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Top Customer Reviews: Shakti Woman: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5 Rae
This book is wonderful. Ossia A first time there is not reading never Vicki Noble and am very pleased. This book is both authorising and a lot of infomative. I consider the feminist a lot of bed like the difficult meeting partorisca read something for real original but Shakti the woman surprised to good sure in a lot of ways. Noble calm press you hard to question your preconceived ideas and think roughly where for real come from (ossia the patriarichal, consumer-mark driven). Noble leave see that it is possible to be a woman there is wanted always be and was meant always to be. To good sure will look for books for Noble again when I am looking for feminist literature in a future. An only reason reason has given this book 4 was 5 star is reason has did not finalise it in fact still but all has read like this is far be well value an investment.
4 / 5 Lillian
Am learning the plot of things that has known no by means of another type of Sciamano reserves that material is to estimate to all the women. They are happy to see that this information in writing and feel any woman the one who reads this will choose on something lovely for them. No an easy bed but plenary of edges that can resupply calm with still yours street.
5 / 5 Felecia
This book, while absolutely articulate and obliging, is essentially Noble memoir of god-conciousness. A commentary in a medical industry stances in of to to the subjects likes him to him the course and gynecology was one of some signals underlined of a text. This in spite of, a constant referencing and hyping of an author tarot system, A Motherpeace Tarot coverage, while expectable, take tedious, especially to that, likes I, is not really "spoken the" for a system. Highly reccomended to that is to interest in political-subject spiritual, especially those regarding women.
5 / 5 Aiko
This book, while absolutely articulate and obliging, is essentially Noble memoir of god-conciousness. A commentary in a medical industry stances in of to to the subjects likes him to him the course and gynecology was one of some signals underlined of a text. This in spite of, a constant referencing and hyping of an author tarot system, A Motherpeace Tarot coverage, while expectable, take tedious, especially to that, likes I, is not really "spoken the" for a system. Highly reccomended to that is to interest in political-subject spiritual, especially those regarding women.
5 / 5 Estefana
This book is drive true the womens beat and passion. It presents the pocola known view of life on Tierra of Mother to the equal that was (pre patriarchal control), and to the equal that can be was all has prepared to listen our song of hearts. In a process to distribute among friends of women (and my husband that would look is one of some scarce men that they want to know the one who the real woman is) has all felt it to be essential reading for women. They have asked that takes copies for his individual use and like the source of library.

Top Customer Reviews: Wicca: A Guide for ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 34 ratings
5 / 5
The start learnt in a wiccan the faith found it very hard to find solid information partorisca result more learnt roughly he in of the bookshops or on-line, this book covers it everything! And with such detail adds! You love it! Amur Of Canada!
4 / 5
This book is perfect partorisca any new the wicca. It directs mainly on dispelling a faith that requires the 'initiation' formal to practise wicca.
This book is very partorisca give you a basics precise begins, and do a decision informed first to commit the wicca. If you are already state practising and is looking for more information, perhaps a sequela, 'living wicca,' would be further of yours interests. It CAN have some useful information partorisca any one exiting the coven looking partorisca practise so only, but the majority of him would be redundant.
Is also the book adds partorisca clear on errors in wicca. Scott Cunningham an excellent work partorisca describe a practice of wicca without being condescending or preachy. He teaches in tools and ritual while doing clear that is not all necessary and is more partorisca find a way that the mark seats more attuned with a God and God.
A fact that does not get obsessed with a feminist appearance of Wicca, and in fact explains an importance of both a God and a God like equals, is a lot of refreshing.
5 / 5
I really like this book, as any the one who is new the Wicca are sooooo happy that has taken this dose of Scott of the book a work that surprised to explain that it operates of the what and he still has the copy of his (in the ballast thinks his his) BOS in there like this contrives it of the like the BOS is likes. All and all the very good pound partorisca the newbie Wiccan.
5 / 5
An add read, a lot of information partorisca the beginner, and the clearly explained ritual with instructions partorisca dip into use immediately.
5 / 5
Rid add partorisca beginners! To good sure any one an only book would have to that read like the beginner. But it is a lot inspiring and giving the reception to stops the a lot of the one who does not know where partorisca begin and does not have to that it weaves of the people physically approach him that also practical. I also read one Drives of Idiots to Wicca and Witchcraft, the book adds partorisca read together with east a.
5 / 5
A book is informative without being overwhelming. Like the beginner solitary practitioner, found that very a lot present some concepts some big plus.
5 / 5
It changes dipped on a lot of clear. This book is partorisca one very a lot of beginner. Although like this experienced as you can think that that you are still so only beginning the book is partorisca you. As any faiths there is the plot of knowledge partorisca result. This pound will dip you on partorisca a basics and then depend you partorisca practise and obtain one the one who has dipped this book like him 1 does not comprise a basic theory to practical knowledge of the practitioner. It takes it partorisca comprise some of the/of ones changes meant of goes it tarots and a lot the fundamental book but like a lot, has to learn of a basics and that it is your in an end. Be one, learns and no partorisca like this there is not any end to the to to knowledge likes so that it thinks...
5 / 5
Highly you recommend this book to any concealed is new to a Wiccan street! A lot of information aim it partorisca begin really very partorisca that wish to learn and does not know where partorisca begin!
5 / 5
I have enjoyed really this book. Book of utmost beginners partorisca wicca
4 / 5
Like this far it is the good introduction . It likes why it is not of too odd or there. I want to learn more in the legitimate religion, any submerged I in some world of fantasy of the adult.
5 / 5
I have enjoyed really this book. Book of beginners add partorisca wicca
4 / 5
One adds read partorisca witches of beginner or any any one knows more in Wicca!
4 / 5
Has bought like the present partorisca my fellow and the slowly on in the steering wheel partorisca read!! Ella throughly has impressed with that is covered in fact in a bok and wants it like this. The must has for each wiccan bookshelf
4 / 5
Reserves purchased for personnel of spiritual growth. Good resource.
4 / 5
Like the beginner, the expósita thia the extremely useful book. Any only explain all some appearances of Wicca, also resupplies the enormous quantity of resources to deepen your knowledge. I add read!
4 / 5
This book has changed in fact my life. Scott Cunningham is an amazing author .. Amur All of his books
Totally recommend this book or any of his books
5 / 5
Ossia the add judge of start, easy to read and full of basic information. The stongly recomend he for any interested in Wicca, reason he he accessible to all the world.
4 / 5
Read it. If it does not like, of calm now know. If it likes, of calm now have the foundation to grow on.
5 / 5
Joining he of a book was defective as it has created some pages to estaca was. I am returned a first book been due to of the this but a substitution was one same
4 / 5
Fast delivery, has opened a book and he looks a rest of my day is to write he of
5 / 5
books of Cunningham of Scott is a place to start with when discovering your Wiccan street. Amur This and him!!
5 / 5
Wonderful book
Filler of information Hreat still Beginners
5 / 5
avenges exactly like this described, and is drive good. They are happy has ordered this book.
5 / 5
Writing a lot good. A lot of gain for the solitary practitioner.
4 / 5
Excellent read with tonnes of information.
Recommends this book to any one the only start was, the must partorisca yours wiccan library.
5 / 5
Laboratory, blah, blah. When calm finally volume to a calm point does not concern you .
5 / 5
This book was the beginner adds drives the Wicca partorisca a solitary practitioner.
5 / 5
Ossia A first book I experience when learning roughly book and I def recommends! Scott knows like this partorisca write really a lot of
5 / 5
has Loved a book. Easy to read and comprise. You recommend this book to any the one who desires to learn more in Wicca.
5 / 5
Rid adds! All precise knows roughly witchcraft, the plot of information but easy to read.
4 / 5
Rids a lot good. According to time possessed it. A first time the partner flew it!
5 / 5
Loves this book, has has had to that the buy again to the equal that have loaned out of my original copy and is not never state is returned. Ossia An excellent book
5 / 5
drives Adds to begin you on your street the Wicca. Plot of ideas to think roughly. Opened contrive it to him is and the ways can learn
5 / 5
are not the big reader but could helps it to me read to cover to cover in 3 days! Ossia The record for me!

Top Customer Reviews: Medicine for the ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5 Jason
One drives fantastically descriptive , practice partorisca deepen our connection the self, community and our beloved planet. Sandra Ingerman continuous inspire me with his eloquent words and heartfelt message of hope and that cures by means of mindful action.
4 / 5 Velda
Am excited like this to finally have this book in my hands partorisca read. It is the present . Last year was part of the group of 75 people in a Workshop of Foundation. We are partorisca come near doing with Sandra and a principals dips advances in a book. A ritual and celebration of working with my "Self" and a water by means of a process of transmutation has changed my life on like this levels, is the real blessing my Self, my familiar and my community. Calm promote you partorisca read a book and beginning to dialogue with this saint part of you that just " it knows" this real material. . .As we share and cure an Earth. Namaste.
5 / 5 Luther
Medicine partorisca a hope of offers of the Earth partorisca everything of us in a power of the ours intent: the cleanse environmental toxins, partorisca cure our world-wide under attacks, and to open our hearts. Ingerman Marries in of the solutions, weaving investigation and personal experience, tools to move consciousness, and the philosophy to cure like this returns always to that it can do it. A lot of writers speak roughly consciousness of an earth and our report with all the beings; pocolos resupply such the clear map and like this experiential the ours vehicles for visioning the different future and doing raisin.
Ingerman Written of a worldview of the deep ecologist (although it does not identify in this way) and the lifetime of shamanic cure and counseling. It resupplies has drive visualisations, meditations, and a lot of ideas for shamanic journeying for readers to develop his report with and consciousness of all the appearances of some natural worlds and humans. It likes him Cameron is A Way of Artist, ossia the rich book with practices to be explored individually as well as it groups and communities. Different the majority of self-books of help, this in spite of, the medicine for an Earth speaks to our deep desire to transform a world-wide as well as .
Like the meditator has been moved deeply for Ingerman philosophy that requires some perceptions and inner suppositions that among a way to do transmission. Like the shamanic practicioner, has had the wonderful time that explores Ingerman journeying ideas and using my skills in the reciprocal way to cure an earth. And like an environmental activist found it exciting to direct my spiritual energy in some questions of contamination and environmental degradation. Finally, this groundbreaking the book is inspiring to read and deeply rewarding to do with.
5 / 5 Lien
Sandra Ingerman rids that it breaks the earth deserves careful reading, studio, and practical. By means of his analysis of spiritual texts and recountings of miraculous chances, resupplies a reader with the fresh look and comprising of an existence and practical of miracles. Writing for the general audience that accepts a spiritual character of existence, his book presents clear and precise methods to do in our own physicist, emotional and mental toxins as well as those in expósitos in of waters he, and for extension in everything of a natural world.
That is extraordinary in his book is a clarity of his vision and a simplicity of his methods. And more to a point, these have looked for to be achieved. While the religious historians can balk the bit in his overview of miracles, Sandra Ingerman decribes the blue impression for character and of the groups to follow to purify some worlds confine and external- the heartening perspective in fact!
Highly recommends this book, and promote all readers to try some practices suggests.

Top Customer Reviews: God Is Not One: The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 11 ratings
4 / 5 Reuben
'The god Is not Of the' tentativas partorisca speak some big differences among the religions of entities of a world. It is not the entirely dispassionate description: an author clearly has his own opinions, although it is generally quite well in any to press them on a reader. Prothero Tries to draw commanded of chaos for summarizing some basic philosophies of these religions to distill of the each one the centrical question and solution. For chance, Prothero alleges that a centrical question in Christianity is sin and a solution that present is salvation. An author affirms that these fundamental differences in perspective are crucially of entities, as they paint a worldview of the million each religion (or billions) of defenders. His critical thesis is that these religions _are not _ fundamentally some same, and taking @subject with a message at present populate to a contrary.

Informs to this book like the 'prime minister' for good reason. Each religion is given so only two or three pages of dozen, a lot of duquel is poured in basic precepts and cultural context. A shot adds of the detail is sacrificed to take the Prothero points of core. It has experienced the readers of the texts of comparative religions could take @@subject with some of the omissions and the generalisations of an author. Especially, like another reviewers there is remarked, a selection and explicit ordering of religions (of those who admonishes is fixed besides- for less-of entity) inside a book could create some eyebrows.

In spite of these points, considers this book like the point of good start for new readers those who can be unfamiliar with differences of wide shots among the religions of entities of a world. Prothero Celebrates some differences that present, and plainly investigations so only to educate (and not offending) new readers. A text is both involving and informative, and is not difficult to read in an evening or two. For a lot of readers, this can be the better place to start with that the staid textbook in of the religious studios.
4 / 5 Branden
Has required to read for courses. Wealth of material
4 / 5 Juana
does not think that all the religions are able to see some parts of an elephant in spite of his desire. In spite of, a book was researched properly informative and very written.
5 / 5 Belen
Is an amazing book ; utilisation likes him a help to teach my lessons of world-wide religion in my institute.
5 / 5 Sung
Too bad the illustration of this book has not been done available fifty years. But behind then the person there would have been a knowledge to comprise all it Prothero coverages. An academic studio of religions is coming the far way in fifty years. Prothero Maintains the neutrality so to the equal that can during his book but is not difficult to discern that personally it is fascinated for, accepting of and impressed by some supernatural dimensions of the cultural existence of the humanity. A title of a book do fault to be provocative while also that dips a foundation for his querella common against a contemporary 'Godthink that asks all the together religions in one beat of rubbish or [a] @@@cofre of the property' (p 335). In a side of a Godthink continuum is some New Atheists ( does distinctions among Angry [i.et. confrontational, New] Atuvo and Friendly [i.et. No-confrontational, civilians] Atheistic) those who blame religions, and people of faith, for everything or the majority of a world-wide ills. In another side is one 'perennial philosophers' those who--in spite of all the evidence to a contrary--try homogenise all the religions to some fond, peaceful and harmonious syncretism.

Some chapters are fixed in Prothero judgmentally arbitrary order of the dominant influence of the each religion in a state of a world, situating Islam first and Daoism last. These influences to fix like him substantiates a lot of his querellas and illustrations of uses as it informs behind the material covered in of the leading chapters. This has shot the most difficult fact to choose on a book to read the chapter in a half or to an end. It has given each religion in a same number of pages in a book, which have thought was a wrong decision. Christianity, with his stir and a lot of permutations, is to good sure one the majority of diverse, hendido and irreconcilable collection of faiths and traditions but is covered of one of the a shortest chapters. So many, has thought this quite superficial treatment. For example, Coptic Christianity, which looms big with million defenders in Africa North, is ignored. A Masonic Order and another Christian esotericisms, which has caused in some half ages and has had significant influence in of the politics, economic forces and included in a founding of United States, is has ignored also. Christ-Jesus/has based inspired New Age religious movements, comprising New Thought--which are having the enormous that is still in contemporary society (big measure thanks to Oprah Winfrey)--is not spoken. In a chapter in Islam has thought the page or two would owe that it has comprised a world-wide comprising Baha'the Faith, which has jumped out of Shia Islam.

An author feels that an importance and legitimacy of Yoruba (aka Santeria) has been spent for big and like this he clearly overcompensates to resupply page with which page of detailed and confusing information in his panteón of ones, orishas and ceremonial practical. Confucianism And Daoism also can be described in too much of detail for some readers. Another peculiarity of this book is the one who Pothero the attitude comes by means of for what respect, or lack of the same, resupplies to the each religion. This can be measured for his lack of critique or his disparaging commentaries. For this measure is clearly more respectful of Judaism, Daoism, Buddhism and Yoruba, in this order, but less like this of Christianity and Islam. Confucianism And the looks of hinduism to fall go in.

His inclusion of atheism, in the short chapter in an end, is very contemporary expected recent anti-religious misivas and tirades. Prothero Deserve the shot adds of praise thus book and is reading very lovely for students and laymen and continuing a shelf like the reference. A thing is clear: the religions are in the continuous state of evolution. A lot it can mediate in moulding some futures to be more accommodating the believers of different faiths. Hopefully This book can contribute to an improvement in of the sympathetic and friendly reports among people of different persuasions.

First to close this description can not resist that it adds that to premise of an author, with a title 'the god is not One', is so only true in the theological, doctrinal, creedal felt--comparing religions. A esalities' perceive for knots, when being grounded in materiality, personalities and sociocultural influences, is divisively diverse. But of the timeless philosophical, metaphysical, perspective--trying sees by means of a lentil of Alcohol--He/You/He (aka God) is finally A Reality. It is there any overarching Truth that wins contradictions and argue intellectual? There is a lot of the one who resists this perspective that releases them of a shackles of the loyalty has declared to an or another of some religious doctrines more limiting.
5 / 5 Angela
This rids is not new mine. I have had the copy some time, left it then to the friiend. You are one of these lendings that a does not go back never reason a book is recommended then of more, and like this on. As I finally decided to buy another copy. They are familiarised with the majority of a content. Prothero Does the geat does in taking a message of essential core of the each one of some religions adds. Ossia Operates it of handy reference . It is good to have my own copy again, partorisca maintains this time. Highly recommende for any any one the comparative introduction good general.
4 / 5 Maryland
Very interested in the decent introduction the eight systems of the entity of faith would owe that consider choose on this book for Stephen Prothero. An a lot of writing, easily readable text that resupplies anywhere of 25-35 pages each on Islam, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Yoruba, Judaism, Daoism, and inform look in Atheism, listed in order of a prominence based in Prothero expertise.

A book is not scholarly (but throughly the end remarked), but more introductory and is fill with commentary of editor of an author. Any interested in increasing or developing dialogue or one comprising of these systems of different faith would owe that consider read this text.

Prothero Does the fantastic work that situates each system inside a context of current chances and resupplies quite thorough historical foundations for each. A book will offer any interested in of the world-wide religions with the utmost jumping was the point for researches more detailed for any and everything of some inner faiths spoken.

A good bed to avert to you more learnt.
4 / 5 Debbi
Prothero Tries to give each religion is casualidad to shine , for his own levels. A result is the a lot of enlightening reserve that will go the long way to help a reader takes the a bit different corner in of the things. All the religions are not some same and has to that look in that is good or bad roughly everything of them. In an end, there is joined to be the legislation and the wrong diagnostic of questions and solutions.
5 / 5 Magaly
The author is plagued for Abrahamic definition of religion. There is so only 4 religions, Zoroastrianism (3600 years), Judaism (3500 years), Christianity (1800 years) and Islam (1100 years). Taoism, Confucianism, That the hinduism etc. is not of the religions. They are Dharma. The religions are taken of big stairs , with a Prophet, an invariably divine reservation inspired, monopoly on Heaven, any place partorisca antheist, Any room for evaluation , (critique it amena of the death threats and dead), soyy-way-or-the-street'. The religions are CLUBS , an a lot of his belonging or no. Dharma, To a contrary, has any Prophet, any alone book that it is supreme/infallible, affiliation to a club (does not have any conversion, converting to that?). Dharma Constantly investigations, questions and included an atheist can be the defender of Dharma (Dharmic- the one who so for intrinsic character of the man, good deeds to fellow human beings, follow a law of an earth, character, good and bondadoso the flora and fauna etc... Adharmic, So only opposite of this). Western writers and included the Oriental writers in his blindness are fallen for a Missionaries and Religionists of 4 religions, and downgraded his Dharma, way of life, the religions. Dharma Is likes to regulate upgrade of version of Windows 1 and at present windows 10, while in the religion there is any still provision Upgrade. A version that some writers of Old , Corano and New will have written in mediaeval time, is a Final version. One has has learnt writers have erred in this basic difference and has comprised to evolve theoretical and practical ways of life (reflected and expressed in several segments, regions, tongues and dialect of the people that alive in of the oriental parts of some World-wide) like some Religions. They are not in bylines and is not never be in bylines, one can believe or does not believe this in spite of being the Dharmic (an atheist the one who bolt for the intrinsic character of the person is Dharmic, while the religious person the one who is crooked, liar, manipulator, murderous of fellow human beings, calm in a name of one this religion/of the faiths etc. Is Adharmic and has any Heaven, will not go never there, notwithstanding that is to declare in his saint book. Dharma Any profess monopoly to heaven, no confirmation an existence of Goddess or no-existence of Goddess, is continue it looking for process.
4 / 5 Delores
After so only reading some premiers few chapters of this book, have @@give that for real fantastic this reserves really is. I have been domestic like the Christian, and has to that say, that privileged chair to be taken on such a lot informative recognition of some of some other big religions in this planet. It is refreshing to read a work of the scholar with such experience and literary skill to dip write all some flavours that it mark on our mystical world.
5 / 5 Elizebeth
Does not think that all the religions are able to see some parts of an elephant in spite of his desire. In spite of, a book was researched properly informative and very written.

Top Customer Reviews: The Two ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5 Nora
A timely description some of a historical connection like Rome has such the powerful influence in some world-wide subjects as well as in a church.
5 / 5 Guy
Has been disappointed , in some pictures of original book were available in some paragraphs to the equal that have read , if I have known this would not have downloaded it . Like this down upload do fault me any purpose and I will have to that purchase an older edition of a book partorisca fulfil my needs.
5 / 5 Eliz
Highly recommend for deeper comprising of some roots of celebrations and religious rituals. Exceptional scholarly work with wide references of source and analysis. The jaw that the falls done of archaeology and linguistic!
5 / 5 Clayton
Am surprised that the amazon is creating ebooks out of these classical historical documents. His add! Rings mor of a same.

Top Customer Reviews: The Power of ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
5 / 5 Judson
Joseph Campbell is one of some the majority of inspiring thinkers there is not founding never and this book is one of the his better! It contains more tongue that has been comprised in a series of video and in fact develops and clarifys these conversations. Every time I read it volume something different out of him. Ossia A sign adds of the timeless thinker the one who easily can maintain no with you calm so that grown and transmission during your life.
4 / 5 Fairy
There is not treat adds can say in this reserve which another has no. While sometimes Campbell is not attentive in his statements (some of his details roughly the Buddhism is not corrected technically), he no really @@subject reason a global effect of a book is quite uplifting. It is lovely to have any the one who as eloquently described reason the mythology is of entity, that can do for the explore more, like the mythological faiths am a lot looked by means of different cultures, and regarding the appropriate to a life.
5 / 5 Freda
A walk adds by means of a history of Mythology with Joseph Campbell to the equal that in the first place released like the series of the interviews of Video has directed for Bill Moyers. Well modified, this book is an examination organised of some Utmost Myths that action the common ancestry during a history of Man. Campbell directs to wrap the bond around a wonderful line in the song of Scott Joplin, 'All old is new again' . If you can not see some tapes, read this book.
4 / 5 Vashti
It collects The powder in my library lucida time that can begin him with which the university. The image is very good-looking
5 / 5 Reanna
would recommend this book to any the one who feels a need for some intellectual and philosophical stimulation and master vicariously involve in the discussion among 2 of our thinkers to time more utmost. We live the time of fluff with the diminishing depth in ours has thought. This pound defies an alcohol - essenital eaten of brain. Spirituality - Like this opposed the formal religion - the fault of our world where tune of millions the progroms likes: 'Gypsy Sisters', 'Housewives of any', and esd Collars of wherever next' to see a later adventure of any the one who adds at all to this dummying down our communities while a lot of other countries, particularly developing nations, has wins to learn. Ossia The dangeous tendency. I see this reserves to be part of the curriculum in a highschool or university level to the equal that can learn a lot a natural world and a world of myth; histories that has been a test of time and resupply generations with the moral compass.
5 / 5 Emiko
Taking the look in of the modern chances and dipping in the context of ancient myths takes the best comprising of them and because people like this strongly believe in them.
4 / 5 Lashanda
Haven T has had the occasion of the see all but that has seen looks commentary more when I have read also has bought an Audio Reserves like this yeah anxious to take his :)
5 / 5 Loralee
it is an interesting book , but a form of dialogue the fact enough the a lot of the time read, of then goes of a @@@subject to another without the real sense of structure. How it is said in an introduction, is agrees a series of television; it is not the stand-alone book.
4 / 5 Marshall
It has known no that it go so that be clearing for me. Ploughed my perspective and aimed that that has thought roughly some appearances of life, has not been like this far out of reality. Joseph Campbell is one of some heroes of this time and dulcemente dulcemente, to read all that write, am beginning to comprise a meaning of life. A book has been rid home faster that would have imagined. Súper Satisfied with a compraventa and a service.
4 / 5 Rachell
Does not have to that treat adds can say in this reserve which another has no. While sometimes Campbell is not attentive in his statements (some of his details roughly the Buddhism is not corrected technically), he no really @@subject reason a global effect of a book is quite uplifting. It is lovely to have any the one who as eloquently described reason the mythology is of entity, that can do for the explore more, like the mythological faiths am a lot looked by means of different cultures, and regarding the appropriate to a life.
5 / 5 Adolph
Collects The powder in my library lucida time that can begin him with which the university. The image is very good-looking
4 / 5 Blondell
Spend T has had the occasion of the see all but that has seen looks commentary more when I have read also has bought an Audio Reserves like this yeah anxious to take his :)
4 / 5 Mary
is an interesting book , but a form of dialogue the fact enough the a lot of the time read, of then goes of a @@@subject to another without the real sense of structure. How it is said in an introduction, is agrees a series of television; it is not the stand-alone book.
5 / 5 Kendra
Has known no that it go so that be clearing for me. Ploughed my perspective and aimed that that has thought roughly some appearances of life, has not been like this far out of reality. Joseph Campbell is one of some heroes of this time and dulcemente dulcemente, to read all that write, am beginning to comprise a meaning of life. A book has been rid home faster that would have imagined. Súper Satisfied with a compraventa and a service.
5 / 5 Russ
I have bought a book has used. It avenges in the good and in good condition prize.
4 / 5 Ron
In my opinion, ossia a better introduction to some works of Joseph Campbell, and some of that is had to certainly to some skills to interview of Bill Moyers.
4 / 5 Leone
Master, and has has wanted to this for 20 years. It has not possessed Never the copy up to now. Goddess(s) bless Ladies Campbell. The desire could have answered your classes in university.
4 / 5 Georgene
Taken any interest in writing, need this in your shelf of book.
4 / 5 Cristin
Two wondrous the together import that creates an of some better books have had a purer joy to read in awhile. Very few people can say the history and of the myths to mark coming alive likes Joseph Campbell. Bravo!
4 / 5 Miyoko
Ossia A transcript of Bill Moyers glimpsed with Joseph Campbell done with him the years and the years done-a stunning interview-a stunning book. The readers will enjoy a format partorisca reserve why leave expensive he-when Joe Campbell Matto has spoken- sometimes require more the time that that is to be give the "it absorbs that the be be say." Partorisca Speak in a Focuses Adds in a bill of American dollar and is mythological connections-partorisca touch in the paper of Seattle of Boss to George Washington in a compraventa of earth, this rids is not never uninteresting.
And partorisca give Bill Moyers planned credit as well as an excellent journalist the one who always knows a right question partorisca ask-and that the difference of the plot of journalists today-in fact cured in that is and has covered. In fact, sometimes Moyers has said something quite insightful in his own- is a coming near two alcohol add in the question and format of response-this produces a result of final of characters pure character. If you are unfamiliar with Bill Moyers glimpsed, would recommend to purchase the on here, some 6 tapes, or while until PBS airs he again-always do. Afterall, Is one of PBS is all the indications of time grabber. A reason says that this is listening a way Joe Campbell speaks, seeing in of the flesh so only like this involving of the man is- leaves a reader the " it imagines that it speaks by means of a book." Mina-this does the enormous difference.
This book is the winnner all a way-to all the cost of the like religious background hail of-which class of philosophy if any one involves-this reserves certainly will impress you a reader. In fact it can change any one is life in a context of stimulating any one is interest enough in mythology-to begin to look his. Or, it can expand your idea your own spiritual life in duquel has has established already. Any way you toss this book on- is bosses . As you buy it.
5 / 5 Bobbie
Joseph Campbell explores a lot of subjects in this book. That does the religions by means of some ages hvae in common? Those symbols are some same and the one who bad? This book speaks these questions as well as those ancient myths and the practices have done for humans thoughout history. That have religous the practices done to benefit an evolution of a conciousness? That feels of interior.
Campbell has taught mythology for 38 years in the University level. It is very learnt and ideas of the offers the a lot of questions that the researcher of soul reports. Reason do the law of humans likes him today? We are to disappear something fundamental? Those some myths of lack of ancient history now days? His enlighten man to the equal that has in a past? Campbell explores a history of these myths and like the society has transmission to a point where can have state rendered uselss in ours counciousness same transformation although a sybols of the ancient mythology is still everywhere today.
Has the tonne of information in this book and the plot of opinion. But opinion of Campbell in this zone looks very stable how is careful to explain like this forms his opinion and also reluctant to express the suppositions when there it is any base . I think that that ossia enlightening.
In a down side this book looked hard for me to be still in time because of a question and format of response. In time, has had to reread to discover the one who has spoken. I think an interviewer, Bill Moyer, expressed like this opinion and dialogue as it poses questions in of the parts of a book. It have preferred the book of right advances with the together different on but ossia that receives and still think that is the book to be read by any interested in Philosophy or mythology.
5 / 5 Bella
Of this book is basically a transcripts of Bills Moyer excellent has has televised glimpsed with Joseph Campbell, "A Power of Myth" frequently it exits like the "the reader is Digest" condensation of table of the caffè of the life and the work of Campbell. Of an interview, for his a lot of the character is limited in his discharge and house, "A Power of Myth" simply it does not possess a depth of Campbell is another work.
This really is to any subject likes that it is present resupplies a reader with the fine introduction to the ardent devotion of Campbell to World-wide Myth. The thesis of life of Campbell, this man posseses an innate desire and need to create myth, is the idea to oblige an I join all ours and each one which so another.
"A Power of Myth" it is not to be taken as to religious taken. In this context, certainly exited like the absurd New Age concoction of any-of commitment. It is meaning, this in spite of, to be taken like the work of deconstructionist literary criticsm this researches to celebrate some common edges that career by means of all the cultures and of the perspectives.
Campbell openly celebrates the capacity to imagine of the man as well as his devotion the ideas. It does not look for to debunk or trivialize a devout (one has to that be careful to @give this has Campbell so read). His scholar intent like seeing it, is to promote and nurture a seed of the intrinsic faith in everything and promote all the world-wide to ship in his own heroic adventures of discovery.
"A Power of Myth" servants like an excellent bibliography of classes to the equal that loans an a lot adds folktales and religious texts that continuous that reads animal. Campbell calls his audience to read for them and look for his own discoveries.
One east looking for the far studio more thorough that myth, can not rent enough Campbell excellent "A Hero With the Expensive miles". How it is, "A Power of Myth" it is the point of fine start.
4 / 5 Catina
You love it. Ossia One of these reservations that attacked out of my shell. Any I necessarily is in accordance with everything says (who ?) But his seen and the interpretations have opened my alcohol until a fact that is or.k. Partorisca Have interpretations and different visas.
In a much less, took to in fact look in some histories and of the symbols in some world-wide and partorisca look for deeper that mean. After all, we are all that look for the meaning and is so only in front of knots. Really we do not owe that look too far.
Or is not in accordance with his seen, calm never look in a world-wide a same way again. If all looked in a world-wide a same way, that has to that speak roughly?
(FYI: Ossia An old description under an old email address.
Update: This book has changed radically my life and I still revisit he from time to time.
Some critiques: Campbell comment, almost of any, that knows at all of a Christian faith likes practised in Sud Deep a lot of (i.et. A esaint Rollers'). Ossia The glorious, vibrant and living faith and Campbell directs it almost like the footnote. So only it goes to aim, can not know everything.
Will say that Campbell can be considered an equivalent of C.S. Lewis in a mythological realm (although Campbell looks to take the little more closely to an intellect). So much with Lewis, sure esd flags' will look like this cross the unknown territory, like this also the present of works of Campbell esd flags' as travesías. If this can be written was Age like this New or a perfect type of mythology/of theology for an elitist (i.et. Comprising without commitment), the book of Campbell expands a discharge of ours comprising of a power, and signifiance, of myths in our lives)
4 / 5 Vesta
Of mine two favourite memories of the habladurías of Campbell with Bills Moyers of PBS, which is the one who this book transcribes and encapsulates, a one this comes to the alcohol is an introduction among Campbell and the Catholic Priest, perhaps the Cardinal, that counts again. With which are presented and a Priest is said the one who Dres. Campbell is and the little in his life, asks, " you are Catholic still?" To the as answered "No, Father." Then it asks- and Campbell has been impressed by his specificity- " it creates in the personal God?" To that Campbell answered, "No, Father."
A then answered Priest, almost as if to involve in the debate and denigrate to adoration of an atheist of a rational alcohol uber alles simultaneously (and an atheist is that it is directed to assume to think that Campbell is), "Well, I guess there is not any way to logically try an existence of Goddess." And Campbell answered, calmly, "If Father had, that would be a value of faith?"
" It is been the like fulfilling you Dr. Campbell, has the good day."
To all the cost of your faith, interest, fund or education, will find you in some same shoes of this Priest when you have read this. Campbell erudition and knowledge of some a lot of ideas, subtexts and the intrinsic similarities in the property of a world-wide trove of the mythology is daunting to say a less, and his approximation is drawn to have it all does senses to the heart of a modern human. The POWER OF MYTH can be Campbell rid better to do fault that doorway to his world, his incredible alcohol, and a sensatez eternal of mythology, like this manifest in the each culture- any to mention our personal lives.
To say it will do thinks is almost denigrating the; he you ponder. You direct (after enough possibly confusing a hell out of you, like rings to absorb he to the preexisting way to think that can result obsolete street that he teaches) to ask a marvel of girls of the way. And in an end, will smile of a soul, any so only a heart. Highly it recommends to to this likes him Joseph Campbell and first Mythology- and recommend HEROINE OF THE EXPENSIVE miles after the east there is whet the soul of yours wins.
4 / 5 Pennie
My university years the friends those who was the philosophy of the entity presented to this series of video (the book is the transcript), and in the period of the weeks of pair, raisin a lot the caffè has fed nights looking all are video, has interrupted here and there for has heated debate and argue ardent. After, has the sense has transformed. This rids so only lines a surface of mythology and Joseph Campbell is other works (duquel am determined to read), but is the catalyst for me.
"A Power of Myth" there it was you exploring subject @@@subject in anthropology, archaeology, linguistic, philosophy, world-wide literature, history, psychology, religion, and wherever more "your bliss" calm take you. I have found this book and series of inspiring video in a same way that the university course rule ought to be (JC was the professor in University of Lawrence of Sarah), excepts that it is much more economic! Ten years later, find me returning his and discovering new revelations every time.
Read, clock, hears, explores, and enjoy!
5 / 5 Karissa
A right word to describe this dialogue of 287 pages goes in Bill Moyers
and Joseph Campbell is "powerful." Although it can I do not actuate
the depth of HEROINE WITH the EXPENSIVE miles, this book is this in spite of
involving. These 1985 to 1986 discharge of interviews to plot of earth, as
Campbell contemplates subject to comprise a travesía inner, elderly
myths, sacrifice and bliss, the adventure of a hero, and amour and
pair. To the long of a way, the readers will find words to live stops: seat it
rapture of living being (pp. 4-5); The tests of life of type, and find new
possibility in an adventure of living being (p. 49); And follow your
bliss (p. 156), For example. " It seats in the room and read--and read
and read," Campbell has said. "And read some right books for him
right people. Your alcohol is propiciado this level, and have a
well, sweet, slow-in of the llamas rapture all a time" (p. 122). This
the book surely will appeal to thinkers, dreamers, artists, or any those who
appreciates stimulating conversation in the half to be fully
G. Merritt
4 / 5 Marilou
Pair Of things, but this a really stands during a book Joseph Campbell informs to - out of the death comes life, out of dead persons of the life come. This does not indicate this birth is sacrifice ? We are reborn to this life, knowing will die - that knows that there it avenges an end to our time to be physical. There is very others do another in life - but birth he not being a first sacrifice that each one which so and each human mediates in? A mother that gives the birth sacrifices that connection that has with his boy and no longer can have, a boy sacrifices a consolation and connection with an out of this birth a sacrifice of life is has done. This no each new born boy the hero? This no each mother the heroine?
Another page 90 - to a subordinated - is said "the animal gives his life of good terracing, with one that comprises that his life transcends his physical establishment and will be returned to an earth or the mother by means of some ritual recovery." This would be the willing sacrifice - the connection with all that is. One that comprises that the death is not an end, and that by means of his death, the surfaces of life and for his death. Then, on page 91, is said (considering a Bushmen and his ritual of a hunting) "After an animal has been shot and is in decline painfully of a poison, some hunters owe that fulfil sure taboos of not doing this and that in the class of soyystic participation', [...]" This, the mine is the wonderful acknowledgement of a ready sacrifice of an animal - and one honouring of this sacrifice by means of the personal sacrifice has had of the each hunter to honour that. One in disposal without for some hunters to thank an animal for a present of life. A life dates by means of the life taken. Everything of him by means of one that comprises that when being transcends just life he. This no an animal the hero? It decides this for calm, after reading A Power of Myth for Joseph Campbell. An interesting bed. A book that the frames think.
5 / 5 Broderick
Has contained: J. Campbell is the comparative scholar of mythologies, likes attended a lot of comparecents among world-wide religions. Also it remarks that a book is written in a form of the dialogue- glimpsed.
Is very easy and simple to follow a conversation- a tongue is not a lot convoluted launched of elite but simple human tongue. J. Campbell is obviously an atheist but no in the Nitzschean way. In fact it does not preach at all but it leaves form your own conclusions in a subject. Some of his analysis of religions is very interesting and enlightening- More the bet christians never thought of a bible like the metaphor. This in spite of, could say that Campbell is too Platonic- has to that it weaves of idealism in his conception of a power of myth.
A Point of a Book: A point of this book is to illustrate like the myth is still very appropriate to today of world-wide, in spite of common conception. He no, this in spite of, suggest go back the old faiths, but that the new form some, foot-in-of the feet with modern and fast mentality paced world.
4 / 5 Anamaria
Likes all the world, my time to read is limited, like this generally uses some following criteria in deciding yes to come from with the particular title: 1) it is probably to resupply fresh ideas; or, 2) it inspires?
Lamentably, "A Power of Myth" it has done neither in any significant way. While a bit that it interest, it has found a treatment of the subject of Ladies Campbell (Myth, his cross-cultural development and social applications) overextended; besides, I have found his incessant fawning on life in Some Half Ages tremendously misguided. Camelot, is not .
Adding to mine unease was Gentleman Moyer tendency to sycophancy and Ladies Campbell occasional dismissiveness.
In short, "A Power of Myth" it can have more to do with a myth this has on built around Ladies Campbell that anything more. It fill it was still to time this could be be spend with any external number, the loveliest work.
4 / 5 Lilia
Campbell "A Power of Myth" it is the series of transcriptions of his conversations with Bills Moyers of PBS. It like scholar of mythology, Cambell has both deep and wide comprising of some countless myths that has been said on some ages - and a handful of messages that transmits. Weaving Edges by means of such arcane and looking subjects no joined like Native American, Egyptian, Hindu, and Greek mythology, James Joyce, mediaeval idyll, Wars of Estrella, and a rear side of the-bill of dollar, Cambell shows an intense passion to distill was some metaphors that differentiates a multitude of myths, and finding a bit those that gems that there was mentido in a heart of them everything. Absolutely an excellent book.
Some illustrations in this edition are good-looking and fascinating, but one could the question is cost an extra prize. I have found this version to cost an investment.
5 / 5 Breann
After reading A Power of Myth, resulted like this excited in Joseph Campbell has had to say that I have done the travesía special to a library. Rings anything involving the works of Campbell. Like the regime there would be it, a library so only spent to have some six registers of video among Campbell and Bills Moyer in a Power of Myth. They are never be in still the treat. After reading a book and looking Campbell & Moyer in some video, was entirely mesmerized for Campbell. I have then taken to time to read "A Fire in an Alcohol", it reserve it which covers a life of Campbell and writing for Stephen & Robin Larsen. Campbell are so that it adds in expressing it and like this knowledeable in his field, that was totally captivated for him.
Can not look to read quite a lot of works of Campbell, and like this far, is all cost a time and endeavour.
4 / 5 Dustin
His difficult to dip the words, but this book has opened my eyes in a lot of a lot of ways. It have achieved the point in my life where had taken more "ritual" (for lack of the better word in this moment!) Laws out of my existence, seeing them like this superstition, or somehow hypocritical. One of some a lot of ways this book changed, is to force me to consider a place of "myth", and "ritual" in the modern human life same. For some times have finalised this book had reexamined the number of mine a lot of suppositions, and a transmission has been longlasting. Of course, this was so only a tiny appearance that I expósito enlightening in this book, and the desire could better to explain his impact, but am tired, and simply will owe that expect that my enthusiast yammering entice you for the verify was for calm.
4 / 5 Sari
Because of a fact that this book is so only some the disjoint interviews there is compiled joint after the death of an author, a discharge and the treatment of some subjects is joined to have limited, incoherent, and overlapping in time. This rids is not in equal coverage of myths of ALL The during WORLD-WIDE TRADITIONS. If you want to so only another myth for your own distraction, would be better looked TV, if any that law an academic magazine. Mina, one the majority of what of entity to look for in this book is not a discovery that all the myths share the subject common, but a fact that Campbell has taken similar discovery with devotion and cure utmost. Every time an interviewer (Bill Moyer) has paste with the hard question, Campbell could so only contadora with the wave-compulsory history to illustrate his point with force of sensatez. Besides, any one facts of only launches and analysis in some readers-- in fact go to the period adds to explain reason thinks that a subject was appropriate and of entity our modern society. THIS class of message is the one who the book that objective the general audience would owe that try rid. Any just information. Any just knowledge. But, more than entity that anything more, sensatez.
5 / 5 Shanda
Joseph Campbell was always the classical storyteller in a traditional sense. To the People likes them to them used to say of histories around fires the tribes, and now by means of a miracle of calm modern technology can listen weave his web of the histories that diverse myths, legends, philosophies, and art in your own car. An only down side of of the this is that you have to that give support Bill Moyers' (the host of a program registered) idiocies throughout. It is not that Bill Moyers is stupid, so only asks some wrong questions, and, from time to time, calm in fact can listen Campbell subtly mocking Moyers or that grows frustrated with his lack of sympathetic. It averts of that, adds to buy for all the philosophy, history, myth, and lovers of fantasy.
4 / 5 Holley
A Power of Myth has been written to resupply another paradigm that could interpret you your existence stops. It has sucedido. While this is not new, because of a source the be material of diverse was is, a freshness and the relevance is unmistakeable. The critique has been directed in his contained of supposition of New Age. Ossia Terribly unjustified. That The Christianity has the tendency to label and condemn concealed that it is different of him, typically ossia the reaction to that is to perceive like the threat. Subscribing to the mythology/of theology/of the religion of Campbell would not owe that be precursor to read A Power of Myth. Read and interpret your low own life his discharge. Recommended for all the world.
5 / 5 Benjamin
I in the first place listened of Joseph Campbell almost done 10 years, but has had any reading anything of his until I have decided to give that this reserves the casualidad. They are I happy that has done! I have read by means of him a lot of dulcemente, savoring some wonderful words of Campbell (and his guest Bill Moyers - this is to be take of transcripts of the series of interviews). I have underlined a lot of passages and has written several commentaries in some margins. This undoubtedly will be the book that turn to again and again. I so only found I nodding on and on and saying "yes!" So much time. Ossia Have to that read for any concealed has an interest in his spirituality, if Pagan, Christian, or another.
5 / 5 Al
Reason this book has to that to the conversational format likes him the figure of the series of the interviews among Campbell and journalist Bill Moyers, has the points where resulted bit it repetitive. While Campbell some points of entities in a character of myths and mythology in all the human societies, has found that often it resembles overstate an obvious. In fact, a lot that Campbell has said in myths, symbols and some humans unconscious is already state covered with more than intelligence and of clarity for psychologist Carl Jung. Campbell generally refrains to speak modern mythology , political - same although his querella general in a socializing the character of myths would look to demand consideration of this appearance. Moyers Probably meant for these interviews to do fault like quell'shop window for the philosophy of Campbell of life and like such too indulgent era, seldom prodding Campbell of more fully explain some of his visas. Like this, never really we take much more that Campbell repeatedly saying to 'follow our bliss.' Material esesame Street' communicates the most sophisticated message that concealed. In other places, the visas of Campbell sincerely is disturbing. For example, it say that it is 'totally improper' and included 'obscene' the 'people of jueza in of the terms of civil law for actions that his rendered in time of war.' Moyers, Once again shirking his journalistic duty, has not pressed in this @@subject - likes to ask lucido his opinion of a Nuremberg tests. Mina the statement of Campbell reads like the pseudo-philosophical justification for atrocity of all the classes. The merits of Campbell like an expert in mythology/of myths, has data a lot when being the clear-the philosopher headed, and these starts in this book.
4 / 5 Virgina
Has registered the pair of first years of his death, this a-on-a conversation among professor of mythology Joseph Campbell and the television journalist Bill Moyers opens on the world of histories and ritual thinks was and is primitive and barbarian. Professor Campbell I aims that some legends and histories of yore--the myths of prompt man--as well as his ritual and the sacrifices have been said and enacted reason have ordered his experiences of a world. They have explained and it has given to mean to his lives. Besides, some underlying subjects to the like these histories have signalled the man has said that it is and that need to do in life.
In this program Campbell culls histories of Hinduism, Buddhism, of Native Americans, Africa, and one Mediaeval West to illustrate his thesis. Listened to with an ear for the beauty and the alcohol have prepared to take some metaphors, these histories result in fact powerful vehicles for knots to comprise of the world-wide and .
While we can think that in a turn of a millenium is quite sophisticated to dispense with myths, a fact is that people of the each age and histories of needs of the time and myths to live. For chances an of some myths of one 20th-the 21st century subscribes to of the one of the east a myth of science and technology--this discipline is resulted the averages the ours of the, and some scientists a new priesthood.
4 / 5 Ferdinand
Basically, transcriptions of the series of the conversations really are. Although I can not say be in accordance with everything of his conclusions, Campbell erudition is surprising, & it is wonderful amused to listen advance him to control on everything of Jesus & Buda John Lennon & Wars of Estrella. Ossia A better class of book - a this sends scuttling was the library in investigation of the dozen other titles. Probably a general introduction has better read on mythology, religion, & his importance in our lives & culture.
4 / 5 Jeanette
Has seen some interviews of Campbell of Joseph in PBS with Bill Moyers. I have wanted that serious so much that when you go up on video, rented him to look again. No in that the never has been privileged to take one of the courses of Joseph Campbell in Sarah Lawrence I follows deeply has appreciated that has a profit of his knowledge by means of television and books.
Some spiritual images of the faith of mine infancy come live with his explanations of some timeless subjects of mythology.
Endless facinating; Highly recommended!
4 / 5 Genaro
Campbell takes five stars for east a. In his modest, unassuming way, Campbell during Moyers' the often recited series of broken memory different myths and to the equal that applies the life and daily religion. There is a value to say, "it was not " when there is of the like this Christian the one who am sure they knows some responses.
Like raisin of years, will come to respect a true power, amour and uniqueness that emanated of this man.
Jeffrey McAndrew
Author of "Our Brown-Eyed Chico"
5 / 5 Corliss
although this book has promoted me certainly to read more for Joseph Campbell, does not think is the good book in his own merit. The questions deun the interviewer is too repetitive and the looks got obsessed with Wars to Star while it does not follow an interesting cues in the responses of Campbell. A reader finds that there are a lot of subjects mentioned but any one has explored thoroughly or at least in a perspective that it lifetime there is poured in a subject gives. In fact I have not learnt to plot roughly 'the power of myth'.

Top Customer Reviews: A History of God: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
5 / 5 Leonard
Clearly tip a reason because Nietzsche could not find an inspiring character in our Western world and has chosen Zoroaster partorisca say some words in his book 'has spoken like this Zarathustra (Zoroaster)'. Western spiritual history lags behind all the cultures of entities.
5 / 5 Chadwick
A bit difficult to read of then is the subject difficult . A lot very researched but an author has difficulty in weaving all some varied edges that opens up. Still it is reading.
5 / 5 Angila
The contained is A1. The quality of an impression is questionable: a lot small has printed the papers squeezed in of the pages (of upper the inferior page). M In the first place the impression was that it looks the photocopied reformatted book partorisca reduce a thickness of a volume. The book of history adds!
5 / 5 Lesley
Looking well, am enjoying a book, certainly in that give me a pocola what partorisca think roughly.
4 / 5 Berneice
An election of Club of the Book. Laborious bed, but there be enjoyed to learn on some origins of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
5 / 5 Thomasena
could not comprise average of him. Any that have expected or there is wanted. The minister suggested it that
4 / 5 Normand
Karen touches all the points-at all has left!! The books of Karen are good and has related clearly. Always it prefers to read his books. Slowly to buy more the books later say Christianity, Judaism & of Buddhism.
4 / 5 Kenton
Well reading writing and sum. An author knows that it is writing and well has documented. It recommends it to any interested in of the studios of Bible.
5 / 5 Rochell
Anything writes for Karen Armstrong informs and enlightens.
5 / 5 Pearlene
Unfortunately ossia the a lot tedious book . Some fantasies which have been built roughly the god is like this this like any faith in Goddess can be justified looks far. Those some aims of book is that the people really have any one has thought that is speaking roughly and in his desperation partorisca stick to a hope of the better life besides this one is prepared partorisca go to any period partorisca explain that it is meant for God's sake and reason has to that be said partorisca exist. All the tentativas excepts one is condemned the failure . One an exception is that of an individual experience. If any one has an experience of Goddess that would have to be quite well for the character. A Realm of God is inner you and know you to know the god is philosophies that asks behind to a start of the history registered and perhaps ossia all any precise knows. As to if the god exists concealed is for an individual to decide and when being blinded with one. plethora Of the theories is not so only unhelpful highly is annoying.
5 / 5 Mozell
Considers Karen Armstrong to be one the majority of deep, one the majority of original, and one the majority of alive scholarly theologian today. I have read a lot of his books and my admiration for his has not ceased never to grow. In 1963 I has had the beatific vision, which have known would call the schizophrenic hallucination for any psychiatrist. In 1965 I has given the account written of this vision to a German theologian Paul Tillich. Four hours later, Tillich has given a last sermon of his life, the Harvard, and his last words were: esome the edges of Man is in our presence. It avenges like the beggar. A fate of a world depends in that mature.' Two years ago I have discovered the book written for Tillich secretary in Harvard in that says that Tillich once confided his that it was the schizophrenic. I think that Isaiah, Ezechiel, Jesus and Paul were also schizophrenics. I am suggesting that one bases of a Judeo-the Christian religions is schizophrenia , and I marvels Dr. Armstrong would be me in accordance with.
Has has published recently this history in the book has titled That Rough Beast, for Robert Dole, published for Austin Macauley to Londra in 2017. It contains a test that has presented the Tillich. Ossia An account so only published of the beatific vision that exists in modern world-wide literature.
4 / 5 Hoa
The book of Armstrong is the fascinating travesía by means of a history of monotheistic (a-God) religions. Like this usual, one the majority of interesting material in here is some historical details and the look in some political and social contexts where these religions-- all of them now very different that was to do still 500 years-- has begun.

Those who has known, to look in Wahhabist Islam in his horrid Saudi and Afghan incarnations, that a prophet Muhammed explicitly took on a task to create equality for women and of the slaves? Those who has known that the Judaism has had millenialist movements like this far behind liking @@@1600s?

That comes a lot clear of the book of Armstrong is that theology, likes smarty-trousers Marx have known, has his roots so much in a social and economic world as in an imaginative. For example, Islam there has been sucedido like the political movement that skill one first estaca adds-Greek of intellectual empire. Do like this any been due to metaphysical of arcane that bog down Christianity, but reason gives some Saudi tribes the concrete way to reconcile political and spiritual needs to the harmonious system.

A main question with this book is that some people those who the majority of need of the bed (any in the informative vixen, any conservative religious American) will not annoy . Oh Well, there it have it still a lot for a rest of us. Here it is while Armstrong after writing in Asian no-theistic religions.
5 / 5 Pamala
Karen Armstrong is 'A History of Goddess' is the enormous resource for this interested in a history of religions in general, and in monotheism especially. It looks no only in some different religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam especially), but also in a way that the perception of the man of the god changed inside each religion over time. Start with an early history of man and religion, comes from entirely the religion to the equal that of a prompt 1990 east. A book was first published in 1993, like this calm will not find any references in September 11th or any of some chances to polarise that it is spent like the result. Calm instead will find the much more included look, which is useful in and of him.

While this book is the enormous reference , unfortunately has the significant weakness like the reference, and ossia that a text is not all this organised. His elections for some eleven chapters are well, but calm will not find any section or interior of subsections some chapters. Instead each chapter is so only the longitude recitation without pauses, and this can do informs behind to the quite difficult section. A book has the decent indication that help. Also, there is the very good bibliography that also helps with additional investigation in the subject.

A writing is the little uneven. Some sections are very very done, and another is quell'has bitten more difficult that follow, this in spite of a writing is not never poor. Especially, his discussion of an early history of the each one of some monotheistic religions of entity is done a lot well, and gives a reader the a lot of comprising that these religions were to like before they have begun to adapt the another forces in a world. Some polytheistic origins of Judaism, a lack of divinity in Christ, and an equality of women to men in Islam is so only the little of some subjects as undoubtedly it would shake on those with faiths of fundamentalist.

An only another light negative can think of of the this with considerations to some incongruence in a zone of religion today. In his introduction, as well as in a last chapter, informs to studio that indicates that 99 percent of some people in some the USA believe in God. It does not resupply never the reference to these urns. A question is that in this last same chapter 'Done the god HAS the Future?' It speaks a movement of people out of faith in Goddess. These two look of concepts to be in odds with an another, and does not direct never this contradiction. While it can it has to that the urns that show such the small number of atheists, some urns that has seen show that the agnostic/of atheists does on 8.4 of a population in 1990 and is until 15.0 of a population in 2000. These looks of data to sustain a rest of his discussion in a better chapter that some urns mentions.

To good sure would recommend this book to quite all the world. It is the window to our past and the enormous reference for this interested in world-wide history as well as that is studying religion.
4 / 5 Nita
Karen Armstrong, the no-historical and in better the mediocre journalist, the one who resembles beleive his state like the forward nun does an expert in a history of western religion, here delievers the quite platitudinous and a lot particularly has researched well.
Any one would contest that a studio of a human investigation to find a divine is not interesting. In fact, it is one of some histories add of our collective history. This has said that these falls of book in several bookmarks/marcadors. In the first place, it is the bit like these "it drives in Europe" books. His tentativa to cover 4,000 years of history extend on three religions and three continents less than 500 pages ensures that you can learn the pocolos done in the plot of things, but obtain one comprising of any one.
Secondly, A book is the bit like the book to trip that it writes for any the one who has has visited so only the little of some places have described. Armstrong is missing of one background to speak his subject, neither has does an investigation to compensate. Any only gives short shrift and descriptions quite odd of Judaism and Christianity, is less than gain in Islam.
Cela Door to a third question: the aim of Armstrong is not to give a reader the true picture of Islam, one of the majority of good-looking faiths of a world, but the sanitize the furthest recognition. Like the Visigoth, she sellects these few things that, like the liberal westerner finds to appeal, and leaves a rest in some rubbishes heap. For a time is done describing it, rests with the religion that few Muslims would recognise in his own.
My question more adds is that that Armstrong are in plot more roughly she and his own feelings that on some real people those who practise these faiths. His quite self centred first fashion of any one can have rocketed this book to a cup of some maps, but fact little to inform a reader of anything another that that is going in in an alcohol of the half has aged ex-nun. First person is the fine introduction to the subject, but on 400 pages of him is the extreme of has bitten.
Is interested for real in sympathetic Islam, would suggest you look in a "Oxford History of Islam" or "A History of Islamic Societies." You can also it loves look in Bernard Lewis "History of Middle East" or "One Crossing by means of Arab Eyes."
4 / 5 Crysta
A History of Goddess is the personnel, still informed, logically his, that varies wide, still mercifully selective, and pragmatic account of four millennia of the chances and the debate that surrounds a god of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The thesis of Karen Armstrong is not metaphysical; it does not try to try an existence of any type of god or a validity of any denomination, program, or vision. A book is also a lot encyclopaedic; the numerous scholars have offered sees no comprised here (although she graciously comprises 10 pages of bibliography, 17 pages of endnotes, the glossary of seven pages, and the indication of 24 pages). The book of Armstrong is the history of as Hebrew, Christian, and Muslim commentators ( is, in this sense, elitist) has tried to do 'God' does for believers throughout four millennia.
His orientating the point is West Asia , with occasionally of significant gazes in Europe and Africa North. This is not the universal account, for any half. The use of Armstrong of a word, 'oikumene', identifies his house like this more political and economic that theological. A 'God' in a title is limited to the region of a world-wide centrally situated among Indian and Europe. One of one the majority of fascinating resulted of this orientation, is that Western, Augustinian, the Christianity is peripheral to an original ferments to arrive in a centre. After giving Augustine his planned, Armstrong slights Western Christianity, which still takes more spatial that Buddhism and Hinduism, both inserted to give just credit for inspiring several developments in a history.
For any reason, personal or scholar, for like this, the Christianity is situated ironically in a third place in a call of circle of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. Scholars like this recent and commentators in a subject of globalisation has done, Armstrong locates some connections among Islam in some early half ages and Europe, and then speaks like a turn during a Judaism of the industrial age affected and Islam. The reset a balance caused for western industrialisation, she purposefully overcompensates with Muslim and Jewish material. If it looks that the shot adds the Christian developments are forgotten or abridged, so only underlines that industrialisation, armed with Christianity, marginalized west Asian society.
I rests of querella of Armstrong in this geographic point. For any to Europe of reason has embraced Augustine, abandons and has ridiculed approximations, these Hebrew Orthodoxes, Christians, and the Islamic authors had developed, which Armstrong wants to recover for contemporary, personal, and inter-denominational profit. But some prejudices have accrued of industrialisation and some stir of mark of Augustinian Christianity that comprises difficult.
That Armstrong wants to recover, is the plus mystical, tolerant, and creative, less transcendent, vengeful approximation , personnel to 'Goddess'. Start with his discussions of some primitive Yahweh taken and some Hebrew prophet, Islamic Falsafah, and then again in his section in mystics, Armstrong attacks an idea of the God so only to another be likes. Accenting With developments in Buddhism and Hinduism, builds some conceivable outlines of the mystical monotheism, so only to assist western traders and missionaries undermine a society that ferments this vision. Armstrong is trying the salvage that pode of a obliteration in 396 pages.
A History of the god is not the meso-cooked theology, defective @@@peregrinación, or the cynical hack is to take for state of bestseller. It is another expression of some consequences of globalisation during western-the industrialisation focused. So only in planting to look for answered in of the figures of trade and labour statistician, Armstrong tries to resurrect a shards of the vision of 'Goddess'.
5 / 5 Estell
It is easy to comprise why a lot of people find this useful book. It represents the vast quantity of investigation. Armstrong is the woman has learnt . A breadth of his knowledge is very impressive. It is also the good writer. Has the friendly fashion. And almost all the world will find something here of interest. It liked Especially of a section roughly Mohammed, like six a lot little in Islam. Armstrong is in his plus when it elucidates several subjects (like a feminine/god) this continuous be embarrassing the orthodox Christianity.
But the book that has called the History of Goddess has to that be resisted to the big level. The discussions of Armstrong of the number of the subjects of entity is unsuitable -- on which would expect of an overview. His book, then, is the useful studio. It takes a reader competently by means of the vast quantity of material. But an author maintains to present more than a same, and failure to take a reader any deep plus. For one 7th understand found slogging to the long of, and in losing interest.
The treatment of Armstrong of an Old is in general competently fact. Still it has omissions. An author does not mention never a Raso Shamra the pills expósitas in a cost of Libano in a late @@@1920s, in spite of his extreme importance. There is imbibed, this in spite of, some correct conclusions roughly the debt adds of the Judaism to Canaanite religion. His discussion of a Book of Job (pp 65-66) has failed to recognise that a course of final of Job was a afterthought, added by the latest scribe, more than original to a text. In fact, a whole discussion of Job is unsuitable. Armstrong looks subconscio that the majority of a Literature of Sensatez and a Gnostic clue of Half call and has flowed directly of Job, which is arguably one the majority of controversial book in an Old . It fails to lit his meaning and true importance, which is vital to comprise a function of Jesus likes reformist.
Armstrong is managing of a New is less deft. It allocates so only four pages to Gnostic-Christianity, he woeful quantity, and never included mentions a Nag Hammadi or a Gospel of Thomas. It recognises a common earth among Christianity and Buddhism/of Hinduism, but does not follow never up in this vitally zone of entity with any analysis. There is not any discussion of Hebrew-Christianity, a subject in it orthodox tread of Christians with extreme care--any one mentions of a Ebionites (the poor), for example, which is egregious die a reference 'Blesed is a poor' in a prime minister Beatitude of Jesus. (But then, Armstrong is not so only in this omission. I know of any one other Christian scholars those who have done a connection.) Armstrong also uncritically accepts a wrong test of orthodoxy that Jesus' dying words 'Eli Eli' inform to a Father when in fact they inform to Elijah (p. 77). His discussion of Arian controversial in chapter 4 mentions a new doctrine of creation of at all (ex nihilo), but some negligences of author to mention one the majority of of entity (and atrocious) implication: a fact that orthodoxy in a process also has refused an immortality of a soul. Neither it is there the discussion of some grave consequences for Christianity of this error. An author correctly mentions that Christian 'has been garbled in a Saint Alcohol' (p 115) but failure to follow on this advantage in with any explanation of this the majority of @@subject of entity.
5 / 5 Ermelinda
Reading Karen the book of Armstrong can be compared to look the yard of drives in the commuter line. Some trains look quite some same. Some clues, beginning with the alone line, dips was but remain parallel; they all look to be that they go to a same place. A commuters diverse little in appearance but is attacking in that spend all his time scribbling. It Likes him the movement of the trains to the long of them finds acute curves, in the point a commuters his transmission scribblings. After the moment of reflection, begins scribbling again. It is the odd picture , but an absurdity of a scene in no way invalidates the thesis of Armstrong. Some three monotheistic religions follow the parallel courses try to define his god. The thinkers on some generations look for the report for humanity with a god, but that the diverse place with some circumstances of history. Each definition of goddess results common, but differ time and conditions.
The majority of the significant statement of Armstrong looks near of an end when suitable that look of ones to be the necessary part of a human condition. That more can explain a wealth of prose she recounts in his studio of a human investigation to define a god of a Jews, Christians and Muslims? With impressive investigation, she maps four millennia of a human investigation to define a god of these faiths. Although varying with time and place, a constant of rests of the subject: it can a god be clear-cut, and that it was his report with humanity? Cela Some rests of task unfulfilled is the testimony to a human need of the solve. Armstrong questions neither a validity of an investigation, neither some solutions have offered on that has turned long of time. She , this in spite of, resupply an excellent summation of the one who has mediated in an investigation and reason his solutions usually the social conditions have reflected, any divine inspiration.
Armstrong begin with a Jews' desire to define his deity. A Jews is traditionally state regulated with spending monotheism to a Western world. A deity, this in spite of, no for common has thought. On some centuries, the Hebrew thinkers have proposed a lot of functions for his god. A deity has been propiciada a community for some thinkers, but has pressed was too far to perceive for another. This variac. Of the place reflects to differ attitudes in the powers and the intentions of a god. If a god has involved closely with human subjects, then is to be regulated or guilty for a human condition. When The conditions result severely negative, under oppressive leaders, for example, or a imposición of exile and dispersal, the people question the compassion or the sense of a god of justice. Armstrong finds thinkers adapting to some conditions to relocate a god to the far place of human subjects. Where A deity was near state and familiar, Armstrong shows that now it results to take and unknowable.
A Jews simply dipped the model to think in a god, which would be Christian followed for and of the Muslims equally. Armstrong I presents to an often boisterous debate in a place of his relative of god the humanity. The uncertain origins of Christ coupled with a degrading method of his death, has complicated a culture of Jewish has thought the Christians have inherited. If a god was far, reason and to the equal that can manifest like the man? If it result human, that could have three of the when the tradition has stipulated one? Armstrong relates that included a committed of a Nicene create it has not solved this thorny question.
Islam Has solved that @@subject to refuse divinity in Christ. The description of Armstrong of a growth of Islam is the a lot of summation. Ella recounts like some Muslims have faced exactly a question plaguing a Jews: that was a god , and to the equal that relates the humanity? Some responses were identical, also. Some the only differences dipped in some causes. In a Jews was forced usually peels to external chances likes him to him the invasion. In Islam, some subjects that it forces a question was inner - bribed or oppressive leaders and social injustice. Islam Is Qur'a, Armstrong emphasis, is read more in an original Arab. With his message of justice and compassion, the social injustices headed to the movements that reports the turn to the his original tenets. Again, this in spite of, a question of the rests of definition of a god perplexing. The social injustice headed to a god is unknowability and Armstrong portrayed some thinkers that struggle to absolve he of permitting injustice. If the divine restitution is not probably to be after, is reason a god is too far of human subjects.
Take an Illustration of Western Europe to institute two new ideas of a god. It is the god simply a point of start for the marvels of the character, or still exists? Armstrong here the signals was that until an Illustration, a 'atheistic' was one the one who has not shared yours [or a community is] definition of a god. Of a structure of all comunities has had the religious base, 'atheism' was simply another word for any one-of compliance. Armstrong stresses that an increasing knowledge of the character obtained of Copernicus in new approximations directed to the god, included questioning his existence. An amply known prime minister of these scholars of new atheist was Diderot. Value the place of the humanity in character, many some the new scholars stressed an idea of compassion, finding it that loves in some traditional religions. Armstrong finds scholarly of Illustration that looks for justice, ethics and give it that substitutes piety. If this new investigation will find to hail in a future without 'faith' is a subject of his chapter to conclude.
Those looking for the god is sure to find a here. A book abounds with them; almost each present page any thinker that defines to deity. Armstrong perceptive the analysis aims one background to the each definition has proposed. She he with clear prose, no too scholarly in yours, but no superficial or allegro. It is in of the aches to show some three faiths of the entity is not basically in odds. Included his short jaunts of the comparison with Buddhism and Hinduism fails to dislodge his house. A lot he proselytizing work, this pound can be read for any one interested in a history of Western religions.
5 / 5 Angla
Karen Armstrong is like a boy in a plenary the one who the signals was 'An Emperor does not have any one clothes!' Painstakingly It Weaves an evolution of the jealous, violent, and God of defender of one Old to the ethereal plus and version of abstract modern day. As that the old saying goes, soyun of the god has created, and the man is returned a favour '. God, in that had it each way of human weakness foisted his for generations of superstitious and beat-of the hungry saint men, gradually results more enlightened like the reflection of one evolving moral consciousness of the each new era.
A tentativa of the dualistic consciousness to describe the no-dualistic the reality is of course the bit of the stray cause. A simple acknowledgment of a existance of the Creator for his creations for definition would prevent some minors of not comprising never a true character of a More adds them. Some inner incongruences of the theology of fundamentalist is legion. A simple example of of the this is a simultaneous faith that one) the god is infinite, and b) the god can anger , then forgive.
If the god is infinite then can not change His alcohol, reason to the transmission requires separate states in time, and God, when being infinite, is the no-provisional the be that alive out of a bounds of time. If bolt of time of interior of the God, then has to that have the start in time (although this start was a start of time), in that if it is not infinite. It has to that be one or another, this in spite of more the theologies would insist in both.
This signal of incongruences was that one 'Word Of Goddess' to those institutions down by means of some ages have based his moral power is really all roughly can and control, any Divine Guidance. Perhaps a lot especially, this in spite of, is an idea that a concept of God represents our main ideals and strivings. It is a definite projection that it is divine inside , and is real in that the majority of would find to have a spark of divine essence inside .
4 / 5 Weston
Armstrong describes a history of some three monotheistic religions of entities. His main point is that each one that like this of them can be characterised by a tension among a mystical and a traditional, 'fundamentalist' common; ossia, among that has experienced personally the amour of the god and that use 'God' to maintain his alive power live it another (when another east represented for women or of the partidários to other religions). Some shows to reserve see like a religion, when ossified to the dogma results an excuse for the exclusion of interior dissents and for armed conquest for the hungry power fanatics blinded for Yahweh and his incarnations.
An element of power in religious fundamentalism of all 3 faiths can be located to an alone chance - a moment when Yahweh to the tribal deity originally responsible for warfare, emancipated he to A God. This result in exile and persecution of some old religions that has been based on recognition of character and his life-cycles and subjugation of some feminine. In the moment, an archetype of Mother (I.et., Astarte) there was state banished for a 'Jealous God' and take weapon of male chauvinist whiping fanatics bent to struggle to be able to and victimisation of a powerless. A lot sad.
To the as it likes me more roughly of the book of Armstrong is that elegantly it joins all three together religions - objective that some three faiths a lot rvolve independently. In fact, an opposite is a chance - has been here long cross-pollination in that ancient Greek, Hebrews and Moslems has influenced each one which so another in theological and intellectual sense . In perhaps my favourite chapter A. It describes like Mohammed has taken a lot of elements keys of a religion develop of Medina Jews. Also fascinating was to read like a Platonic and Neoplatonic philosophers (like Plotinus) has influenced a islamic doctrine; and the one who ibn Rushd directed to join aristotelian ideas with islamic some. Later, the Muslim theologians have had the enormous influence in Christian theologians and Hebrews like Aquinas and Maimonides (that opportunely looks to forget these days) and resupplies an intellectual base of entity for a flowering of Renaissance.
Has to be it has said that this book is not for all the world. To enjoy it a probably has to that it has had an exposure to the that these days calls 'humanism'. But has the enthusiastic interest in this murky intersection among religion, politician, philosophy and, (he), mysticism, will find a inexhaustible held of images, facts and ideas. Highly recommended.
5 / 5 Chas
To the equal that drives of reference so only, a book costs a prize. A lot a book is structured for reference to some figures of entities of the each period, as if to the to reader no likes him to him a way there is portrayed the person or the period, one can do independent investigation and compare notes.

Although the title like this suggests that it goes to be there the comprehensible analysis roughly all the god is and has been the humanity, has some deliberate constraints in a discharge. One @subjects here is to speak a cause and report of effect among humans and his God, mainly in an individual level. It Likes him the tongue during a book, an increase of the monotheism there has been implications a lot so only in a zone of theology, but also in an idea of social justice and a duty to help a less lucky in society. Armstrong describes that in all three faiths this ask the social justice was the pivotal developer of phase, founding was the theological accretions and that affirms that has had person but Goddess so only in a universe.

But once this singularity and to the transcendence of deity is determined, another part of a dilemma has shouted his boss: if the god is that overpowering and nondependent on humanity, how is humans never to know? It is this dilemma that some men and profiles of Armstrong of the women tries to answer, to suppose the God neither a) can be known like the philosophical reality, b) can be experienced like the mystic partner, c) can not be known or conceptualised at all, or d) can be known by means of his energies, but his essence can not be known. There is certainly more the responses have proposed, but think that ossia a tension Armstrong is describing to present some visions to differ of Goddess.

To the equal that has said sooner, a book is the theological history , no the politician a. It was likely to count in a pound a number of the popes or other political figures have mentioned in a book. It does not think there it has quite here to do conclusions very substantial roughly to the equal that thinks that some the religious powers have treated a less orthodox in his faith. A conflict with orthodoxy is, for one the majority of part, the subject peripheral of a book.

In general, is the book adds to start with like the studio of monotheistic theology, and yes agree that ossia all that is looking for to be roughly.
4 / 5 Rob
This book undertakes an examination of a growth of a concept of God of his earlier days in some elderly, and pagan, Middle East, by means of a development of an idea of a Gentleman in Israele biblical prompt and later in a Judaism that has grown of that, then on to a blossoming of Christianity (of an earth of Judaism in hellenistic/Roman time), and thence to Islam how is arisen in a shadow of these two older religions and a bit of his more mainstream clues. To the long of a way, an author, Karen Armstrong, offer glimpse of some parallel developments in an east a far plus where Buddhism and then that the hinduism is arisen out of vary it, this in spite of perhaps a lot quite like this different, pagan tradition. Neither she scruple to look in a philosophical tradition that evolves in a Greek world in around this same time to the equal that progresses of the world-wide view rooted in a cement and a knowable to the system of surgery fascinated with and directed in a metaphysical and an unknowable. All these tensions, Lady Armstrong affirms, has gone to an idea of Goddess to the equal that develops in some western monotheistic religions traditional and takes his investigation a lot up by means of some Half Ages, a Renaissance, an Illustration and to our own modern time. Crown Armstrong sees similarities throughout and ably articluates his, offering the thorough analysis and then the synthesis of an idea of Goddess, in a process.
For Lady Armstrong, the god is an unknowable this in spite of like this the real paradox in this inevitably long humanity to know "he". A result is spiralling of concepts in thousands of years with frequent circling behind for several thinkers and some unavoidable echoes the earliest ideas. Although she attentively disects some the diverse concepts of God finds, in a final Lady Armstrong is plainly one defends for mysticism, with one that comprises that the god is not a be objective, simply more adds that all other beings, but entirely "another", finally the subjective experience of a transcendental "earth to be" that had mentido down and behind everything concealed is. For God of Armstrong of the Lady is not known by means of tongue in some things of the way of this world is known, but by means of the highly subjective experience resembled an art of experience of the way, where tongue and some rituals of religion do fault like the class of symbolism has drawn to invoke and evoke an experience of an absolute. In this sense, the religions that lack Lady Armstrong and so only a spiritual experience of a mystic survives and sustains. This in spite of like this does not inform religion but extracted with full respect and intellectual civility, he considering like this worthy of surgery like any one another field of human endeavour.
Where Differs of a legislation religionists (that believes in a dogma or another) is in his negation to embrace any individual and his insistence of orthodoxy in bylines on offering intellectual sanctuary to them everything. It is, this in spite of, quite hard in western Christianity, a tradition out of that has come, that suggests that it falls victim, early on in his history, to the naive confusion of an idea of Goddess like him transcendent absolute (a numinous Be behind all the beings) with God like the Be Supreme, in the first place among all the beings, "he" knowable in of the human terms but infinitely more utmost that any one simple human. She a lot convincingly tip some intrinsic logical defects in this class to think and takes western Christianity the task to lose a sense of mystery that the Oriental Christianity has directed to retain. Tip like a western world has lost his sense of the mystery of the god for this deception and like this has opened one West until the loss of a sense of a religious and the growth of atheism, a faith in one any-existence of Goddess. But in some aims of end, also, this true mysticism and to the true spirituality affirms the god is no-existence any less than an atheist, for the god can not be subsumed under any concept, can not be described or taken, and is, in an end, no more than "at all" where ossia has defined to any one likes the absence of something where something could be, but like absence of anything of a true idea of the god does not leave of any interpretation or discussion. It say of another way,, this idea is not to subject to any normal linguistic categories (an a lot Buddhist view, for a way) and as it is not really anything at all of then can not be spoken of. In an end that is but so only At all?
His is mystical seen finally, and a lot of the one who is attached strongly to his faiths can find that it has to that say a bit offensive. Still it seats yes calm gives a casualidad and that offered little harm to an idea of Goddess, the concept as it does not leave the easy explanation, to say a less, but sincerely enhances it. I have had the bone or two to choose with his in this I has thought his overview quite more superficial likes advance to modern time and, with which awhile, has begun to feel that his seen personal was perilously near the pure subjectivity that, in an end, has to undermine a metaphysical idea looks more substantial to be that it says the religion I offer. But ossia material hard to speak roughly and thinks an admirable work of him, all the things have considered. An excellent book and well lovely reading.
4 / 5 Drucilla
A book in fact begins with the quite secular account of some origins of all three religions - something concealed can be disturb reading in his own right if you are the true believer . With which conceal, he recounts some tentativas for scholars in the each religion to use reason to derive some principles to the that his respective faiths have been founded. It says of a uniform failure of all such tentativas, and like some have lost his faith, but another has discovered that the faith dates to endure - included in a face of all calm the querelle rational. A book is concerned mainly with some different ways these people am squared a conflict among Reason and Faith and included thrived on that.
Several technical questions prevent this to be the book I for real adds. For one, repeats too much, and uses too many sentences in Latins and French without annoying to translate them. More seriously, he sometimes speculates in of the peripheral subjects - Buddhism or Hinduism, for example - but without the suns footnote to substantiate these statements, leaving a reader that asks that seriously to take them. It contrasts this to his treatment of some centrical subjects, which am always a lot of substantiated. Worse of everything, Armstrong has the bad habit of alternating among speaking for some ancient scholars is informing on and then that speaks for his, leaving you garbled to the equal that to those opinions are that .
Still, ossia a book of entity for any in the world where the science looks for having the fact was with one supernatural totally and where a Saint Scriptures can not be taken literally, but the one who finds that the faith survives in spite of and ponders a question of where to go of here. It is a lot comforting to know that another is there be before, and useful to learn like this has treated it the.
5 / 5 Mariel
.....Or - LIKE God of the smallest war of a Jews has come to Be CEO of Deities'R'. Reason conceal, essentially is a history of a god this is coming to be a an and only god worshipped for some three monotheistic traditions are of today.
Armstrong locates a development of this god, Yahweh, the one who has begun was like one among some a lot of worshipped for a Jews and in timing supplanted the everything. It details that Yahweh has been decided for simple mortals to be one and one same like The Shaddai, a god of Abraham, then later The, a big god of a Canaanites, then was incarnated in Jesus Christ and included later result To the-lah, a supreme god of an Arab panteón for Muhammed sure. It signals it was as he was men those who has decided that Yahweh was an only god and has forbidden adoration other deities, that burns down his temples and breaking his altars.
Once Yahweh had absorbed or has conquered some others of the and he so only rest Armstrong I then volume of knots onward in history and of the shows like surfaces that two diverse points of view of God am arisen and varied in popularities by means of history. These designates A God of a Philosopher is - the one who is considered to be the be supreme separate 'there' and can be reasoned roughly and A God of a Mystics - the one who is not 'there' but everywhere and defies reason and logical. Those apparent results is that these points of view are adopted in reply to political argument. When The things are well, the god is in your side and reasonable, when the things are bad, the god is then nebulous (ie conspicuous for his absence) and has to that confidence in calm for salvation.
Speak these points Armstrong heads to the such concepts likes him to him Trinity and messianic fervour, signalling was reason disappoints. There is a terrible plot of commentary in a place of diverse Islamic theologians and Christians in a centre of a reservation which can deter people to read is, of then is difficult to have a foggiest creates the concepts speak, wreathed to the equal that are in doublespeak and contradiction. These arrivals in quoting he of Nicholas of Cusa the one who has said "that the Christian must leave all behind when investigations to approach Goddess and same transcend one is intellect going further all the sense and reason" which think translates like this "so only a for real stupid can find God". A lot of theologians also define to to God likes "at all" which is ironic data a theistic querella "To the equal that can take something of at all ?" To the as now it can answer "Precisely".
But on Armstrong forges to an illustration and a bombshells planted down God for diverse theologians and philosophers. These comprise an idea that if the god was all then the sin was at all , when being simply another appearance of God and something to be fact like this splits of adoration. Some visas of Diderot is also the value that mentions of signals out of "once the god has ceased to be it passionatley subjective experience, does not exist " and "If the god exists or there is not , is coming to row among one the majority of sublime and useless truth".
Touches so only in brief to a big plus bombshell God, concealed of the theory of Darwin of Evolution that has done one the majority of paralizaciones to break faith that all some philosophers touches to. But it is interesting to remark that of the science and the philosophy have killed A God of a Philosopher is hope further of renaissance this has left a faithful with only a God of a Mystics in modern time to turn to, and has to that compete with other forms of mysticism and faiths of New Age in the competitive phase.
The god survives ? A response would look to be yes of this book demonstartes quite clearly in any reader that the god is totally the product of human imagination and while the people can imagine Goddess, He wil continue exist for them, if it was necessary to continuous do like this or no.
4 / 5 Henrietta
While taking a unbiased seen of a history and interactions of some three monotheistic religions that follows a tradition of Abraham looks allocated to offend some (so only read some of some leading descriptions), "A History of Goddess" it is the book that faces some subjects last with sensibility and intelligence.
Karen Armstrong is in his better in an inaugural and closing third of a book, where examines a Judaism of the climate originally has jumped of and then where some three religions adds is today. You go in, a book is almost too full of information, with seven and of the movements of entities that takes so only the paragraph in time, because of the haste to cover of Armstrong all, at least of no. Some half sections desperately require drives of studio, or the browser of Web (any one available when I in the first place read a book, in his first edition in a prompt @@@1990s) to discover more on some movements and different thinkers.
But still in his dense plus, Armstrong an excellent work to speak a crisis signals all three religions have come to and like each one so it has managed it to him. (Has the fat skin when your faith is directed, as all-too-the human members of the each religion of entity has fallen a ball, and Armstrong shows that it spends, although it does not spend never tries.)
Any one the quickly read, or the light a, but educational and inspiring. If used to enrich one east comprising of his own faith, or for idea to a world-wide around , "A History of Goddess" it is an excellent overview of a history of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
4 / 5 Deloise
Karen Armstrong gives some readers the comprehensible view of an evolution of some three monotheistic faiths. In many respects, ossia an eye -inaugural history, and probably will do a lot of fundamentalists of all three cry of faiths and gnash his teeth, and with good reason. We require to see this God is so much an idea to evolve so it is the Be (or, perhaps, 'that is Any') this creates and sustain. Armstrong deftly tip that some the Jewish early have developed his concept of Yahweh of an early pagan war and gorings of fertilities, like a concept of Jesus that it saviour and the sacrifice for our sins has developed, like a subject of Trinity has been directed, and the one who Islam is coming to be.

Ailed it, this in spite of, is that while Armstrong correctly, in my opinion, points out of some dangers of the literal God, steps of the shot in condemning a anthropomorphic God. I found depressed for an end of a book, questioning a conclusion, look, this God is not existed, or if he , has not gone there like the Be. Reading this book has shaken certainly my faith, and recommend read this book with priest, especially like a taken to some chapters plus a lot late that marries in a development of atheism. Readers those who are in the state of spiritual upheaval could find this book extremely defying, although I think that that the faith grows doubts.
5 / 5 Sanora
A History of Goddess was one of some the majority of the books of entities have read. Karen Armstrong fearlessly, still respectfully, locates a history of monotheistic thought of his earlier conception to a present day, everything in the readable, dipped-book of tongue. It does not take any one much better, in my opinion.
This in spite of, be cautioned. If you are bent partorisca take the old dogma, or scared for a possibility that the god could not be exactly that is to be teach in Pupil of Sunday, then any one annoy to choose on this book. You pursue. In another hand, is looking for the picture the clear plus of the that the god really could be, is opened to a possibility that our concept of him has evolved enormously of some days of Abraham, then this could be an excellent read partorisca you.
Besides the lesson of good history, is insightful partorisca a Western reader partorisca obtain one comprising of a "no-Christian" monotheistic traditions, i.et. Judaism And Islam. Armstrong the wonderful (and against some critics, creates JUSTO) work partorisca explain like both Christianity and later Islam branched out of some Judaic traditions. Especially, it situates an evolution of a God-concept to his cultural context, without that, our current God-the concept is little more than the wholesale faith in so much mythology.
Be poised partorisca think, partorisca change your alcohol, and partorisca surface of an end of this book the person has changed.
4 / 5 Heidi
"The human beings can not give support emptiness and desolation; they will fill a vacuum partorisca create the new house partorisca mean. . . . We owe that, perhaps, ponder a history of Goddess partorisca some lessons and opinions." --- Last paragraph of the book of Armstrong.
Some points of jacket out of this Armstrong teaches in a Lion Baeck University partorisca a Studio of Judaism and a Formation of Rabbis and Professors (as well as that has spent seven years like the nun). His academic knowledge more than shows--how is reason does not comprise some descriptions that has alleged is terribly biased. A book looked partorisca take the a lot of behind and objectively revise a HISTORY of Goddess, more than trying to spend in a religion or another.
Armstrong shows that by means of time, the humanity has looked for always partorisca fill a void of unknowing partorisca look for the power the big plus. Like this, the god always will exist, included in ours increasingly godless society. It follows the god of the man by means of history--of a dawn partorisca time until now, and examines some reasons partorisca some different concepts of God among a Monotheists (and atheistic sceptics included and modern).
A book is complete. It is the hard read this in spite of--with the scholarly tone and of the structures of complex sentence. It is not the book of beach or has included an aeroplane has read. But well your times and the money are interested in some histories of both ours more than giving support be/of concept (God) and of an interaction among religion and man.
4 / 5 Na
This book takes on an impossible task--to summarize a history of some three monotheistic religions 4,000 times of year have turned, and be in accordance with another reviewers the one who variously found the hard in disposal in time, a bit superficial in that an author has tried to cover hundreds of theologians and scholars in an average of the pair of pages each, and perhaps a lot biased in favour of Islam (one @subjects that pursues by means of a lot of the books of Armstrong). Prpers Having said all concealed, this in spite of, my joint is to try to avert taking bogged down in some details unless ossia your textbook for the course, and leave the wide subjects emergent insurances. In the first place, all the cultures have struggled to give the name, form and substance to that all resemble intuitively believe--that there is the "something more." As, the concepts of God and religion evolve over time in reply the transmissions in societies and a world, and an idea that the Saint Text contains immutable truth that has been run of the religion for 2,000 years is fanciful. Tercero, a debate among that look for to comprise God in the rational level vs. That looks for the intuitive plus, mystical comprising has been that goes in of a start and will go in for ever. Finally, God, in a sense that is spoken in this book, will not have died never--in the so many have all has learnt like this painfully in of the recent months.
5 / 5 Eda
INFORMS: Karen Armstrong has done the remarkable work covers such the subject enormous and I have learnt the just quantity that reads this book. This in spite of, for me also although the new eats to a studio of theology/of religions, a book so only offered too material. Rings more than an introduction to some religions of entities, comprising his faiths of entities, ritual, differences, etc. This book is so only too detailed for me to having taken that information efficiently. It has to that it has had it the thousand the different people have up propiciado by Lady Armstrong; I can agree probably less than 5. It have preferred to the to something more likes him Brian Magee is "History of Philosophy" which is a no academic introduction excellent the philosophy. The book of Armstrong is long, thorough, and can be appropriate for a serious student of the religion concealed has has had already an introduction, but does not recommend likes the prime minister read in of a subject.
FORCES: An obvious author breadth of readings and knowledge of a subject. A detailed endnotes and the indication is the plus .
WEAKNESSES: For me, some chapters were so only too long and monotone. A book could use more organisation (p. p.ej. subchapters); Map, ready, and/or sidebars to do it more interesting and easier that read. Also, I have hated a italic source. It can not say a difference among a "h" and a "b". Ossia Usually any one the question, but for any one no used to read arabic the names is the subject big .
WHO would HAVE TO THAT READ THIS BOOK: Serious students of religion that already have an introduction to some religions of the entity and the one who do not import reading the longest books that can not be easy to read.
[The welcome feedback]
4 / 5 Dave
A book that is sure to nettle a lot, A History of Goddess is the history of Western theology, especially a way some main Western faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam has thought of God over time. So that they see his religion in the most dogmatic level, this book can resupply some uncomfortable ideas, especially an idea that Goddess - or view of the humanity of Goddess - has changed - over time, included inside the particular faith.
Armstrong to good sure knows his material, sometimes too well for easy reading. This book is fill with to plot of historical and theological detail and can not be read slightly one east to take all this is to contain inner . Although generally readable, some frames of subject @@@subject for slow in disposal in time, and Armstrong taken bit it pedantic in time. Also, while generally objective, she editorialize from time to time, which interferes with his presentation of a subject.
In general, ossia the good book , with some stylistic defects but filled with abundance of idea the religious history. So that they want to learn more in a development of theology, ossia the recommended read.
5 / 5 Duane
This pound surprise every time I his turn. A discharge is extremely wide, and an author covers all this earth clearly, attentively and passionately. There is extracted adds of material here, and does not leave never any of him evasion of sound.
Armstrong taken like his @@@subject a Western looks for G D, and (surprisingly, when it consider a period of a book), directs to do justice to a subject. His erudition is impressive, how is his capacity to write fluently in difficult subjects. An easy prose does not water down a content; in fact, it enhances a book to do it accessible to a general reader.
Is the very personal book , which is obviously a result of years of reserach and thinking in this subject. It is not in accordance with all write, but all write is thought-causing and useful. In fact, the clear commitment of an author his work is part of some that marks this book like strong how is. This in spite of, to good sure force you to face your own faiths and understandings, as he no the read if you are not has had to that that.
4 / 5 Kip
There is postponed that law A History of Goddess (An Investigation of 4,000 Years of Judaism, Christianity and Islam) first to read three of an author is other brilliant books (A Battle for Goddess, Islam, History The scarce and Buda) like this the particular volume looked to be one the majority of defiant and so that it was. Some chapters in a God of a mystics and a God of a philisophers has taken one the majority of time and some of him leave me still perplexed, although still fascinated. An author the glorious work to stick closely his @@subject to speak an idea of Goddess like the developed (a particularly illuminating section of a book) and has changed over time. You are the intellectually defiant book but well value a time and endeavour that one will dip his. Another fine work of this author, although I am sure that all the world will have his quibbles (as short shrift in mediaeval Western Christianity and was modern Islam) and there are some good surprises (like an inclusion of Orthodox Christianity, subject usually ignored). A recommended book.
4 / 5 Quentin
Ossia One the majority of eclectic rids in the religion has found some time. As any the one who has studied enough the bit of Hebrew history, accustoms reservation that marries in a religion. Ossia That has liked me so much in this book -- Armstrong locates some three monotheistic religions of one beginning all a way to a 20th century. Some premiers three Judaism of chapters of coverage, Christianity and Islam while a following chapers look at all three by means of differernt to periods likes him a philosphes, a medievalists, a Reformación, etc... It seats that it was a lot of aim and no partial to a religion or another -- after all, concealed is not a point. I know some have critiqued his coverage of a concrete zone, but there is not founding any earth thus critical -- is a lot so only and scholar. Cleary Armstrong knows his material. A book is animate, scholar and a lot a lot-written. In my opinion, is always useful to look in your own religion of an outside vantage point -- these leaves of book calm so only concealed.
5 / 5 Danna
Karen Armstrong has dipped was to write, in understandable terms,a book on some origins and of the interfaces of some three monotheistic religions of entities, and have sucedidos admirably in spite of a vastness of a project and some thousands of the available resources. Any one Armstrong so only gives the decent account of a migration of elderly pre-judaic religions and histories to Hebrew monotheism, a mother and religion of prime minister of Christianity and Islam respectively, but details an increase of the each one individually and with the accuracy has described a intramural clash him concealed there is ailed each one which so to the long of a way to modernity.
Critical the one who there is complained that this book has not achieved the "magnum have opposite" magisterial the treatment of each separate religion was deceived in his expectations, reasons such the book would run to several pages of thousand and attack his whole purpose: to give a half reader some idea as to an increase of monotheism (and is variants ) in simple readable tongue. Other critiques, with an obvious theological axe partorisca grind, has written simply a book was like this fiction like this atheistic. No bet on that; some of some the majority of the spiritual humans in history were, and is, some of the his more utmost doubters, and is obvious that Karen Armstrong has done his action of that in one the majority of sincere and sincere way imaginable.
Those that love a bit excellent prime minister in of the monotheistic religions, and an infusion of elderly approximations oriental religions to them, would have to read this book. They will not complain it ..
5 / 5 Bud
Karen Armstrong is "A History of Goddess" it is an expansionary and thrilling work . In him, it tries the wide sketch of an evolution of a concept of God in three monotheistic faiths of entities: Christianity, Islam, and Judiasm. Have enjoyed this reservation extracted adds, both for his introduction (mine) of new conceptions of Goddess, and more importantly, in his demonstration that Goddess, as conceived of for man, is not never be the static or unchanging establishment. In fact, a main force of "A History of Goddess" it is his illustration of as dynamic and mutable conceptions of the god really is.
Thus book, is of entity to direct in that is not , so as that it is. It is not an endeavour to justify or to try an existence, or partorisca show a correctness of any one religious view. While Armstrong questions a development of sure religious practices, especially those of Christianity, his questions are of entities some, and does not look malicious or destructive in intent. Instead, his aim is one of a mapmaker. It does not say the one who an earth is or is good or bad; she simply maps he so that it goes, and mainly leaves a duty to determine a value of an earth surveyed to a reader.
Do like this, resupplies a reader with him casualidad to examine a cultural evolution of like this of some ideas that at present resist like this universal and immutable. While his challenge is not the directed a, any serious reader has to that question his own faiths in a face of the clear demonstration that the god is in a lot of ways the man-the establishment done, and that God, like the concept, has developed like this the man has developed, to fill his needs and desires.
Has had some complaints in this book. As another has said, a book feels strongly weighted to Islam, in timing to an exclusion of some other two faiths aims to cover. This in spite of, is of entity to recognise that the subject of this magnitude goes to owe mark ommissions, and for western readers, the house more adds in Islam is in timing sorely has required. Besides, she also looks to time a bit hostile to Christianity. Again this in spite of, his complaints are more often valid some concealed would have to that be directed or has considered at least.
In timing the difficult book to take by means of, because of his depth, but in all an excellent and enlightening read. Highly I recommend it.
5 / 5 Madaline
Armstrong "History of Goddess", very like Jaspers' "Philosophers Add", it is the one of truth before introduction partorisca register to a field of religious history partorisca three primary reasons. In the first place, as any relatively unfamiliar with some monotheistic traditions of entities, has found a breadth and spent of a work partorisca be simply in amazing. A variety of periods that Armstrong has spent and a propiciada the as it covers them has included the new eats to the to field likes to leave a work with the significantly deeper comprising of some disciplines of western theology and the religious philosophy and a course have taken. Secondly, This work is the serious commentary in a North American/alcohol Western European. As any frequently turbulent for a western (but particularly American) emphasis in a literal character of Bible and his respective canons, the book of Armstrong launch light in a character and history of this odd tradition of western European has thought. Finally, a discharge and rigour that Armstrong applies his investigation is orientative of a big academic quality of this work. Like this while a book is lovely immense to a uninitiated, included to a very scholarly retains the lovely big level. Moment the most thorough discussion of some modern developments in Oriental Christian thought would have been appreciated ( takes at all more but partorisca a sake of balance), the book of Armstrong is the work of amazing scholarly tarpaulin that it is immediately so much he fabulous introduction to sympathetic serious thought in a divine in Islam, Christianity, and Judaism and an amazing commentary in a world-wide view of Americans and Western Europeans. I recommend it a lot highly.
4 / 5 Marlon
Ossia The a lot of enlightening book partorisca all but the few religious specialists. Some propiciado by author some three monotheistic religions of entities adequately, although giving more spatial to Islam. Apparently it wants to speak to these moderns the one who accept a tenets of humanism and scientism.

Severely critical a classical idea of Goddess eats. An inappropriate way to discover "Goddess", and b. Totally discredited for modern science. It stresses a "negative street" like this appropriate partorisca believer modern (without indicating so only the one who a word "that believes" you mean in an use excluyente of this method) and some discoveries/of ideas for genuine mystics. It prefers, in reply to a question "he the god there is?", partorisca say "the god is At all ." It does not mention at all one argues stronger partorisca the class of "positive street" in of the Christian circles-- Aquinas' analogy of proportionality.
His looks of conclusion partorisca be that the modern believers would have to that abandon some argue classical partorisca "God" (both ontological and cosmological), and beginning groping partorisca the really modern way partorisca express one continuing human need partorisca mean. This partorisca his east to good sure the period of historical transition of symbolic tongue.

Some question keys have not gone really has directed: it is "Goddess" really transcendent to a perceivable universe? Do the human beings really survive death? He your behaviour 'ethical' does difference very real further has died? He "God" really it wants human being to result conscious of the existence of the god? It is "WELL" partorisca live the purely secular existence without any one has thought given the "God"?
This book would owe that be the wake on calling the current believers. Sloppy, Like this-the hand-held faiths no in modern life anymore. These inaccurate faiths, as documented in this book, has has caused atrocity and enormous suffering in history. Jones', Koresh is, and cube Laden is of a world was all the religious people . A way these classes of people have used an idea of "Goddess" partorisca justify his actions would owe that strengthen the salient points of an author.
This reviewer basically is in accordance with the points of an author, although desire that, further to critique inaccurate ideas of "Goddess", an author has had has resupplied ideas more attentive to substitute them, ballast a vacuum has created could be fill for closing of worse ideas [kills. 12:43-45].
5 / 5 Otis
In this book Karen Armstrong (the one who is spent 7 years like the nun in the Catholic convent) directs by means of a persecution of the wild goose wilder never conjured up for a human imagination____ an investigation partorisca Goddess . This account is balanced , extraordinarily good-researched and especially READABLE . His conclusion is something have always instinctively felt partorisca be some deep inside my Man _____ of God of the bone created in his own image (any vice versa ) and so that the man evolves (partorisca a better or worse) as done a CONCEPTION (any pun has feigned !) Of the god spends in his alcohol. Going through this book is for real that extends alcohol and animates it that it enriches exercise .
4 / 5 Cierra
This book is jam packed with the historical information that relates the theology of one a lot beginning of humanity. I found it interesting, but so only bit it too jam-packed partorisca me. It is hard of the maintain all directly, and has maintained partorisca expect an author liven the on the little. It is, this in spite of, the for real wonderful studio of some religions of a world, his origin, his history, and his evolution like the needs of man have changed. An a lot of fascinating subject that an author extrememly well with. If you are the student of world-wide religions, will find this invaluable book. If you are looking for the light, entertaining read, perhaps is better to look elsewhere.
5 / 5 Darryl
Likes some of another reviewers claim, Karen Armstrong can not have taken all some facts aboslutely corrected; in spite of, this book is an impressive collection of a humanity of way has seen, changed and has adapted a concept of "God" by means of some ages. It is also correct to say that Armstrong is not so only dipping out of historical facts, but peppers his writings with his personal views throughtout. In my opinion ossia the plus of entity , the help marks this book more than dry history. If calm never request or questioned, this book is an excellent introduction partorisca comprise an interaction among humans and his monotheistic faiths.
5 / 5 Sharell
Has read a lot of books, but maintain a lot of pocolos -- that gives the majority of them to a local library or giving them to friends. This in spite of, ossia one of a bit those that the books there is retained in mine bookshelf.
An author has an amazing breadth of knowledge of some religions that is exited of Middle East and scanning in a planet. Believers, the agnostics and the atheists will find an information in this like this interesting book and enlightening. Some only people those who can find this unpleasant book is fundamentalists , like the author does not try partorisca try a religion more 'some' that another. His increases of glorious perspective on this class of preachiness.
In fact, goes back to some early days of average of Oriental religion, that pause in a Big God "The", then first to move in timing partorisca aim faiths that elderly results subsumed to some religions know today.
This book is the bit of hard read, simply reason contains like this information in the each page. Felizmente, contains the glossary and an indication, which have found gains while I have taken stray.
Some mention is done other religions, likes Hinduism and Buddhism, but this is not a encylopedia of comparitive religion. Enough it directs to the that his claims of title, that presents an evolution of an idea of "Goddess" how it is comprised of Christians, Jews and Muslims.
4 / 5 Julianna
This book resembles basically fulfil that it dips was to, but no without some yawns and doubts in an author objectivety of a reader. A book is fill with detail and information, but a reader subtracts partorisca imagine out of a distinction among some characters of entities and of the facts and a smaller plus.
Perhaps the main worry is that an author looks a lot biased in of the sure points. It is quite negative the Christianity (at least some later versions) and oddly positive to Islam.
But, if a reader can filter was all an opinion, and take by means of some dense zones, there is to plot partorisca be learnt here.
5 / 5 Kimber
Supposes is necessary will take partorisca offend in a subject of this book. This in spite of, opened has imported believer and no-the believers equally will find fresh ideas in this book. It is one of the handful of books that has listened to or read concealed has been able to take has has complicated subjects and clear in the way that gives genuine idea. For a way, partorisca those of you the one who has lost a point: This is not the biography of Goddess, is the studio of the humanity is changing view of Goddess. It is not threatened for a book, read the and see if not to give you idea to a human condition.
5 / 5 Blossom
Does not go partorisca describe that it is in a book like @@@subject is clear of a tilte and a reviewers the good work in speaking a book. All want to say is a auther has not been attentive when writing in the life of a prophet Muhammed. As when being Muslim the one who has maintained that it study and reading in the life of a prophet Mohammed, can say Armstrong, although it was like this neutral, has used his personal logic more than some old Islamic references. For like this, failures in a lot of chances partorisca signal out of a truth. Partorisca Chance, mentions that a prophet has not been conscious of some old prophet until it take contact with a Jews when it emigrates, which has meant with which 13 years of his prophecy. Ossia baisally Not correcting. A lot of histories of some old prophet have been developed to some first years of his people partorisca invite to Islam partorisca sustain afetr was mistreated for his first people of any contact with any Jews. Another personal deception this when it has said any friendly Jews said a lot of theological Hebrew practices with which emigrates. Also this is not true. All some the basic Islamic teachings and the practices have been established first of a year of immigration. Further more, it say that a prophet has ordered his mates partorisca beg two times that with which a imigration three times whih is absoltely a lot of corrcet. A prophet has been ordered with another muslims partorisca treat five prayers the day in before an immigration.
This in spite of, a book is like this serious so that they believe in God and one some the one who any hips. Tip like a concept of the slope of god evolved of thousands of years. It is simply I rid partorisca the critic has thought.
5 / 5 Waneta
This book is the " it have to that read" partorisca any the one who investigation partorisca learn on some similarities and of the differences of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Some premiers pocolos capitulate present a perception or concept of G D to the equal that develops in the evolution of the man. Some faiths of core and the practices of ancient religions are revised together with as that the monotheism is arisen. Pocolos Scholarly can treat this controversial thesis without apresamiento falling partorisca comprise/developing his systems of own faith ... Crown Armstrong directs partorisca remain fresco and dispassionate. She the thorough analysis and detailed of one philosophical and systems of faith of the core of some three religions of entities of a world. It creates an impressive document that detail quote significant, chances and people those who there has been the impact of entity in a respective religion. It uses a Jewish ancient correct, Greek or Islamic terms and resupplies translations like prójimos to an original meaning like possible. His words are that a lense of the telescope or microscope -- is regulated partorisca transmit clarity and precision. An author has has not hid agendas ... It resupplies so only some facts.
Be background Christian, was impressed more with his tongue in Trinity. The one who but the religious scholar would have known that in a 300 east A.D. A religious debate hotter that bellows was a controversy Jesus Christ was divine (G D) and that it was His report to G D a Father? A serious dichotomy of seen is arisen among Athansius and Arius which has caused the crisis of faith in again surfacing Christian religion. There it go it a lot of state squelched, the one who knows that that the Christianity would be partorisca express today? An Emperor Constantince convened the conference of Bishops in Nicae, Turchia partorisca solve a subject. Essentially, the committee has done it religous decree but unfortuantely, still leaves a lot questions unanswered ... Questions that plague that thinks believer same Christians in modern time. Crown Armstrong clears one @subjects as follows, while G D has to that so only essence (ousia) which is incomprehensible the humanity, has three expressions of him, hypostases, reason is known. Ossia But an example of some a lot of complex controversies has faced in this book. Both sides of a lot of the religious debates are presented and a reader @gives the one who the Lady @Armstrong enormous @subject directs partorisca present in the a lot of involving way. It is easy to see reason the religion has such the strong takes some emotions and heart of humanity ... Some the majority of impressive chapters partorisca this reader pertain the some inner differences of the each religion. Crown Armstrong gives the full tongue in some differences among each religion ... Calm also has joined the differences of faiths of core inside the each religion, the be, Christianity, catolicismo, Orthodoxy, a Protestant movement, Judaism or Islam. This reader admires that has spent some differences inside Islam. His descriptions of a breaking among Shiites and Sunnis, Sufi mysticism and the essential leaders in the each movement are more impressive. Have enjoyed his tongue on Judaism and a enlightening texts of prominent Rabbis. Some needs of reader partorisca maintain in alcohol, this pound is partorisca serious readers so only. Any the one who disturbs there is detailed the analyses will not enjoy this book, how is the challenge partorisca although they enjoy there is detailed analysis. The that reserves the simple plus exists partorisca the readers that looks for some basic tenets describing Christianity, Judaism, or Islam. This book resupplies analyses it comparative and detailed of G D likes expressed in some systems of faith of three religions of entities in a world. Ossia A better book has discovered still in this difficult, deep, and subject sensitive. My main recommendations. Erika Borsos (erikab93)

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Formed: Paperback Hard to critic. Some poems have not spoken mine a lot, this in spite of a book is a lot of fact.
5 / 5 Aisha
Formed: Paperback Like this beautiful ,an exploitation of some madnesses of human character and a inexplicable rhythm of a Soul.
An Amour in of the llamas of a God of a Cosmos is like this visible and clear.
Such one that comprises of Rumi....
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Formed: Kindle Edition I like Rumi, likes like this other villages.
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Formed: Paperback Rumi, some resplandores of philosopher well in this collection but I has been disappointed with some translations.
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Formed: Paperback Ossia the stunning book , arrived like this expected in the condition adds. Ordered via Canadian Amazon of Londra partorisca be rid the BC. Done the partner approaches very happy likes part of his celebrations of anniversaries. Thank you.
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Formed: Paperback has Bought this and another Rumi book partorisca my fiance and she have has wanted to both!
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I add bookt - punctual S&H :: Glorious service: it thanks-You!
5 / 5 Stasia
Is that it is. It can not think that quickly it arrives!
4 / 5 Jenelle
If one was partorisca buy so only a reservation with a poetry of Rumi, is probably that. Has the good cross-section of humour, religious concentrated commentary, and joint of sage. A does not have to that wade by means of taking of Rumi the paste something of real interest so that has the gem in the each page. Particularly like his commentaries on Jesus. Very pleasant in fact!
The type is easy to see and the margins the gustanuno can do notes. An easy bed.
4 / 5 Daina
Is refreshing partorisca see that the people really have not changed a lot emotionally in a past millenium. Rumi I poems is able to express some fights of life like this eloquently. Such the good bed partorisca any that wants to try anything new or any one is in poems.
4 / 5 Errol
This book is wonderful. A selection of poems is perfect. A creation of editor (i.et. Sections) is so only and unconventional, and some openers of section have prepared of an editor is entertaining, articulates, and informative.
5 / 5 Sharon
IMHO, A book has not lived until my expectations of him. It rids the one who a title has said, but is too much of the what good. Rumi Would owe that be savored delicately, any gulped down as if one is starving. Still, the good book to have in our library.
5 / 5 Lara
Has bought he for my woman for his anniversary - gives was the few days later...
5 / 5 Leonora
Has read roughly 25 of this charlatans book. It is clear is the man of dishonour. Save your money. Here it is some underlines concealed me patient.

1. It is good to do like an idiot when any one is looking for to have the serious conversation with you. (The man that touches horsey with some boys)

2. Cops Is bribed as not taking seriously. (Cops When be drunk)

3. It is good to leave your work and abandon all the authorships your woman and of the girls. While it calms he in a name of spirituality. (A man and his woman that concurrí)

Seriously? Ossia An add Rumi this has influenced all some new ages professors of today? Wow. Ossia Reason has left a movement of new age. Calm promote you to live the passive, inactive, unrealistic lifestyle. An only way to felizmente ossia to result the drug of the intoxicated new age hippie ossia the plague on society.
4 / 5 Rivka
Rumi (How is known in a West), has been known like Jelaluddin Balkhi for some Persians and Afghanis, of where is been born in 1207. Rumi Means 'of Romano Anatolia', which is where his familiar escaped to avert a threat of Mongolian armies. When being domestic in the theological family, Rumi studied at length in religion and poetry, until finding Shams of Tabriz, the mystic vagrants, with those forms a prime minister of the his intense, mystical friendships, like this intense that the inspired jealously among Rumi students and family. Shams Finally missing (the probably murdered majority because of some jealousies); Rumi formed later more mystical friendships, each one that like this with the different quality, which looked essential partorisca Rumi creative start. Rumi Has been involved with a mystical tradition that continuous to this day of a dervish (whirling dervishes is known more), and has used likes the personal practice and like the tool to teach.
This book has the deliberate task: 'A creation of this book is meant to confuse scholarly the one who would divide Rumi the poetry to one has has accepted categories.' Barks And Moyne has tried to dip near the picture has unified that playfully comprises a breadth of Rumi imagination, without appealing to scholarly pigeon-holes and categorisations.
'All duquel frames a point that these poems are not monumental in a Western sense of memorialising moments; they are not of the discreet establishments but the fluid, constantly self-revising, self-interrupting half.'
Rumi Created to to these poems likes him to him the part of the constant, that grows conversation with the dervish community to learn. It flows of esoteric the mundane, of ecstatic the platitudinous, incorporating music and movement in some points, and no in another, with an occasional batch of prose.
ome Goes in the first place, and another comes long afterwards. The god blesses both and everything in a line, and substitutes that the be be eat, and resupplies so that they an earth of helpfulness, and blesses Muhammad and Jesus and each one another messenger and prophet. They love, and power a Gentleman of all has created the beings bless you.'
Of some tall feelings...
' Has the odd frenzy in my boss,
of the birds that fly,
each particle that circulates in his own.
Is a an I amour everywhere?'
...The some simple observations...
'Drunks Fear some police,
but some police is drunks also.
The people in this city want him like this
like different chess pieces.'
Some poems take frames a lot mystic, like a Sohbet. There is no easy English translation of Sohbet, saves that it approaches to the meaning soyystical conversation in mystical subject'. These poems result mystically Socratic, for the series of questions and answered, very simple in a surface, this in spite of directing down to some depths to mean.
In a half of a night
has cried was,
"The one who alive in this amour
Says, "I , but are not here
so only. Reason is these other images
with me?"
Rumi Also has an elegant series has called Solomon Poems, in King Solomon is a embodiment of sensatez divine luminous, and a Queen of Sheba is a bodily soul. These insiemi on the dynamic tension that takes touched is gone in a poetry (in extrapolation of some Biblical histories that quell'was first derivative)
Rumi suitable that, in a face of amour and truth, included a sensatez of Plato and Solomon can go invidente, but there is vision in this blindness.
In a conclusion of this volume, Rumi poetry of A Turn (the dervishes) is presented, like the place of emptiness, where a ego dissolves, and opens the doorway to a divine to enter. One prejudices of Rumi dead in 1273 is considered 'Rumi' Night of Pair', a night achieves full union with a divine that has looked for like this often in poetry and mystical practical.
Has a lot to be obtained in a contemplation of this frequently spent poet for big.
4 / 5 Prince
Rumi (How is known in a West), has been known like Jelaluddin Balkhi for some Persians and Afghanis, of where is been born in 1207. Rumi Means 'of Romano Anatolia', which is where his familiar escaped to avert a threat of Mongolian armies. When being domestic in the theological family, Rumi studied at length in religion and poetry, until finding Shams of Tabriz, the mystic vagrants, with those forms a prime minister of the his intense, mystical friendships, like this intense that the inspired jealously among Rumi students and family. Shams Finally missing (the probably murdered majority because of some jealousies); Rumi formed later more mystical friendships, each one that like this with the different quality, which looked essential partorisca Rumi creative start. Rumi Has been involved with a mystical tradition that continuous to this day of a dervish (whirling dervishes is known more), and has used likes the personal practice and like the tool to teach.
This book has the deliberate task: 'A creation of this book is meant to confuse scholarly the one who would divide Rumi the poetry to one has has accepted categories.' Barks And Moyne has tried to dip near the picture has unified that playfully comprises a breadth of Rumi imagination, without appealing to scholarly pigeon-holes and categorisations.
'All duquel frames a point that these poems are not monumental in a Western sense of memorialising moments; they are not of the discreet establishments but the fluid, constantly self-revising, self-interrupting half.'
Rumi Created to to these poems likes him to him the part of the constant, that grows conversation with the dervish community to learn. It flows of esoteric the mundane, of ecstatic the platitudinous, incorporating music and movement in some points, and no in another, with an occasional batch of prose.
ome Goes in the first place, and another comes long afterwards. The god blesses both and everything in a line, and substitutes that the be be eat, and resupplies so that they an earth of helpfulness, and blesses Muhammad and Jesus and each one another messenger and prophet. They love, and power a Gentleman of all has created the beings bless you.'
Of some tall feelings...
' Has the odd frenzy in my boss,
of the birds that fly,
each particle that circulates in his own.
Is a an I amour everywhere?'
...The some simple observations...
'Drunks Fear some police,
but some police is drunks also.
The people in this city want him like this
like different chess pieces.'
Some poems take frames a lot mystic, like a Sohbet. There is no easy English translation of Sohbet, saves that it approaches to the meaning soyystical conversation in mystical subject'. These poems result mystically Socratic, for the series of questions and answered, very simple in a surface, this in spite of directing down to some depths to mean.
In a half of a night
has cried was,
'The one who bolt in this amour
Says, 'I , but are not here
so only. Reason is these other images
with me?'
Rumi Also has an elegant series has called Solomon Poems, in King Solomon is a embodiment of sensatez divine luminous, and a Queen of Sheba is a bodily soul. These insiemi on the dynamic tension that takes touched is gone in a poetry (in extrapolation of some Biblical histories that quell'was first derivative)
Rumi suitable that, in a face of amour and truth, included a sensatez of Plato and Solomon can go invidente, but there is vision in this blindness.
In a conclusion of this volume, Rumi poetry of A Turn (the dervishes) is presented, like the place of emptiness, where a ego dissolves, and opens the doorway to a divine to enter. One prejudices of Rumi dead in 1273 is considered 'Rumi' Night of Pair', a night achieves full union with a divine that has looked for like this often in poetry and mystical practical.
Has a lot to be obtained in a contemplation of this frequently spent poet for big.
5 / 5 Twana
Few people know this but there is three (main) types of Gnostics: Islamic, Hebrew and Christian. The Sufism is a form of Islamic Gnosticism. They are the fledgling Gnostic I and there is no @to @give Rumi there has been so much partorisca offer me even although they are of a Christian variety. His poetry speaks mine on so the levels and I know that partorisca read are further to the long of a street partorisca achieve gnosis.
Like another reviewers has said, Rumi the poetry is good-looking. Read so much of him calm so much can. This ook is the good start. It can spend the pages that writes in a beauty and a isight but so only can say that you read once some of this calm book will know it will speak yours.
5 / 5 Glennis
Has not been if a question is with an original or a translation. These looks of book of nonsensical common of consciousness punctuated for bad parables with useless morals. One the majority of glaring of these is a pornographic parable on some two women and an ass. It suspects that the majority of people those who buy this reservation a lot in fact read the but instead the show prominently in his bookshelves. Any precise says that an Emperor is not spending any clothes. I think that that the one who the majority of people has looked for in this book would be better expósito in a Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam for Edward Fitzgerald
4 / 5 Edison
Coleman Thief 'Essential Rumi' praise of merit - but to the equal that to is for real 'essential' is of question. The barks does the good work that translates an already translated work. But partorisca change a tongue, a lot a mysticism Rumi tried partorisca evoke in a reader is lost. For example here it is the Rumi poem in both Do(or Persian -English word partorisca Do) and English -
Jumla mine huq ast-or 'aashiq pardah' the
Zenda mine'huq ast-or 'aashiq mordah'the
All is a Beloved and a lover is goes it to him
A Beloved is alive and a lover is has died
has read one Do (still if any fact felt to calm) can say that some words a lot to only rhyme but have the diverse rhythm to them, averts of that, a vocabulary Rumi use him is inventive.
Like another description I bed, the barks is 'translating translations', thief mereley taking the already translated work and retranslates his to the majority of readable structure.
Some 6 books of a Mathnavi has been dipped in the special order but the barks so only chooses of here and there. The barks was said included for Bawa Muhayadeen (sufi saint) concealed 'partorisca comprise the master, has to result one' That explains no , but say that frequently it fulfil with Bawa.
In spite of Coleman Thief deserves a lot of credit partorisca spend Rumi the Western culture.
Jalaludin Rumi Was a ecstatic lover of Allah (SWT). His Mathnavi is considered for a lot a book More adds them never written for the human being. It was to everyones profit partorisca read by means of him and see like the MYSTIC 13th century, of Afganistan but has lived the majority of his life Konya, Turchia, has had all and all the world in this world has imagined was.
Partorisca The better idea of Rumi read And.H. Whinfield TEACHINGS OF RUMI.
5 / 5 Margareta
" It go besides ideas of rightdoing and wrongdoing,
has the field.
Fulfil there."
Has bought any less than ten copies of this book, partorisca fellow and family. It was lucky to find them rest in a local book megamart, but gladly would pay full prize.
This reservation Rumi my favourite poet. Rumi Is forming of habit, but ossia for far one the majority of accessible place partorisca begin.
4 / 5 Barrett
This rids well can result a classical American of poetry someday. It is for far a better English collection of Rumi poetry, done by his the majority of able translator.
Although Rumi poetry -- so much with the majority of poetry -- is -- in core untranslatable, the barks has done the fine work in rendering the technical translations older that a Maulana to poetic English. That one finds here is not so only Rumi, but Rumi has filtered by means of Barks. If you object to this goes learn Persian because any translation will be able to take some nuances subtiles has transmitted by means of an original tongue.
I barks would owe that be commended in aiming another face of Islam, and developing, in a process, one timeless, universal and transreligious teachings of one of Islam saint more utmost.
Partorisca Defenders of Rumi/Barks, suggests Winkel new book: Steel of Damascus. His the work of the fiction that explores subject contemporary politicians by means of sufi lenses, and has been written before (!) September 11th.
4 / 5 Mariann
Has to that begin was with a word - Wow! It have listened of Rumi partorisca several years but never read his works until just recently. It was totally floored! As it Can the man the one who has lived he on done 700 years know me like this well? It was taken immediately up in a simple talent, humour, and frankness Rumi there is showed, and identified with a lot of his characters. It has known no Never it has been in decline of you are until I have drunk of this source! Any the one who comprises metaphysical and New Age the principles will find this book to be the travesía delicious. Poets and writers that wants to blending thrill them and that the intellect will be inspired by the. The desire had discovered Rumi done of the years. I will maintain this book for my bed for the long time, long!
5 / 5 Emelia
A no law this book slightly. Reading some words of Rumi is likes meditation in a form of the book. Beautiful, able of multiple meanings according to your need, but also of this feigned. Essential for any interested in poetry or philosophy, Goddess or amour, and everything of an on.
4 / 5 Rene
Does not comprise like the barks have organised these poems. They are surprising, each last a but an order that is is quite confusing. This in spite of was necessary to be read by all the world, if the lover of poetry or no. Also, control out of some recipes in a backside of a book! Like this state of name, is ESSENTIAL!
4 / 5 Kandace
I amour Rumi and like this reserves a lot of. I remark that a negative esve' here is not in fact descriptions of a book, but critics of an editor/'translator'. I do not have to any opinion roughly likes a ought to go roughly creating and presenting translations of poetry, and will not offer one. Everything knows is that to all the cost of as these versions of Rumi the poetry has come to be, is wonderful and take some spiritual ideas, a beauty and a charm of Rumi does.
5 / 5 Jamal
Yes, is true that the barks do not have translates Rumi directly of some Persian originals and that some concepts of the Islamic faith is not translatable. This in spite of, in an end is not in words or of the translations. If yours comprising of a calm experience transform, calm of the the glimpse of a more immediate reality, the frames seat more subtly, ossia that it is of weight.
This pound move every time read that. A lot that law no still league, and some connects light relieving.
Some movements of Utmost Alcohol by means of everything, comprising translations of translations.
5 / 5 Ami
Ossia One of these books maintains handy, and so only open randomly while I need the fast memory that some the world-wide careers deeper that thinks. It does not fail never partorisca pull of some superficial waters... When I Want to go.
5 / 5 Kyla
Rumi Expresses emotions of content and partorisca always-of happiness. Rumi Translates that the silence is some contentment, partorisca when you are partorisca leave with calm, does not have any need... Your alcohol is empty and for like this satisfied... I have it that has not appreciated never any poet like this so it has appreciated Rumi.
4 / 5 Elvis
That is familiarised with a Pesrian the tongue knows that the pertinent translation can be after the impossible, especially of Rumi. This in spite of, Coleman Thief an exceptional work partorisca present Rumi poetry to an English tongue. A fine work of art and the like partorisca read!
5 / 5 Tereasa
True,fresco,a lot-fact,sufficiently deep, tasteful,readable,seeds-amateur but sincere,refreshing,wife-guest,frothy,discreet,wavy,that gives a sap,hourglass,timid sometime and sure another time, you in a jump,gnat-wing, recognition dates the reception to
4 / 5 Patti
An Essential Rumi is the timeless classical of total slime. Perhaps it lose something in a translation or perhaps so only does not have a time partorisca extract a bit those that bit of the philosophy concealed inside Rumi common endless of rambling words. If you are looking for inspiration of a past, would suggest that you look elsewhere.
4 / 5 Domenica
Full of intoxication of Goddess. A beautiful book partorisca those in a travesía spiritual.
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