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Top Customer Reviews: Life After Deaf: My ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5 Franklin
Life after Deaf for Noel Holston is the fantastic account, sincere for an author of his time with loss of listened sudden, some chairs of isolation, etc. A must read partorisca any one treating this challenge. It is the must read partorisca some families and of the friends that has experienced devastating loss of has listened also. It uses humour partorisca speak some fights, losses and some profits. I have cried sometimes, I have laughed sometimes. Thank you Ladies Holston.
5 / 5 Leonardo
Any the one who bolt with the partner with the loss of has listened certainly could have empathy partorisca Marty. Some tests and tribulaciones of an author, while in his travesía partorisca correct his loss of listened, there was nodding my boss, knowing my husband has experienced a lot of some same questions and frustrations.
5 / 5 Nicholas
Has found this memoir compatible with my experience that bolt with the loss of has listened. An author gives the vivid account of some challenges partorisca both these ailed and that treats him regularly. A novel resupplies some excellent true the feedback of life... I recommend it!
4 / 5 Josphine
A personal account of the sudden deafness of a man and his way by means of trying to manoeuvre his new world. Has not founding east the book could not dip down this in spite of writing of is good and maintained has interested.

Top Customer Reviews: The Way I Hear It: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
A book I desire my audiologist has given with an audio-gram. Found almost 4 years to mine first helps of listened and 5 years after my first test of listened, the continuous life in him also could go in with humour! Like this happy to find support and the street to follow--or no. Thank you Gael to write in a reality, drives of survival for a hard to listen and the mapea comunicacional for those around . Life as I listen is better with this knowledge!
4 / 5
Excellent easy read - full of humour and positive approximations his living life fuller to all the cost of one east of the limitations . It include it Is many touches to help one averts a hazards of living in the listen World-wide
Readers (listening or Hard to Listen) will find him identifying with a wide row of experiences included - all delightfully to the portrait likes him Gael shares that it is spent for his (his familiar and a lot of friends) . All presented with his usual charming sense of humour and acceptance of a Real World.
The reading headed once, was reluctant to dip a book down.
Ossia A reservation thinks all the one who are Hard of Listened - or those who know any those who is HOH - would have to that find. A must for professionals those who do with people!
4 / 5
There is enjoyed really some projects of Gael of the perspective in this book. So much of some things speak roughly could relate to have 1st hand-held experience. An add read
5 / 5
in that lived he with the hard to listen person for a portion more the orders of my life have thinks that has known a ins and outs comunicacional well with those with listening loss. This conscious book of my true lack of sympathetic of those in an end to receive of mine 'add' conversational skills. Any one only 'A Way listens it' open my eyes to some fights and of the obstacles those with listening the loss has won daily but gave the way to reconstruct and strengthen my reports with these that loves the one who have this attribute.
4 / 5
A must-read for any the one who knows any the one who has the loss of listened, has the loss of listened, and so that so only love the humorous idea to a world of silence. A Way listens it frankly (and with accuracy) portrait that is likes direct the loss of listened among a chaos of noises in today of world-wide. It can read this book on and on. An interesting law to resupply joint and of the practical strategies on like this to communicate for hard to listen people, professional (audiologists), and same familiarised members.
4 / 5
Gael Hannan the new book is the priceless property of experiences of histories and real life that both listened and hard to listen the readers will appreciate. If that listens the loss is the subject in your life, please read this book. Truth
  . 02,2024

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