too crazy in "To the equal that feels?" But ossia an only downside. Each one another song in this cd is excellent. One Has to that Compraventa.
4 / 5 Rosette
Ossia To the compilation adds songs of one of some better bands to come around the long time. His early music was way at the head of his time and has been able to be a test of time. A sound of 311 is a lot diverse and continuous grow. That a CD that surprised of an exceptional band!
5 / 5 Garth
Has Been disturbed that such good songs like one some concealed is on music and grassroots arent on here becasue they a lot well is his more utmost swipes BUT more subterranean is some better, thinks in that!
5 / 5 Josh
Is the good cd but precise has seats Like this Very on there and take was Besides Ashes of Heavens. Any have to Him legustado this a lot of song. Have alot Of the songs add, but think one Of Chaos cd is better that some more utmost swipes a.
4 / 5 Cathy
So only in the each song is sum and has to that it has had of the along main very some are of 1-10 and lovesong is the add to enjoy some the new songs are partorisca buy
5 / 5 Henrietta
All of a crappiest songs of one of a crappiest bands in history. EAST SUCKS.
4 / 5 Terrence
Ossia A awesome CD. If you know at all roughly 311 and calm so only wants to him verify was, recommends to buy this album of the swipes more adds. It is one of a CD I better is has bought.

Top Customer Reviews: Judgement Night: ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5 Allene
Lost this CD. Now it is mine again. One of some soundtracks partorisca film more never is.
5 / 5 Diamond
One of the mine FAVOURITE all time soundtracks of films!!!
5 / 5 Tatum
The element has arrived punctually and was described like this that.
5 / 5 Melba
Well cd, has had the copy when it was new emission and lost it on some years could not find the substitution until it look on amazon.
5 / 5 Oleta
A lot of cd, has had the copy when it was new emission and lost it on some years could not find the substitution until it look on amazon.

Top Customer Reviews: W.W.E. ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 37 ratings
4 / 5 Bobbie
My little brother has bought this (thanks god I any) when you go up and was curious on some clues. I asked if any of a wrestlers in fact tried at all. Well, his , and has not gone enough. Yeah, Knows this is not supposition to be upper 10 material, but really, has to embarass some súper incident in this way? And that it was with a music? It touches it likes him the keyboard of low quality/material midday. Like the musician I, am quite sure that an only real instrument used in this turntable for dread of Dinner. All more so only touched feeble and too calm.
Has left is to take some good things out of a first way: the segments of Stone Fry in fact is quite pleasant. They are among him and a producer of music the one who was for behind the creation of an album. Of Austin that pauses an acoustic electrical guitar reason 'does not have any place in the song of mecer' his discovering has changed roughly papers, has maintained to do river. Seriously, they could he has launched so only further of clues like these and has done he to the Bone Cold Stand-On the album and he would have been better. After, John Dines tack is so only his @@subject that listens in Smackdown, but is still fresh. Some papers are a lot also, could never really listen them on TVs because of a reaction of enormous crowd. The subject of Eddie is entertainment so that it is, and Lillian Garcia has the voice of flange adds, although a song has chosen for his does not aim it era. Really it deserves a his album. Well, ossia for a good, now more.
Oh Dudley One is very fallen. Have has not had to a lot of respect for them before (mostly because of his repetitive work in a WWE), but this so only he for me. Take the Limp Bizkit song, which is quite bad, and take was a value of production, and ossia that takes here. A lot they was tries to dip anything to a song. I have finalised to laugh more than being disghusted. D-Von sounds to plot like Shaggy 2 Dopes of ICP this in spite of, this mine has surprised. Trish Stratus, I skipped this with which roughly 40 seconds. I can not be his in a coverage, and his flange does not go to help a bit. The clue of Rey was well, but of course roughly is when being the Latin, which is overdone. They owe that it has to that the to the left try something more. A video for him was class of quota this in spite of. Better regime next time Rey. Booker T HAS one the majority of repetitive clue. Calm the the on has listened BELIEVED for now, and am sure quite calm would listen a Harlem subject to Heat that has been listening for a past 7 years again in that. The song of Kurt Corner is funny a prime minister little calm time listens it. Of course, no really it tries at all of then it is meaning like this novelty, but a 'I gentleman'' the flange takes old fast.
Now begins to take messy. Lita Poor, my preferred Diva (related with Victoria), THAT has DONE Yours!? Ossia Supposition to be the punk song? It is so only his flange (a lot quietly for a way) with agreements of slow electrical guitar and some beaten of same drum. They are embarassed to included mention he in this description. Lita Sad, perhaps need to DDT a type that has written this for you. It is terrible. Chris Jericho, goes to feign that it was not in east of then is at all but show. When I have listened his song, has eaten twisted of caffè, and slap a legislation of flavour out of him. THANKS TO plot, prick. Rikishi, Is fresh and everything, but does not try to do the serious song again. Has the good voice, but 'Dipped the Little Ass On He'?? Damn Man, show some dignity.
Need the cd to listen the while you are depressed, goes partorisca east. You acclaim on any time, especially with which Lita has listened tries to touch punk. Ossia Roughly everything there is to say roughly the , has forgotten the clue of Stacy.
Crickets chirp
Yep, Sure has forgotten to mention it. And I the good work to forget too much. And this was a better Christmas never.
5 / 5 Bella
Has think that a "the actors that do music" the thing has taken bad, attentive until takings to listen a wrestlers of WWE do his thing in a recording studio. We take Stone Cold that does the song roughly beer, some ladies of a WWE doing songs of amour, and in the dozen or pleasure another wrestlers that tries to turn his in-coverage quotables the songs of paste. At least, A Rock has been occupied too doing crappy film to return to try his hand in doing crappy music. I guess an old saying, "it does not leave Your Work of Day" it is the longitude -forgotten one.
John Dines is of the one who rap gimmick has begun was like the joke tries to take the serious stab in him with "Basic Thuganomics". After listening a first to, would think still sticks to a forward. A second to in a clue is neither a uncredited "ghost rapper" or the dinner has changed his method to flow up. Any way, if a last is a chance, some if it marvels because it does not go back and change a corny-touching first verse. This in spite of compared with A Dudley Boyz' lyrical tentativa in " we have Had Quite", Dinner mic the skills look comparable to this of Rakim is. Any one has said any of a Dudleys that could or would have to that try the rap merit to be driven by means of a same table like his opponents. D-Von Dudley in fact annoying for rasgar-was one of 2Pac lines of "Against All Odds" the diss leading ECW nemesis, Jack Nuovo. A result of final is roughly like this artistically absurd likes idea of some film-maker remaking "Boyz N A Hood" with a mould of " you have Taken it it has to do lacking". Rey Mysterio tries to do the Latin-has based rap with "crossing Flanges". In any tongue, is tired and uninspired.
Rap Is not a gender of only music that is decimated in this CD. Chris Jericho (of "Fozzy" afamada) to the look likes almost has his "rock any circle" person down in " calm any Desire has Been?" In spite of a difficult inability of any when being pas able to sing. Ditto Partorisca Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Corner, and Stacy Kiebler. Lita Dips enmedio-decent perfomance with "When calm Take you So only". Any exactly brilliant but no worse that some of a material touch in TRL each evening.
An only thing can compare listen to this album to be for the wrestling defender to have to that chairs by means of one whole pay-for-goes to look singers. And at least that it would be it to it moderatly entertaining in one the majority of horrible way. This an is not same until pair with a caseous "guilty pleasures" of some compilations of song of the @@subject that is liberto from time to time.
5 / 5 Catina
Left beginning was to say that this CD does not suck, but some of some people on do.
The bone Fries does not sing , but is a lot amusing in his dialogue with a writer/of producer in several clues. A surprise of a CD was Rikishi. It touches a lot polished like an interpreter an old plus -the'go Barry has listened never White, but looks to be the popular opinion. Kurt Corner a lot really sing- flange out of the odd 'I gentleman'' song that the wears am gone in your nerves. It is class of ape to listen to once or two times. A Dudley is touched enough a lot still although personally it was not my favourite type of music. Chris Jericho is very impressive in his song. A man can sing! It is mecer very heavy . I kinda the like. Booker T Tries in the little rap the song is a lot of laughable and is not to value one listens. A two underlines people besides Jericho was of course, Lilian- the one who the voice adds! It is a a the one who Torrie the music of @@subject of Wilson and in this CD has the very rock song harder, but still- the one who an amazing voice. Beauty and talent. Another standout is John Dines a lot sexy. It does not like 'gansta' rap, as really I find that it likes him his song. The desire is had more on there. MORE! More is hot. I mention it conceal? Then a Warrior with the song of subject typical. Any bad does not add . It is well for an entrance to a coverage. Rey Mysterio impressed me also with his rhymes. 'The life is hard..' It is not the true? Cela Door to a rest of a 't take me headed- is quite bad, so only skip the. It has taken the ready approximation reason can not sing neither, and has hid his voice for behind the synthesizers so much is really not singing but in speaker. A song is repetitive but no the bad. It thanks God for synthesizers. My definite dissapointment was with a last daughter. A definite diva, Lita. I loved Really like his song because it is the example to continuation and my favourite woman wrestler, and has looked for them to listen his again and again, but the so only not liking ! My fiancé LOVES and did not like neither. But the bondadoso of has grown on me and the so only wish a heart was different. I refuse to say it is bad. Rejection!
In description:
Cold of Bone: 5 stars for distraction
Kurt: 2.5 stars
Dudleys: 3.5 (any one my class of music,sad)
Jericho: 4.5 stars
John Dines: 5+ stars
Lilian: 5 stars (the desire is less rocky state)
Rikishi: 4 stars (incidents!)
Booker T: 2 stars
Trish: 1 star
Stacey: 2.5 stars
Guerrero: 3 stars
Rey: 5 stars
Lita: hesitant
5 / 5 Vesta
Doubt, half of these wrestlers CAN not sing. There is so only the little for real talented singers on here and is John dines, Chris Jericho, Lillian Garcia and (perhaps) Rey Mysterio. Still, lovely of entertainment to the long of, TAKE THIS CD. Calm will enjoy it any less.
1 (When being a worse) to 5 (when being a better) of mine raitings
1: A start of a history with Stone Cold, raiting 4 stars
2: A Dudleys, raiting 4 stars
3: Trish Stratus, raiting 2 stars
4: Rey Mysterio, raiting 4 stars
5: Stone Cold has continued, raiting 4 stars
6: Booker T, raiting 4 stars
7: Kurt Corner, raiting 1 star (does not listen , sucks)
8: Lita, raiting 2 stars
9: Stone Cold has continued, raiting 4 stars
10: Lillain Garcia, raiting 5 stars (amazing voice!)
11: Eddie And Chavo, raiting 4 stars (for value of entertainment)
12: Chris Jericho, raiting 5 stars (I rock of amour, creature!)
13: Stone Cold has continued, raiting 5 stars
14: Rikishi, raiting 1 star (which heck was that? Ou.ou)
15: Stacy Keibler, raiting 4 stars (any too shabby)
16: John Dines, raiting 5 stars (his song of @@subject, gotta loves it!)
17: Stone Cold has continued, raiting 5 stars
In general very compraventa , trust, although so only for John Dines and Chris Jericho.
5 / 5 Pennie
Well, now consider me the defender of serious music. It likes-me A Circle Perfecto and Beatles and Earthsuit (gotta launches of the dark one in there I so that the credible sound!) And Radiohead and all these bands that the defenders of serious music are suppositions to like. But I want to look wrestling, and has been prepared to listen to this album so that it is. So that it calm it has left it seats behind and have some entertainment (like wrestlers there is clearly does while doing this), can enjoy "WWE Original"!
Is not to like a "Assault" album (which has spent in guest rappers for each song) or a "Wrestlemania" album of 1993 (where he frigging the band of boy has sung all). No, a better thing in this CD is that it is done in an alcohol of "A Wrestling Album" of way behind when. In place of active established the artists come and songs of game, with wrestlers that says the pair of lines in a clue, everything is treated in fact for a wrestlers. It is some bad results? Of course they are! But A Wrestling the album was full of bad actions, and considers that like the classical.
Like this in the clue of Kurt Corner, for example... They could have spent in Mystikal or any for all some verses, and the corner there was so only says "I do not suck" in a heart. But no, they have had Corner rap a whole thing, and is hilarious! If you can not listen to a line " they are an only white boy the one who is in tune with some brothers" without breaking on, fail a whole point.
Elsewhere the the ones of the songs likes " calm any Desire has Been," which is not so only catchy but returns a character of Chris Jericho perfectly. It is everything in ridiculous, on-the-upper arrogance. Calm included LOVE the good singer to take this song on? That in a way Rikishi sings "Place A bit An On He" and the frames touch entirely heartfelt? It seats behind and enjoy a ridiculousness of him everything!
A point a toneless plus of an album would owe that be some songs that some women sing. A lot of some actions are in fact quite well, especially Lillian is and Trish is. But these are generally songs of amour more serious. Of then they are sung like this sincerely, is not almost like this enjoyable likes campy the material sung for all a beefy men.
But that ABUNDANCE of leaves stop to enjoy. Ossia, if calm LEAVES YOU for the enjoy. It whitewashes rear So only and does not take it (or calm) too seriously!
4 / 5 Sari
Man, is just entertainment to listen to some of an utmost plus superstars of WWE so only has amused of once. For those of you the one who has been disappointed, takes note: This album was mostly so only for fun. It was not meant never seriously material.....
..... It excepts Lillian Garcia! Man, his butt of kicks of the song! Has more the talent that Britney and Christina have dipped together! Has the future in a subject of music, ossia sure!
John Dines is not bad like him rap artist. He, also, has potential!
Regarding a rest, is meaning so only to be fun! Note: A+
5 / 5 Gertha
When revising this CD has to that take a music in the value of face and description likes of any one another album; no like the "wrestling record". To be blunt, this music sucks. To the left it is real taking, an only positive in a CD is a "factor of cheese". A volume skits with Steve Austin is the welcome pause . Rikishi The clue is hilarious, but a man can not sing at all. Lita, Stacy Keibler, Trish The songs are like this bland. Jericho Exited so that it tries to touch too much likes Ozzy Osbourne, and Rey Mystery to tune is the veritable clusterf of English and Spanish blended to the each one which another. It begins the line in Spanish then arrived in English; a sound of results of the end as it jumble. Although they are any defender of rap John Dines to the tune is WELL, but at all spectacular. In general ossia some of a worse music has not registered never.
4 / 5 Temika
Wow I was pleasantly surprised when I have dipped in this cd- I has thought each clue would suck worse that viril man but boy was them bad. It have to that done 1 good song. This belongs to John Dines- an only man with talent. And Not doing the ric video of fitness of the fashion- or perhaps those that 2 pushes on looking win mcmahon. Any of these would be better that listening 2 this. austin Sucks to Exit of a wwe. trish Need 2 so only go 2 playboy cuz thats an only thing shes a lot of stops. It has begun literally to bleed of some ears and a stock exchange with which has paid them 14 bucks for these rubbishes. Or Improve the value that pays 300 for the chair of row of the front. This cd are to add this in spite of reasons a chance can have the habit to control ur a lot of cds. ur The next step is to take this cd and light it on fire- although his like this bad the prob doesnt although well. Man I cant express the one who bad ossia - same booker t begins his song that is worse that garth brooks. gosh This better album is the edition has limited cuz 2 a lot of defenders take this will kill and not paying 45 bucks for horrendous ppvs. Sad wins but ossia the sad sad excuse to win money
5 / 5 Neva
are the enormous WWE defender and has been paralizaciones 10 years. I possess everything of a WWF album. A Two WCW dips was and a two ecw... It have to that say that ossia a worse cd (any only wrestling) that has listened the very long time. It can have been a lot and interesting, but results cheezy and corny... Memory a lot a wrestlemania album of a prompt 90 east. Skip This cd, save your money!! I do not comprise reason dipped was to suck a aweful cd!!
5 / 5 Annalisa
Well, I amour Lilian the voice of Garcia, as I bought it specifically for his clue, which, in my opinion is a better in a CD. I have been to this CD that imagines that the song of Lilian would be well, Dinner and Jericho would be amused to listen to, and that any more was still remotely decent, then this would be to the prize adds . In all the chance, has bought he for Lilian, and has not been disappounted. Has an absolutely amazing voice, and a song is sum , to good sure something could listen in a radio. Some clues for some four women are all a type to stuff you could expect listen in a radio. Stacy Keibler Does well enough with dancing it/techno number that accesses his character a lot well. The clue of Lita me think of Liz Phair is material more recent; it is amused. Trish Me Think of Britney Spears, in fact. They are not the big defender of his clue: lyrically, a heart is the bit to bore , and a start and the end are caseous. John Dines extracted his song of @@subject, which has sawed also- has written, and is the good listens, how is Jericho clue. Jericho The song is perfect for his character: a lot of cocky and arrogant. Rey Mysterio any one the bad work with his song, Chavo and the clue of Eddie is strictly so only for fun, and Booker T and a Dudleyz is quite bland, although any terrible. The corner is is terrible, this in spite of, and could does not listen me to Rikishi clue. Austin very in fact sings, so only speaks to a producer, which takes to bore with which awhile. ( It is cut until five clues.) Easily they could have left Lilian or Dine or one of one more talented the people sing the second clue and he has to that the left was entirely... In general, it is the quite good time , and a first DVD this comes with this quite pleasant .
5 / 5 Nathan
This CD was the total shocker the mine so much was real surprised of a talent of music of big quality that some of these WWE superstars possess.
Was impacted more for Trish is and Rikishi the music is very well also a Doctor of Thuganomics John Dines and Lilian Garcia. A worse song has thought this in spite of was the corner is, was so only too stupid!!!
In a whole, is an excellent cd with Trish-Rikishi-Dine and Lilian that flies a show. A must has partorisca any true wrestling defender!!!
4 / 5 Antoinette
Are the forward wrestling defender. No the eye or buy a merchandise anymore, but when I have listened that the new album of wrestlers treating the songs were partorisca be libertos, has has had to that the listen. My fellow that will call Gentleman Bluebird is the enormous music buff, and spend to possess this an already. Has had left partorisca give it to me movement he.
Austin clips is not pleasant in a way would owe that be. An integer ' are the real man as so only listens the giant, hard, throbbing music' the thing is supposed partorisca touch fresco and hard, but think that is hilarious. You can adapt.
Considering some songs, has assumed was partorisca be terrible of a start, but was blown entirely was. My expectations have been surpassed. Any only is these bad songs ... They are like this bad that in fact do the chance partorisca an end of music like an art. It say of another way,, if I have begun the process that reports that ALL THE MUSIC be outlawed, and has used one of the these songs likes them the evidence, would win a chance.
A really striking thing is that a lot a wrestlers resembles in fact be trying good music. It is funny partorisca listen a wrestlers in an original 'Wrestling Album' of a prompt 80 is reason a wrestlers was all messing around. On here, a lot they look partorisca like in fact think that can do the good work, as they employ massively pitchshifting and modifying paralización more perfectly emulate sure artists. Lilian Garcia takes the stab in Evanescence and arrivals partorisca touch worse, which really has said the plot. (Any prpers acequia. It is not the good singer. It agrees, Any one can touch well with yours-correction.) He tentativa Of Lita in Abril Lavigne is like this audaciously terrible that door the tear to my eye.
A rapping... egad, A rapping. First of all, there it has any, but TWO REFERENCES Tupac ('all the eyes on me'). John Dines in fact rids a game partorisca amuse in of the words in a heart (' are untouchable but are by train partorisca force you partorisca feel me'), but further that, falls of Hawking of Stephen of hotter that any expósitos here. Your people those who has said that John dines the clues was the point has underlined ... Calm listened never to any hip-hop another it WWF ASSAULT? You know the one who rapping is supposed to the his likes? This material is not so only bad... We are speaking worse-that-the-Youngbloodz bad.
Could rant partorisca pages and of the pages in the each clue, but thinks that taken an idea. Another smaller flu, this in spite of: Steve Austin skits converged roughly mecer hard, but ANY of a skits is gone on down songs of rock. REASON!? I have been that TRIES to do his skits more laughable that already is? There is at all more pathetic-that touches that has listened Austin says so only likes the big music , heavy, and then immediately listening Rikishi rid some computer-has corrected crooning roughly amour in a backside, in the smooth American Idol R&B backbeat.
An interpreter takes my kudos: Kurt Corner. His song is rid entirely like this humour, included with obvious jokes in some papers. There is a bit has taken an alcohol of an original Wrestling Album. And that considers another bile ossia in this album, considers that the virtue. As the one who a music he, is like this terrible like the actions of Kurt Corner against frames Kerr in university. But it conceal it does not count against that. Music for wrestlers would owe that be funny, any sake.
Finally, a question of an album is really that is not pleasant. It is boring in better, depressing in worse. It is like this terrible that Loves that to me listens, as there it is the tiny masochistic demon in eardrums of mine that tries to the pause was. It is like this terrible that me to him @gives that the majority of music that the hate is nowhere APPROACHES like this bad to the equal that can be. Thank you, WWE Original, to go down my levels for all the music in a world. You have changed my life for a better.
4 / 5 Kandi
Has BOUGHT so only this cd yesterday, and the think his quite the fact a better song in a CD is John Dines song 'Basic Thugonomics' for real has to that it weaves of the adore, hes adds!! But beside that, dudley boyz the song is well, trish the song is not that it adds of the singer, but a song has grown on me, king mysterio the song is well, booker t the song is a lot also, the amour kurt the song of the corner ('the ones of the one who suck (really)') his hilarious, when it says 'the only aim rapper in tune with some brothers' lol concealed break on everytime! Kurt rocks!
The song of Lillian was and Chavo the song was a lot of Jericho the song was a lot like this , the man can in fact to to the sounds likes him-Reuben Studdard almost, has been impressed, the song of Stacy, was has taken so only his voice and like done the all calm then has Laps Cold all throughout doing commentaries to a producer of a cd, the sound takes to annoy after another thing adds in this cd, is that it comes with to prize dvd, this has all the world-wide register there songs, his really fresh, and amused to look!
Is the big wwe defender, then buy an album for your if you are really a lot of engreído, then so only download some of some songs that is interested to listen really in kazaa.
4 / 5 Charla
Has been the WWE defender of then 1987 and ossia my first time that buys an of his CDs. I have been of then seeing some ads and has seen the preview of him on WWE Confidential, had imagined could give this album shot it. Stone Cold Steve Austin skit with a producer of this album,James A. Johnston is hilarious. But included SCSA admits that it can not sing value the damn,but in all the chance to some songs.
01. We have Had Enough of A Dudley Boyz- A rock & rap combination that kinda agree me of a Beastie Boys' "Authorised The Patient" days.
02. So only Calm Master for Trish Stratus- song of pop A lot well with just it smidget of mecer on there.
03. Crossing Flanges for Rey Mysterio- the Good song with beat it well. Memory of "Rico Dulce" for Gerardo. ( It agrees?)
04. It can calm The Terraces? For Booker T- A "Book" the aims of man that can do he more than just wrestle.
05. I do not suck (Really) for Kurt Corner- is the face or the heel,this song there is chanting " you Suck!" In him everytime,all a time.
06. When Calm Take you So only for Lita- No quite like this punk rock-ish so it has expected,but hey,can not blame Amy "Lita" Of some to try. Still you want to you in all the chance,daughter.
07. Only calm does not know Me At all for Lilian Garcia- This daughter has to that no the coverage announcer with a voice has. A LKF: in fact it shares the anniversary with his,but are the year he old plus that it is. Lilian Garcia would owe that have the career of flange of full time.
Lie, Fly, deceives for Eddie & Chavo Guerrero- Very has beaten,but some Warrior hardly does a lot of rapping in this song.
09. Calm any Desire has Been for Chris Jericho- A lot egotistcal song.
10. Place A bit An On He for Rikishi- Good melody,background harmonies well,but Rikishi my man (and am saying this pleasure the partidário well of the yours),does not leave your work of day.
11. Reason can a lot of Knots Dance Only for Stacy Keibler- Stacy touches to the plot to to him likes him Britney Spears,but without a whining,and ossia the good thing . Good song to dance to.
12. Basic Thugomonics for John Dines- in this song,John is trying that it can it he really bust some rhymes,he oughta be with any Roc-A-Fella or Ruff Ryders a way launches his rap.
But in some stairs of 1 to 10, gives it the 8 1/2.
5 / 5 Minh
Hey I!
Say roughly Original, clue for clue.
The clues of Stone Cold, ('Where is A Beer,' ' calms That Seats?' ' You have changed Some Papers,' 'Drunk Your Beer' and ' any That Well of Flavour?') Has ANY FLANGE anything.
Is simply sketch of audio of him contesting with music and of the expert executive producers Jim Johnston roughly that do the song. (In the a lot of comical way, could add.) But any flange. So only it runs over it acoustic electrical guitars, drinkin' beer, and raisin' hell in a studio. As there is at all to concern roughly.
' Has Had Quite' for A Dudley Boyz is the kinda duet rap thing. It is quite good. Some papers have been written well.
'So only Wants to You' for Trish Stratus is more as the type of song of slow amour. It does not concern any one a lot for him. I can imagine the majority of his perverted fans to listen his and imagine is singing to THEM...
'Flanges to cross' for Rey Mysterio Jr. It is Latin hip -hop. It likes- one song, but the majority of him is sung in spanish. Which can not comprise the majority of.
'Can calm The Terraces, Sucka?' For Booker T is rule rap. So to the equal that Likes T, a song is not all that add...
'Does not suck (Really)' for Kurt Corner is mix of rap and the word spoken. I find it to be funny. But any one imports that it says, the people STILL are that they go the flange ' SUCK' every time regime.
'When you Take So only' for Lita is the song of the rock exerts . Ella kinda sings like Meg Blanca of Some White Shots. FRIGGIN' AMUR THIS 't to sing the...
'So only does not know Me At all' for Lillian Garcia is the song of hard rock . Kinda Likes Evanescence. Sure it has some pipes. It is a good song .
'I knots had Mentido, Deceives, fly' for the Guerreroes is the Latin rap song of duet. I think that that it is well, included although some of him is spoken word also.
' Any Desire has Been?' For Chris Jericho is a class of alternative rock. If you have listened to Fozzy, would know like this sings. I like this song.
'Dipped A bit A$ $ On He' for Rikishi is the slow, kinda the song relaxed of amour. Kinda Like some Boss of songs sings in Park Of the sud. If you are to this kinda what, would like you. Otherwise, skip the.
'Reason Can a lot of Knots Dance Only?' For Stacy Kiebler is the pop/techno sings song. It is well, but it does not listen his so much to the equal that has joined other songs.
'Basic Thuganomics' for John Dines is a song of @@subject listen while it exits. The dinner Sings one first splits of a song, but with which conceal, some type has appointed DJ Chaos rap a second half of a song. Ossia Enough the. It likes- one song personally. Heck A lyric finds character:
'New Deadman Inc, and knots roughly to do you famous. Takin' On earth and STILL kickin' in Uranus.' XD
In general, a CDs a lot all this bad. So only the few songs. They are so only happy has not taken Brock or Big Show to sing on , concealed'd be terrible.
5 / 5 Alfonzo
Was very skeptical when buying this CD, in the first place was. But, in general, I have been pleased with a CD. They Liked him Really of some clues done for Lillian, Dinner, A Dudleys, Booker, Trish, and Rikishi. Kurt rap is horrendous, but cost the only to listen try. Austin constant bickering with Jim Johnston is hillarious. But finally, this so only would be recommended to WWE defenders. That so only is that they look for the good music needs not applying.
Life of word, In fact.
5 / 5 Emerald
Buys the WWE CD for a purpose... A music this is to use for a WWE in his chances and like this advance. As I have bought this CD for the pair of reasons. 1. Two or three clues were real wrestler songs of @@subject, used in chances 2. I owe that have each WWE CD KNOWN to man, is an obsession . But honradamente, WWE need to take with east. It was not to cool in 80 east, and is not to cool now. The majority of a esung for wrestlers' the songs are so only simple dumb (with an exception of the little on some years, as exy Chico' and 'Honky Tonk Man'.) The majority of people was (comprised) A lot quite listen some songs of @@subject that this waste of time. WWE Scored BIG with 'Anthology' and yes really wants to please a diehard defenders, will give the 'WWE A Volume of Music 6' or included better, the 'WWE Anthology 2'. Spent this some time those that subject. It leaves some other clues so only. Kurt Corner, yes suck... And Chris Jericho, To good sure any desire has been. And last but much less, ' has HAD QUITE' of listenning to WRESTLER is SINGS!
4 / 5 Larissa
Like me begin this was to say are the big WWE defender! Eye Smack Down and has believed weekly. I want to wrestling has bought so much he Tivo to register all and anything could. Has thinks that that the originals was voucher .Some the Better songs on there are John dines "Basic Thugganomics," A Dudleys " we have Had Enough," Kurt Corner "I do not suck," Booker T " it can calm The Terraces," & Eddy Guerrero " we had Mentido, Deceives, fly."
Was a lot to the left down for a King Mysterio song "crossing Flanges" reason agreed of something Gerrardo or Freezing of the girl there would be behind fact in a 80 east. I have thought also all a Cold of Clues of Bone of Austin of Steve could have been all has combined to do one follows and has offered the better variety of Superstars.
A C.D. It is the concept adds this in spite of precise improvement. They are 100 satisfied with a compraventa only reason are the enormous defender of a superstars.
5 / 5 Karrie
First of all, has to listen to this CD that knows that to expect. This does not go to be some Grammy the impulse has conferred. It likes him to him the majority of the like a WWE , is supposition to be entertainment. With this said, an album has sucedido in this level. Outside of the his wrestling people, does not think any one excepts Lilian Garcia would not find him never in the recording studio. This in spite of, interests to see another side to one in-of the interpreters of coverage. Have enjoyed enough everything of some clues. It was suprised for a quality of Trish the register and The Corner of Kurt is taken was amused also (that listens to say 'bragadocious' is priceless). Rikishi' The clue is quite pleasant and lighthearted. John Dines door his song of subject solid, which can listen you when it exits to a coverage. Finally, Stone Cold Steve Austin does not sing (and is a prime minister to admit can not sing), but has a current dialogue with a producer, Jim Johnston, and is absolutely hilarious; Austin classical. A CD also comes with the backside a DVD of scenes of a Superstars' sessions of register. Like this in short, if you are the defender of WWE, would have to choose this up. It is the good time .
4 / 5 Cesar
I originally has purchased this album so only reason have been to a registration of autograph of madness at night half. Any past way on the casualidad to fulfil Steve Austin, Trish, Lillian and y2j. I have expected it subpar album but was pleasantly has surprised.
Some dialogues with Austin are absolutely hysterical. It is like Austin. A Dudleyz' the clue is surprisingly well, how is Trish is. Rey Mysterio is was half, as it was Booker is. Kurt Corner rapping.... hysterical! Kurt is a Gel of new Vanilla . Lita Is was quite bland. Lillian Garcia is was for far a better clue in an album, as has an incredible voice. A clue of Guerrero is still in the dress of Corner is and is hysterical. Jericho Is is the typical Fozzy song, rock of quality and suitable his character perfectly. Rikishi Failure in his tentativa to be Ruben of American Idol, but his the fun song. Stacy Is is a one follows bad. The dinner Is is quality, the second to Lillian this so only.
I reccomend this album for all the world!
5 / 5 Vonnie
-A Dudley Boyz' the song is one of a better some in a CD. It conceal it does not say any a lot of this in spite of. The average of a song is well, the half of a song is horrible. This song, as with each another song in this CD (with an exception of the small), is incredibly corny. D-Von sounds the plot like Stock exchange Rhyme. Bubba Could a lot of rap there is the gun to his boss. Bless His soul. Some of a sound of lines likes is forced was and does not flow smoothly. D-Von take the shot in Jack Nuovo to which liked.
- Trish Been' the song was quite good. While any something usually would listen to, touches quite good. His song is comparable to Brittany Spears, Jessica Simpson, or Mandy Moore, but obviously a lot like this good. It touches really young in a song but is the better plot that has expected.
- Mysterio The song is is own class . Some the only times have listened something relatively looked is when I listen to Eddie Guerrero is 'Hot Latin' song of @@Subject. I can very really tolerate this song at all. Has the integer of Mexican sound (obviously). A title of a clue, 'Flanges to Cross', says it everything. As Simon Cowell probably would say, 'Is this in a flange of bad and really bad.'
- Booker You the song is well. Really attended does not begin to use this like this his song of @@subject this in spite of. One of some lines in a song is ' is not foo'and reason @bruise, Booker T a type to come tongue in cha school.' In the first place, reason on the earth loves a lot concealed has spoken likes that to speak in pupil unless they have spoken roughly because English is of entity? Good song.
- WOAH! The sound of Kurt Corner is horrid. So only when calm thought it could not take any worse! Well, look, these starts of song were to go 'I no... It sucks! ... The no ... It sucks!' ( It repeats 3 times). It sings that it has beaten it of his song of @@subject and is like this bad to the equal that touches! It speaks half way by means of a song and finally begins 'rapping'. It tries to rhyme 'better' with a world-wide 'better', and any concealed is not the typo. Then it tries to rhyme 'better' with a word'kin'. Ouch. For real I expect that a superstars has not written these songs. This song so only loves to me maintains and cry 'CALM F'ING SUCKS!'
- Lita' To the sounds of song likes them the heaven to your ears after the song of Corner of Kurt of the listened. The song of Lita is still horrible this in spite of. It is yours typical 'band of daughter punk song'. Hate punk I so that pode very really judge this song but I think is sure to say that it is horrible once the esexy echo' begin him that it repeats each line in an end of a song.
- Lillian Garcia really can sing, this in spite of, does not think a lot partidários his same worry roughly listening the sound sings more. It is really well, but listening the sound sings Torrie the song of @@subject of Wilson is enough for more WWE defenders.
- Eddie And Chavo to the sounds of song likes them launched them to of the recording studio and said them to do it up in the aim. To Some sounds of heart likes him some derange drunken of flange. It wins to listen this song in the Mexican Restaurant but ossia an only place.
- I personally looked some more advances to Chris Jericho the clue dates that has his own band and two CD is was. It was kinda there is disappointed. It is for far a better song in a CD together with Dining is, but is extremely obvious that Jericho does not have writes this craps for him. A booklet of CD has SAID that it help to write a song but I find that to be crap. Each song has listened of his has been decent or awesome. His vocals are to add but some papers to this song are horrible. It is my favourite song in a CD and Jericho touches really good.
-Rikishi The song is one the majority of hilarious the thing has has not listened never. I can not it imagine was if it is supposition to be the joke or he legit song of amour. If it is supposition to be the legit amour ballad then 'Dipped the Little Ass On Is a worse amour ballad has has not listened never. If in fact they are the joke , then is a better amour ballad never! I do not comprise reason his active Rikishi do the song on here considering has had such little television time in a past two years. Oh Well, I give it 4 stars been due to he is hilarity.
-Stacy Keibler The song was surprisingly well. It is the techno song of dance of the fashion how is class of hard to ray that up. I hate this class of music but will admit Stacy sounds like the professional.
- John Dines the contributo to a CD is at all but his song of @@subject. Waits that dip it down some beaten new thus CD, but all the taking is his song of @@subject. It is good but at all new. Hopefully His future CD, 'Basic Thuganomics', will be the better plot that 'WWE Original'.
- I can not imagine was if one follows ' any That Well of Flavour?' It is the joke or the no. is a last clue in an album and arrivals with Laps Cold saying ' am ready to sing now. With which has paste this record key would owe that be well to go...' And then some final CD. Hmmm... There is clue has hid any or anything! It is disappointing that Stone Fries does not sing . A front of a CD says soyUSIC TREATED STOPS:' and Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of some names.
For a way, am going the WrestleMania XX and yes volume to fulfil any of a wrestlers in this album one before what am asking is 'That a f...?'
4 / 5 Trula
I cant Listens to a whole song in this thing
any of some songs really go anywhere
likes, his ALL follows a same model, and his boring...
Here is my fast description:
-all of a austin the bits are kinda comical
-the dudleyz has his fresh fund, but his listened hard bubba sings
-trish the voice is modified more than britney launchings', and the ones of any one the freakin beats-ballad or anything is
-the king is is better that another, but boring still
-booker t sounds like the ripoff of some song knows them, this a isnt terrible but boring still
-the corner is is interesting, but he really shouldnt ossia the one who mark that it interest, lol
-lita test in mainstream punk sucks, and one 'the leaves goes!' In a intro is like this feeble, the amour the hate lita
-lillian garcia really can sing, and the personally think that is to say a better clue in a whole disk
-could have them gone without some just warriors yelling crap in an instrumental of his subject current
jericho bad, his fozzy cd DIDNT sells well?! im Has impacted! This isnt horrible, but his swimming to do already smiled, already knows?
-rikishi: It sees under
-the hate techno, so the hate stacy clue
-im sad, lillian, the dinner is is a better in a clue
-rikishi, THIS BETTER BE SOME CLASS OF seriously, maintain it to like 1:00 you go to do craps like types that sings "dipped the little ass on he" like the type and the daughter go to dance in the prom his?! OMG k im A lot of
does not squander your money is.
WWE Precise begins that free the one who the defenders want... Music of entrance of OFFICIAL Sand! Look In that of some maps Volume4.. Volume 5 has been compared to these reasons have has had songs of subject official on that. Ossia That loves! Any this!
4 / 5 Danial
Has loved this cd the (personally) has thought trish stratus' the song was a More ADDS them!!!Also lita Is the true punk singer----also I really of the that hears to the plot of rap but,thinks them JOHN DINES RAP Is The BEST NEVER!!!!!! It has Loved lillian song...( It have to that be the singer in place of the coverage announcer) in all the chance, king mysterio the song mecer Latin music I also know that the FLANGES to the CROSS of REY is a song of subject OFFICIAL in no way OUT OF T. prooves Is no SUCKA!!! LOL booker Pode The enormous defender of stacy keibler but has to them that no the crazy in these colds (music) the bad,the conversation is fresh im happy he dident sing becuz has listened them seen to sing before and SUCK!!! As his habladuría with one producing is kinda is also quite a lot of----mix of rap and has listened them the plot of the people that says kurt the song of the corner (sucked) has died wrong a reason says that ossia becuz been saying ( SUCK) also and neither is the big defender of kurt but me personally are them kurts the main defender and the said has loved them his song----and does the point that qoate "HE OF THE ONE WHO SUCKS" he also done the mix of rap and witch of habladuría is quite chris jericho the song is a fresh plus jericho CAN sing this in spite of like this somtimes the "desire has been them" ide frames roughly $ $ $ ..eddie And chavo the song was quite fresh----leave expensive he(likes him the woman lol)and last but certainly much less rikishi dips the little the in his thats all the gotta say.
4 / 5 Shavonne
A WWE is already the big joke, and this CD tries it!!! A WWE "wrasslers" it takes near and one of a CD of music more caseous never is. It can go in and in ranting in these rubbishes, but will maintain it short and sweet: it does not buy this crp!!! If calm , then is included worse that a caseous flange in this CD.
4 / 5 Damon
Basically that it has to that say is that has this idea in your first boss of calm included listen his that does not go to be add, any one annoying .. Calm probably will be critical of him.. This in spite of, would like to say that any the one who has not listened never the Fozzy has to that adapt that Chris Jericho is the helluva singer.. It is the shame takes stuck that does the song takes.. Lilian Garcia, that to know personally, has one of some the majority of good-looking voices has has not listened never.. Now, John Dines has talent? Absolutely.. But it is not an only one with talent on there.. I usually very same like rappers and I like his material.. It maintains to import that the majority of these people ARE not of the singers, so that those attended?
4 / 5 Lucas
Has downloaded this album out of liking two weeks ago. An only question has with an Album is some five clues of Austin that pause, does not take me wrong I amour Austin. They have to slaped the subject of the evolution on there for the clue of prize, oh well.
4 / 5 Noble
When Have in the first place bought this was this better to cost of the money squandered in the, is. This CD is hillirious, some of a superstars can not sing is the life is depended on that. If I need some laughs this CD is for you. It is it is some superstar this has to talent likes Jericho, Lillian Garcia and John Cenano. There are songs in a CD that it is well. The song of Lita is kinda Punk, is the good song . There are other songs that is good and some concealed is funny that there is laughing yours quell'has been. Personally it thinks well buy.
4 / 5 Preston
thats The one who was them thinkin when it has dipped them this pathetic sew mine cd player. John Dines is a ony one with talent in a bad trish stratus kidding you to pose in of the bikinis that would return the 13 year shouldnt be all of some other clues are absolute cd would owe that be concealed is which the stinky
5 / 5 Kristal
has found them this cd to be quite entertaining. I calm it Mean there is trish stratus singing the the ones of sweet rock a raw coverage announcer lillian garcia mecer the dudley boys,stacy dines the song is awsome,and can be entertained partorisca lap cold steve is roughly time a wwe has done it cd this has more in that a superstar gone in that is reading this description of wwe original. I calm to give you 100 promise that you will not feel to buy this cd
4 / 5 Emery
are the enormous wrestiling the defender and ossia for far a worse cd never. All some women is excepts the song of Lillian Garcia sucked. They sucked Reason everything of some voices of daughters was like this bad baptised with a music, that you could not say has sung . John Dines is was well, as it was Chris Jericho is. Thats L. A rest was like this bad, that any I still listens to them. A WWE is going downhill, and be ready and save your money. It does not buy this craps!
5 / 5 Jefferson
When it has listened that a WWE dipped the CD out of a wrestlers sings thought it to them would be partorisca crap, but darn, was a lot. I think that that any one would have to that listen his. Lita song was utmost, also was trish stratus song. John Dines the ass kicked, the recommend this CD to any the one who want to wrestling, and shoot, although the calm no. Buy this CD!
5 / 5 Cherelle
In the first place has to that be the wrestling defender partorisca enjoy this. Then it calms so only it can appreciate. I have not been it go to do number some swipes (although John Dines and a Dudleys could with a music today). They were so only he has been to having amused, and ossia exactly that has done. Joy this and reccomend the to any the one who is the wrestling defender!!!!!!
4 / 5 Ina
Has paid $ for this album and he sucks. They are the big defender of WWE and some so only 2 good songs are John Dines and Lita. I'm sorry, Trish better maintain his work of day. You do not buy never another WWE Cd be this quality . Song of the corner of Kurt is a worse. The worse aim rapper NEVER!!!
5 / 5 Alex
This CD SUCKS! Some the only good clues out of 17 is " calm any desire has been", "crossing flanges", " it can calm the terraces?", And " we have had quite" a rest is like this of the nails in the chalkboard.
4 / 5 Ramonita
His very so only a lot of oh and a Blink 182 is an absolute worse thing has them has not listened never. It is like this bad im deaf in a sinister ear now.
4 / 5 Sina
Good music, but Stone Cold is on there too time two would owe that be quite but John Dines Rocks!
4 / 5 Lilliana
Seats real sad for any deluded wwe defender that buys this embarassment.

Top Customer Reviews: Judgment ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
All the songs are so only like an original. A vinyl touches perfect. Some clues are in the diffrentborder of when I have possessed this on CD. Any complaint.
4 / 5
Well Leaves partorisca forget a film .Still although dennis leary there is a bit abonos one east one of some better albums that mix rap with any fashion of music that is in todays half according to which can see them. You have taken rap fulfils metal(well know that it formulates)rap the grunge fulfilled(well thats some that dated but frescos)rap fulfil hard core (to the equal that has to that be fact )rap has fulfilled Indian(so only done a better way)rap has fulfilled progessive(you wont belive yours ears)rap fulfil travesía hop(so only that surprised)rap fulfils polically corrected(to the equal that can the be)regarding the dipped some the a lot of formulas of this fashion is here partorisca you listening like all immediately.. As it Can you go bad ??You wont buy buy buy and will be satisfied!!!!!!!!!!!!Then listen todays the material and calm so only can laugh really hard...........
5 / 5
Liked a film, but ossia much fresher. It does not think this soundtrack kickstarted any class of movement, but can not think of another time this is to be do neither. Rap I groups in a same song likes them alt-bands of metal. Almost all some artists are well, how is almost all some songs. A "House/of Helmet to Hurt" works really good. "Ice T/Slayer", "Drunk-Already Faith/of Tribe Any Plus", and "Collina of Cypress/of Sonic Youth" all are sweet. In fact it thinks that that I like everything of these in some way. I like him know the one who would be on here was done today? If you are the defender of a film, rap-rock, or any of these groups, would have to verify this was.
4 / 5
Well Are the enormous defender of Collina of Cypress and Sonic Youth but thinking roughly have them light the so only was so only the I found this say of then still I amour or marijane is so only another hear of cypress to an amour how is returned a song with sonic youth electrorgasmic Kim and electrical guitars Gordon Valuum has Influenced Collina of Cypress of big amour Pearl the real jam really has to that there is ...Ossia A real start of cypress rap origin of metal any to the skull and the bone likes him all a posers has joined other songs are good but does not like me the hip hop Collina of just Cypress
4 / 5
well leaves to forget of a film .Still although dennis leary has some abonos one east one of some better albums that mix rap with any fashion of music that is in todays half according to which can see them. You have taken rap fulfils metal(well know that it formulates)rap the grunge fulfilled(well thats some that dated but frescos)rap fulfil hard core (to the equal that has to that be fact )rap Indian praise(so only done a better way)rap praise progessive(you wont belive yours ears)rap fulfil travesía hop(so only that surprised)rap fulfils polically correct(to the equal that can the be)regarding the dipped some the a lot of formulas of this fashion is here for you[r] listening like....
5 / 5
The one who PE and the anthrax has begun with "Spend A Noise", this continuous disk and betters.
On 10 years on and this album still is in amazing. Listening to these calm frames @give you the one who mediocre a lot a current stable of rap/the bands of metal are.
Some pairings were inspired - and for one the majority to separate some clues remain some to both collaborators. Cypresses and Sonic is surprising in "Mary Jane" - that the clue was reason I has sold the majority of my books and cds behind in '95 to resupply a travesía to see them on a lollapalooza recognition that year - but alas, any appearance to joint materialised the Toronto. The helmet and The House of Ache could blow some speakers of any system with "So only Another Victim"! And Slayer with Gel T forgets everything roughly Accounts of Organism.
Once this continuous album in my system, does not exit never until each clue has been touched.
First of soiled and squander your money on some of some material the companies records are packaging lately, goes to choose this album on and educate.
4 / 5
Ossia An album that can take your pumping of the blood with songs likes "So only Another Victim" and "Night to Try" and spend you behind down again with "Fallin" and " calm Want to You Mary Jane". Concept that is this album up for me - Slayer and IceT. All the clues are original collaborations so only for this soundtrack... And it is the good-looking thing ! You will forget the one who Fred Durst afterwards is listening "Another Organism...", Interest!!
5 / 5
This soundtrack joins rap artists and bands of the metal would not expect never join near and they all does an excellent work that he the fact! Some better songs in this cd would choose would be Disorder, Night of Test and Come and Die, all looking utmost artists, Slayer, Hiela-T, Biohazard, Therapy?, Etc. If it likes a lot of rap or of metal, buy this cd and listen to some combinations add of one both. Highly recommended.
4 / 5
The majority of underrated rock/rap mash on album of all time!!!
4 / 5
Rids quite quickly in mint condition very a lot happy better soundtrack
4 / 5
well leaves to forget a film .Still although dennis leary there is a bit abonos one east one of some better albums that mix rap with any fashion of music that is in todays half according to which can see them. You have taken rap fulfils metal(well know that it formulates)rap the grunge fulfilled(well thats some that dated but frescos)rap fulfil hard core (to the equal that has to that be fact )rap has fulfilled Indian(so only done a better way)rap has fulfilled progessive(you wont belive yours ears)rap fulfil travesía hop(so only that surprised)rap fulfils polically corrected(to the equal that can the be)regarding the dipped some the a lot of formulas of this fashion is here for you listening like all immediately.. As it Can you go bad ??You wont buy buy buy and will be satisfied!!!!!!!!!!!!Then listen todays the material and calm so only can laugh really hard...........
5 / 5
Well Are the enormous defender of Collina of Cypress and Sonic Youth but thinking roughly have them light the so only was so only the I found this say of then still I amour or marijane is so only another hear of cypress to an amour how is returned a song with sonic youth electrorgasmic Kim and electrical guitars Gordon Valuum has Influenced Collina of Cypress of big amour Pearl the real jam really has to that there is ...Ossia A real start of cypress rap origin of metal any to the skull and the bone likes him all a posers has joined other songs are good but does not like me the hip hop Collina of Cypress of just
5 / 5
well leaves to forget a film .Still although dennis leary has some abonos one east one of some better albums that mix rap with any fashion of music that is in todays half according to which can see them. You have taken rap fulfils metal(well know that it formulates)rap the grunge fulfilled(well thats some that dated but frescos)rap fulfil hard core (to the equal that has to that be fact )rap Indian praise(so only done a better way)rap praise progessive(you wont belive yours ears)rap fulfil travesía hop(so only that surprised)rap fulfils polically correct(to the equal that can the be)regarding the dipped some the a lot of formulas of this fashion is here for you[r] listening like....
5 / 5
Ossia An album that can take your pumping of blood with songs like "So only Another Victim" and "Night of Test" and spend you behind down again with "Fallin" and " calm Want to You Mary Jane". Concept that is this album up for me - Slayer and IceT. All the clues are original collaborations so only for this soundtrack... And it is the good-looking thing ! You will forget the one who Fred Durst afterwards is listening "Another Organism...", Interest!!
5 / 5
Fusion RAP-METAL=EXCELENT CD. It is the classical of sounds of rock and papers of rap,the better songs are The REAL THING , and NIGHT of TEST. HEAVY!
5 / 5
Here still to adapt all the world of a character of opinions. A prime minister reviewer has said one Of the/Fanclub the song was horrible; I am reading some descriptions because so only touch a song in an office and a whole place is speaking roughly that adds a song was/ is. The costs of albums for that a song so only.
5 / 5
The film adds the soundtrack orders a slayer/hiela t song a three has exploded the together songs and biohazard /onyx masterpeices does not listen to any rap rock after east the all has posed sólo.yo Highly recomend together with this film ossia a soundtrack of my youth the will not forget never
5 / 5
This Gem is hard to find. It takes it before podes no. Gurnge,Metal and Rap collide. So only the take. Calm will touch it and the friends will ask those who is this . ICE T and Slayer??? Any of these bands will not touch never of the neighbours agin. Any one only that it is well.
4 / 5
4 / 5
This dipped a Rap/thing of thing of the Rock in motion
...And I have listened yes "Walk In this way."

Top Customer Reviews: WWF Forceable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5 Angella
Finally, a WWF free an album with the REAL music treated for REAL singers. WWF Forceable The entrance is the quite fresh CD .
1. A Game - ossia one of some better songs in a whole CD. Flooding the version of the group is the better whole plot that Motorhead version. Triple desire H would use this song like his subject in place of Motorhead is.
2. Legs - this song is terrible. The rock of boy can do a little quite fresh music but this so only is not the. Stick to an original version of 'Legs' for ZZ Cup.
3. Young Cresce Old - this song, treated for Create, is enjoyable is the defender of Create . It does not listen his a lot of but still the good song.
4. The glass Shatters - finally this swipe of long-awaited accident is liberto on CD. I listen his thickness. It is one of my favourite songs never treated for has Disturbed. It touches it strong!!!
5. Rollin' - Or.K. They are like this ailing and tired to listen this song. It is like this old, tiring, and boring. If it feels a same way , that : AVERT THIS SONG!!!! It is like this out of date.
6. Anything - these starts of song was like the dud but the hardest & improvement as you listen his. Chris Benoit has a awesome subject. I freaking loves this one.
7. Not going never to Take - I like a better original version. Still cool this in spite of. Rob Zombie Is one of mine all-time favourite singers.
8. One Of the Bondadoso - this is not to like a version RVD uses in television. It begins out of different way and does not touch like this fresh.
9. Some Good-looking People - I amour Marilyn Manson. And ossia one of his better songs never, but this is not to like his version of album. It is more along and remixed the little has bitten. Stick to an original.
10. By means of a Nation - I has liked him an old Believed is @@subject of War (Thorn in your Eye) better that this one. This in spite of, this song is still quite fresh. The better sound even can listen a uncensored version of him.
11. Pause Down some Wall - after listening this terrible song, can comprise reason Chris Jericho there is never used it once in television.
12. Tour some Tables - Salivates the good work with one has beaten in this jam, but some papers are class of beasts.
13. Alive For a moment - a Hardy Boyz a lot included use this old wash on @@subject in television. I can see reason: it is ridiculous!!!
14. Final of All - ossia a jam of heavy metal estupefaciente treated for Stereomud. One questions this in spite of: really it have to that have some sounds of ravens on that?
15. Walk of your Life - I hate this song. It is stupid and wierd. It averts it. The one who in a heck is Neurotica in all the chance?
16. So only Another Victim - I a lot like this stupid song.
17. Any Casualidad - I does not comprise reason Wins McMahon does not use this like his subject of entrance. Still it uses his another version that this a, and this one is very better.
18. Lovefurypassionenergy - I like this song so only the little has bitten. But still it can do without him. Very better that the subject of Lita on WWF A Music, Volume 5. It Paste of Car done boy an Or.K. It operates it but a flange would owe that be better.
WWF Forceable The entrance is the fresh CD , but the desire there was a uncensored the available version.
4 / 5 Gerald
To the equal that have declared on, are not the big wrestling defender, and has bought this Cd for some bands. So many, if you are the wrestling defender, probably will feel different in my statement. In all the chance, here is some desglosas of song:
Group-A Game-5/5-A better song in an album. Intense, and has good rhymes.
Legs of rock-0/5-This touches at all like another Rock of material Boy, and taking a lot, I a lot annoying. I always skip the.
Grows Old-3/5-has not been required in this Cd, but here is, the scarce clue of Create. If I ask, the material of everything Create touches one same, as this takes 3. Nothing special.
A 2nd more in an album. Nizza riffs.
Bizkit-Rollin' (Mix of dead Man)-3/5-Any to approach like this as well as original. No quite heavy.
Paz of lady-0/5-I a lot like this sale.
Zombie-Not going never to Take (A Mix to Cross of Black Cat)-4/5- sounds almost like this as well as original, and 'funkier'.
Point-An Of A Bondadoso-0/5-See 6.
Manson-Some Good-looking People (A WWF Remezcla)-3/5-Any to approach like this as well as original ome Good-looking People', which is one of Manson' better. Any strong quite nd repetitive taking.
10.un Subterranean of Union-By means of A Nation-0/5-See 8 and follow commanded.
Mur Down-0/5-Yep. It sees leading.
Some Tables-4/5-A clue of good Saliva. At all to really say to explain it, excepts mecer.
Magnet-Alive For A moment-0/5-God, hate this band.
Of All-3/5-I are not the big Stereomud defender, but ossia Well.
Of your Life-0/5-to to Justo likes them create it, of east is the previously unreleased song that there is at all to do with WWE. I create different, this [is no good].
Collina-Justa Another Victim-0/5-is quite all rap. Hate rap.
Regime-3/5-No like this as well as it Dopes is another material, but they a more could with the song written for more. The desire Dopes was more populate. They are really well, it goes to buy his Cds!
Car of paste-Lovefurypassionenergy-0/ final.
That does not take is reason has not dipping the subject of a Rock is. After all, it is one the majority of famous thinks...
4 / 5 Francina
Left beginning was here: This CD there is so only a version has modified. Any explicit Paper, which annoy me. This averts:
WWE (WWF) Forceable characteristic of entrance wrestling the subjects and the songs have has used tools like this promotional for a WWE (Previously WWF).
A lot like his predecessor, Assault. Forceable The entrance is the start of one 'WWF: A music' seriáis, which looks songs to write of the passage regulates for James Johnston. Instead, you will find the songs have treated of some of some laws to pop main to boo, if his own compositions or versions of some regular subjects. This can be add, as with Disturbed is 'the glass shatters' or flooding the group is 'A Game,' or horrible, as 'Any Casualidad,' for doping, opr '.' For Car of Swipes of Chico.
Here is mine desglosa:
flooding Group: A Game: I prefer a soyy Time' Dread' for Triple H. This in spite of, prefer this version on one 'A Music 5' version.
Rock of boy: Legs: the rock of Chico directs to try that still when no extracted in his usual homogenous way, directs to ruin all the touches.
Create: Young Cresce Old: Another artist the one who released it dreggy song in this album. Some originality would be good.
Has disturbed: the glass Estrago: One of a bit those that FAITH follows concealed has been used by a WWF for more than the month or so much. One of a better, also. Disturbed adds the flavour in Austin Dreads classical.
Limps Bizkit: Rollin' (Remezcla): there it is it does not listen this [bad] song quite time with quite a lot of different versions still? No? Then to the left it is to listen another! Song to start with so only used reason Durst has real to swing in a WWF undertaken of father.
To our Peace of Lady: Anything: Good song. Any quite a vibe I picture for Benoit, but that can do it? One of a better on here.
Robs Zombie: Not going never to Take (Remezcla): Well, it is more interesting that an original version, but still is boring.
Point to break: One of the Class: One of mine favourite, again.
Marylin Manson: Some Good-looking People (Remezclas): One of some reasons are annoyed for one modifying of this album. This remezcla is in fact quite fresh.
Subterranean of union: By means of a Nation: No my favourite song for UU, but the decent clue, in general.
Sevendust: Pause Mur Down: An original version is better. It is the shame , reason likes Y2J @@subject, and taste Sevendust, but does not concern me of any one a lot thus combo.
Saliva: Tour some Tables: the version Adds of an old Dudleyz subject.
Magnet of monster: Alive for a moment: If so only it can take this unedited. Ossia My favourite song in an album. Unfortunately, it can not seat well with a random defender, as it does not return in with a majority of some clues of metal of the pop on FAITH.
Stereomud: Final of Everything: that Wins of a 'This better accesses a wrestler' prize. No my preferred, any all that adds, but on half.
Neurotica: Walk of your Life: Mainstream metal of the pop in his plus adds.
Collina of cypress: So only Another Victim: Right up there with the subject of Raven to return a wrestler in question. Appeal of Collina of the cypress down a awesome song for Tazz subject.
Dopes: Any Casualidad: An original was one of my favourite subjects. Little it can I acclaim like this noisily, it saves for a DX subject. Ossia So only the flat disappointment.
Car of Swipes of the boy: Lovefurypassionenergy: no really access with anything. I can not seat by means of a clue to listen his.
Has to that take a chaff to take a grain with this album. FAITH HAS some strong numbers, and some really feeble some. It is the cross promotional tool, but a no without some positive qualities.
5 / 5 Asley
WWF Forceable The entrance is the good cd, but can be improved on. There are a lot of songs that is used by a Federation superstars, and has a lot of the ploughed'. Here it is desglosa songs:
1-"A Game" to Flood Group: 4/5 ossia the quite good song , he remezcla of classes of a real song in WWF FLIGHT. 5.
2-"Legs" for Rock of Chico: 2/5 they would owe that it has left it it is a untouched and has left ZZTop he. This in spite of his very still.
3-"Young Cresce Old" for I Create: 3/5 the good song, any related to a WWF but his interesting closing.
4-"The glass Estrago" for him it has Disturbed it: 5/5 easily a better song in a cd, one a song each one which WWF the partidário has been moment to...
5-"Rollin" to Limp Bizkit: 4/5 basically he remezcla of a song of a Limp Bizkit cd, but his closing adds
6-"Any" for Our Peace of Lady: 4/5 the good song for Chris Benoit, but does not use it still.
7-"Not going never to Take" for it Robs Zombie: 3/5 his no a calm song probably is thinking of. It is remezcla of an original song, which kinda takes it down some, but add his in other ways.
8-"One of the Class" to Break Point: 4/5 another good song, but now that has been expecting, is not to like in some shows of television.
9-"Some Good-looking People" for Marilyn Manson: 4/5 a SmackDown! @@Subject, his quite good
10-"By means of a Nation" for Subterranean of Union: 3/5 a "Crude" @@subject, perhaps this will be a Crude @@subject future ?!?!
11-"Pause Mur Down" for Sevendust: 2/5 this song does not have any relevance anything to Y2J gone in, but can be GOOD.
12-"Tour some Subjects" for Saliva: 4/5 the good song for a Dudleyz, the one who unfortunately no longer exists .
13-"Alive for a moment" for Magnet of Monster: 3/5 an a lot of song for a Hardyz, but hope of the leaves does not use it .
14-"An End of All"for Stereomud: 3/5 another costs song, this in spite of the raven does not use it , perhaps he ?!?!
15-"Walk of your Life"-3/5: I can very included think the one who this song is partorisca, so that no helps ...
16-"So only Another Victim" for Collina of Cypress:4/5 the song adds for Tazz
17-"Any Casualidad" for Doping: 4/5 the good song, this in spite of Win McMahon does not use he
18-"Lovefurypassionenergy" for Car of Swipes of Chico:4/5 another good song that Lita uses, his really fresh
4 / 5 Filiberto
I all but marked my calendar when I have discovered that this CD is exited. They are given in a WWF superstars' music of @@subject, and has anticipated this collection probably more than any one another concealed is was like this far. WWF MUSIC of @@subject treated for hardcore/bands of metal? That can be better? Hardly it paste some tents, there has chosen on my copy.
That is to come advances of the player of CD of my car has been nightmarish amalgamation of hate, anger, spit, and vinegar. That in fact is quite well on a WWF alley today. That have here is basically the collaboration of ongs of fight' that, if anything, the frames want to grab the folding chair and smack a lot upside a boss with him. Some of some nomination some big plus in a hardcore/game of metal flex his pecs in this album; Sevendust, Stereomud, flooding Group, Disturbed, to appoint the little, and is to good sure some of some materials a hard plus, angrier this is to emanate of speakers of mine the long time. A pair of some songs has listened to good sure in a radio it zillion time (read: Marilyn Manson is esome Good-looking People' and Limp Bizkit is 'Rollin''), but has some all-new material here also, like create it is previously-unreleased 'Young Cresce Old' (which are not the means-bad) and the new bands that Aim of Pause (a lot) and Boyhitscar (the one who there is ruined the subject of Lita, for a way). There is the pair of clues that has grown in fact on me, like 'the glass shatters' and 'Pause Down Mur', but for one the majority to separate ossia your basic potty-mouthed, can glieli bites stuff this is to feed ours all every day for our canal of friendly neighbourhood of hard rock. If you are a WWF and like a music of @@subject, calm probably like this also, but there is the heapin' helpin' to swear and violent intentions all throughout that; included this in spite of has does not focus advisable parental, is to good sure any for a kiddies. But then again, neither it is a WWF.
5 / 5 Anneliese
This CD differs of a "WWF: A Serious of Music" reason incorporates real songs of stars of register of entity.
While the majority of some songs is well, a CD really paste the low point that begins with song 13 (Hardy Boyz) and does not recover until a last song (20 - the subject of Lita). Songs 1 by means of 12 is adds with an exception of a "Subject Crude" and Jericho Subject.
Has been disappointed to find that the subject of both Embroiders and A Undertaker the subject is in fact remixes more the one who that listen in television. Both are songs add , but that it is a point to release music of @@subject if any exactly matches that a WWF uses in television? The subject of Austin is an used to use this subject. This in spite of, to good sure belonging in this CD if his be used of a WWF or no.
In another side of a coin, thinks that is the idea adds to use real songs (giving less loops and more "flesh" as to speak)...While Jim Johnston is involved. A WWF would owe that all have beaten to maintain Jim like an employee.
In general, was very excited in this CD and he so only moderately short tomb of magnitude. I can not expect for a prójimo WWF CD.
4 / 5 Gaylord
This album was the idea adds that it has fallen averts in execution. Originally, Slayer Was in embroider to do the subject of the test, and Type Or Negative has been planned to do Kane is both clues have been registered, and a WWF gave him a first pike of a CD is start! It is unfortunate, reason another that a version Disturbed of the subject of Steve Austin, this CD extremely is in disappointing. We are to stick with the combination of stirs of nude-metal [material] of bands that all touch equally, mixed in with mediocre material of shabby-his-welcome-along-does to to the bands like to them create it and Marilyn Manson. If it likes-you a subject of Dam of Van of Rob, be ready for the disappointment, like the version in this CD is in different plot that some uses of version in television.
So only likes WWF can kick you once again while yours down, Kane dread that so only recently begins to the use is not in this album, is so only in a Canadian pressing.
Sad, but among an enormous disappointment of Type Or Negative be of @@subject of Kane has takes, more a down half sale 'll have you it consultor to avert to to the this album likes wrestling of the followers have averted WCW in 2000.
4 / 5 Janel
This CD will launch some people was. If you look in a front of a cd will see a WWF logo in a cup. This will do roughly spends of people in this title. He no this deception. This CD is fill with some of some better muscians there. Disturbed, flooding Group, Car of Swipes of Chico, Dopes, everything resupplies the NEW songs are for an album. This album contains the little remixes. The majority of them is very a lot of fact. Have enjoyed A mix of Good-looking People reasons his is variac. The vocals. A Limp Bizkit remezcla, this in spite of, is horrible. Partly, this is due to a fact that Limps Bizkit is a worse band never. Also, ossia a same song ! This this in spite of, is easy to ignore, reason this disk contains 17 (18 has a version Limited) other songs add. One follows of the prize is for Toe Eleven. This song is quite well, but does not spend too time that looks for that version so only for one a song. If you are the defender of nude-metal, ossia for you. The one who concern hate wrestling? Some songs are still all very solid, included although they are wrestling subjects. It chooses this an up.
5 / 5 Leona
With which a lot, a lot of delays, a WWF finally free the album of hard rock to compliment a rap album (Assault) has released the few years behind.
Probably a clue that fuller blooded 'themers' looked to take his hands has been on Disturbed rendition of Stone Fries the subject of Steve Austin 'the glass Estrago' (horrible name for a song, btw. It has to that it has called it 'those Pauses A Limit'). Still although some papers are repetitive, an electrical guitar riffs is spare to maintain you listening.
For one the majority of part, almost each song on here well the good listens. Some only clues that come on poor is, any surprisingly..., it Is A Hardy is and the subjects of Lita. Hardy Is is too slow paced for them, and the subject of Lita so only is not that well.
In this album also takes the sneak peek in a first band signed for SMACKDOWN! Record (WWF the new focus) Neurotica and his song troll 'Of your Life'. If you have chosen on a special edition HHH revised that is coming with the disk, calm also taken to listen them on concealed. They are very excited in this band and can not expect for his emission of official album.
Also will listen a punctual to be subject new for Ric Fashion WWF RAW program, By means of A Nation and a subject current for Win McMahon SMACKDOWN! Program, Some Good-looking People. Both are excellent and a remezcla of TBP is the good touch has compared to an original mix.
All more than RAVEN eerie End Of Everything to Flood the group is A Game , to Saliva Remake of A Dudleyz Boyz subject and to Stacy Kiebler Legs (a remake of a ZZTop classical) all exit a lot well and there will be you listening for enough some time.
Wrestling Partidário Or defender of hard rock, would have to choose this up.
5 / 5 Shara
This CD ROCKS,this has to that be one of the mine FAVOURITE CD is all the time ,almost each clue in this CD is something-on,A Soundtrack of a Century is my opinion of the each clue:
Group-A Game-10/10-Brilliant song,for my Favourite Band,thinks that ossia better that an original,for Motorhead
Legs of Rock-7/10-This Song is Well,any brilliant,but Better that some WWE the songs have listened in some Pasts
Grow Old-10/10-I does not know reason a WWF dips this in a CD,but am happy his ,these principles of clue!
Estrago-9/10-This song,is a lot well, are suprised that a WWE dips this in a CD when you are Austin Song of @@Subject on Done the Year...
Bizkit-Rollin(Died-man-mix)-8/10-This also is a lot well,the original version,is so only better,the sounds of motorcycle a worse song thinks
Paz of Lady-Anything-9/10-This song is sum ,when Chris Benoit goes back I hope uses this Song for his @@Subject
Zombie-not going Never to take(the-black-cat-cross-mix)-6/10-This Mix,is not that Well, prefers an original of A Sinister Impulse CD(ps ossia the CD add ,if any calm the the,the take,also comprises,feels like this numb,the subject for any way was)
Point-10/10-This Clue is Brilliant!-A song,is different to a one in television,but hell,the am not complaining!
Manson-Good-looking people(WWE Remezclas)-8/10-This Song,is very good remixed for ,but I like a better original
Subterranean-By means of a Nation-10/10-This song is Awersome!!-I am happy ossia a Subject real partorisca has BELIEVED now
Mur Down-9/10-the song ADDS, LOVES The
some Tables-8/10-This are add,if you like him to him the music really has weighed this clue is for you
that Amours-Live4the Momet-9/10-that SHINES-BETTER that a hardysz @@Subject
of all-7/10-This song is well,has thought them was the weighed for me this in spite of
of your life-10/10-That has to do it with a WWE-this is Surprising this in spite of!
Collina-Justa another Victim-10/10-This song is brilliant very better that Rock Superstar
Regime-6/10-A lot of any one brilliant,has thought them was meso
Car of Paste-lovefurypassionenergy-10/10-I Amur this!!! This Clue has to that be one of a better in a CD!!
Eleven-Slow Chemical-8/10-Follow Quite Well, has better listened this in spite of
5 / 5 Chong
After a WWF subpar CD with WWF VOLUME 5, is exited with quell'I believes to be his better CD never. The difference of his another CD is, each song on here is heavy metal. Some are subject has used, another is remixes. I really like this CD as the whole, but there are some songs especially I just amour. I think that that these songs could be real swipes .
One first song that is doing so only ossia RVD subject, 'An of the Bondadoso' to Break Point. Breaking CD of Point is for exited, and RVD the subject is one first song expects to take airtime. A video of music has been done with RVD in him for almost the averages of him. And so only this week listened it on Harrisburg emisora irradiate. Really I can not say enough in this song. It is without the doubt my favourite song of 2002. It is so only he has fallen he-song of rock of the butt with a unbelievable has beaten his. And they take RVD old WWF dread, which was already good and improved it 500. They are sure to exit and to Break CD of the point because of this song. I think that that a group has the plot of potential
Other songs that creates could be still in 'An of the Class is' footsteps is...'LovePassionFuryEnergy' For Car of Swipes of Chico. The subject of Lita This song being nothing special , although I think some premiers 30 seconds of a song can be some better 30 seconds in a CD. Calm believe you could see this in a airwaves punctual.
'Any' for Our Peace of Lady. Ossia So only another good global song, but like another reviewer has said, highly doubts Chris Benoit, the one who a song has been done partorisca will exit his. So only it does not return . But nevertheless, this song has adds beat and his only sound.
Now that Floods the version of the group of HHH subject, the version Disturbed of the subject of Austin and the subject Crude of An Underground of Union is all the excellent songs, but so only does not have the radio quality to them. Still these songs all the rock in his own way.
Some songs for Y2J, Smackdown, a Dudley is, Raven, and Wins Mcmahon is good but nothing special. It limps Bizkit Is the one who are, as you can loves or hate his version of Undertaker @subject
A disapointments in this CD is Create is 'Young grows Old', Neurotica is 'Walk of your life' and Rock of Version of Boy of 'Legs' for Stacy Kiebler. Some songs so only really of those who read at all.
And some two songs that is to walk so only out of this bad...
'Alive 4 a moment' for Magnet of Monster: Ossia supposition to be the subject for a Hardy is? This song is so only bad. Any one has beaten, and any definition.
'Not going never for prenderme remezcla' for Rob Zombie. Reason oh reason has to that remezcla this song when it begin him of flange to an original version? They have directed to take the really good song and ruin it on here.
Now while it looks the averages a CD is like this-like this some really good songs so only cost a compraventa. And calm perhaps will see something in some other songs was missing. Still I give it 4 stars this in spite of. Kane And RVD the subject was value so only a compraventa. WWF Is surely 'An of Bondadoso'!
4 / 5 Eleni
In spite of Rock of Nerve of Boy grating version of Legs, this CD fences in has.
1. A Game to Flood Group - A coverage of descent of the song of descent for Motorhead, written for hHh.
2. Legs for Rock of Chico - has to that it has left this to ZZ the cup and the knots have saved all the headache.
3. Young Cresce Old for Create - create it is outdated and volume. Everything of his music touches one same.
4. The glass Estrago for Disturbed - Value the little listens. At all to write home roughly.
5. Rollin' To Limp Bizkit - Almost the value that listens to. No like this bad as I thought it would be.
6. Anything for Our Lady Of Paz - his Interesting.
7. Not going never to Take for Rob Zombie - Him the the z/the White zombie has gone back near, I woould not losing the career of only of Rob Zombie.
8. One Of A Class to Break Point - No a worse song has not registered never.
9. Some Good-looking People for Marilyn Manson - A day, in a no like this future very far, this song is allocated to be the classical.
10. By means of A Nation for An Underground of Union - does not squander your time here. It follows of game 9 again.
11. Pause Mur Down - Ossia in fact the quite good song.
12. Tour Some Tables for Value of Saliva at least one listens.
13. Alive For A moment for Magnet of Monster - This is not the bad song but I have to that say that I am happy a Hardy Boyz does not use this like his subject of entrance.
14. An End Of Everything for Stereomud - I are transmission. As I Can anything is this ... Bad???
15. Walk Of your Life for Neurotica - Better that a leading clue, but concealed is not saying a lot of.
16. So only Another Victim for Collina of Cypress - I has not liked him never Collina of the cypress and I have has not liked him never this song, as they go together well.
17. Any Casualidad for Doping - the value that buys a whole CD for this song so only. This is always be a awesome song, but Dope mark so better. It can it has to that petition a WWE to do Gentleman McMahon uses this version of a song all a time.
18. Lovefurypassionenergy For the Car of Paste of the boy - A good song. I touch this a plus of a swipe.
4 / 5 Maurita
Forceable The entrance is the CD with the total of 19 clues, all desquels is poured in any one it WWE show of television or chance or he superstar like you Chris Jericho, Offered H or Lita. All are sung for bands of the famous rock to world-wide width likes Riada the group, Saliva and Create. If it is wrestling the partidário are likely you already of the aggregated yours collection of CD, but very other defenders of the music also will take some joy and satisfaction out of this excellent disk. In the note lateralmente has to that the signal was that a WWE the censorship was all a swearing concealed no taken was any quality of a beautiful disk. I will run by means of each song comprised in a CD and estimate each one which as an out of five stars ().
1. Flooding Group - A Game: Ossia the different version of a Tender brilliant H dread for Motorhead, but like this good. 1/2
2. Rock of Legs of boy: Satisfactory song that access some along legged diva Stacy Keibler perfectly. It listens of more than a swipe.
3. I create - the youngster Grows Old: A Backlash 2002 subject. The material of Create rule, swimming of individual.
4. Disturbed - the glass Estrago: Good clear version of a Cold of dread of the Bone although taking bit it repetitive after the moment. 3/4
5. It limps Bizkit - Rollin': Slightly remixed version of a Undertakers subject, with noises of motorcycle added that it is the good touch .
6. Our Peace of Lady - Anything: the song Adds, which Chris Benoit uses in television. It touches well in our screens and a CD.
7. Rob Zombie - Not going never to Take: Eurggh, a WWE there is ruined totally Embroider @@subject adds with the horrid remezcla. Any of some better clues.
8. Breaking Point - An of the Class: Spectacular song, the longest version that a a RVD uses in television, but like this good. 1/2
9. Marilyn Manson - Some Good-looking People: Another says WWE remezcla, this time of a popular Smackdown subject. Slightly better that ready of clue 7 although. 1/2
10. Subterranean of union - By means of a Nation: Stunning song that it is a subject Crude , definately a better clue in a CD. Value at least five listens.
11. Sevendust - Break Mur Down: Decent version of Chris Jericho subject, which he unfortuneately does not use in television.
12. Saliva - Turn some Tables: I last that tune of paste that accompied a Dudley Boyz, some parts where a Dudleys the tongue adds the good touch. 1/2
13. Wanting to of monster - Alive for a moment: Worse song in a CD, period. Happy a Hardy Boyz does not use it , touches lik some old washes on the classical country. 1/2
14. Stereomud - Final of Everything: that Shines remezcla of Crooked @subject old, together with some upper class vocals of Stereomud. 1/2
15. Neuroticia - Walk of your Life: it follows Quite decent that was a King of a Coverage 2002 soundtrack. 3/4
16. Hill of cypress - Justo another Victim: Terrible song for Tazz, this loves the turn was after the minute.
17. It dopes - A lot of Casualidad: Good song. It would like to see Win McMahon uses it on television. Addition very good to a disk. 3/4
18. The Automobile of Paste of the boy - Lovefurypassionenergy: subject Blinding for Lita which is a lot of catchy and likeable. 1/2
19. Toe Eleven - Slow Chemical: Any to bad tune for Kane, grows in yours after the moment. Really it likes to of me. 3/4
In general ossia the terrific CD , in spite of some abysmal remixes. It does not leave some negative opinions of some of some clues dipped you to you was, By means of a Nation, One of the Bondadoso and Lovefurypassionenergy well a prize for a CD so only. Cela Together with another perfectly passable clues and a lot of pocolos bad some and you have the CD that shines. Thumbs up!
In general, gives it . It takes five if there are not three horrible clues. But definately the value that shabby.
4 / 5 Ha
Here is some songs and my descriptions of them:
1-Fresh song. Flooding the group really knows like this to do music. 5/5.
2. Bad- 1/5.
3. Bad. 1/5.
4. You love it. 5/5.
5. Bad. 5/5.
6. Fresco. 5/5.
7. I add. Rob Zombie really knows like this to do music. 5/5.
8. I add. 5/5.
9. So only I love this song. Marilyn Manson is very too much. 5/5.
10. I absolutley amour this song. 5/5.
11. Fresco. 5/5.
12. Fresco. 5/5.
13. Bad. 1/5.
14. Fresco. 5/5.
15. Bad. 1/5.
16. It is well. 5/5.
17. It is well. 5/5.
18. Bad. 5/5.
4 / 5 Cami
Forceable Gone in blends a world of hard rock and wrestling near to present the together of tunes for some of some main bands in metal and hard rock today treating some subjects of entrance of the your favourite WWF(And) superstars. A never present question with the CD of wrestling the subjects is that after looking them on television, is coached to listen to a subject for roughly thirty seconds before you have held you with them.
Adds to this, the majority of some clues in an album are abysmal. One listens the 'Pause Mur Down' for Sevendust and will know reason Chris Jericho never has used in fact a song like his subject. One same applies to 'Any Casualidad' for Doping and Wins McMahon. Marilyn Manson, Limps Bizkit, and Rob the z/the zombie suffers pointless remixes of ome Good-looking People', 'Rollin'', and 'not going Never to Take', which add absolutely at all to some songs. And although they are personally the defender of Collina of the Cypress, 'So only Another Victim' go a stoner-rap group in his worse.
This in spite of, a CD is saved for some diamonds in some rough. 'Any' for Our Peace of the lady with accuracy portrays a 'physical intensity' of Chris Benoit, 'By means of A Nation' is one of a catchiest tunes of a year, and 'Alive For A moment' for the magnet of Monster is an amazing song that belongs to a lot of another that Hardy Kills V 1.0. If you are the diehard wrestling and the rock the followers would not be the bad idea to choose Forceable Gone in on, but would advise to save your cash has won hard for the interesting album.
5 / 5 Laquita
Has been expecting of this one for the long time to the equal that was mentioned so that be "in progressing" around a time a hip-hop the assault is start . The assault was decent with the few good clues, but the majority of him looked the not matching some original subjects.
Forceable Gone in this in spite of left and in some chances substitutes some subjects and the, different the majority of WWF/WWE album, almost the full CD of music in place of 40-50 minutes. Cela, more a fact that has some for real awesome songs that is instantly recognizable, the fact have to that compraventa for themefans.
4 / 5 Mark
Has fallen [butt] Mix of songs especially if you are not fearful to listen to something the little in a heavy side! Unfortunately, this CD is cleaned. Appearances for a version of Explicit Papers, especially of a WWF has done the compliation CD with f bombs in a past (sees Hard Quite Soundtrack) but swear the words in this CD are cleverly covered up. If it can take my hands in a version of explicit papers, totally would give this CD 5/5 stars.
4 / 5 Neil
Although many can want to this for a music of entrance, maintains to import ossia mostly WWF the subject is done for some of todays BETTER bands. It has sucedidos? HELL YES!
A version of Triple H the subject is fantastic, having a Undertaker the subject are add, and value a prize of a CD in all the chance, but there is quite WWF the MUSIC based in a CD to satisfy Any defender. It does not order . Well Fact!
( Ladies Johnston for so many years of utmost WWF Subject!)
4 / 5 Julia
At the beginning has not thought this CD would be like this as well as I embezzle of WWF the leading emissions have been. I have known WWF the assault was the quite decent album at the same time, but is not sure state could capitalising in the album of this same calibur. Chico, was I CD a better same work to capitalise in both Assault, and a last leading album-WWF A Volume of Music 5. I seat each song is in the way, follows smoothly follows a prójimo. In general, ossia enough the must buys is the defender of some subjects of current band a WWF has resupplied some of the his superstars, or yes is there was so only to give something new try it. Strongly I suggest it!
5 / 5 Yessenia
This adds it cd, especially likes of listens to a music listens in WWE. Because it was, ossia an only CD has seen concealed has some songs of @@subject partorisca CRUDES and SMACKDOWN in any round-up so that it is partorisca say the add extracted. Some songs this in spite of leave that they ask , the one who a heck is in this cd stops? For example, the song of the create. Has this never be in the WWE chance? Any to my knowledge. And partorisca clear things on, a Neurotica song troll 'of your Life', has RELATED IN FACT the WWE. You are a subject partorisca 2002 King of a party of Coverage (so only found that it was). So much, said of another way, TAKE THIS CD NOW!!!
5 / 5 Jerome
Valley Are them in no way the defender of a wwf. But I have been interested in this
particular disk. Some songs are not the interested in, wile any
are adds. Sevendust Pause some wall down is fresh. And I
espeacialy like create it youngster grows old( more in some semence that
joint in with weathered class of tune) . He
The other of a the disk is partorisca you partorisca judge.
4 / 5 Rubin
Ossia A better WWF cd there. One has to that compraventa. With songs of killers partorisca Break Point, Disturbed, Magnet of Monster, Dopes, and much more, can not ask the best wrestling album. Well, you could, but reason want? A reason am giving these 4 stars in place of 5 is reason have thought the few songs coulda be better, but another that that, he like this totally reeks of awsomeness.
4 / 5 Quintin
This Description is long overdue. I have bought this CD on is date of emission behind in March. So only I have bought recently a Canadian version with a Toe Eleven clue of prize. Ossia defintely One of a better CD is a WWE there is not dipping never was. Like this enough with a rambling and here is my song for indications of song and commentaries.
1. A Game (flooding Group) 5/5. Ossia The add remezcla of Triple H dread, a late Dave Williams Vocal stylings is brilliant.
2. Legs (Rock of Chico) 3/5. This song has not gone really too necessary for a CD, no the bad coverage of a ZZ Upper classical, but does not return with a rest of a CD.
3. Young grows old (Create) 3/5. Perhaps him I create it to it has had still his good sound of a soyy Own Prison' days, then has been necessary to dip the song of Create in a CD.
4. The glass Estrago (Disturbed) 5/5. One of one the majority of has expected subjects in WWE history, returns a CD perfectly. A song is repetitive but a Melody in some average marks a song that is.
5. Rollin' (Limp Bizkit) 4/5. No the bad remezcla, but prefers a version of album. A bit out of date for a CD.
6. Any (Paz Ours of Lady) 5/5. This subject has looked in prompt 2000, and cost a wait. Our Peace of Lady is one of these bands that improves for a day. This song would owe that it has been the radio so only.
7. Not going never to Take (Rob Zombie) 4/5. Good song and no the bad remezcla but the version of album would have been better.
8. One of the Class (breaking Point) 5/5. It operates excellent to Break the point for that does RVD @subject mainstream. This song has melody and utmost rhythm.
9. Some Good-looking People (Marilyn Manson) 4/5. Jim Johnston any one the bad work remixing this song, but an original is very better.
10. By means of a Nation (Subterranean of Union) 5/5. This song was registered originally for Test, and a UU a awesome acts. It is good to listen this song is touched in a radio. The RAW accesses new fashion perfectly.
11. Pause Mur Down (Sevendust) 5/5. That is there to say, the band Adds, adds Remezcla, the period of song Adds.
12. Tour some Tables (Saliva) 5/5. It sees it Follows 11 Commentaries!
13. Alive for a moment (Magnet of Monster) 3/5. The song is not too bad once has fallen in.
14. Final of All (Stereomud) 5/5. Perfect band to cover this song. I add remezcla.
15. Walk of your Life (Neurotica) 4/5. This song really is not too bad with which listen his the little time, a version on Neurotica the album is very better.
16. So only Another Victim (Collina of Cypress) 5/5. It can any never see Tazz entering to the Rap subject, but that the hill of Cypress changes a way with this song. The last paste kicks really calm in a a.
17. Any Casualidad (Dope) 4/5. They are the big defender to Dope , would have to has covered Rhyno subject, but has done really this paste of hard song and it kicking!
18. Lovefurypassionenenergy (The Car of Paste of the boy) 5/5. The song adds for Lita, good work for Car of Swipes of Chico.
19. Slow chemical (Toe Eleven) 5/5. This song is simply a better in a CD. I have had a time a hard plus that finds this version of a CD, but bought it immediately when I found it. Toe Eleven is the band adds and his remixed the subject of the decent entrance to something concealed will turn in your boss. @@Subject Add for the fashion of new & look of Kane.
My Cup 5 has chosen.
1. Toe Eleven- Slow Chemical
2. Sevendust- Break some wall down
3. Underground of union- By means of a nation.
4. Breaking Point- An Of Bondadoso
5. Disturbed- the glass Estrago
If you have not bought this CD Still, exits there and the buy.
And maintain the look was, to the anthology is coming punctual!
5 / 5 Martin
Well, the go to break down song for the song for you characterises.
Flooding Group - A Game: C+ While ossia the song is quite well, and no the bad endeavour to Flood Group, he a lot of justice for Motorheads version. I love these types, but has been disappointed... Especially for Triple H.
Rock of Legs of boy: D+ This song is well a first time listens his. With which conceal, is not really value an endeavour. Taking to bore a lot quickly. Clave with ZZTop.
Create - the youngster Grows Old: D- This song, with all honesty, was terrible. You would expect more than I Create, but perhaps it has had the reason this song is not never state realeased first.
Has disturbed - the glass shatters: A+ Ossia the version adds of Steve Austins dread. Taken ALL that it is roughly. Kudos The Disturbed for a clue adds. If it buy this album for any reason, ossia.
Limps Bizkit - Rollin'(Mix of Dead Man): F is not even value a time.
To our Peace of Lady - Anything: B+ Now are not the big defender of our Peace of Lady(or enough, does not like me usually), but of this song has taken really my attention. It is the quite good song , and am expecting that Chris Benoit uses this like his subject.
Rob Zombie - Not going never to Take(Mix of Black Cat): C- A regular version, one a Flange in fact uses, is very better. This in spite of, have enjoyed this song... For the pocolos second.
Point of breaking - An of the Class: One+ Another excellent song. A sale is not that I add, but a song was the lucky pause for them, as well as an auditor.
Marilyn Manson - Some Good-looking People(SmackDown! Mix): One- A regular version of this song is better, but still, this song is sum . It is the fun version .
An Underground of Union - B By means of A Nation: This band is really terrible, but a song is another lucky pause for the band that is not until pair. This song has the sound adds. Unfortunately, people to to those who liked them to them a RAW original is @@subject of the WAR will be disappointed to learn that this will substitute it.
Sevendust - Pause Mur Down: B- I amour Sevendust, but something so only lost in this song... oh yeah, The account behind(yes, am conscious has not had never the account behind comprised in any of some versions of albums). Without him, Jericho @subject honradamente has any flavour. But the good endeavour for Sevendust.
Salivates - Turn Some Tables: B+ Good song, improvement of a Dudleyz subject original. Too bad leave(as if in fact I create a Dudleyz will remain for ever).
Magnet of monster - Alive For A moment: F Fond of the monster still again tries reason is up there with Limping Bizkit! In a cast of bands of worse Rock never. Horrible song! Hopefully, A Hardyz will stick with his subject current.
Stereomud - Final of Everything: B Good song, I Raven of hope decides to use this like his subject. They are the big defender of Raven I.
Neurotica - Walk Of your Life: F listens for calm, and join a club that feels this song any belonging in this album. They would owe that it has stuck with Toe Elevens version of Kanes song. ( It sees Down)
Collina of Cypress - Justo Another Victim: B+ the song Adds likes of you Tazz. If it calms no, well it can shove the. Ossia The song adds any way, especially for defenders of Collina of the Cypress.
Dopes - Any Casualidad: B- will be sincere, when have in the first place listened this, felt quite to the left down. But calm really has to that give this a the second listen. It is really any that bad. And hopefully, Wins begins to use the, revive his @@subject and character... oops, I bad mark his A lot of BLAND the character looks more interesting.
The Automobile of Paste of the boy - Lovefurypassionenergy: An I in fact like this song to plot. Especially for any the one who can not be Car of Swipes of Chico. I owe that admit, have loved this song.
And of course, because leaves without mentioning a one song that practically ANY ONE will listen(unless you are canadian).
Toe Eleven - Slow Chemical: A+ Ossia honradamente the song adds. For a subject of entrance? Well, Kane is by train for the use, but has to that no. Ossia the song that touch a lot so only, no with thousands of the people that acclaims. I love Toe Eleven. Oh, Masters the note that is unbiased... Well, if I must. C+ Happy? Some papers are the tad bland, and begins slow. But, still it takes Kane quite good.
@In rodeo: Buy an album. If it likes him a WWF, will complain no in of that has is. I trust, it is no where APPROXIMATIONS LIKE THIS BAD likes WWF ASSAULT.
5 / 5 Selena
Well, in the first place was, this CD has has has modified papers that [...]. His calm & hate can not buy an explicit version. One of some bad things in a CD. Sinister start of a start:
1) flooding Group - A Game ->I amour that Group of Riadas and HHH Subject of Flight. 5 But this [was toneless]. Too much Pop for me and this CD.
2) Rock of Legs of Chico ->the subject of Stacy, has not been bad. At all really I listen to like this I can not say a lot.
3) Create - the youngster Grows Old ->the song adds, has been used for a Backlash song of @@subject in 2002. If it likes-you that create, calm like this one.
4) Disturbed - the glass Spoils ->the subject of Austin. The song adds, excepts repeats a first small throught a whole song, as it takes 4 minutes of a same thing.
5) Limp Bizkit - Rollin' Remezcla ->Like version of album, but is taking old.
6) To our Peace of Lady - Anything ->Benoit subject. The song adds, the frames want to maintain listening his.
7) Robs Zombie - not going Never to Take Remezcla -> is in plot like a version of the album to that likes me, but says 'The give mine' the little too IMO.
8) Point of Breaking - An Of A Bondadoso ->RVD subject and a better song in an album for FAR! It can any me never tire to listen is one. It describes RVD adds and calm so only maintain you that loves more.
9) Marilyn Manson - Good-looking People Remezclas ->An only difference go in east and an album is is modified and in a start has the little bit of stupid noise. The song adds this in spite of.
10) Subterranean of Union - By means of A Nation ->Dread BELIEVED and according to better only to 8. The union tries once again can not produce the bad clue.
11) Sevendust - Pause Mur Down ->I amour his original version, and this is not that bad. Sevendust The fact the little harder rock and I likes him concealed.
12) Saliva - Turn some Tables ->the clue Adds. Has the treated Manages 2002. If it likes- it salivate the calm like this one.
13) that Amours of Monster - Alive For the subject of Strong A moment Kill now, the clue adds, neither can produce the bad clue IMO.
14) Stereomud - Final Of All ->Perfectly describes Crooked. Has a Raven cawwing by means of a song. To to I Sounds likes him-the something exits to.
15) Neurotica - Walk of your Life ->song of @@Subject for KOR 2002. Well, but no like this as well as his version of album. This one east the little shorter and to to looks like has been rushed of the little has bitten. It likes this in spite of reason is to to plot Likes them the panther and wants to him.
16) Cypriss Collina - Justa Another Victim ->Tazz subject, does not like me cuz really did not like me the rock Superstar and ossia basically a same thing but some of some words are changed.
17) Dope - Any Casualidad In Hell ->A lot of remake of an original.
18) The Car of Paste of the boy - Lovefurypassionenergy ->the subject of Lita. The song adds, but reason was modified that could have been better.
19) Toe Eleven - Slow Chemical ->is quite lucky to take this bounus the clue is awesome. It is Kane dread . If any calm take it, suggests to download the reason is worth it. This song caused so only to buy both of his CDs.
5 / 5 Jaquelyn
Forceable The entrance is the album of full rock of music of @@subject of all your WWF superstars. Like steps forward said "all new WWF Superstar subjects that rock" really alive until this name. A fashion of this album is clearly mecer full of drums and electrical guitars. Forceable The entrance is some sixth forms of CD has released a WWf, but ossia a prime minister for Smackdown Record.
An album is for the group/of the rock of metal has weighed enough with another WWF cds has had more than rig he of his pop. A WWF first album has been released in 1990 and a late plus (Forceable Gone in) has been released in prompt 2002. They have fallen a volume six name and he clearly tip that is an album of the his own. Calm does not have to that be the wrestling defender to enjoy this album. There are 18 clues in everything and is everything in a category of rock. "One of the Class" to Break Point (the subject of Dam of Van of Rob) is my preferred and has add it has beaten his. A worse song on Forcealbe the entrance is number of clue 2. Please people stear clear of east a. It is KidRock versions like this of one 1970 for ZZTop "Legs" (Stacy Keibler Dread) which is disgraceful. Another collaborator to a worse clue in an album moniker is "Alive For a moment" for Magnet of Monster whish, likes "Legs" it is pulled directly of 1973. My Cup Five songs on Forceable the entrance is...
1) One of the Class to Break Point
2) By means of a Nation for an Underground of Union
3) Anything for Our Peace of Lady
4) So only Another Victim for Collina of Cypress
5) the glass Estrago for Disturbed
Finally, World Wrestling the federation is (Entertainment) sixth album, Forceable the entrance is the satisfy adds of music. I want to wrestling but does not leave a WWF the name written during the calm turn was reason calms does not have to that like this professional wrestling to take an entertainment out of this CD. Forceable The entrance has a "WARNING This Register Contains Explict Tongue" sticker in a coverage, as I owe that say that ossia for mature audiences, but those who reads a sticker in all the chance?
In the word: sweet!
Written for Daniel Greig
4 / 5 Haywood
Of any the one who has purchased each WWF Album of the moment that one in a prompt 90 east where a superstars has sung in fact (Any one agrees Bret Hart sings 'Never a Right Time to Sack' or anything?) In all the chance, wrestling the subjects have been always known for his energy and electricity, and power to pump on a crowd...
Like reason when I have dipped a CD in my player of CD in max volume, the majority of him so only does not pump me up?
Tender poor H so only can not take the song of decent @@subject anymore... A type has had arguably one of a better WWF Themesongs never with a D-Generation X subject, clue for an equally powerful '... It is this on' subject of WWF VOLUME 4. Then lame Motorhead is 'A Played that was also to pumper of crowd...
Now, has the version of 'A Played to Flood Group, and some cries of what only was my far control ... Reason this was so only simple bad!
And is not an only one the one who has received a curse of subject bad... A Dudley Boyz take the terrible rendition of his song for Saliva, and enough possibly included WORSE is a version of the subject of Raven for Stereomud...
This album is not all the loss, this in spite of, reason the rock of Chico is Legs '' is an artistic standout of an album... It is the transmission of the like Rock of Chico usually fact, and the leaves listen his voice in of the ways that you seldom listen.. Sevendust Is 'Pause Down Mur' is the tribute adds to Jericho' subject, although cut astray of a thunderous original. The subject of the flange, also known as 'not going Never to Take' to Rob the z/the zombie is also it getter-upper...
But swimming in an album compares to 'An of the Bondadoso' to Break Point. A song, which do fault so it robs the subject of Dam of Van, really done the work adds to take you hyped up.
Benoit Subject, done by our Peace of Lady, is also the remarkable hymn.
In general, an album was the bit to disappoint , that knows as it has taken of a last little WWF album, but am looking forward to a next volume to the subjects of Jim Johnston... Here it is to expect will listen 'Chris-tian!!!' In a prójimo a :)
5 / 5 Geraldo
Ossia an album all Mecer the partidários has been moment to. So many in the Nutshell here is my thoughts in some songs to the equal that follows:
1. Triple H Dread 'A Played to Flood Group -- I really the hate has lost Dave Williams like this punctual reason has the voice for music of rock, perhaps flooding the group can pull of AC/DC, otherwords these kicks of clue ...! Motorhead The Triple dresses H better this in spite of!
2. Stacy Kiebler Dread 'Legs' for Rock of Chico -- That In ANY ONE?!?
3. I create 'Young Cresce Old' -- has to that say this clue there is awesome electrical guitar riffs but that create it so only does not have to that use to this reason soyy Own Prison' is an only album has for them!
4. Stone Fries the subject of Steve Austin 'the glass Estrago' for Disturbed -- My favourite clue more reproduced in Austin whole when being my preferred of all more follows , is repetitive, if yours that loves it take has pumped up for the tournament or any chance in your life, ossia a clue to take all flowing! Disturbed is so only ...
5. A Undertaker Dread 'Rollin (Mix of Dead Man)' to Limp Bizkit -- A Undertaker and Limp Bizkit any returned in any one is equation , although a song was fresh partorisca in an hour and this was to do roughly two years, really has touched was! A remezcla no the very better fact ! A Undertaker is the preferred wrestler of mine this in spite of and gives this follows alittle bit of justice but any a lot of because of Fred Durst!
6. Chris Benoit Dread 'Any' for Our Peace of Lady -- I like the little for Our Peace of Lady and this one begins was quite sad, but then takes the heaviest sale a lot of is required for Chris Benoit is 'Attitude of Toothless Assault! This short [type] can wrestle!
7. The subject of the flange 'not going Never for prenderme (Remezcla) stops Robs ZOMBIE ... Rob Zombie Is awesome ...P>8. The subject of Dam of Van of Rob 'An of A Bondadoso' to Break Point -- I was has anticipated really his album after listening this clue, but after purchasing his album, is disapointing! But I will give him ... Kicking Credit for coming up with these stops of clue !
9. Smackdown! @@Subject ome Good-looking people (WWF Remezclas) for Marilyn Manson -- Ossia in fact it remezclas can listen to, this one and an original are almost one same but a remezcla is noticeable! Marilyn Manson is awesome!
10. Subject RAW 'By means of A Nation' for An Underground of Union -- I like this dread to better whole plot that 'Thorn in your Eye' except one modifying sucks! An Underground of Union is a awesome sale, and at all could better record with CRUDE! CRUDE is a better mark for a way!
11. Chris Jericho Dread 'Pause Mur Down' for Sevendust -- Again, likes Create, my opinion for Sevendust is mediocre, when listening to this song, LaJon backup the looks of vocal singer to have more than a flange that LaJon he, but Chris is returned no Jericho at all, mediocre clue!
12. A Dudley Boyz Dread 'Take Some Subject' for Saliva -- You can not say to the saliva goes to do the song that takes a blood that the flows or some rasga that the flow but this song takes a blood that flows, like this with these said, ossia a awesome clue!
13. Hardy Calm Version 1 @@Subject 'Alive For A moment' for Magnet of Monster -- ... P>14. The subject of Raven 'Final of All' for Stereomud -- Still although the raven is not averts of an active roster anymore Stereomud is the down estimated band and deserve some credit!
15. Neurotica 'Walk of your Life' -- cut Rough of an original version in a self-titled there is still to find his flange, decent band, but yes calm inform them to the east in to drug them big time! The panther would blow these types were!
16. Tazz Dread 'So only Another Victim' for Collina of Cypress -- That In ANY ONE?!? It returns Tazz real a lot this in spite of!
17. It wins McMahon Dread 'Any Casualidad In Hell' for Doping -- Dopes is always be a awesome and the sale has estimated down, and some papers am returned Wins the perfect character, being in accordance with another REVIEWERS does not comprise reason Wins does not use this clue!
18. The subject of Lita 'LoveEnergyFuryPassion' for BoyHitsCar -- A exoticness of some accesses of clue Lita perfect but can not be this song at all! ...P>Has not taken a clue of prize but has downloaded the subject of Kane decrease of Chemical' for Toe Eleven and ossia another preferred of mine, as if any one the Canadian version, D/L bad east ... It follows, it is awesome!
4 / 5 Caroll
1. Flooding Group-A Game-- is well, but I like Triple H Motorhead the subject better.
2. Rock of Legs of boy--No my favourite song but Stacy is not my preferred diva neither. Taking catchy after the moment but then takes to annoy.
Grows Old--Any marvel has not been relased before! Not To Take me bad, I Create of amour & a song "ehh." No my first election for BACKLASH subject.
Shatters--All have to that say that it is well.
Bizkit-Rollin--This is not a a Taker uses, but anything. It Likes him to him a unedited of the better version.
Paz of lady-Anything--I LOVES It! Benoit The old song was well, but this are adds! It can not expect listen the when turn.
Zombie-Not going never to Take--All have to that say is to THANK GOD HAS SINISTER ERGE! Cuz This song is so only messed up. That is with a " it gives it mine" every second?
Point-An Of A Bondadoso--Love a song, but too bad is not a WWF version.
Manson-Some Good-looking People--"ehh" it is not a WWF version and I like a one in Anticristo Superstar.
10.un Subterranean of Union-By means of A Nation--The WHOLE REASON has BOUGHT THIS!! MI FAVOURITE SONG in this WHOLE CD!!
Any Mur Down--This song adds. Better that an old a.
Some Tables--the song Adds.
Magnet-Alive For A moment--I in fact like this song ( grows on me) but considering a Hardyz way, the wait does not use this song.
Of All--Well, is better that the old song of the raven. All these "CAW!"S Locates my nerves.
Of your Life--I has not listened a whole song, always change it halfway by means of. (Of the as it has listened like this far) is well, any exactly in my upper songs.
Collina-Justa Another Victim--Like it.
Casualidad--I not liking .
I Car swipes-Lovefurypassionenergy--I amour this song. It likes him-me both of the songs of Lita but this a better east. They owe that really cut down in a cussing in an end of a song.
My cup 5 songs in this cd
A Nation

Of A Bondadoso
that Amours
Mur Down
4 / 5 Maximo
Here it is my toughts in WWF Forceable Entrance...
Game: A lot of catchy but no like this very like this motorhead 5/5
Legs of Rock: Im the big defender of Chico and Stacey, good version of ZZtop legs 4/5
grows old: If this wasnt as [terrible] the talent could be the subject good partorisca Hulk take it!1/5
Estrago:the SONG ADDS!Finally a WWF there is @@give the defenders want to listen this song 5/5
Bizkit-Rollin: Undertaker would owe that take his bicycle and run over limp bizkit partorisca included trying music and then run over a producer of this CD partorisca dip [Limp] Bizkit on here 0/5 that bad
Paz of Lady-Which Never: good band, good song although the cant apple a Rabid Wolverine Chris Benoit the walking was to this 4/5
Zombie-not going Never partorisca take:some parts are cut is gone in this remezcla, the ones of the that really the pleasure but his a lot 4/5
Point-1 of the class: RVD always has a music of subject better whose cha thinks!CRANK THIS MUTHA UP! 5/5
Manson-Beutiful People: Big defender of M.M. I Really like this Jim Johnson 5/5
Subterranean-By means of a nation: Like the big defender of Underground of the union are totally inlove with this song, touches well in TV also 100/ song in a cd.
Of jericho: ossia so only awesome 5/5
some tables: Dudley the boys are seperated but a memory maintains the base of 5/5
Magnet-Alive 4 a moment: sounds like bad depressing music of sad country 0/5
of everything:@@subject of Ravens,but uses it? 5/5
Of your life: Ive been moment partorisca listen these types,attentive woth my moment 5/5
Collina-Justa Another Victim: I think rap superstar is better but this lil remezcla access Tazz veeery a lot 4/5
casualidad: I think that the dopes can do muuuuch better 3/5
Automobile of Paste-LovePassionFuryEnergy:it likes-me a start of a song although a song would touch goot the bit has asked 4/5
Whose clues have left 3,5,and 13 habladuría calms out of buying is, the sound ADDS he cd,more a WWF has to that offered and the @@subject add for 15 dollars has compared to all a music takes, if it calms of the that has a ToughEnough the soundtrack takes that also although his mostly resumido and at all new like this little beauty WWF Forceable Gone in
4 / 5 Jonathan
CD Add although it hate wrestling. All a remixes is the songs add and new is included better! Especially it loves Anything for Our Peace of Lady and and the glass Estrago for A Disturbed. This album is definitly the value buys it.
1.un Group Play it of Riadas A+
- Rock of Chico C+
Grows Old - Create B+
Shatters - A Disturbed A+
- Limp Bizkit A
- Paz Ours of Lady A+
in Disposal partorisca Take - Rob Zombie B
Of A Point that Pauses Bondadosas B
9.Some Good-looking Presents - Marilyn Manson A-
A Nation - Subterranean of Union A
Mur Down A-
Some Tables - Saliva B
For A moment - Fond of Monster B+
14.un Final Of All - Stereomud A-
Of your Life - Neurotica B+
Another Victim - Collina of Cypress A+
Regime - Dope A
- the Car of Paste of the boy A-
Like this in general would give this album a A.
4 / 5 Hyon
With a WWF varying with MTV, this had dipped the to further more mainstream exposed with well the known bands that leaves a WWF to use them to promote his product. Bienvenido of Mecer no Wrestling II. There are few songs add in this cd likes Disturbed, That?!?, I have said Disburbed, Our Peace of Lady, and breaking Point, with Marilyn Manson remezcla of "Good-looking People", Toe Eleven, and Saliva in a half department.
Has to that say one the majority of DISAPPOINTING clue of this cd is Flooding the version of the group of "A Game" which is a subject for one of a worse wrestlers in a WWF appointed Triple H ( has at all partorisca rid except punches, knees, and has fallen that enough frankly dipped me partorisca sleep). A song has begun awesome with beaten utmost, and has been downhill of there that. An original version for Motorhead is terrific and intense but this remezcla is so only SIMPLE RUBBISHES and I a lot annoying.
5 / 5 Vicky
These are some notes has given each song:
Group-A Game-A+
Legs of Rock-D-
Grows Old-A+
Bizkit-Rollin' (Mix of Dead Man)-B+
Paz of Lady-Anything-A+
Zombie-not going Never to Take (A Mix to Cross of Black Cat)-A+
Point-An Of A Bondadoso-A+++++
Manson-Some Good-looking People (A WWE Mixes)-
10 Some Undergrounds of Union-By means of A Nation-A+++
Mur Down-D-
Some Tables-A
Magnet-Alive For A moment-A++
Of All-the B
Of your Life-A
Collina-Justa Another Victim-A
the Car swipes-LoveFuryPassionEnergy-A+++
For a whole CD gives it a A+
4 / 5 Mariella
The majority of some clues of this album arent one same like wrestlers use, his neither remixed, or drawn out of longer. @@Subject Of flanges and a Smackdown subject, good-looking people, is remixed quite bad, but a subject new Crude, RVD the @subject and the song adds for Our Peace of Lady more then does up for him.
4 / 5 Chanda
HAS Has some CD adds is liberto for a World-wide Wrestling Federation. This one takes a cake! It is a better WWF CD has released to date, in mine oppinion. With such clues like RVD @@subject "One of Bondadoso" treaty to Break Point, Stone Fries the subject of Steve Austin "the glass Estrago" treaty for Disturbed, and a remezcla of Robs Zombie "not going Never to Take", this does this value of album that possesses so only! It is the must -have for any WWF Defender or the defender of any of some bands on here, and there is enough the variety, perhaps the little in that has has not had never a pleasure to listen the prime! SPENT NOW!
4 / 5 Ernest
This CD is simply incredible. Really I expect that a WWF uses roughly of these songs in his real emissions (like a @@subject to Crudes). In general, ossia the together CD very dipped with artists of variable fashions. You would owe that consider buy to this likes WWF OF TELEVISION and like music of Mecer reason this CD is definately no for a toneless of heart. An odd only thing in a CD is a placing of a Create and Neurotica songs simply reasons do not relate to a WWF in any way. But otherwise ossia the CD adds to possess .
5 / 5 Humberto
Flooding Group- A Game (the SONG ADDS! The bad Groups better song)
Rock of Legs of Chico( decent song.. His material his old plus is alot better)
Create - Youn Grows old (amazing song for create... It have to that has for any defender of create)
Limp Bizkit - Rollin (the one who doesnt like this song?)
Visits some Tables - Saliva (súper fresh song!)
Manson - Beautiful peeps ( the one who doesnt like this song?)
Rob Zombie - Not going never to take ( one of his better songs)
the no really lisen to a rest but the give these 4 stars
4 / 5 Lajuana
can not begin to say you like terrfic this CD when the listened this another type has said that RVD song one of the class is a better song in an album on internet the rice my ass of buddy please or is such the lie a type the'am speaking roughly is a one this has given the d- to stacy song . yeah Or I Some better songs in an album is glass estrago for the chemical has disturbed, slowly for toe eleven. They are in accordance with or in a smackdown song and rob HHH the song is has touched in the little the not liking too much,of the song of the raven on there sucks ossia that the the song in this CD is utmost but the is not in accordance with or in that or said in a CD.
5 / 5 Janet
I desire has not bought never this cd. These new subjects all his of the same and is really stupid. It likes-me the music of heavy metal, but so only a word has described this album = JUNK!
5 / 5 Elinore
If yours while some songs or think, yours that goes partorisca be dissapointed. Enough the little of some songs are [bad] remixes which basically ruins some songs. Especially ruined is Rob Zombie does not go to Take Never reason his neither rhe Flange of song in fact the uses or a song listen on CD or radios. In general a CD basically sucks and would have to that be rereleased a RIGHT way.
4 / 5 Suzy
I possesses this cd, and can do not turning was. I want to all a music. Ossia For defenders of true hard rock. With to to the artists like to Limp Bizkit, Disturbed, flooding Group, can any gone bad. My personnel faves is Breaking Points' "One Of A Class," the subject of Dam of Van of Rob, clue for Disturbed "the glass estrago," A "That?" The subject of Stone Cold.
4 / 5 Brynn
Some of these songs belong in real CDs. There is the underlying clue (19) for Toe Eleven. Stand outs Is Car of swipes of Chico, Our Peace of Lady, and Rob Zombie. I prefer an old Motorhead HHH music to a new flooding version grupal. In general, some decent music. It advise to choose it up is the defender of any of this artist.
4 / 5 Dolores
Excellent cd but a question wwf has done 2 edition ,1 with neurotica new song (the new band signed with smackdown seals record)at all to do with wwf music of entrance and 2 a with toe eleven kane song of entrance dulcemente the wwfanatic would buy them a canadian cd and also buy neurotica new album.
5 / 5 Ethelyn
I taking this cd in a 30th of March. A cd rocks! Ossia The cd for rock and rap fans no only wrestling defenders. It has to that take this cd.
5 / 5 Helen
I follows the enormous WWE defender- and ossia a better CD NEVER! A better clue in this song was a 1st a- Triple H. A second more was "Good-looking People" and my prójimo fav was "Young Cresce Old" Ossia the CD add , and the must-have for any WWE defender!
4 / 5 Marx
This album is incredible! If you are the rock or the metal fans these original clues will take your boss that strikes. They are not even the big WWF defender, but this CD is the addition adds my collection of the thousands of CD of the rock is.
4 / 5 Sheree
I desire could revise this cd. I have ordered he in May. Have Still to receive a cd. They are a lot disappointed with a vendor boardman.
4 / 5 Odilia
Ossia The good cd but could to the left some of some songs a way was.
4 / 5 Marjory
Well, like this ossia a WWF according to album feturing has fulfilled artists treating music for a WWF launchings. Never I have listened the 'Aggresion', but, this CD, so that it is, is in fact quite decent. It leaves to take the fast look:
1)flooding Group the 'coverage' of HHH' subject. Sad, but the while no too bad, so only does not have a spice of Motorhead.
2)Rock of Chico the coverage of ZZ the cup is Legs .'(Stacy Kieblers Dread). Eh, has listened worse. I guess work for Stacy.
3)afterwards is the song for create it called 'Young Cresce Old.' Reason ossia in a CD???? It was not , and no respecto . No it likes Him To Him a song.
4)has DISTURBED is on prójimo doing the subject of Cold of Bone(Ossia a subject @of use when he in the first place returned to a WWF in a fall of 2000, and used it on until last state). One !!!!!!! The partidários has loved this song on WWF Fly of MUSIC. 5, And now, FINALLY, they have it. This song just Rocks.
5)afterwards is Limp Bizkit doing Rollin'(His some mixes without any curses) listened it like this time, then , nothin special.
6) To our Peace of Lady the pumped on version of Chris Benoit dread. His in fact preatty well. Nizza Heavy metal Rif.
7)Robs the subject of the z/of the zombie for Flange (of the his late plus CD). Again, you listen it like this time.
8)Afterwards on, RVD subject to break point. Ossia For far a 2nd subject better in a CD, well afterwards to the subject of Stone Cold
9)Good-looking People for Marilyn Manson(Smackdown Mix)Again, has touched so much in a radio.
10)Maintaining this one lame. A group is The UNDERGROUND of UNION . A song is By means of a Nation.' His Billed like @@subject has believed. Ape, has has not listened never a first song, like reason @to bill likes them the subject has believed...
11) Sevendust 'Pause Mur Down.' Sound the typical Sevendust Rif, as I enjoyed it.
12)Salivates a Dudley Boyz Subject( has has treated bolt in WMX8) Good tune.
13)that Amours of Monster the subject for a Hardyz. Eh, His well, but, thats so only my opinion.
14)Stereomud Does the remake of the subject of Raven. Preatty Dark tune, but, preatty well.
15)A group has called NEUROTICA the song called 'Walk of your Life.' Again, it has not listened never a song, does not concern for him.
16)Cypris Collina Tazz subject. Calm the the on listened T.V. Sound the good tune.
17)Dopes Does 'Any Casualidad in Hell'. No too bad. It can take used his
18)the car of paste of the boy done the remezcla of the subject of Lita. USELESSNESS(IMO)
19)Toe Eleven the remezcla of the subject of Kane. Another decent Metal Riff
In general, yes volume around a junk, his value that takes. Quite a lot of good music to satisfy a Hungry Wrestling Partidário.

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