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Top Customer Reviews: Brita Premium ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 Roxann
These waters of boat is almost perfect. Some claims have done for Brita is all true. This in spite of, finds that an orifice is too small for cubes of geles level to return, and imagine that one spatial then would be limited in a boot because a straw takes on enough the bit of room. It is also he bit it hard to suck on waters by means of a straw- no impossible but no like this comfortable to the equal that would like. It wishes a version of stainless steel is gone in this measure because it would have taken that one knowing it would maintain my cold of water. In general the waters of boot well that probably it will result my gone-to bottle.
4 / 5 Jefferson
According to That shabby Car my neighbour was jaloux of the mienne hahaha. I adore thank you !
4 / 5 Yuki
Unreal, drinking so more water that usual. Controls the good quantity, test of leak, boss, and straw for easy sipping - ideal for travesía, behaviour, workouts, and when being generally quite lazy when it comes the hydrating. It LOVES it.

Top Customer Reviews: Brita Water Filter ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Has two Brita waters bounced and this only work with one of them. ( It sees photo partorisca details: he no with a type of filter has marked with a X.) The value adds averts of this appearance.
5 / 5
Are quite happy with a jug of water- is the quality adds (I am comparing to With you short of Costco).

Are the snob of water and so only like the water filtered and is the boat fulfils a mark- a water tries sum. I also like a plastic mouthpiece because it finds More the drunk when it sucks versus drunk of an open-upper. Thanks to some other descriptions have not launched out of a filter that was tucked in a packaging. So only it lost it roughly that!

Aversion- is hard to suck of. Calm literally is that it filters a water and sucking he by means of a filter. It has not expected this
4 / 5
there is initially the strong smell in one covers like this washes it really well.
Tilt A boot to maintain an end of straw in a water so that it is 10 terracings or more otherwise will be to suck air .
When not using a filter, every time takes the sip, owe draw in the air like the empty is created when calm for sipping moment when it use a filter(how is feigned) some starts of flows immediately.
A cup of toe is easy to open and so only need a delivery to do that (add while driven) more does not filter .
Says to change a filter each one that two month, ossia roughly 2.5 litres for day of 5 bounced of half litre or in my chance 1.9 of one .768 model of litre.
Say any to situate a boat in a freezer but of the cubes of geles the level returned by means of some inaugural.
Also say, “Max. Temp. 29 C/85 F,” which is less refreshing that water of boot would owe that be. Admitted does not like me to drink of the warm water but I can not control an external temperature. It means seriously those are declares temperatures quite regular and also that spends when a temperature achieves 29.5/86 terracings. I require to begin to spend the fresh plus?

Does not take Me bad, I really like this bounce it but an opinion of temperature is so only simple scary.
4 / 5
Loves these bounced for travesía. I have used a forward Brita waters bounced with some builds filters, and although I have loved some creations in some bounced, some lids have broken easily and would filter constantly in of the plans. Like this far, this look of version sturdy and does not think some lids will break when fallen. When I dipped It on his side and opened it mid-air in the walk of slowly, some water is exited when I has opened a cup. This in spite of, the difference of a leading version, does not filter at all while calm leave it sealed or when calm the majority of whole maintenances. My only complaint is that this boat is both big and more wide plus that a leading version the one who the fact the bulky plus to spend around and is not returned to a zone of storage in a backside of some chairs in a plan. It would want to see another boat with some draws of same lid concealed is quell'has bitten smaller.
4 / 5
To the equal that have bought initially one, then has taken the second a cuz is so only that amazing!!!
Tries to filter
Tries to surprise
Literally calm all the smells and bad flavour of water, am a lot of picky and ossia such the alternative sum to water bottled.

An only downfall is can any never agree when it would owe that be change a filter .
5 / 5
Has been expecting this filter to be the simple drop-and-go transmission for my old filter. My Brita the boot is one of some soft plastic varieties, and a filter is not the direct transmission.

The one who need to be done is to take of one covers plastic in a filter of substitution, which leaves a filter of carbon has actuated on is adapted. Take an element of filter of a house of old filter (the aim to title plastic with everything of some holes), and take one covers plastic of him, and situate a whole thing has retreated jointed again. Some joints of turn of the pieces, but a lot almost like this convenient like old fashion.
5 / 5
A water that exited of my taps usually to to the smells like to them the chlorine or the seaweeds. Flavours like bad like odora. Of then it has taken my bounce I use he daily, fill at night, dipped in refrigerator and to the equal that are was for a day is for my side. To Some flavours of water like to of him is spent for a filter of normal refrigerator but he no. A plastic is feeling very strong and has the feel that it will last longer that the majority of water bounced. A boss in upper is well, I attatch the to my purse or anything and does not have to that concern roughly filtering it/falling. I clean up it is expected like this. A paintbrush of boat, some soap and is cleaned again.

I filters are the tad expensive but value he. I reccomend this to any the one who there is offal odorando/water to try that it comes from/comes from a tap and of the water of need to go! It does not filter , at least like this far. Stays of discharges in good and tight like step for a boss in a cup. A lot of value a cost wants to have clean water with you always. The colour is exactly to the equal that has expected.

A drawback is the sound bit it width like the hard fact to return in some headlines of cup in a car. So only agree to dip a thing of black filter in with which calms gave it the good 15 according to rinse.
5 / 5
This boat is one of a compraventa better has has not done never! Environmentally friendly, calm also saves you money. One covers, the boss and the plastic is strong and funds of him bounces he of big quality. So much so that I have bought the second a! It has dipped one in a refrigerator and alternate with another.

Is not never be the drinker of big water but of then has taken my Brita boat, drunk at least 1 litre the day. A filter helps the plot to reduce a flavour and smell of a chlorine in a water of tap. Regarding a filter, is recommended to change it each one that two month. Calm easily can take some in Amazon and Walmart for $ 8 + imposed (container of two).

In general, is the winner on all the accounts: excellent value for money, better flavour of your water, economic and environmentally friendly.

Global indication : 5

the frames have attributed in each category :
• Easy to use (5)
• test of Leak (5)
• Flavour (5)
• Durability (5)
• Easy to clean (4)
• Value for money (5)

----------------- French -----------------

This boat is gives it compraventa better that has done never ! Respectful Of the half, leaves equally of économiser of the money. Lucido Spent, stirs it and the plastic in him-still is solid and sources of his joins boat of big quality. Until similar point that has bought joins second ! I dip it joins to the fridge and alternating with the another.

Is not never big Joined state buveuse of water but of then have my boat Brita, drunk at least 1 pair of day of litre. It filters Consultor enormously to reduce lucido flavour and the smell of the chlore contained in the water of the tap. It involves filter, is recommended to change to the two months. You can Try easily in Amazon and Walmart games $8 + imposed (container of two).

Thinking it well, is winning To the sud all the line : quality of excellent rapport-prize, better flavour of your water, little expensive and respectful of the half.

General evaluation : 5

the note attributed in each category :
• Simple to use (5)
• Étanche (5)
• Saveur (5)
• Durability (5)
• Simple to clean (4)
• reward of quality of the Rapport (5)
5 / 5
Rinsed a filter, sucked by means of a straw, spat was to do the sure water was cleaned and nope, black carbon my surprise after following all the instructions.
4 / 5
Has bought all Brita models to bounce waters it and was very excited to discover that the new model has arrived. This one east a better sure! Any leak! Finally. It comes with the filter in a base of a box. I think that that some people launched here was and not having @@give.

My only question is that the desire was slightly less in diameter because this now does not return in the headline of cup of my car.
4 / 5
I love this boat!! I took it why a source and water of the tap in my work has tried terrible. Now, a water does not have any flavour and find me drinking more water during a day. It is súper easy to clean and fell it paste and long the in several poles, wall, etc walking around with him and is still in conditions like this new. Another fun thing that I want to is a boss in a cup. Easy to spend around. It would recommend 100!
4 / 5
Has had an old plus Brita waters of boat and behind then (he roughly done 20 years) was class of good with him and has finalised partorisca fill bounce waters partorisca regulate up with Brita the waters of tap have filtered. This in spite of, now that has found a next generation of Brita the waters bounced, am like this happy. Now I can go back to fill of a tap and go! Still I have the big Brita jug partorisca water that it use in my house. It loves it!
4 / 5
The product adds, spent this for travelling to Europe. We use this mostly like the waters of boot but like a fact that has the work to filter so simply can touch so only waters dipped in there without worry. Although it waters he in Europe is more probably cleaned, is so only the peace of alcohol for us. It did not try it it has been with watering/contaminated more soiled. In general a measure is decent and is easy to spend around and the transmission.
5 / 5
My water to touch usually does not have to that it weaves of chlorine but to all the cost still can try the difference. It likes-me a boss, he the easy fact to spend around. When A lid is down and snapped in correctly has not had any one subjects with loss. I have fallen a boat the time of pair because I am clumsy and is remained in touch. Really enjoy is waters of boot, 4 stars because so only the desire has not been like this pricey to substitute a filter each one that 2 month.
5 / 5
Unless it has taken to uselessness , sucking by means of this straw with a filter in place is almost impossible. It feels he likes calm will give you blisters to take a water was. I love a creation but am very unhappy with this product. It would not recommend .
5 / 5
Ossia A creation of the boat waters better . A filter takes a flavour of chlorine of water of city, is 100 test of leak, and is súper easy to drink of. I call it my 'adult sippy cup'. In fact it does to drink enough waters a day to the easiest plot. Highly recommend this product. A lot of friends and the commentary of clients in the, as I take it everywhere with me, asking where has bought he of.
4 / 5
Has used one of some filters like this far and his facts me does not want to use a boot anymore. I have loved an idea of active filtered water anywhere but after substituting a filter are having the odd experience where a water is taking fizzy/small bubbles? Literally I have any one creates as it could possible that goes in bad another that knowing sound a filter. His uncomfortable to drink the one who renders an useless boat. Esperanza another filter does not have a same question, but still in an end of a day the averages a product is defective then
5 / 5
so only has taken this and I have directed for the full fall of water. There is harm smaller but any leak. They are happy that this product is durable. It would have been the question early on. An initial use was an adjustment , but I like a fact that does not have to that it play for until drink. He the easiest fact to drink am driving or doing other things.
4 / 5
Am not sure like this the filter is doing, but is a lot last to drink these bounced. It has taken two and is hard to pull a water your mouth when you want to drunk. A quality is not bad, is expensive compared to another water bottles the one who can filter.
4 / 5
Ossia The fantastic product . Very easy to gather because of some handy instructions that has come with him. My sisters are one some those who originally recommended is waters of boot of mine & are very satisfied like this far. The container arrived in roughly 2 days, neatly packaged, waters he to draw & well come from utmost.

Some waters of the boat unfortunately filters when it is dipping down in his side. The desire has been sealed tighter among a zone & to bounce of the lid.
5 / 5
I have purchased this bottles the few months done and I amour of amour loves it!! Step with me everywhere and he for real done a flavour to water so better! No more than this smell of gross chlorine. It is also quite durable. I fell it the little time but any line at all! A filter also last longer you the rinse was frequently.
An only downside is that a suction of water is the little slow because of a filter but does not treat it big. A colour is like this good-looking. I can not expect buy more these for my family.
4 / 5
Looks the better plot that the oldest version, which has maintained to break easily has fallen. Like a snap lid . Only bummer is that my cubes of geles whose access in a ploughing like this leading one looks smaller. It likes-me a boss, easy to spend in a gymnasium.
4 / 5
Has been attracted to an idea of any that has to that waters to use bottled again and when being able to spend this anywhere with me. A filter a work to rid tasteless water and a boss in a boot the easiest fact to spend around. It does not have @to @give that has had the built-in straw that calm require you to suck on a water for the take was. This calm mean can not touch the water filtered out of a boot or drink the plot to water the time. It is used more casually marries or work. Any something to spend to the gymnasium loves chug water. Also, in a first use, has had black specks this is coming on a filter that you can not touch was because liquid needs to be sucked was.
5 / 5
The leak Could be better. A filter is a filter of the hard carbon has opened likes the water goes directly and so only the part of water is taking has filtered. The flavour is not a better also. I prefer a basic Brita Pitcher for leak.
5 / 5
Has been that tries to look for one every day bounces water that can spend with me each one which where goes to promote me to drink more daily. This brita is to good sure value a compraventa. I can use he home.. He the ameno to do. I have read some revises roughly filtering, has has not had really a subject with that. Also it notes: have prendido to use a brita for awhile reason has begun to take hard to suck water out of him. I have then changed a filter and he was a lot. As I guess it concealed it is when calm knows precise to change a filter. In a transmission of container has said each one that two month, but has had to change it after 3 weeks.. But then again, I have drunk to plot of water.
4 / 5
Has bought two of these and does not resist a cold for longitude. I have been surprised was the straw, to the as it does not like .
And with a straw has to that suck really hard to take any water. Expensive deception for my part.
Alive and learn and say never again.
4 / 5
Easy to use, and mine of turn (5-year, at least) old Brita waters of boat perfectly! Like this always, calm so only has to that do sure to rinse and drench some filters was a lot of quite before first use so that it calms does not take grains of black filter in a water in your mouth! Having to that it loves to rush a process, which has looked for to be any I so that it adds an idea...
4 / 5
Oh My God, Brita has has perfected finally a boat! Ossia Like this convenient and easy to spend! And I the tomb, does not break like a leading model, (I bad a lot deliberately the fall, of course)!

Is looking for , likes, 120 water has filtered, his clave of the carbon will not cut it . Otherwise, Is sure, is convenient, and some flavours of good water.

I amour this new model! I have bought two!
5 / 5
Are very happy has bought this product. I hate a flavour of water of tap, as I have had always it brita jug in a refrigerator. But this waterbottle leave me to fill arrive anywhere which is a consolation I need for my work and life. I have not experienced any leaks, a boat is very easy to clean, and transmission some filters around the each one 2 month. Highly it recommends that it is waters of boot.
4 / 5
Good product of brita... Especially drinking water to touch highly recommended..
In general 4 stars but in realities 3.5 stars...
Filters of water of the reason shoud be priced more economic or at least 3 in the pkg partorisca $ and
is not that easy to wash upper..
5 / 5
These filters are really he directly advances. While you are using the Brita boat that uses one of these filters is well. A tube is simple to clean so only with warm water. Then a filter just slides in, lock a tube to the place and you am dipped. So only run a filter under a tap to like 15 second and you are well.
5 / 5
Has bought this for my woman as it could exchange he of a tap of water in work.
Perhaps to the to another likes but of the mine no. of woman
Looks precise to suck a water was, he no just flow.
No really that has looked for especially when he noise during the business meeting.
5 / 5
Loves this new creation as I do not owe that me worry on loss. Has an old more one that always leaks out of a part of straw. A water somehow comes on a straw to the equal that is seating and does the disorder. Ossia Perfect!
5 / 5
Feels good to know is drinking waters has filtered. You owe that suck quite hard to take a water was. I have gone back to a boat waters old, and @@give that last the one of fact was to drink of. Still it loves the this in spite of
4 / 5
produces A lot well, has ordered these for my daughter and my two grandchildren and everything of his amour his water bounced, love a flavour filtered of a water, and some colours are brilliant. They are a lot it has done it.
5 / 5
Loves a component of straw because the easy fact to water of the sip and you will drink the plot more than you with the cup of ray. It is also the easiest plot to use that the Brita in home, like this calm probably will drink more water.
4 / 5
Takes the moment to take used to suck of a oversized straw more than just tilting to to a calm boot likes usually . Like this far I have not had any subjects of leak but I a lot they so only launchers in the stock exchange, does not think is 100 test of leak . Perhaps 90? Another that that would say that it is everything would expect of the Brita has produced. Highly recommended.
4 / 5
Has ordered this boat that thinks was glass because it is coming up in an investigation, but this was so only a title of a colour to the equal that am gone through a process of repayment.. Unfortunately my printer has run out of ink and a time to return a boot waters it there is caducado I so that I am stuck with him.. And I will not sell it reason any one would have to that be drunk out of plastic like the guess will decorate my basement for years to come.
4 / 5
Does not take any one very better that treating brita like them the solid and calm products can trust on when being able to find filters of substitution for this unit for years to come; opposed to treat any undertaken to appoint
4 / 5
Ossia a boat waters better has not used never. His perfect in the measure and a short spend the boss he the easy fact to spend. It was quality of good build as well as it draws. I fell it the pair of time with water. But another it small sketch at all is spent. This in spite of, the have the doubt on one filtering mechanistic likes the filter of carbon has the interior of hole he all a way to an upper parallel to a strew.
4 / 5
These filters he easy to has filtered always waters in my waters of boat. An alternative sum partorisca buy waters has bottled and discarding a lot of plastic bounced.
Has some boats in my side of bed and another partorisca in a car.
4 / 5
A boat is Well, but partorisca some reason a shipper has decided to maintain a filter....
Now I need partorisca the cost for separate.
5 / 5
J Adores my boat partorisca filter brita lucido flavour of l the waters is excellent and like this be able to of boxes d water partorisca transport and month of plastic in l half
4 / 5
Astounding, leak-try, shatter-test! So only with it is it has to that change a filter each one that 2 month, perhaps extend a life of a filter somehow.
4 / 5
Loves this thing, has bought he for my travesía to Europe as I have not wanted to buy waters has bottled and hate a flavour of waters to touch so that it was to win /wins. It is also a lot of test of leak and súper durable. Maintaining I use he for a gymnasium, so only fill he on a tap and go!
5 / 5
There is wanted desperately to want to this but is so only not doing for me. It is hard to drink of and leaks. The filters are really expensive.
4 / 5
This absolutely is in amazing!!! Utilisation to hate drinking waters my whole life! Water to bounce or water to touch always flavour to the equal that resumes chemical but NOW I drink waters all a time!!! Thank you Brita!!
4 / 5
Sees description for Brita waters of boat of the filter. Some filters to do to drink a very difficult water to the equal that owe that suck a water up by means of a straw/of filter. It does not recommend this product.
5 / 5
Want to this more than a basic blue some. Leaks less and loves one spends strap. I have launched he in a dishwasher and of the parts any warp. Also it spends more than the water. It is helped really me stay hydrated in the way more sã that so only drinking water of tap.
5 / 5
Laws awesome and flavour to water very better. Any need to concern in the transmissions like his filter is calm very good so much can use a tao waters change it he..

Top Customer Reviews: Brita 36477 Premium ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Anastasia
I have expected the shiny boots but crazy looks. It has been it bit it disappointed but a boat is a lot of fact and cold of stays of the water partorisca hours.

Top Customer Reviews: Brita Water Bottle ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5 Pauletta
I have opened a box and has believed to squander of them partorisca dip these filters to such the big box, but as I took them all was has @to @give there was so only 4 in a box. Still they are while partorisca take the call of support of client partorisca see that it would have to that do except any regime with which 24 hours.
4 / 5 Christiana
A good prize partorisca these! Only need partorisca change each 2 month like this the band will last you almost the year.
4 / 5 Marna
Has a lot of expósito difficult to find these filters of substitution in of the local tents, included although some bounced is sold. Really they the difference to touch water - now persisting flavours.
4 / 5 Edith
Some really cleaned filters on a flavour of a water.
5 / 5 Shantelle
has SUBSTITUTED RECENTLY a filter in pair of filter of water of the quality!!
4 / 5 Antonietta
Uses these for my sport Brita waters of the boat and I love! He the easiest fact to take water of anywhere now and a band is the good shot , considering the filter of tent is sold always was and is much more in prize.
5 / 5 Kory
Has substituted recently a filter in pair of filter of water of the quality!!

Top Customer Reviews: Brita Hard Sided ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 13 ratings
4 / 5 Simon
It loves it, but leaks. Fallen once and the coverage/of discharges there is broken easily. It does not fall It , it does not leave he in the stock exchange or the material will take wetted. Another that enjoys it a boat. Bought according to one to substitute covers it broken, the desire has offered so only some discharge to buy if substitution of need.
4 / 5 Jona
Bounces are to add and does not filter
But one adds is misleading is not the band of three is so only some boats. Any sure reason is written that among the three band.
5 / 5 Mikki
Has a lot Brita the waters bounced in the house and they am utmost as I have had a lot qualms that orders another form this vendor. NOPE; It has arrived with the smell of incense/of strong perfume in a drinking spout. I washed it several times, there is drenched he in the baking soda but I could not take rid of a smell. Any way could drink of of the this. I have had to go to a question of the turn. I will buy my prójimo one in a grocery tent. (Calm bounced them is utmost for a way)
5 / 5 Vergie
want to this for having in my office in an office where a water does not try sum but filters so that it comes from any to move around with him. No my preferred to clean any
4 / 5 Johnna
Ive state using a brita bounced for several years now, loves them a measure of of the one of the east a like this returns in a headline of cup of mine car but also isnt to small to be useful. He really done a flavour to water net
4 / 5 Annis
meeting with the majority of these bounced, tends to filter! It is work ! It can exchange a boat with any water of the tap and a water tries of sound! I add partorisca working and partorisca in a gone!
4 / 5 Josefa
Master, highly recommend. I add in a gone, and law where no longer can trust a water.
4 / 5 Codi
Boot well, but an ad is a lot of misleading. It is so only 1 boot and any 3!!! A lot disappointed!!
4 / 5 Shaunte
Laws awesome has added so only to motivational date partorisca adapt me reasons is like this of entity partorisca augment my water intake partorisca my little a
4 / 5 Malorie
has Received 3!! Excellent value. Received quickly and to the equal that has expected.
5 / 5 Mindy
A description of this product said 'band of 3', as you can imagine my disappointment and annoyance when 'band of 1' has been rid so only my door. Especially of then I have remarked so only an on sale same boat by means of the local bricks-and-tent of the mortar partorisca this I could have on elected done 2 days and any one have expected. Ossia The good product , does not take me wrong but would want to know THE SPENT To MINA 3 BAND? The commentaries of provider would be more welcome.
5 / 5 Doyle
Has purchased my rose Brita waters bottles the pair in fact month and after a first use he leaded around a mouthpiece. Now my subject is that has seaweeds of black/mould that grows in a mouthpiece. I can not purchase a mouthpiece for separate. I am disappointed in cost of mine. It does not recommend .
4 / 5 Lavonia
Terrible. Calm bounced them is not sealed calm so much can any one plant he in the stock exchange, the filters was for piece of mouth. And a boot grieves works without a filter

Top Customer Reviews: Brita 20 Ounce ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5 Meredith
Has 2 plastic an and has bought recently is a b/c of stainless steel. It has not been that it is but it is harder that drink of this compared to plastic. Material there is the pressure built in in stainless steel a. I finalise loosen an upper the bit partorisca drink a water. Ossia Has bitten of the defect to draw imo.
4 / 5 Anjelica
Absolutely wants this boat has not bought the chance of the plastic water bounced has purchased of of the east. An only downfall is a part of the suction of the hule there is discolored. It would be good to be able to change he for the part of substitution
5 / 5 Gabriela
has not had the question with the leaks like other people have been saying. Water of good test and maintains a cold of water for hours.
4 / 5 Errol
A lot sturdy boat, easy to use and remarks the difference in a flavour of a water, for a better.
4 / 5 Ellen
I use he for two month. Any complains. A water is a lot of tasty.
4 / 5 Sharon
For water, test... Of water. It sees Limmy show. I produce it adds.
5 / 5 Kattie
A new some are horrible does not recommend taking them at all, ossia mine like one am spent for a last month , his of form like this bad in a mouth or take these gross seaweeds that look goo. Miss Some sports waterbottles has does not have to that never substitute these some if the stupid painters have not painted my waterbottles in work.
4 / 5 Katie
Can not take a water partorisca exit a spout and exits a stock exchange of air and loss throughout. Ossia Rubbishes .
4 / 5 Johna
Loves these waters of boat but there one issues that it finds difficult is to clean a part of straw of the hule, or can not taking averts.

Top Customer Reviews: Brita Premium ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5 Raymonde
Have Always has hated a Brita bounced has had. They filter like this and some sports a apresamiento like this endeavour partorisca pull a lock of nozzle thingy. Then this is coming and was throughout that. Absolutely a better Brita waters of the boat has not done never.
5 / 5 Conception
A lot qualty waters of boat .In the good prize .Free nave ,compraventa of house during Covid 19 is a better .Labour amazon a lot of
4 / 5 Temeka
liked is partorisca bounce until it has begun partorisca turn of black inside a straw after the few weeks of use. I can no me the look to the thicket was
5 / 5 Latanya
has had has purchased previously the different filtering boat of Brita, but was like this disappointed has filtered of then everywhere was tilted has included a slightest quantity. This a, this in spite of, is sincerely tries of leak. I have been using it every day partorisca months with questions of zeros.
4 / 5 Jolyn
Has had is partorisca bounce partorisca perhaps 3 months and there is mould that maintains partorisca come to a straw.. While it is cleaned turn . Like this gross.

Top Customer Reviews: Brita 35663 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 Donnell
To to The My dad really likes a Brita of the water bounced has done of a mailable plastic more than a hard plastic and is difficult to find; this one returns a bill perfectly. Extracted so only like his old a, that want to, . An orange colour is the little odd, but was so only happy could find that it loves for the present.
4 / 5 Marketta
Originally has bought this for a gymnasium. My boys have begun to use the and like a better boot that bounces he of steel. It is easier that clean and lighter. It has used very long now like any sure roughly that durable is. If they have had to the few months will look to buy more.
5 / 5 Noriko
This boat is one of some compraventa better has has not done never! Environmentally friendly, calm also saves you money. One covers, a boss and a plastic is solid and the boat adds. So much so that has three house! (A like this one and two in rigid plastic). Hardly I start, my bounce are (practices partorisca do for example). It is light and hangs well in your rucksack.

Has not been never the big drinker of water but of then have my Brita bounced, drunk at least 1 litre for day. A filter helps the plot partorisca reduce a flavour and smell of a chlorine in a water of tap. Regarding a filter, is recommended partorisca change it each one that two month. Calm easily can him take of Amazon and Walmart partorisca $ 8 + imposed (sale of two).

@In rodeo, is the winner all a way : excellent value partorisca money, better flavour of your water, economic and environmentally friendly.


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In rodeo, is winning to the sud all the line : quality of excellent rapport-prize, better flavour of your water, little expensive and respectful of the half.

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